brobostigonmorning boys and girls.05:25
zmoylan-pimorning mammals05:27
brobostigonmorning krikkets05:29
knightwiseGreetings humans !06:34
knightwisebow down to me or feel my wrath06:34
* brobostigon readies his wizards staff, with a force shield spell ready.06:39
knightwisebeen setting up my new Pi3 at home for command line stuff and some scripting06:51
knightwisejust killed my access by messing around with the wireless settings06:51
knightwisenot smart06:51
knightwisebwa , i'll play with it when i get home06:52
knightwiseGonna need to attach an external drive to it anyway for extra storag06:52
brobostigonhttps://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/coreRulebook/spells/wallOfForce.html#wall-of-force woop. a force shield spell does exist, :)06:56
knightwiseI wonder if it will withstand my flacid-leak-of-death06:58
* knightwise waves around his flacid-leak-of-death06:58
knightwisecower in fear mere mortals !06:59
* brobostigon casts fireball, and hit and causes knightwise 1d8 of fire damage.07:09
knightwise* AARGH * Damn you mortal !07:09
loptaHello awilkins14:48
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WurblezHi. Installed 18.04 and everything is fine, but when connecting to my Samsung TV, Ubuntu/Nvidia is trying to do a really high resolution and the tv doesn't like it. What's the best way to stop it from going above a certain resolution without limiting its automatic resolution functionality?21:33

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