flocculantbluesabre: okey doke - regardless of what you manage to do - can you mark them ready, ty :)05:06
SpassI have a small suggestion for 18.10+, maybe we could discuss it on the next community meeting11:31
Spassthat suggestion is - adding XCAPE as default, to make Whisker Menu work with Super key, without changing anything else11:32
Unit193!info xcape11:33
ubottuxcape (source: xcape): Configure modifier keys to act as other keys when pressed and released. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-2 (bionic), package size 11 kB, installed size 32 kB11:33
Spassreasoning: 1) xcape it's in the repos 2) it's super light 3) it works 4) many users expect the Super key to bring the main menu11:33
Spass5) manu distro reviewers (I watch many on YT) will check that behaviour and judge user-friendlyness in regard11:34
SpassI'm not saying that xcape s perfect, but for the Whisker Menu purpose it works great11:35
Spassall it needs is to be installed and that command in autostart:11:35
Spassxcape -e 'Super_L=Control_L|Escape'11:35
Spassall other shortcuts work as intended, it changes nothing11:36
Spassbut like I said, that's just my proposition and opinion11:37
Unit193Seems like it'd be a bit more confusing and unexpected to look in the Xfce keyboard config and see nowhere why when you press 'Super' the menu pops up.11:37
Unit193Might want to put it on the agenda so it isn't forgotten, Spass?11:37
Spasscan I even edit the agenda?11:38
SpassI would like to add that, yes, it would be a short discussion, but I think it's kinda important to improve the user experience11:40
Spassmany people consider Super = menu as standard, I'm not saying it's good or bad habit, but that's just the way it is nowadays, IMHO11:41
Spassok, let's test some things, let's ask the community :)13:19
knomemaybe note that it's not an official poll and more specifically that the outcome of the poll will not (necessarily) decide what happens in xubuntu (especially as it's an unofficial poll) :P14:11
Spassok, didn't want to make it look official at all, but you're right - I'll make a note to clarify that14:19
Spasshmm, how to make it sound better? "...and the end results are not binding at any means"14:23
Spass"and the end results are not <binding> in any way" (looking for a better word than binding, not sure if it fits, my English is... not so good)14:26
Spassanyway, note added, thanks for pointing that out :)14:36
knomesounds good to me14:44
knomeand tbh, this is not a submitter issue, this is people issue; they always interpret these things wrong :P14:45
Spassright, some might think that it's "official voting" or something like that, and they'd scream "where's my feature!!!" later :)14:46
SpassI need to keep that in mind next time14:47
knomeand this happens even with as-official-as-it-gets-polls or discussion openers15:17
Spassbtw, I'm testing Skippy-XD (yeah, great name) for the "expose" effect on opened windows on Xubuntu 18.04 and after configuring it a bit it works really well, but don't worry, that I will not propose to be a default :D15:23
flocculantbluesabre: I assume it was you who marked the iso ready17:25
flocculantthanks :)17:25
bluesabreflocculant: indeed :)17:43
flocculantwe can do it all again next week for 16.04.5 ...17:48
pleia2flocculant: how can I help? :)19:31
flocculantpleia2: I'm in x.org now - just about to write something :)19:31
pleia2ok, well, I'll do the social things at least when we're ready, just lmk19:31
flocculantyup cheers :)19:31
flocculantpleia2: https://xubuntu.org/news/18-04-1-released/19:36
flocculantsomething odd - there in a line break or somesuch that I can't find19:36
flocculantI'm sure someone or knome will :p19:37
pleia2want me to have a look?19:37
flocculantyou can if you've time - I'm crap at that stuff :D19:37
flocculantwoohoo - thanks :)19:38
flocculantwhat was it?19:38
pleia2it was just a line break, maybe couldn't see it because of how it was wrapping on your screen19:39
flocculantright - so I knew 'what' it was at least :p19:39
pleia2yeah :)19:39
Spasswill it be visible in the Articles section here? https://xubuntu.org/release/18-04/19:39
pleia2Spass: yeah, let me fix that...19:40
flocculantoh yea I always forget those things19:41
pleia2^5 teamwork19:41
Spassehh, I really don't want to be "that guy", again, but historically you always add "Xubuntu" before the version number in the title https://xubuntu.org/news/category/news/19:45
Spass(don't hurt me!)19:45
flocculantwell you know what happened to history ...19:45
pleia2flocculant: you got fb?19:46
flocculantI will do yea 19:46
Spassflocculant, I'll be quiet now :) congrats for another smooth release to the X team19:47
flocculantit'd be a lot smoother with more people testing it19:48
flocculantbut I'm sure you knew I would say something like that :D19:48
flocculantpleia2: fb is being dial-up ... but it's apparently uploading it 19:49
pleia2twitter and g+ are done19:49
flocculantseeding the new torreents for a few days now19:49
Spassyeah, but point releases are boring to test :)19:49
flocculanttesting is boring19:50
flocculantif we didn't get them tested - then the user in #xubuntu would have been told that there was in fact not going to be a release19:51
pleia2rip flavors that have come before19:51
flocculantand then all manner of stuff happens - like Canonical wanting to know why we've not kept our side of the deal19:51
flocculantpleia2: indeed19:52
SpassI know, that's why I've submitted my test results on the tracker19:52
flocculantumm at fb :|19:52
pleia2I can do it if you need19:53
* flocculant has another go first19:54
flocculantzand puts the kettle on19:54
pleia2I'm off to a meeting momentarily19:54
flocculantok - if it carries on being a pain - perhaps do it later19:55
flocculantpleia2: something up - if you could do it later please :)20:03
flocculantthanks - I wonder what was up there 20:15
flocculantI don't wonder 'much' however :)20:15
pleia2fb is fb, it's awful :)20:16
flocculantindeed :D20:16
flocculantmyabe it would have been better if transmission wasn't sucking the uploads for torrenters20:17
Spassmy xubuntu-pl website is also updated for 18.04.1 now... heh, no one cares :)20:18
flocculantwell off again now - back soon :)20:20
pleia2Spass :)20:21
voiletinstallation again21:00
voiletubiquity and so21:01
voiletlttlbt tired21:02
voiletuefi and gpt made me :xxx21:03
knomevoilet, ...you realize this is the development channel?21:03

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