doubledevrick_h_: I am searching through Dice for a job and see that Canonical is hiring ( https://www.dice.com/jobs/detail/Foundations-Software-Engineer-Canonical-USA-Inc-Home-Based%26%2345emea--/10286183/1117402?icid=sr18-1p&q=&l= )   Do you know anything about this position?01:07
rick_h_doubledev: yea that'll be on the ubuntu server team under David01:08
rick_h_If you've got questions bfeel free to shoot them over via email01:09
doubledevrick_h_: It says Home Base - Western Europe; does that mean you can work from home as long as you are in Western Europe?01:09
rick_h_Yea, it's probably setup to help provide coverage around the globe/coordinate with current folks on the team01:10
rick_h_Doubledev don't ket that stop you applying if you think you're a good fit01:11
doubledevrick_h_: Thank you, I will think about it.  It might be a bit over my head though :\01:12
rick_h_Understand. The goalposts are pretty high to be sure but never hurts to try as long as you're prepared for anything01:12
doubledevhaha, nice.01:14
cmaloneyGood morning10:22

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