SlownI need your help guys10:29
SlownI got really small icons and text10:29
Slownhow I can fix that ?10:29
SlownI have a 15.6 inch display with 1080p resolution10:29
gnugrSlown: seems you have graphical driver missing11:45
gnugrprobably nvidia driver11:45
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rysh3rhello all:)14:00
rysh3ranybuddy home ?14:02
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introsp3ctivehello there I have a quick questioin. How does one set up ubuntu-mate to boot directly to the terminal with no GUI?16:42
sixwheeledbeastI can only think of select it from GRUB at boot17:00
sixwheeledbeastIf you don't need the DE then install server edition?17:01
introsp3ctiveThat's what I was thinking of doing but I had already downloaded the regular version so I was seeing if there was an easy way to do it without redownloading a different distro17:01
sixwheeledbeastJust download ubuntu server LTS, any home directories can be copied. If you never plan to use the DE it's just taking up space.17:04
sixwheeledbeastApparently you can change the grub settings:- GRUB_CMLDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT "text" never tried this tho.17:07
sixwheeledbeastyou will need to 'update-grub' after.17:08
introsp3ctivegreat thank you17:12
maxrazerI just installed Quake Shareware and it was listed under "other" in the menu instead of "games". That seems like something that should be worked on the categories of apps.19:13

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