floridagram-bot1<KMyers> @ahoneybun - I finally got a response from the Ubuntu SSO Admins about regaining access to my account. It was sent in October of 2017 so they are a bit behind16:36
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> > July 25, 2018 3:41 PM, "Daniel Manrique" <login-support@canonical.com> wrote: … > … >> On Wed Oct 11 18:15:30 2017, Keith@kmyers.me wrote:16:36
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> Sounds right. Lots of requests.16:36
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> Haha17:47
maxolasersquadAnyone have experience with https://www.home-assistant.io ?17:51
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> @maxolasersquad, I have not but it looks pretty cool17:53
maxolasersquadI really want to pull the trigger on home automation, but buying into a walled garden makes me nervous.18:16
maxolasersquadAt the same time my family's threashold for hacked together solutions is low18:16
maxolasersquadI'm in the middle of putting a Mycroft together with a Raspberry Pi. This would be a nice compliment to it.18:18

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