oerheks"Het National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) van de Britse overheid heeft een beveiligingsgids voor Ubuntu 18.04 LTS gepubliceerd" or in english: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/eud-security-guidance-ubuntu-1804-lts00:06
oerhekswith preseed and post install scripts00:06
sonicwindBashing-om, just added it to my list of Ubuntu/Linux news bookmarks that I try to get through at least once a week or so00:07
Bashing-omsonicwind: I tell you the truth . A rss reader will get 90% of what is in the newsletter.00:09
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:00
ducassegood morning06:17
BluesKajHowdy folks11:05
daftykinsheya \o how do?11:05
BluesKajHey daftykins, fine here and you?11:11
daftykinsBluesKaj: yep thanks, finally made it back to the island yesterday afternoon - so catching up with work now :)11:12
daftykinsfeels good to stop moving :D11:12
BluesKajheh, so you had a good trip?11:13
BluesKajI have to get this house cleaned up. My daughter is coming to visit on Fri...been backsliding some11:15
daftykinsah-ha :)11:17
daftykinsyeah was great fun thanks, caught up with a friend from University time who i haven't seen for 10 years, then met up an IRC friend whom i bounce ideas for work things off, but have never met in the 16 years i've known him11:18
daftykinsas they live nearby to one another we all had a nice pub meal on Saturday night :D11:18
BluesKajnice  to finally meet an IRC friend.11:20
daftykinsindeed :D11:21
BluesKajbefore I got into linux  I used to be on an audio  chat a lot and I met one the members, unfortunately it was a typical pissing contest about audio equipment on his part...and was disappointing to say the least. I couldn't wait to leave .11:26
daftykinsoh dear, that's a shame11:26
BluesKajone of those guys with 10 kilobucks of equipment and owned less than 50 record albums ...these types don't listen to music, they listen to sound11:29
BluesKajanyway I'm sure we'll have lots to discuss when we meet up11:30
daftykinsindeed! carrying on my role as IRC ambassador ;)11:30
BluesKajhehe, I'll represent the "older generation"11:31
daftykinswe look quite similar so i'll call genii 'dad' ;D11:32
BluesKajdon't think I've seen a picture of you, but I have seen genii's11:33
daftykinsah ha, hmm not sure i have any around at present11:35
BluesKajthis is me , https://postimg.cc/image/orgym019d/65c23624/11:36
daftykinscool :)11:36
BluesKajjust so you 'll recognize me11:37
daftykinslooks like i do have a little bad snap of me and the cat - https://dafty.rocks/nextcloud/s/TbriJtjnaSQyefZ11:40
BluesKajhehe, you and genii do have a resemblance :-)11:41
BluesKajhmm, that Nextcloud server looks interesting ...maybe it's what I'm looking for11:48
BluesKajor maybe not ...looks cool tho11:51
daftykinsi quite like it for taking snaps on my phones and sharing them synced up with my PCs11:52
daftykinsalong with other files for convenient access11:52
daftykinstime to nip out for a nice coffee and lunch from a place nearby :D11:56
daftykinscatch you later!11:57
lotuspsychjeevening pragmaticenigma15:33
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj15:33
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje15:38
naccis it time to +r #ubuntu again?16:45
lotuspsychjehggdh: ^16:45
naccthe spam rate for the similar spamming last week is much higher16:46
naccand happening in #ubuntu-server at the same time16:46
hggdhSigyn is taking care of it16:48
lotuspsychjeok tnx hggdh16:49
EriC^evening all16:56
lotuspsychjeseen this passby17:07
lotuspsychjehggdh: sigyn grabbed checking11 indeed17:15
pragmaticenigmaZDNET usually knows their stuff... that article is terrible17:15
pragmaticenigmaor is there something preventing LTS releases from upgrading without changing to the "normal" stream instead of keeping the LTS stream17:15
pragmaticenigmaor maybe I need to more carefully read17:16
lotuspsychjedidnt test update-manager -c yet17:16
lotuspsychjeand all my boxes are on bionic now17:17
TJ-pragmaticenigma: changelogs.u.c meta-release-lts hasn't been updated yet17:17
lotuspsychjeah tnx 4 feedback TJ-17:17
pragmaticenigmahow come? TJ-17:17
TJ-because the release team aren't ready I presume17:17
TJ-maybe there are bugs still making their way from -proposed to main17:17
pragmaticenigmaBut the ISOs were released?17:19
lotuspsychjeyeah .1 is out17:19
lotuspsychjeits just lts to lts comming behind17:20
TJ-it's not got anything to do with the ISOs, this is the {14,16}.04 > 18.04 upgrader issues that can hold it back17:20
pragmaticenigmayeah, that's the part that I don't understand, unless the upgrade tool is having issues with package substitutions17:20
TJ-installing from ISO doesn't have to deal with release upgrades17:20
lotuspsychjesmart move they keep unity installed, choosable at gdm18:09
lotuspsychjeevening oerheks18:18
oerheksheya lotus18:18
tomreynthe good thing about the new spam is you can easily spot that it is (this) spam.20:35
tomreynwith the previous one, i repeatedly fall for it, since it just started like a common support chat.20:36
leftyfbhggdh: gwen is also a troll from previous times21:01
leftyfb2018 Jun 21 02:41:49 <zenofpython>ducasse: no problem racism is everywhere… white don’t support blacks - humans, ubuntu don’t support centos - OSes, God don’t support Devil - Supernatural… Live is doomed!21:01
hggdhI know... :-(21:01
nacctomreyn: i'm giving up on being able to help this person22:21
tomreyni read the backlog and i doubt i'd be able to put more energy into them than you already did22:21
tomreynnacc: now you're going to have to explain how to create wbackups, and why. :-P22:23
naccwell, honestly, i can't see this perosn having useful data on their system; but i have very specific definitions of useful!22:24

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