benl90hello, I want to ask about netplan, What's expected mapping error. I couldn't find in google anything about it. Thanks01:19
sarnoldcan you give some context?01:20
MrCrow_So, I have both the ufw firewall and my routers firewall configured so that my server is accessible to the external network. When I start and stop my service on the open port on my ubuntu server, http://canyouseeme.org/ reports that it can/cannot see the service accordingly. However, when trying to connect to the server with the specified port and the IPaddress of my server (which has that port forwarded to my server) nothing01:33
MrCrow_I can connect through the LAN address and that port fine, but I cannot connect through the WAN address01:33
benl90does your router port forwarding is enabled?01:35
sarnolddoes the protocol in question have to think that it's actually listening on the IP address?01:35
MrCrow_sarnold, you just gave me an idea - give me one moment and I'll see if that fixes it, if not I'll answer01:39
MrCrow_nope that didn't help01:41
MrCrow_So, I am running a minecraft server - I had the IP set to the local IP which, it technically is receiving information addressed to 192.168.1.x but that didn't help01:42
benl90MrCrow_: Does you do port forwarding or not?01:43
sarnoldMrCrow_: when you say "I cannot connect through the WAN address" -- are you testing from *within* the lan? or from outside?01:47
benl90Hmmm he left03:14
IaMnEwHeReHi there, I have a problem with the ubuntu-image on docker-hub, a) it does not provide the basic means to edit configuration, a simple editor would be a huge help( I know why it is not there(minimalizing the footprint)) but if I want to toy around with different ideas, this is a dealbreaker, because It would also require me to set up a registry08:47
IaMnEwHeReThe problem I am currently facing is this one:08:47
IaMnEwHeReI see this output https://www.zerobin.net/?c4c6578a574c1982#Vkav1gAVwraWpOPVM4Wc+Y5NQ67Bxpkx8PsRbmlpwls= whenever I try to install packages(e.g. for diagnostic-purposes of other images in my setup)08:48
sarnolddoes netcup.de sound familiar?08:49
IaMnEwHeReHow do I mitigate this problem without having to setup my own registry?, I am running this image in a k8s-pod(docker being containerengine) image is pulled from library/ubuntu, different setup for pods is reachable from the outside and the pod's can talk to each other via services, So ATM I assume there to be no problem with netowrking08:49
IaMnEwHeResarnold yes why?08:49
sarnoldIaMnEwHeRe: they own that IP address08:49
sarnoldit did'nt look like the usual IP addresses so I wondered if you were getting BGP hijacked or something08:50
sarnoldbut maybe they did it intentionally08:50
sarnoldsince you recognize the name, anyway :)08:50
IaMnEwHeRegood point, didn't think of the checking the URL-resolution08:50
IaMnEwHeReI think they do it in connection with their own, base-install-images they provide08:51
sarnoldif you're lucky they stuffed it in /etc/hosts and you can remove it08:51
sarnoldif you're less lucky then I'm not sure what step to take next..08:51
IaMnEwHeReI think that solves the problem then, thank you very much08:51
IaMnEwHeRewell first I will open a ticket :)08:52
IaMnEwHeRebut seriously please consider adding a simple editor into the package for the ubuntu-base-image ;)08:52
IaMnEwHeRewould be  huge help08:52
IaMnEwHeResarnold, not in /etc/hosts....08:53
sarnoldIaMnEwHeRe: I know next to nothing about docker but I *think* someone at docker manages that image08:53
IaMnEwHeReso I will just drill down /etc/resolve...08:53
IaMnEwHeRehmm weekend is ahead and I have a door I can try to knock down :D thx08:54
sarnoldIaMnEwHeRe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SjDSwSR4jp/08:54
sarnoldIaMnEwHeRe: nano? pica? vi? emacs? joe? jed?08:56
IaMnEwHeReI am not picky, the one with the smallest foot-print will do, doing regular editorial stuff with plain sed, is a pain08:57
IaMnEwHeReand hard to remember08:57
sarnoldsed, easier than ed, but that's about it :)08:57
IaMnEwHeRenever used ed08:58
IaMnEwHeRearghhh..... they even put  the DNS-resolving into systemd..... where are the good old times where you could just edit a file....09:02
IaMnEwHeRe*happy* the old times are still here, the files just changed :D09:08
IaMnEwHeResarnold, thanks again for the help, have a good one.09:08
LaserAllan_hey guys14:06
LaserAllan_how do I avoid getting apache installed on a freshly installed ubnutu amchinme?, i remmeber there were some weird caveats sometime ago where i installed Nginx and for some reason got apache installed allready14:07
blackflowLaserAllan_: apache is not installed by default unless you deliberately install it14:35
rbasakLaserAllan_: can you explain what you were doing that caused apache to get installed? It shouldn't do that normally. The closest thing I can think of is that some packages require a working web server, and that may default to apache unless you already have nginx installed or are installing nginx at the same time.14:54
rbasakLaserAllan_: but apart from that, it's really hard to answer a question to avoid something that we know nothing about. If you can provide exact steps that lead to Apache getting installed when you don't want it, that would help.14:55
LaserAllan_rbasak: I think it was that I was trying to install php fpm or something like that and then I guess I hadn't at the time installed nginx so i guess it installed php-fpm and apache?15:01
LaserAllan_It is a few weeks ago15:01
rbasakLaserAllan_: that sounds likely, yes.15:02
rbasakLaserAllan_: so to answer your original question then, you can avoid that by installing all your packages in a single call to apt (or apt-get if from a script), rather than doing them one by one.15:02
blackflowor have nginx installed first, so packages depending on either it or apache, will have satisfied deps.15:14
rbasakSure, but that only solves the specific issue of apache coming in. In the general case, there could be other choices you are making in your package selection too that are also different from the default that apt would otherwise pick. Installing your choices all together helps apt pick things that fit your entire set of preferences.15:17
xtuhHello, need some assistance with iptables.15:28
xtuhplease pm me15:29
blackflow!pm | xtuh15:32
ubottuxtuh: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.15:32
rbasakxtuh: people generally don't volunteer to help people for free like that. I suggest you ask your real question here. Use a pastebin for details if they are long. Then people may be able to help you in public depending on who is around and has time. If you absolutely require private support, you may that you need to pay someone for that.15:32
rbasakyou may _find_ that15:32
xtuhits the first time i had to use iptables, so i need to solve that quick and right. then, i promise, i will learn more. thank you. :)16:15
spinzaxtuh, ^16:37
xtuhspinza: after command is typed is it became active immediately?16:47
xtuhwhat difference in my example with example 5.6 ?16:49
xtuhiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i venet0:0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 33333 -j DNAT --to-destination
xtuhiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d --dport 33333 -j DNAT --to-destination
xtuhgoes to  > iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d --dport 33333 -j DNAT --to-destination
xtuhwhat is "-d" ip of server's wan port? can it be replaced by name?16:51
NotSoFastJamesI want to make a drive on my ubuntu18.04  server accesable to my client running genuine ubuntu 14.0418:20
NotSoFastJameshow to?18:20
ChmEarlNotSoFastJames, what is the fs on 18.04? Why not try nfs?18:24
NotSoFastJameschmearl so to facilitate availability across gnu systems i need nfs formating? i currently ran ext418:25
NotSoFastJamesi thought it would be ok with ext4 since it is all linux since it is both ubuntu versions18:26
NotSoFastJamesI have been able to facilitate backups and network share in smb for my gf's windows machine but now i want to backup my own linux machine18:27
NotSoFastJamesmaybe  I can give permisions to a newly created user ChmEarl and then given those permissions conect to the server drive for backups and the like.18:28
ChmEarlNotSoFastJames, man exportfs18:28
blackflowNotSoFastJames: no, nfs is Network File System, it's not on-disk format.18:28
tomreynthe term "file system" may be misleading there18:29
tomreynso you dont need to reformat, nfs is just a way to make local file systems available on the network, an alternative to samba18:30
tomreynNotSoFastJames: there are many ways for doing backups. if you can discuss what you want to backup, too, and which of these systems (ubuntu 18.04 server, system providing the backup storage, yet another system) you want to initiate and manage the backup process from, we can provide more suggestions.18:32
NotSoFastJamestomreyn i want to basically mount the drive in question that is on my server on my local client which also runs ubuntu and the backup the entire client to the server drive with rsync18:39
NotSoFastJameshow  do i mount the ext4 drive ? permissions? ownership? setting up ext4 access for client?18:39
tomreynNotSoFastJames: rsync can work thorugh ssh with -e, this may be easier, no need for setting up nfs then18:40
tomreynalternatively, there is also rsynd for unencrypted network access18:41
tomreynNotSoFastJames: so if you will initiate / control the backup process from this local client, you can install openssh-server +rsync on the server, openssh-client and rsync on the local client, then ocnfigure a user on the server which has permissions to write to where you want to store the data. then you just need to run rsync on the client (probably as root, if you want access to everything) to sync the client to the server, logging in as18:45
tomreyntheis new server user you created, via rsync+ssh18:45
NotSoFastJamestomreyn can i19:41
NotSoFastJamesty man19:41
NotSoFastJamescan i just use the comuters name as a new user?19:41
tomreynNotSoFastJames: sure, you'll still need to configure it, though, and ensure it has sufficient file system access privileges.19:47

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