Babloyiso the new version of xubuntu is not out yet? Couple of hours?05:36
BabloyiI want to finally upgrade from 16.04 :D05:36
well_laid_lawnBabloyi:  18.04 has been out since April - next release is in October05:38
Unit193I believe he's talking about the first point release, when it is offered to the last LTS.05:38
Babloyican't upgrade directly to 18.04 from 16.0405:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1778811 in live-build (Ubuntu Bionic) "live-build doesn't work with multi-part initrds" [Undecided,Fix released]06:36
pmjdebruijnand bit me soo hard06:36
oldtommyhello! Question: how can I use several flavours (desktops) of ubuntu on the same standard-installation of ubuntu? Jus using apt-get install xfce (e.g.) ... ? Or is there more work todo if I want tu use xubuntu and standard-ubuntu on the same machine?10:10
oldtommyMaybe some additional info: i have ubuntu 18.04 lts, and would like to add kde desktop and xfce desktop. as similar as possible to the installations of xubuntu and kubuntu. THANK YOU!!10:18
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blingrangHi, I'm facing a problem where if I lock my screen and then unlock afterwards, windows and icons do not display any text. I'm on Xubuntu 16.04 and this problem is completely random.14:39
blingranghttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1019962/menu-texts-dissapear-and-desktop-does-not-show-icons This question is the closest I've found on the net describing this behaviour, but it doesn't have an answer so here I am.14:40
blingrangThe text disappears just like this https://i.stack.imgur.com/7mlPa.png14:42
blingrangAlso note, it started occurring once I moved to 16.04 from 14.04.14:42
Spassthat's really weird, just like you've lost permissions to read "/usr/share/themes/..." for example14:44
blingrangIt's not that the text is completely gone, its just missing most of the characters.14:49
blingrangI think this issue describes it really well https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues/5607#issuecomment-244621775.14:50
Spassblingrang, did you try some of the solutions proposed in those GitHub issue pages?14:58
Spasswhat's you kernel version? "uname -r"14:59
Spasshmm, some users say that upgrading kernel worked for them, and some users say the issue still persists15:01
Spassbut it's worth trying I guess15:01
blingrangSpass, this is what I have `4.4.0-121-generic`15:01
blingrangSo I don't think I can upgrade anymore.15:02
Spassnever kernel may help here, but that's your decision to make if you want to try it or not - "sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04"15:03
SpassHWE for 16.04 is currently
Spassbtw, do you consider upgrading to 18.04 in the near future?15:04
blingrangbut I'm waiting on upgrading to 18.04 a little while since this is my work laptop15:05
blingrangas for the kernel, I guess if the issue pops up again, I'll give it a go.15:05
blingrangSpass, Thanks for the help anyways.15:06
Spassyeah, in my opinion kernel 4.15 may help and shouldn't cause any problems on 16.0415:06
Spassno problem15:07
Spasshello Bucket-o-Monkeys16:41
BarnabasDKhi there17:00
xubuntu07di need some help17:31
NerdTheThird_i hear ubuntu is on 18.04.1, when is xubuntu gonna be on 18.04.1? also, what's the safest way to dist upgrade?18:46
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vivusNerdTheThird_: backup backup backup, then backup again, then do dist upgrade18:47
NerdTheThirdeverything is on another drive, no worries, and thanks! :D18:47
vivusNerdTheThird: there should be a guide to doing a dist upgrade on Ubuntus website. I'd go with that first18:48
NerdTheThirdsounds good18:48
NerdTheThirdi wonder what will be the changes to 18.04.118:49
SpassNerdTheThird, comparing to 16.04 or to 18.04?18:50
NerdTheThirdto 18.0418:50
* genii wanders back to the coffepot18:51
Spassgenii, nice link, thanks, more bug fixes than I supposed18:53
NerdTheThirddoes this apply to all flavours? i was on Arch for a while so i'm confused by this system now ;p18:53
NerdTheThirdthis is mostly for gnome as far as i can see18:54
geniiNerdTheThird: All of it except the desktop-specific section18:54
NerdTheThirdah, okay okay. tnx18:54
Babloyiwasn't there supposed to be a new release today?19:11
flocculant18.04.1 is due out today (today = 26th July, so there is still some time to go until that day is finished globally)19:12
NerdTheThirdyeah true, USA is behind Europe19:12
Babloyifilthy american timings19:19
flocculantBabloyi: it's released now19:28
Babloyithat was fast :O19:28
Babloyiwhere does it say this?19:28
flocculantumm about 3 lines up :)19:29
flocculantalso I just read the release mail19:29
Babloyioh, I don't get a release mail19:29
Babloyiand I don't see it anywhere on the site yet19:29
flocculantand then trotted over to https://xubuntu.org/download and updated the torrent links to the .1 release19:29
flocculantBabloyi: which site?19:29
flocculantif you mean xubuntu.org - that's because no-one other than me is around and I'm talking to you :D19:30
Babloyiwell, if I run the updater, will it pick it up, then?19:30
flocculantnot sure - it might19:31
Babloyiguess I'll wait till tomorrow19:31
pleia2depends on the mirror you're pointed at, they get updated at different intervals (depends on who is running it)19:31
BabloyiI'm still on 16.04 LTS, been waiting since April19:31
flocculantBabloyi: you might need to wait a while19:31
Babloyitomorrow, then19:31
pleia2Babloyi: we're all volunteers here, a little patience would be apprciated :)19:32
* Babloyi sharpens his knife19:32
Babloyihey, I'd offer to help, but I have no idea how19:35
flocculantBabloyi: well - https://xubuntu.org/contribute/ plenty of stuff there depending on your skill lever19:38
flocculantI have skill level 'Can Break Anything' so I do testing :p19:38
Babloyiyeah, that seems all I'd be capable for19:39
BabloyiI mean, I have programming knowledge, but I've never contributed to a big project before19:39
flocculantthen join in - we had half a dozen testers for this point release - so one more increases the % by a good old lump ;)19:40
Babloyitomorrow, perhaps19:41
flocculantBabloyi: next week we will be testing the last 16.04 point release - add yourself to the xubuntu dev mailing list and you'll see when19:42
flocculantall the testing pages have been recently updated by a couple of our users19:43
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Spasshello xubuntu96w21:53
xubuntu95wI installed Xubuntu today in a laptop that i dont use often. And now i cannot conect to wifi.21:59
xubuntu95wSorry if my english is not good.22:00
xubuntu95wI try to look for VPN connections but nothing shows up22:01
xubuntu95wHello btw22:01
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:03
xubuntu95wI installed Xubuntu on this laptop previously and the wireless connection worked perfectly. So i tried to reinstall Xubuntu and it says "flip_done timed out".22:09
xubuntu95wAnd nothing happens22:10
well_laid_lawnwhere does it say that ?22:10
xubuntu95wAfter i press "Install Xubuntu" in the UNetbootin window22:12
well_laid_lawnI know nothing about that22:20
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate22:20
xubuntu95wOk thanks22:20
xubuntu14wI just installed Xubuntu and i cannot find any VPN wireless connection22:24
xubuntu14wenp9s0    no wireless extensions.  lo        no wireless extensions.22:24
well_laid_lawnwireless and vpn are two different things22:26
well_laid_lawnare you sure you have a wifi device ?22:26
well_laid_lawnthe following link has good advice22:27
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:27

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