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jman_38376462hello, everyone. newcomer here, I'd like to submit a patch to a package16:09
jman_38376462I'm folling this guide http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html16:10
jman_38376462and I think I need a bit of help , I'm stuck somewhere in builiding the new package that I've patched16:11
jman_38376462so, here's the thing. I *think* I've setup my workstation correctly and created+applied the patch. Now the build of the new package for testing fails16:14
jman_38376462here's the output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/N8FS6BzYQv/16:14
jman_38376462not sure what I need to fix16:15
tsimonq2That's an interesting one.16:16
tsimonq2How exactly did you set up your environment?16:16
jman_38376462Starting from scratch, I've followed this guide http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/getting-set-up.html16:19
jman_38376462(I already have a launchpad account and GPG key uploaded)16:19
jman_38376462basically I've only installed the packages "gnupg pbuilder ubuntu-dev-tools apt-file"16:20
jman_38376462let's start with an easy question16:21
jman_38376462I got this message: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address16:21
tsimonq2Ah, easy one.16:21
jman_38376462but the output of "update-maintainer" is16:22
tsimonq2...that's what I was going to suggest. ;)16:22
jman_38376462$ update-maintainer The package targets Debian. Doing nothing.16:22
jman_38376462uff sorry for the bad formatting16:22
jman_38376462is that output ok?16:22
tsimonq2No problem.16:22
jman_38376462ok , cool16:23
tsimonq2That only means that you need a changelog entry which has "ubuntu" in it.16:23
tsimonq2So first, run "dch".16:23
tsimonq2If you're on Ubuntu, that should give you a template.16:23
jman_38376462yes, I've already run that one and completed the changelog16:24
jman_38376462so my current file tree is like this:16:25
jman_38376462I am inside "~/Projects/protracker-2.3d.r126" and try to build the test pkg16:27
jman_38376462I've manually created the file ../protracker_2.3d.r126.orig.tar.gz because "debuild" complained it was not there16:28
tsimonq2Have you ever used uscan?16:28
jman_38376462but I don't think that is the issue16:28
tsimonq2That's the Tool To Use. :)16:28
jman_38376462oh ok, that should build the src package correctly, right?16:30
tsimonq2It should build the orig correctly.16:32
jman_38376462I'm afraid (if I understand correctly the instructions) that I need a control file "debian/watch"16:36
jman_38376462that I have not in the src package I have installed16:36
jman_38376462I have these files in the "debian" dir16:38
jman_38376462anyway, let's pretend for a sec my src package manually done is ok16:39
jman_38376462how do I debug this:16:39
jman_38376462dpkg-source: error: LC_ALL=C patch -t -F 0 -N -p1 -u -V never -E -b -B .pc/drop-march-mtune/ --reject-file=- < /tmp/temp-lintian-lab-yvm8ijp3T1/pool/p/protracker/protracker_2.3d.r126-1ubuntu1_source/unpacked/debian/patches/drop-march-mtune subprocess returned exit status 116:39
jman_38376462internal error: dpkg-source -x failed with status  2 at /usr/share/lintian/collection/unpacked line 72.16:40
jman_38376462do I need to run "lintian"? is it a requirement?16:40
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tsimonq2jman_38376462: Try just running `debuild -S -d -sa`.16:46
jman_38376462uhm ... that worked. I mean the `lintian` error is still there but I've Successfully signed dsc, buildinfo, changes files16:47
tsimonq2You can probably ignore the Lintian error.16:48
jman_38376462now, move fwd16:48
jman_38376462the build command `pbuilder-dist bionic build ../protracker_2.3d.r126-1ubuntu1.dsc` fails with16:50
jman_38376462I think I've not cleanly patched the source or ... the src package I've created is not good. opinions?16:51
jman_38376462well, now I have to go. I'll start from scratch later and carefully go through the steps (or maybe find a tutorial to have a second opinion on the process)16:55
jman_38376462anyway thanks for the suggestions, I'll investigate them later (src pkg build and patching)16:56
tsimonq2jman_38376462: Use quilt to refresh your patches.17:04
tsimonq2jman_38376462: A great guide is here: https://raphaelhertzog.com/2012/08/08/how-to-use-quilt-to-manage-patches-in-debian-packages/17:04
jman_38376462great, thanks! I'll give it a shot17:05
jman_38376462Hi again, I'm progressing and understanding the whole process.19:32
jman_38376462I have another question: do I need to be into the temporary directory created by `edit-patch` to run the `quilt` commands or should I be out of it?19:33
jman_38376462i.e. does it make any difference running `quilt` without using `edit-patch this_is_my_patch`?19:34
jman_38376462it looks to me they kind of overlap the same feature (create and edit a patch)19:35
rbasakjman_38376462: I'm not particularly familiar with edit-patch. The key thing that you'll be delivering is the contents of the debian/ directory. Specifically debian/patches for patching the upstream code. It doesn't matter what tooling you use to get the result - whether quilt direclty or edit_patch - the review will be based on the diff against the source tree (essentially just debian/)20:39
jman_38376462ok, thanks20:40
jman_38376462I'm ready to attach a patch to #176969320:40
jman_38376462it's my first time so there'll probably be things to fix, your feedback is much appreciated20:41
rbasakNo problem. Thank you for working on this!20:45

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