G5_That’s good enough. Any idea where PPC users would go after that?00:00
wxldebian, maybe.00:00
G5_Oh, ok. That’s plenty long enough. I’m just trying to have some fun with my old dual core G5. Thanks00:01
G5_Sorry. One more. Where’s a trusted source for downloading the Mozilla 61.0.1 for 16.04.1 xenial package. Thanks.00:13
wxlthe repos00:13
wxl`sudo apt update && sudo apt install firefox`00:13
G5_Ok thanks00:13
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qwebirc99591So im trying the just released lubuntu 18.04.1 and it still doesn't recognize my second WD HDD, neither did lubuntu 18.04, but lubuntu 16.04 does17:44
qwebirc99591i also get something weird on dmesg http://pasteall.org/104000317:44
qwebirc99591im thinking is probably something with the kernel becase i dont have this issue on other distros with linux 4.1417:46
qwebirc99591does anyone else had an issue like this?17:47
oerheks /set autojoin #lubuntu18:27
tsimonq2\o/ :D18:27
oerhekshi there, it is me, oerheks18:27
tsimonq2heya :D18:27

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