floridagram-bot1<RazPi> @KMyers I’m bringing you something03:46
floridagram-bot1<Ivoriesablaze> @RazPi what about me!!!???14:07
floridagram-bot1<Ivoriesablaze> I gotta have my cheerwine fix! I'm starting to get the shakes!14:13
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> @RazPi - when are you back in Florida?15:40
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> I’m just over an hour away from home I have a doctors appt at 2:3015:41
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> Your driving back?15:41
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> Yeah, waiting out the storm but it won’t quit15:41
floridagram-bot1<Ivoriesablaze> Did you bring me cheerwine???15:41
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> I’m flyers my out on the second for a week or so15:41
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> There’s two cases I’m sure there’s enough to share 😊15:42
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> (Especially if you want to drive me down to Miami so we can hang out, my maintenance light is on)15:43
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> You could take the tri rail15:43
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> This is true, I’ll see if I can pack up the cases15:44
floridagram-bot1<Ivoriesablaze> No! Don't give him ideas!15:44
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> Man it started pouring hard I might just have to run15:44
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> Don't do anything unsafe15:45
floridagram-bot1<Ivoriesablaze> @RazPi are you south in Broward?15:46
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> (Location, lon: -80.611144, lat: 27.959024)15:46
floridagram-bot1<Ivoriesablaze> Or are you still North?15:46
floridagram-bot1<Ivoriesablaze> Ah, okay, I just wanted to see if I was about to hit that rain, lol15:47

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