tomreynblackflow: i got no (16.04 -> 18.01) upgrade offer here, yet, even with -c00:22
blackflowyou mean -d ?00:22
tomreyn  -c, --check-dist-upgrades00:22
tomreyn                        Check if a new Ubuntu release is available00:22
blackflowoh, yes.00:23
tomreyn-d would be all wrong00:23
blackflowhrm, well someone said earlier it's already available00:23
tomreynan i meant 16.04 -> 18.04.1 of course00:23
tomreynmaybe it dpeends on your mirror servers00:23
blackflowI know bionic already has the upgrade since yesterday at least.00:24
oerhekshere it is 26th, so that would be nice00:25
oerheksnot yet published00:26
oerheks# ubuntu-releaseparty :-D00:27
blackflowyou mean #ubuntu-release-party here on Freenode?00:35
oerheksuhh, yes00:43
oerheksit is an "update" release-party00:43
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:48
lotuspsychjeseems like some good testing going on05:52
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: happy with my cats? :p05:52
ducassegood morning06:05
lotuspsychjehey guiverc06:58
guiverc_dhowdy lotuspsychje - sorry [i was] out with the birds :)07:52
lotuspsychjei love birds :p07:52
lotuspsychjedont have to be sorry mate, im used to the idle game07:52
lotuspsychjei know you there07:52
guiverc_dalas i do mean feathered [winged] birds :(07:53
westpfeliaHas anyone ever used Modern Honey Network?10:52
BluesKajHi all10:59
blackflowso... no one else gonna yell at me and stop me from suggesting this, saying Noooo, consolekit is normal on Xenial?   :)   am I correct that consolekit is out of place on Xenial?11:15
JimBuntublackflow, while it's available in universe, it's not default installed on Desktop, unsure about server, but doubt it's default there either11:17
BluesKajwonder if it's in the repos, it's not there on bionic11:17
ducasseit's not default on my xenial server, no11:18
blackflowit's in the repos for xenial and artful and yes, in universe.   so I guess removing console won't break their system (help in #ubuntu)... it's my guess that it's messing their user group in session, conflicting with logind.11:18
BluesKaj'Morning JimBuntu, blackflow, ducasse11:18
blackflowapt -s remove consolekit showed nothing else pulled out, so.... I guess that'll fix it.11:19
ducassetop o' the mornin' to ya, BluesKaj11:19
JimBuntug'morning BluesKaj, ducasse, blackflow and the rest ( even if it's not morning where you are )11:19
blackflowit's alwyas morning somewhere ;)11:20
BluesKajmuch needed rain here ..we have major forest fires in Northern Ontario11:26
ducasseforecast here says super-hot tomorrow, then heavy rain in the weekend. only had a couple of days with light rain this summer, so it's needed.11:33
BluesKajwe can smell fire smoke here with an east or south wind, been smokey for days now11:36
BluesKajwhat does ctl+F4 do? someone over at #kubuntu used it to exit his game and now grub is in a loop and unable to login to the OS..looks like he's dual booting with windows11:48
JimBuntuBluesKaj, in 16.04 I don't see ctrl+F4 doing anything by default11:49
blackflowctrl?  iirc alt+F4 is the shortcut to close the window11:50
blackflow(on windows at least)11:50
JimBuntuctrl+F4 will close a tab in Chrome much like ctrl+w will.11:50
BluesKajok, he didn't say whether he was running the game in windows or kubunru...I'll ask him11:50
blackflowah good old days of trolling noobs in online games with "Press Alt+F4 for cheatcodes!"11:51
BluesKajbah, he left11:51
JimBuntuGrub issues after closing a game sounds unrelated11:51
JimBuntuor login issues for that matter.11:52
BluesKajyeah, makes sense11:52
JimBuntuNow... if they said that they just installed the game and also installed GPU software/mods/drivers... now that would make sense11:52
BluesKajalso we have a bot attacks from various IPs with that pedophile blog url claiming it's posted by a freenode staff member Bryan 'kloeri'11:56
BluesKajerr bot attacks - plural11:57
JimBuntuI have seen this. Some information has been provided by others to freenode regarding the IPs/etc11:58
BluesKajthe IPs are all different11:59
oerheksmorning :-)12:00
BluesKaj'Morning oerheks12:01
ducasse\o oerheks12:01
oerhekshi BluesKaj ducasse12:02
BluesKajsome of the Ips are from places like China, Azerbaijan12:02
hggdhmorning folks13:26
BluesKaj'Morning hggdh13:26
blackflowoooh, new steam haz big picture mode now on linux!14:10
tomreynit had that for years?14:11
blackflowtomreyn: on linux?14:12
leftyfbpretty sure it's had that since 201014:12
blackflowhrm..... why do I distinctly remember it saying it wasn't available for linux...14:12
leftyfbarticle from 201214:12
blackflowanyway, yay. Now I can whip up a custom DE that's actually steam big picture mode.14:13
blackflowor more precisely, steam big pciture mode only login session.14:14
leftyfbthere's already an installer of SteamOS14:15
leftyfbno need to install it on top of ubuntu and customize anything14:15
blackflowbut I want that on my 'buntu?14:15
blackflowI don't want another OS I want a login session that's only steam. login -> steam -> exit -> gdm3 login14:16
pragmaticenigmawant what?14:16
pragmaticenigmablackflow: I don't think that exists yet, you could create a local user account with the window manager it logs into setup to autolaunch a script that would launch steam, and when you exit steam would log out of the DE session14:17
blackflowpragmaticenigma: ability to log into steam big picture mode straight, and then log out back to gdm login prompt, straight14:17
pragmaticenigmablackflow: It's possible with a script that executes at login of the desktop session.14:17
blackflowpragmaticenigma: yeah I was looking into doing something liek that via openbox or something, but I think I can make it work without an wm14:17
daftykinssurely after getting games working under Linux you're so tired you have no time for messing with the interface ;D14:18
pragmaticenigmablackflow: That part I'm uncertain of, the wm is what exposes elements an application needs in order to write to the compsitor and X1114:18
pragmaticenigmablackflow: concensous of the internet says it's not currently possible. many point here: https://github.com/thor27/steam-login/14:19
blackflowdaftykins: what doy ou mean, all my games JustWork(tm). I only had some trouble understanding and getting vulkan under wine for DooM, there was a problem with audio for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and I can't get Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus   to run properly   all under wine.14:19
pragmaticenigmablackflow: even applications like KODI/XBMC require some window manager running to launch into their full screen sessions.14:21
blackflowpragmaticenigma: well then a modified openbox or something it is. as long as I can get the wm stay out of the picture.14:21
daftykinsthat's rubbish, kodi has a standalone mode14:21
pragmaticenigmathat's what I would recommend, find a low resource window manager, that you can have autolaunch a script14:21
blackflowdaftykins: well I'm thinking steam would too, as the big picture mode is actually an exclusive opengl context.14:22
blackflowwell, we'll see.14:22
pragmaticenigmadaftykins: Standalone mode for KODI enables the system shutdown and power management controls. It still uses a slimmed down wm underneath14:23
blackflowI once managd to run firefox directly under xorg and that worked. the menu didn't and I'm guessing because they required wm or higher level somethings14:23
daftykinsthat's splitting hairs14:23
pragmaticenigmablackflow: Window managers are what offer hooks for window decorations (Min/max/close) and menu options. Not all applications use them, and some define their own14:24
blackflowI know and that's the thing. steam big picture mode is a completely separtae fullscreen opengl context.14:25
pragmaticenigmablackflow: on the surface it may appear that way... underneath, it told the window manager "Please don't decorate me, and just display me taking the entire window"14:26
blackflowI'll be sure to report here my findings :)14:26
pragmaticenigmaDid #ubuntu finally start requiring registration?14:28
blackflowpragmaticenigma: I guess it's a temporary measure due to those #freenodegate botrolls14:28
pragmaticenigmayay! they were getting vicious yesterday14:29
blackflow#ubuntu-server is still infested with them14:29
pragmaticenigmaI hit limbo since hexchat tried to join the room before it had identified14:31
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all14:37
leftyfboerheks: I'll keep -R so I can report them14:38
lotuspsychjehey blackflow leftyfb tomreyn oerheks14:39
tomreynhello lotuspsychje14:39
nicomachuswhat's #freenodegate14:39
oerheksleftyfb, me too, ofcourse14:39
oerheksnicomachus, lonely people channel?14:39
lotuspsychjenicomachus: those spammers setup a fishy wordpress blog14:39
tomreynhow / where do you report?14:40
nicomachusstill no 18.04.1. :/14:40
leftyfbtomreyn: I just post in #freenode. The ops still see it and appreciate it14:40
oerheksnicomachus, i am already on 18.04.1 ...14:40
daftykinsit's really only a number getting bumped on a given day :)14:40
nicomachusI'm still on xenial. waiting for the upgrade path.14:41
tomreyni never know what they appreciate and what they dont14:41
tomreynso i wont join14:41
tomreynthanks for explaining14:41
leftyfbtomreyn: I agree, but for this case, I think they're doing an ok job14:41
tomreynyes, it's a lot of work and they handle it fine14:42
lotuspsychjeive reported some nmap scan results on those spammers ip to freenode staff, and they were glad14:42
tomreyngot the same issue on another network14:42
tomreynthis attack is huge, the botnet is huge14:42
blackflowsomeone has an entire axe factory to grind with those two staffers it seems.14:42
tomreynnew clients keep coming, with never before seen ips14:42
lotuspsychjeircd's is always war :p14:44
BluesKajhow to stop these bot pms?14:48
leftyfb /umode +R14:48
blackflowoh they're PM-ing now?14:49
oerheksSet /umode +R if you're getting tons of nonsensical PMs14:49
blackflowholy cow.14:49
lotuspsychjeand just at .1 day lol14:49
oerheks.. i put a spell on them, oke?14:49
blackflowbanish them to hell and then we'll take over! mwahahaha!14:50
BluesKajok works now , I was marked away and it wasn't working :-)14:51
lotuspsychje3 bugs on kubuntu amd6415:05
lotuspsychjeserver iso's seems not ready15:06
JimBuntuwow, just realized I have 11 PMs related to the spammers15:08
lotuspsychjeJimBuntu: did you think it were your freinds first?15:08
lotuspsychjei seem to have 0 friends :(15:09
nicomachusayy I got my first PM.15:09
JimBuntuTBH, I wasn't even paying attention to the DMs. I only DM with a few people and I didn't recognize the names.15:09
blackflowperhaps the used irc server software could benefit from some input message filtering and shadowbanning.15:10
hggdhyou might want to consider setting yourselves +R15:11
hggdhthey now are going to a different route: join a channel, get the channel user's list, distribute it, and spam15:12
lotuspsychjehggdh: on whole freenode?15:13
hggdhlotuspsychje: I do not know -- I am not staff, and #f is currently moderated15:13
nicomachushggdh: yea I set +R after the first one. I thought I already had it before that but I guess I removed it after the last round of PM spam15:13
hggdhbut I know this is going on on different IRC networks15:13
hggdh(my default it +R, set on connection to the network)15:14
hggdhlotuspsychje: but I have seen the spam (and been told) that it is going on in a lot of channels15:16
hggdhthere are basically two options, channel-wise: /mode <channel> +q $~a; or mode <channel> +r15:18
hggdhso, if any of you moderates a channel, you might want to consider that15:18
hggdhthe first one allows unregistered users to join, but they a re quieted; the second blocks unregistered users from joining15:19
blackflowI'd add,   use +g if they start using registered accounts.15:19
lotuspsychjeokay tnx hggdh15:19
hggdhso... the first one allows harversting of nick15:19
pragmaticenigmaoerheks: what does that /umode +R command do?15:19
hggdhblackflow: yes indeed. But +g also allows for staff kills15:20
blackflowhggdh: sorry, for what?15:20
hggdha freenode staff can kill the registration15:20
hggdhthe other way15:20
hggdhI receive spam from a registered account, I can go to #f and show it to staff15:21
blackflowI meant usermode +g  aka   no PM unless you explicitly /accept or PM first, that other nick15:21
hggdhblackflow: yes, that will work. I, though assume that if you went thru the trouble of registering, you are not really willing to lose the registration due to spamming others15:22
hggdhso I go -g15:22
blackflowregistration is automatic, can be even scripted. these attackers seem to have huge motivation for wathever reason to do what they're doing15:23
hggdhwell, yeah. Still waking up, I guess. For whatever weird, and probably freudian, reason, I was thinking the whole time about cloaks, and writing about registration. Sorry15:24
* lotuspsychje_ slides a cold icecoffee to hggdh 15:30
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
pragmaticenigmaare the sites they are sending have anything even worth looking at? (asking for a friend)15:32
JimBuntupragmaticenigma, nope15:32
hggdhpragmaticenigma: pretty much what is currently called "fake news", to say, assertions with no provenance. But they state it is "a fact", so I saw many posting about it and stating it was a fact, and etc15:34
hggdh(may $deity forbid their poor dumb souls)15:35
JimBuntuexport deity="Tux"15:35
hggdhbetter saying assertions with no, or dubious, provenance15:35
pragmaticenigmawonder what the campaign is all about then... why the spread of this is going on15:40
lotuspsychjeircd's are always war pragmaticenigma15:41
lotuspsychjealways someone in a fight with someone else15:41
hggdhalso, see https://freenode.net/news/spambot-attack15:46
JimBuntulotuspsychje, let's fight!15:46
lotuspsychjelol JimBuntu15:46
lotuspsychjeJimBuntu: where's my wonga's for the rabbits i catched for you15:47
* JimBuntu sends lotuspsychje loads of wongas15:48
lotuspsychjetnx for the link hggdh15:48
lotuspsychjeusefull rss on there15:48
blackflowweird thing about these domains is that one of them (bryan....) has been reg'd back in 2016.15:50
JimBuntuit's an old fight15:54
lotuspsychjeseems like it JimBuntu15:54
pragmaticenigmaso if I enabled user mode +g ... how do I accept a message from someoen?16:28
oerheksand published http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/17:39
lotuspsychjetnx oerheks17:40
lotuspsychjenot yet on ubuntu.com17:40
oerheksi spammed too17:40
lotuspsychjeprogressive spam :p17:40
lotuspsychjefull changes list17:45
pragmaticenigmaMmmm... spam17:46
ubot5Yes, it's out! Party in #ubuntu-release-party :)17:47
lotuspsychjejesus what a bug list lol17:47
pragmaticenigmaI think the one everyone is interested in is the login loop fix and black screen issues17:48
tsimonq2Hey lotuspsychje, I have a question. How the heck do I get magnet links? :P17:54
tsimonq2I'm updating Lubuntu.me and my artwork guy usually does this, so I don't know how he gets them... :P17:54
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: with a torrent client17:55
lotuspsychjetransmission does it17:56
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: Can I get the magnets for Lubuntu 18.04.1 i386 and amd64 desktop images?17:57
tsimonq2I haven't used a torrent client in a year, easily. :P17:57
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: with 'get' you mean download right?17:57
lotuspsychjeor create a magnet link?17:58
tsimonq2I mean, a link like http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/lubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso17:58
tsimonq2I mean17:58
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: transmission picks up magnet links when click17:59
* tsimonq2 tries17:59
oerheksoh, mine didn't work ?18:00
tsimonq2Ah, magnet:?xt=urn:btih:be7b62c4c6520e41bfcc81d916ade490ed063d43&dn=lubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso18:00
lotuspsychjeqbittorrent did it also18:00
lotuspsychjepicked up your link, just tested18:00
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: https://imgur.com/a/FeMpH7o18:02
lotuspsychje'open torrent link'18:02
lotuspsychjeno sweat tsimonq218:04
lotuspsychjenice work mate!18:05
tsimonq2Thanks :)18:05
lotuspsychjewe will spread the word its up tsimonq218:06
lotuspsychjeoerheks: you gonna seed again?18:07
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: Please use that link for Lubuntu :)18:07
lotuspsychjeallrighty, nice blog18:08
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: by the way, got some customers on bionic lubuntu that feel real good about it18:09
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: awesome :)18:09
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: What kind of customers, by the way?18:12
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: im running an ubuntu webshop in belgium, with mostly xenial users but also early bionic with samsung 850 pro ssd's only18:12
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: some older machines needed lubuntu xenial & bionic18:13
oerheksi showed my windows-music-hardware-freak-neighbour some software in our repos, feel like a priest healing a poor soul18:13
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: Nice :)18:13
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: till now i found xenial lubuntu best so far, now bionic is equal18:14
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: so great work :p18:14
tsimonq2Thanks :)18:15
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: Right now it's just me on Lubuntu18:15
tsimonq2We have some contributors that come in and out, and we've seen a lot of people translating, but otherwise the dev work has been me...18:16
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: are you looking for contributers?18:16
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: Another developer who knows packaging and C++ development would be nice.18:17
tsimonq2Of course, someone who can pick up knowledge easily and is willing to pour a lot of time into learning would be good too.18:17
lotuspsychjenot an easy task finding :p18:17
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: want me to ask the UWN guys to add it you seek new devs?18:18
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: or make a blog first on it?18:18
lotuspsychjesomething we can spread18:18
tsimonq2I'll put it in our next weekly newsletter18:19
oerheksgood to know, i run into lubuntu fans daily18:26
tsimonq2lotuspsychje, oerheks: When 18.04.1 comes out, it would be cool to get feedback from people who use it. :)18:26
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: ill remember that18:26
tsimonq2Also, in all reality, I have no idea whatsoever how many people use Lubuntu or who...18:27
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: cant that new stats help you on that?18:27
tsimonq2No, we didn't get it integrated in time.18:27
oerheksnow lubuntu is the latest supplier of 32 bit images...18:28
lotuspsychjeyeah comes in real handy18:28
tsimonq2So, I just work under the assumption that 100 people use it. That's it, just 100. :P18:28
tomreynhmm the amd64 alternative (classic) server iso doesnt seem to have any peers, yet.18:28
lotuspsychjeno way mate18:28
tsimonq2I have to assume something, right? :)18:28
tsimonq2Because like I said, I have no actual idea.18:29
tsimonq2I don't know if it's 100,000 or if nobody actually uses it for anything anymore.18:29
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: how about download hits can those make a figure?18:29
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: I don't have download hits.18:29
tsimonq2Those aren't public.18:30
tsimonq2I mean, I could probably request them if I asked, but...18:30
lotuspsychjewell its hard to guess then, but in belgium we have a lot of old boxes18:30
tsimonq2The only actual thing I have is the people who viewed the release announcement.18:31
lotuspsychjethere must be something to trace no?18:31
tsimonq280,000 viewed the 18.04 announcement, but that doesn't guarantee downloads, especially with Lubuntu.net existing and f***ing everything up :(((((18:31
tsimonq2Oh well.18:31
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: Nope.18:32
tsimonq2I plan on fixing this in 18.10 though.18:32
tsimonq2We're (well, I'm) working on a welcome center that uses this by default.18:32
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: im sure there still tons of lubuntu users worldwide18:33
lotuspsychjeive seen boxes in the wild in belgium with lubuntu on18:35
lotuspsychjein a share community18:35
tsimonq2The thing is, that's not a quantitative number. :P18:38
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: we will know when we can measure :p18:39
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: is this important to you to know?18:39
lotuspsychjei mean you consider quit project if it wasnt popular?18:40
tsimonq2lotuspsychje: I want to see how much stress I should be having :P18:45
tsimonq2I wouldn't quit.18:45
lotuspsychjeah lol18:45
lotuspsychjetsimonq2: your curious about how .1 rolls out in the wild thats it?18:46
oerheksmy grandma always says: if she says you are my only love, leave her18:47
oerheksi ask my chihuahua almost every day, to find a new home, but he would not leave.18:48
oerheksi would go with him :-D18:48
oerheksi would like to find the last alinea/part at the end 'enterprise ready installation guides helping hands'  on top of the page https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads18:55
lotuspsychjewould be nice oerheks18:59
oerheksyay good work teams19:42
Bashing-omYup. looks real nice :)19:45
oerheks.. no no shut up and be beautiful19:47
Bashing-omsimple is elegant :)19:48
lotuspsychjeless is more19:48
lovepopsickledoes the gui updater come out today or not?20:01
lotuspsychjelovepopsickle: this channel is for discussions20:01
lotuspsychjelovepopsickle: support in #ubuntu20:01
lovepopsicklei am having a discussion right now20:01
ducasselotuspsychje: .5 is out already, this machine is running it20:21
lotuspsychjeschedule says 15 aug?20:22
oerheksso that aws kernel is oke20:26
oerhekselse he needs an aws image20:26
lotuspsychje.5 is 2nd aug20:26
lotuspsychjeoerheks: he's playing with some different docker images, was his original issue20:27
ducassei dunno, but lsb_release reports 16.04.5 here20:27
lotuspsychjeHello! I was running kubernetes, which requires docker <= 1.13, and an apt upgrade accidentally bumped it to 1.17. Is there a way to downgrade back?20:28
lotuspsychjemust been more early release ducasse tnx20:28
lotuspsychjeanyway its nap time here20:29
lotuspsychjettyl guys20:29

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