flocculantknome: assuming you did nothing then automatically 17.10 is gone 05:18
flocculantbluesabre: so re us only having LTS available now - what's your best choice for  reminding people how to go for regular releases?07:01
flocculantwe do at least document it on the official docs - so we could do some simple blog/mail posts pointing there07:02
flocculantalternatively we can have a really really quiet 2 years :p07:02
bluesabreflocculant: Bionic is both the LTS and the regular release atm :)08:52
Unit193That's the only reason I'm using it.08:53
bluesabreknome: can we update the download page to say "supported until {month}, {year}" instead of "support for 3 years"08:53
Unit193...Except for the server.08:54
Unit193bluesabre: Means more updating.  Also you see elementary-xfce got in? :D  That means the copyright changes were good. ;D08:54
bluesabreUnit193: that's awesome, is it part of a team or a few direct uploaders?08:55
knomesure, it's plain text (atm at least)08:55
knometheoretically we might want to automate that part too though08:55
Unit193bluesabre: Just the three of us, no team.08:55
bluesabreUnit193: cool08:55
knomejust filed bug 178287508:56
ubottubug 1782875 in Xubuntu Website "Torrent downloads and documentation is visible for EOL releases" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178287508:56
knomedon't have time to update the things now, but if you want, you are free to go edit the pages08:56
knomewell, page08:56
bluesabreknome: alrighty, cool08:56
knomeit's already listed with the EOL date here: https://xubuntu.org/release/18-04/08:57
Unit193bluesabre: ...Was team preferred? :308:57
knomeso yes, no reason why we couldn't do that elsewhere08:57
Unit193Still pending sn-plugin, and I'm not pushing xfdashy at alll.08:57
bluesabreUnit193: nah, I just wanted to know who we had to poke anytime an icon changes08:57
knomehmm, so the only questio with moving to a automated dl page is this:08:59
knomedo we want to show all non-EOL LTS releases or just the last one08:59
knomewe also need to figure out how we do not lock in the wording too badly, meaning we will likely need a few textarea inputs..09:00
knomeor one, for the dl template09:00
knomeoh, and we will need an LTS switch for the release taxonomy09:01
knomesigh, sounds like i should write a bug ;)09:01
bluesabreknome: probably all non-EOL, otherwise no point in us supporting the 3rd year (no download links for it)09:03
knomewell, the dl links would be available in the release page..09:03
knomebug 178287609:05
ubottubug 1782876 in Xubuntu Website "Automate the Xubuntu download page" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178287609:05
knomewow, two consecutive bug numbers09:05
knomehas the LP team got the spam stuff in order?09:06
Unit193Nobody cares to file bugs anymore.09:06
knomeeven the spammers :P09:06
bluesabreevery other bug is package failed to install/upgrade09:06
knomeanyway, got to go09:07
bluesabreseeya knome09:07
flocculantbluesabre: yea I know that - and update mangler is set to check for LTS only - so even when 18.10 is released no-one will be prompted10:39

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