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ubptgbot<SandeepaDil> Who are youtube?00:33
ubptgbot<SandeepaDil> Friends please subscribe my channel to inform about more techy things00:33
ubptgbot<SandeepaDil> The URL of the channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI67RWAS1e0Tu-NjnWDJ8JQ00:34
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @SandeepaDil we are not interested in unrelated unsolicited content in this channel. You may try in @ubports_ot if you can justify why the community would like it.00:42
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ubptgbot<advocatux> @Fiona C, Just one more step to success 👍 … Good luck !!06:10
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ubptgbot<tforgione> Hi everyone, I'm not sure I'm on the right chat, but I'd like to develop some apps for ubuntu touch, I've successfully built the C++/QML example with clickable, and now I'm struggling to find the right documentation. …  I've tried to look here: https://api-docs.ubports.com but I can't find what I'm looking for.  … I'd like to open07:09
ubptgbot an image from my app, by using the small panel that let the user choose if he wants to open his image by using the gallery, the camera, or something else (a little bit like when you try to upload a file from telegram app).  … Does anyone have some pointers that could help me ? … Thanks everyone !07:09
ubptgbot<advocatux> @tforgione, Hi, you can join the devel group (https://t.me/UbuntuAppDevEN) & the OpenStore group (https://open-store.io/telegram) … Devs can help you there07:13
ubptgbot<tforgione> Thank you !07:13
ubptgbot<advocatux> You're welcome !07:13
ubptgbot<dcavedon> Hi! Is there a VM image for Ubports? Is the ubuntu-emulator still working?07:24
ubptgbot<Steff Meister> https://forums.ubports.com/topic/514/simulating-a-ubports-16-04-on-x86-hardware-or-vm-work-in-progress here you go07:26
ubptgbot<dcavedon> @Steff Meister, Thanks!07:26
ubptgbot<Steff Meister> You're welcome , I hope that's the one you seek, good luck!07:26
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ubptgbot<advocatux> @mz8kan, Hi Omzy, welcome! Take a look to https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome to get you started :)09:17
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ubptgbot<Anton> Trying to install om my old Nexus 5 but it can't connect tried on Win10 and Ubuntu 1812:30
ubptgbot<Anton> [Edit] Trying to install on my old Nexus 5 but it can't connect tried on Win10 and Ubuntu 18 ...phone in developer mode USB debug is on the drivers are installed computer restarted tried USB for charging, USB for files, USB for Photos doesn't work  ...any suggestions?12:36
ubptgbot<yaemmanuelli> Anton , please have a look at https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome12:52
ubptgbot<leoaslan> Hi any news for n5x12:55
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> There is not12:55
ubptgbot<leoaslan> abandon12:56
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> It's not abandoned, but it's one of the lowest possible priorities given our development resources and workload. If you'd like to continue the fight, I can provide you with my build documentation and help you out.12:58
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Just ask in @halium or @ubports_porting, I can get to all that after work today (~9 hours from now)12:58
ubptgbot<sergiusens> who can (and maybe is willing to) add dates to the posts, if I read this out of context https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubuntu-touch-rc-ota-4-148 I cannot tell how old or new it is; the general listing https://ubports.com/blog does have dates though, but that is not discoverable from just reading a post from a link s12:59
ubptgbotent over e.g.; a tweet12:59
ubptgbot<leoaslan> @UniversalSuperBox, thank you for your reply, i have 0 programming knowledge, can i still do porting13:00
ubptgbot<prpleXist> HI guys sorry to be a pain but for 16.04 any updates on dekko and barclays web app ?13:03
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @leoaslan, It's possible if you're willing to learn, but the 5X is to the point where it's much better to have the knowledge of the Ubuntu Touch system before continuing. Maybe another device would suit?13:04
ubptgbot<leoaslan> @UniversalSuperBox, Xperia x13:04
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Hmm, I think someone has started a port on that already. Maybe try checking https://github.com/halium/projectmanagement for a port status issue for it13:05
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @sergiusens, @Ralf_W, can I add this to your list?13:06
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @prpleXist, There's a forum thread about updating dekko2: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/1477/dekko2-developer-community-thread13:10
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> @sergiusens, looking into this now, thanks.13:12
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> Ok so here is the deal.  This is a website design issue it looks like but here is a workaround: go to the 'index' area of the website to get dates from the main "NEWS" drop down at the top like this: … https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/tag/blogs-213:14
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> Hey everyone!  Did you catch the latest news?   … If not, that's because you are not subscribed to the Telegram News Channel - the best way to stay up to date about Ubuntu Touch and UBports. … It's just one click: https://t.me/ubports_news … Do it.  You won't regret it!14:21
ubptgbot<Mark Mullins> @Anton, Boot into fastboot mode. Sudo ubports-installer. Choose device manually install. Watch terminal window for errors14:43
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ubptgbot<AlexanderPlaza> @wayneoutthere, Excellent way to keep up with the latest.15:46
ubptgbot<AlexanderPlaza> Not sure where I can recommend this, but would it be possible to have a site or location where people can view all submissions to the cultural showcase after the winning submissions are chosen? I think it would be pretty neat to see what other people around the world have submitted and inspire future work?15:48
ubptgbot<pcharif> Have anyone tested sony xperia ultra phone can be flashed UBports ROM?16:11
ubptgbot<jonny> @pcharif, It would need a port, which requires a lot of work done by someone with that device16:14
ubptgbot<Biju Joseph> is it possible to install regional languages in ub touch16:28
ubptgbot<dohbee> there is not a reliable way to do so at the moment, no16:35
ubptgbot<Biju Joseph> thanks Rodney16:38
ubptgbot<dohbee> you might be albe to remount the rootfs as rw, and then run `sudo apt-get update` and `sudo apt-get install language-pack-XX-touch` where XX is the langauge code you want to install, in case the language pack is available16:42
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ubptgbot<KuleshD> Привет. Какой смартфон используете для UbuntuTouch?16:45
ubptgbot<VeryOriginalUsername> @KuleshD, https://t.me/UBports_Ru16:45
ubptgbot<dohbee> please use English in this channel. If you need Russian there is an RU channel16:45
ubptgbot<dohbee> that one16:45
ubptgbot<Biju Joseph> Rodney Dawes how to check the language pack available or not17:12
ubptgbot<dohbee> @Biju Joseph, try to install it I suppose. what language is it?17:14
ubptgbot<Biju Joseph> Malayalam17:15
ubptgbot<dohbee> oh sorry, it's `language-pack-touch-XX` for the package name17:17
ubptgbot<dohbee> it looks like `language-pack-touch-ml` is available on 15.04, but not in 16.04 (hopefully at some point soon we can fix it so that there are no more language packs which need installed, and all the translations are always available, though)17:19
ubptgbot<dohbee> note that the langueis probably less than 70% translated as well, which is why it's not in the default list17:19
ubptgbot<Lakotaubp> @AlexanderPlaza, The cultural showcase has only just finished and submissions are being collated and put together at the moment. More info to follow17:25
ubptgbot<AlexanderPlaza> @Lakotaubp, 😊 Oh yeah, I didn't mean it right away. I meant further into the future.17:43
ubptgbot<Lakotaubp> @AlexanderPlaza, And I forgot ☺ at the end also the word shortly. Keep a look out😉17:49
ubptgbot<Lakotaubp> @AlexanderPlaza, [Edit] And I forgot 😃 at the end also the word shortly. Keep a look out😉18:00
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ubptgbot<jteder> can you make ubuntu work with one +6?19:20
ubptgbot<Lakotaubp> @jteder, Not the moment unless your good at porting https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/porting/introduction.html and https://docs.halium.org/en/latest/porting/first-steps.html would get you started . This is the list of current devices https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/19:43
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ubptgbot<jteder> thank you for help!20:00
ubptgbot<NotKit> I think 1+6 has only Android Oreo?20:17
ubptgbot<K31j0> wikipedia doesn't say20:19
ubptgbot<NotKit> released 201820:19
ubptgbot<NotKit> so yes, should come only with 820:19
ubptgbot<K31j0> isn't it problemless to run nougat if it's treble?20:20
ubptgbot<Lyokanthrope> @K31j0, Treble doesn't work retroactively20:20
ubptgbot<K31j0> lel20:21
ubptgbot<Lyokanthrope> Oreo and above20:21
ubptgbot<K31j0> heck20:21
ubptgbot<K31j0> thought Nougat already had treble20:21
ubptgbot<K31j0> or at least an option to build it with20:22
ubptgbot<K31j0> my bad20:22
ubptgbot<Lyokanthrope> Nope, that's oreo20:22
ubptgbot<K31j0> I still have no interest in running that OS tho :P20:22
ubptgbot<K31j0> Seems OnePlus guys were in mexico20:22
ubptgbot<K31j0> OnePlus 6 has codename enchilada20:22
ubptgbot<TartanSpartan> @TartanSpartan, Just made bug reports for these two programs.20:32

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