* slangasek waves19:00
slangasekdo we have a chair and is it me?19:03
slangasekhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoardAgenda hasn't been updated since June; which means stgraber is the chair19:04
stgraberdo we have anything to meet about?19:04
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stgraber#topic Action review19:07
stgraberACTION: Wimpress To follow-up on-list with design review to address MATE Boutique security/consent concerns.19:08
mdeslaurI don't see that on the list19:09
stgraberyeah, neither do I19:09
stgraberACTION: infinity to ask maas team to prepare SRU exception policy à la CurtinUpdates (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MAASUpdates)19:09
stgraberI'm not seeing anything19:10
* stgraber waits for the wiki to load to see the rest of the agenda19:10
stgraberACTION: slangasek and mdeslaur to more clearly define third party seeded snap security policy19:11
mdeslaurstgraber: you should upgrade to a v.92 modem19:11
slangasekmdeslaur: I guess we should block some time to do something about that?19:12
mdeslauryeah, perhaps wait until the new tech board even?19:12
stgrabermdeslaur: pretty sure my end is fine, need to get IS to budget a faster modem for that server :)19:12
slangasekmdeslaur: well, it needs doing and the TB elections don't seem to be making any more forward progress than our action items19:13
mdeslaurslangasek: ok, let me catch up on the past discussions and I'll get back to you19:13
stgraberACTION: tsimonq2 to email proposed policy for flavor-notification of daemons being added to all flavors (e.g. snapd into desktop-common)19:13
tsimonq2Yup, done/.19:14
tsimonq2Just needs ratification, I believe.19:14
slangasekyeah, I was going to re-review it but I think it's more or less solid now19:14
stgrabersounds good19:15
stgraber#topic Review of the seeded snaps policy19:15
tsimonq2slangasek: I reworked it a little bit after your feedback.19:15
stgraberslangasek: that one's yours I believe19:15
slangasekhmm, I've lost context and don't remember why this was on the agenda, sorry19:16
slangasekpossibly it needs to be taken off, in lieu of mdeslaur's and my deep dive19:16
stgraber#topic Dropping patches added for main inclusion and delegation of maintainership19:18
stgraberadded by doko though it feels like we've talked about some of that before, didn't we?19:18
slangasekI don't think doko has yet been to a TB meeting to discuss this; but anyway, he's at DebConf so it's 3am where he is right now19:19
stgraberok, lets keep that on the agenda then19:19
stgraber#topic scan ML19:19
stgrabernot seeing anything that needs to be discussed here19:20
stgraber#topic community bugs19:20
stgraber#topic select chair19:20
stgraberinfinity with kees as backup19:20
stgraber#topic AOB19:20
stgraberthanks everyone!19:21
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jul 31 19:21:43 2018 UTC.19:21
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting-2/2018/ubuntu-meeting-2.2018-07-31-19.07.moin.txt19:21
mdeslaurthanks stgraber!19:21
mdeslaurthanks everyone19:21

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