brobostigonmorning boys and girls.05:50
daftykinsmay've ignored my alarm somewhat, tough to get back to it after some holidaying :D10:23
daftykinswell that's interesting, the local courier who handles DPD stuff finally picked up the phone, turns out my faulty phone has been with them the whole month due to them waiting on some paperwork to be resolved10:43
czajkowskipopey: are there plans to have an Ubuntu netflix application like on windows or a mac ?11:30
daftykinswow an interviewee on BBC News just flopped over on the floor11:33
daftykinsczajkowski: \o11:33
czajkowskidaftykins: ello11:34
czajkowskidaftykins: I also have a windows laptop which is why I'm asking11:34
czajkowskiit's rather nice to just launch the netflix app11:34
czajkowskiand DOWNLOAD in it11:34
czajkowskilike on my phone11:34
czajkowskiwill wipe the machine soon11:34
czajkowskibut loving the spec and some of the touch screen features11:35
daftykinsmmm no idea on the progress with Netflix on Linux, last i heard you could use it in chrome with the DRM plugin but were still limited to 720p video quality or some such11:36
czajkowskibut the nice feature of download doesnt work in the web11:37
czajkowskibut does in the actual app11:37
czajkowskiwhich is handy when you're on a plane11:37
czajkowskiwhich is where I currently spend a chunk of time11:37
czajkowskinew lappy is an Acer swift 511:38
daftykinsi would wager you'll not see that on desktop Linux for a fair time, probably best to make a dualboot setup if you want to hang onto it11:38
czajkowskinods true true11:38
zmoylan-pidoes the download work on android? use a tablet if you have one?11:53
czajkowskizmoylan-pi: it does on the phone13:18
zmoylan-pismaller screen, draining it's battery, needing a stand for it but it might have to do till netflix notices linux to make an app13:19
czajkowskizmoylan-pi: oh indeed13:24
czajkowskiand on my phone P10 mate it's a decent size13:24
loptaIs Ubuntu Server a good choice for something that needs to run headless?21:22

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