ordinate000guess ill die00:03
tomreynOrchula: depends. personally, i like to know what i'm doing and hosting providers' kernels are often poorly, if at all, documented. on the other hand, they may actually require you to run them, making vanilla kernels not work. but if you have the latter situation, i'd just change the hosting provider, this is not acceptable.00:03
GunqqerFriithianpoint release is schedualed for tomorrow, right?00:03
tomreynyes, if it's the 25th for you now.00:05
GunqqerFriithianit is :P Im UTC-500:06
OrchulaYeah true providers hardly document their stuff, I guess I shall go with Ubuntu kernel since I highly doubt there shouldn't be any problems but will see00:06
oerheksOrchula, check your support contract00:08
OrchulaDon't even have a support contract, I'm stuck with kimsufi haha00:08
leonardushow do I install it non classic00:10
oerheksvisit https://snapcraft.io/android-studio and select 'other versions' and choose stable i guess00:13
oerheksjust the name android studio is not sufficient.. or go wild with the latest00:13
leonardusit says under "stable" to run sudo snap install android-studio00:13
leonardusthat's exactly what I ran and I got that error message00:14
oerheksdid you run apt full-upgrade lately?00:14
oerheksthere might be a snapd hanging, or other packages00:15
leonardusjust ran it, same error.00:16
oerheksthen you ar ebound to the --classic option to get it00:19
leonardusis that safe?00:19
MWMany I/O advantage to mergerfs? <--what I am wondering?00:22
oerheksleonardus, when you click one of them, the next screen gives a 'view in desktop store' button too00:22
oerhekssafe, it is published, and do you trust the author? the page gives a certain guarantee00:23
tripel3xbHow do I tell 18.04 to forget a network I connected to once. (and never want again)00:45
tripel3xbthat's different. Just ask your question straightaway.00:46
differentfirefox doesnt start, I get an error that goes like: XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/lib/firefox/libmozgtk.so:00:46
differentlibwayland-egl.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:46
differentCouldn't load XPCOM.00:46
aloo_shutripel3xb: (context?-) click on network icon -> edit connections00:47
differentXPCOM give to ya I guess :(00:48
aloo_shufirefox from where?00:49
differentfrom where?00:49
differentI tried to run it from the shortcut that Kubuntu had00:49
differentthen it starts and closes, then I typed "firefox" in the terminal and it gives me that error00:50
tomreyndifferent: which version is it?00:51
differentlatest version, uninstalled it and reinstalled it00:51
Bashing-omdifferent: Maybe: https://wordpress.padoka.org/2018/06/09/latest-mesa-breaks-wayland-workaround/ .00:51
differentthank you, I was installing some mesa and wine stuff I think00:52
differentthanks, that fixed my problem00:53
differentis mesa going to be mad about me reinstalling that or both things will work properly?00:53
Bashing-omdifferent: If the package manager is happy, everybody is happy :)00:54
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differentaw yeah that00:55
differentupdate manager had 4 updates after installing mesa wine and all that00:55
differentclicked to update, and it wasn't installing anything00:56
differentcouldn't cancel00:56
differentI did update from terminal, that installed 3 of them and they disappeared from the package manager00:57
differentaw sorry update manager is different from package manager right?00:57
differentshould I install everything in package manager as well?00:58
Bashing-omdifferent: I am not too versed with the GUI . Terminal: ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' .00:59
differentI did that01:01
differentbut package manager has stuff not installed01:01
Bashing-omdifferent: pastebin the outputs of both commands . we see what you see then .. and better advise that way .01:02
differentok I am not sure what you are talking about01:03
Bashing-om!paste | different01:04
ubottudifferent: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:04
differentyes but bear in mind I couldn't open firefox01:04
differentBashing-om: ok man which commands do you want me to copy paste?01:05
Bashing-omdifferent: run: ' sudo apt update 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999 ' . the result is a URL back in terminal, pass that link back here .01:05
differentBashing-om : http://termbin.com/9y3001:07
differentBashing-om : that's all that came as a result01:07
differentBashing-om : that's a list of my repositories ?01:10
Bashing-omdifferent: Is what the system is doing to sync up its database with that of repositories . Nor able to translate " Φέρε " but so far so good. next run: ' sudo apt upgrade | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .01:12
differentBashing-om: φερε is give or bring or sent01:13
differentBashing-om: I can't get Kubuntu to not use greek, that's an other problem I ve had so far..01:14
MWMhttps://blog.linuxserver.io/2017/06/24/the-perfect-media-server-2017/ <-- is there an I/O advantage to using mergerfs01:14
differentBashing-om: I need to be able to write greek so I added it as my secondary input, and for some reason my OS is half english half greek01:14
Bashing-omdifferent: Good .. correct my last to ' sudo apt upgrade 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999 ' so if there are errors we get then too .01:14
MWMor do I have the functionality already through symlinks and Samba ?01:15
differentBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8cgDB9Y94x/01:15
Bashing-omdifferent: Not sure of what I am looking at - all Greek to me :P .. let's try this " LANG=C;sudo apt upgrade 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999 ' . see if we get that in English .01:19
differentBashing-om: reading packet list, constructing dependency tree, reading summary of the current circumstance , calculating of the upgrade, the following packets were installed automatically and are not needed anymore -some links- use sudo apt autoremove to remove them ,the following NEW packets will get installed01:20
differentBashin-om: can you help me get my pc running english please? xD01:20
Bashing-omdifferent: we can try to get you on English .. once we are sure the package manager is consistent .01:21
differentBashin-om: it takes me a long time to translate this stuff and it gets in the way with you helping me I feel like01:21
differentBashing-om: aw.. the last thing you told me is not done yet01:22
differentBashing-om: I see it's asking me to press Y01:22
differentBashing-om: I force closed it01:24
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differentBashing-om: I am getting this http://termbin.com/wjao01:24
differentBashing-om: so the command you told me to run is essentially sudo apt upgrade and then uploads the results to termbin.com ?01:26
Bashing-omdifferent: only one instance of the package manager can run at a given time, close out the sortware center and try the terminal again ( and could be that update manager is running in the background - then wait for it to finish ) .01:28
Bashing-omdifferent: Yes, but the system will wait there to be told what to do .01:29
differentBashing-om: http://termbin.com/mk5y01:29
Bashing-omdifferent: Yepper, we want to do that .. hit 'y' .. to "do it" :)01:30
differentBashing-om: Building instead of Constructing, reading summary of the currnet cirmustance =/= Reading state information xD I hate greek please sent help01:30
Bashing-omdifferent: when we have the package manager happy with the system . we see what we can do for the language .01:32
differentBashing-om: I can't hit y with your command, so I ll run the normal sudo apt upgrade01:32
Bashing-omdifferent: K. if the former instance is closed out .01:33
differentBashing-om the normal sudo apt upgrade doesn't show any package needed to be updated01:33
Bashing-omdifferent: :) Good, you have did the upgrades .01:33
differentBashing-om: ye I tried pressing a y bellow the link I supposed that did it01:34
differentBashing-om: can I get english now please? :P01:34
differentBashing-om: by the way I do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade, is that different from sudo apt update/upgrade?01:35
Bashing-omdifferent: languages, what desktop are you using ?01:35
differentBashing-om: Kubuntu01:35
Bashing-omdifferent: Fo not know (k)ubuntu .. so we poke about .. try the ubus mentod to change languages: Ctrl + Space turns ibus on and Alt+Shift switches input languages .01:36
differentBashing-om: that does nothing, I can switch language with ctrl shift Z a shortcut I made01:37
differentBashing-om: the problem is my system's language is for some reason half english half greek01:38
Bashing-omdifferent: K; then try '01:38
Bashing-om sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales ' .01:38
differentBashing-om: I got a list that says all locales aa_DJ ISO-8859-1 and some others simila to that01:40
differentBashing-om: for safety measures I want the system language to be english ok? :S I want greek to be gone..01:41
differentBashing-om: anyways dude I need to go to sleep, I got driving lessons tomorrow and it's 5 am01:43
differentBashing-om: thanks for the help anyways01:43
Bashing-omdifferent: sure we can pick this back up after the sleep period .01:44
differentBashing-om: aw en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 is selected01:44
differentBashing-om: has an * in the box01:45
Bashing-omdifferent: K; next time we look at the keyboard layout .01:45
differentBashing-om: k dude since you spent the time to help me let's fix this01:45
differentBashing-om: I ll manage without sleep somehow..01:46
differentBashing-om: el_GR.UTF-8 UTF-8 is also selected with an * in the box01:46
differentBashing-om: in keyboard layout I got both US and GR, I need to type in greek so I added it there was that a mistake?01:48
Bashing-omdifferent: while I think .. is this any similalr to KDE : https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-add-and-switch-keyboard-layout-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux .01:49
differentthat looks like system settings -> regional settings -> language01:50
OkitaShould I be alarmed when apt reaches out to fetch files from IP hosts like this?01:50
differentBashing-om: that looks like system settings -> regional settings -> language01:50
differentBashing-om: I have American English and bellow it Greek01:51
differentBashing-om: if I remove it from there do I still keep my greek keyboard layout?01:51
differentBashing-om: shouldn't be selecting english since it's the first language and it's primary?01:53
Bashing-omdifferent: Hang on a bit and I find a better guide to switch languages .01:53
differentBashing-om: it's fine, I ll just remove greek from there thanks01:54
differentBashing-om: I believe I still get to keep my greek keyboard layout01:54
differentBashing-om: I ll do a restart01:54
differentI am back01:57
differentΚαληνυχτα seems like I can still type in greek01:58
differentBashing-om: well that fixed it, thanks a lot01:58
royal_screwup21so I'm trying to use vcpkg to install 3rd party libraries with c++ on ubuntu 16.04. I'm having trouble linking sdl2 with CMake. Here's my CMakeLists.txt: https://thepasteb.in/p/98hRXxgwXyoik When running make, I'm getting this error: https://thepasteb.in/p/2RhKX6pJW80I4 I'd love a pointer or two in the right direction :)01:58
differentBashing-om: goodnight01:58
Yiuweoa7Manaeiou sometimes w and y02:06
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netsnailj #linux04:53
USERFAMEWhat is the issue here(KDE env), when I mouseover withouth clicking or touching keyboard in the main application menu - it closes, every so often as if menu gets cancelled? It is not a mouse -- I tried external mouse, same thing happens04:59
royal_screwup21so I've set my GO path like so: GOPATH=$HOME/go. My question is, if I create a .go file inside $HOME, I'm able to run it -- how is that possible? Isn't my workspace on $HOME/go?05:10
Flannelroyal_screwup21: You probably want to ask in #go-nuts (which appears to be the official IRC channel)05:11
boblamontI downloaded Basilisk2 (a 68k Mac emulator) from synaptic and it doesn't seem to be in any menus and typing basilisk2 in terminal gets nothing05:32
boblamontthere were no errors in synaptic, I removed it and reinstalled and still nothing05:33
brainwashboblamont: try basil<tab>05:35
brainwashboblamont: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/amd64/basilisk2/filelist05:36
illuminatedman operating systems are hard05:37
illuminatedi'm constantly learning something about the different operating systems I use05:37
boblamontbrainwash: thanks, I tried BasiliskII-jit and it worked... not the most intuitive thing...  doesn't "/usr/share/menu/basilisk2 " mean it should have shown up in a menu somewhere?05:38
brainwashbug 30991305:39
ubottubug 309913 in basilisk2 (Ubuntu) "Basilisk2 does not create a menu entry (altough creates a file in /usr/share/menu)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30991305:39
boblamontah, that's a relief. not my system then05:39
brainwashfixed in 18.1005:40
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:58
illuminatedlol.. I just realized that parted probably stands for partition editor06:02
lotuspsychje!info parted | illuminated06:03
ubottuilluminated: parted (source: parted): disk partition manipulator. In component main, is standard. Version 3.2-20 (bionic), package size 44 kB, installed size 156 kB06:03
illuminatedi knew what it was06:03
illuminatedI just never thought 'partition editor'06:04
NetmageDoes anyone have an idea how I could add a subect to the mail: logwatch --detail high --range yesterday > /tmp/logwatch.log && ssmtp system@xyz.de < /tmp/logwatch.log06:58
geirhaNetmage: From a quick search, it looks like you include headers as the first lines of stdin, so try   { printf 'Subject: blah blah\n\n'; cat /tmp/logwatch.log; } | ssmtp system@xyz.de07:10
NetmageHello geirha, the problem hiere is, that I am able to use echo -e "Subject" | ssmtp ... but as soon as it runs in a script the subject is empty again07:23
geirhaperhaps you ran the script with the wrong interpreter?07:31
geirhathe echo -e will behave differently in sh. Use printf instead; consider echo deprecated07:32
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Netmageok, I didn't know that echo is deprecated07:40
Netmageyou are right printf worked fine07:40
fishcookeri've got the same error like '2018-07-12T10:35:53.802769+07:00 qmail kernel: [1781762.952023] megaraid_sas 0000:02:0e.0: MR_DCMD_PD_LIST_QUERY failed/not supported by firmware' s im on Linux qmail 4.4.0-96-generic #119~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 13 08:40:48 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linuxcmiiw but  https://www.systutorials.com/linux-kernels/91622/megaraid_sas-do-not-fire-mr_dcmd_pd_list_query-to-controllers-which-do-not-support-it-linux-4-7-2/ s07:41
fishcooker$ sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial but http://vpaste.net/Pg9HG07:43
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geirhaNetmage: technically not deprecated, but its use is discouraged: http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/echo.html#tag_20_37_1607:55
LopeHow closely related is the Kubuntu organization to Ubuntu? Does Ubuntu sign Kubuntu's ISO's?08:02
LopeThe kubuntu hashes are on ubuntu's site: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/08:03
lotuspsychjeLope: you asked this already in the past..08:03
shellerHello everyone.08:03
LopeI'm sorry I had some issue before I could read the answer08:03
LopeOh I see the 1-2 paragraphs here has all the info I was looking for pretty much. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubuntu08:05
shellerShort shell question: I want to minimize the number of loops so I need to analyze a lot of files (currently using "find") containing records & fields with awk. That works. But I also need to include for any input file record the parent folder of the file. I can get the parent folder using awk (SF=NF-1; print $SF), too. But I seem to be unable to combine both when I use find instead of a for loop.08:08
shellerBut the for loop takes as input the find results. So that is already one loop to many for me (although yes it works), but I'd rather have O(n) instead of O(2n)08:10
fubHow do I update the IntelME sh*t firmware on my ubuntu laptop?08:20
lotuspsychje!language | fub08:24
ubottufub: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:24
Cheezin unity on 16.04 - when I lock the desktop it turns the monitors off instantly. Is there a way to disable that?08:49
Cheezi can't seem to find a way to stop it08:50
OolCheez: go and see energy parameters08:53
CheezOol: there's no settings in the power settings i can see, is that some other part of unity or is it a seperate app?08:54
Cheezor is it a config file somewhere?08:55
JimBuntuCheez, I can't directly answer your question, but I can say that this is not the case on my 16.04 installs... none of my desktops or laptops react this way... so I think it's something that has been changed.08:57
CheezJimBuntu: i thought that, so i re-installed, i'm on a brand fresh install of 16.04 lts and it does it.08:58
Cheezonly references i could find were to gnome (which apparently does the same)08:58
JimBuntuCheez, that's really odd. What make/model of device?08:58
Cheezdell inspirion08:59
Cheezfor model i'd have to unplug it from the dock, which will cause a kernel panic, which means i vanish :p08:59
JimBuntulol, understood, although it would be helpful when you find it convenient.08:59
CheezI was completely wrong, Latitude E654009:01
Cheezmy old one was an inspirion09:02
JimBuntuCheez, `gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 10` may provide you with a 10 second delay before the screen shuts off09:05
oplifehello, is there a set time when 18.04.1 is going to be available today?09:07
JimBuntuoplife, not that I am aware of... and it takes additional time for all of the mirrors to sync.09:08
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oplifeok, thanks JimBuntu :)09:26
Spookanoplife: What do you mean? I installed mine a couple of months ago.09:27
oplifeSpookan, it says on release schedule that 18.04.1 (first point release for upgrade from 16.04 LTS will come today)09:29
oplifeI'm eager to try it and thus asking :) Thanks for the help!09:29
OrchulaAnyone know how to fix slow login times via SSH? The only method I found to fix said problem is to disable PAM in sshd config, but I hear that you shouldn't really use this option. What do I do?09:31
Ben64get better internet / faster server?09:32
OrchulaThat's not the problem though09:33
Ben64it probably is09:34
OrchulaIt isn't though as I just said when I disable PAM it logs in instantly09:34
Ben64you didn't say that09:34
OrchulaI did09:34
blackflowOrchula: try UseDNS=no09:41
OrchulaI tried this is as well but didn't work, I've basically tried all the solutions that showed up in google09:42
blackflowOrchula: so how slow is "slow"?09:42
OrchulaIt's hangs for a few seconds every time I try to log in and only happens on Ubuntu, when I go to netboot I can ssh into server instantly09:43
blackflowOrchula: are there any errors being logged on the server while you ssh in?09:44
OrchulaIt hangs on "debug1: pledge: network"09:45
OrchulaNo other errors though09:45
blackflowOrchula: that's debug on server or client side?09:46
OrchulaWhat does ssh -vvv count as?09:47
blackflowOrchula: client side logging. Are you on OpenBSD perhaps?09:47
mementomoriin a near future I'll try the latest LTS server to host my virtual machines (pbx, databases, web services, etc..) using lxd. I'd like to also host a 'special' vm that will serve as  router/gateway for  the physical hosts and the virtual ones. Do you think it could be done?09:48
OrchulaNo not on OpenBSD, well if its client side issue then it has the same issue across all my devices, on my laptop, on desktop and phone they all get the same hang time before I can login09:48
blackflowmementomori: sure, but note that LXD is not really a VM, it's more like a container09:48
andromodonHi.  I'm a developer and have been using linux for a decade but I ran into something that has completely baffled me.  I need help.  I have a file I should be able to access (I should belong to the group) but I cannot.  I get a permission denied error when I try to cat it.  I type "groups $USER" and it shows that I SHOULD be a part of the right group (in this case "docker").  But if I type "groups", I only get a single group - my user's group,09:49
andromodonandromodon.  Most resources I get on the web say "just reboot and it will be fixed", and I tried that and it did not work.  I am completely stumped.  What sort of things can make the bash process have different groups than what my user SHOULD have?09:49
mementomoriblackflow, have to go. i'll be back in a few minutes..09:49
blackflowOrchula: I meant that output is client side. Anyway, I see the pledge message appears on linux as well. Woudln't know exactly why it hangs there without looking at the source. afaik pledge() is not doing anything it openssh-portable (which is what linux is using)09:50
blackflowOrchula: anyway, WorksForMe(tm), so there must be something specific to that setup.  Can you check server side logs for the period around you ssh-ing in?09:50
blackflowandromodon: users and groups are part of DAC - Discretionary Access Control. Linux has a few more permission subsystems. There's also ACLs, MAC like AppArmor, and in case of docker, there are namespaces and "containerization" of resources. Can you pastebin a specific example? What it is, and what you expect to happen?09:53
blackflow"Just reboot and it will be fixed" is Windows mindset, usually not applicable to Linux.09:54
Orchulablackflow: can't find anything that doesn't seem right, it all looks normal to me. It's got something to do with PAM though since when I disable it, it all goes back to normal09:54
andromodonblackflow: LOL09:55
blackflowOrchula: well pam involves the logind session which could involve dbus and who knows what else, so it's really hard to say.09:55
blackflowandromodon: what's funny about what I said?09:55
andromodonblackflow: Sure.  I'll pastebin it.09:55
andromodonblackflow: Just laughing about the windows mindset thing.09:56
blackflowah :)09:56
blackflowwell it's true. reboots are needed only if something that is started once on reboot and cannot be again, is involved. kernel, systemd and lately dbus. definitely not a blanket approach to problem solving.09:57
andromodonblackflow: here is the pastebin: https://paste.linux.community/view/5258b89010:01
blackflowandromodon: are you in a docker container or a namespace of any kind?  `groups` and `groups $USER` should list the same groups.10:04
blackflowandromodon: what's teh output of `id`  ?10:05
fubHow do I update the IntelME firmware on my ubuntu laptop? Do I really need a windows vm for this?10:07
mementomoriblackflow, i'm back ;)10:11
mementomoriwhich options do I have  during the 18.04 install to create vms?10:12
blackflowmementomori: during installation? none afaik. you first install the host, boot into it, then proceed setting up VMs10:13
mementomorimaybe should I prefer kvm instead of lxd?10:13
blackflowmementomori: depends on what you want to achieve. lxd and kvm are different kinds of virtualization and serve a bit different purposes.10:14
brainwashfub: as in doing a bios/uefi update?10:14
mementomoriblackflow, I think OpenStack would be a nice tool in order to manage vms10:16
mementomoriblackflow, maybe I was just confusing the server install menu the the conjure-up one.10:17
blackflowmementomori: again, depends on what you want to achieve. openstack is a large system for "cloud" management with multiple hosts.10:18
mementomoriblackflow, I'd like to have a single server hosting vms for my services _plus_ a vm that will act as router/gateway for my lan and vms10:19
mementomoriblackflow, isn't openstack the right tool for this?10:20
blackflowit's overkill10:20
mementomoriblackflow, what you'd advise?10:21
blackflowmementomori: for starters, question is whether you need VMs (each running a kernel), or if containers are enough (resource namespaces on the same host sharing the host kernel).10:21
blackflowVMs are when you want to virtualize hardware and/or run different operating systems and different kernels. containers are perfectly fine when all your "VMs" are same OS and you just want to isolate them from each other on the process/filesystem/pid/uid level.10:22
mementomoriblackflow, I won't have that many vms on this single server so I think vms could be doable.10:22
andromodonWhat sort of things can keep my login process from getting the right group permissions?10:22
mementomoriblackflow, in any case the easiest to manage the better10:23
blackflowmementomori: you're talking about counts and ignoring the purpose. do you need to run individual kernels?10:23
mementomoriblackflow, I think sooner or later I'll need different kernels10:24
blackflowandromodon: can you pastebin the output of `ps axuf` ? specifically, the tree from that shell issuing that command, upwards.10:24
blackflowmementomori: then VMs it is.10:24
andromodonblackflow: Sure.  1 minute.10:25
ozbrkhi people I'm hving trouble with launching steam on ubuntu. Ummmmm basicly it doesn't launch10:25
blackflowmementomori: KVM is good. there are GUI management tools if you need those. I use qemu-system-x86_64 directly and don't care about UIs or virt management, so I can't help you with those.10:25
blackflowozbrk: launch it from the command line and pastebin the error please10:26
KatnipJimBuntu, where have you been? :)10:27
mementomoriblackflow, my biggest fear is the inabilty to create a router/gw vm. do you think that will be doable?10:27
mementomorithis vm will also be in charge for dhcp and dns10:27
mementomoriI'll use something like zeroshell10:28
fubbrainwash: I read about the Intel ME vulnerabilities and I want to patch them (because disabling of ME is not possible)10:29
blackflowmementomori: depends on what exactly you want to achieve. yes you can create a subnet/vlan and have a VM serve as the gateway/dhcp server for that subnet.10:29
fubso its a CPU "firmeware" update10:30
andromodonblackflow: https://paste.linux.community/view/8ee8b0ee10:30
mementomoriblackflow, the idea is to follow https://www.ubuntu.com/download/cloud/build-openstack using kvm and start creating vms via the web ui10:32
ozbrkblackflow, what is the command to launch steam excatly. Steam command is just come inconlusive10:32
ozbrkhmmm that is very very insteresting10:33
blackflowmementomori: openstack is overkill for service VMs, but if you want it, go ahead I guess.10:33
blackflowozbrk: `steam` all lowercase, at least on Bionic. you could look into your steam's .desktop launcher if it's not that10:34
mementomoriblackflow, thank you for your time and patience10:34
blackflowandromodon: which ubuntu is that? lots of consolekit processes. Anyway, I can't tell what's going on from that output which looks more or less expected. systemd -> terminal (konsole) -> bash. but something in that chain is limiting the groups for the bash process10:35
ozbrkblackflow, well the reaso steam command does not work is the steam was not accutaly installed. What has been installed though was from flathub10:35
blackflowandromodon: you could perhaps use the /proc filesystem how you did above and go upward, pid by pid, from teh shell, to see how and if the groups change10:35
blackflowandromodon: another question...... did you re-login after adding user to the group(s)?10:35
ozbrkblackflow, now here are two steams :(10:35
andromodonblackflow: 16.0410:35
blackflowozbrk: pastebin what you mean, please?10:36
andromodonblackflow: I did that.  See toward the top of the pastebin.  Nothing in the chain has any groups, all the way up to pid=1.10:36
andromodonblackflow: LOL.  Yes, many times. ;)10:36
andromodonJust in case my .bash_profile or .bashrc is the culprit I'm replacing them with defaults and rebotting now...  Other users on my system get groups, just not me...10:37
dkaHi !, I am on Linux Ubuntu, I often do hangouts call with people I train programming, they want me to record a video so they can watch it again, Is there a good software we can use ?10:39
TimeDoctorI'd probably use obs10:39
blackflowdka: a moment ago you said you were on Debian Stretch, in #debian10:39
ozbrkblackflow, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YB4rCGVWtZ/10:39
TimeDoctordka: https://obsproject.com10:39
blackflowdka: don't lie please, and don't crosspost. Debian != Ubuntu. Not exactly the same software is available.10:39
dkablackflow , I am on linux and debian10:39
dkawhat is the matter ?10:39
dkaI have more than one computer10:39
dkaThank you for thinking10:40
blackflowozbrk: I'd reinstall steam. apt install --reinstall steam10:41
dkaTimeDoctor, thanks, it seems to work on both10:41
ozbrkblackflow, thats what I was just did10:41
dkaTimeDoctor, is it an aside software i need to start before each hangout screencast session?10:41
ozbrkblackflow, still nothing happens10:41
blackflowozbrk: what's the output of `which steam` ?10:42
ozbrkblackflow, same10:42
blackflowwhat do you mean "same". it's suppose to spit out the full path to "steam" binary10:42
andromodon___blackflow: I'm back.  Well, the issue isn't in .bash_profile or .bashrc.10:42
ozbrkblackflow, I purged both of steams. All of em were gone and re install from apt-get10:43
ozbrkthen reinstall it10:43
ozbrknow result is the same10:43
blackflowozbrk: so, what's the output of `which steam` ?10:43
blackflowandromodon___: I'm not that much familiar with systemd, but on Bionic the terminal is child of "systemd --user", and in your ouput that --user is missing. I don't know if that's normal for xenial, or not, and/or the cause of your limited group set10:44
ozbrkblackflow, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3hDMgX5BKt/10:44
andromodon___blackflow: Hmm... Well, Ubuntu 18.04.1 comes out tomorrow or the next day or something.  I could upgrade and find out.  LOL10:44
blackflowandromodon___: today supposedly.10:45
* andromodon___ looks at his watch... 10:45
andromodon___blackflow: I feel like there has to be a big clue in the fact that I can log into other users and they have multiple groups, but andromodon just gets one group..10:46
blackflowozbrk: which ubuntu is that?10:47
andromodon___blackflow: That means it can't be a system level issue, right?  It has to be something in my home directory that is causing things to go amiss??10:47
blackflowandromodon___: no, it could be anything, from systemd, through KDE, to shell configs10:47
blackflowandromodon___: I'm not sure about that consolekit. it's supposedly long abandoned and replaced with systemd-logind. I don't know if it's normal on xenial, doesn't look normal to me (but I could be totally wrong)10:48
andromodon___blackflow: Hm....  shit.  Ok.  Well, it's not .bashrc or .bash_profile (at least not my customizations to them).10:48
blackflowat anyrate, consolekit vs logind conflict sounds like something that would cause what you describe.10:49
andromodon___blackflow: I suppose I could try logging in to another desktop environment and see if I have the same issue.  Seem useful?10:49
blackflowandromodon___: sure, or reboot into non-graphical mode and login that way.  just append number 3  to the kernel (vmlinuz) line in the grub. doy ou know how to do that?10:49
andromodon___Um... Can I just type something like "telinit 3" or something?10:50
andromodon___Or can I just press ctrl-alt-f3 and login there?10:50
andromodon___blackflow: ^10:50
blackflowandromodon___: maybe, I don't know, the idea behind this was to remove layers and see if that'll help10:51
andromodon___blackflow: Aah.  I'll try all of the above, from easiest to hardest and come back when they all fail. ;)10:51
andromodon___blackflow: Yes, I can edit the grub line with a 3 at the end.10:51
andromodon___blackflow: brb10:52
ozbrkblackflow, latest lts10:54
ozbrkblackflow, 18.0410:54
blackflowozbrk: cool. can you pastebin the output of `stat .steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime.tar.xz`  please?10:54
ozbrkblackflow, well system is 32 bit10:54
ozbrkblackflow, well system is 64 bit10:54
ozbrkblackflow, sorry10:55
blackflowozbrk: so? Steam is 32-bit. does not that path exist? how did you install steam exactly?10:55
ozbrkblackflow, apt-get install steam10:56
ozbrkblackflow, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RSS7qWh9xS/10:56
andromodonblackflow:  Well, Ctrl-Alt-F3 followed by a login works great.  "groups" shows a dozen different groups.10:56
andromodonblackflow: That's without a reboot or anything.10:56
andromodonblackflow: So, that means it's a kde thing??10:57
blackflowozbrk: right, your steam runtime is broken. perhaps remove it (purge) it from the system. remove any ~/.steam files and directories and try reinstalling it again. I am assuming this is your first installation of steam on that machine? removing ~/.steam will remove all current configs, savegames, steam stuff, so be warned.10:57
ozbrkblackflow, nothing has ever played so far so lets get blasted10:58
blackflowandromodon: possible. Im increasingly convinced that consolekit is out of place there. I have no xenial systems to check, but in xenial, consolekit is in universe which would suggest is't not default and not part of the official installation.10:58
andromodonblackflow: You think consolekit could be causing this issue?10:59
blackflowandromodon: yes, it should be conflicting with logind10:59
BluesKajHi all10:59
blackflownow there could be _still_ some transition period on xenial, but I doubt that. again, I could be wrong.10:59
andromodonblackflow: Interesting...  How can we test this theory?10:59
blackflowandromodon: for example, find what pulls in consolekit.    apt-cache rdepends consolekit11:00
ozbrkblackflow, steam totally removed and that ~/.steam folder was deleted. I'm reinstalling steam via command line11:00
blackflowandromodon: and see if it's even installed,  dpkg -l 'consolek*' should list packages starting with ii11:00
blackflowozbrk: did you use the software center before?11:01
andromodonblackflow: making pastebin11:01
andromodonblackflow: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mPDMfdcXjv/11:02
blackflowandromodon: what would     apt -s remove consolekit    (NO sudo!)    list for removal?11:03
andromodonblackflow: nothing else would get removed except consolekit.11:04
ozbrkblackflow, yes and it was using flathub to install it11:04
ozbrkblackflow, which is why the "steam" command did not take any effect11:05
andromodonblackflow: Should I go for it?  "sudo apt remove consolekit"?11:05
ozbrkblackflow, I GUESS11:05
blackflowandromodon: that doesn't sound normal. I could be totally wrong about this. but... and this could break your entire system if I'm wrong, would require rescue env, chrooting and reinstalling it......   backup data and see what happens when you remove it + reboot?11:05
andromodonblackflow: Maybe I'll do this in a VM first... ;)11:06
blackflowyeah I don' tknow if consolekit is _still_ normal on xenial. it is deprecated and replced by systemd-logind that's for sure.11:06
andromodonblackflow: I would think if it's "normal" something else would depend on it.11:07
blackflowandromodon: exactly, especially meta packages like ubuntu-minimal or -standard or -desktop even.11:07
andromodonblackflow: yeah...11:07
blackflowandromodon: if I were you, I'd do it, but then I know how to recover from fallout of it -- in case I'm wrong -- so... your call.11:08
blackflowandromodon: and I'm mentioning this at all becuse you seem to know your way around ubuntu and how to do some stuff, so...   fi you didn't, I'd _never_ suggest such a radical test :)11:09
blackflowozbrk: I suppose that flatpak broke stuff. just install it from apt, it works fine in Bionic.11:09
andromodonblackflow: I have no idea how to install packages if I can't log into the system.. I can get to the filesystm by booting with a USB stick, but I only know how to install packages on the systm you're on not the system you're just mounting...11:09
andromodonblackflow: I appreciate the words of caution. ;)11:09
blackflowandromodon: usb stick, mount root, mount proc,sys,dev in there, chroot, apt install.   in short.11:09
=== amadeo_bee is now known as amadeobee
blackflowandromodon: but yeah, if I'm wrong, this could totally prevent you from accessing the system normally as it's about user login sessions.11:10
andromodonblackflow: Aah.  I think I've done that once before...11:10
blackflowthat's exactly why I'm convinced it's the cause of this mess and in conflict with logind.11:10
andromodonblackflow: I'll try it in a ubuntu 16.04 VM first.11:10
andromodonblackflow: brb again.11:10
blackflowandromodon: wait11:11
andromodonblackflow: waiting11:11
blackflowandromodon: see if a new installation even brings in consolekit, for starterss11:11
blackflowif it doesn't... well.... :)11:11
andromodonblackflow: Agreed.11:11
andromodonblackflow: Still need to reboot to get my vm working... brb11:11
=== zendude is now known as cybercap
andromodonblackflow: Well, my ubuntu 16.04 VM does not have consolekit installed.11:23
blackflowandromodon: well.... your call. it's possible even that won't fix your problem. I really don't know. all I know is consolekit is abandoned, logind replaces it, and they BOTH manage login sessions, users, seats, and that's why I suspect it is somehow messing your groups.11:27
andromodonblackflow: Here goes nothing.... ;)  "sudo apt remove consolekit" pending.  If I come back in 10 minutes it means it didn't hose my system.  If I come back tomorrow, then... I'll have practiced my disaster recovery skills - always good to brush up on those from time to time...11:27
andromodonblackflow: Either way, thanks for your help today! :)11:28
blackflowandromodon: you're welcome.11:28
* andromodon executes and reboots...11:29
andromodonblackflow: Well, the system rebooted fine, so that's good.  Still no groups though.11:33
andromodonblackflow: My brain is getting a bit squishy though.  I think I'll try this again tomorrow.  I hope you have a great day!11:34
blackflowandromodon: well, shoot.11:34
=== Otis is now known as Wharncliffe
Lem18Hi all.. just wondering if anyone can tell me what Ubuntu 18.04 might do on a laptop when the AC power is removed and the laptop switches over to battery? I've got a laptop with an i7-6700HQ, Ubuntu Studio 18.04 all stock with Unity desktop, and the integrated GPU performs fast on AC, but considerably slower on battery.11:55
neilduganLem18, the bios might be throttle the GPU to extend batter life12:01
ozbrkgaming on linux has far more improved than years ago12:10
ozbrk!cookie blackflow12:11
titanSTRIXHi. I have a question mark instead of network icon in system try. ubuntu 18.04-112:11
ozbrkhow to give a cookie here12:12
oerheksadd a |  between cookie and me12:12
ozbrk!cookie| oerheks12:20
ubottuoerheks: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:20
ozbrk!cookie| blackflow12:20
ubottublackflow: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:20
ozbrkokay everyone lets get shots cookies on me12:20
oerhekswe love you.12:21
jottrHi all. I am able to issue `$ getopts` on ubuntu. But `which getopts` doesn't return a path. How can I find out where it is located? Also which is the name of the package it resides in?12:27
Picijottr: its a shell built-in12:28
ioriajottr,  type getopts12:28
jottrioria: thx12:29
blackflowozbrk: ooh, yummy, thanks!12:31
m00c0wHi! I'm trying to use ubuntu-18.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.tar.gz with KVM.  After unpacking it and converting it with qemu-img - and booting it KVM console says "no bootable device".  Any advice on where to look or what to look for?12:33
mikubuntuwhen i plug in usb charger cables to charge my phone off laptop -- a dialogue box KEEPS popping up and will not stay minimized or go away -- says "Removable medium is inserted", and asks what action i want to perform .. how do i make it go  away?12:34
ioriamikubuntu, try  systemsettings -> details -> removable media12:37
=== Sven_vB_ is now known as Sven_vB
mikubuntuioria: i'll check it thx (i just want the pesky dialogue box to stop popping up right in the middle of my screen, it's going to give me an infarction)12:43
Sven_vBI'd like to route my usual traffic for some-host.example.net via but connections to some-host.example.net:19 (TCP chargen) shall be routed via, and in case that's not possible, the packets shall drop. how would I do that?12:44
mikubuntuioria: can't find that location on my lub 16.0412:45
jrgilman18.04.1 is supposed to come out today isn't it?12:49
blackflowjrgilman: aye.12:51
blackflowif you're on Bionic, it's already in the updates.12:51
jrgilmannope, I'm on 16.0412:52
jrgilmanmy understanding was that 18.04.1 would have a smooth upgrade to 18.0412:52
jrgilmanfrom 16.0412:52
jrgilmanalright well I'll do a back-up and try do-release-upgrade I guess12:53
guivercjrgilman fyi: the 'taps' for 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS aren't enabled usually the same day, so don't be surprised if its tomorrow or monday you have the upgrade offer13:00
jrgilmanguiverc: gotchya, okay thanks13:02
oodswayjrgilman: got a url for cli upgrade steps? going Kubutu 16.04 to 18.04 soon.13:11
w0rpHas anyone ever had a problem where balloons are blank in KDE for a GNOME application?13:16
jrgilmanoodsway: for cli? nope, I just realized I can do upgrade-manager -c13:17
jrgilmanbut other than that it's all GUI13:17
=== nualias is now known as _0x00rick
oodswayjrgilman: what is -c option. don't see that in man page 4 it13:22
jrgilmanman update-manager ?13:22
jrgilmanIt's there for me13:22
jrgilmanbut uh13:22
jrgilmanit checks if a new distribution release is available13:23
jrgilmanbut as guiverc mentioned earlier, it likely won't become available for at least a day or two13:23
oodswayjrgilman: sri, I was looking at do-release-upgrade cmd13:23
oodswayjrgilman: right, doing planning13:23
jrgilmanthat would do it13:23
jrgilmanthis is gonna be the first time I'm gonna do a update rather than nuking and paving13:24
=== amirpro_ is now known as amirpro
BluesKajisn't it called update-manager? ..have no upgrade-manager here13:25
oodswayjrgilman: I did the gui going b4, but prefer cli now13:25
jrgilmanBluesKaj: woops yes, I accidentally did call it that13:25
oodswayjrgilman: found this vid; looks straight forward https://youtu.be/yEAFwy57Uy013:25
BluesKajjrgilman, ok thanks13:26
oodswayjrgilman: but he added -d in vid and notes not to in comments13:26
jrgilmanoodsway: that's because it will attempt the install a development release13:26
jrgilmanthat's what the -d flag does13:27
jrgilmanfor both update-manager and do-release-upgrade13:27
jrgilmanoodsway: like if you do sudo do-release-upgrade right now13:28
jrgilmanit will do nothing since the release isn't up yet13:28
jrgilmansame thing with update-manager13:28
jrgilmanbut since he needed to make a video, he needed to do -d heh13:28
oodswayjrgilman: found this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Upgrades13:29
oodswayjrgilman: is it necessary to change release-upgrades file in /etc or is that what do-release-upgrade does?13:30
jrgilmanif you want to be notified via the GUI updater yes13:31
jrgilmanbut i would just do it via the uh13:31
oodswayjrgilman: yea, I want stable lts13:31
jrgilmangui which edits that file13:31
jrgilmanthey tell you right below it13:31
jrgilmanyou likely are already set to LTS13:31
oodswayjrgilman: nope, just want a cli experience this time :)13:32
jrgilmanyeah either works13:32
oodswayjrgilman: yup LTS now13:32
infandumHow can I see which package contains a library? Which bionic package contains libgsl.so.19?13:41
BluesKajthe package manager should tell you, lists dependencies etc13:48
JimBuntuinfandum, apt-file search libgsl.so.1913:49
BluesKajright JimBuntu I never remember to use apt-file search, guess I forget to install it13:51
BluesKaja handy tool13:52
BluesKajI'd better install it on bionic too13:54
ozbrkhow to remove ubuntu calculator14:08
ozbrktwo popular icon themes have no icons for that poor thing :(14:09
jrgilmanwhy waste your time with removing it then14:09
oerheksblame the theme ..14:09
ozbrkit deserves to DİE :(14:09
jrgilmani believe it's called gnome-calculator14:09
jrgilmansudo apt-get remove gnome-calculator14:09
oerheksmaybe that pulls half your desktop, grinn14:10
ozbrklets see if it purges whole DE or not14:10
tomreynif you're on 18.04 then the caclculator is actually a snap14:11
blackflowin bionic, it's a snap14:11
ozbrk!cookie | tomreyn14:12
ubottutomreyn: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:12
ozbrkI'm trying to apt remove here :( :(14:12
* tomreyn munchies14:12
jrgilman:( I wanted cookie14:12
jrgilmanguess I should've realized you'd probably be on 18.0414:13
ozbrk!cookie | jrgilman14:13
ubottujrgilman: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:13
ozbrka cookie for me a cookie for you a cookie for everybody in this room ( modified lyrcs of twenty one pilots)14:14
jrgilmanlol I was thinking the oprah winfrey thing14:14
jrgilmanyou get a cookie14:14
jrgilmanand you get a cookie14:14
ozbrkgoodbye gnome calculator :( you won't be missed :( :(14:15
jrgilmantomreyn: I haven't updated to 18.04 yet. Are snaps designed to phase out debs? I haven't read much about them14:15
tomreynjrgilman: at this point, they're complementary only.14:18
tomreyni dont know what canonicals long term plans are there.14:19
ozbrkI'm looking things to do with ubuntu now. Strangely enough whenever I set this system up I waas just get more pain from the bugs but now.. I'm looking for accual things to do.. Lets train for HTML :)14:20
ozbrkeven dxvk is working so fine :)14:21
CarlFKwhat do I add to sources.list to use https://pkg.c3voc.de/pool/main/d/decklink-debugger/decklink-debugger_1.0.0%2B0~20180112214913.17~1.gbpb4ef5f_amd64.deb14:30
pragmaticenigmaCarlFK: You don't add anything for a .deb file... .deb files are stand alone installers14:30
CarlFKpragmaticenigma: we.. I want to apt install and later update it ... pretty sure that is a repo14:31
pragmaticenigmaCarlFK: No... it's not a repo, it may install a repo as part of it's payload, but in it's current form it is only an installer.14:32
CarlFK"it" being the server/dir/stuff.14:33
=== break19_ is now known as break19
pragmaticenigmaCarlFK: A *.deb file is a container file that contains scripts, manifests, and binaries for the installation of applications, modify system settings, or other system changes. It can add a source to a repo, much like Google's Chrome .deb installer does. Google's Chrome installer installs the Chrome application as well as adds Google's PPA Repo for future updates.14:35
CarlFKpragmaticenigma: stop licking the cookie :p14:35
pragmaticenigmaCarlFK: Do you have a support related question?14:36
tomreynCarlFK: yes this is part of an apt repository layout. you'd need to check the third parties' instrauctions on how to use it, though14:37
tomreynhttps://pkg.c3voc.de/dists/ lists the "distributions" that it is available for, none of which are the usual ubuntu release codenames14:37
oerheksSet /umode +R if you're getting tons of nonsensical PMs14:37
jjegot a NUC8i7HNK using the i915 video driver that boots to a black screen when using kms. how can i get it to boot to the desktop without using nomodeset.14:38
tomreynCarlFK: compare to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/14:38
atralheavenHi, I tried installing ubuntu on a laptop with Nvidia 1050 and on another laptop with 1060, on both of them I had a problem, everything freezes after loging in. the problem seems to be from the graphic card (but I'm not sure). I know that older kernel versions doesn't have this problem. what can I do? has anyone exprienced the same problem here with 1050 or 1060? Thanks14:49
Celmorcan I find out the executables provided by a package?14:51
Sven_vBmy earlier routing question was ansered on #netfilter. in case anyone else is interested: match+mark packets with iptables, then that mark can be matched with policy routes, man ip-rule.14:52
blackflowatralheaven: proprietary driver or nouveau?14:53
blackflowCelmor: dpkg -L <package-name>  should list files and dirs installed by the package. executables are usually under /(s)bin/ or /usr/(s)bin/14:54
feodoranhi guys, I just installed a new graphics card, and it seems ubuntu is not using any specifc driver for it. so I downloaded an installed amdgpu. but after that the desktop does not show up anymore (for both amdgpu and amdgpu-pro). so I uninstalled it, and the desktop shows up again. so what went wrong? which log-files do I need to look at?14:55
oerheksfeodoran, "so I downloaded an installed amdgpu" huh? if your card runs amdgpu, it would be automaticly loaden14:56
oerheksi think that card uses openradeon14:56
bezkowhere can I get progress updates about 18.04.1? Any chance it will not be released today?14:56
feodoran oerheks: how can I check that?14:56
oerheksfeodoran, what card exactly?14:56
lotuspsychjebezko: are you on xenial?14:57
feodoranrx 58014:57
oerheksdriver in use >> lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'14:57
atralheavenblackflow: the free one14:57
feodoranoerheks: that does not give any output14:57
blackflowatralheaven: that'd be nouveau if by free you mean libre. try the proprietary one. it's possible nouveau doesn't support those gpus14:58
feodoranoerheks: if I remove the last pipe to grep it shows that it found an AMD card14:58
oerheksfeodoran, odd, it should give something14:58
feodoranoerheks: yes, that is why I thought "maybe I need to install amdgpu manually"14:59
oerheksi guess your not running ubuntu then14:59
Celmorblackflow, thanks, looks like I installed the wrong package ("gem" package doesn't provide "gem" executable, rubygems did)14:59
feodoranoerheks: sidenote: old card was radeon as well14:59
feodoranoerheks: xubuntu 16.04.0415:00
bezkolotuspsychje yes, waiting for when it's oficially ok to upgrade15:00
atralheavenblackflow: I guess so, but with the older kernel (the one which is on debian stable now) was working fine. Can I install that driver during the installation?15:00
lotuspsychjebezko: you will get the upgrade window when tis out mate15:01
oerheksoh, your card is so new, upgrade to 18.04 with kernel 4.15+15:01
blackflowatralheaven: you can only up- or down-grade the kernel, within range that's available in the repos. I'd really try the proprietary first, see if that works.15:01
feodoranoerheks: ok, should I try to upgrade the existing install, or better reinstall?15:02
oerheksthe upgrade path, that should be released today, is not released yet15:04
oerheks16.04 > 18.04.115:04
oerheksso, wait, or do a fresh install15:04
feodoranupgrade path?15:04
oerheksyes, via normal updates15:05
feodoranwill ubuntu ask about it on its own?15:06
differenthello can anyone help me set up lutris/wine or where should I go to get help?15:13
lotuspsychje!wine | different15:13
ubottudifferent: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:13
Sven_vBdifferent, also #winehq15:14
Sven_vBoh. the bot had that.15:14
differentSven_vB: will they also help me with lutris?15:14
Sven_vBdifferent, no idea. is it based on Ubuntu?15:14
OolHi , someone know why it's needed to be registered to enter in this chan?15:15
differentSven_vB: it's like gaming on linux, just manages the wine versions for games individually15:15
feodoranoerheks: you said "that should be released today", is there some website where such information is made available?15:16
Sven_vBdifferent, you could try. it probably depends on how far off it is from the main wine15:16
Lord-KaminaWhy does gcc-4.8 apparently need gcc-5-base, gcc-4.9 needs gcc-6-base and gcc 5 needs gcc-7-base?15:16
lovepopsickleoerheks, is the upgrade notification coming out today I thought somone said it usually is not the same day?15:16
lotuspsychjeOol: currently registration is needed due to botnet spam15:17
ioriafeodoran, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule15:17
=== BrAss_mOnKEy is now known as ghostwilliampw-4
feodoranioria: thanks15:19
=== ghostwilliampw-4 is now known as william
feodoranbut then should I have gotten some notification about upgrading to 18.04 about 3 month ago already? under updates I have configured "notify me of a new ubuntu version: for long-term support version"15:20
ioria!ltsupgrade | feodoran15:22
geniifeodoran: LTS to next LTS upgrade is not offered until the latest LTS release reaches ( in this instance 18.04.1 ) it's first point release15:22
ubottufeodoran: Upgrades from 16.04 LTS will not be enabled until a few days after the 18.04.1 release expected in late July.15:22
Oollotuspsychje: thanks for the info15:22
Celmoris there a packacge/group that isntalls all common developer tools?15:25
feodoranah, so basically it waits for the more stable first point release. then I guess it's good timing that my old card broke just before the upcoming release15:25
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)15:28
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skinuxI have setup a web server in a VM, attempted accessing it via the VM IP, but browser acts like the server is down.15:31
pragmaticenigmaskinux: Is the VM setup to use NAT or Bridge mode for networking?15:33
skinuxWait. How do I confirm that?15:33
pragmaticenigmaskinux: Depending on the VM software, you will need to forward port 80 and 443 for that VM15:34
skinuxVirtualBox, brought up using Vagrant15:34
pragmaticenigmaskinux: If the Guest OS is receiving an IP address that is not the same subnet as your local network, is one way to tell. Otherwise the settings of the VM in the networking section will tell you15:34
skinuxSo, I just need to open VirtualBox VM Manager?15:35
CelmorJimBuntu, thanks, didn't fix my issue though15:35
lovepopsickleubottu, that release point is supposed to be released today.15:36
pragmaticenigmalovepopsickle: ubottu is not a person, it's a bot and cannot reply15:36
pragmaticenigmaAlso, the release candidates for the .1 release have been released. Canonical is waiting for bug reports before releasing the final iso compilations15:38
lotuspsychjelovepopsickle: did you read the factoid?15:40
cavillishey everyone, is there a way to be notified when i can upgrade 16.04 to 18.04?15:40
cavillisi tried dist-upgrade today but theres no upgrades available15:40
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | cavillis15:40
ubottucavillis: Upgrades from 16.04 LTS will not be enabled until a few days after the 18.04.1 release expected in late July.15:40
lotuspsychjelovepopsickle: a few days^15:41
pragmaticenigmalotuspsychje: Send this link instead... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule15:46
oodswayPSA: ran 16.04 to 18.04.1 upgrade on VM today via CLI FYIW.15:46
skinuxI guess ports can't be forwarded to the same numbers?15:48
pragmaticenigmaskinux: what do you mean?15:49
skinuxI forwarded 80 and 443 to 80 and 44315:50
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blackflowskinux: you mean like dNAT port forwarding? sure can15:51
skinuxI did it in VirtualBox's Network settings for the VM15:52
skinuxI restarted the VM and host browsre is still acting like the server is down.15:52
blackflowyeah I have no idea what virtualbox does.15:53
lovepopsicklefirst. get rid of those dumb bots. its too early in the morning to read through all that nonsense and when you only slept a few hours those dumb bots are not fun. 2) whoever decided to wait "a few days" after the point release for the update prompt was obviously not looking out for the people who volunteer in this help room cause you going to get asked this ALL DAY LONG!! LMAO.15:53
blackflowwe got bots too.15:54
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.15:54
pragmaticenigmaskinux: If the Host OS is hosting it's own web server, then the ports for the external connection will need to be different15:55
skinuxnginx does not appear to be running on host15:56
feodoranlovepopsickle: what if during the roll out the point release update some new bugs show up? people who volunteer here would get a lot of questions about this too ...15:57
lovepopsicklefeodoran, I think the idea of the point release was to fix bugs and make it more stable not to have a bunch of bugs reported :)15:58
lotuspsychjelovepopsickle feodoran please not here, only ubuntu support issues15:58
lotuspsychjewe have an #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-discuss15:58
lovepopsicklelotuspsychje, I did not mean to interfere with your bots flooding the channel :P15:59
hggdhlovepopsickle: please stop15:59
lovepopsickleexcuse my comments please :)15:59
pragmaticenigmalovepopsickle: point releases are rollups of all the updates and bug fixes already released through the update channels. effectively, it is moving the packages from the update repositories to the main repositories.16:00
Xcytreis there an AV program I can scan another host via crossover cable?16:00
lovepopsicklepragmaticenigma, I am aware16:01
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lovepopsickledid anyone answer my question earlier about whether there is a difference in doing a terminal distro upgrade or waiting for a few days for the gui prompt?16:03
pragmaticenigmaXcytre: please expand what AV means. Abbreviations can mean different things to different people. I assume you mean Anti-Virus but would like to make sure16:03
pragmaticenigmalovepopsickle: The GUI is no different than the terminal.16:03
Xcytreyes, thank you, anti-virus16:03
lovepopsickleexcept I can upgrade now with the terminal and the gui comes out in a few days is why i asked pragmaticenigma16:03
hggdhlovepopsickle: two different ways of getting to the same end result16:04
lovepopsickleexcept one is waiting and one is not. so I guess the answer is a simple no.16:05
pragmaticenigmalovepopsickle: The GUI is just a wrapper around the same terminal commands. The difference would be the location of the flag the GUI looks for to display the prompt (which is usually cached)16:05
tomreynXcytre: there is clamav, and there are several proprietary (sometimes free as in beer) AVs which work on linux.16:05
pragmaticenigmaXcytre: There isn't a tool that would work via cross over, you can live boot a CD or USB with ClamAV installed. You can manually provide ClamAV updated signature files for scanning offline16:06
Xcytrethanks.  I scanned over clamav's documentation, but didn't notice how to scan a networked host16:06
neachdainnIs there a way to do a release upgrade from 12.04 to 16.04?16:06
EriC^^!eolupgrades | neachdainn16:06
ubottuneachdainn: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:06
tomreynXcytre: i guess you dont, you ssh to it16:06
Xcytrethanks pgramaticenigma16:06
lovepopsickleneachdainn, no you have to upgrade to each one seperately16:06
blackflowXcytre: you must mount its filesystem, eg. through samba (I'm guessing this is for windows)16:06
XcytreYes, for windows16:06
blackflowXcytre: for which you're far better of using a native AV16:07
neachdainnlovepopsickle: Thanks16:07
neachdainnIs there an installer for 16.04 that is terminal only?16:08
Xcytrewe were using webroot, but webroot kept reporting the same 7 threats cleaned over and over...16:08
neachdainnI have a machine that I need to upgrade and monitors are tricky16:08
EriC^^neachdainn: the server installer is terminal only16:08
neachdainnSweet. I'll try that, then. Thanks!16:09
EriC^^neachdainn: no problem16:09
Xcytrewe're using scanning with a TrendMicro boot CD now... thanks for the help!16:10
BarnabasDKXcytre, just note, because a virus scanner thinks a file is a threat it is not necessarily so16:15
mdlpehi made a new install on my new harddrive. All is fine. But I want to remove the entrance in grub menu for my "old" system in another hdd.16:15
EriC^^mdlpe: did you delete the old system?16:15
EriC^^(the partition)16:16
lovepopsickleneachdainn, use the distro upgrade command ..not sure about full upgrade and if that works16:16
mdlpeEriC^^: not yet16:16
mdlpeI want to be sure I can boot before deleting something16:16
EriC^^mdlpe: the old hdd has what os exactly?16:17
lovepopsickleso does the full upgrade command to distro updates too or is the distro-upgrade command needed?16:17
nacclovepopsickle: full-upgrade = dist-upgrade and neither does anything for the release you are on.16:17
mdlpeIt is the same os, now on my grub I boot on the new one but still have the capability to boot on the old one on the other drive16:17
lovepopsicklenacc so the dist-upgrade is not working yet either? maybe I will wait on the gui lol16:18
nacclovepopsickle: sorry, i don't have the context; what dist-upgrade? for what release?16:19
lovepopsickle16.04 to 18.0416:20
nacclovepopsickle: dist-upgrade would never do that.16:20
nacclovepopsickle: as I just said :)16:20
nacclovepopsickle: you want `do-release-upgrade`16:20
nacclovepopsickle: or wait til you get hte prompt in the GUI, as you said16:20
lovepopsickleopps got the terminal commands confused16:23
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Xcytrethanks BarnabasDK16:38
ahi2wow i come back and i have 8 spam PMs lol16:52
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theGoatso i am spinning up more and more VMs in my lab.  i really don't want to manage users on each VM.  what are my options other than AD to do central user manaegment.17:03
nacctheGoat: may want #ubuntu-server, but LDAP?17:05
theGoatnacc: roger that, thanks.17:05
skinuxHere's an interesting question. Would it be possible to put something in a setting, so that if I accidentally try to access web server using host port, that it would redirect me to the guest port?17:09
naccskinux: ... you might need to provide more detail. You mean you are accessing host:port and want it to go to guest:port ? Or do you mean you are access guest:<host port> guest:<guest port> /17:11
PerdouilleHello ! I'm having a lot of trouble with my new Laptop (MSI GS73VR 7RF). I'm trying to install Linux (I tried Ubuntu, Manjaro, ArchLinux, ...) and I'm having the same problem over and over: The PC is freezing very fast: I can move the mouse, but I can't do anything else17:31
PerdouilleI managed to install Manjaro, but I cannot install Ubuntu at all because it keeps freezing during the installation wizard.17:31
purplepodPerdouille, I'm guessing it's very new hardware, and manjaro, being based on Arch, may have a newer kernel with more support for new hardware17:32
oerheksgforce 1060 ..17:32
purplepodHmm no 7700 weird17:33
PerdouilleIt freezes with Manjaro as well, I just had more luck and managed to install it without freezing17:33
purplepodyeah I dunno then17:33
purplepodits a 7th gen i7, ought to be well supported by any distro at this point17:33
purplepodA quick google shows it's working with some distros no problem17:34
PerdouilleI sometimes have a message (On Manjaro, never seen it on Ubuntu) saying " soft lockup - CPU stuck for 22s" or something like that17:34
purplepodyou might have a hardware problem.  Have you tried running memtest on your RAM?17:34
ryuoAlso, it could be an issue with nouveau, the default X11 driver for nvidia cards.17:34
purplepodah yes17:34
PerdouilleAnd I get instant freezes if I try to switch TTYs (With older kernels it doesn't freeze but it doesn't switch tty at all)17:34
purplepodyou could modprobe.blacklist=nouveau when you boot the live USB17:35
ryuoSo, perhaps disabling nouveau temporarily until you can install nvidia drivers?17:35
purplepodsee if that helps17:35
PerdouilleI tried booting in "single" mode (I'm not sure that's the real name) and I get freezes as well17:35
PerdouilleIs Nouveau running in single mode ?17:35
ryuoIt starts at the kernel module level.17:35
purplepodPerdouille, on the boot screen where you select 'try ubuntu' or 'install ubuntu' hit e and add modprobe.blacklist=nouveau to the boot line17:36
PerdouilleAh and when I type "reboot" or "shutdown now", it freezes instantly, I have to power it down by pressing the shutdown buttons for some seconds, and it will usually freeze again the next boot17:36
purplepodsee if that helps17:36
PerdouilleOkay let me try, thanks a lot17:36
ryuoPerdouille: if using VESA mode or Intel only makes a difference, then you may need to keep nouveau blacklisted until you can install the proprietary drivers.17:36
purplepodryuo, I didn't even think of nouveau, I just turn off optimius in my BIOS when installing, I forgot newer systems can't usually do that.17:37
ryuoPerdouille: other things to try; upgrading the BIOS.17:37
ryuonot always helpful, but it can resolve issues.17:37
brainwashfub: "Intel is unable to provide a generic update due to management engine firmware customizations performed by system and motherboard manufacturers."17:37
brainwashfub: "Contact your system or motherboard manufacturer regarding their plans for making the updates available to end users."17:38
PerdouilleI add "modprobe.blacklist=nouveau" right after "spash" ?17:39
ryuoPerdouille: that's what purplepod said to try, yes.17:39
PerdouilleI wasn't sure if it was after "spash" or the other line (initrd.lz)17:39
oerheksyay, 18.04.1 release path is open17:39
oerheksand torrents are published http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/17:39
purplepodafter splash yes.  thats the boot line.17:39
ryuoPerdouille: though, for future reference, i generally avoid dual GPU laptops. they tend to have issues with Linux.17:40
ryuoPerdouille: but maybe you can get it to work.17:40
PerdouilleMy other laptop was an MSI with two GPUs (970m and the intel one) and it worked fine so I thought it would work as well :/17:40
PerdouilleI had more issues with the "Killer" LAN and wifi17:40
ryuoLAN? What kind of ethernet hardware was it? I've never heard of an unsupported one.17:41
purplepodryuo, eh, depends.  I have optimus with zero problems.  its usually the bleeding edge stuff that can have problems17:41
PerdouilleI can't remember if the LAN worked out of the box or not, but the wifi was a real pain to fix17:42
oerhekskiller lan .. hmm sounds familiair17:42
oerheksPerdouille, but then he would have 2 lan port, 1 works17:42
PerdouilleIt seems to work if I blacklist Nouveau !17:42
ryuoFigured. Nouveau is frequently a source of problems with dual GPU laptops.17:42
ryuoIf it's using Nvidia anyway.17:42
oerhekscan you choose gpu in the bios?17:43
purplepodPerdouille, just install bumblebee (if you want to use graphics switching) or nvidia driver (if you just want to use PRIME and manually switch GPUs)17:43
PerdouilleNo I can't oerheks :/17:43
purplepodoerheks, most newer laptops can't do that17:43
oerheksor set primairy?17:43
PerdouilleI'm going to install bumblebee17:43
PerdouilleThanks a lot !17:43
PerdouilleNo I can't switch anything in the Bios17:43
oerhekscurrent is prime17:43
oerheksbumblebee is old, though17:44
ryuoPerdouille: good luck. you can make the blacklist permanent after first boot by doing this as root:17:44
purplepodI'm using primus for my switching, but my GPU isn't supported by anything after the 390 nvidia legacy driver17:44
ryuoecho blacklist nouveau > /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau-blacklist.conf17:44
ryuoupdate-initramfs -u -k all17:45
oerhekscheck out the driver ppa, https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:45
PerdouilleOk thanks again !17:45
oerhekshi deadrom17:47
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=== randommmero is now known as randomlife
neachdainnI just installed the Ubuntu server version on what is effectively a laptop. What packages do I need to install for sane laptop power management?17:50
naccneachdainn: which part of power management do you consider sane?17:51
neachdainnThe "behave differently when on battery power" part17:51
neachdainnThe bar is real low, here.17:51
transhumanhi, I am not sure what to do about it in Ubuntu 18.04, but one of my displays on an older nvidia GTS 250 with the nvidia-340 driver from the repository (I think its the 340 now) with cuda is having trouble with my monitor, its not displaying in monitors maximum 1024 x 768 or maybe even 1200 x 1024 other monitor works fine, anyone?17:52
naccneachdainn: 'behave differently' how? maybe laptop-mode-tools?17:52
transhumanthere isnt an option for these resolutions , should I just put it in the Xorg.conf a monitors section?17:53
transhumanI am under the understanding thats not how its done now17:53
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: You are correct, there is no xorg.conf file anymore. The configurations are built dynamically each time the computer is booted/x server started17:54
neachdainnnacc: That should do it! Thanks!17:54
naccneachdainn: yw.17:54
transhumanso how does one now fix the problem17:54
* pragmaticenigma wonders what laptop-mode-tools is17:55
naccpragmaticenigma: i'm not entirely sure it's still necessary anymore17:55
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: is this a recent issue, or something that happened post fresh install of Ubuntu?17:55
naccpragmaticenigma: but also i don't recall what does power management anymore17:55
transhumanfresh reinstall of ubuntu system partition17:55
transhumannew card to me even though its really old17:55
pragmaticenigmanacc: I ask because I have two older laptops that I like to use from time-to-time, they have some power state issues (specifically with the monitors) that would love to figure out someday17:56
transhumanit was worth 5k new17:56
naccpragmaticenigma: ah i see17:56
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: are both monitors the exact same?17:56
transhumanno its the dell thats having the problem the hp works fine, the hp is slightly bigger and squarer but I think the dell should support 1024 x 768 at a minimum17:57
pragmaticenigmanacc: TJ had helped, but I could figure out the right set of commands. The issue, more or less, is when the display tries to go to sleep, it turns off for a moment, then turns back on and displays a streaking effect. Semi like frost defrosting from a windows, with streaks around the edges and bottom17:57
naccpragmaticenigma: weird17:58
transhumanpragmaticenigma, you sure that's not your video card?17:58
pragmaticenigmanacc: I've never been able to describe it well enough to find a google search that works. I thought my best bet was to disable power saving modes, but I have yet to figure out how to completely disable the sleep state17:58
transhumanmaybe you should try the mode settings on boot? I think there might even be a command to do with detection on boot if I remember correctly18:00
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: for my issue it is a power state issue. These are really old laptops, and what I think is happening is they receive the sleep state command, but there are three sleep states, and only one is supported. I think all three get sent and when the second command is received, they power back up, but have nothing to display and instead display a corrupt image18:00
pragmaticenigmaI've tried boot commands, kernel commands... all sorts of things18:00
transhumanI figured as much I just wanted to throw my two cents at it since your helping me!18:01
pragmaticenigmait's hard to pin point because sometimes the displays go to sleep just fine, and other times they won't18:01
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: What we're looking for with your issue is to find the available modes for that display. The hard part isn't the resolution, but makeing sure the refresh rate is also supported18:01
transhumanI feel like I just moved to windows 2008 and cant find the start button any more with the 18.04 desktop settings for the video...lol18:02
transhumanyes but where do I put that now?18:02
transhumanand what tools do i use18:02
pragmaticenigmaxrandr is one of the tools18:02
transhumanah stil18:02
transhumanI really need 10k right now for a new system with the stuff I do, this is a real drag18:04
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: with just the "bad" monitor attached... run "xrandr -d :0" which should list all supported ranges it can detect18:04
transhumanah thanks18:04
transhumanthats a good idea removing the other monitor18:04
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: Another option is to put the "bad" monitor on the other graphics card to see if it can display the desired resolution18:05
transhumanyeah I was thinking of moving the second monitor to the internal dvi-a18:06
transhumanbut not sure if thats going to interfere with running cuda stuff18:06
pragmaticenigmafar as I know, cuda is a separate process18:07
neachdainnIt should only interfere with cuda as far as cuda also needs memory on the card18:08
neachdainnWhy would the installer have made my whole filesystem RO?18:11
neachdainnNever mind. It didn't18:14
transhumanalso what the hell is the file indexer baloo-file18:17
transhumanits  eating up like 100% resources18:17
lotuspsychjejje: can we help you?18:23
oerhekstranshuman, that is a known *issue*, but it is not.18:29
oerhekswhy do you mind, baloo take up unused resources to index?18:30
oerheksanyway, there are tons of forum and blogposts about disable it.. and howto enlarge the memory used.18:30
oerheksit becomes handy18:30
pztrickis 16.04.4 LTS -> 18.04.1 LTS a working upgrade path?18:32
pztricki have VPS image backup so mostly just wondering if it will be painful18:32
oerhekspztrick, for a vps, you should get the iso they tweak18:33
oerheksand yes, they should be able to provide one today18:33
oerheksthe .1 release is a statement18:33
pztrickthe VPS already hosting some services so cant really do clean install. :) i just tried do-release-upgrade and it didn't offer 18.04.1 yet so  i guess i'm a tad early18:34
lovepopsickleso its it coming out today? someone else was saying it would be friday or monday18:35
pztricki think ISOs are available but evidently not via apt dist-upgrade18:35
lotuspsychjelovepopsickle: its out18:36
oerheksand torrents are published http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/18:36
oerhekssudo apt full-upgrade -y18:36
transhumanis there a fix yet for gnome-shell memory leak yet?18:37
oerhekstranshuman, longe gone in 18.0418:37
lotuspsychjetranshuman: how many bugs fixes you need? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/18.04.118:38
oerheksor 16.04 with HWE18:38
oodswaypztrick: sent you a PM18:38
transhumanseems like mine still has the problem or its a rootkit18:38
lotuspsychje!rkhunter | transhuman18:41
lotuspsychje!info rkhunter | transhuman18:41
jjei have a NUC8i7HNK running 18.04 currently running the i915 driver. it also has an amd rx vega gpu available but i prefer to use the intel integrated gpu as it supports hdmi audio when using kms. the problem is currently it boots to a black screen unless i use nomodeset.18:41
ubottutranshuman: rkhunter (source: rkhunter): rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.6-1 (bionic), package size 208 kB, installed size 1081 kB18:41
transhumanyeah rkhunter is whats telling me its a huge file18:41
transhumanand about 3 months ago I found the memory leak problem and have an updated system18:42
lotuspsychjetranshuman: what file?18:42
transhumanlotuspsychje, sorry on phone18:43
pztrick`full-update` installed me to some newer 16.04.5 LTS point release. `do-release-upgrade` still prints "No new release found."18:44
pztrickShould I just use the `do-release-upgrade -d` devel flag?18:44
pztrickMy sources.list is just the default `http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu ` host and similar18:45
oerheksno, check the update menu, to next lts instead of any new release18:45
pztrickThis is a server install. /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades does have "prompt=lts" however18:46
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oodswaypztrick: I had to change prompt to normal to get upgrade18:47
oodswaypztrick: sent you a url that also covers server upgrade18:48
transhumanlotuspsychje,  http://paste.debian.net/1035310/18:48
oodswaypztrick: this:18:48
oodswaypztrick: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Upgrades18:48
pztrickevidently the upgrade tool uses the URL in this file to be parsed to identify a next release: /etc/update-manager/meta-release18:53
pztrickmine links to http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts which doesnt have an entry for 18.04.1 LTS (yet?)18:53
conallHi. I am seeing an issue where I have disabled ipv6 in the NetworkManager settings pane, but I am still being assigned an ipv6 address (as well as ipv4). Is this a bug or am I making an invalid assumption?18:53
lotuspsychjepztrick: how about you join the #ubuntu-server channel19:00
feodoranit is probably not possible to shrink the root partition (the one with the mount point /), or is it? is it save to do this from some other (live) system?19:00
pztricklotuspsychje: oh didnt know that chan existed thanks!19:01
lotuspsychjepztrick: no problem mate ;)19:01
JacobTDCDoes anyone know a good Ubuntu CLI-Only web browser? I've heard there's one out there with video support...19:02
lotuspsychje!info links2 | JacobTDC19:02
ubottuJacobTDC: links2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.14-5build1 (bionic), package size 2869 kB, installed size 4739 kB19:02
JacobTDCThanks! I'll check it out!19:02
lotuspsychjeJacobTDC: not tested video myself on it19:02
lotuspsychje!chroot | feodoran shrink from a live perhaps19:04
ubottufeodoran shrink from a live perhaps: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot19:04
JacobTDCI think that's the fastest I've ever gotten a response here... XD19:05
lotuspsychjeJacobTDC: #ubuntu is 24/7 but we do have volunteers from all timezones, so not everyone is awake at same time19:05
JacobTDCDoes links2 have video support for CLI?19:09
JacobTDClotuspsychje: does links2 have video support for CLI? I heard there is an app that does...19:10
lotuspsychjeJacobTDC: did you try links2 -g ?19:12
transhumanso even though i have disabled baloon-file its STILL RUNNING19:12
pztrickJacobTDC: mostly just want to share because it's insane ... but there is a port of chromium that renders to text instead of pixels in a terminal: https://github.com/fred-wang/ozone-caca19:13
JacobTDClotuspsychje: I don't have a graphics driver installed. They don't really agree with SynPS/2 keyboards... XD19:15
JacobTDCOkay pztrick . :D19:15
transhumanhow do i tell what file balooon-file+ is creating?19:22
blackflowIt's out! It's out! It's officially out!19:37
oerheksmayday it is out19:40
leonardusWould this work with Ubuntu? https://www.amazon.com/Fingerprint-iDOO-Matching-Biometric-Security/dp/B074M6ZCT5/19:53
leonardusor is it just for Windows?19:53
ikoniawhat does the documentation say19:54
lotuspsychjeleonardus: check also here: https://certification.ubuntu.com/19:54
xaeB5leonardus: looks like it's only windows19:54
leonardusno hacks that get it to work with Ubuntu?19:55
ikoniahow would we know ?19:56
ikoniayou're depending on someone else having one being active in the channel at this moment19:56
ikoniawhat chipset is in it ?19:56
leonardusnot sure, I don't have one. don't think it says anything on the Amazon page.19:57
ikoniaok - so if you don't know what chipset it is, how can we know what chipset it is, to see if there are any options19:57
leonardusi wasn't aware that the chipset would be important and that i wouldn't be able to provide this information19:58
ikonialeonardus: thats fine, but how do you expect people to know if it will workwith ubuntu when the page you provided gives zero information19:59
ikoniahow do you expect people to work it out ?19:59
lovepopsickleoerheks, so the gui update doesn't come out today for the upgrade right?19:59
leonardusmaybe there's some fingerprint api, i dunno19:59
lotuspsychjeleonardus: there is also a fingerprint launchpad ppa if you like (if you get a working hardware) https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint19:59
leonardusthat's why I was asking19:59
leonardusi personally do not know how to figure out whether or not it would work19:59
ikonialeonardus: I'd strongly suggest you buy a fingerprint device then that is certificed as being in the linux kernel by default20:00
ikonialeonardus: make it easy on yourself20:00
lotuspsychjelovepopsickle: patience, it will come20:01
leonarduslotuspsychje: the "supported readers" list is all hexadecimal codes, how do I find products from that list?20:01
lotuspsychjeleonardus: that ppa is just to install their software to help config fingerprint20:02
lotuspsychjeleonardus: follow ikonia's advice to a certified one20:02
leonardusikonia: how do I find certified readers?20:03
pragmaticenigmalovepopsickle: It is possible your machine has already cached a response from the update server that it's not available.20:04
lotuspsychjeleonardus: that list from launchpad looks like their chipset from lspci20:04
applecrumbleHello! I was running kubernetes, which requires docker <= 1.13, and an apt upgrade accidentally bumped it to 1.17. Is there a way to downgrade back?20:04
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: downgrades are not possible, we also strongly advice to always keep your system up to date20:05
ikonialeonardus: you should be able to get a chipset list that is certified, then search for those chipsets20:05
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: if you need a specific package, choose the specific ubuntu version that has it20:06
ikoniait's doubtful that came from an ubuntu repo applecrumble20:06
ikoniaubuntu wouldn't bump a version from 1.13 to 1.17 within a release as normal practice20:07
applecrumblelotuspsychje: I understand where you're coming from, but I know what I'm doing w/ the downgrade and the security implications of docker 1.12, 1.13, etc20:07
applecrumbleI was just hoping to be able to do it through apt20:07
ikoniaapplecrumble: clearly you don't know what you're doing, or you wouldn't ask if it was possible20:07
new_gendoes installing shell themes effect performance ???20:07
applecrumbleikonia: it's possible, it was a long time ago that I first installed it20:07
ikoniaapplecrumble: so understanding what repo it came from would be the first point to know20:08
lotuspsychjenew_gen: does your theme use animations?20:08
pragmaticenigmanew_gen: It depends on the effect, but yes, anything that creates an effect is going to take more effort for the CPU/GPU to display than the standard output20:08
new_genlotuspsychje: I disabled animations in gnome tweaks20:09
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: provide us more details, like ubuntu version, kernel, whats your end goal?20:09
lotuspsychjesee what pragmaticenigma suggested new_gen20:09
asfarhello, im having a kernel issue. Basically a HDD working with linux 4.14 but not linux 4.15, 4.16 and 4.17. I don't know where to report it or what should I do besides using 4.1420:11
pragmaticenigma!details | asfar20:12
ubottuasfar: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.20:12
applecrumblelotuspsychje: Definitely. I should have come at this from an apt understanding question, because that's really what this is coming down to20:12
applecrumblelotuspsychje: uname spits out #72-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 13 07:23:34 UTC 2018, an AWS ami20:12
ikoniapretty sure uname doesn't spit out that20:13
ikoniait will spit out a kernel version20:13
asfarone sec to get the dmesg messages20:13
applecrumblelotuspsychje: Description:    Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS from lsb_release20:13
pragmaticenigmaikonia: I think that works in vim... not sure about IRC clients20:14
applecrumbleZQ also20:14
oerhekscheck your aws panel they should provide an 18.04.1 image20:14
applecrumblelotuspsychje: My end goal is understanding what versions are available to install through apt, and if 1.12, 1.13 are not available, I'll go get them manually20:15
ikoniaapplecrumble: what repo is serving your docker packages20:15
applecrumbleikonia: xenial? Not sure what i need to provide you, it looks like apt is configured for quite a few repo URLs20:17
ikoniaapplecrumble: ?20:18
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: .5 comes out in august..20:18
ikoniaapplecrumble: what repo is the provider for your docker binary20:18
applecrumblelotuspsychje: .5 of what?20:18
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: 16.04.520:18
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: so, gives us your real lsb_release and uname plz?20:19
lotuspsychjeasfar: before dmesg logs, your ubuntu version, kernel?20:22
applecrumblelotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yZndyzwwpk/20:22
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: ok and uname -a plz20:23
applecrumbleIs the full output of lsb_release -a, the ami is ami-759bc50a, getting uname -a atm20:23
skinuxI cannot find even one DVD ripping utility that will actually work20:23
lotuspsychje!info handbrake | skinux20:24
ubottuskinux: handbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0+ds1-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 3009 kB, installed size 9901 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; any-powerpc)20:24
applecrumblelotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9N9kr7QZz3/ is uname -a20:24
oerheksit will work if you installed the dvd wiki thingy20:25
lotuspsychjeapplecrumble: did you play with package versions by adding several ppa's?20:25
oerhekscheck your aws panel they should provide an 18.04.1 image20:27
pragmaticenigmaskinux: Most DVD are protected by encryption. This channel does not support applications that circumvent copy protection.20:28
applecrumblelotuspsychje: I do not think so, this would be the only package I would have done this for, I am using the kubernetes binary from their github20:28
ikoniathat doesn't seem true though20:29
ikoniaas you said an apt update updated docker20:29
applecrumbleI figure it'll be easier if I just compile the version i need, thanks for the help ikonia lotuspsychje20:36
ikoniaI promise you that would be a terrible idea20:37
ikoniajust tell us what repo the docker binary came from20:37
skinuxHandBrake says it finds no titles after it's been scanning through at least several things.20:40
ikoniahandbrake is an encoder, not a ripper20:40
skinuxI've a different question. I have Backup Utility (whatever default installed is) configured to create backups regularly. However, none of the backups I can find are the actual data backups.20:44
CountryfiedLinuxI have Private Internet Access installed and running but there's no notification icon on the panel. Is there a way to fix this?20:47
ikoniaskinux: I don't understand what you mean20:49
ozbrkhi guys is there any good instagram client for ubuntu20:51
ikoniathe web browser ?20:52
ozbrkwell I found this but I have no idea how to install an app forom git20:53
ikoniawhats wrong with the web browser ?20:53
capellaCan anyone confirm/provide more link ... it seems some Meltdown/spectre backport "fix" hoses hp omen after kernel ... I can get to a new install (off LTS) 17.04/
ozbrkikonia, I prefer a native app20:53
ikoniaozbrk: but you dont' have a native app20:53
ikoniaso how can you prefer something you don't have20:53
ikoniawhat's actually wrong with the browser ?20:54
oerheksunofficial snap https://snapcraft.io/instagraph -- https://github.com/turanmahmudov/Instagraph20:54
ozbrkikonia, that's exactly what I have asked20:54
capellaAnd 14.04 on but no higher20:54
nacccapella: 4.10 is not a valid ubuntu kernel anwywhere20:54
dfchcan any of you fine people direct me to 18.10 support channel?20:54
capellaI'm hlping not to hear that:-/20:54
ozbrkoerheks, https://github.com/terkelg/ramme/releases I got this one called ramme but it is in git hub so do you have any idea how to install it20:54
naccdfch: #ubuntu+120:54
dfchthanks nacc20:54
nacccapella: 17.04 is eol20:54
oerheksozbrk, that info is pretty good explained, and all options20:55
oerhekson that page20:55
ozbrkoerheks, is it ?20:55
capellanacc yep, but I can't avoid the spectre fix that hoses this device or get closer to an analysis, also others starting to see my issue .... https://askubuntu.com/questions/1057659/freeze-installing-ubuntu-18-04-on-omen-by-hp20:56
capellaGuess I need to yell @ HP20:56
oerhekson the Instagraph page20:56
nacccapella: i don't understand20:56
nacccapella: you are running an eol release?20:56
capellaThe kernel is the limiting factor for my laptop upgrade20:56
capellaI am no running 17.04 to prove the kernel issue further, yes20:57
ozbrkikonia, besides you can't share a photo from your pc with website also no chatting from website those two are pretty annoying20:57
nacccapella: uh, that doesn't make a ton of sense, but ok20:57
nacccapella: iirc, there's a kernel cmdline to not use the spectre/meltdown mitigation20:57
oerheksozbrk, your page gives the i386 and amd64 deb, sudo dpkg -i <deb>20:57
capellanacc, elaborate? There seems to be a hardware issue with my HP omen and 4k mponnitor that came from a chinese factory20:58
nacccapella: using 17.04 isn't going to prove anything, unless you *bisect* the source of the kernel tree.20:58
nacccapella: does it happen without the external monitor?20:58
capellaI have no external, it';s a 17inch laptop20:58
nacccapella: you said 4k monitor?20:59
nacccapella: that's teh built-in display?20:59
capellayes, order option from hp20:59
nehemiahI made a computer lab with Bionic. PXE booting it to my clients. I use lightdm as my display manager. One problem I experience and can not really put my finger on is that my clients suspend or at least that's what I think they do. Since their clients booting over the network, this is less than ideal. The client does not get out of it's suspended state. Any way to completely disable any form of suspension or hibernation?20:59
nacccapella: ok, so you *do* have an external monitor?20:59
nacccapella: or you do not?21:00
capellanacc, I have the one laptop with the built in 17" 4k monitor/screen only21:00
ozbrkman I like the OS I've following ubuntu for years oerheks you may remember me last time we've talk I've got too much trouble with nvidia graphichs21:00
nacccapella: are you using binary drivers for the graphic?21:01
capellaJust new installation from .iso off Ubuntu official21:02
capellaonto single efi SSD 512g partition21:03
capellaw/legacy support and no secure boot21:03
capella(fairly new machine) Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz × 821:04
nacccapella: have you verified it's a hard freeze and not a hang?21:04
nacccapella: e.g., does it respond to sysrq still, tty available, etc21:04
capellaThis is where my *nix knowledge starts to fail, I came over from win21:05
capellaI can re-install and play, was looking for those ideas first :)21:05
capellaUsually I get my *nix dev box up and it stays happy :D This new device has been a story and I think spectre timing and stuff riolled thru me21:06
nacccapella: i don't thihk you have sufficient evidence to say it's spectre/meltdown related so i think you should stop doing that21:07
nacccapella: if your hardware were to be broken because of it, you should really not use your hardware21:07
capellaAh, perhaps, the timing is suspect but not proven21:07
nacccapella: more likely, it's something *else*, graphics related21:07
nacccapella: it's not even suspect at this point21:07
nacccapella: unless you can prove it with bisection21:07
ozbrkmy cat is on the kb21:08
capellagraphics related I can believe also, and I'm not a graphics guy so cards and GPU debugging is new21:08
new_genguys my dock is acting weird . Dock is showing up even after screen is locked21:09
new_genplease help21:09
capellaAny quick start ideas to check would be enough to make me happy for now nacc, else, I'll have to locate someone more familiar from my other channels to PM thru a solution :-/21:09
nacccapella: you could also try the server installer and see if it works; just see if it's graphics related21:10
capellaor explain how to bisect thru kernel builds, I might could do that :) Not a beginner21:10
nacccapella: does the live usb environment work for you at all?21:10
capellaThe install disk where I can "try or install" will hang I simply "try"21:11
nacccapella: ok21:12
nacccapella: i would suggest trying server (which will be a new install), just to see if it's reproducible without a graphics envrionment21:13
* capella reading ubuntu server install docs21:13
nacccapella: this person is using 18.04 on a omen: LP: #176700121:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1767001 in Ubuntu "Brightness control not working in GNOME - Ubuntu 18.04" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176700121:14
capellaSo I'll try whatev /me reading21:14
capellaKernel version 4.15.0-20-generic ... Using NVIDIA proprietary drivers....21:15
nacccapella: yes, that's the kernel you would be on if you tried a recent 18.0421:16
nacccapella: i'm assuming you have21:16
capellayes I have and it hangs in a somewhat random timing but fairly quickly21:16
capellaIt's goota be the stupid display I just had to have :p21:17
nacccapella: would be my initial suspicion, but hard to say21:17
nacccapella: and you tried to get to a tty when it 'hangs'?21:18
ts1kI've installed i3 window manager, but now ubuntu don't let me choose between wm in the login screen21:18
capellaNot where I'd pay attention enoughm I'll have to re-do that from a new install21:18
ts1kwhich is the program who let you choose that?21:18
Bashing-omcapella: Any help here : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI for HiDPI ?21:20
capellareading, not sure...21:21
capella:D I can probably do ok dev'ing on this 17.04 until I need a new machine in a year or two21:22
nacccapella: no. dont' run 17.0421:23
capellaAt least I can get Android Studio back in place21:23
nacccapella: it has no support21:23
nacccapella: use 16.04 without the hwe stack, if you need to21:24
capellaSo, fall back to 16.04.3 with or less?21:24
nacccapella: no.21:24
nacccapella: 16.04.5 with the 4.4 kernel21:24
capellaI was on 14.04 and that was fine though I got tired of scrolling down the kernel list on restart21:24
nacccapella: please read what the hwe stacks are, and understand that21:24
capellanacc I can do that for you21:25
capellaI need a new area to dev in, I can let this suck me in for awhile XD21:26
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
capellanacc typo? 16.04.5 vs 16.04.4 ? Or do I need to get into the archives?21:32
capellayah gotta be21:34
WurblezHi. Installed 18.04 and everything is fine, but when connecting to my Samsung TV, Ubuntu/Nvidia is trying to do a really high resolution and the tv doesn't like it. What's the best way to stop it from going above a certain resolution without limiting its automatic resolution functionality?21:34
capellabailing over to rebuild, thanks all okaybinow21:34
Wurblez1577 users and oh so quiet... :p21:39
ryuoWurblez: i know of no such mechanism. the only options i'm aware of are automatic or manual selection.21:40
Wurblezryuo, I was afraid of that. So I have to lose the auto just because the TV is a bit mad :(21:41
ryuoWurblez: does it matter? If you're always using the same output device...21:42
Wurblezryuo, I am until I'm not21:42
ryuoWurblez: i see. well, it is what it is.21:43
Wurblezryuo, There are two TVs just in this room, I might want to replug21:43
jeffrey_fIs mint and ubuntu similar?21:43
ryuojeffrey_f: Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu. It uses a lot of the same packages. It is similar in that regard.21:44
ryuojeffrey_f: But, mint does its own thing.21:44
Wurblezryuo, any advice for handling unplanned screen switches with a manual config?21:44
ryuoWurblez: well... if the device is different, it may revert to automatic selection.21:45
ryuoWurblez: EDID should tell it if the output device has changed.21:45
ryuoWurblez: try it and see for yourself.21:45
Wurblezryuo, Ohh, that's ok then21:46
ryuoWurblez: it's just an educated guess.21:46
ryuoWurblez: i've never tried it.21:46
Wurblezryuo, Roger21:48
asfarso as i was saying some hours ago, im having a kernel issue on ubuntu 18.04.1 basically a HDD working with linux 4.14 but not on linux 4.15 or 4.17.21:52
asfarAnd i now have the dmesg messages of when the hdd works on linux 4.14 and when it fails on linux 4.15(stock) or 4.1721:53
capellaS7nacc 16.04.04 demo with 13.0.36 and seeming ok, installed w 15.0.29 & 13.0.36, both work but hang after greeter sign in22:04
capellaS7now I remember backwards 😊22:04
capellaS7fwiw mouse tracks no tty I can't find sysreq b boots22:07
capellaS7does boot22:07
nacccapellaS7: sorry, i have no idea what those numbers are for22:19
capellaAh, the HP Omen thing from earlier produced mixed results, but no success22:20
capella16.04.04 demos up ok, but after install hangs after greeter sign on basically22:21
LopeTrying to move a virtualbox linked clone. I removed the VM's in the VB interface without deleting the files. I closed virtualbox UI. I SIGTERM'd all the vbox processes. Then I stopped the virtualbox service. Then I deleted virtualbox.xml. And after I start it all again it STILL says the freakin UUID already exists.22:21
nacccapella: i meant what 13.0.36 and 15.0.29 are22:22
capellakernel versions 16.04 installs it installs with22:22
nacccapella: iirc, you can choose *not* to use the hwe stack on 16.0422:22
FreeBDSMwhat's more preferred to use? apt or apt-get?22:22
nacccapella: ok, so you meant, ?22:22
capellanacc sorry, imprecise yes22:23
nacccapella: ok afaik, 16.04's hwe is fully on 4.15 now22:23
FreeBDSMI'm trying to install wine-staging and this page https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu says to execute `apt-get install --install-recommends winehq-staging`, I didn't find a similar key (like `--install-recommends`) for `apt`22:23
naccFreeBDSM: it's your choice, they are not identical22:23
naccFreeBDSM: apt is a bit newer and shinier22:23
FreeBDSMnacc: I couldn't find `--install-recommends` in `man apt-get` as well, what does it do?22:24
nacccapella: does it hang when you try to login, or at the greeter itself? ctrl+alt+f2 didn't work?22:24
naccFreeBDSM: they msut mean --no-install-recommends22:24
brainwashit installs recommended packages22:25
brainwashnacc: I doubt that22:25
capellaafter greeter, i get a blank desktop multi-puplish background22:25
naccbrainwash: heh, you're right22:25
capellaI wait, thinking maybe firt time setup , but nothing22:25
naccFreeBDSM: afaik, that's the default on ubuntu now (installing recommends)22:25
FreeBDSMbrainwash: there is `--install-suggests`, but no `--install-recommends`22:25
nacccapella: sorry, slow down22:25
nacccapella: you get a greeter; do you login?22:25
nacccapella: if you get the greeter, it's not frozen there, right?22:26
nacccapella: from that screen, can you ctrl+alt+f1 ?22:26
capellacorrect not frozen22:26
naccor f2/f3/f4 any of them22:26
nacci can't recall in the live which tty is already in use22:26
capellano can't get a tty ctrl alt f1 unless I goofed and can try again22:26
capellaand I run thru the f5 f6 sometimes I find them there22:26
capellasysreq b is most I can do22:27
nacccapella: yeah, i don't know hwhich one specifically; so try them all ... 'sometimes i find them there'?22:27
brainwashFreeBDSM: no sure why it's missing22:28
capellanacc, gotta bail till later, hope to chat again great tips ! Gotta get to the store :) but back on late and almost always in #android-dev :D22:29
capellagonna think it thru and read the hwe stuff like I promised22:29
=== capella is now known as capella|away
FreeBDSMshould I enable realtime process priority for jackd2?22:30
nacccapella|away: gl!22:30
naccbrainwash: FreeBDSM: i'm pretty sure the wine page is out of date22:31
naccboth debian and ubuntu default to that being on, so there's no reason to have the flag?22:31
brainwashthere is22:32
brainwashyou can configure apt via config file22:32
brainwashthe parameter would override no-install-recommends set via the config file22:33
FreeBDSMnacc: well, too late :(22:34
FreeBDSMnacc: also, what flag are you talking about?22:35
FreeBDSMneither apt nor apt-get install suggested packages by default22:35
FreeBDSMthey are only advertised22:35
naccFreeBDSM: we are talking about recommended not suggested.22:35
naccFreeBDSM: they are rather different sets22:35
FreeBDSMI thought that's the same22:36
naccno, please read the manpages.22:36
FreeBDSMtoo late, I'm in the middle of an install22:36
Wurble18.04. My resolution is set in xorg.conf, and I'm even changing it with xrandr in .xprofile, but all that is ignored when I login and it get set to some crazy big resolution. Help?22:36
FreeBDSMnow I need to decide whether I should enable realtime process priority for jackd2 or not.22:36
FreeBDSMWurble: print path for xorg.conf22:37
FreeBDSMWurble: pastebinit22:37
WurbleFreeBDSM, https://pastebin.com/sZjHGSdx22:38
asfarhello, im having a kernel issue. My WD HDD is not working on ubuntu 18.04.1 with the stock kernel (4.15) dmesg of ata6 failing: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NYChDbT4Cd/  But it does work with linux 4.14 and any previous version dmesg of ata6 working: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/B7mXBWkj4R/ I don't know where to report it or what should I do besides using 4.1422:38
FreeBDSMWurble: I'm not a specialist, but line #63 `    Option         "metamodes" "HDMI-0: 1920x1080 +1920+0, DVI-D-0: nvidia-auto-select +0+0; HDMI-0: 1920x1080 +0+0"` looks suspicious22:39
nacc!bug | asfar: file a bug, or maybe ask in #ubuntu-kernel22:39
ubottuasfar: file a bug, or maybe ask in #ubuntu-kernel: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:39
naccasfar: in your case `ubuntu-bug linux`22:40
asfarthank you nacc22:40
naccasfar: fwiw, it looks to be an error handling path change, maybe? hard to say without digging into the sourc ea bit more22:40
WurbleFreeBDSM, That's from nvidia, my only addition was Modes22:40
FreeBDSMWurble: how many monitors do you have?22:41
WurbleFreeBDSM, but nvidia auto select eh...22:41
asfarnacc, i have no idea, i've never had an issue like this. just want to report since i also tried linux 4.17 and is still with the issue22:41
WurbleFreeBDSM, 1, but got a 2nd here so that I can get graphics back when it screws up22:41
naccasfar: yeah, file a bug22:41
WurbleFreeBDSM, ahh, the auto select is the backup tv22:42
asfarnacc, should i enter to that channel first or should i just report it?22:42
FreeBDSMWurble: in 1 line you have `HDMI-0: 1920x1080 +1920+0` AND `HDMI-0: 1920x1080 +0+0`22:42
WurbleFreeBDSM, Yeah I'm just looking at that. I have no idea what it's playing at.22:43
naccasfar: it's probably best to file the bug and then maybe mention in the channel and see if anyone knows22:43
FreeBDSMas if you want your resolution to be like 2 horizontal screens22:43
WurbleFreeBDSM, Maybe I could just delete that line?22:43
FreeBDSMWurble: delete 1 rule from it22:43
FreeBDSMthe one with +192022:43
asfarnacc, ah okay, thanks. i've never made a bug report before, so i hope those dmesg are enough.22:44
FreeBDSMoh, and you should probably add +1920 instead of +0 to your DVI-D-022:44
FreeBDSMotherwise it will mirror22:44
naccasfar: apport (what ubuntu-bug is calling) will grab correct logs; and yes, those dmesg are probably a sufficient start22:45
WurbleFreeBDSM, one rule is separated by a comma, the other a semicolon... Does that mean anything to you?22:45
FreeBDSMWurble: print path to that file so I could check22:46
WurbleIt's the line you pasted, take another look22:46
FreeBDSMWurble: print path to that file so I could check22:46
WurbleFreeBDSM, I don't know what you mean... /etc/X11/xog.conf ?22:47
asfarnacc, great, thanks22:47
WurbleOption         "metamodes" "HDMI-0: 1920x1080 +1920+0, DVI-D-0: nvidia-auto-select +0+0; HDMI-0: 1920x1080 +0+0"22:47
Wurble1st hdmi, comma, dvi, semicolon, 2nd hdmi22:48
FreeBDSMprobably wrong file22:48
FreeBDSMor maybe not22:49
FreeBDSMI have 2 monitors as well22:49
FreeBDSMjust checked my file - there is no such a setting22:50
FreeBDSMwell, I just realized that I've probably not used nvidia-settings22:50
WurbleIs something maybe messing with my resolution after it gets set by both xorg and xrandr?22:50
FreeBDSMI suck at configuring xorg<>nvidia shit22:50
WurbleOk lol, well thanks :P22:51
WurbleI'm on 18.04. My resolution is set in xorg.conf, and I'm even changing it with xrandr in .xprofile, but all that is ignored (or overridden) when I login and it get set to some crazy big resolution. Help?22:51
yoonaddictingHi there, I'm currently struggling with some systemd scripting. Im trying to run the following line "/usr/bin/sudo /bin/ip netns exec protected runuser -u user "/usr/bin/screen -d -m -fa /usr/bin/rtorrent"" however it says No such file or directory. I'm kinda at a loss of how to fix the command22:58
FreeBDSMwhat the hell? I did `apt-get install --install-suggests winehq-staging` and it deleted me some packages, including `xpra`!23:05
mikerideopen court of record23:07
mikeridecourt of record open23:08
mikeridewitness emits testimony23:08
FreeBDSMsomeone, please, help me understand what's happening23:09
mikeride20180726 Police comit crime harassment23:09
FreeBDSMI did `apt autoremove; apt install xpra` and it lists a list of packages for autoremove23:09
FreeBDSMI do `apt autoremove` again and there's nothing!23:10
FreeBDSMlooks like apt/apt-get's database is broken23:10
FreeBDSMI didn't do anything fancy with it23:10
FreeBDSMthis is core functionality of an OS23:10
FreeBDSMwhat. the. hell??23:10
mikeridewitness emits testimony for public use via bpaste https://bpaste.net/raw/5d170ed3f3e523:13
mikeridejudge can have authenticity verification via WPS encryption upon request23:14
mikeridewitness remains available for examination23:14
mikeridecourt is in recess23:15
mikeridecourt clerk assigns case number 2018072623:16
mikeridemake note any enforcement officials are encouraged to join #copwatch on irc.2600.net23:18
hggdhmikeride: please stop23:18
mikeridecut to the chase apparently the police feel threatened that constitutional y protected freedom threatens disarming the public and continued policy of free range prisoners serve as a mask for further harassment of the freemen23:30
mikerideby rationalization of free range prisoners aka probates they claim to justify infringing supreme law protected freedom23:31
mikeridethe Crux of the matter23:31
mikerideprivmsg open at any time23:32
mikerideemail by asking23:32
vavkamilI somehow messed up sublime-text (text editor) on ubuntu 16.04 and it won't start anymore. So I deleted ~/.config/sublime-text folder, didn't help. After that I have tried "sudo apt-get remove --purge sublime-text" and installed it again, but somehow it won't start either, without any error. Any idea what can I do?23:58
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asfarvavkamil, have you tried running it from a terminal and see if it gives any error?23:59
=== feodoran_ is now known as feodoran
vavkamilyeah nothing23:59

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