lubot5<acheronuk> for some reason the transition wants to remove all KDE406:59
lubot5<acheronuk> i.e. would break all kde4 if migrated07:00
lubot5<acheronuk> @tsimonq2 would probably cheer :P but in practical terms for this, not good07:01
lubot5<acheronuk> looks likely to be because strigi FTBFS against ffmpeg407:26
lubot5<acheronuk> strigi is removed in debian, so if I stop kde4libs building against it (hence a dep) then it should become removable from Ubuntu 🤞07:28
lubot5<acheronuk> @tsimonq2 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transcode/+bug/178461211:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1784612 in transcode (Ubuntu) "FTBFS against ffmpeg 4" [Undecided,New]11:32
lubot5<acheronuk> that will block ffmpeg, and hence Qt as well11:32
lisandrotangled transitions are not fun12:37
acheronuklisandro: with Qt and KDE, there are rarely any other kind :P12:50
acheronukof the larger ones, anyway12:51
lubot5* acheronuk wonders what happened to the idea of checking that rdeps build ok BEFORE you start a transition13:02
lubot5<acheronuk> https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/html/ffmpeg.html13:02
lubot5* acheronuk wonders if webengine can be decoupled from ffmpeg in the short term13:03
lubot5<acheronuk> too many other things also build with it :(13:05
lubot5<tsimonq2> @acheronuk kmail apparently needs a fix for Qt 5.11.119:59
lubot5<tsimonq2> See debian-kde@l.d.o but lisandro has a patch, apparently :)19:59
lubot5<acheronuk> with all the patching already, I would be amazed if PIM works at all!20:00
lubot5<tsimonq2> heh20:00
lubot5<acheronuk> I'll have a look where we are. with Qt firmly wedged in proposed, doubt this will affect many people. + I wonder if fixed in 18.04 apps, which if so, might be done anyway before Qt migrates, or immediately after20:04
lubot5<acheronuk> @tsimonq2 so this? https://cgit.kde.org/messagelib.git/commit/?h=Applications/18.04&id=38d8323062731ae0cf8a037451b5b55d41f0e3f620:11
lubot5<acheronuk> that is in 18.04 it seems20:11
lubot5<tsimonq2> I think so20:12
lubot5<tsimonq2> I don't use kmail :P20:12
lubot5<acheronuk> So I'll ponder whether to do that earlier now, or patch20:12
lubot5<tsimonq2> Up to you.20:12
lubot5<acheronuk> @tsimonq2, seems multiple fixes https://cgit.kde.org/messagelib.git/log/?h=Applications%2F18.04&qt=grep&q=5.1120:13
lubot5<tsimonq2> Ah.20:37
lubot5<acheronuk> @tsimonq2 kde4libs is migrating. strigi in release and FTBFS in proposed against ffmpeg should be removable when done20:50
lubot5<tsimonq2> ack20:50
lubot5<acheronuk> 😴💤20:55
lisandro@acheronuk working on it21:21
lisandroI'm also adding a patch for missing headers21:22
lisandroideally we would need heffee around :-/21:22

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