voidDotClassI'm on 16.04 -- lately sometimes when I shut down my laptop, it won't turn off and instead it will hang on a black screen saying something like 'recovering journal, /dev/sda2 xx/xx files xx/xx blocks', research indicates this might be a fsck message, but not sure what's triggering fsck or why its hanging on it instead of shutting down.00:34
gogetavoidDotClass: a app can hang at not shut down fully00:35
voidDotClassgogeta, its just a black screen with those messages and shows up randomly during shutdown sometimes00:35
voidDotClassits not an app i launched00:36
gogetavoidDotClass: recovering jorunal happen when you shutdown hard00:36
voidDotClasswhat does that mean gogeta? also sometimes the 'recovering journal' doesn't show up and it just says '/dev/sda2 xx/xx files xx/xx blocks'00:37
gogetavoidDotClass: if you shut down hard ext4 journal kicks in to recover the file system00:38
gogetavoidDotClass: the other message is normal its just your splash screen closed00:38
voidDotClassgogeta, i'm not sure what you mean by shutting down hard, but i'm just turning off regularly thru the shutdown menu option00:38
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: Be good to run a file system check: #e2fsck is used to check the ext2/ext3/ext4 family of file systems. -p trys fixes where response not required00:38
gogetavoidDotClass: eh dev/sda2 xxx/ clean00:39
Bashing-omsudo e2fsck -C0 -p -f -v /dev/sda2 .00:39
voidDotClassBashing-om, thanks will try that00:39
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: complex command . advised to do homework ' man e2fsck ' .00:40
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: ouch ! slipped the mind ! .. must be run while the target is not ,ounted ... from a liveDVD .00:41
voidDotClassindeed, checking params and then will run00:41
gogetaBashing-om: doesent ubuntu trigger that every few boots00:41
gogetaBashing-om: just seems hes seeing normal fs post00:41
voidDotClassBashing-om, do you mean i need to use a liveboot to run this?00:42
Bashing-omgogeta: yes . it do .. But limited error reporting .. and if error requires manual intervention . yes ?00:42
guivercgogeta: every 30th from memory (but can be changed; unless conditions are discovered that..)00:42
voidDotClassBashing-om, yeah looks like i can't run it while its mounted.00:43
voidDotClassanything else i could do? don't have a liveusb handy00:43
Bashing-omgogeta: I have 4 ubuntu installs, and have never seen that on any - but I do not hybernate on this desktop box .00:43
gogetaBashing-om: i got it a few times with kde not shutting down as it should i just started invoking the shutdown with the termnal00:44
gogetaBashing-om: been truble free00:44
voidDotClassThis problem only recently started occuring, before this everything's been fine for 2 years.00:45
voidDotClassi ran smartctl, does anything in here jump out gogeta Bashing-om? https://gist.github.com/aliakhtar/fc1030713c40f7f31119dde30066b2db00:45
guivercvoidDotClass: you can umount your /; but it's a lot of work (& time consuming, error prone..); and finding a usb (or dvdrw) is far easier...00:46
Bashing-omgogeta: will not hurt to run the file system check .. little insurance for a possible big gain - is how I look at it . I do run a check anytime I have a concern ( loss of power ! ).00:46
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: Looking.00:46
voidDotClassguiverc, are you the same person from askubuntu? :P00:46
guivercmost likely...00:46
voidDotClasshaha, cool. i think you commented on this question yesterday and told me to run smartctl00:47
gogetaBashing-om: can he not just do touch /forcefsck00:47
gogetaBashing-om: then at reboot it will run00:48
texlaUbuntu 16.04 I have an extended partition with 1 logical that is an o/s>How many more logical can I install00:48
oerhekstexla, use gpt, that has no limit of 4 logical partitions00:50
gogetatexla: it used to be 8 4 main 4 extended but now i dont think there is one00:51
guivercgnome-disks is easier to read the output from (or another one I like); it was intended as a possible cause; not for you to reply post for me (or Bashing-om) to do your homework..00:51
Bashing-omgogeta: been depreciated. see: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-fsck@.service.html .00:51
voidDotClassBashing-om, any thoughts on the smartctl?00:52
Rockwoodi am looking Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics Tool for mysql on ubuntu 18.04?00:52
oerheksline 184 To run self-tests, use: smartctl -t]00:53
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: smartctl is ran on the device (sda0 tather than on a partition. I do not "know" how valid the smartctl output is with the target as a partition .00:53
texlaoerheks, I have 379 gb in my extended how can I use it00:53
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: sda)*00:53
voidDotClassBashing-om, i'll re-run it, but what's the current output saying?00:53
oerhekstexla, boot live iso and partition free space perhaps?00:54
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: some slight history ... I might be inclined to file system errors here .00:54
Rockwoodi am looking Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics Tool for mysql on ubuntu 18.04?00:54
gogetaBashing-om: your correct you have to pass it to grub now00:54
gogetaBashing-om: fsck.mode=force00:54
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compdocRockwood, https://opensource.com/business/16/6/top-business-intelligence-reporting-tools00:55
Bashing-omgogeta: Uh huh .. though the e2fsck from liveDVD/USB os still valid .00:55
gogetaBashing-om: works to00:56
voidDotClassBashing-om, new output with /dev/sda : https://gist.github.com/aliakhtar/04176352236eac8d1243a8f171a80690 .00:56
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: gogeta ^^ has the better point in your case :)00:56
voidDotClassgogeta Bashing-om i'm trying to understand.. what's the issue here & what's the solution?00:57
voidDotClassthe issue seems to be file system errors?00:57
gogetavoidDotClass: well that wil check out the fs for any errors00:59
voidDotClassgogeta, and can it fix them? and will fixing them make the shutdown problem go away?01:00
gogetavoidDotClass: it will try01:00
voidDotClassisn't that problem already being caused by fsck running and not working?01:00
oerhekscheck with live usb..01:00
oerheksoh, you have been told, and you didn't want to.01:01
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: That hard drive looks healthy to me , the "UDMA_CRC_Error_Count" could be minor file system hic-ups .01:01
voidDotClassoerheks, if its necessary then i can but if there's an alternative then i'd rather avoid01:01
voidDotClassBashing-om, thanks, yeah i had the same feeling.. any ideas why the shutdown hang with the recovering journal / '/dev/sda2 xx files xx blocks' message is occuring then?01:01
oerheksif you suspect a damage in the filesystem that does not go away, yes, it is.01:02
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: as gogeta pointed out : fsck.mode=force as a grub boot parameter to get a idea of what the system thinks .01:03
voidDotClassBashing-om, gogeta where do i set that flag?01:03
voidDotClassoh this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/19486/how-do-i-add-a-kernel-boot-parameter01:04
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: In grub's booting . Do you know how to boot your system to the grub boot menu ?01:05
voidDotClassBashing-om, according to that link, pressing and holding shift on boot?01:05
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: That works for the legacy - NBR - boot. efo looks for the escape key with bit a 3 second window of opoerunity. efi "try" spamming the escape key .01:06
voidDotClassif i hit escape then i go into the dual boot menu Bashing-om01:08
voidDotClassw/ windows 10. this is a 2016 laptop, default boots to ubuntu.\01:08
voidDotClassi guess i need to hit esc after ubuntu logo shows up?01:08
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: Dual booting then the menu is displayable - but I have no idea of which key where .01:09
voidDotClassme neither.01:10
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: More homework for you .. I do not do Windows .01:10
voidDotClassi keep it for games, its on a separate ssd.01:11
voidDotClass/dev/sda is completely for ubuntu01:11
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: depending on where how you installed the boot code, I can accept that if you set in the firmware to boot sda as 1st prioruty, there will be a key to force to boot to grub .01:12
voidDotClassBashing-om, i setup ubuntu on this machine about 2 years ago so i don't remember how i did it.. i do know that hitting esc when it first boots (before ubuntu logo) takes me to dual boot screen to pick between windows / ubuntu01:14
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: At that screen .. with ubuntu selected to boot. what results with the 'e' key ?01:15
voidDotClassi can try shift or go to dual boot screen and see if it says anything.. i remember a couple of extra items in there that i usually ignore01:15
voidDotClassi'll try that Bashing-om. brb01:15
Bashing-omvox: I got to go cut grass. I be back in a bit .01:18
voidDotClassSo as soon as i hit restart i got the same black screen, the exact message is: /dev/sda2: clean , xx/xxxx files,  yy/yyyy blocks'. does that mean the device is clean / no errors Bashing-om gogeta ?01:22
voidDotClassi had to hold down the power button to get it to shut down - i always have to do that whenever this screen shows up and it gets stuck on it. may be that has something to do with this issue?01:23
voidDotClassalso i managed to get into the grub options but didn't change params yet01:23
Bashing-omvox: that message in 18.04 booting is normal - just the system reassuring you all is good - *IF* the system continues the boot process .01:25
voidDotClassBashing-om, i don't get that message on boot, i get it on shut down, and then it hangs, and the laptop doesn't shutdown / turn off01:25
voidDotClassunless you meant someone else, sorry in that case!01:26
MrCrowSo, I have both the ufw firewall and my routers firewall configured so that my server is accessible to the external network. When I start and stop my service on the open port on my ubuntu server, http://canyouseeme.org/ reports that it can/cannot see the service accordingly. However, when trying to connect to the server with the specified port and the IPaddress of my server (which has that port forwarded to my server) nothing happens01:26
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: "always have to - hold down the power button" is why the file system is corrupted @!01:26
MrCrowI can connect through the LAN address and that port fine, but I cannot connect through the WAN address01:26
voidDotClassBashing-om, i don't 'always' have to hold it,only when this black screen w/ that message appears, then the shutdown doesn't happen and it gets stuck01:27
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: I go do the grass thing .. be back in just a bit .01:27
oerheksso, your power off issue is caused by your power button action, this is an endless loop, fix it with a live usb01:29
voidDotClassoerheks, thanks, once i have the liveusb what do i need to run? can i just do fsck.mode=force instead of the liveusb?01:30
oerheksrun from the live session in terminal: fsck.ext4 -p /dev/sda2 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilesystemTroubleshooting01:32
BiessieSo the ONLY changes i've done in the last week+ to my system is apt-get upgrade. now that i've done that and rebooted this happens ... https://i.imgur.com/FQW8F0E.jpg01:33
Biessienot sure what that is or what i need to do lol01:35
voidDotClassoerheks, is it not possible to use the fsck.mode=force boot option?01:35
oerheksi never said it is not.01:36
oerheksbut my diagnose gives the answer i told you.01:37
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dedepiraogood night!!!01:51
Rockwooddedepirao, o/01:51
dedepiraohi there!01:51
Rockwooddedepirao, are you indian?01:52
dedepiraoI have istalled a sabayon before ubunto and ubunto is not listed on grub that I can choice, how can I fix that01:53
dedepiraoI'm not indian, I'm brazilian01:53
BiessieSo the ONLY changes i've done in the last week+ to my system is apt-get upgrade. now that i've done that and rebooted this happens ... https://i.imgur.com/FQW8F0E.jpg - not sure what is wrong01:54
Rockwoodthere is no application installed for "java class" files.i facing error when i am trying to double click on it01:54
Bashing-omBiessie: If you log out of the current GUI and activate then a console interface at the login screen , what results with terminal commands ' Restart xfsettings ; xfce4-panel ' F7 key to return to the GUI (??) .01:58
Biessiecommand not found02:03
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Rockwoodthere is no application installed for "java class" files.i facing error when i am trying to double click on it02:03
Rockwoodclick on package02:04
UbuntuUserUbuntu 10 Support?02:08
Bashing-omBiessie: Sorry, I may have jumped all over xfce from the image "xfsettings" What is the environment you have '  echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ' ?02:08
Bashing-om!10.10 | UbuntuUser02:09
ubottuUbuntuUser: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see https://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.02:09
Biessieim using cinnamon.02:10
Bashing-omUbuntuUser: :) See you on the other side .02:10
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes02:10
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See https://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.02:11
Bashing-omBiessie: Sorry, no idea on cinnamon . I have not seen that DE .02:12
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) was the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 28th 2017. See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2017-April/003833.html for more information02:12
hggdhUbuntuUser: please use /msg ubottu to see bot factoids.02:12
BiessieBashing-om : Thanks anyways02:12
hggdhUbuntuUser: what you are ddoing is disruptive to the channel02:13
Biessieweird as to why apt-get upgrade would cause an error at start up02:13
Bashing-om!bot | UbuntuUser02:13
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UbuntuUserUbuntu Touch Support?02:13
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Bashing-om!touch | UbuntuUser02:13
ubottuUbuntuUser: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch02:13
ubottuubottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at https://ubottu.com/clone.html - to help out with ubottu development please join #ubuntu-bots-devel :)02:13
Biessieguys enough with the bot spam02:14
hggdhUbuntuUser: last warning. Stop doing that02:14
hggdhUbuntuUser: or should I call you ubuntu__?02:15
UbuntuUserLinux Tablet02:16
hggdhUbuntuUser: you have been disrupting the channel for some days already. Please stop now02:16
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:18
hggdhUbuntuUser: if you want to discuss your removal from the channel, /join #ubuntu-ops02:18
emmais it possible to boot from DVD?02:24
guivercemma: yes; if bios allows; and DVD is written as a bootable dvd (and not just data image)02:24
emmai have a really old laptop here and for some reason it isn't booting from usb02:25
kittenCanaveralDid you check the bios bt order?02:25
emmaI didn't really but it has this thing where you can f12 and then choose what to boot from02:26
emmayou think there's maybe a boot order to change instead?02:26
kittenCanaverali had the same issue today02:26
emmaokay i'll try that.02:27
figurelispMy monitor was turning off every few second and i had to wake it up by pressing any key or moving the mouse. I turned off dpms by xset -dpms .Is there any better solution?02:30
emmakittenCanaveral: nope unfortunately that didn't change things.  When I try to boot from USB it says "missing operating system" and then boots up windows02:33
kittenCanaveralyoudid use rufus to create the bootable drive? also you said old laptop? how old?02:36
emmadell vostro 1700 that's running a corrupted Windows XP.02:36
emmaI used unetbootin to create the bootable drive kittenCanaveral02:37
kittenCanaveralyeah, try the dvd it my be faster the fighting with it.02:37
emmais there some kind of tool for creating a bootable dvd?02:38
kittenCanaveralunless someone else has other suggestions, im not the most experienced02:38
kittenCanaverali belive there is a guide, hold on a sec02:39
kittenCanaveralEmma https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-burn-a-dvd-on-windows#002:41
emmaoh thank you02:41
kittenCanaveraltake a look at the usb one as well, just incase you think you missed something02:42
emmakittenCanaveral: does kb3 burn dvds ?02:46
kittenCanaveralidk, i can try to look into it, ihavent owned an opticle drive in some time.02:48
kittenCanaveralAcording to kd3's website yes02:48
emmakittenCanaveral: do you think that too make a bootable dvd you just burn the .iso to the dvd?02:50
kittenCanaverali would follow guide as best you can, i did the usb methed, t's been 5 or more years since i have done the dvd method. im sadly not an expert, but there are a ton here.02:54
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doug16kemma, yes, just burn a disc from the iso. if the iso is bootable the resulting disc will be bootable03:17
doug16kyou don't have to do a special thing to make it burn a bootable disk. what makes it bootable is the contents of the iso03:17
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figurelispMy monitor was turning off every few second and i had to wake it up by pressing any key or moving the mouse. I turned off dpms by xset -dpms .Is there any better solution?03:30
Rockwoodmysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar" where i can found this in ubuntu 18.04 ?03:32
oerheks5.1.45-1 is current https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/bionic/mysql-connector-java03:34
oerheksnot sure it is a jar03:34
figurelisplocate -i mysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar Rockwood03:35
ChaiTRexHow can I get xargs to execute the input as a command?03:45
alabdHi , which tool can  create a wordlist based on criteria words(not characters) i specify ?04:14
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xamithanYou mean like crunch?04:15
MadLambI'm trying to get chrome to trust a localhost cert I created with openssl in ubuntu 18.04  following https://www.humankode.com/ssl/create-a-selfsigned-certificate-for-nginx-in-5-minutes but no matter what I try chrome still reports as "not secure". Any hint of what might be missing?04:15
xamithanBetter off using a pentesting distro for that,  although I guess you could compile the software yourself04:16
mintHi, I cannot install Ubuntu or Mint in my laptop. Could anybody try to help me?04:17
lotuspsychje!mint | mint04:18
ubottumint: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)04:18
mintlotuspsychje, Great! I just mencioned another one to show the problem is independent the distro04:18
mintwhen I try to install, the installer wizard just doesnot run04:19
lotuspsychjemint: install an ubuntu version from the topic and we can help you04:19
lotuspsychjemint: but as long as you have mint, we cannot04:19
xamithandefine "just doesnot run"04:19
Rockwoodmint is easy in install04:19
xamithanDoes it give an error,  does it not boot ?04:19
lotuspsychjeplease guys dont feed other distros04:20
mintxamithan, when I try double click the icon to run installer nothing happens. When I run in terminal it shows some messeges. Where cai I paste to show the output04:21
xamithanYou are booting into the live version first?  What happens if you select the installer directly04:21
mintxamithan, yes. It show a error messege about cannot install. I just don`t remember the message.04:22
mintBut enter in live cd, the installer don`t run04:23
hggdhmint: unless you show us the errors we cannot really help you04:23
minthggdh, i`ll show you04:24
mintwhen I run that install icon in live cd, it shows this message04:25
oerheksmint, is this WSL on windows 10?04:26
hggdhmint: your pastebin does not make any sense. Whatever is going on, you either have a bad installer, or... I really don't know. Your output just shows what looks like shell errors04:26
mintoerheks, What`s WSL?04:26
lotuspsychjemint: where did you download your .iso?04:27
minthggdh, The same dvd I installed on a PC04:27
mintlotuspsychje, from ubuntu.com04:27
lotuspsychjemint: wich version?04:27
mintWhen I mencioned mint it was becouse I had the same problem in both OS.04:28
hggdhmint: the installer is a graphical installer. You are showing us *terminal* output. Ergo, not correct04:28
mintlotuspsychje, 18.04 LTS04:28
minthggdh, I ran from gnome-terminal the command ./ubiquity.desktop04:29
mintthat icon we see when in live version04:29
hggdhclicking on the icon is NOT the same as trying to run the file04:29
mintinstead of I double click, I ran from terminal to see what happens, becouse double click doesnot work04:29
minthggdh, well, it doesn`t show anything when click the icon04:30
hggdhmint: well, now you know what happens. It fails miserably. You CANNOT run ubiquity.desktop, it is not a program04:30
oerheksmaybe it works on mint :-D04:30
mintoerheks, the same problem in both os04:30
mintwhere can I see the output when I click the icon and nothin happens04:31
oerhekswhen you click an icon, nothing happens in terminal04:31
lotuspsychjemint: can you pastebin: uname -a && lsb_release -a04:31
oerheksreally, you are not looking for help, are you? line #34/#35 says you are using mint, so goodbye04:33
mintok, I`ll restart and enter in the Ubuntu. But the problem is the same04:35
mintwhen I double click the icon, what happens? Where can I see any warning?04:36
lotuspsychjemint: reboot into ubuntu, we will show you04:36
lotuspsychje!download | mint start here04:37
ubottumint start here: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Bionic, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:37
aidrocsidSetting up LAMP on my VPS, following this: https://gist.github.com/Trefex/7028000be4d49785109104:38
aidrocsidNo dice when I get to04:38
aidrocsidapt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql mysql_secure_installation04:38
xamithanmysql_secure_installation is a command not a package04:39
aidrocsidRight, copied an extra line. Same results without it though.04:39
xamithanWell that is a debian guide,  use a ubuntu guide04:40
aidrocsidlol legit04:40
aidrocsidI guess if I just start off from LAMP I should be okay04:40
ehlpi need help!04:52
ehlp..and why the hell has slackware and linux moved offsite?04:52
trenten__hi, i was going to install ubuntu 18.04 earlier, but for some reason my keyboard (a corsair strafe) doesn't seem to work. i cannot get any input at all from it.04:52
trenten__does anyone know how to fix this04:52
ehlpxamithan, freenode sais some bullshit about slackware..04:53
oerheksehlp, ask in ##linux or slackware, this is ubuntu support only04:53
ehlplinux is also locked out fuck sakes04:53
ehlpi need linux help04:53
xamithanYou need to use double ## for both those channels04:53
oerheksehlp, this is not a general discuss channel, and mind your language, dude04:54
ehlpsoooo, wanna help?04:54
lotuspsychjetrenten__: can you tell what happens at wich point?04:54
trenten__well, it happens like, the moment i boot to my live USB...can't get it to work in the installer or well...anywhere04:54
ehlptrenten__ use dd04:55
lotuspsychjeehlp: stop that please04:55
ehlpstop wat04:55
trenten__i doubt dd will work for a keyboard that doesn't work04:55
xamithantrenten__: I think you need this: https://github.com/ckb-next/ckb-next04:55
oerhekstrenten__, known issue, since 16.04 .. https://askubuntu.com/questions/854559/corsair-strafe-not-properly-working-on-ubuntu-16-0404:56
trenten__yes - but i can't even...install04:56
oerheksuse ckb-next from github04:56
xamithanBetter get another cheap keyboard then04:56
ehlpfor $204:56
trenten__i see04:56
ehlpor barter04:57
trenten__so there's no other solution? i can't exactly go out and buy a keyboard at 3 in the morning04:57
ehlpyes you can04:57
oerhekstrenten__, if you find one, let us know04:57
ehlpand they will promote systemd04:57
ehlp....still need help here04:58
trenten__well sure, i can buy a keyboard at 3 in the morning, but i'm not going to04:58
trenten__wow you're really helpful dude04:58
oerheksehlp, nobody gives support for slackware, wrong channel04:58
oerheks!ops | ehlp04:58
ubottuehlp: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax04:58
ehlplinux oerheks04:58
trenten__i'm being sarcastic, by the way, can you not.04:58
ehlpis ubuntu not linux?!04:58
xamithanThis is #ubuntu,  not ##linux04:59
ehlpseriously i need a guru04:59
DalekSecehlp: This is the Ubuntu support channel, not a generic Linux channel.  We're unable to help about slack or other issues.04:59
wyseguyTrying to ssh into ubuntu server, connection timedout. ssh key is on server and on computer, everything looks correct, not sure why I cant connect. looked in ~/.ssh/auth keys and the key is in there, noticed in sshd_config the line showing where the auth key is was #'ed out, so i un #'ed it and set the path... still cant ssh, not sure why. Ideas?05:00
ehlpomfg this is not about slack05:00
wyseguyehlp sup05:00
wyseguywrite me on ##linux05:00
xamithanwyseguy: Show us the log with -v -v -v05:00
oerheksyes, move it to ##linux05:00
wyseguyxamithan which log?05:00
xamithanthe ssh output with the verbose flags set05:01
josephHi I'm with problem in installing ubuntu from live session05:02
wyseguyxamithan let me see05:02
josephI'm using this version https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/wcghY4Bc9m/ when I click the installatino icon nothing happens05:03
alabd1i'm using cruch to make a wordlist command ,like: crunch_win.exe 6 6 -t fi%%%% -o fan.txt    but i need words like "fi1" in output with min lenght 3 chars... , and crunch doesn't accept 3 6 from me ...05:04
josephI just posted the ubuntu version I'm trying to install05:06
josephI don't know what happens and I even can't find the answer on google. Can anybody help me please?05:07
oerheksjoseph, maybe give more details, what hardware is this?05:09
josephoerheks, Laptop Dell n5010. Intel i5 4GB RAM05:10
josephoerheks, any idea?05:16
josephany help?05:19
oerhekslooking for bugreports, but find none for n5010/18.0405:20
josephoerheks, the installation icon is the same to call ubiquity in a terminal, right?05:20
oerheksonly from upgrade to 16.04, install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics fixed that05:20
oerheksyou might want to try the mini iso, more text based installer05:21
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:21
josephoerheks, When I installed Debian sid, I had a problem with touchpad.05:22
oerheksand make sure if you have windows 10, to disable fastboot and Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT).05:23
josephoerheks, I have windows 705:23
oerheksyou could plugin a mouse, temporarely05:25
=== _explodes is now known as explodes
josephoerheks, mouse?05:35
josephoerheks, [/var/log/syslog] Does it say anything? https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/QbWrkbpSj8/05:43
josephAnother thing I should say is I'm installing using DVD in a USB Connection05:45
dan01Anyone with an older version of Ubuntu that 18.04, could you tell me if you have a folder /lib64/tls/haswell, please? I'm curious if some game developers hardcoded specific library paths05:46
manakanapadan01, no ubuntu here, but perhaps kvm > install 16.04 if no one is able to answer05:48
dan01manakanpa: Gonna do just that05:48
guivercdan01: not on the one system I looked (16.04)05:49
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dbHi. Question about update-alternatives - consider java JRE, it has many binaries. Now I want to switch from one JRE to another (say java9 to java11), do I have to call update-alternatives --config java, then javac, then jar, then javap ... etc or is there a whay to switch them all at once?06:25
sinclair_hi everyone07:38
sinclair_i got a weird issue, using ssh directly to my ubuntu server using ip on my LAN everything works flawlessly, using my noip address with ssh everything is lagging terribly, even doing a ls -la in /etc pauses and then continues to print the remaining text, any clues or suggestions?07:39
usrshv1hi! It is normal to change/dev/loop0 permissions? I want to do not enter password for the gnome-disk-image-mounter.08:08
EriC^^usrshv1: i can mount without password08:10
sumyunseali cant boot into08:10
EriC^^usrshv1: i'm not sure about this but is your user part of the plugdev group?08:10
EriC^^usrshv1: what does "groups" give you?08:11
sumyunsealwtf hapen to grub08:11
usrshv1EriC^^: how can i see my groups in terminal?08:11
EriC^^usrshv1: type "groups"08:12
usrshv1EriC^^: yes i am!08:12
usrshv1EriC^^: usrshv adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev nopasswdlogin lpadmin sambashare08:13
guivercsumyunseal: if you have multiple OSes on your system, and use grub to select which to boot; it could be updates/change in one caused the MBR to be overwritten (mbr is first sector of hdd; which grub needs to operate).  it'll only disappear because drive/hdd failed; or the first sector (mbr) was overwritten by something on your system08:14
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EriC^^usrshv1: same here08:15
=== wowaname is now known as opal
usrshv1EriC^^: how about /dev/loop permissions?08:16
IaMnEwHeReHello there, I am using the latest image from ubuntu(bionic beaver) to run in docker(managed by k8s) and I get told that the repositories do not have release-files08:18
IaMnEwHeRewhat is up with that?08:18
usrshv1IaMnEwHeRe: https://superuser.com/questions/1130898/no-internet-connection-inside-docker-containers?08:22
usrshv1IaMnEwHeRe: also you can join #docker channel08:25
IaMnEwHeReusrshv, well, this is a problem with the ubuntu-image not docker08:25
IaMnEwHeRethe article tells me about editing some files, now I get the idea that there should only be a basic installation so as to keep the footprint as minimal as possible, but not even *ONE*editor08:26
IaMnEwHeRefor users to just try things out in a setup, more elaborate thatn just running dokcer which everey imbicil can do, you would require to set up a registry08:27
IaMnEwHeReand I think that is contrary to the purpose of a fast setup is it not?08:27
IaMnEwHeRebecause now I will have to wrap my head around very complex sed-commands just to later find out that it was not related at all08:28
IaMnEwHeRebecause a setup a bit different from what I am currently attempting works08:28
guivercIaMnEwHeRe: where did you get the image?  many cloud providers modify & give non-official images (with changes)08:29
usrshv1it is safe to edit /dev/loop(x) permissions?08:29
IaMnEwHeReguiverc, docker pull ubuntu lists library/ubuntu as source when pulling and that is what I put into the image-definition of k8s so I think it is the docker-hub itself, as I doubt my provder will intercept traffic08:30
=== Richard is now known as Guest50487
guivercIaMnEwHeRe: was it all? or only some that gave errors when you did your `sudo apt update` (update repo lists) - can you provide a single line where you had an error please08:32
IaMnEwHeReusrshv1 I am not using ubuntu as my main system, but looking into /dev/* they are mostly owned by root and permission only to users are given(with execptions to stderr stdin sdout, considering that /dev/* gives access to kernel-processes I would be careful to do that08:32
guivercIaMnEwHeRe: or pastebin your `sudo apt update` (all of it)08:32
usrshv1IaMnEwHeRe: i only want to not enter password each time i mount Daggerfall.iso )08:34
guivercIaMnEwHeRe: you could always try #ubuntu-server  (who are probably better equipped to deal with kubernetes or at least can spell it :)  etc08:34
IaMnEwHeReguiverc https://www.zerobin.net/?9298ea105d478207#EnKwLr3clt8qSyRXeZqpvVKQO7hJiAJ7F2ls7SRQwAg=08:34
IaMnEwHeReguiverc :) yeah, didn't think of #ubuntu-server08:35
IaMnEwHeReusrshv1, consider editing /etc/sudoers08:35
=== | is now known as Guest77523
usrshv1IaMnEwHeRe: already. It uses pkexec. so, will try edit it?08:37
IaMnEwHeReusrshv1 if we are talking about non-cli-access to the OS and mounting stuff, I recall seeing s.th. like that for Gnome, so that it will take care of the challenge, considering that in order to access the DB-store you would have to know the account-pw, which is the same as the sudo-pw there wouldn't be much of a security-concern08:38
IaMnEwHeReusrshv1 consider adding the attribute NOPASSWD: for your settings08:38
IaMnEwHeReI have no experience with these UI-programms that facilitate priviledge escallation(like pkexec), I would just write a  shell-script (sudo mount .........) make it executable and trigger it whenever I need to mount s.th., either one file per iso or you can paramerize it08:41
usrshv1IaMnEwHeRe: already! "sudo *" works, but after i installed gnome-disk-utils, i realized that it uses pkexec. it not cares about me being sudoer. Maybe i will edit command in /usr/share/apps... Thanks, until i try all of that, i will no edit any permissions!08:42
IaMnEwHeRebecause from what I see on it might not consider /etc/sudoers https://www.freedesktop.org/software/polkit/docs/0.105/pkexec.1.html08:42
IaMnEwHeReusrshv1 https://askubuntu.com/questions/659540/gnome-how-do-i-run-a-command-as-root they consider gksu08:43
IaMnEwHeReguiverc, thx for ubuntu-server hint, I will take my business there, bb08:45
Ubu-1604BBL ... ZZZ08:46
frendaI have updated my 16.04 recently; When I press shutdown icon or turning off through terminal, it goes down normally at first. But after 30 to 60 seconds tha fan is started and running loudly for mor than 5 minutes while it seems the OS is off! I don't have this problem when I shutdown it in Windos1008:54
usrshv1frenda what a flavour? just curious.08:57
frendaIt's Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity Desktop09:03
frendausrshv1: ^09:03
MrCrackPotBuildecan i design a qml wallpaper that would update info from proc and display on the desktop09:04
MrCrackPotBuildeso a interactive wallpaper09:04
akemYou can use conky to display system infos on desktop.09:05
MrCrackPotBuildethats not what i want though09:06
MrCrackPotBuildei already use it09:06
MrCrackPotBuildei thought it would be cool to have a desktop wallpaper that is interactive09:06
MrCrackPotBuildeit would just need an update loop to grab info from proc09:07
MrCrackPotBuildebut can a qml wallpaper have an update and be interactive09:07
usrshv1frenda: so there is not many customization's? back up and reinstall. I do never have successes with the Ubuntu updates. also you may check the proprietary drivers in additional software? my laptop shuts down with GPU ones.09:08
MrCrackPotBuildei built a system monitor thats perfect for my needs as a widget but yer just thinking that would be cool09:08
frendausrshv1: It's fully in default settings; Reinstalling would be a trouble as I have some lab software installed. I'll tried for the proprietary driver too. Thnks09:21
usrshv1at the end of the page https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/96625/how-to-allow-non-superusers-to-mount-any-filesystem i find solution for ISO mounting, paswordless.09:26
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EquusGrevyiHi folks, is there some way I can permit a snap installed from the store to access a particular folder tree? Trying to do this for Nextcloud without having to move the entire data folder to that place.09:58
akemEquusGrevyi, i think you can't, snaps have restricted paths permissions for security reasons...could be annoying if you mount a volume in /mnt etc.10:03
ducasseEquusGrevyi: you can try asking in #snappy10:04
EquusGrevyiAh, I see. I know there's a way you can let the NC snap interface with removable drives, but I'm using ZFS on some external storage and I don't think those are classed as "removable" to Ubuntu10:04
EquusGrevyi@ducasse: Cheers I'll give them a shout :)10:05
07EABPIB4if i will reinstall Ubuntu: sda1-swap, sda2-root,sda3-home... As i understand, all options except "Clean All an Install" and include "use sda3 as /home , not format" will save my home structure? I keep archives at /home/archive.10:24
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Nokajimy screen (IIYAMA ProLite X2377HDS) goes blank whenever the display is approx 80%/90% black - I've never found what causes this, could it be an Ubuntu setting somewhere (e.g. energy saving)?11:05
Nokajicurrently I can't see the handful of new icons in 18.04 bcuz it shows a brief second then totally blanks out11:05
guivercNokaji: i have no idea; but I'd suspect it was your screen doing it more than Ubuntu.  If you change wallpapers (assuming you are using a gui, and to something brighter), does it stop going blank?11:07
Nokajiguiverc: That's a thought, I could change/add a wallpaper ... it even does it though in youtube, so universal ... can't see any obv' monitor setting though it is energy star11:09
Nokajimaybe it's a fault but has always been there11:10
Nokajior some calibration  needed somewhere11:10
guivercNokaji: it may not be a screen setting, but a failing component (not yet dead) that wrongly things there is no signal (when it should still see signal).... if it's this, changing screens (for a test) should prove this theory (providing you have another screen handy & can be bothered..)11:11
guiverci would play with wallpaper change (a bright image) first... easily done to confirm it's blanking on % black...11:13
edarfocI think I've found a bug in the gtk3 file picker11:15
guivercedarfoc: :)  have you looked for it on launchpad?  to see if already found, if you can't find it, I'd suggest reporting it (ubuntu-bug)11:16
edarfocthat's party of my problem, I don't know the package name @guiverc11:17
elcotany buddy her11:17
edarfocit has a strange behavior when I start typing11:17
guivercokay - good question (asking for help to file - appreciated & thanks for trying)11:17
Nokajiguiverc: troo - it has done day form day one though, the screen s a few yrs old - I'm lacking a second screen right now, maybe I could fire up windows ... I seem to get by in most situations11:17
elcothow to use11:17
KrenairMy right click in 18.04 is still broken11:17
edarfocA strange combination of search and the old type ahead functionality11:18
KrenairI'm on a laptop with a touchpad11:18
KrenairI have gone into gnome tweaks11:18
edarfocit only works if you type the word extremely fast11:18
guivercedarfoc: i'm looking for info...11:18
Krenairand set Mouse Click Emulation to Area11:18
edarfocalso not working correctly when clicking on the search button11:18
edarfocI wonder if anyone else has suffered this too11:19
elcotpoda di11:19
neurehow do I set grub resolution (to native 2560x1440)?11:21
neureUbuntu 18.0411:21
EriC^^neure: sudo nano /etc/default/grub11:25
guivercedarfoc: i'm still looking, can only find api dev stuff (@ gnome.org) - you may need to file against GNOME & let a bug-squad person (who knows more hopefully) change the package to somethign more appropriate...11:25
EriC^^neure: GRUB_GFXMODE=2560x144011:25
EriC^^then save and exit and sudo update-grub11:25
guivercedarfoc: it could be the bug should be filed against https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0  --    (based on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/304345  which is a file chooser dialog doesn't...)11:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 304345 in gtk+3.0 (Baltix) "File chooser dialog doesn't provide network access" [Medium,Fix released]11:28
guivercps: that bug doesn't relate in any way; except possibly pointing to package to file against.11:28
edarfocguiverc thanks! it does look like the right one11:29
LopeI've installed virt-manager on ubuntu 18.04. I can start an empty VM fine. But If I add a virtual qcow2 disk OR a ISO image for a CDROM I get permission denied and the VM doesn't start. When trying to start the VM with a qcow2 storage device attached to the VM, the virtual disk image ownership changes to root:root and then it says permission denied. my user is a member of kvm qemu libvirt libvirt-qemu . I've logged out and logged in11:29
Lopeagain after adding my user to these groups.11:29
edarfocguiverc it's a specific Ubuntu bug, doesn't happen in Fedora, Debian or suse11:30
Nokajiguiverc: found the cause ... SHOW APPLICATIONS went black 'until' I hit monitor overlay control, when it all lit up -  - monitor setting >DISPLAY >ADVANCED CONTRAST (on)/'OFF' (fixes it) ... anyways, geting a bit off topic but many thanks for helping to focus my mind11:31
guivercwell I'm suggesting to file it in launchpad; not against gnome; if the ubuntu-bug-squad people feel it's upstream; they'll push upstream...  but it'll be worked out by Ubuntu due to launchpad bug report11:31
guivercwell done Nokaji; you're welcome :)11:32
guivercps: when I said gnome; I meant the GNOME package (not gnome project); or later said gtk+3.0 (on lp; meaning the ubuntu package from gnome upstream)11:33
KrenairFWIW the trick with my right click problem was to reboot after changing the setting11:33
Krenairwould be nice if the GUI said to do that11:33
Krenairlot of users will be confused by this11:33
=== shann_ is now known as shann
edarfocguiverc sorry I think I misunderstood you, thanks for clarifying!11:35
guivercKrenair: i don't know your issue; but a logout & log back in would probably do the same thing..11:35
guivercedarfoc: it'd be my poor language skills that misled; sorry.11:35
LopeI figured out the problem. By default virt-manager connects to qemu:///system instead of qemu:///session . However now on qemu:///session I don't think networking will work. https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/45805/how-to-use-virt-manager-as-a-non-root-user/11:42
=== beaver is now known as noname47
LopeOkay, so I was successful in running and installing a windows VM as a non-root user with qemu:///session. But usermode networking is useless. So I've tried starting virt-manager as root. However I'm still getting permission denied. Really weird.12:58
blackflow!crosspost | Lope12:59
ubottuLope: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.12:59
Lopeblackflow, I only asked in one ubuntu channel.12:59
blackflowLope: okay, don't crosspost between #ubuntu and #debian then12:59
LopeI've been asking about this for hours and nobody has answered. Clearly nobody around knows about this issue.12:59
blackflowyou'll need to elaborate on the issue a bit more though. what permission is denied?13:00
Lopepermission for accessing the virtual disk image13:00
LopeDetails were in my previous question that nobody answered.13:01
LopeI don't mind that nobody answered, but you shouldn't be nazi about crossposting a question that's not getting answers.13:01
blackflowit'd be great if you could confine all the issue details to a single pastebin and and repeat with that link if nobody answers in the meantime. I have no idea what you posted where "earlier".   and it's not being a nazi about it, it's common decency and irc ethiquette. people doing that get help in one channel and ignore the other, where they also receive help, wasting people's time.13:03
LopeI haven't ignored anybody or wasted anybody's time. And if I resolve my issue, I'll say so.13:04
LopeOkay, I'll try put it all into one concise question, thanks13:04
blackflowfor starters, you're asking in #debian and #ubuntu, so clearly one of them is out of place, being that Debian and Ubuntu are not really the same OS. "based on" implies differences that can be significant in the issues you're seing.13:04
LopeActually the issue is 99% likely to be related to qemu, libvirt, kvm, or virt-manager.13:05
blackflowLope: fwiw I use qemu-system-x86_64 direclty from command line to manage the VMs, no permission issues.13:06
cry_wolfAny idea on how to remove the column Command in htop ? F9 does not work..13:07
blackflowcry_wolf: that's, like, the most basic column you should see in (h)top. and you can't remove it:  https://github.com/hishamhm/htop/issues/81     use ps with output mods if ou need a different view of the process tabl13:09
LopeIf I use virt-manager on qemu:///session, it can run VM's with a virtual disk. If I use virt-manager with qemu:///system even though my user is a member of all groups: "kvm qemu libvirt libvirt-qemu" and I've logged out/in since joining groups and `chown bob:bob /tmp/test.img` (or whatever libvirt related groups). When using virt-manager on qemu:///system it cannot access any virtual disk. When I try start the VM on qemu:///system13:12
Lopeimmediately the vdisk gets chowned to root:root, then gives error: "qemu-system-x86_64: -drive file=/tmp/test.img,format=qcow2,if=none,id=drive-ide0-0-0: Could not open '/tmp/test.img': Permission denied"13:12
cry_wolfAlright I didn't know that, "ps and output mods" I don't think I know what this is13:12
blackflowcry_wolf: check the ps(1) manpage13:13
blackflowLope: what are the perms on the disk image file?13:14
blackflowLope: again don't crosspost between here and #debian13:14
blackflowLope: you waste people's time because people might go on and consult relevant manpages or google for similar issues before answering, oblivious to someone else doing that in another chan. don't do that please.13:14
Lopeblackflow, even if I chmod the file to 666 I still get permission denied.13:15
blackflowLope: you have the user in kvm group?13:16
Lopeblackflow, yes, I said that in my message above13:16
blackflowLope: tried any location other than /tmp/ ? could be private tmp in effect for some relevant virt service?13:18
LopeI think the issue is probably related to apparmour, i disabled it in the past to get libvirt stuff working.13:19
blackflowLope: easy to verify with grep for "audit: " line in syslog or journal13:19
blackflowLope: and if apparmor is the case, instead of disabling it, put the images where the profile expects them to be, or add a rule to the profile for your preferred location.13:20
LopeIt works! disabled the security_driver in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf13:21
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cry_wolf@blackflow thanks13:22
blackflowLope: excellent.13:22
Lopethanks blackflow, where are the apparmour rules for dirs etc?13:23
blackflowLope: /etc/apparmor.d/ contains the profiles. Not sure which profile/process is relevant here13:24
blackflowLope: you can check with aa-status as you run the VM, see which enforcing profile might be relevant13:24
blackflowLope: it's also possible that there's no static file for the profile, but it's dynamically created by virt manager or whatever. Like I said, I don't use those abstractions, I use qemu-system-x86_64 directly, so I wouldn't know what those abstraction layers add.13:26
Lopeblackflow, it must be /etc/apparmor.d/libvirt/TEMPLATE.qemu which is empty, but imports #include <tunables/global> and #include <abstractions/libvirt-qemu>13:28
Lopeblackflow, then you're effectively using qemu-system without apparmour?13:28
blackflowLope: probably not it.  check with aa-status, it'll show enforcing profiles for processes, so when you run the VM it should be listed there, if there's any profile on the VM13:28
blackflowLope: for this use case, yes. But I can use it with a profile, I'm not prevented from doing that. I define my own profiles anyway, as the stock ones are too..... libral.13:29
Lopeok, thanks13:41
Lopegotta reconnect13:47
delgecHello Every Buddy13:54
tichunWhere to submit feedback? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu#Giving_Ideas_and_Feedback this sounds scary and impossible.13:54
delgecKonuşun be yahu13:54
delgecSelamın Aleykum13:55
tichunMy feedback is to use in-kernel boot splash that SUSE developed in December 2017 instead of using plymouth package. 1) plymouth is unreliable 2) plymouth doesn't work for hibernation13:56
tichun3) the splash would appear way sooner13:56
delgecHerkes uyuyor mu?13:57
delgecLan ne odaymış bee??13:57
EriC^^delgec: which language is that?13:58
EriC^^!tr | delgec13:59
ubottudelgec: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.13:59
blackflowtichun: file a bug report on launchpad, there are wishlist "bug reports"    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+filebug   I'm guessing linux-meta (the kernel source) is the proper package. it'll be reassigned if not.14:00
blackflowtichun: btw, plymouth does a bit more than just the splash screen, which the in-kernel mod by SuSE does. it also takes care about input, for example unlocking LUKS drives. Does that Suse patch do that?14:01
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royal_screwup21I'm trying to find my clang path. I tried whereis clang and got: clang: "/usr/lib/clang /usr/include/clang /usr/share/clang /opt/clion-2018.1.5/bin/clang" -- am  I right in thinking that I have 3 routes to clang?14:05
royal_screwup21man which14:11
EriC^^royal_screwup21: the files are organized according to what they are.. like the man pages will be somewhere, libraries somewhere, binaries somewhere14:14
qwebirc14431Hello, is anyone able to assist me with a clang error im running into trying to compile some c++ code?14:18
ppfroyal_screwup21: if you're looking for a binary 'which clang' tells you the path14:18
qwebirc14431i keep hitting this error and I'm not sure why14:19
qwebirc14431clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)14:19
ppfqwebirc14431: use -v, and paste the full output please14:19
qwebirc14431where would i input the -v?14:20
qwebirc14431This is the command im running14:20
qwebirc14431skm clang++ program.cpp -o HelloWorld14:20
qwebirc14431This is the full output: https://pastebin.com/5XpLBxwd14:22
ppfah, well, so the error is right there14:24
ppfyou should've seen that without -v too14:24
ppfyou're not linking curl14:24
ppfbut that's not really an ubuntu question ;)14:24
qwebirc14431Right, don't suppose you could tell me how to do that?14:25
ppfbut you really should look up a tutorial on how compiling things works14:27
qwebirc14431I'm doing this as part of one of my classes (intro to programming), though their steps for getting everything setup with Ubuntu wasn't the best14:28
ppfqwebirc14431: then you should let your TA a know14:28
ppfthey can't improve until they know where they need to14:28
qwebirc14431Thanks for the help14:30
qwebirc14431I had another question about libraries if you can help14:32
ppfsure, ask away14:32
qwebirc14431I tried running an apt-get install but it seems to fail14:33
qwebirc14431Its part of the installation steps for Splashkit https://www.splashkit.io/articles/installation/ubuntu/step-2/14:33
ppfit tells you there's no package libgconf-2.014:33
qwebirc14431I looked up libgconf-2.0 but that doesn't seem to be a package14:34
oerheksthere is 2.414:34
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qwebirc14431Is there a way to see the progress of a command in terminal?14:39
purplepodqwebirc14431, depends on the command, some have a -v (verbose) option14:40
purplepodthat will generally show you the progress14:40
oerheks"a command'  is so wide, explain?14:41
purplepodcheck the man page for whatever it is you're running14:41
qwebirc14431I've run the following in terminal echo -e "\n#SplashKit Library Path\nPATH=\"$HOME/.splashkit/skm-linux-x64:$HOME/bin:$PATH\"" >> ~/.profile14:43
qwebirc14431Seems to just hang14:43
oerheksctrl c to stop14:44
oerhekswhy would one need progress of such small task14:45
=== noname47 is now known as beaver
qwebirc14431Well i ran it about 10 minutes ago14:46
qwebirc14431and it doesn't seem to have done anything14:46
qwebirc14431Figured I must be doing something wrong but it hasn't given me an error either14:46
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neoromantiqueHello, I deleted my dpkg folder, and now I'm in a pretty rough spot with most of the system missing14:58
ppfneoromantique: which folder did you delete?14:58
neoromantiqueAnyone could help me fix it? As I'm pretty much stuck14:58
neoromantiqueppf: the one containing lockfile /var/dpkg is it?14:58
neoromantiquepoint is, status file was deleted also14:59
neoromantiqueI deleted most packages and reinstalled them, but some are throwing very odd errors14:59
ppfyou need to be specific ;)14:59
neoromantiquenamely I get the E: Internal Error, No file name for busybox-initramfs:amd64 now14:59
bobthebuilder2 upgrade openssl for apache by recompiling apache and openssl in different paths but its still using old openl ssl version. When I do ps -aux | grep apache, I see it using both new and old lib paths for ssl. Any suggestions?15:01
bobthebuilder2upgraded openssl for apache by recompiling apache and openssl in different paths but its still using old openl ssl version. When I do ps -aux | grep apache, I see it using both new and old lib paths for ssl. Any suggestions in resolving this?15:19
oerheksbobthebuilder2, so you didn't remove the old ssl?15:20
oerheksi wonder why you need to build a fresh one, ubuntu is pretty fast with security updates15:20
oerhekshmm looks like you don't wait for answers, crossposting, bupthebuilder?15:23
bobthebuilder2oerheks: no, I didn't remove it. I want to have two different version of apache and openssl. Testing some vulnerabilities15:26
bobthebuilder2oerkheks: have default latest apache and openssl install via apt-get install. Then want to have a separate older version of apache and openssl compiled.15:28
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bobthebuilder2oerkhecks: Apache was compile with --enable-ssl --with-ssl=/path/to/download/olderversionofopenssl/15:29
oerheksi have no clue with multiple ssl versions, maybe #ubuntu-server can answer that?15:30
bobthebuilder2Oerheks: sorry, didn't mean to cross-post, accidentally posted in wrong tab of IRC.15:30
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=== changenick is now known as SimonNL
bobthebuilder2oerrheks, will give ubuntu-server a try. Thank you for your help.15:33
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AciD`hey guys, I'm trying to recover an ubuntu install (full encrypted disk), and after having decrypted and mounted the luks partition, I know get a bad superblock error on the ubuntu--vg-root partition15:42
AciD`could you confirm that ubuntu uses ext4 for the root partition?15:43
AciD`also, using testdisk it finds no partition table, is it supposed to use GPT?15:43
=== wodencafe is now known as WODENCAFE
tomreynAciD`: depends on how / what you installed initially.15:45
AciD`I used the 'use the entire disk' with encrypted lvm install method15:46
tomreyne.g. if you installed ubuntu 12.04 intially, then upgraded, it would still use an older luks encryption scheme, msdos partitioning, ext3 file systems by default15:46
* blackflow wishes people would call it MBR instead of msdos partitioning :)15:47
tomreyn'msdos' partition table is what i meant to write15:48
blackflowthat'd be MBR, right? which is nots pecific to MS DOS15:48
blackflowunless you meant msdosfs aka FAT15:48
tomreynMBR is "master boot record", a section of the first MB of a storage partiitoned using the 'msdos' partiton table type.15:49
blackflowit's MBR-based vs GPT. MBR predates MS and MSDOS15:50
blackflowI'm not nitpicking, I just want proper terms be used properly ;)15:50
tomreynblackflow: i guess there are both terms for the same thing. i can't seem to find a definitive declaration. but we seem to be referring to the same thing.15:53
blackflowtomreyn: we are, yup.15:53
AciD`tomreyn ⟹ I'm not sure which version I installed unfortunatly15:54
tomreynAciD`: you could look at /var/log/installer/media-info if it exists. but we don't really need to find out what you installed, jjst what you have now.15:54
AciD`tomreyn ⟹ well, I took out the m2 ssd from the laptop and am using it in a external case, and I while I could decrypt the luks partition, I cannot mount the --vg-root one15:56
tomreynAciD`: parted -ls  can help there, also lsblk15:56
AciD`I'll check that15:56
AciD`well, I'll check that once testdisk will finish its analyze :)15:57
tomreynAciD`:  testdisk should be a last resort tool. it can make things worse.15:58
=== WODENCAFE is now known as WodenCafe
AciD`I'm on that problem for a long time now, I felt like using it as my last resort tool :x15:58
Zexaronhey tomreyn, you here, sorry for bothering, got update on my sata/mobo/ssd/win10 issue15:59
tomreynZexaron: i'm afraid i don't remember your 'sata/mobo/ssd/win10 issue'16:00
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Zexarontomreyn: I got new cables, but didn't test them yet, I tried with old cables, seems like Win10 SSD works fine on the 860 EVO or cloned 850 EVO, without any other disks connected (sata devices) as soon as I connected the 840 Pro which has ubuntu to another port2 the Win10 SSD in this case I went back tesiting 860 EVO, it wouldn't even boot, as if it has no OS16:01
Zexarontomreyn: disconnecting the 840 Pro SSD from port 2 and adding an old HDD with linux mint, also worked fine like nothing happened16:01
Zexarontomreyn: sorry i used another nickname on linux and ubunut, I did talk around freenode but you're the guy I kept talking to the most, you looked at various SMART values I posted16:02
lotuspsychjeZexaron: have you checked if your 840 has firmware updates?16:03
ZexaronWe found that 860 EVO where Win10 was working with the ubunut on the 840 PRO SSD for a few months and just out of a sudden started BSODing on Win10, while on ubuntu, when booting to ubunut while having Win10 860 EVO connected it would do some ATA3 COMM RESET failures but ubuntu it self would work and doesn't do any kernel panic16:04
Zexaronlotuspsychje: yes I did all of that on another PC a week ago, I had to trip all the HDDs chkdsk to get them writable, this issue made all NTFS partitions read only, I'm not testing with any data HDDs at this moment16:05
tomreyni would recommend looking into the firmware, too. 840ies had critical firmware bugs.16:05
ZexaronLatest Samsung Magician, and I connected all 3, the old 840 Pro with ubuntu LTS 18,  860 EVO With Win10 and the 850 EVO whit cloned Win10 from 860 EVO after BSODs16:06
lotuspsychjeZexaron: can you try to shorten to your actual issue? whats happening exactly to wich drive?16:07
ZexaronBackground: BSODs on Win10 stated 2 weeks ago and were progressively faster after power up/boot, until it wouldn't even boot and just "No operating system" and I pressed a key and it woldn't even try again lol16:07
Zexaronlotuspsychje: it's a longer story okay16:08
lotuspsychjeZexaron: we can only help you on the ubuntu part of it16:08
ZexaronWell I don't know who's at fault, HW, mobo, ubuntu, SSD, cable, ... I have to pick one channel and start, if we find it's not ubuntu then I'll go out of here16:09
hiyamy VPN server stopped working when upgraded to 18.04 server16:09
lotuspsychjeZexaron: perhaps you can test it with a liveusb?16:09
lotuspsychjehiya: upgraded from wich version?16:09
hiyaJul 21 14:00:52 VPN-DE1 kernel: [14453.654522] perf: interrupt took too long (2602 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 76750Jul 21 15:43:00 VPN-DE1 kernel: [20581.803632] perf: interrupt took too long (3258 > 3252), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 61250Jul 21 17:48:48 VPN-DE1 kernel: [28130.303817] perf: interrupt took too long (4093 > 4072), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 48750Jul 2116:09
hiya18:01:42 VPN-DE1 kernel: [ 0.000000] microcode: microcode updated early to revision 0x24, date = 2018-01-2116:09
hiyaoops sorry for long errors16:10
hiyalotuspsychje, from 16.0416:10
lotuspsychjehiya: use a hastebin or so16:10
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | hiya not yet mate16:10
ubottuhiya not yet mate: Upgrades from 16.04 LTS will not be enabled until a few days after the 18.04.1 release expected in late July.16:10
hiyalotuspsychje, so i should not upgrade?16:10
tomreynZexaron: i'm afraid i don't remember much of this (i have supported a couple people lately, and can't rmeember all details). i suggest you take some time, and sum up the entire story again on https://paste.ubuntu.com or https://etherpad.net . start with a short summary / explanation of the current issue, then go into the details + history + what you tried already.16:10
lotuspsychjehiya: not yet, 18.04.1 comes out 26july16:11
hiyalotuspsychje, what do i do now?16:11
lotuspsychjehiya: if you run an ubuntu server LTS in production, you should follow the procedures a bit16:12
hiyalotuspsychje, ok trying older kernel16:12
hiyai think it is a kernel issue16:12
tomreynhiya: this system is probably not fully updated, ubuntu released new intel microcodes since.16:12
hiyatomreyn, 4.15.0-23-generic i want this kernel16:13
hiyawhere can i get it on 18.04?16:13
tomreynhiya: not, unless you downgrade to an unsupported version or are using an ubuntu port16:14
Zexaronlotuspsychje: when being booted into Win10 on Samsung 860 EVO 250GB, the Ubuntu on Samsung 840 Pro 128 GB is merely present on SATA PORT 2, this is not really about booting ubuntu, but it could be, when booting to ubuntu, while having Win10 860 SSD connected and present on PORT1, there is a problem booting because ATA3 is having problems, I later found that ATA3 is the PORT with the Win10 SSD, ubuntu reports COMM RESET failure or16:14
Zexaronsomething,I have screenshots16:14
tomreynhiya: why do you want this very kernel image?16:15
hiyatomreyn, it works fine16:15
hiyai believe it is the kernel issue16:15
lotuspsychjeZexaron: you keep talking too much details/hardware can you please finetune whats 'really happening' to ubuntu?16:15
tomreynhiya: so the current kernel image does not work fine?16:15
tomreynhiya: current -> latest available16:15
lotuspsychjeZexaron: example: ubuntu boots and gets stuck at...16:15
hiyai think i am doomed :(16:16
hiyai should not have upgraded only16:16
Zexaronlotuspsychje,tomreyn: I enabled the verbose boot in ubuntu to get this displayed, TIMECODE (it keeps going forever) ATA3: COMRESET failed (errorno=-32)16:16
lotuspsychjehiya: bionic is on .29 now16:16
Zexaronlotuspsychje,tomreyn: here's the catch, ubunut works fine after pressing enter, simply ATA3 device doesn't get mounted16:16
lotuspsychjeZexaron: when do you see that error, on wich ubuntu version at wich point?16:17
Zexaronor well, it doesn't get presence, mounted or unmounted, it simply isn't there, but the ubuntu works fine16:17
lotuspsychjehiya: have you tested .29 kernel boot?16:17
tomreynZexaron: did you see what i wrote about paste.ubuntu.com / etherpad.net ? i tried to follow what you wrote above, but failed.16:18
Zexaronit's the boot thing, before the welcome screen in ubuntu, i just ruined my Galaxy S5 smartphone, i'm on an old nokia but I still have SD card and just need a bit more time to get things done, i'll upload the image now16:18
lotuspsychjeZexaron: if i understand you a bit...you get a HD warning at ubuntu logo yes and press C to continue?16:19
hiyatomreyn, lotuspsychje can you give me the command please?16:19
lotuspsychjehiya: the command of what?16:19
tomreynhiya: you can get us some relevant information by using: lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version; cat /proc/cmdline; ls -l /boot/; dpkg -l linux\*16:20
oerhekssudo apt update && sudo apt install -f && sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a # this line i would use with borked upgrade16:22
Zexaronlotuspsychje: what ubuntu displays is only help for troubleshooting the larger issue, ubuntu doesn't do kernel panic, or maybe it would, there's a lot of combinations to try, 860 on port1 alone, port2 alone, 840 on port1 alone, port 2 alone, 860 on port1 and and 840 on port2 and booting into 860 makes win10 BSOD or boot failure, 860 on port1 and 840 on port2 and boot to 840 makes ubuntu welcome screen to freeze for 15 minutes unless16:22
Zexaronenabling verbose boot messaging it then reveals ATA3 COMRESET failures and pressing enter continues booting to login screen and works normally16:22
lotuspsychjehiya: see oerheks suggest16:22
lotuspsychjeZexaron: i suggest you try sorting your hardware layout first perhaps in ##hardware16:23
lotuspsychjeZexaron: if ubuntu works and gives a warning about another ssd in your system..?16:23
lotuspsychjeZexaron: also test a liveusb on the SSD you testing16:24
Zexaronlotuspsychje,tomreyn: the point is: ubuntu reports a problem with the ATA3 device which is the 860 EVO with Win10 connected to port1, this only happens if both 840 and 860 are connected to the motherboard intel sata controller, if I connect them alone separately, I get normal operation, no BSODs, no failures to boot and no COMRESET messages16:24
lotuspsychjeZexaron: so it must be a hardware issue16:25
ZexaronSo it can't be a bad SATA cable is what i'm trying to get to IMO, that's my troubleshooting result so far16:25
lotuspsychjeZexaron: unless some of the other Os SSD's has like fault partitionings on them?16:25
lotuspsychjeZexaron: ubuntu booting might see a corrupted entry in fstab and give you warning16:26
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oerheksZexaron, if those ssd's are connected, one cloned, both an UEFI partition, with the same fingerprint..16:26
ZexaronYeah trying to get what other people think, sorry I have a ... i'm not able to explain so good the events of past 2 weeks coherent, i've been to hospital in the middle, doing much better now but I'm not that energetic etc16:26
ZexaronWell, if it was as simple as a SATA cable it would be better, I'm afraid it's not the MOBO uh16:27
ZexaronIt could be one of the SSDs too, indeed16:27
lotuspsychjeZexaron: might be worth checking your fstab and hastebin it here16:28
lotuspsychje!fstab | Zexaron16:28
ubottuZexaron: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions16:28
ZexaronThe partitions seem all fine, I've done CHKDSKs on the third PC, I wasn't using my primary PC for any of the clonezilla backups (I had trouble booting linux on the third PC and the second, one of them had a freeze bug and one of them just doesn't have UEFI bios)16:29
hiyaoerheks, lotuspsychje tomreyn https://screenshots.firefox.com/fCcYHECM5o0JFkTe/api.asm.skype.com16:29
hiyaI get this ^16:29
tomreynhiya: ok, did you have a question?16:30
hiyatomreyn, what should i do?16:30
ZexaronRight now I'm on PC2 on Win7, PC2 is not my PC it's not available that much, and no linux works on here either, I tried ubunut and linux mint, ubuntu is UEFI boot so it won't work here, linux mint from an old HDD ahs a freeze-bug at login screen for this particular HW config16:30
oerheksis that the result of:  lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version; cat /proc/cmdline; ls -l /boot/; dpkg -l linux\*  ???16:31
lotuspsychjehiya: why are you going to remove latest .29 kernel?16:31
tomreynhiya: if you want to keep the currently running kernel, abort. if you really want to remove it as you requested, continue.16:31
ZexaronCurrent TEST on my primary PC (where the issue is): I have 860 EVO (Win10) and OLD Barracuda HDD (Linux Mint) and booted into Win10 and it's been running while I was talking here now for 30+ mins and still no BSOD16:32
tomreynhiya: apparently you don't like answering questions, but ask new ones and run some commands we dont know about, then ask more questions. this is not how we can support you.16:32
hiyaoerheks, it gives lots of text, sorry i am in panic mode i need to use pastebin16:36
lotuspsychjeZexaron: there's really no point keep flooding your story like that, try to focus on the actual ubuntu issue, so we are able to help you16:37
Richard_CavellHi everyone.16:40
Richard_CavellI upgraded to 18.04.  It seems alright.  I'm using the MATE version.  But why don't I have Applications/Places/System across the top?  I used to like them16:40
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: can you ask this in #ubuntu-mate please, not sure how bionic is now on mate..16:41
hiyaoerheks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/P3HzS8MP8R/16:41
hiyatomreyn, lotuspsychje but i think it is a kernel issue and it works fine with .23 kernel16:42
tomreynhiya: i can't help you if you don't provide information.16:42
hiyatomreyn, i gave you output of command16:42
tomreynhiya: that's just the output of one of the commands i listed. it's a start.16:43
lotuspsychjehiya: i would go for what oerheks suggests, try to unbork your upgrade...16:44
Zexaronlotuspsychje, tomreyn: Because you guys were helpful before, sorry not flooding, but I didn't found much help on other  channels, yes I can try windows, but the BSOD is just a consequence looks like it16:44
Zexaronthere is no proper HW help channel on freenode,##hardware talking mostly about purchasing/reviews I think16:45
lotuspsychjeZexaron: like we said, we can only help you on the ubuntu part of it16:45
lotuspsychjeZexaron: if you can hastebin your fstab, we could take a look on it for you?16:45
tomreynZexaron: i'll be happy to try to help with diagnosing what looks like a hardware issue if you'll come up with a complete summary, as discussed before. but not here, this is just ubuntu support, not hardware. we can talk in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##hardware if you like16:46
hiyatomreyn, lotuspsychje would unbork break things?16:46
lotuspsychjehiya: contrairy, we trying to fix your system right?16:46
tomreynhiya: "unbork" is slang for "fix something that is broken"16:47
lotuspsychjeyeah sorry for the term :p16:47
hiyaI try it16:47
hiyaI am trying to unbork it, it is in process on another server with issues16:49
Zexaronlotuspsychje: yes I got an update, I've now switched SSD 840 Pro (Ubuntu) to Port1 and 860 EVO (Win10) to Port2 (sata cables unchanged), and decided to boot to Ubuntu, failure, this never happened before, it's a purple screen: WRONG EVIRONMENT BLOCK ... pleas press enter to continue16:49
lotuspsychjefilipe__: welcome to ubuntu support, how can we help you?16:50
Zexaronlotuspsychje: while I was gone typing here, I just got back now, it has contiued by it self, the verbose boot messaging is seen frozen, some services were loaded ,some failed16:50
filipe__just saying hi. thx lotus16:50
lotuspsychjeZexaron: this is what i would do: do some systematic tests connect only 1 ssd with ubuntu and try to boot16:51
lotuspsychjeZexaron: if it doesnt boot, try a liveusb on the same 1st ssd16:52
ZexaronI've never put 840 Pro on Port and and 860 on Port2, port1 uses this Cooler Master X-Dock, it's a slot to insert SSDs into, it has 3 usual-looking capacitors and electricians said to me that it's used to create 3 volts from the input 5 that comes from molex, this thing is very handy for months now, and that's the thing I'm suspecting the most now16:52
lotuspsychjeZexaron: if your sure, nr1 ssd works, attach ssd2 etc16:52
lotuspsychjeZexaron: we have no clue at all what data is stored and how, on your ssd's... so we cant guess how they communicate neither16:53
ZexaronHowever that theory doesn't pan out, becuse if I use only one SSD, on port1 which is connected to the X-Dock, it still works fine on there16:53
hiyalotuspsychje, tomreyn oerheks that command gives no updates and doesn't unbork16:54
lotuspsychjehiya: pastebin output to us plz16:54
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest88931
ZexaronYes, I'll keep 840 on port1, and disconnect the 860 EVO from port2, and see if ubuntu boots now16:54
anibicHow can I revert back the changes made by pppoeconf and again bring the GNOME network manager uder interface16:58
lotuspsychjehiya: did you boot into .29 now?16:58
Zexaronlotuspsychje: okay, but wait, okay only 840 with ubuntu on port1 now, same "wrong environment block" at the beginning - I got thrown into busybox now says I need to do manual FSCK16:58
oerhekshiya, pastebin the output of that command please16:59
ZexaronBut this is UEFI boot and GPT with Ubunut, theres 3 different boot options for ubuntu on this one SSD, "UEFI: Samsung SSD 840 (Ubunutu) and two that start with [ubuntu] ... im not sure which one the mobo picks by default16:59
anibicI run my ADSL router in bridge mode for some P2P application and have to use pppoeconf as GNOME network manager doesnot have a option to create a DSL connection17:01
BudgiiCan someone help me get ethernet working again? I tried installing some wireless drivers and now ethernet quit working. (wireless drivers failed)17:04
Zexaronmeh, okay i'll go to HW then, need to go to dinner anyway, later17:04
BudgiiIt can see the wireless controllers in terminal, just won't let me connect to them17:04
Budgiior have option to connect to a network I should say17:05
ZexaronI tried to make a summary, but it would take me some time, all the time of today,17:05
tomreynanibic: https://askubuntu.com/questions/966647/how-to-create-a-dsl-connection-in-network-manager-in-ubuntu-17-10?noredirect=1#comment1570644_96664717:05
lotuspsychjeBudgii: details first mate...17:05
Budgiilotuspsychje, help me know what details to provide, haha17:06
lotuspsychjeBudgii: aka: ubuntu version, kernel version,wifi chipset+ driver, eth chipset+driver?17:07
anibic@tomreyn: This does not work for me . I have tried it before pppoeconf17:07
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
BudgiiUbuntu budgie, kernal - i dont know what that is, wifi chipset is broadcom (Archer T9E), ethernet im not sure what I have. Its on my new machine with ASRock x370 pro4 motherboard17:08
anibicI did a lot of thing on a desperation I purged pppoeconf as it got messed up https://askubuntu.com/questions/442992/how-do-remove-pppoeconf-from-boot-process17:09
BudgiiI used a different method, but just found this to get drivers for the new wireless card. But since I don't have ethernet, i'm kinda stuck17:09
tomreynanibic: which ubuntu version are yo on there?17:09
anibicThen I created a new pppoeconf but something happened and it won't work anymore17:10
tomreynanibic: hmm, ok, i would have expected it to be possible to configure pppoe via network manager gnome GUI there. i don't think i can help you set it up if it doesn't work like this.17:11
lotuspsychjeBudgii: you can pull off broadcom drivers from your install media, somewhere under /pool17:11
anibicpppoeconf first worked fine later when I had a trouble with my hardware upgrading my processor and RAM the installation got some errors and from then onards pppoeconf wouldn't connect17:12
Budgiilotuspsychje, so i'm currently on windows. The download drivers is an executable wizard that does it17:12
anibicin 18.04 GNOME does not let you create a DSL through network manager17:13
lotuspsychjeBudgii: you can install ubuntu offline, then from your install media install the broadcom .deb to make wifi work17:13
anibicHow can one revert back to the network manger17:14
BudgiiSo i'm trying to get on chat with TP-Link to ask for raw drivers vs .exe - I don't have an optical drive so the install CD is useless..17:14
Budgii@ lotuspsychje ^17:15
BottomFeederIm confused what tor to install17:16
anibic@tomreyn where to find startup programs in ubuntu 18.04 .17:16
lotuspsychjeBudgii: how did you install ubuntu then?17:16
BottomFeederIn software maanger ther eis browser, this, that, other.  what tor package do i need to install to get it running on everything, not just browser?17:16
tomreynanibic: there are several places and ways to define what gets started during boot. what are oyu looking for?17:16
anibicMy last link says to check it off from start up17:17
BottomFeederiv einstalled tor from terminal, and software manager, but im still not sure its actually working.  only the browser17:18
BudgiiOk, let me start from the beginning, lotuspsychje. I've had my install for 6 months, then built a new machine. Had an old netgear USB adapter, went to install drivers for it and it then took away my ethernet ability. Since then, I have purchased a PCIe wireless card for the desktop, Archer T9E. I'd like to get the archer working, but kind of stuck since the drivers provided for this is just an exe file, so i'm looking for those drivers. Just got a17:19
Budgiiresponse from live support, brb.17:19
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en17:21
tomreynanibic: i just tried to add a pppoe connection profile to network manager on 18.04 using the terminal as discussed at https://askubuntu.com/questions/966647/how-to-create-a-dsl-connection-in-network-manager-in-ubuntu-17-10?noredirect=1#comment1570644_966647  and it worked well.17:21
BottomFeederi tried to install th epackage, but it didn tseem to work well17:23
BottomFeederi guess tor isnt very well suited to ubuntu17:23
anibicActually this is not a frest install it was upgraded from 16.04 -> 17.04 -> 17.10 ->18.0417:23
oerhekswhat else than your browser needs to use that tor tunnel?17:23
BottomFeederany apps i think17:24
tomreynhere's what it looked like for me: http://i.imgur.com/y1QXxDg.png17:24
tomreynanibic: ^17:24
anibic@tomreyn: what did u type in Parent interface17:24
BottomFeederi cant follow that website17:24
BottomFeeder'You need to add the following entry in /etc/apt/sources.list or a new file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/:'17:24
BottomFeederwher the heck is that17:24
BottomFeederjesus no thats so complicated17:25
tomreynanibic: parent interface would be the ethernet interface already present in network manager. in my case (screenshot) this is enp0s317:25
Budgiilotuspsychje, really i'm just looking to get ethernet back, otherwise i'm booting back into windows every time I have a question in the process of installing wireless drivers...17:25
anibicThe problem I faced was that My DSL appeared as yours , but the username and password won't save17:26
lotuspsychjeBudgii: from a live you cant do really much, install ubuntu physically and try to fix your bc wifi17:26
anibicusername and password given by my ISP17:27
tomreynBottomFeeder: the only recommended (by the tor folks) way to install tor is using the tor browser (bundle), which can be downloaded at https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en17:27
Budgiilotuspsychje, i'm not sure what you mean when you keep saying install ubuntu. I have it, it's a dual boot17:27
BudgiiI just 'broke' it accidentally when using some ndiswrapper commands in terminal, trying to get some wireless.17:28
lotuspsychjeBudgii: so you installed ubuntu...and i told you how to install your broadcom wifi drivers from the install media17:28
lotuspsychjeBudgii: why are you messing with ndiswrapper and windows?17:28
Budgiilotuspsychje, i think we are not understanding eachothe here. ndiswrapper was in linux, trying to install some drivers on that OS. I'm currently on windows, since i have no connection on linux17:29
BottomFeederdo i need to unisntal tor first?  i installed in in terminal also, but dont know how to uninstall it without a gui17:29
BudgiiThe install media provided was a disc, and I have no optical drive.17:29
Budgiithe 'drivers' are an .exe file from the company, which .. .exe is not going to work for me. I need the drivers themselves17:29
tomreynBottomFeeder: probably, yes. to uninstall tor: sudo apt purge tor17:29
lotuspsychjeBudgii: you installed ubuntu on your system and your cdrom is gone now?17:29
BudgiiI never had a cd drive to begin with on this machine, lotus.17:30
lotuspsychjeBudgii: so, how did you install ubuntu on it then?17:30
tomreynanibic: you need to set those on the terminal i would think17:30
Budgiia USB?17:30
lotuspsychjeBudgii: so usb stick is your install media..17:30
BottomFeederis that link for the browser only?  i was hoping ot get the bundle17:30
Budgiisure, I understand that. I'm after the drivers.17:30
BottomFeederso i can start tor services somehow17:31
lotuspsychjeBudgii: and i keep telling you, get your broadcom drivers off your install media...your usb stick17:31
Budgiilotuspsychje, I don't 'have them'. All I have is an .exe for windows.17:32
Budgiithe only place i have ever had this Archer T9E, working.17:32
anibic@tomeryn : I have tried the command "sudo service network-manager start" and the network manager has again appeared.:-D17:33
BottomFeederanyone know how to get the tor bundle into ubuntu properly?   not just the browser, but full tor services17:34
lotuspsychjeBudgii: so you installed ubuntu with an usb, and throwed the usb away?17:34
BudgiiI've formatted them, reused for other purposes.17:34
anibic@tomreyn: plz don't don't off line I have will be back after rebooting my machine need your help17:34
BottomFeederso, tor services/bundle cant be installed on ubuntu?17:36
anibictomreyn: I have also again purged the pppoeconf with command "sudo deborphan | sudo xargs apt-get -y remove pppoeconf --purge"17:36
sentimentwhere can I find the buglist for the banshee project?!17:36
sentimentI can't believe I'17:36
lantizia_anyone got any of the ubuntu 12.04 iso's ?  specifically the "business desktop remix" iso that was available for a time - isn't on any repo's... just want it for my collection, i only have the 64-bit versions, want the i386 version17:36
BottomFeederi iwll have to try another os... the main reason i am using linix is for privacy/stability17:36
sentimentI've been searching for like 10 mins and still can't find it17:36
sentimentit seems they are relocating the repo and bugs list constantly17:36
sentimentfrom bugzilla to github to gitlab17:36
tomreynanibic: it's possible that network manager depends on pppoeconf to setup the connection. not sure, though.17:37
lotuspsychje!esm | lantizia_17:37
ubottulantizia_: Canonical offers paid extended security support for 12.04 through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.17:37
lantizia_lotuspsychje, that a pointless thing to do17:37
sentimentwhy do all these open source projects need to change collaboration platforms every year or so ?17:37
lotuspsychjelantizia_: anything else then esm is end of life on 12.0417:37
BottomFeederno tor chat rooms here?17:38
BottomFeedercant find any17:38
lantizia_lotuspsychje, so?  has nothing to do with my question17:38
BottomFeederi ned help with tor on ubuntu17:38
sentimentanyways, anyone knows where can I find the buglist for Banshee ?17:38
=== Ricardus_ is now known as Ricardus
sentimentGithub has none, Gitlab too has none. and it says BugZilla is no more!~17:38
ne14uhey, anyone using inhouse documentation system?17:39
ne14usorry to interrupt17:39
lotuspsychje!support | ne14u17:39
ubottune14u: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com17:39
oerhekslantizia_, it was on sign up license, and 12.04 is long gone https://blog.ubuntu.com/2012/05/10/the-new-business-desktop-remix-is-out-now17:39
oerhekslantizia_, sorry to tell you, get over it17:39
lantizia_oerheks, i don't need a link i already have or information i already have17:39
ne14ui am looking for a solution for inhouse documentation system, i thought maybe someone uses in their company. sorry.17:39
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
lantizia_oerheks, if you don't have the iso - don't respond, simple as17:40
sentimentcan't they just stick to one damn platform instead of jumping every now and then ? github, gitlab, sourceforge, bugzilla ... O_o17:40
lotuspsychjene14u: can you explain how its related to ubuntu?17:40
oerhekslantizia_, i surely respond, as you ask for support, which is not available, thanks.17:40
lotuspsychjelantizia_: this is not a trivia channel, nor poll17:40
oerhekslantizia_, tone down please17:40
ne14unot related lotuspsychje, i m plannin to use it for our sys team. so thought maybe someone used similar solution.17:41
lantizia_same to you17:41
blackflowlantizia_: http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04.5/17:41
sentimentlotuspsychje: mine I suppose isn't related either, but it occured to me this is the safest channel to ask it as there was no Banshee channel17:41
lotuspsychjesentiment: banshee is a supported package on ubuntu, issues are related17:41
sentimentah ok then17:41
sentimentso do you happen to know where is the official repository and bugs list ? :)17:42
lotuspsychje!alis | ne14u can this help?17:42
ubottune14u can this help?: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"17:42
lotuspsychjesentiment: scroll to oerheks link17:42
Budgiilotuspsychje, I found something that helps me get the drivers from the exe. :D https://msfn.org/board/topic/134913-howto-get-your-inf-and-driver-files-from-an-exe/17:42
BudgiiI may have a better shot now.17:42
wyseguytrying to ssh into my server with ssh key and getting operation timed out, ideas?17:43
lotuspsychjeBudgii: broadcom drivers on ubuntu can be installed just fine 'without' ndiswrapper..17:43
lotuspsychjeBudgii: i explained you how..17:44
Budgiilotuspsychje, sorry, I am not the best at this. What I got from your explanation was just put drivers on my USB and viola. not a real guide to my inexperience.17:44
blackflowwyseguy: pastebin the output of the ssh command, but with -v flag added?17:44
lotuspsychjeBudgii: no, not put on...they are already IN your install media(usb)17:45
tomreynwyseguy: fix the remote firewall, nat, routing. this is a tcp connection timeout, you never succeed in establishing the connection.17:45
sentimentoerheks: thanks for the link , I just found it in this messy terminal based irc client I am using now lol17:45
Budgiilotuspsychje, I appreciate your help here, but I have told you i have formatted those USB's and have repurposed.17:45
lotuspsychjeBudgii: browse in your ubuntu stick, and search for /pool and find the broadcom .deb17:45
sentimentJust need to get used to it17:45
BudgiiI can mount a a new copy though and find that way I suppose17:46
lotuspsychjeBudgii: you have windows..burn a new ubuntu iso on usb, reinstall ubuntu, make your drivers work17:46
Budgiilotuspsychje, the goal was to avoid reinstalling. :P17:46
wyseguyblackflow tomreyn https://pastebin.com/4Cn6X2JQ17:46
BudgiiBut thank you again for your help in troubleshooting. I have some direction now, thank you!17:46
lotuspsychjeBudgii: if you have no wifi working, or eth updating will be hard right17:47
sentimentoerheks: If you had mentioned my nick I wouldn't have continued bitching I guess :p17:47
blackflowwyseguy: yeah, what tomreyn said. the remote end is DROP-ing your packets17:47
wyseguyblackflow hm17:47
wyseguyit used to connect before which is odd17:47
lotuspsychjeBudgii: you could try enable cd/dvd source in your software&sources perhaps17:47
blackflowwyseguy: sure you got the correct port?17:47
wyseguyblackflow yes i checked the server and its set to 222217:47
Budgiilotuspsychje, yes hard but can't be that hard.. i'm going to try some things i've found and then if not, last resort will reinstall.17:47
tomreynwyseguy: this is not an ubuntu ssh build17:47
blackflowwyseguy: try 22 just in case?17:47
oerhekssentiment, if you can get the i386, have fun, but i am afraid those are gone?17:48
wyseguytomreyn ? blackflow I did17:48
wyseguyi do have cli and can get in via chrome,its digital ocean server17:48
blackflowwyseguy: that's a mac you're connecting from, and the server is ubuntu?     so, port 22 also times out?17:48
wyseguyblackflow yes same thing17:48
tomreynwyseguy: ubuntu builds link againt openssl, yours against libressl17:48
blackflowwyseguy: well check the firewalls then, iptables via virtual console and I don't know if DO has any host-side FWs17:49
wyseguytomreyn so am i trying to connect incorrectly?17:49
blackflowwyseguy: is the server Ubuntu?17:49
wyseguyblackflow yes17:49
tomreynwyseguy: what is the output of: lsb_release -ds; apt-cache policy ssh17:50
sentimentoerheks: lol I actually have no problem with GUI clients but I am trying to get used to the holy terminal :D17:50
blackflowtomreyn: that's not an Ubuntu client obvs.17:50
Budgiigoing to try the /pool method. Thanks lotuspsychje17:50
tomreynblackflow: right17:50
mindloopHi, I accidentally/erroneously put in a command to install openafs-client, how to I cancel a command. It is now asking me to configure it, but I don't want it.17:51
lotuspsychjeBudgii: good luck17:51
tomreynwyseguy: so maybe i got this wrong: does your client or your server run ubuntu?17:51
wyseguyruns ubuntu17:52
wyseguyclient is mac or windows..17:52
wyseguyboth used to connect17:52
wyseguytomreyn https://imgur.com/a/PpLF1KH17:52
tomreynwyseguy: i see. you can ignore the command output i asked for then17:52
wyseguythat is on the server17:52
wyseguytoo late :p17:52
blackflowwyseguy: well check the firewalls then, iptables via virtual console and I don't know if DO has any host-side FWs17:53
tomreynwell, still good to know what your server runs17:53
wyseguyim looking in /etc/ssh/sshd_config17:53
wyseguyPort 222217:53
tomreynit probably said so somewhere, like in the email they sent you  ;)17:54
blackflowwyseguy: the problem is not sshd, it's firewall. sshd would not drop, it would reject and you'd get different feedback.17:54
wyseguylet me check firewall17:54
blackflowwyseguy: iptables -L -n | grep 222217:54
wyseguyi did this, i dont think anything is in there17:55
blackflowwyseguy: if you got no output, then that's your answer.17:55
wyseguyi believe firewall is handled at digital ocean level17:55
blackflow(and I'm assuming you have iptables rules otherwise, with a DROP policy on INPUT)17:56
blackflowoverzealous assumption on my end.17:56
wyseguytrying to get pipe key to work over CLI, doesn't like it lol17:57
tomreynwyseguy: -i should actually point to the ssh *private* key.17:57
mindloopI am guessing that openafs-client can really bork your system.17:57
wyseguytomreyn ah okay, well i use a program to ssh in and it asks for pub and private key, was just trying to get a -v output17:58
tomreynwyseguy: unifi.myserver.io does not resolve here, i assume that's not the actual server you are trying to connect to, right?17:58
wyseguytomreyn right17:59
blackflowtomreyn: openssh can work with both. if it detects pubkey it'll try same filename sans .pub17:59
wyseguyah i only see 22, not 222217:59
someshi am getting these error and system freze there isn't anything concrete on google to usb 1-1.6: device descriptor read/64, error -11017:59
someshfailed to construct signal17:59
someshdbus: wpa_dbus_get_object_properties: failed to get object properties: (none) none17:59
tomreynblackflow: yes, but i dont know whether their private key is named that way.17:59
tomreynit's not really the issue at hand here, though18:00
blackflowI understoot that the command worked before but now all of a sudden doesn't18:00
blackflow*d   right, there's some firewall or somethign dropping packets, could be even wrong host, now that you mention it18:00
osloxIs there a way to avoid ubiquity to show that last message "18:00
Richard_CavellI have two computers running Ubuntu and I want to compare their speed. Is there a simple way to benchmark an Ubuntu installation?18:00
osloxsaying that it finished and if I want to reboot18:01
lotuspsychjesomesh: have you tryed reformat your usb with gparted?18:01
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: systemd-analyze can check speed18:01
blackflowwyseguy: right, so port 22 should've worked, that iptables ruleset doesn't allow port 222218:01
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: benchmark them individually bonnie++ or phoronix test suite18:02
wyseguyokay so just open 2222 then?18:02
blackflowwyseguy: I suppose if you want that, but my point is, you should be able to connect via port 22.    -p 22   instead of -p 222218:02
tomreynwyseguy: if you want to keep sshd listening no port 2222, this would seem logical18:02
Richard_Cavelllotuspsychje, My new computer is about half as fast as the 11 year old computer it was meant to replace *bangs head*18:02
wyseguyblackflow okay but then i need to change the port also in sshd right?18:03
wyseguyas its set to 222218:03
blackflowwyseguy: oh wait.... sshd is configured to listen on port 2222, right? so yes, you definitely need to open that port. or reconf sshd for 2218:03
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: wich ubuntu versions are you comparing to each other?18:03
wyseguyokay let me open 222218:03
Richard_Cavell18.04 to 16.04 (both MATE) but two different machines18:03
wyseguyso thats gonna be a ip tables command18:03
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: and 18.04 is slower?18:03
wyseguyor nano a file... would rather change 22 to 222218:03
oslox"Installation finished. You can continue testing, or reboot" (is there a way we make ubiquity to just exit, without giving this message ? maybe something like ubiquity --no-last-message)18:04
blackflowwyseguy: I would suggest you modify whatever iptables rules file/program you're using there18:04
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: well there are some running systemd bugs open on 18.04, they promised a fix for...can you wait till 18.04.1 releases?18:04
someshlotuspsychje, there is no usb drive plugged in.18:04
wyseguyokay 1 sec18:04
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: or feel free to add to my systemd bug on it18:04
Richard_Cavelllotuspsychje, Nah it's the machine's fault18:04
tomreynoslox: how does it matter, are you preseeding?18:05
lotuspsychjeRichard_Cavell: so,..if you know whats faulty, why are you asking here?18:05
wyseguyblackflow https://imgur.com/a/EOWeE5D18:06
wyseguyso change 22 to 2222 on line 7 and line 10?18:06
wyseguyone says multiport and the other says only tcp...18:07
osloxtomreyn: no, presseeding seems complicated, what I do is I call ubiquity in a script, then I run a script after ubiquity dies, but ubiquity never dies on its own, it asks if I wanna reboot, and I dont18:07
blackflowwyseguy: I don't know what that f2b-sshd chain does, nothing according to your output.   btw, if you ahve a working network there, you can   cat <thatfile> | nc termbin.com 9999 and post here the URL you get18:08
tomreynwyseguy: f2b probably stands for fail2ban, so you may need to reconfigure fail2ban18:08
blackflowwyseguy: anway yes, the    --dport 22   line needs adjusting to 222218:08
blackflowtomreyn: good catch18:08
wyseguycant copy paste :/ if the link is short then that would be easy :)18:08
ZexaronNot sure if this is connected to the issue from before but Ubuntu is asking me to run manual fsck18:08
somesh i am getting these error and system freze there isn't anything concrete on google to usb 1-1.6: device descriptor read/64, error -11018:08
somesh<somesh> failed to construct signal18:08
somesh<somesh> dbus: wpa_dbus_get_object_properties: failed to get object properties: (none) none18:08
blackflowwyseguy: termbin.com links are short18:09
someshthere is no usb plugged in18:09
wyseguyyes it is running fail2ban also18:09
Zexaronthere's some kind of multiple-block thing, asking me to clone it, delete, there's one directory without checksum18:09
blackflowwyseguy: right so you'll have to adjust teh sshd jail for port 222218:09
blackflow(fail2ban jail)18:09
tomreynoslox: hmm, i'm not sure whether customizing the install process this way is supported. personally, i can't support you there, anyways.18:10
tomreynoslox: you could also do an oem install, if that's more suitable for your use case.18:10
lotuspsychjeZexaron: if you rejoin ubuntu, please re-ask your question all in one line with all details..current users might not know your original issue..18:10
wyseguyblackflow looking over the jail.conf file18:11
osloxtomreyn: ok thanks18:12
Zexaronlotuspsychje: It's a consequence of these tests most likely, but we can treat it separately.18:14
tomreynsomesh: which ubuntu release is this, how did you install it, what is your hardware (exact model number), which kernel are you running? did it ever work / not freeze? if so, what changed (or what did you change) between when it worked and when it stopped working?18:14
tomreynsomesh: some of these questions will be answered if you run this command in a terminal and tell us the http address it returns: dmesg -T | pastebinit18:15
ZexaronThe queestion what what should I do with manual fsck, but I figured out it's really pointless, I don't care about the ubuntu, I just want to figure out this thing, I need to make the ubuntu bootable again, so I'll just answer YES whatever fsck asks me18:15
ZexaronWin10 is more important, 4 months of work on there, but CHKDSK is crap, even tho I know corruption happened, it doesn't find anything wrong even after 4 BSODs18:16
NotSoFastJamesI want to access a drive on my ubuntu1804 server from my ubuntu 14.04 client18:16
someshtomreyn, this is ubuntu 18.04, on dell inspiron 3542 ubuntu version(it had ubuntu 14.04 pre installed). i installed it from usb. recently i changed it's hdd to sdd samsung evo 860 250gb model18:16
NotSoFastJamesto give proper permision?18:17
NotSoFastJames to create user or user group? give permission?18:17
someshinstalled ubuntu 18.04 on ssd from usb.18:17
lotuspsychjeZexaron: we cant support you on the windows part18:17
tomreynsomesh: so this 18.04 you run now is a fresh installation really, right?18:17
lotuspsychjeNotSoFastJames: we have a nice #ubuntu-server channel if you like18:18
someshtomreyn, yes.18:19
NotSoFastJameslotuspsychje yes I'd like that very much18:19
tomreynsomesh: so when did this error first occur, and when did it start freezing?18:19
someshthis particular error i have noticed recently but the error failed to construct signal since beginning18:22
tomreynsomesh: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en/us/debsdt1/product-support/product/inspiron-15-3542-laptop/drivers says that the latest bios version for this system is Version: "A13 ,A13", an "urgent" update. is this the one you are running? this command will tell: sudo dmidecode --type bios18:22
wyseguyblackflow https://imgur.com/a/PCiMdRv18:22
wyseguyblackflow so i need to change all those ssh entries to either ssh, 2222 or just 2222?18:23
tomreynsomesh: here's a direct link https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/drivers/driversdetails?driverId=X5H0Y18:23
ZexaronWeird how nautilus even with sudo can't see LOST+FOUND folders, while Dolphin can't access them, never had such issues on Linux Mint18:24
Zexaronand can't run dolphin with SUDO, dafuq?18:25
blackflowwyseguy: you need to put 2222 there. "ssh" named port is defined in /etc/services, but I wouldn't change that file.18:25
tomreynZexaron: most GUI file browsers can be reconfigured to show hidden files + directories. to make system changes, i would recommend using a terminal.18:26
someshtomreyn, i am running a01. I don't look for bios update unless it's necesity. thanx i will update bios and see if it helps18:28
ZexaronOh thanks18:28
wyrewhy I cannot modify mount point in manual paritioning when installing ubuntu?18:29
wyremount point of efi parition, I mean18:29
wyreit is not necessary to choose /boot mount point?18:30
lotuspsychje!partitioning | wyre start here18:30
ubottuwyre start here: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap18:30
wyrelotuspsychje, I don't find anything about what I'm asking18:31
wyrelotuspsychje, I've just find this18:33
wyrebut I cannot choose any mount point in EFI partition18:34
bugtraqwhat is these samone explains me?18:34
lotuspsychje!support | bugtraq18:35
ubottubugtraq: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com18:35
tomreynwyre: you could change the mount point later, after installation. but chances are that grub-install, update-grub and other tools expect to find it at the default location18:35
bugtraqand who are you?18:36
wyretomreyn, so I don't need to modify this, right?18:36
lotuspsychjebugtraq: a user18:36
tomreynwyre: you do not need to modify the ESP mount point the automtic partitioning has configured.18:37
bugtraqokey thanks but i don't understand nothing18:38
tomreynwyre: i'm not certain this was your question, though. if not: what was your question?18:38
lotuspsychjebugtraq: only ubuntu questions here18:38
wyretomreyn, my question is, when I try to manual partitioning before install ubuntu I need to create root partition with / as mount point, and swap partition18:39
wyrebut I would need something else with ESP?18:39
wyreI mean, for instance, to install Manjaro I need to set the ESP mount point in /boot/efi18:40
wyretomreyn, as you can see in there http://linuxbsdos.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/manjaro-install-12.png18:40
wyrebut I don't need to do the same in Ubuntu?18:40
wyreI don't specify that EFI System Partition (ESP) would be mounted in /boot/efi ?18:41
lotuspsychjeEriC^: one for you ^18:42
wyrein fact, if I try to change efi partition I haven't got so many options18:43
wyrejust "Use as:"18:43
wyreand size18:43
Zexaronlotuspsychje: I fixed some minor EXT4 issues, booted with SSD 840 Pro into Ubuntu normally in port1 and SSD 860 EVO in port2, so far so good, boot was ok, login ok, I've mounted the SSD 860 EVO single NTFS partition okay, and fstab file only contains partition for the ubuntu 840 Pro, nothing else18:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 839 in unison (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #840 unhandled exception with " [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83918:44
ZexaronBut this bug is kinda random, not consistent, it may work now, but may stop later after another boot18:45
lotuspsychjeZexaron: that bug is from 2005 oO18:45
bubblebobblehi ppl :)18:45
Zexaronlotuspsychje: Now that I'm in ubuntu, and have both SSDs running and accessible, what kind of tools can I use to do more troubleshooting ?18:45
lotuspsychjeZexaron: dmesg, syslog and fstab18:46
ZexaronWell I'm not sure why would it work for months and now this shows up all of a sudden18:46
Zexaronlshw too ?18:46
lotuspsychjeZexaron: lshw is to list hardware18:47
lotuspsychjeZexaron: what are you gonna test exactly?18:47
tomreynwyre: if you boot with uefi, you need an ESP, yes. if you create partitions before you start the ubuntu installation, then there are no mount points at this time, you can only create partitons. those can be assigned mount points during the manual partitoning step during ubuntu installation.18:47
ZexaronI've seen you guys mentioned a 840 Pro crtitical firmware bug, how is it called or where can I read more about it?18:47
lotuspsychjeZexaron: not a pro, 840 evo has a performance bug18:48
lotuspsychjeZexaron: check this on samsungs website18:48
Zexaronlotuspsychje: No idea what I can do inside yet, maybe gather data for starters, most of the testing was just doing various combinations of sata devices and ports, physical tests, running and seeing if it runs without BSOD or Kernel Panic for Linux18:48
tomreynwyre: we only support installing ubuntu here, not manjaro, but during ubuntu installation the ESP partition should be assigned the /boot/efi mount point, that's right18:48
ZexaronWell, I have 840 Pro, but 850 and 860 are EVO18:49
lotuspsychjeZexaron: check the samsungs firmwares aswell, for your models18:49
Zexaron840 is much much older, like 2012-2013 ... not sure about 850 and 86018:49
Zexaron but I bought those two this year18:49
Zexaronlotuspsychje:I said I did check all of that months before and through the years, and I did it for all SSDs just a week ago, at the same time when I did all the image backups and unlocked the HDDs from read only, Samsung Magician has to connect to the web now otherwise it says "not supported" and all FWs are up to date18:51
lotuspsychjeZexaron: to track down an issue, i reccomend focus on the actual thing that happens, not 10 other things that come across your mind..18:51
yates`i just installed 18.04lts and there "ifconfig" command seems to be missing.18:51
yates`how do i install ifconfig?18:51
=== homer is now known as Guest80899
Zexaronlotuspsychje: Yeah but man, those aren't other things, those are consequences, I had to deal with those too, and making backups is obviously a required step before doing any more testing, that's basics of troubleshooting, lockdown and backup first, I waited til the 4th BSOD unfortunately to realize something's way off18:53
ZexaronThe ubuntu 840 Pro was connected at the time along with the 4 data HDDs, and as sooon as I connect the 840 Pro with ubuntu I got weird issues on 860 EVO with Win10, so yeah it doesn't confirm Ubuntu fault but it doesn't happen with Linux Mint on another HDD18:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 839 in unison (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #840 unhandled exception with " [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83918:54
tomreynyates`: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes#New_since_16.04_LTS18:54
tomreynZexaron: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools/#download_tab_0101_anchorpar3-st_semi_down_list_ex18:56
lotuspsychjeZexaron: im gonna repeat myself..again..we dont have a clue how/what your data is stored on the ssd's, we never seen your fstab...so how can we help?18:56
ZexaronBut yeah I found 840 Pro to be quite slower when booting, compared to much older Crucial MX100 and the newer 850/860 so the performance thing is something I've noticed indeed, I found the articles and they say it extends beyond the EVO line18:57
ntdwhen will ffmpeg packages be updated?18:57
Zexaronlotuspsychje: It's 9 o clock at evening and I have to run around with USB sticks to fetch and upload the data, I can only be so fast18:57
lotuspsychjentd: wich version are you after?18:57
ZexaronAnd again, fstab doesn't seem to show anything special but heck I don't know18:58
lotuspsychjeZexaron: we cant see that from here :p18:58
Budgiigot my ethernet working on ubuntu, thank goodness!18:58
ntdCVE-2018-6392, CVE-2018-6621, CVE-2018-7557, CVE-2018-10001, CVE-2018-12458, CVE-2018-13300, CVE-2018-13302.18:58
lotuspsychjeZexaron: you say sometimes only, your boot will fault an ssd18:58
Budgiilotuspsychje, :D18:59
lotuspsychjeBudgii: how did you fix?18:59
Budgiilotuspsychje, /pool method. some food helped me wake up18:59
lotuspsychje!yay | Budgii18:59
ubottuBudgii: Glad you made it! :-)18:59
ntdi've recently been given the middle finger by complaining that you're not gonna update xenial vlc (which most of your desktop users will be using, yet "universe" for some reason)18:59
Budgiilotuspsychje, time for getting those drivers for the wireless adapter now :D18:59
Budgiithank ubottu!18:59
ntdnow there is a slew of vulns in ffmpeg, and, true to form, a week after debian patched these i have to come here and ask19:01
lotuspsychjentd: start from the start...wich version ffmpeg are you talking about on wich ubuntu version?19:01
ntdaffects every version of ffmpeg19:01
ntdtrusty, xenial, bionic, you name it19:01
lotuspsychjentd: so you say you found a new security flaw?19:02
ntdCVE-2018-6392, CVE-2018-6621, CVE-2018-7557, CVE-2018-10001, CVE-2018-12458, CVE-2018-13300, CVE-2018-13302.19:02
lotuspsychjentd: whats the problem exactly then?19:02
ntdknow know what a CVE is, right?19:02
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
lotuspsychjentd: update your system at all times to be safe...19:03
ntdok, i just can't19:03
ntdlotuspsychje, those are vulns in ffmpeg19:04
ntdall the other distros released updated packs a week ago19:04
ntdubuntu on the other hand? who the frak knows19:04
ntdcaught up in committee or something19:04
yates`ok thanks19:04
lotuspsychjentd: if you find a new security flaw, report to #ubuntu-hardened19:05
ntdi recently had to point out that ubuntu had been accumulating 16 months of public imagemagick vulns before they finally updated it19:05
ntdlotuspsychje, are you a bot?19:05
AnthaasDoes anyone else use KeePassXC with a database file that is synced to Google Drive?19:05
AnthaasIf so - does anyone know why my file only ever opens in read-only mode?19:06
BudgiiIt's a miracle!19:07
tomreynntd: did you look those CVEs up on ubuntu's security tacker?19:07
BudgiiLast post on this thread: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1029402/how-to-install-driver-for-tp-link-archer-t9e-v1-in-ubuntu-16-04-lts19:07
BudgiiI have wifi!!19:07
Budgiigoing to disconnect momentarily..19:07
Zexaronlotuspsychje: I don't know for sure how it works because I've never booted throught the time with 840Pro alone, I've always booted with all the other disks connected including the 860 EVO with Win1019:07
ZexaronSo I don't have any pre BSOD control-cases19:07
Zexaronto compare with19:08
=== lantizia_ is now known as Lantizia
ntdtomreyn, no, ofc i read sports illustrated instead19:08
ntdexample: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2018/CVE-2018-10001.html19:08
ntdxenial, bionic? vulnerable...19:08
ZexaronI just have 2 OSes and kept switching between, but I have other too, I kept switching sata devices to switch OS in the past,  put Win10 SSD out, put Win7 SSD in, it worked fine for years19:08
Zexaronsyslog doesn't seem to be a valid command19:09
tomreynntd: it says DNE, meaning does not exist, meaning the (patched) verisons of the software in these ubuntu releases (if any) was considered to be not affected by this vulnerability.19:10
ntdtomreyn, no, it says libav isn't affected19:10
tomreynntd: if you would like to challenge this, i think you should contact the security team about it, not bring it up on this ubuntu support channel.19:10
ntdif you muster all your wits and manage to look two inches further down on said page...?19:11
Zexaronlotuspsychje: should I install inetutils or busybox SYSLOGD ?19:11
tomreynntd: right, ffmpeg on 18.04 needs triage. still not a topic for #ubuntu19:11
ntdand 16.0419:11
ntdand: WTF19:12
pauljwman, do i love ignore!!19:12
=== Budgii_ is now known as Budgii
Zexaronlotuspsychje: im getting sleepy so im just going to paste the data and see and finish for today19:12
ioriantd, ffmpeg is Community-maintained19:13
ioriantd, Canonical does not provide update, some updates may be provided by the Ubuntu community19:14
ntdlibav*/misc=dependencies for tons of other packages19:14
ntdwhich are not "universe"19:15
plex_daveSo I have a home server with /home on a separate drive. It won't boot into the gui but I can see my shares. Instead of wasting time diagnosing it, I think I'm gonna nuke and pave.19:15
plex_daveIs there a tutorial somewhere on installing while keeping my home partition?19:15
lotuspsychje!home | plex_dave can this help?19:15
ubottuplex_dave can this help?: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving19:15
ntdioria, that's like making openssl "universe". go figure19:16
plex_daveIt's already on a whole separate "drive" (a raid)19:16
ioriantd, you know you can install from http://ffmpeg.org/releases/19:16
lotuspsychjeand snap19:16
plex_daveI just want to make sure I'm installing correctly so as to continue using the same home partition.19:17
ntdcan i please talk to a grown-up?19:17
ntda man, perhaps?19:17
lotuspsychjentd: stop wining here please19:17
Zexaronlotuspsychje: nothing happens with syslog or syslogd even tho I've installed the things it asked me19:18
lotuspsychjentd: you already have been told what you can do19:18
lotuspsychjentd: now stop using this channel for a discussion please19:18
ntdright. next time you'll be recommending that i just compile the kernel myself instead of asking for package updates. i'll shut up now19:18
Zexaronsyslog does nothing, syslogd isn't found19:18
tomreynthank you.19:19
lotuspsychjeZexaron: /var/log/syslog19:19
lotuspsychje!dmesg | Zexaron or19:19
ubottuZexaron or: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.19:19
Zexarondmesg is same as syslog file?19:19
lotuspsychjeZexaron: dmesg is more for the errors happening19:20
ntdwell, this explains a lot...19:20
ioriantd,  kernel is  another story ; and you should know that too19:21
Zexaronlotuspsychje: Okay I got, even some older log files, but I didn't found the COMRESET messages from boot in the firtst file19:24
Zexaronwould the verbose boot messages be in these logs too ?19:25
ZexaronBut I'm quite sleepy now, need to call it a day, i'm out of time this PC is also shared19:25
lotuspsychjeZexaron: anything happening in your system, should be in your logs19:25
tomreynthat's if the log was writable at the time and the system logging daemon was alreaedy running19:26
tomreyn(both of which is not the case during early boot)19:27
ZexaronHmm, well the first screen of letter goes through, and then the screne blinks, the ATA3 COMRESET failed messages were on the smaller letters, where you see the services being loaded19:28
ZexaronI do have photos with phone, so, it's fine, I won't bother much you guys if this isn't ubuntu fault ofcourse, but I'll show you the diag info and pictures tomorrow or next time, if you guys are still around at the time19:29
Zexaronlater, bye19:30
wyseguytomreyn hey, i set 2222 within fail2ban and same thing...19:36
wyseguytomreyn https://imgur.com/a/pPx8Sf919:37
wyseguytimedout error19:37
wyseguymaybe i just set port 22 instead of 222219:38
tomreynwyseguy: did you restart fail2ban (assuming it it a service)?19:42
tomreynwyseguy: i haven't used it in years, so i'm not surehow it is managed nowadays. also, can you show iptables -L (or whatever you ran earlier) again=19:43
wyseguytomreyn no, but i did notice at the top of the file it said not to change anything in the file as an update will just wipe changes19:43
wyseguyim just switching back to port 22 for everything...19:43
sysRPLhow can i setup xtightvncviewer to allow me to connect to my mac computer? it seems to never prompt for my mac user name. where can i provide the user name for my client to connect?19:44
wyseguytomreyn https://imgur.com/a/Vj48xIt19:44
wyseguywell now i have a new error :) which is good19:44
wyseguy"connection refused"19:44
tomreynwyseguy: personally i'd just run ssh on a non standard port, allowing only key based authentication, and remove fail2ban (unless you need it for other services)19:45
sysRPLalso, if i use remmina, the performance over wired LAN ins so incredibly laggy that it is unuseable19:45
tomreynwyseguy: so port 2222 is not listed at all in the iptables output now. that's fine if you'll go back to port 22, not so if you'Re still trying to get port 2222 working19:46
wyseguywell i know that unifi servers have been having a lot of interest these days and it was heavly suggested to use it19:46
wyseguytomreyn right just gonna try port 22 for ow19:46
BudgiiI downloaded the VNC .deb from this link, installed it in the software center. How do I launch it now? https://www.realvnc.com/en/connect/download/vnc/linux/19:46
wyseguyso somewhere 22 is being blocked19:46
wyseguyip tables shows that its open...19:47
oerheksBudgii, unsupported, it may not even have a starter19:47
BudgiiOhh ok19:47
wyseguyso im guessing the issue is under fail2ban?19:47
Budgiiwell i'm trying to use Remmina Remote Desktop, and not sure what to put for 'server'19:47
BudgiiI have my device' IP and think i need something else thats like 192. . . something19:48
BudgiiSo I thought i'd try VNC but ya.19:48
lotuspsychje!vnc | Budgii19:48
ubottuBudgii: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX19:48
oerheksserver ~ machine that runs the vnc service, you want to connect to19:48
lotuspsychjeBudgii: be carefull with vnc remote, its a security risk19:49
oerheksvnc over ssh would be wise19:49
tomreynwyseguy: "connection refused" means that something actaully returned a NACK message to your client, to inform it that the connection wont be possible. this would happen if no firewall (which would usually just drop the unwanted traffic, giving you the result you had previously) got in the way, but the end point (sshd) is not reachable.19:49
BudgiiHmm. I was just wanting to use it for my rpi19:49
lotuspsychjeBudgii: if you dont know what your doing, youl get hammered 24/719:49
wyseguytomreyn it looks like i dont have a jail.local file and only a jail.conf... maybe i need to copy the jail.conf and make a jail.local file19:49
Budgiilotuspsychje, how hammered?19:49
tomreynwyseguy:in other words, you may have forgotten to restart the ssh server to make it use port 2219:49
Budgiilotuspsychje, i've done SSH, but i want the head mode.19:50
lotuspsychjeBudgii: scanned and connect trys to your computer19:50
wyseguytomreyn ah so ill try restarting the ssh server?19:50
tomreynwyseguy: i dont know how fail2ban works. i know jails only from bsd, not linux.19:50
wyseguytomreyn found this.. https://vexxhost.com/resources/tutorials/how-to-protect-ssh-with-fail2ban-on-ubuntu-12/19:50
lotuspsychjeBudgii: lookup on ssh X then, perhaps in #openssh ?19:51
tomreynwyseguy: if you haven't restarted the ssh server after cahnging the configuration file, this is your issue. even if you have, restarting it should not hurt.19:51
Budgiithanks lotuspsychje19:51
wyseguytomreyn sudo systemctl restart ssh19:51
tomreynwyseguy: right19:51
wyseguywell hot dam19:52
wyseguyim in19:52
wyseguywoop woop19:52
* wyseguy offers tom a tux drink coaster19:52
tomreynfinally a proper present!19:53
wyseguyi can 2 tone it black and white on my printer :)19:53
oliver_swiftHow does everyone feel about Kden live?19:53
lotuspsychje!discuss | oliver_swift19:53
ubottuoliver_swift: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!19:53
wyseguypm me your PObox if you have one and send it out today :)19:54
tomreynwyseguy: that's kind of you. but no, thanks ;)19:54
wyseguyokay, np. thanks though!19:54
wyseguyim thinking it may be smart to still change the port to 2222...19:54
wyseguythat would just be in iptables?19:55
wyseguyand then try restarting ssh?19:55
wyseguyoh wait, i would need to change it in sshd_config too19:56
tomreynit would be in iptables, in /etc/ssh/sshd_confg, and in whatever configuration files of fail2ban that may need changing to make it update the iptables rules it sets.19:56
qwebirc23508how can this be possible, a lot of people and me lost wifi connection after last ubuntu update19:58
qwebirc23508now days this never happens19:58
wyseguytomreyn i feel that because there is no fail2ban  local folder that it may not need to be added there19:58
wyseguyseems that is just default19:58
wyseguylet's see19:58
qwebirc23508when can we have a real update to fix wifi problem on pcs19:59
tomreynwyseguy: https://serverfault.com/questions/382858/in-fail2ban-how-to-change-the-ssh-port-number20:00
tomreynsee the first answer20:00
qwebirc23508how to fix for now wifi20:00
tomreynqwebirc23508: this is so generic, it's difficult to help you, you'll need to provide details, such as which ubuntu version you use, and especially which wireless hardware you use20:01
qwebirc23508how can i see hardware via ubuntu?20:02
wyseguyqwebirc23508 sudo lshw20:02
tomreynqwebirc23508: this will post it online, returning a http address you can pass to us: nc termbin.com 9999 <( lsusb 2>&1; lspci -nn 2>&1 ; )20:03
rosco_ycan anyone give me a few pointers about setting up WordPress and running it on my desktop?20:03
qwebirc23508ubuntu 16.04 LTS20:03
rosco_ydo I need to install LAMP?20:03
tomreynqwebirc23508: actually use this instead: pastebinit <( lsusb 2>&1; lspci -nn 2>&1 ; )20:04
qwebirc23508i install it about 5 minutes ago20:04
hidefHi anybody may know how I start the network manager gui if its not there ?20:04
qwebirc23508how can i list hardware via ubuntu?20:05
rosco_yqwebirc23508: lspci20:06
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:07
tomreynrosco_y: you can do this, which will install a mysql database server and the apache httpd web server, and setup wordpress (but one which cannot be updated using wordpress' online update, i assume): sudo apt install mysql-server wordpress20:08
Budgiianyone have a guide on how to encrypt usb drive?20:08
JamesB192I have a PCI1814:0781 RT2790 wifi cardlet that is not working w/ Bioninc kernel 4.15.0-32-generic . any thoughts on how I can get it working again?20:09
tomreynBudgii: https://askubuntu.com/questions/500981/how-to-encrypt-external-devices20:10
Budgiitomreyn, thanks!20:10
tomreynBudgii: actually, this is the original https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemsOnRemovableStorage20:10
Budgiitomreyn, is there a way just to make a password protected file? I'm wanting to have passwords stored on a USB.20:11
qwebirc23508-network                 descrição: Ethernet interface                 produto: 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller                 fabricante: Marvell Technology Group Ltd.                 ID físico: 0                 informações do barramento: pci@0000:09:00.0                 nome lógico: enp9s0                 versão: 12                 serial: 00:21:9b:ce:94:c9                 tamanho: 100Mbit/s                 capac20:11
blackflowBudgii: use keepassxc or some other password manager for that.20:12
Budgiii'd prefer it stored externally20:12
blackflowBudgii: well yes, you select where the database file is.20:12
Budgiioh! ok20:12
Budgiii'll check that out instead. I was thinking about how if i forget the password to the drive... passwords are one thing, but files..20:13
qwebirc23508how can be fix the wifi any idea?20:13
qwebirc23508or when can we have a update to fix it20:14
JamesB192qwebirc23508: I don't read spanish, but I thnk that was a 802.3 (wired) chip try finding the 802.11 (wireless lan) one20:16
Budgiiqwebirc23508, what flavor are you on?20:16
tomreynJamesB192: about your question: not working in which way? what do dmesg, syslog say about it? is it listed in network-manager?20:18
qwebirc23508 descrição: PCI bridge              produto: 82801H (ICH8 Family) PCI Express Port 5              fabricante: Intel Corporation              ID físico: 1c.4              informações do barramento: pci@0000:00:1c.4              versão: 02              largura: 32 bits              clock: 33MHz              capacidades: pci pciexpress msi pm normal_decode bus_master cap_list              configuração: driver=pcieport        20:19
tomreynJamesB192: also, whats the output of: lsmod | grep 'rt[0-9]'20:19
qwebirc23508-network DISPONÍVEL                 descrição: Network controller                 produto: BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY                 fabricante: Broadcom Corporation                 ID físico: 0                 informações do barramento: pci@0000:0b:00.0                 versão: 01                 largura: 64 bits                 clock: 33MHz                 capacidades: pm msi pciexpress bus_master cap_list                 c20:22
JamesB192it shows up in 'ip addr'  and lsmod returns 9 lines of results.20:22
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
tomreynJamesB192: so which driver is in use?20:24
Budgiiblackflow, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Hhzp478td5/20:24
qwebirc23508-pci:0              descrição: PCI bridge              produto: 82801H (ICH8 Family) PCI Express Port 1              fabricante: Intel Corporation              ID físico: 1c              informações do barramento: pci@0000:00:1c.0              versão: 02              largura: 32 bits              clock: 33MHz              capacidades: pci pciexpress msi pm normal_decode bus_master cap_list              configuração: driver20:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:26
qwebirc23508is this the one ?20:26
tomreynqwebirc23508: BCM4312 is a wireless chipset.20:26
tomreynqwebirc23508: so the last but one thing you pasted here is probably the one you are trying to make work.20:27
JamesB192rt2800pci, rt2800mmio, rt2800lib, rt2x00pci rt2x00mmio, rt2x00lib ... rt2x00 seem to be the one in use.20:27
qwebirc23508i see20:27
tomreynJamesB192: so what about it does "not work"?20:28
qwebirc23508tks for the info, is it possible to make it work20:28
blackflow!info keepassxc | Budgii20:29
ubottuBudgii: keepassxc (source: keepassxc): Cross Platform Password Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.1+dfsg.1-1 (bionic), package size 1566 kB, installed size 9096 kB20:29
JamesB192it's not showing or connecting to wireless networks20:30
qwebirc23508there is no roolback to wifi?20:31
Budgiiblackflow, im not sure what you are telling me ;p20:31
blackflowBudgii: oh I'm sorry, it's called keepassx before bionic. I guess you're not running bionic.20:31
tomreynJamesB192: does "rkfill list" suggest it is blocked?20:31
BudgiiOhh ok20:31
Budgiithanks haha20:31
blackflowBudgii: keepassxc is actually a fork of keepassx which stopped development20:32
JamesB1920: phy0: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: yes20:32
tomreynJamesB192: sudo rfkill unblock 020:33
tomreynqwebirc23508: can you show: lspci -nn | grep BCM431220:35
JamesB192now neither soft nor hard blocked.20:36
Budgiiblackflow, i've got a new .keyfile made with a password. Is "Add new registry" what I want to do next?20:37
tomreynJamesB192: and are you able to configure it now in network-manager or whatever you normally use?20:38
JamesB192yes, thank you.20:38
qwebirc23508how can i show pls20:39
blackflowBudgii: dunno about "registry", but you create a new Database, define where the file for it is (you said USB) and then you add new entries to that database.20:39
tomreynJamesB192: now it remains unknown what made it soft blocked in the first place. this can be a keyboard combo (Fn key or similar)20:39
tomreyn!pastebinit | qwebirc2350820:39
ubottuqwebirc23508: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit20:39
tomreynJamesB192: meaning this may happen again after reboot.20:40
Budgiiblackflow, strangely I can't see my USB when I try and create a key file. even though I can se it in file explorere20:40
JamesB192it might, but I have more of a clue to guide me if/when it happens again.20:42
RumenHello everyone20:43
RumenGuys any idea how to fix that?20:43
qwebirc23508ok i installed pastefinit20:43
qwebirc23508and now20:43
tomreynlspci -nn | grep -i BCM4312 | pastebinit20:44
tomreyn^ qwebirc2350820:44
RtMFoh my the venerable 4312...and its step-brother the 4321...or is the 4321 the easy-to-get-working one? I can never remember20:45
tomreynqwebirc23508: this should return a http address you can then post here20:46
JamesB192Rumen: not really but my first inclination is to suspect an error in a config file. I really need to stop listening to those.20:47
tomreynRumen: rgrep off /etc/modprobe.d/20:47
RumenThis happened after installation of Nvidia driver, the card (almost) work20:48
tomreynRumen: i also suspect a misconfiguration, or rather a syntax error in the kernel module blacklist, which is why i suggest you run the above command and show its output20:49
Rumentomreyn Here you are   https://pastebin.com/ZdSgCvcB20:49
qwebirc23508no adrres on terminal why?20:50
tomreynqwebirc23508: does the computer you ran it on have internet access at this time?20:51
tomreynRumen: hmm this loos fine, maybe if we look at the other files, too ...20:52
qwebirc23508its this computer20:52
qwebirc23508but now i use cable to have intgernet20:53
=== purple-pod is now known as purplepod
qwebirc23508what do i type on terminal to20:53
=== Richard is now known as Guest84992
Rumentomreyn the driver I installed is nvidia-390 from "Update software" https://ibb.co/dJXv4J20:54
Rumentomreyn  which other files?20:54
tomreynramses: for file in /etc/modules /etc/modules-load.d/* /etc/modprobe.d/*; do echo "[FILE: $file]"; cat $file; echo; echo; done | pastebinit20:54
tomreynqwebirc23508: you run this:  lspci -nn | grep -i BCM4312 | pastebinit20:55
tomreynqwebirc23508: but maybe pastebinit is not installed on your computer?20:56
tomreynqwebirc23508: but then you said you installed it, hmm...20:56
qwebirc23508i did20:56
tomreynqwebirc23508: you can try this alternatively: lspci -nn | grep -i BCM4312 | nc termbin.com 999920:57
tomreynqwebirc23508: wlaos what is the output of : lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version; cat /proc/cmdline20:58
tomreynqwebirc23508: you can also manually copy and paste the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com and then just put the resulting http address here20:59
qwebirc23508sorry im lost21:00
qwebirc23508after install pastebinit what to do and do i do in terminal?21:00
tomreynqwebirc23508: type this and press enter: echo helloitsme | pastebinit21:01
tomreynqwebirc23508: does this return a http addres then?21:01
tomreynif not, does it return an error message or something else?21:01
qwebirc23508go it tks21:05
tomreynqwebirc23508: so, since this example worked, the actual command i asked you to run earlier should also work. here's a simpler variation of this command: lspci -nn | pastebinit21:08
ubuntu__Hey how can I manually make lvm+encryption preparation for manual installation?21:08
ubuntu__I don't want to use lvm on a single disk21:08
ubuntu__I want to use it on both21:08
ubuntu__I got lvm setup what now ?21:09
ubuntu__Should I put dm-crypt ontop of lvm or below lvm ?21:10
tomreynqwebirc23508: okay,so the last line of this lists your wireless chipset: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 01)21:14
qwebirc23508i see21:15
tomreynqwebirc23508: the "14e4:4315" (and 'rev 01') is important, it should identify your specific hardware and help you identify the correct driver for it.21:15
qwebirc23508how to do that pls21:16
oerheksfirmware-b43-lpphy-installer sounds plausible21:16
oerheks!info firmware-b43-lpphy-installer21:16
ubottuPackage firmware-b43-lpphy-installer does not exist in bionic21:16
qwebirc23508i wait21:16
wyseguytomreyn know much about phpmyadmin?21:17
tomreynoerheks: qwebirc23508 is on 16.04, there is firmware-b43-installer there21:17
tomreynoerheks: if you can guide there, i can try to help ubuntu__ with encrypting stuff21:17
oerhekscorrect, that superseeds the lp-phy version21:17
tomreynwyseguy: not as much as #phpmyadmin (if this exists)21:18
wyseguymysql does21:18
wyseguyand php does :)21:18
qwebirc23508thats the issue i see21:18
qwebirc23508any way to solv it21:19
oerhekssudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer # and reboot21:19
qwebirc23508or do i have to uninstall any programs21:19
tomreynubuntu__: so, which layer should be lower, lvm or the disk crypto layer - that's a matter of preference. how many crypto passphrases do you want to enter during boot, and how many distinct crypto cotainers do you need?21:20
ubuntu__I feel allright with having just one21:20
swebwhat's the problem with my netwrok at dns: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6FpG9mBysx/ ubuntu server 18.0421:22
tomreynubuntu__: okay, then you probably want to have raw storages, a gpt partition table on each, enough partitions on each, then the block crypto layer, then lvm PV on top.21:22
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tomreynubuntu__: and maybe raid intere as well if you need it21:22
swebdnsmasq enabled also DNSStubListener=no for /etc/systemd/resolved.conf21:22
tomreynubuntu__: raid would go between "partitions" and "block crypto layer". that's unless you want to use the full, raw, unpartitioned storages for raid.21:25
tomreynubuntu__: but you'll need to have ESP / biosgrub and /boot partitions outside of the complex layers somewhere.21:26
tomreynqwebirc23508: did it work?21:27
qwebirc23508how can i make do this qwebirc23508: okay,so the last line of this lists your wireless chipset: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 01)21:30
qwebirc23508and do this qwebirc23508: the "14e4:4315" (and 'rev 01') is important, it should identify your specific hardware and help you identify the correct driver for it.21:31
SimonNLwas helping a user with it on #linuxmint minutes ago21:32
qwebirc37905im lost agains21:36
qwebirc37905qwebirc23508: the "14e4:4315" (and 'rev 01') is important, it should identify your specific hardware and help you identify the correct driver for it.21:36
qwebirc37905what this means21:37
SimonNL<oerheks> sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer # and reboot      qwebirc37905 you did not see this message21:37
qwebirc37905i lost cannection im back21:37
qwebirc37905ok im going to re-bbot21:38
qwebirc37905tks will be back21:39
erialdohello I killed the process pulseaudio because i thought it was an external program21:40
oerhekspulseaudio would respawn, so it runs again21:41
erialdonow I know it isn't because I have no sound in firefox and on chrome only loudspeaker sound no earbuds sound21:41
erialdoany suggestions how do i fix it21:41
erialdoohh and one last thing i deleted sudo rm /usr/bin/pulseaudio21:44
erialdostupid me21:44
erialdoi fixed it by reinstalling pulseaudio21:46
erialdothanks anyway21:46
Rumentomreyn I didn't understand which file we have to check?21:53
qwebirc1009im back again21:59
qwebirc1009wifi still dont work21:59
qwebirc1009my last NIK <qwebirc37905>22:00
tomreynRumen: anything which starts /etc/mod* basically, including in subdirectories22:00
qwebirc1009and before was qwebirc2350822:00
tomreynqwebirc1009: you can get a better nick by typing /nick betternick22:01
qwebirc1009nick LFC22:01
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=== LFC is now known as betternick
=== betternick is now known as LFC
LFCany ideia why i still dont have wifi wireless22:03
tomreynLFC: first of all, you have a rather badly supported piece of hardware unfortunately.22:05
LFCi see22:05
LFCso better wait for a new ubuntu update?22:06
tomreynLFC: you could buy something newer and faster, and, if well planned, it would be better supported, too.22:06
tomreynLFC: no, you'd need to write a letter to broadcom asking them to please start supporting this device properly on linux22:07
LFCi install ubunbu because it runs ok on this pc and its good for my needs22:07
LFCi see22:08
LFCso many issues makes me said how thinks stop working22:08
LFCtks any way22:09
LFCgot a go for now22:10
LFChope to solve this issue22:10
tomreynLFC: we can try again another time22:10
tomreynbut you may be better off getting some other hardware22:10
tomreynand maybe spend some time on learning your way aroudn the terminal, too22:11
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:11
LFCi use this pc to record radio program ahd it helps22:11
LFCsee you tomorow22:11
tomreynsee you22:11
boblamontHow do I safelyt empty the trash as root in Lubuntu? there's no trash can when I use PCManFM as root (and trash:/// doesn't work either)22:17
RumenNvidia graphic drivers - blacklist nouveau  blacklist lbm-nouveau alias nouveau off alias lbm-nouveau off22:25
RumenBlacklist frame buffer https://pastebin.com/K505anMK22:27
RumenDKMS.conf is empty22:27
Rumennvidia-340.conf   blacklist nouveau    blacklist lbm-nouveau alias nouveau off   alias lbm-nouveau off22:30
CarlFKubunut minimal? (no desktop) install - some how it's dns stuff is broken.  it has "DNS Servers:" but doesn't seem to use it.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cc7rdgpzgy/22:41
neoromantiqueHola, I want to reinstall ubuntu, I have /home on / partition, would deleting everything {except} /home and then installing ubuntu without formatting / work?22:50
gogetaneoromantique: you can formart /22:51
gogetaneoromantique: just dont format /home22:51
neoromantiquegogeta: they're same partition22:51
gogetaneoromantique: then no22:51
neoromantiqueDoes ubuntu installer force formatting /?22:52
gogetaneoromantique: you can try not doing it but it probly will just be a bad install22:52
jayjo_i get the error "Errors were encountered while processing: mysql-common libmysqlclient20:amd64" - I've tried cleaning and updating etc, still no sucess22:52
jayjo_any ideas what could be causing this?22:52
neoromantiquegogeta: Why would it be bad install?22:53
neoromantiqueI will delete all folders in root except for /home22:53
neoromantiqueI don't mind some user facing configs being mismatched between installs22:53
gogetaneoromantique: give it a shot22:54
x764y2jayjo: try sudo apt -f install and see if it helps22:54
neoromantiquewell, here it goes22:55
neoromantiquegogeta: reboot time, I backed up my /home just in case22:55
x764y2jayjo: can be something related to the dependencies22:55
tomreynneoromantique: you can do this, just don't use this partition during the next installation. or move everything around on this partition first so that whats not in /home/ there ends up on / on this partition and then use this partition as /home for the new install22:55
neoromantiquetomreyn: it's the only partition I have on SSD22:56
neoromantiquemoving things around would be very slow so I'd prefer to avoid that22:56
tomreynneoromantique: how would it be slow on an ssd?22:56
neoromantiquetomreyn: because I backed it up on HDD22:57
tomreynokay, i guess i can't follow. good luck ;)22:57
neoromantiqueBasically: I have /dev/sda1 that is root(which includes /home); What I want to do is remove everything BUT /home from that partition by basically rm-rf'ing it.22:58
neoromantiquewhat I expect to happen is I install ubuntu on that partition without formatting it, system will be fresh but /home will be mostly old(or completely untouched if I choose different username)22:59
neoromantiqueam I missing something?22:59
tomreyni don't think this will work, installing without formatting it.22:59
jayjo_x764y2: that gave me the same result: Errors were encountered while processing: mysql-common libmysqlclient20:amd64 E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)22:59
neoromantiquetomreyn: Why? Any particular reason why it wouldn't?23:00
x764y2jayjo_: can you show me the full log in PM?23:00
tomreynneoromantique: i just don't think the installer offers reusing an existing file system.23:00
neoromantiqueah, okay23:01
neoromantiquewell, let me try it23:01
tomreynwhat i would do is rm -rf everything you no longer need, then unomunt and resize the file system, then fsck it, then resize the partition, then install, mounting this partition as /home23:02
tomreynalthough i'd actually not do this since i like lvm in between23:02
x764y2jayjo_: did you try to do "sudo dpkg --configure -a"23:03
tomreyn+ raid + crypto ;)23:03
gogetatomreyn: or img /home then restore it23:04
gogetatomreyn: your putting in alot of extra steps23:04
tomreynsure if you have enough space and storage is fast, that's the easier option.23:05
tomreyncould also cp -pr /home/* to a new partition / file system23:06
neoromantiquetomreyn: Installer does offer it23:13
neoromantiquetomreyn: too late for your last tip, already in live env23:13
neoromantiqueit seems to go smoothly, about to restart into a fresh system23:13
neoromantiqueI've changed my username in homefolder so there won't be any conflicts re: that, I'll just manually move the files over on a live system23:13
neoromantiqueMuch faster to do it within same drive23:14
tomreynglad it worked! :)23:19
tomreynyou may need to chown -R /home/* to new uid/gid23:19
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AnthaasI have a mounted Google drive, and have a KeePassXC file on there for passwords. Whenever I open it in KeePassXC it is readonly all the time?23:24
neoromantiquetomreyn: It did work, and yeah I did chown23:26
neoromantiqueNow I'm booted into system with most important configs moved to new dir23:27
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
oerheksAnthaas, read only tho who?23:32
tomreynAnthaas: can the same user 'touch' a file on the google drive?23:38
tomreynthe same user who runs keepassxc, that is23:39
Anthaasoerheks: It's my user account23:41
AnthaasI am able to touch files23:41
tomreynAnthaas: so you can run the very "touch" command against a new file there, right?23:42
AnthaasOh wait23:43
Anthaas"operation not supported"23:43
tomreynhow is it mounted?23:44
tomreynrun "mount" and tell us what the options are for this mount23:45
AnthaasHmm, trying to find it in there...23:47
AnthaasMy drive is at /run/user/1000/gvfs/google-drive23:47
tomreynso it uses gvfs-google, i guess23:49
AnthaasAhhh yeah I think so sorry23:49
AnthaasI just checked what apps have access23:49
AnthaasGoogle Drive Fuse Adapter23:49
illuminatedI think my head is going to explode23:51
tomreynwell, i had assume dyou could just create files there, but apparently you cannot23:51
Anthaastomreyn: I am only trying to edit an existing one though?23:52
AnthaasI just tried opening a weechat.conf I have there and editing it - there was no problem with that.23:52
tomreynAnthaas: you were trying to run touch against a new file when it returned "operation not permitted", weren't you? and the keepassxc database was probably never created on the groogle drive?23:54
AnthaasIt wasn't, it was moved there.23:55
tomreynAnthaas: okay, so when you ls -l both files, the weechat.conf and the keepassxc DB file, does it look the same for the permissions?23:56
AnthaasUhh, they all have stupid names23:56
Anthaasnot, for example, weechat.conf, but 0B5Ap0....etc.23:57
AnthaasBut they all have at least rw23:57
Anthaassome have l at the start.23:57
tomreynl are links23:57
tomreynwell, i never worked with gvfs-drive, but i guess it is a problem if the file names change suddently, or are different on the CLI than on some GUI-23:59
AnthaasI don't understand why this only applies for this kdbx file though?23:59

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