jayjoI have 2 screens and one is rotated, now when I have my dock on the bottom the dash application search doesn't open. The dock still works just the "search for applications" does not work00:02
jayjoI see a post on askubuntu that mentions editing the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file, but I don't seem to have one00:03
jayjoalthough using cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager shows /usr/sbin/lightdm00:05
jayjoso actually 2 problems, help on either would be appreciated. Also after the rotation I can't seem to rotate my login screen00:09
jayjois it possible that I use lightdm for some things but not specifically the login screen? or will it handle all if it's the default display manager00:11
backnforthHow do I automatically update my ubuntu 18.04 vps?00:13
jayjoif my bar is working fine on the bottom of my screen, but searches do not show any content, does that mean anything in particular? I've seen some things saying it could be auto-starts failing?00:22
illuminatedwhat is the recommended way of installing .deb files?  gdebi or software center?00:23
leftyfbilluminated: dpkg00:24
jayjocan't seem to figure that out, going to move on. One last question - with two displays, what's the easiest way to conditionally set the resolution for the monitor? Right now because the rotated one seems to set the resolution, and then the standard horizontal monitor background image is very low resolution (the rest of the gui is fine)00:33
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tom_tom_df -h00:40
illuminatedI installed gisomount and the desktop file is in /usr/share/applications but it does not show up in the gnome applications menu01:12
illuminatedhow do I make the icon show up in the applications list01:13
illuminatedis there some means of refreshing the list or something?01:13
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xamithanLate reply but you can just relogin X.  Also got to make sure it has a [Desktop Entry] Line at the top otherwise it won't work01:31
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illuminatedxamithan: it has a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications and in the .desktop file it has exec=gksudo gisomount..gksudo no longer exists.  you exec it with admin:// but I can't figure out how...01:37
xamithanShouldn't that be gksu ?01:40
jak2000hi all my Box always start in recovery mode..... need type Ctrl-d for maintentance, how to fix? i do an cat /etc/fstab i try "fcks /dev/pve/root" but say its mounted.... thanks01:40
illuminatedgksu is also deprecated01:41
leftyfbjak2000: we do not support Debian here01:41
xamithanpkexec and some policy script hacks01:47
illuminatedsonicwind thanks for trying but how do you change the Exec line to start /usr/sbin/gisomount  Exec=admin:///usr/sbin/gisomount doesn't work.01:47
DoctorHi sorry not directly related to Ubuntu but thought to try my luck here... could anyone tell me how to enable latest Synology NAS to recognize an external jfs drive. Any way to recompile its kernel? Thx!02:25
smacktalkany suggestions on a version of linux for an i686 laptop02:49
ash_worksiam i screwed02:50
ash_worksiI started an UPDATE on postgresql that's taking forever but I didn't do it in screen or anything02:51
ash_worksiI am afraid my session will time out02:51
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AleszandroWith our IRC ad service you can reach a global audience of entrepreneurs and fentanyl addicts with extraordinary engagement rates! https://williampitcock.com/03:02
AleszandroI thought you guys might be interested in this blog by freenode staff member Bryan 'kloeri' Ostergaard https://bryanostergaard.com/03:02
guivercsmacktalk, I'd recommend lubuntu, or xubuntu03:13
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illuminatedI'm learning how to linux03:20
illuminatedgot it in a virtual machine on windows03:20
Toadisattvait's a good start03:21
Toadisattvasoon you can run windows in a vm on your linux properly :P03:21
illuminatedlol yeah03:22
HiddenDjinni know you guys were trying to help last night...i ended up installing for bios boot since uefi was being too much of a pita for me03:22
illuminatedI don't do a lot with windows so it makes transition easy.  quassel for irc, tixati for torrent, mpv for video, chrome for browser, handbrake for dvd ripping, avidemux to chop up videos.  So far that's about all I've really needed.03:25
Muliganfresh install of ubuntu 18.0403:35
Muligantrying to setup an LT2P conneciton, but it comes back 'unable to load VPN connection editor'03:35
kali-teamsudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn03:39
Muliganstill same result03:40
Muliganmust I restart before it'll take effect?03:41
Muliganther we go03:44
Muliganhad to go the -gnome package as well03:44
fs_who are you?03:52
fs_ I am chian.03:52
kali-teamme too03:53
saitoh183_im having a issue with my dedicated server and SoYouStart cant seem to find the problem. So before i go ahead and start from scratch, i thought i would ask here. Im on ubuntu 18.0403:54
saitoh183_basically i think i locked myself out of my machine with a bad iptables entry.  I cannot ssh back in but i was able to boot in rescue and mount my drive and chroot03:56
aoligeiwhat you say03:58
aoligeiwhat you say03:58
aoligeiwhat you say03:58
aoligeiwhat you say03:58
aoligeiwhat you say03:58
saitoh183_there was fail2ban on the machine and i when in the jail and set the sshd to enabled = false in the .local and .conf. I also disabled the service. In the sshd_config i put the port back to default and enabled root login and login with passwords just to see if i could connect.03:58
saitoh183_ i deleted the files in /etc/iptables03:59
saitoh183_i dont know what else to try04:00
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Rory_ScrumIm having trouble paying my internet bill.. Any ideas?04:36
HiddenDjinnRory_Scrum, part time job?04:36
Rory_ScrumI have one of those, but couldnt be bothered to turn in to work today04:37
HiddenDjinnRory_Scrum, no work=no $...04:38
Rory_ScrumUnless I can get a little help. monthly sponsor maybe04:39
HiddenDjinnRory_Scrum, unless you provide a service i need, i don't give money...04:39
HiddenDjinnkinda how capitalism works04:40
Rory_Scrumwell, tell me what you need. I'll see if I can 'bend to your will'  or 'rise' to the occasion04:40
HiddenDjinnRory_Scrum, i need an affordable key duplicator04:41
ducasseRory_Scrum: this is offtopic here, please take it elsewhere04:41
Rory_Scrumkey cutting service?04:41
Rory_Scrumof course, sorry ducasse04:41
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Guest58Hello there I want to tweak my password screen, the one whicch is showed after lifting up the lock screen05:13
Guest58how to do so? any help would be great!05:17
Guest58thanks in advance05:17
lotuspsychjeGuest58: the look of your login screen depends on your ubuntu flavor, do you have gnome, unity or kde or another?05:19
guivercGuest58, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM shows some lightdm config info (for greeter & 'password screen' as you put it) if you're using lightdm; as lotuspsychje suggested; if using gdm3 or other (you didn't specific what version of ubuntu) the dm in use may differ05:21
Guest58lotuspsychje: How do I check so05:22
Guest58guiverc: 18.04 is my version05:23
lotuspsychjeGuest58: lsb_release -a05:24
guivercGuest58, this may be helpful, 18.04 to my knowledge uses gdm3 - http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2017/10/change-login-screen-background-ubuntu-17-10/; i don't have a wiki page for gdm3 sorry05:25
lotuspsychjeGuest58: you should be remember wich iso you downloaded right?05:25
Guest58lotuspsychje: No lsb modules are available05:26
Guest58guiverc: The link doesn't open05:27
guivercsorry I didn't put a space between end of link & my added ;  - paste then remove the ;05:27
lotuspsychjewar10ck_: can we help you?05:39
war10ck_No I meant "/c" to clear the chat05:40
senapshi all, where can i find the source for ubuntu 18.04 server installer? is it a package or anything that i can download and use for myself or what?05:57
linuxnoobi need some help please06:03
guivercsenaps, all ubuntu source (main, universe,  not restricted) is open source - where you can apt-get install the programs, you can also have apt-get install the source too, but the server installer is on github too06:03
linuxnoobi am trying to mount a CDROM onto a Read-Only file system06:03
linuxnoobcan someone ne1 help me06:03
linuxnoobi am a noob06:04
Ben64!details | linuxnoob06:04
ubottulinuxnoob: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.06:04
senapsguiverc yes, but i don't know it's name and don't know what to look for! let me search on github for it for a bit. thanks06:05
guiverchttps://github.com/CanonicalLtd/subiquity senaps06:05
senapsokay, thanks.... awesome06:06
linuxnoobi'm typing in the command #mkdir /mnt/cdrom and i'm getting mkdir: '/cdrom': Read-only file system06:06
Ben64linuxnoob: well, yeah, you can't make a directory on a cd like that06:06
linuxnoobso how do i mount a dvd that has a file i need to install on it?06:07
Ben64still not sure what you actually want to do06:07
linuxnoobSome Linux distributions use different mount point names. For example, on some distributions the mount point is /media/VMware Tools rather than /mnt/cdrom. Modify the command to reflect the conventions that your distribution uses.06:08
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guiverclinuxnoob, what version of Ubuntu ?06:09
linuxnoobdoes linux have a "winver" command?06:11
linuxnoobyou laugh but I'm dead serious06:12
Ben64winver means "windows version" which i find funny06:13
linuxnoobBen64, i think it makes perfect sense to call it that06:14
Ben64not in linux06:14
linuxnoobof course not06:14
linuxnooblinux has to be impossible to understand06:14
linuxnoobgod forbid someone create linver06:14
linuxnooba terminal command that lets you know what version you are using06:16
guiverclinuxnoob, uname will tell you your kernel version, `lsb_release -a` will provide some info on system (linux standard base release info) ; but on prod'n system these tools are removed to avoid security-holes & keep system light; why keep bloat? - and the version info i believe you should know; it needs to be known for security reasons..06:16
linuxnooblinux is like a thick, beautifully bound book in a language that I can't read06:18
linuxnoobit has potential06:18
Ben64it's just different, it isn't any harder to learn than other operating systems06:18
linuxnoobi find that dubious06:19
Ben64just because you haven't bothered to learn it doesn't make it difficult06:20
linuxnoobi can't even manually install VMWare tools on it06:20
linuxnoobI'm trying to mount a virtual CD drive in the guest, launch a Terminal and use tar to uncompress an installer06:21
ghostlocalhostI am having a problem with my firefox crashing on ubuntu mate armf06:21
linuxnoobthen, execute vmware-install.pl to install VMWare tools06:22
linuxnoobi get sudo errors, path errors, read-only filesystem errors06:23
Ben64cds should mount automatically06:23
linuxnoobnothing works06:23
linuxnoobit wo'nt06:23
linuxnoobi have tried06:23
linuxnoobi typed in: mount06:23
Ben64that's not automatically06:23
Ben64automatically = by itself06:23
linuxnoobwell, it doesn't06:23
linuxnoobit won't06:23
linuxnoobit has NOT06:24
linuxnoobit's a VIRTUAL cd drive06:24
punkgeeksb can explain me why I get this error?06:24
guiverclinuxnoob, `mount` without options means show me what's mounted06:24
linuxnooband then a whole language of things appears that I don't and can't understand06:25
linuxnoobtwenty lines of such06:25
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new2ubuntuHello all!  When I ran Ubuntu from USB, everything worked fine.  Once I installed the latest, the touchpad on my ASUS laptop works for about 10 seconds after log-in.  Then, it stops working.  Keyboard works somewhat.  I'm in Windows now (dual boot), so testing solutions won't be instant.  Thanks in advance!06:28
lotuspsychjepunkgeek: did you add external ppa's to your system?06:29
ducasse!info mysql-wsrep-5.6 xenial06:29
ubottuPackage mysql-wsrep-5.6 does not exist in xenial06:29
ducassepunkgeek: that package is from a third-party repo06:29
lotuspsychjenew2ubuntu: take a look in your syslog/dmesg for errors while you playing with touchpad, try to test this on another user?06:33
grr12314hi. why does `update-alternatives --list rename` only show the perl renames and not the real rename?06:34
new2ubuntulotuspsychje:  I will try that and be back with errors I see.06:39
DoowWhat's the best way to back up my system config, should I just do put /etc in a regular backup / VCS repository or is that considered "bad"?06:40
DoowOr maybe I'n missing a lot of important things in that case?06:41
lotuspsychjeDoow: most of your data & configs are stored in /home06:43
lotuspsychjeDoow: depending how deep you want to backup of course?06:44
lotuspsychje!backup | Doow06:44
ubottuDoow: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning06:44
Doowlotuspsychje, good point, I'm backing up data already, this is just about config. But there are a lot of dot-files and directories in my home that I'd miss.06:45
lotuspsychjeDoow: did you look in all the hidden folders in your /home?06:45
lotuspsychjeDoow: is there a reason you plan this backup? moving to LTS or so?06:46
Doowlotuspsychje, depends on what you mean. I know they're there and I regularly modify parts of them, but I haven't looked in _all_ of them =)06:46
grr12314theres no need to look, as long as you backup your full home06:47
ducasseDoow: i keep an 'etc' directory in my homedir where i place copies of all the files i've changed under /etc, then simply back up my entire homedir06:47
Doowlotuspsychje, no specific reason other than I want to keep track of things in case something happens (failed harddrive, ransomware, fat fingers,...)06:49
lotuspsychjeDoow: ok roger06:49
Doowducasse, I think I'll add a symlink to /etc in my projects folder and then put that in a repository. That way I can keep the .git stuff out of the actual /etc. That way I get both versioning and backup (since I already backup my git repos).06:53
ducasseDoow: remember that not everything under /etc is readable by a normal user06:54
DoowYeah, I'll have to ignore some files, don't want my password hashes or certificates out there in the wild =)06:55
grr12314hi, why did ubuntu change the real rename to non-standard rename.ul and not give the option to use it by its standard name?06:56
lotuspsychjeDoow: in my opinion a good backup is an external media, organized into categorys. the moment you create a new config for a package you worked on long time= copy right away into your external category and avoid afterward pains06:56
lotuspsychjeluna_: not here please, only ubuntu support07:01
DoowSpeaking of which, is this the proper channel for ubuntu under wsl? I have nothing special right now, just curious =)07:03
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide07:04
Doowaha, thanks07:05
mastrohi, I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Software Updater still doesn't show up an update to 18.04, I've read it should have come up on 26th of July07:05
ducasseDoow: depends on the question, though07:05
ducasse!ltsupgrade | mastro07:06
ubottumastro: Upgrades from 16.04 LTS will not be enabled until a few days after the 18.04.1 release expected in late July.07:06
mastroducasse: i know, but 18.04.1 is out https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/07/ubuntu-18-04-1-lts-release07:07
ducassemastro: note 'a few days after'07:08
mastroducasse: i see thanks07:09
mastrofrom that article it looked like the upgrade should have been already out07:09
ducassemastro: so some time this week, i expect. we don't know anything more than that.07:09
mastroducasse: thanks, I hope it will be a smooth process,  don't feel like reinstalling and configuring from scratch07:13
linuxnoob i typed in the command and now it says sudo: not found07:21
linuxnoobcan someone please help me add a path of some sort?07:22
stoopkidhi, does anyone know where on disk i would find the superblock of the ext4 fs in a default ubuntu 16.04 installation on a standard PC? the partition table seemed to indicate that the start of the 1st partition (the one with the ext4 fs) would be at LBA 32768 (8000h) but a dd at that location just turned up a bunch of 0s, i'm not sure if i'm looking in the wrong place or what?07:24
linuxnoobcan someone anyone please explain how i can create a path for sudo to work?07:27
linuxnoobevery time i type su i lose my path07:27
linuxnooband when i type su with the path i get unknown id07:28
linuxnoobwhy does linux suck so bad?07:28
stoopkidmaybe you just suck at linux? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯07:29
linuxnoobno, linux sucks07:29
linuxnoobi'm pretty sure about that07:29
linuxnoobyou can't just execute a file07:30
stoopkidlet's write a new operating system07:30
stoopkidalright so back to linux then07:30
linuxnoobstoopid, can you help me?07:31
linuxnoobi know it's not smart to ask someone called stoopid07:31
linuxnoobbut you are my last hope07:31
geirhasudo and su are separate tools. First off, don't combine them. Use just sudo07:32
geirhaand sudo's path can be configured via the sudoers file07:33
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linuxnoobwhere is the sudoers file and how can i configure it to run a command at a different path?07:34
linuxnoobi'm close to running this file, i just need a few hints/pointers07:36
geirhaman sudoers to read about its syntax,  sudo visudo  to edit it07:36
geirhasee what secure_path is set to07:36
linuxnoobdon't i need to be in the secure path to run sudo to determine what the fucking secure path is?07:38
Ben64what are you even trying to do07:39
geirhagive the sudoers manual a read first. It's dangerous to edit these files if you're not prepared for the consequences. You can easily be left with no root access if you get it wrong07:39
linuxnoobrun a command07:39
Ben64so run it07:39
linuxnoobi have to run it as sudo07:39
Ben64what's the command07:39
linuxnoobbut my path is not secure07:39
geirhaand it needs to run some vmware commands you have installed in a non-standard location?07:40
Ben64so what happens when you do 'sudo ./vmware-install.pl'07:40
linuxnoobsudo: not found07:41
fubHi. Im using ubuntu 18.04 with i3. When my laptop is in the docking station, I want to automatically switch to HDMI audio output. When out of the docking, back to analog. I can currently set this over pavucontrol, but how can I do this automatically?07:41
Ben64linuxnoob: what about 'sudo ls'07:41
geirhaok, so it has nothing to do with PATH07:41
linuxnoobnot found07:41
Ben64then you're not running ubuntu07:41
geirhaat least not sudo's PATH07:42
ConsoleFxHi All, I am trying to use a directive e.g. UseDNS no against Ubuntu 16.04. Once the config change is done and when I restart the ssh daemon, ssh doesn't restart. When I remove the line UseDNS no, everything is back to normal. Shall I assume UseDNS no doesn't work in Ubuntu 16.04?07:43
geirhalinuxnoob: what does   printf '%s\n' "$PATH"    say, and why are you using sh instaed of bash?07:44
linuxnoobwhat is sh and what is bash?07:44
linuxnoobi have a #07:44
linuxnoobis sh terminal shell?07:45
linuxnoobfuck you guys and your acronyms07:45
Ben64you can leave with that attitude07:45
linuxnoobi know NOTHING07:45
Ben64maybe go to the library and learn that first07:45
Ben64you're coming in here being incredibly rude for no reason07:46
geirhaso you're already root, then you don't need sudo, but you've gained root priviliges with a shell not meant for interactive use, and apparently without the usual environment, somehow07:46
Ben64we don't work for you dude07:46
geirhahow did you become root?07:46
linuxnoobsorry ben07:47
Ben64not even running ubuntu07:47
linuxnoobits just I've been trying to run a simple .pl file for nearly over an hour now07:47
geirhaIf this is ubuntu, you've done something really weird to get to the point you're at now07:48
geirhaWe'd need to know what07:49
linuxnoob printf '%s\n' "$PATH"   shows   /svin:/vendor/bin:/system/sbin:/system/bin:system/xbin07:49
ducasselinuxnoob: which release is this?07:49
linuxnoobi need a command to tell you stuff07:50
linuxnoobwinver like07:50
ducasse'cat /etc/issue'07:50
geirhathis looks more like android07:51
Ben64with the /system yeah07:51
linuxnoobis this not linux?07:51
linuxnoobi thought it was07:52
geirhaandroid is linux, yes, but it's not ubuntu. Completely different operating systems07:52
linuxnoobso, android doesn't run on linux?07:52
ducasseandroid is linux-based, but it's certainly not ubuntu07:52
geirhathat only happen to use the same kernel07:52
linuxnoobso, I'm in the wrong place?07:52
linuxnoobsorry guys07:53
ducasseif you can tell us what os this is, we can tell you where to get help07:53
linuxnoobmy bad07:53
linuxnoobit's android07:53
linuxnoobrunning on vmware07:53
Ben64should always definitely start asking for help with what you're running07:53
linuxnoobrunning on windows07:53
linuxnoobrunning on dos07:54
Ben64i'll save you some time and tell you to give up on vmware-tools on android07:54
Ben64it'll never work07:54
linuxnoobstill harsh07:54
edmooreanyone at all know if ltsupgrades are likely to begin anytime this year? I've a nice 2-day gap at work today and tomorrow that would be a perfect time to do it and give me time to deal with any issues if they arise...07:55
linuxnoobseems to work for the most part07:55
linuxnoobmy mouse moves fine07:55
linuxnooband i have audio07:55
linuxnoobthough it isn't sync'd07:55
SevioWell you can upgrade to bionic with do-release-upgrade -d even if they haven't made the upgrade "official" yet07:56
linuxnoobit's a hell of a lot better than what I had with HyperV, which is Micrsoft's CRAPPY virtualization software07:57
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linuxnoobsevio, is bionic android?07:57
tomreynedmoore: this year: pretty sure, today: not so much.08:10
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easyOnMehello everyone08:14
easyOnMeanyone here has tried install and running apache and nginx servers on one and the same laptop08:14
TvL2386easyOnMe: nope08:16
TvL2386why you asking?08:16
TvL2386apt-get install apache2 nginx08:16
stoopkidnvm found it, i forgot about the 1024 bytes of padding at the beginning08:25
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Rory_Scrumhow to make ubuntu behave like windows ?09:14
OolRory_Scrum: you want to pay to have it ?09:17
feodoranwhat do you mean by "behave like windows"?09:18
milphi, can anyone recommend me a simple cpu/memory/system (no gfx) benchmarking tool where i can compare results and hardware specs online?09:18
Rory_Scrumi mean, invade me privacy, force updates on me when you dont expect them, and have a half baked ui that doesnt know if its meant for a tablet or a pc09:20
Rory_Scrumjoke..   just use more exe file and less terminal commands would be good09:21
feodoranyou could set up some cronjobs to upload logfiles and do the updates09:21
Rory_Scruma cronjob sounds nasty09:23
OolRory_Scrum: don't use .exe is easy :)09:23
Rory_Scrumbut i like using .exe09:23
OolRory_Scrum: and you can do a lot of thinks without a terminal09:23
Oolso use windows09:24
Rory_Scrumi do09:24
easyOnMeanyone has used python in their ubuntu09:25
Rory_Scrumnot sure if its even compatible easy09:26
TJ-easyOnMe: Ubuntu uses Python for lots of system activity09:26
llutzRory_Scrum: to get your .exe :find /{,usr/,usr/local/}bin -perm 0755 -exec ln -l {} {}.exe \;09:28
llutzln -s   even09:28
Rory_Scrumcome on now llutz.   i cant understand htat.  is it python ?09:29
easyOnMeTJ-: I see09:29
feodoranRory_Scrum: paste into your terminal, and it will search executables and create a link with ".exe" append to them.09:31
Rory_Scrumwats he exact command please09:32
Rory_Scrumwill paste it09:32
feodoranfind /{,usr/,usr/local/}bin -perm 0755 -exec ln -l {} {}.exe \;09:32
feodoranbut it is not a very useful thing to do ...09:33
llutzfeodoran: its not useful at all,09:33
Rory_Scruminvalid opotion,  try ln- halp for more..'09:33
Rory_Scrumit sok...09:33
Rory_Scrumim tired09:33
Rory_Scrumi need to go lay down09:33
Rory_Scrumrory scrum out09:34
easyOnMehow do know whether I have installed python 3 on ubuntu 16.04LTS09:37
geirhapython3 -V09:38
easyOnMegeirha: thanks09:40
easyOnMedoes pip work in ubuntu09:41
guiverceasyOnMe, yep  (pip)09:41
feodoranor pip309:42
pc_magasGreeding community. Do you know how I can locate the modules loaded in a kernel from a device provided via lspci?09:45
pc_magasI want to tacle the issue where no wireless interface is shown in ifconfig for my w-fi card.09:46
llutzpc_magas: lspci -k09:46
ehwpc_magas: lspci -k will show you that09:46
llutzpc_magas: tried ifconfig -a (if iface just was down)?09:47
pc_magasllutz, yes I tried the lspci -a and the interface is not shown on ubuntu 16.04LTS.09:49
xenohi, apt-get install -y apache2 in 18.04 manages to still go interactive - how can I avoid it?09:52
TvL2386pc_magas: I'd also check `dmesg` to see if your wireless card is listed/seen09:52
pc_magasThe issue is that I have Ubuntu 16.04 with a broadcom wi-fi chipset with the proriatery driver installed and suddenly the wireless interface went missing from ifconfig -a.09:52
pc_magasTvL2386, how I can filter it out via a specific id from lspci09:53
TvL2386pc_magas: I don't really know.... For my laptop I see the following in `dmesg`: [   65.601435] iwlwifi 0000:02:00.0: enabling device (0000 -> 0002)09:54
TvL2386pc_magas: and in lspci -k : 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 (rev 3a)09:54
TvL2386pc_magas: this is not my forte, so what do you mena with sepcific id? I'm inclined to say `dmesg | grep ....` or something, but I don't think that's what you're lookig for09:55
llutzTvL2386 pc_magas : filter by pci-id, your card e.g. 02:00.009:56
TvL2386I just did `dmesg | less` and searched for "wifi" :)09:56
TJ-pc_magas: "lspci -nn -d::0280" should show only Wireless Network class devices10:00
TJ-pc_magas: but it depends on if Broadcom followed the standards!10:01
pc_magasThe driver is loaded and seems to be recognized by kernel as well: https://pastebin.com/W3md3Bdu10:02
TJ-pc_magas: show us "pastebinit <( lspci -nn; ip link show; iwconfig )"10:03
pc_magasSo the issue is why the network manager fails to assign an interface to the loaded broadcom interface. I wonder how network manager assigns interfaces to a specific card?10:03
pc_magasTJ- the results of the commands provided https://pastebin.com/xVPr2zc710:08
TJ-pc_magas: did the PC do a suspend/resume sometime before the interface disappeared?10:09
TJ-pc_magas: better show us the complete dmesg: "pastebinit <(dmesg)"10:09
BazmanI removed the gpu but now when I boot the computer gets stuck in another loop: When I login, the screen gets black and soon after that the login screen comes back.10:09
BazmanI tried the work around where you type Ctrl-Alt_F2 but you need to know your login name for that method and I don't (only the password)10:10
pc_magasTJ-, i guess because sometimes when it going to shut down it suspends and does not shut down10:11
BazmanI know that there is a method to find your login name by booting into recovery mode but my keyboard and mouse don't work on the recovery mode GUI so I'm pretty stuck10:11
TJ-pc_magas: there may be issues with the device being rediscovered on resume from suspend, due to ACPI problems, but the dmesg will tell us10:12
BazmanIt is still possible to login and repair the system or is reinstalling the only option?10:12
SimonNLBazman: whats been shown at your prompt10:12
TJ-Bazman: how can you not know your login name? is it set to autologin?10:12
pc_magasTJ- https://pastebin.com/rcEcAbWx10:13
pc_magasHere is the dmesg10:13
pc_magasBazman, when you boot into recovery mode does you allow you to have access to a recovery console?10:14
BazmanTJ: This is a new build the user name si some variation of my name but I've tried various permutations but can't seem to find the right one10:14
TvL2386pc_magas: TJ-: I'm also having a problem with my wifi. Sometimes it's missing. It happens very rarely and have never looked into it, but the following resolves it: `sudo rmmod iwlmvm iwlwifi ; sudo modprobe iwlwifi`. This is a workaround... Maybe something like this works for you as well pc_magas10:15
TJ-pc_magas: have you been using an external USB wifi adapter ?10:15
pc_magasTJ-, well as a backup I used external wi-fi adapter but after the error with inline broadcom occurs10:16
TJ-TvL2386: that won't help because pc_magas PC has a Broadcom device, not Intel10:16
TvL2386yeah he'll need to put his own drivers in there10:16
TJ-pc_magas: right, I'm just confirming it so I don't follow the wrong trail in dmesg. That device shows up as wlx00e1b012aaa210:16
pc_magasYes that is the external wifi interface used as a backup/temporary solution.10:17
daumin ubuntu 16 i'm trying to add a second ip address from a completely different block to my NIC via ip addr add xxxxx/xx dev em3 , ip addr show em3 shows it but then when i try to ping it or reach it from any external device it fails.  what ist he best way to troubleshoot this10:17
BazmanSimonNL: After typing Ctrl-Alt-F2 is shows hp-desktop login:10:18
SimonNLctrl+alt, t   does that show terminal ?10:18
SimonNLdoes on mnt10:18
TvL2386daum: it probably works just fine, but depending of where you are pinging it from, rp_filter may be causing issues, or maybe firewalls don't like it because you'll probably only have a default gateway10:19
TvL2386daum: if you ping that ip from another host in the same subnet, it should respond10:19
TvL2386daum: assuming your host isn't blocking the ping with iptables or something10:19
SimonNLsimon@simon-MS-7327 ~ $      shows my username in front10:19
Bazmanunfortunately Ctrl+Alt+t does nothing in Ubuntu 18.0410:21
daumTvL2386, ah right you are i added another ip to another server on the same subnet and it can ping the other servers ip10:21
SimonNLBazman: maybe a launcher on your panel10:21
daumTvL2386, how can i get it setup so that i can actually get to it from outside of the asme subnet10:21
TJ-pc_magas: I suspect this may be because the broadcom driver failed to build after a kernel upgrade. Let's check that. By the way "pastebinit" is a command on your PC - you can copy-paste everything inside the " marks here: "pastebinit <( lspci -nnvvvk -d 14e4:4365; ls -latr /usr/src; ls -latr /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/updates/dkms/ )"10:22
TvL2386daum: well, with multihomed servers it is always a problem to determine routing.10:22
BazmanSorry can you elaborate (Launcher on my panel)?10:22
SimonNLBazman: can you start up you terminal ?10:22
TvL2386daum: normally you have a management interface/ip and a "normal ip". The normal ip has a default gateway and the management ip only has specific routes10:22
TvL2386daum: I don't know what you exactly want10:22
TvL2386daum: how should the server behave :)10:23
TJ-daum: the problem is the remote devices don't have a route added to reach the PC10:23
BazmanNot with the methods I have tried so far10:23
pc_magasTJ-, not installed and is not my compotuter to install it.10:23
BazmanI can get into GRUB10:23
TvL2386TJ-: daum yeah good point... simply adding an ip to a host won't make it magically routable10:23
SimonNLBazman: from the menu maybe10:23
TJ-daum: e.g. if your LAN is and the PC is and you've added to it, then for all other PCs they need to do "sudo ip route add via"10:24
TJ-daum: typo, if your LAN is ...!10:24
BazmanIts a dual boot machine when I chose OS I can chose to boot into recovery mode, from there I can boot into GRUB command line10:25
TJ-daum: in the alternative, because all those other PCs will send packets for to the default gateway then you could add the route to the default gateway instead, which is easier since you only need to do it on the gateway, not on the PCs10:26
SimonNLBazman: sorry I'm not able to help you10:26
BazmanOK thanks anyway10:26
SimonNLgood luck10:26
pc_magasTJ-, https://pastebin.com/vgfr1WY010:26
BazmanIs only option to delete reinstall?10:26
TJ-pc_magas: OK, well pastebin the results of those commands. You know we have http://paste.ubuntu.com to use? preferable to pastebin.com10:26
TvL2386TJ-: daum: I'm curious as to why you would want to add this ip to an interface. It's not really good practice to have multiple ip spaces in a single layer2 domain10:27
war10ck_What's your issue Bazman10:27
pc_magasTJ-, i did not know that10:27
daumTJ-, thanks.  So my situation is the IP we're adding is going to be removing in your example the 192.168.0.X ip once we can test that the IP is properly functioning, so if i add that route wouldn't i need to change it to then route through that ips gateway?10:27
daumTvL2386, ^10:27
TJ-pc_magas: oh good, that info shows no driver is loaded, and that in /usr/src/ we have the module "bcmwl-" that should be built by DKMS, but there is no module in the ./updates/dkms/ directory for the currently running kernel, which suggests it failed to build10:28
daumI see in my current /etc/network/interfaces I have a post-up ip route add default via XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX dev em3 table 101 where the XXX is the current em3 IP's gateway10:29
TJ-daum: if you're changing the IP and removing the standard LAN IP then you'd need to add another 10.1.1.x subnet to the gateway so it has say and the PC has say - that way the gateway will know how to route packets correctly10:29
Bazmanwarl0ck:I did fresh dual boot install everything was fine then I tried to install drivers for the GPU (nVidia 384.90) and after that the PC won't boot I just get the same error looping [ OK ] Started NVIDIA Persistence Daemon. Stopping NVIDIA Persistence Daemon...10:30
pc_magasTJ-, so via modprobe bcmwl- should do the job right?10:30
TJ-daum: that "table 101"  sounds like it's configured to use "Policy Based Routing Tables"10:30
daumTJ-, TvL2386 so the goal is to basically get the new IP up and functioning, make sure it is reachable from external servers, then we will remove the old IP on that interface10:30
Bazmanwarlock: I removed the gpu but now when I boot the computer gets stuck in another loop: When I login, the screen gets black and soon after that the login screen comes back.10:30
TJ-pc_magas: no, there is no module, we need to find out why it failed to be built. Hang on whilst I gather the commands to check that10:30
daumTJ-, # ip route show table all|grep 10110:30
daumdefault via xxx.xxx.xxx.xx dev em3  table 10110:30
Bazmanwarlock: I tried the work around where you type Ctrl-Alt_F2 but you need to know your login name for that method and I don't (only the password)10:31
TvL2386TJ-: daum: what does `ip rule show` say?10:31
Bazmanwarlock: I know that there is a method to find your login name by booting into recovery mode but my keyboard and mouse don't work on the recovery mode GUI so I'm pretty stuck10:31
TJ-pc_magas: show us "pastebinit <( uname -a; dkms status )"10:31
war10ck_What version of ubuntu do you have ?10:32
TJ-Bazman: is it USB keyboard/mouse ?10:32
daumTJ-, TvL2386 here is ip rule show: http://dpaste.com/03BJ6K310:33
BazmanWarlock: ubuntu 18.0410:33
BazmanTJ: yes they are USB also they work in the regular Ubuntu login screen10:33
pc_magasTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GpBSfYZqBZ/10:33
zigbee1Hi I want to run a script possibly with cron at a time each day but if this system is down and it hasnt yet run, run it then10:34
TvL2386daum: what was the problem again? Server is not pingable on it's new ip?10:35
TJ-pc_magas: Bingo! there's the problem! "added" should be "installed" - but it presumably failed to build so couldn't be installed. so we'll try to build it and collect the failure log if any, with "sudo dkms install bcmwl/"10:35
TvL2386daum: is it possible the server that is trying is not using the source ip you are expecting?10:35
daumTvL2386, it's pingable from within the same subnet, but outside of it isn't reacahble10:35
TJ-pc_magas: if it fails you'll see a message with the path to the build directory and a build log file. We'll need to pastebin that log file contents10:36
TvL2386daum: your "from xxxx/27" rule is only hit when the source ip is in that subnet. When another host pings xxxx, what source ip does it use? Does the gateway know how to get to xxxx/27?10:36
TJ-daum: pingable when the pinging PC is added to the same subnet? or pingable even from a PC in the default LAN subnet?10:36
TvL2386same subnet10:37
milphi, can anyone recommend me a simple cpu/memory/system (no gfx) benchmarking tool where i can compare results and hardware specs online?10:37
daumTvL2386, TJ- only pingable when the pinging PC also is added to the same subnet10:37
TJ-if the pinging PC is the same (new) subnet on the same LAN then the ARP requests will find the target10:37
Bazmanwarl0ck TJ: I can get access to the GRUB command line it that's any help10:38
daumTvL2386, my guess is is what you described with the gateway is the problem, I just am not sure how to add a specific gateway for the new IP10:38
TJ-daum: right, so as we said earlier, the gateway needs to be in the same subnet10:38
TvL2386daum: on your router you should add an ip that your hosts can use to route10:38
daumTJ-, TvL2386 yep there is one already setup10:39
TJ-daum: and can the gateway ping the target too?10:39
daumTJ-, TvL2386 so if this machine is XX.XX.XX.66/27, the gateway is XX.XX.XX.6510:39
daumTJ-, I don't have access to the router itself unfortunately10:39
daumthe server can ping the gateway10:40
pc_magasTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JY9QNST8r9/10:40
daumso my guess is i need to do something like my default via XXX similar to what i already did on the interface10:40
TJ-Bazman: if you edit the GRUB menu entry at boot-time (pressing 'e' when the entry is highlighted) you can add "init=/bin/bash" to the end of the line that starts "linux ..." then press Ctrl+X or F10 to boot with that. It'll boot to a bash shell as root, where you can then do "ls /home/" and see what user home directory names are, or you can find from the passwd file with "tail /etc/passwd"10:41
TvL2386daum: first thing I would do on your dualhomed server is run tcpdump to see if echo requests arrive10:41
TvL2386daum: second thing: mtr from the pinging host10:41
daumTvL2386, TJ- fyi this is the full interface config for em3 before I started adding this new ip10:42
TJ-daum: if packets for XXX.67 are to be forwarded/routed by gateway at XXX.65 then firewall rules need to ensure that subnet can be FORWARDed at the least10:42
daumTvL2386, ok - will do , will look to see how to get tcpdump up and running only listening for pings since if i listen to all traffic it's going to pick up the regular inbound requests10:43
TvL2386daum: tcpdump -i em3 -nn icmp10:43
TvL2386daum: can also do: tcpdump -i em3 -nn net xxxx/2710:44
daumTJ-, TvL2386 would this be much simpler if I could basically replace that entire section for em3 with the new ip info + gateway, so that it isn't dual homed?  I may be able to do that as we ahve other servers which can pick up the traffic10:44
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TJ-pc_magas: so, I wwas correct - the DKMS build of the bcmwl module is failing with the current kernel. This is often a problem with proprietary/out-of-mainline-tree kernel modules. The mainline code evolves but the modules aren't kept up to date so fail to build10:44
TvL2386daum: yeah renumbering subnets is much easier as a big bang than what you are trying to do now10:45
pc_magasTJ-, so I will need to install and built it manually right?10:45
TvL2386daum: pbr (policy based routing) is complex. You need to think about how to answer, but also how to submit. Who initiates and who responds and how are source ip addresses selected on both end10:45
daumalrighty let me try that10:45
TJ-daum: dual-homing won't affect it, but I think TvL2386 was pointing in the correct direction about using policy routing because it's conditional.10:46
TJ-daum: I'd think a route in the main table should be all the PC needs, knowing to route via the gateway XXX.6510:46
TJ-daum: right now you could have the situation where packets arrive at .67 and the policy acts on those INPUTs but then there's no OUTPUT rule so the outgoing packets originate on the 192.168.0.x address, not the XXX.67, so the far end drops them10:48
TJ-pc_magas: No, you need to find/install updated source package that has the fixes10:48
pc_magasTJ-, like this one: https://askubuntu.com/questions/55868/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers#6039510:49
BazmantJ: I typed it with a space and no quotation marks (was that correct), there were a lot of output to the screen but it's stopped not and does not appear to be doing anything10:49
daumah ok well let me see if i can just do the full flip out instead for now first need to move a few app settings around but will report back and appreciate both of your help so far TJ- TvL238610:49
TJ-pc_magas: what does "apt list bcmwl-kernel-source" report ?10:49
TJ-Bazman: that would be correct, yes. does tapping a key make the shell prompt show up?10:50
TvL2386good luck daum and you're welcome!10:50
TJ-Bazman: the idea is it doesn't start systemd init daemon, it runs just the bash shell so no services get started10:51
BazmanTJ: no the system is unresponsive, thank for explaining10:52
pc_magasTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VrTMF43dkX/10:52
TJ-pc_magas: it seems there's a known Bug #177997410:53
ubottubug 1779974 in bcmwl (Ubuntu) "install bcmwl-kernel-source , Module wl not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0-24-generic" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177997410:53
pc_magasTJ-, so terporaly use the USB wi-fi untill it gets fixed right?10:54
TJ-pc_magas: I'm afraid so yes, I'll try to find out if there's a developer that is supposed to maintain that10:54
pc_magasI wonder if in Ubuntu 18.04LTS the prob exists...10:56
pc_magasIf I downgrade the kernel will this prob temporaly get fixed?10:56
TJ-pc_magas: another option is to temporaily boot with one of the older kernels in the GRUB Advanced sub-menu10:56
pc_magasEg use an older one10:56
TJ-pc_magas: snap :)10:56
TJ-pc_magas: try the oldest see if it is OK. It may be that too many kernel upgrades have occurred and all the installed kernels cause the same issue10:57
TJ-pc_magas: The 4.15 kernel is from 18.04 so it will. You're using the 16.04 HWE kernel I presume10:57
pc_magasTJ-, yes10:58
BazmanTJ warl0ck: Is the only remaining option to format/reinstall?11:03
TJ-pc_magas: I've alerted the #ubuntu-kernel team and -devel too; hopefully someone will respond11:03
pc_magasTJ-, thank you11:04
pc_magasTJ-, I also will mark as "It affects me" in launchpad as well11:04
TJ-Bazman: hmmm, instead of editing the GRUB menu, go into its "Advanced" submenu and try booting into recovery with the oldest kernel version listed there - usually at the end of the list11:05
TJ-pc_magas: thanks :)11:05
BluesKajHowdy folks11:05
TJ-pc_magas: do /join #ubuntu-kernel and then you'll see any responses11:05
TJ-pc_magas: very quite there presently; might be a while until there is a response11:06
lapionFor some reason an 16.04.5 lts to 18.04.1 lts upgrade is not possible yes.11:06
TJ-lapion: correct, the met-release-lts file on changelogs.u.c hasn't been updated as yet11:06
pc_magasTJ-, well I gave the laptop back to its owner and told him it was a bug that someone else fixes it and you''ll need to use the USB wi-fi11:07
TJ-pc_magas: Ahhh... I wish I could do that with the bugs I hit :p11:07
lapionOkay thanks TJ-11:07
pc_magasTJ-, should I post the pastebin errors to the bug in launchpad as well?11:08
TJ-pc_magas: no, the bug report contains the same info already11:08
daumTJ-, TvL2386 ok so I basically swapped out my entire em3 section and the post-up add... with the ip settings, however doing ifdown em3 and ifup em3 keeps bringing back the original ip settings, does it not re-read the /etc/network/interfaces file?11:08
pc_magasTJ-, next time I will try to avoid using broadcom (I think switching to atheros should be a good long-term maintainance option)11:09
TJ-daum: if you're still using ifupdown package you may need to use "ifdown --force ..." if you've been playing about with things manually... and that assumes you have matching down scripts for all the up scripts11:11
pc_magasUsually atheros kernel modules are in kernel right?11:11
TJ-pc_magas: yes, broadcom is a pain11:11
TJ-pc_magas: yes11:11
TJ-pc_magas: same with Intel11:11
BazmanTJ: After pressing 'e' the only options are F10 to boot, F2 for command line, Esc to discard changes and return to previous menu (there is nothing that mentions advances)11:11
daumTJ-, wasn't aware there was a better way to cycle the interface, just trying to make sure that if the server reboots basically the same settings will come back11:12
pc_magasIn laptops usually wi-fi use the same pci-express layout right?11:12
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TJ-Bazman: press Esc to return to the menu, then navigate the menu to the Advanced sub-menu :)11:12
TJ-Bazman: I didn't intend you to press 'e' on this occassion but forgot to mention it11:13
TJ-pc_magas: generally, although I've seen some use internal USB or even SDIO!11:13
BazmanTJ: There are only two options Ubuntu with Linux 1.15.0-29-generic and Ubuntu with Linux 1.15.0-29-generic (recovery mode). The first has the login problem the second the non responsive keyboard/mouse problem11:17
BazmanTJ: no worries about the e I really appreciate your help!11:17
BazmanTJ: The other think about the recovery mode GIU is that although it's unsresponsive to keyboard/mouse after a while the screen starts to go crazy printing loads of random commands all over the screen like "Starting Tell Plymouth to Write Out Runtime Data..."11:20
daumTJ-, ah had to do ip addr flush em3, then restarted networking, it shows up in ifconfig however still not reachable from external ips.  On pings tcpdump shows them incoming but i don't get any response11:20
daumTJ-, TvL2386 so i would guess somehow i'm still having the gateway issue?11:20
daumTJ-, TvL2386 ahh it looks like my ip rule show still shows the old lookup 32765:  from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/27 lookup 101 , where XXX is the old gateway rather than new11:24
MasterPieceHello there, I set the monitor dim to never in brightness and lock, but when I lock the screen, after a few seconds, my monitor goes to sleep mode, I do NOT want this situation, I want to see my wallpaper all the time11:25
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daumTJ-, TvL2386 got it! added a rule for it!11:30
TJ-daum: yay :)11:33
jlhow do i restore sudo apt-get install without having to reinstall ubuntu stuido xenial xerus?11:33
bronsenwhich binary/program is started from "Settings > Bluetooth" (from the answer here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/833322/pair-bose-quietcomfort-35-with-ubuntu-over-bluetooth)11:35
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AnticomHey guys. I'm looking for a RDP client that's capable to do the volume mount thing that the windows client can do11:38
AnticomI've used Remmina before but it doesn't have to have such an option11:38
AnticomAny recommendations?11:38
BazmanTJ: Does this mean format/reinstall is only option left?11:41
MasterPieceAnticom, use remmina of the remote host is windows and the client is ubuntu11:43
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TvL2386MasterPiece: he specifically states that Remmina does not fulfill his requirements11:44
MasterPieceTvL2386, So there is a misconfiguration in remmina, I'm using remmina right now for this type of req11:45
AnticomMasterPiece: I've said that i need to be able to pass a volume to the remote host which the native windows rdp client can do11:46
AnticomMasterPiece: So if you know of that option in Remmina let me know, otherwise don't recommend it to me ;)11:47
TvL2386MasterPiece: I'm not familiar with advanced settings of the Windows RDP client, so I don't know what you mean with "the volume mount thing". I only know that with Remmina you get a \\tsclient thing11:47
AnticomTvL2386: never used it myself. Problem is my current company is all-in on the windows thing11:47
TvL2386Anticom: ^ meant for you11:47
AnticomTvL2386: was assuming that, that's why i responded ;)11:48
Anticomeven our servers are running windows and there's no ftp server / openssh installed so i have to deploy stuff using rdb11:48
TvL2386yeah sorry ;)11:48
Anticomi know this sucks yada yada, i can't change it so i have to deal with it11:48
TvL2386Anticom: sounds like you need to update your linkedin profile11:48
AnticomTvL2386: ?11:48
TvL2386to attract new employers :)11:48
AnticomTvL2386: hahaha :D11:49
Anticomwell we're about to move away from this BS and move to linux servers11:49
Anticomand i'm hoping to aid bringing that change11:49
Anticomso all in all it's good over here11:49
TvL2386oh stay then :) Might be interesting :)11:49
TvL2386Anticom: I've introduced ansible here with the winrm stuff... Can now use ansible to manage Windows servers11:50
AnticomSo back to my original question: I don't know either what's happening there exactly since i've never used that feature myself11:50
TvL2386it's quite ok11:50
AnticomTvL2386: I've suggested that to our admin already. However currently we've got a lot of temporary stress so it's postponed for now11:50
AnticomBtw this is the feature i'm talking about: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/brendangrant/2009/02/17/the-most-useful-feature-of-remote-desktop-i-never-knew-about/11:51
AnticomIs XRDP still a thing? It sucked a few years ago but iirc it had plenty of features11:52
TvL2386but Anticom, in those scrshots they are sharing resources (which you refer to as volumes, I guess you mean D:\ for example)11:52
TvL2386but that is not D:\ in the remote host11:52
BazmanIf I do go down format/reinstall route there is an option to do this using the boot disk/ but that only seems to format the root drive should I also format the home and swap drives as well to make sure the dodgy drivers are removed and so that I can set up a new user profile11:53
TvL2386that "D on BREND...." is not a drive on the remote host right11:53
TvL2386so how does that differ from sharing folders using remmina?11:53
AnticomTvL2386: as far as i understood it you can share a local volume with the remote host which gets mounted11:53
TvL2386Anticom: there's no such thing as a "local volume" on linux11:53
AnticomTvL2386: well i was imagining that you where able to give the remote machine a directory on your local system etc.11:54
TvL2386Anticom: and defined "mounted on the remote system"11:54
Anticomwhich would be mounted as "a drive" on the remote host11:54
Anticomkind of a reversed mount11:54
TvL2386I understand what you mean. I think when doing Windows to Windows RDP, you want local drive C:\ to be local drive X:\ on the remote11:54
TvL2386for example11:54
TvL2386but I don't think that is accomplished with the windows RDP client in those screenshots11:55
TvL2386the only way to get a drive letter on the remote, is to mount a cifs share11:55
TvL2386and I'm not an expert on that matter11:55
fath0mHello. Could somebody help me to get my hybrid graphics to work on my new Dell Inspiron 15 5570? I have i5-8250U with Radeon 530 graphics. Even though I can see system recognizes gpu in xrandr, it still does not kick in when I play a game for example.11:56
fath0mI'm using Ubuntu 18.0411:56
TvL2386of course with remmina and the windows rdp clients (mstsc) you can share folders/drives, but they are not mounted remotely... they can be browsed remotely11:56
TvL2386if that makes sense11:56
fath0mhttps://hastebin.com/yiverabega.rb output11:57
TvL2386oh anticom got disconnected.....11:57
BazmanSorry I got disconnected did anyone answer this question. If I have to format/reinstall there is an option to option to do it from the installation disk but it only seems to so it to the root partition is this sufficient to get rid of the dodgy gpu drivers and delete my current profile (because I've forgotten the login)12:05
BazmanOr should I format the home and swap drives as well12:05
ducasseBazman: your username and password is stored in /etc, so not in your homedir. there's no data stored on the swap partition.12:14
Bazmantnx ducasse! so if I just use the format and reinstall option installation disk it should fix both problems right (dodgy gpu drivers and missing login)12:18
MasterPieceAnticom, I know what am I saying and if you have a little willness to do that, you should just search about volume mount option by remmina, That is the solution for you, If you are trying to connect from a ubuntu client to windows remote host by sharing a volume between them. END12:19
BazmanDucasse: What's concerning me is this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuReinstallation which says at the end that the user accounts must be re-created with the same login and password. But I have forgotten my login!12:19
AnticomMasterPiece: got any link / documentation on how to do this in remmina? I couldn't find anything about this12:19
BazmanDucasse: Is there a reinstall process that will let me set up a completely new login and password12:20
ducasseBazman: do you remember the username? the password is only necessary if you had an encrypted home12:21
BazmanDucasse: unfortunately not (It's some permutation of my name but I've tried every combination I can think of but nothing works)12:21
llutzBazman: why would you reinstall to recover your login? boot into single-mode, "ls -l /home" to find your login, "passwd" to give new passwd, reboot12:22
llutz"passwd <loginnam>" that is12:23
TvL2386Anticom: MasterPiece: I'm sorry, but I also cannot find any documentation of mapping some linux folder to a Drive on the remote Windows host using Remmina12:25
TvL2386Anticom: MasterPiece: I can share a folder which can be accessed on the remote Windows host by going to \\tsclient in the Explorer12:25
TvL2386and I think that a part of the problem is: What do we mean with "shared folder", "volume", "drive"12:26
MasterPieceTvL2386, Anticom see pv, I send a pic12:29
Bazmanllutz: that works thank crunchy I'm in "minimal-ubuntu"12:30
TvL2386MasterPiece: yes, that is how you share a folder. But as I recall, Anticom wants that folder to be mapped to a drive on the remote host12:31
Bazmanllutz: I assume to delete the dodgy drivers I just use: udo apt-get purge --auto-remove libcud*  sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove cuda*  sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove nvidia*12:32
TvL2386MasterPiece: as I interpret it, he wants to access that folder by browsing to M:\ for example (`net use ...... M:\`) ??????12:32
=== iulian is now known as Guest29144
BazmanI assume to delete the dodgy drivers I just use: udo apt-get purge --auto-remove libcud*  sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove cuda*  sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove nvidia*12:43
Guest38hey there, I am getting stuck at the boot menu and it is saying "Started Gnome Display manager."12:44
Guest38any ways to solve? thanks in advance12:45
=== apetresc_ is now known as apetresc
micheleis there a reason for http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts not being updated with 18.04.1 ?12:52
ducassemichele: it will be, when the devs think it's time to pull the trigger12:54
micheleducasse: ok, thanks12:55
AnticomTvL2386: MasterPiece was actually right12:59
Anticomtotally overlooked that feature :D12:59
Anticomcheers MasterPiece12:59
ConsoleFxHi All, I am trying to use a directive e.g. UseDNS no against Ubuntu 16.04. Once the config change is done and when I restart the ssh daemon, ssh doesn't restart. When I remove the line UseDNS no, everything is back to normal. Shall I assume UseDNS no doesn't work in Ubuntu 16.04?13:14
RaybihAt the beginning there was only Chaos, Chaos was the first thing to exist: "at first Chaos came to be"13:15
TvL2386ConsoleFx: on my ubuntu-16.04 server `man sshd_config` (and then search for UseDNS) tells me that UseDNS is set to "no" by default13:22
=== quipa is now known as maximjaffe_
ConsoleFxTvL2386, this is the error message (which says UseDNS no is not supported): https://pastebin.com/s4z52fXu13:23
TvL2386ConsoleFx: if a add a line "UseDNS no" to /etc/ssh/sshd_config and do `systemctl restart ssh` it works fine13:23
TvL2386ConsoleFx: openssh-server                      1:7.2p2-4ubuntu2.413:24
TvL2386/etc/ssh/sshd_config line 91: Directive 'UseDNS' is not allowed within a Match block13:24
TvL2386I think the error message is really clear13:24
TvL2386do no use it in a Match block13:25
ConsoleFxTvL2386, Match block meaning? sorry didnt get this TBH13:25
ConsoleFxTvL2386, I basically had added this setting at the below of the file13:25
=== maximjaffe_ is now known as quipa_
ConsoleFxhow to know if its a match block ?13:25
TvL2386ConsoleFx: a Match block contains configuration options for sshd that only apply to users/groups that match a condition13:26
=== quipa_ is now known as maximjaffe
TvL2386for example: chroot all users of group `sftp_group`13:26
ConsoleFxTvL2386, Awesome. I got it working.13:27
TvL2386cool :)13:27
ConsoleFxYeah you are right. It was a wrong place for UseDNS to fit in13:27
TvL2386yup, well sshd was right about that :)13:27
ConsoleFxI placed in in above area and its kicking a** ;)13:27
ConsoleFxTvL2386, thanks for the pointers buddy :)13:27
TvL2386yeah you must have a Match block at the bottom which obviously wasn't terminated13:27
ConsoleFxBut I was unable to make any sense at the first place. Probably I had to google a bit about match blocks :D13:28
elisa87Do you know how should I fix this? https://hastebin.com/pulisujutu.coffeescript13:30
TvL2386elisa87: got a bit more context for us?13:32
elisa87TvL2386: I am running this as the first 3 comments in a remote docker basically need to install a library for which I need to update apt13:33
TvL2386I'd assume ubuntu-16.04, or ubuntu-18.04, but a google for your "segroup 65534 failed" gives me containers13:33
TvL2386pretty important information :)13:33
TvL2386my guess is you are not root in that container13:34
=== med_ is now known as med
=== med is now known as med_
TvL2386what is the output of `id` in that container13:34
elisa87TvL2386: yes 16.0413:34
elisa87I wrote the question with more details here https://askubuntu.com/questions/1060898/e-unable-to-locate-package-libgtk2-0-dev TvL238613:35
elisa87I have to run and it will take a while but I will report back13:35
=== Katnip- is now known as Katnip
elisa87it is a Docker container that has Ubuntu 16.04 installed13:35
TvL2386libgtk2.0-dev/xenial-updates 2.24.30-1ubuntu1.16.04.2 amd6413:35
TvL2386my 16.04 server has it in the repos13:36
elisa87where should I write this?  libgtk2.0-dev/xenial-updates 2.24.30-1ubuntu1.16.04.2 amd6413:36
TvL2386I still don't think you are root13:36
TvL2386can you execute: id13:36
TvL2386uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)13:36
TvL2386elisa87: you shouldn't write that, it's just output of my `apt search libgtk2.0-dev`13:37
TvL2386to show you it is in the repo13:37
TvL2386but your apt-get update fails13:37
TvL2386so you don't know13:37
elisa87I see.13:37
TvL2386You've got a permission problem13:37
elisa87unfortunately everytime I run something I have to wait for queue13:37
elisa87but I will tell soon :(13:38
arpcatHello, I have a machine that still uses zesty... do-release-upgrade says it can't upgrade to bionic. What are my options?13:38
TvL2386you do not have permission to update the apt repo and installing packages can't be done either13:38
twainwekfriends, updates can and will break systems. it's very easy to upgrade, but much more difficult to fix a broken system because of an update. so why are auto download and install of updates enabled by default? and why is it completely transparent to the user?13:38
TvL2386twainwek: you referring to servers or desktops?13:39
TvL2386twainwek: my 18.04 desktop always asks me13:39
TvL2386like this morning, got a popup whether I wanted to install updates13:39
twainweki was on a 16.04, and now i have a half broken system. never was i asked whether i want to download/install or enable auto updates13:40
TvL2386and to be honest, I can't remember the last time I ended up with a broken system13:40
twainwekwell that's great, but it does and will inevitably happen for someone else13:41
TvL2386twainwek: what happened?13:41
elisa87TvL2386: but I am a root user in Docker how don't I have permission?13:41
twainwekso it's beyond me as to why anyone on earth would think it's a good idea to enable them and even worse make it transparent to the user13:41
twainwekand it even updated my kernel it seems13:41
TvL2386twainwek: true that, it will happen... so you probably have the package `unattended-upgrades` installed13:42
TvL2386twainwek: my opinion is that you'll need to update anyway sooner or later. This to prevent vulnerabilities... There's always a chance to bork up your system13:42
TvL2386twainwek: but yeah, transparently, without opt-in, is not good13:43
TvL2386twainwek: I remember ubuntu server installer to ask in the end 3 questions: automatic updates, manual, or landscap13:43
TvL2386I always chose manual13:43
TvL2386elisa87: show me you are a root user in your Docker container13:43
TvL2386elisa87: go into your container and type: id13:43
elisa87I did still waiting for the job to fail13:44
elisa87it is in starting state13:44
twainwekok. thanks all. i'll try to fix it later tomorrow when i have some time13:44
TvL2386elisa87: mkay, how about: docker run -it myimage /bin/bash13:44
TvL2386elisa87: and then type: id13:44
TvL2386something like that13:44
elisa87I am not sure how to do that because I use a json script that runs my job13:45
TvL2386elisa87: is it some public image your using? How do you execute it?13:45
elisa87no private image TvL238613:45
TvL2386thought so :)13:45
elisa87uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)13:46
TvL2386elisa87: okay thanks13:46
TvL2386elisa87: I did not expect that :)13:46
TvL2386elisa87: are you able to reproduce this in a way you can share?13:47
TvL2386elisa87: in other words, could you give me a Dockerfile that can reproduce the issue?13:48
elisa87no this private for some reasons and  I cannot share TvL238613:48
TvL2386I know that your stuff is private, but can you make a Dockerfile that does not contain sensitive data but does have the issue13:49
TvL2386look, best way to get help is to give us instructions on how to reproduce13:49
TvL2386so we can see it ourselves13:49
TvL2386FROM ubuntu/xenial    / RUN rm -rf .... && apt-get update && .......13:51
TvL2386that's not private :)13:51
elisa87so I have not made the dockerfile but I am using it. I am not sure how they made it TvL238613:51
elisa87is my command echo 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates main restricted universe multiverse' >> /etc/apt/sources.list correct?13:53
elisa87and why should I exactly do  rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*  ?13:53
TJ-elisa87: I'd guess on the host it's maybe not reserved a wide enough range of sub-UID/GIDs, so when the container tries to use its internal 65534, the baseUID+65534 on the host is outside the allowed range13:53
elisa87so what do you suggest TJ- as for solution?13:54
TJ-elisa87: I've avoided docker but it works the same way as lxc/lxd as far as namespaces etc, so check the host's /etc/sub{uid,gid} see what the range is. E.g. here, for LXD, it reserves 65536: "lxd:231072:65536"13:55
TJ-elisa87: if docker is reserving less than that, then it would prevent the guest from using 6553413:56
elisa87TJ-: I think I am not following you exactly. Which host are you talking about? inside the docker? my local machine? what is the exact linux command? I am not having as much information and is hard to follow the high level info13:56
TJ-elisa87: the host that 'hosts' the docker container13:57
TJ-elisa87: "cat /etc/sub{u,g}id"13:57
elisa87here is the current result I get https://hastebin.com/ayoqopufic.coffeescript13:58
TJ-elisa87: the format is "username:start:range"13:58
elisa87well, I do not have access to the host that runs the docker. I am running it remotely!! TJ-13:59
elisa87how do I know on which host is it being run?13:59
TJ-elisa87: the README.md shows that error, and is in the context of a tool "runrootless" that avoids it. You may find some clues there. https://github.com/AkihiroSuda/runrootless14:01
TJ-elisa87: ahh, it's more findamental the uid/gid ranges. Read this, the section "Unmapped users and oddness" https://www.cyphar.com/blog/post/20160627-rootless-containers-with-runc14:04
TJ-elisa87: it seems the remote host is configured to run rootless containers (or your dockerfile is) and that breaks the Debian/Ubuntu tooling since the user is not mapped into the container14:08
elisa87so, how can I fix it? TJ-14:09
TJ-elisa87: fix Docker I guess14:09
TJ-elisa87: this docker article explains it. It seems to confirm what I said about a 65536 mapped range14:11
elisa87the blog does not clearly state what is the solution neither your answer feels very beginner friendly14:12
elisa87I am not sure how to use https://github.com/cyphar/remainroot suggested in the aticle14:14
TJ-elisa87: the answer is, fix the host14:14
TJ-elisa87: you will need to discuss this with whoever manages the remote docker host system14:15
elisa87well remote host or my own? I have nothing to do with remote host. TJ-14:15
steve01101i can't enter in #metasploit14:18
steve01101please helpme14:18
ducassesteve01101: ask in #freenode14:18
steve01101thanks @ducasse14:19
uptimesteve_01101: You need to be identified to an account to join that channel. '/msg nickserv help identify' if you have a nickserv account, '/msg nickserv help register' if not.14:20
steve_01101REGISTER stefano2002 stefanogarbo@gmail.com14:21
jinksteve_01101: This isn't NickServ.14:22
steve_01101nickserv REGISTER stefano2002 stefanogarbo@gmail.com14:22
lotuspsychjesteve_01101: better choose a new password now...14:22
uptimesteve_01101: Almost, but the crucial part is "/msg", so: /msg nickserv register AnAmazinglyGoodNewPasswordHere email14:23
vaishnavcan anybody help me with ubuntu installation14:23
steve_01101how lotuspsychje14:23
vaishnavi have tried twice14:23
lotuspsychjeask a question first vaishnav14:23
vaishnavbut i've been getting an error which says something like this " firmware bug invalid threshold interrupt offse"14:24
lotuspsychje!register | steve_0110114:24
ubottusteve_01101: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.14:24
steve_01101how can I change my password?14:25
lotuspsychjesteve_01101: ask in #freenode please, here is ubuntu support14:25
vaishnav@lotupsychje i got the same error multiple times " firmware bug invalid threshold interrupt offse"14:25
qwebirc59955looking for help getting wifi working on fresh install of 18.04. I don't have access to an ethernet conenction14:26
uptimesteve_01101: You've not yet successfully registered, so there is no password yet.14:26
lotuspsychjevaishnav: start from the beginning please, ubuntu version, kernel version whats happening where?14:26
vaishnavoh sorry14:26
steve_01101I'm trying14:26
steve_01101but i can't14:26
lotuspsychjeqwebirc59955: chipset of your ethernetcard please?14:27
=== matthiaskrgr is now known as Guest2732
vaishnavlotuspsychje, i am a ubuntu noob. I have a lenogo yoga 510 with AMD A9 cpu and 8gb ram so i have been trying to install ubuntu 18.0.4 liveusing usb boot but i get the erroe " firmware bug invalid threshold interrupt offse"14:27
steve_01101in freenode nobody answers14:27
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
lotuspsychjesteve_01101: be patient more then 10 seconds14:27
TvL2386elisa87: documentation and responses may be "beginner unfriendly", but your working on advanced topics, so that is to be expected14:28
vaishnavidk the kernel as i downloaded the OS from ubuntu website and the version is 18.0.4 Live14:28
elisa87I have to run my job on a remote docker and I have very limited knowledge of docker TvL238614:28
vaishnavhelp anybody?14:29
steve_01101i solved14:29
vaishnavI get this when i try to install ubuntu using usb boot "firmware bug invalid threshold interrupt offse"14:29
=== qwebirc59955 is now known as pikhyle
pikhyleanyone able to provide guidance on getting wifi up and running?14:30
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.14:31
pikhylelotuspsychje: i didnt see your response earlier. my bad. give me one second14:31
jayjoif my bar is working fine on the bottom of my screen, but searches do not show any content, does that mean anything in particular? I've seen some things saying it could be auto-starts failing?14:31
TvL2386elisa87: yeah well I'm sorry. Either you give us code so we can reproduce and tell you exactly what to do to fix your problem, or you'll need to dig into docker or ask someone else who is allowed to view your code14:33
dabukalamI'm trying to run firefox on a remote server with X11forwarding. However when I do so, I get a couple of errors, and quite a lot of lag/hang. Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" and LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Unable to get session bus: Failed to execute child process "dbus-launch" (No such file or directory)14:33
pikhylelotuspsychje: realtek RTL8111/8168/841114:34
biebtrying to view apache error logs.. there are logs with names "error.log.10.gz" is there a way to grep them for a particular IP address? how can I view them from command line?14:45
ikoniabieb: zgrep14:45
ikoniaor just uncompress them14:45
ikoniathey are just compressed text files14:45
biebikonia: so .. tail -f error.log.10.gz | zgrep
ikoniaand -f is real time end of the file14:46
ikoniajust use zgrep14:47
baderhi , any one14:47
fffffffhi , bader14:47
badernice to meet you14:47
texlaCan you delete extended partition using live gparted dvd or do you have to use live iso dvd14:48
qwebirc59955lotuspsychje: you still there?14:48
lotuspsychjeqwebirc59955: can you connect to internet with your wifi?14:51
ikoniatexla: you won't be able to use it if the partition or any of the partitions under it are in use14:51
ikoniatexla: doing it from livemedia will be MUCH easier14:51
Lord-KaminaDo symbol files server any purpose other than debugging?14:51
milphi, can anyone recommend me a simple cpu/memory/system (no gfx) benchmarking tool where i can compare results and hardware specs online?14:52
Lord-KaminaSounds like geekbench to me?14:52
qwebirc59955lotuspsychje: I have a usb wifi adapter by OurLink. It doesn't show up at all for ubuntu14:52
texlaikonia, No data on the extended or logical partitions so use live 18.04.114:53
lotuspsychjeqwebirc59955: would be nice if you could update your system somehow to get all packages up to date14:53
milpLord-Kamina: ill have a look, thank you!14:53
qwebirc59955lotuspsychje: I agree. Unfortunately my current living situation doesn't have access to an ethernet cable.. short of packing up my desktop and hauling it somewhere14:54
GriznahHi. Can anyone enlighten me to why I still get "No new release found" when doing 'do-release-upgrade' on 16.04 LTS Server?14:56
lotuspsychjeqwebirc59955: realteks are a pain to get working, check my recent bug about it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/176938614:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1769386 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Cable network does not get recognized anymore, wifi works" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:56
Lord-KaminaCan't you use some other mechanism to maybe tether from a phone? usb, bluetooth?14:56
qwebirc59955lotuspsychje: always love dealing with pains lol brb ill check that out14:57
Lord-KaminaHas anybody had any luck backporting pcre3? I'm tearing my hair out with the damn symbols file.14:57
leftyfbLord-Kamina: you might try #ubuntu-devel14:58
crmltHow could I include setpci in initramfs?14:58
Lord-KaminaI tried #packaging and nobody answered; hadn't thought of devel, let's see...14:59
TJ-Lord-Kamina: what's the symbol table problem? and which release are you backporting to?15:00
Lord-KaminaTJ- this is one version, at any rate: https://gist.github.com/Lord-Kamina/623bef0db871d5dc22dad821a2f6f67c15:02
Lord-KaminaBackporting to trusty.15:02
Lord-KaminaI've tried with pretty much every release of pcre3 from Xenial all the way up to bionic, and tried compiling them with gcc4.9, 5.5.0, 6.40 and 7.3.015:03
Lord-KaminaWithout any luck.15:03
lotuspsychjeLord-Kamina: did you bug your issue yet?15:06
Lord-KaminaNot yet.15:06
lotuspsychjeLord-Kamina: please do before you devel, try a few things yourself, add the story15:06
lotuspsychjeLord-Kamina: in another timezones, devs might have a look at your bug too15:07
fffffffcan I  ask15:07
GetafixHello. I'm trying to help a friend having an Ubuntu18.04 usb boot. He sees an icon of a box having a gear and a wrench on the top panel. If he clicks on it he just sees the word "error". Has anyone seen this before, or should I try my chances in the forum?15:07
lotuspsychjefffffff: if its about ubuntu, sure15:07
lotuspsychjeGetafix: you have a screenshot of it?15:08
GetafixYes. How can I share it?15:08
lotuspsychjeGetafix: sure mate15:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest49956
Lord-KaminaI'm currently comparing the error messages from the various tries.15:09
Getafix@lotuspsychje: Yes. How can I share it?15:09
Lord-KaminaMost of them appear to be consistent, except for what appear to be a bunch of extra missing symbols on gcc-5 and gcc-615:09
ducasse!ltsupgrade | Griznah15:10
ubottuGriznah: Upgrades from 16.04 LTS will not be enabled until a few days after the 18.04.1 release expected in late July.15:10
lotuspsychjeGetafix: imgur.com for example15:10
ducasseGriznah: ^^ note "a few days after"15:10
fffffffI'm having a performance problem with ubuntu15:10
fffffffxorg is eating the resources15:10
fffffffhigh cpu usage15:10
lotuspsychjefffffff: a little more details please15:10
Getafix@lotuspsychje: Give me a moment...15:10
lotuspsychjefffffff: ubuntu version, kernel version? what happens when?15:11
TJ-Lord-Kamina: how did/where did the "debian/libpcrecpp0v5.symbols" come from? did you inherit it from an earlier package, or generate it recently?15:11
fffffffxubuntu 18 lts , when browsing the web , cpu hits its peek when scrolling for example , both the browser and Xorg show high cpu consumption15:12
Lord-KaminaI don't really know how to generate them, in different tries, they're whatever that release in question had inside.15:12
lotuspsychjefffffff: system specs are high enough for xubuntu?15:12
Lord-KaminaAs I said, I tried matching different releases to one or more gcc versions.15:12
simion314hi,  I am running kubuntu18.04 a dist-upgraqde was setup to run at shutdown and today  when I shutdown the process hang, since then  my mysql server is not working15:13
simion314attempting to fix hangs dpkg and apt (no output after initial stuff) same thing if I try to start or restart the mysql service15:13
simion314I tried serveral dpkg and apt commands and I notice the error is happening in the post install scripts (dpkg hangs there)15:13
fffffffxubuntu is suppoesed to be light weight , used to run it on a pentium 4 , now I'm on a dual core processor15:13
fffffff4 gb of ram15:14
Getafix@lotuspsychje: https://ibb.co/k9e1ET15:14
TJ-Lord-Kamina: right, as I read it, those diff - (minus) entries are telling you that the version you're building (8.38-3.1 ) no longer has symbols that were in an earlier version, such as "pcrecpp::RE::Extract" and "pcrecpp::RE::GlobalReplace" - you can check that in the source15:15
lotuspsychjeGetafix: hmm sorry i havent seen this icon before, perhaps someone else?15:16
TJ-Lord-Kamina: be aware however, if symbols really have been removed, the SONAME needs to change15:16
Lord-KaminaI would assume the packages hosted in the ubuntu archive are not broken so I don't think they've actually been removed?15:17
lotuspsychjeGetafix: just curious, this .iso you download was 18.04.1 ubuntu-desktop?15:18
TJ-Lord-Kamina: well you've got the source-code, so check!15:18
Getafix@lotuspsychje: No worries mate. I will be waiting for his dmesg full log. Perhaps it will give me some more clues to help him.15:18
_raven__after upgrade 16.04.3->18.04 (xubuntu) wifi is very slow at around 10mbit up and down. wifi nic is "QCA9377 802.11ac (rev 30)". machine is "acer aspire e5-573"15:19
Getafix@lotuspsychje: I don't know what was the iso he downloaded. It's been a month now that he has installed it. The iso was downloaded fron ubuntu for sure.15:19
_raven__kernel 4.15.0-29-generic15:19
TJ-Getafix: I'd guess your 'friend' has added some Gnome panel extension. Check what's been added15:20
fffffffI presume it's the "force-kill" applet15:21
lotuspsychjeGetafix: a month ago was still 18.04, you 'could' try a new .1 iso?15:21
Getafix@TJ: I will ask him. No need to put quotes. It is indeed for a friend that I ask help. :-)15:21
Lord-Kaminapcre3-8.38/pcre_scanner.cc:Scanner::Scanner(const string& in) looks to me like +#MISSING: 2:8.39-9ppa-trusty2# (c++)"pcrecpp::Scanner::Scanner(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)@Base" 7.715:22
jsjolenI just updated to 18.04. Is there a 'low graphical fidelity' setting to the new UI?15:22
Getafix@TJ: He actually mentioned that he installed the flatpak package. Could it be that? I could ask him to uninstall it and see.15:24
Lord-KaminaI copypasted from 8.38 because I ran grep -R on a folder where I've got several versions of pcre3 but it's also in 8.39 sorry.15:24
Lord-Kamina(possibly stupid) question... does dpkg invoke gcc/g++ on its own for generating the symbol files?15:27
TJ-Getafix: could it be VirtualBox or similar?15:28
Lord-KaminaBecause the symbols file lives inside the package, but what could it be that during the build, one version of gcc is being used to build but another is being used to get the symbols (I don't really know how dpkg generates these)15:29
TJ-Lord-Kamina: the Makefile (debian/rules) controls calling the compiler via the debhelper (dh_*) tooling15:30
Getafix@TJ: I doubt he dared to install VirtualBox on that one. I will ask that too, though. It was a very good thought!15:30
MibixFoxugh after updates  can only get ubuntu to boot in to emergency mode :(15:30
MibixFoxcould a usb stick in there mess up the boot?15:31
Lord-KaminaAfter the first few tries, what I tried was forcing the compiler version by manually setting CC. CXX, etc that are passed to configure.15:32
Getafix@TJ, @lotuspsychje: It seems the information I currently have is too poor for further pondering on that. Thank you both for the assistance and the ideas!15:32
MibixFoxit gets to the grub menu15:32
TJ-Getafix: I've not been able to find that icon anywhere15:32
Lord-KaminaBut I wonder if that might still result in rogue calls to the default gcc when looking up the symbols. Basically that's what I'm asking.15:32
Getafix@TJ: Me neither. I asked him for a proper screenshot to get a clearer icon. The image he shared was a photo of the screen.15:33
lotuspsychjeMibixFox: a little more details please? ubuntu version? updates when/how? what happens at wich point15:33
TJ-Lord-Kamina: OK, so you've confirmed that Scanner::Scanner() is in the source, so now explore before and after it to see if it might be conditionally compiled via a #ifdef SOMENAME clause. If it has such, it may be the configure script didn't enable compilation of that code15:33
ioriaGetafix, i bet on flatpack... let us know :þ15:33
Getafixlotuspsychje TJ ioria : I will sure revert here if I get any further. Thanx again!15:34
MibixFoxlotuspsychje:  https://imgur.com/a/PplPXUX is the error im getting on 18.04 not sure which updates havent rebooted for a month so basically all the ones in between :p15:35
Lord-KaminaNope, only conditional macro in that file is an include.15:36
ioriaMibixFox, have you checked /etc/fstab ?15:37
MibixFoxfor what15:37
MibixFoxI think one drive is failing but its just a storage job15:37
MibixFox*storage drive15:38
MibixFoxif you reload that page I added another screenshot15:38
ioriaMibixFox, can you paste it ?15:38
MibixFoxsorry, paste what?15:38
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
ioriaMibixFox, /etc/fstab15:39
TJ-Lord-Kamina: OK, so it may be the origin of the 8.38-3.1 then. Where has that come from? It may be that its debian/xxxx.symbols file is specific to the later ubuntu release15:39
qwebirc59955lotuspsychje: hey! so a kind of nasty way of getting around things here. After digging around on available options, i did a usb tether to my cell phones wifi connection to update my system. once thats done i should be able to get some things straightened out15:39
qwebirc59955lotuspsychje: thank you for your assistance!15:39
lotuspsychje!yay | qwebirc5995515:40
ubottuqwebirc59955: Glad you made it! :-)15:40
Lord-KaminaThe 8.38 package is from xenial.15:40
lotuspsychjeqwebirc59955: an update linux-firmware might do some magic15:40
Lord-Kamina8.39 is from artful.15:40
qwebirc59955lotuspsychje: copy that!15:40
Lord-KaminaThere's another 8.39 from bionic somewhere.15:40
qwebirc59955ubottu: thank you!15:40
MibixFoxioria:  here is fstab https://imgur.com/a/3toPfC315:41
ioriabash on windows15:41
Lord-KaminaI'm backporting to trusty but using copies of the gcc test builds; originally I was compiling everything with gcc 6.4.0; afterwards I got the idea of trying to match pcre3 releases/ubuntu versions to different gcc versions.15:42
MibixFoxI didnt change anything in fstab before i rebooted :/15:43
lotuspsychjeMibixFox: you installed with encyption?15:46
=== str8ofhearts_ is now known as str8ofhearts
MibixFoxI dont think so15:47
str8ofhearts /msg NickServ identify govno77715:47
lotuspsychjeMibixFox: what kind of harddisks/devices are all in your system?15:50
lotuspsychje!zh | zhongmh15:50
ubottuzhongmh: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:50
MibixFoxi have one SSD that runs the OS then all those other ones in the fstab for storage15:50
lotuspsychjeMibixFox: could a few of those device malfunction?15:53
pragmaticenigmastr8ofhearts: Don't forget to change your passphrase/password ... also, you might want to considering making it a little harder to guess15:54
MibixFoxI think possibly one drive is down but not sure why it wouldnt boot the OS still?15:54
ice9if interviewing about Ubuntu server admin position, are there questions specific to ubuntu only?15:54
MibixFoxI do think I have a usb stick in there too i didnt have in there before15:54
str8ofheartspragmaticenigma: Thank you, I will15:55
MibixFoxerrr i dont have physical access to the server for like 5 hours15:55
lotuspsychjeMibixFox: the more hd's you have, the more systemd had work...if one of them fails..could be lagging like you experience15:55
TJ-Lord-Kamina: have you been using the "backportpackage" tool in ubuntu-dev-tools for this?15:55
Lord-KaminaHm, nope.15:55
Lord-KaminaDoing it by hand.15:56
MibixFoxI can get it would take longer but why wouldnt it boot :/15:56
MibixFoxgoes in to emergency mode at the end15:56
MibixFoxI guess ill just have to wait till I can get home and have physical access to try some more things15:56
TJ-Lord-Kamina: might be worth using that tool, it's what the backports project uses15:58
Lord-KaminaI'm not running trusty (I've got a version installed but am not really using it)15:58
Lord-KaminaMy workflow is usually pick a release, dget -xau, dch no-change-backport etc etc, debuild, dput15:59
Lord-KaminaIt has worked for most things I've done and the past few weeks I've ported a crapload of stuff.16:00
TJ-Lord-Kamina: create a trusty container using LXD, build it in there, maybe?16:00
TJ-Lord-Kamina: have you compared your local build log with the actual 8.38-3.1 build log on launchpad? maybe there's clues there16:01
jayjoI have two monitors and I would like a different image on each one. nitrogen won't change either background for me even when i run it with sudo, is there another option?16:04
=== root is now known as Guest76217
Lord-KaminaAlso I just noticed...16:08
Lord-KaminaIf you look at the build log, you'll notice the "missing" symbols pretty much match up to the "new symbols" it finds a couple lines earlier.16:08
TJ-Lord-Kamina: have you been using the "backportpackage" tool in ubuntu-dev-tools for this?16:10
TJ-Lord-Kamina: ignore that! I hit the keyboard wrong!16:10
TJ-Lord-Kamina: I don't see that in the log; All I see is the "- ... SYMBOL ..." line (denoting it's in debian/xxxx.symbols but not in the new output, then the "+ #MISSING" line reporting it as not being present in the new build16:11
Lord-KaminaIn fact...16:12
Lord-KaminaIf I run sed 's/ \(_.*\) \(.*\)/ (c++)"\1" \2/' __input__ | c++filt on those lines, the output is the "missing" symbols.16:13
TJ-Lord-Kamina: take lines 20-21 of the original log. Line 21 is generated by prefixing "#MISSING $VERSION" to the line read from debian/xxxx.symbols - so they will look identical16:14
Lord-KaminaWhat I mean, TJ-, is I run that sed script on lines 5-12 (deleted the + from the diff, though)16:16
Lord-KaminaAnd the output was almost identical to what it's looking for.16:16
Lord-KaminaThe only difference was @Base 2:8.39-3ppa-trusty1 instead of @Base" 7.716:17
bratchleywhat can I check if the "Add Printer" page on cups isn't prompting for a password?16:19
bratchleyit's just immediately saying I'm not authorized16:19
Lord-Kamina(I did it on another version ofthe build, but presumably with the one in that log it would have been @Base 2:8.38-3.1ppa-trusty6)16:19
TJ-Lord-Kamina: yes, the symbol signature has changed. The point of the #MISSING is to alert you, as maintainer, that you need to *change* the debian/xxxx.symbols file (if you're happy the output is correct) so that dpkg-gensymbols only causes additions :)16:20
TJ-Lord-Kamina: so the method signatures have changed, therefore the old signature is indeed missing, so those can be removed from the xxxx.symbols file. Then, shlibs will be happy and the package will build16:21
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Lord-KaminaI mean I think I see the solution now, I need to update the symbols file in the package using the output from the previous lines and it should work, yes?16:21
=== mustafa__ is now known as mustafa
TJ-Lord-Kamina: precisely :)16:28
TJ-Lord-Kamina: once you've assurred yourself the changes are sane16:28
TJ-Lord-Kamina: keep the old symbols file (presumably using version control) of course16:28
JacobTDCHi, so I recently found out about fdrawcmd, and I was wondering, is it possible to, say, play music with fdrawcmd? It's fairly easy to get basic tones out of it by adjusting the `rate` parameter, but is this save, and is there anything already out there that can play music like that?16:30
tomreyni guess most folks around here dont use floppy drives on a regular basis. ;-)16:34
aaron7281<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth16:35
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JacobTDCtomreyn: I have this dinosaur of a computer, that happens to have a Floppy Drive in it. XD16:39
tomreynJacobTDC: sounds like a fun project, i just hope it's not the only one you have.16:40
=== Dreaman is now known as laerchence
=== FabioNET is now known as Guest99617
tomreynmaybe ask in ##linux, too, or, better, yet, some place where floppy music artists meet.16:41
alexandruhello, I've noticed that AMDGPU driver version on Ubuntu 18.04 is stuck at 18.0, whilst it is at 18.20 on the AMD website. If I install 18.20 directly on my machine, will that break it?16:41
alexandrucurrently running my desktop on a RX560.16:41
BazmanHi there, I have the problem where my computer gets stuck in a log in loop, one fix is to check that when you type ls -lA you get -rw-------  1 root root   53 Nov 29 10:19 .Xauthority then you change is to your login using chown username:username .Xauthority16:41
BazmanHowever I am missing .Xauthority altogther could this be causing my problem with the looping logins?16:42
BazmanIf so how do I fix it?16:42
TJ-alexandru: why do you want the 18.20 version? Just because it's newer, or to fix an issue with 18.0 ?16:44
letty228<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth16:44
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=== taralaejche is now known as lamerche
alexandruTJ-: my current desktop has a tendency to crash at certain moments, for reasons unknown to me. It doesn't have to do with X.Org/Wayland, that's for sure :\16:45
JacobTDCtomreyn: Yeah, I am also making a Minecraft Bedrock Edition protocol from the groudnd up in Node.js. XD16:45
TJ-Bazman: that's a good check to do. I wonder if the system is even getting into the login phase. Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log or similar (use "ls -lstr /var/log/" to identify the latest log updates)16:45
=== lamerche is now known as Blade
enycl/me meows16:45
enychrrm 18.04.1 out aiui....16:45
=== qwebirc77698 is now known as Mystic
enychoping the apparent bugginess gone down by now =)16:45
TJ-alexandru: it might be worth finding out if 18.20 is on its way into the Ubuntu ecosystem16:45
=== Blade is now known as Guest20336
=== Guest20336 is now known as Dreaman
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
=== Mystic is now known as MysticMixles
MysticMixlesHey! I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my chromebook. I followed the tutorial on the ubuntu website, and it installed successfully, but when I actually run startunity, the desktop loads with no launcher, no terminal, etc. I can't do anything. There is just a desktop background. I can create a blank file or a folder, but the right click menu is missing the open terminal option. Any ideas?16:47
linuxlovehello guys16:47
lotuspsychjeMysticMixles: for ubuntu on chromebooks i think you need the crouton method16:48
MysticMixlesIt is crouton16:48
lotuspsychjelemme check16:48
BazmanTJ: There is an Xorg.0.log.old and Xorg.0.log both created on Jul 30 21:0716:48
JacobTDCHow is `fdrawcmd seek <drvsel> <cyl>` used?16:49
JacobTDCSpecifically, what does `drvsel` do?16:49
pragmaticenigmaMysticMixles: Does your chromebook come with an NVdia Tegra CPU?16:49
TJ-Bazman: the "old" is the one replaced by the latter file. So "Xorg.0.log" might help16:50
lotuspsychjeMysticMixles: on the first page it mentions crouton is not part of ubuntu, so we cant actually support it really here16:50
alexandruTJ-: doesn't seem like it16:50
MysticMixlesI know there's no guaranteed support, but I figured I'd ask. If I'm not allowed to, let me know.16:50
pragmaticenigmaJacobTDC: Take a look at "man fdrawcmd" ... You will see that drvsel is for selecting which floppy device to write to16:50
MysticMixlesSpecific chipset is Intel HD 51516:51
pragmaticenigmaI guess the man page is poorly written for fdrawcmd... that is some poor stuff16:51
ksbalajiI now have 16.04 running in acer aspire e-15 laptop. However, upgrade does not work. gets aborted with an error message. Please help.16:52
BazmanTJ: There's quite a lot if info in Xorg.0.log what should I be looking for?16:52
JacobTDCOkay. Thanks, pragmaticenigma. The manpage isn't really all that clear, TBH... :I16:52
pragmaticenigmaJacobTDC: It's in the "read" command section16:52
ksbalajiI wish to upgrade to 18.04 from 16.04. But get error in upgrading.16:52
JacobTDCOkay, thannks pragmaticenigma ! :D16:53
pragmaticenigmaksbalaji: First, please have patience. If someone is available, they will reposnd. Second, provide more details, like what does the error message say. See !details for more information.16:53
TJ-alexandru: I'm not sure then; my main concern would be installing the AMD-sourced driver may cause conflicts between that and the Ubuntu supplied package, unless you remove the Ubuntu driver package first16:53
alexandruTJ-: Understood. I'll think about it. :)16:54
JacobTDCpragmaticenigma: Also, is it safe to just seek to whatever cylinder I want while messing around? Are there measures in place to keep the drive from destroying itself?16:54
TJ-JacobTDC: on most floppy drives, no there are not, you need to know the geometry of the drive16:54
pragmaticenigmaJacobTDC: Depends on what you are attempting to do. That program is designed to send raw commands to the device, I highly doubt it has any safe gaurds in place16:54
TJ-JacobTDC: e.g. 40 or 80 track16:54
JacobTDCOkay. Thanks.16:55
ksbalajiThanks pragmaticenigma, I used software updater to upgrade. It quits after giving error.16:55
lotuspsychjeMysticMixles: its not that we are not allowed, but we cant like officially debug packages that are not supported, neither file bugs on them..16:55
pragmaticenigma!details | ksbalaji16:56
ubottuksbalaji: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:56
lotuspsychjeMysticMixles: its one of those cases your a bit on your own/at your own risk16:56
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:56
MysticMixleslotuspsychje: I'm totally aware of that, I was just hoping to see if there were any unofficial troubleshooting tips, but I totally understand if you can't help.16:57
alkyl2711<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth16:58
lotuspsychjeMysticMixles: seems like there's a smaller #crouton not sure if there are other relevant channels16:59
MysticMixlesAlright, I'll look around. Thanks!16:59
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=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
BazmanNow I'm starting to wonder if I am missing the Xauthority file? When I type ls -lA it is not listed but when I type ~ $ xauth is returns home/norbert it doesn't say that it's missing17:03
naccBazman: this is local login?17:04
naccBazman: you don't need a xauthority file generally17:04
Bazmanyes this is a local login17:05
Bazmannacc: so the fact I don't have an X.authority file is not a problem right?17:05
Matenz10snap = matmat1016017:06
compdocyou can create one. I used to do it all the time:  touch ~/.Xauthority17:06
compdocno sudo17:06
ksbalajiok for more details I describe the steps I take while upgrading: 1) I open Software-updater 2) It says that the software is uptodate and 18.04 LTS is available (you have 16.04) 3) I click upgrade  and authenticate  4) On getting Welcome screen I again click upgrade 5) Downloading process is initiated 6) Message: System Program Problem is detected -Do you want to report the problem now? is displayed. I click Report problem. 7) I am asked to enter password17:07
ksbalaji to access problem reports. I authenticate. 8) Message: This problem report is damaged and cannot be processed Error('Incorrect padding',) 9) I have to close.17:07
lotuspsychjeMatenz10: can we help you?17:07
naccBazman: not a problem17:07
nacccompdoc: not necessary in general, though.17:08
=== randomlife is now known as Guest13636
lotuspsychjeksbalaji: can you unfolde details of the bug/error to see whats it about?17:08
Matenz10French ?17:08
lotuspsychje!fr | Matenz10 oui17:08
ubottuMatenz10 oui: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:08
Matenz10Oh, alors je télécharge des app mais le truc c'est que mon ordi les met en fichier17:09
Bazmancompdoc: I have the looping login problem do you think creating one via touch ~/Xauthority will help with that17:09
Matenz10Donc je ne sais pas comment faire pour l'avoir en app et non en fichier :/17:09
lotuspsychjeMatenz10: english only here mate17:09
Matenz10Okay no prob17:10
lotuspsychjeMatenz10: taper /j #ubuntu-fr17:10
compdocBazman, i created the file when using x2go, but cant say for sure if it was actually needed. you can certainly try it. wont harm anything17:10
Griznahducasse: thanks! I've been eagerly waiting you see. Guess I'll just have to keep waiting for a bit more :)17:11
naccBazman: also, the path matters, it's not "~/Xauthority", but "~/.Xauthority"17:11
compdocthe period makes .Xauthority an invisible file17:12
Matenz10thk y lotus17:13
Bazmannacc: sorry for the typo I did put it in correctly in the terminal though rebooting now to see if it fixes the looping reboot17:13
lotuspsychjeMatenz10: no problem17:13
BazmanNope still got a looping reboot17:14
Checking11<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth17:14
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compdocBazman, did you try upgrading to 18?17:14
naccBazman: looping reboot, or looping login?17:14
compdocis that why its rebooting?17:14
BazmanIt's afresh install of 18.04 (dual boot with Windows10) it worked fine till I tried to install some nvidia drivers and now I'm stuck with a looping lop in17:15
nacccompdoc: "that" being ?17:15
BazmanI already purged the offending drivers and put in some older ones but the looping log in remains17:15
naccBazman: ok, drop to a tty and remove the thing you installed17:15
naccBazman: ah ok17:16
Bazmannacc: looping login. I put in the correct details the screen goes black for a moment and then comes back as the login screen again17:16
naccBazman: did you check in the logs for what is happening? ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log17:16
naccBazman: are you possibly using Wayland as your environment?17:16
Bazmannacc: yes but there's a lot of them what should I be looking for?17:17
naccBazman: there's one log. You mean it's long? look for "EE"17:18
Bazmannacc: there is an option for wayland but pretty sure I'm not using it17:19
naccBazman: easy enough to know, just make sure Xorg is selected when you login17:20
Bazmannacc: Ah ok first line EE: Nvidia failed to initialise the Nvidia kernel module17:20
naccBazman: any other lines?17:21
Bazmanyes: failed to open DRM device for null: -217:22
Bazmannacc: screen 0 deleted because of no matching config section17:23
Bazmannacc: failed ti initialize GLX extension (compatible Nvidia X driver not found)17:24
naccBazman: do you have a xorg.conf ? /etc/X11/... files?17:24
=== brimestoned is now known as brimestone
=== Scytale90 is now known as Scytale89
Bazmannacc: how so I check for those files (sorry I am a noob)17:27
PimpenbatHi I was wondering if anyone could help me with an openvpn problem?17:27
naccBazman: ls -ahl /etc/X11/17:27
ksbalajilotuspsychje, got disconnected. sorry. How to see the error file please?17:28
lotuspsychjeksbalaji: when a bug occurs, you can unfold the 'details' of it, to see whats it about17:29
someone_Hi, My GPU is intel HD 4000 it seems to it does not work, I installed intel update form 01.org, but when I run a video game it seems that CPU it does GPU works because the fan speed and heat of CPU increases.17:29
pragmaticenigmalotuspsychje: it might be easier for them to run the command line upgrade, and paste the results to pastebin17:29
Bazmannacc: there is no xorg.conf17:29
naccBazman: is there anything in that directory?17:30
PimpenbatWhen I start my openvpn client with sudo systemctl start openvpn@client, I get a TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed.17:30
lotuspsychjepragmaticenigma: if he wants, he can share it yes :p17:30
Bazmannacc: yes about 18 files starting with . and ending with Xwrapper.config17:31
naccBazman: sorry, I need to step away, hopefully someone else can help17:33
nb1210<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth17:34
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emerson5<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth17:35
emerson5With our IRC ad service you can reach a global audience of entrepreneurs and fentanyl addicts with extraordinary engagement rates! https://williampitcock.com/17:35
Bazmannacc: tnx anyway17:36
ioriaBazman, default ubuntu 18.04 install with gnome-shell ?17:37
ioriaBazman, or did you install another DE on top of it?17:39
Bazmanioria: It was a default ubuntu 18.04 not sure about the gnome-shell how can I check that17:40
Bazmanioria: Another DE?17:41
ioriaBazman, echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP17:41
BazmanIt was dual boot with windows10 was working perfectly till I tried to install some nvidia drivers and now it won't work17:41
=== FabioNET is now known as Guest11986
ioriaBazman, ok, what video card do you have ?17:42
BazmanI've already purged the offending drivers and put more stable ones in but the looping login problem still persists17:42
ioriaBazman, what video card do you have ?17:42
_raven__after upgrade 16.04.3->18.04 (xubuntu) wifi is very slow at around 10mbit up and down; iw shows 6mb/s @5ghz. nic is "QCA9377 802.11ac (rev 30)". machine is "acer aspire e5-573" with 4.15.0-29-generic17:43
ioriaBazman,  open a console and   lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' | nc termbin.com 999917:43
Bazmanioria: echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP produced a blank line?17:43
ioriaBazman,  open a console and   lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' | nc termbin.com 999917:44
Bazmanioria: ASUS TURBO-GTX1080TI17:45
someone_Hi, My GPU is intel HD 4000 it seems to it does not work, I installed intel update form 01.org, but when I run a video game it seems that CPU it does GPU works because the fan speed and heat of CPU increases.17:45
ioriaBazman,  ok, by default nvidia it's not installed ... so did it work right after you completed the installation ?17:46
ioriaBazman, i mean, without nvidia and with the opensource nouveau driver ?17:47
hunterHows it going everyone?17:47
Bazmanioria: after typing lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' | nc termbin.com 9999 I got http://termbin.com/h6yt17:47
pragmaticenigmahunter: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?17:48
Bazmanioria: yes everything worked fine till I tried to install the nvidia17:48
hunteri mean, its been years since ive used it, what are some things i need to know now that im switched?17:48
pragmaticenigmahunter: This is for Ubuntu Support, for other topics please visit #ubuntu-offtopic17:49
ioriaBazman,   ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf   what it says ?17:49
pragmaticenigmasomeone_: Support for software and drivers not obtained from Ubuntu sites and software repositories is not something that can be supported here. The drivers included with Ubuntu should have been working. It is possible that the game itself requires ample amount of CPU usage in addition to GPU ussage. Seeing the CPU usage go up during gameplay is not unusual.17:50
Bazmanioria: can't access /etc/X11/xorg.conf so such file of directory17:51
ioriaBazman,   ok,  dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 999917:51
rafaelrcenteioHi, I installed Ubuntu Budgie 18.04. I can't login. When I login it goes back to the lightdm greeter. I already checked the Xauthority and ICEautority files, already dpkg-reconfigure'd it and already tested gdm3.17:51
TJ-rafaelrcenteio: sounds like the same issue Bazman is trying to fix17:52
Bazmanioria:  http://termbin.com/175917:54
ioriaBazman,   error17:54
rafaelrcenteioTJ, thanks for the answer. I managed to login. But the thing is that, when I logout and try again, it fails.17:54
ioriaBazman,   check the url17:54
someone_pragmaticenigmabut when I look to info of GPU, I find "kernel module" is unknown, What does that mean ?17:54
BazmanThe url is correct17:55
=== impi_ is now known as impi
Bazmanioria: maybe I typed the instructions wrong17:55
ioriaBazman,   possibly17:55
pragmaticenigmasomeone_: I don't know what that means, I don't know what you are looking at to find that information17:55
ioriaBazman,    it's a capital L17:56
=== capella is now known as capella|away
Bazmanioria: http://termbin.com/j6hp17:56
Bazmanioria: fyi I just re ran with exactly the same code17:57
ioriaBazman,   weird, looks file;    sudo apt purge nvidia (note the ]) and reboot17:57
ioriaBazman,  sy,   sudo apt purge nvidia*17:58
naccthat's a ppa version, and from cosmic17:58
nacc!info nvidia-driver-390 bionic17:58
ubottunvidia-driver-390 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-390): NVIDIA driver metapackage. In component restricted, is optional. Version 390.48-0ubuntu3 (bionic), package size 368 kB, installed size 1066 kB17:58
SimonNLhttp://termbin.com/l759      ioria was his former link17:58
SimonNLlower case L not 117:59
ash_worksiif I add myself to the postgres group, should I not be able to head any file with `rw-rw-r-- postgres postgres` ?17:59
TJ-ash_worksi: after you've logged out/in again, yes17:59
* ash_worksi still get's permission denied17:59
naccash_worksi: have you logged out and in since adding yourself to the group?17:59
TJ-ash_worksi: new memberships only take affect at login18:00
naccyou can also spawn a new login shell, iirc18:00
ioriaBazman,   sudo apt purge nvidia*   and reboot18:00
ash_worksistill get permission denied18:00
TJ-or use "newgrp"18:00
naccTJ-: ack18:01
ash_worksidirectory is drwx------18:01
naccash_worksi: then you wouldn't be able to read the directory18:01
TJ-ash_worksi: ahh, so group has no traversal permission to there18:01
naccash_worksi: depending on the ownership18:01
lovepopsicklewhy does the cinnamon desktop require that hexchat from the repos be installed? in order to install it?18:01
nacclovepopsickle: in what version of ubuntu?18:02
TJ-ash_worksi: something like "sudo chmod g+x /path/to/dir"18:02
Bazmanioria: doing it one sec18:02
lovepopsicklenacc, 18.0418:02
ash_worksistill perms denied18:02
ioriaBazman,  and where did you get those drivers from ?18:02
nacclovepopsickle: not required, it's a recommends of cinnamon-desktop-environment18:02
TJ-ash_worksi: what command?18:03
lovepopsicklenacc installing with synaptic says its require so if I try with terminal it may not say to add it?18:03
ioriaBazman,  i guess from https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa18:03
nacclovepopsickle: probably synaptic has an option to not install recommends, dunnoi18:03
nacclovepopsickle: and yes, re: terminal18:03
pragmaticenigmaash_worksi: what are you trying to do within the postgres files exactly? shouldn't that be managed by postgres>18:04
lovepopsicklei can try terminal nacc18:04
Bazmanioria purged and robooted but looping login problem still remains ;-(18:04
naccioria: i might try creating a dummy user and seeing if that works18:04
TJ-lovepopsickle: "sudo apt install --no-install-recommends cinnamon-desktop"18:04
iorianacc, usually i suggest the Guest session but there is none on 18.04 iirc18:05
Bazmanioria: yes from launchpad.net18:05
lovepopsickleThanks TJ ..is that a good command too if I want to try it out but not sure how long I may use it?18:05
ioriaBazman,   dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999   again please18:05
TJ-lovepopsickle: it's what happens under the hood when you do things from the GUI :) just much easier to explain and understand18:06
ash_worksipragmaticenigma: yeah, it's a dump and I don't want to move it just to scp it18:06
pragmaticenigmaoh, okay ash_worksi18:07
Bazmanioria: http://termbin.com/o7wt18:07
ash_worksibut I still get denied head... which I subsequently expected to be denied scp18:07
ioriaBazman,   if yo run again   sudo apt purge nvidia*   what it says ?18:08
lovepopsickleI am curious how to the no recommends for synaptic too? i dont see that setting18:09
pragmaticenigmaash_worksi: run scp under sudo and specify the user of the remote machine explicitly?18:09
Bazmanioria: to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove, 0 to upgrade18:10
Bazmanioria: the 390 driver is there in the URL though?18:10
ash_worksipragmaticenigma: I've never had that much luck with that sort of thing18:10
ioriaBazman,   sudo apt purge libnvidia*   xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-39018:10
ash_worksiit's just a really old crappy box18:10
pragmaticenigmaash_worksi: I don't know what you mean by that18:10
ash_worksipragmaticenigma: I've run into more permission issues attempting to run a command as sudo via scp18:11
pragmaticenigmanot via scp18:11
lovepopsicklei see never mind18:11
pragmaticenigmaash_worksi: command like this "sudo scp user@remotemachine ..."18:11
pragmaticenigmawhere user is the remote machine user, and remotemachine is the destination, the ... is the remaining commands if any18:12
=== randomlife is now known as Guest67063
ash_worksipragmaticenigma: sudo scp ash@.. or postgres@ ?18:12
Lord-KaminaTJ- I updated the symbols file with the new symbols; the MISSING entries disappeared from the log, the "new symbols" for some reason were still there as new symbols and it still failed because it uses dpkg-gensymbols -c4 *facepalm*18:13
Bazmanioria: libnvidia* unsintalled but it claimed that xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390 was not installed therefore not removed18:13
ioriaBazman,   dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 999918:14
ash_worksipragmaticenigma: using ash@... I got permission denied18:14
Bazmanioria: http://termbin.com/ndjk218:15
JacobTDCHow do I install the `linux/timer.h` C header on Ubuntu?18:15
ioriaBazman,   sudo apt purge libnvidia*       again18:16
ash_worksi(I needed +x)18:16
Bazmanioria: wired still says to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove, 0 not to upgrade18:17
ioriaBazman,   cat /proc/cmdline18:18
naccJacobTDC: apt-file is your friend18:18
ash_worksiwhy do you need +x to head a file?18:18
naccash_worksi: on the file or the directory?18:18
ash_worksithe file18:19
ash_worksithe directory18:19
ash_worksiI see18:19
JacobTDCnacc: I tried that, it didn't help much. I've already checked that linux-headers-generic is installed, and it is...18:19
ioriaBazman,   without the uid, don't worry18:20
BazmanBOOT IMAGE = /boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-29-generic root=UUID18:20
ioriaBazman,   after 'ro'18:20
ash_worksinacc: you're good at making people making people realize things themselves18:21
naccJacobTDC: you didn't give us much info to go off of. Or where you're getting that error from. Whatever you are buildiung may need to look in the correclty path18:21
naccash_worksi: heh; mostly because many answers are already there :)18:21
Bazmanioria: quiet splash vt.handoff=118:21
ioriaBazman,  try to reboot18:22
JacobTDCnacc: #include <linux/timer.h> | linux/timer.h: file not found18:22
ash_worksiI was recently berated in #bash for asking why `... | fold -b 180 ` was giving me "fold: 180: file or directory does not exist"18:23
ash_worksiI had realized (before being berated) my mistake when someone asked, "WHY do you think it says that?"18:23
naccJacobTDC: right. So again, not providing full verbose build log, including gcc line used, etc.18:23
Bazmanioria: rebooted but problem still persists18:23
naccJacobTDC: if you know enough to know the file can't be found, and don't want to provide more details, then you know enough to fix it.18:24
JacobTDCnacc: Oh, sorry.18:24
ash_worksidespite my obvious ignorance on how the error was being generated, I referred to man and realized my mistake18:24
Bazmanioria:  http://termbin.com/l5km18:24
naccJacobTDC: my guess is that you need to adjust hte build include path18:24
ioriaBazman,  purge one by one18:25
ash_worksinot sure why I got a more detailed explanation sprinkled with insults... maybe that person was having a bad day18:25
Bazmanioria: still showing those pesky libnvidia18:25
ioriaBazman,  yes18:25
ioriaBazman,  purge one by one18:25
JacobTDCnacc: I found it in /usr/src/linux-headers-4.15.0-29/include/linux/timer.h and /usr/src/linux-headers-4.150-29-generic/include/linux/timer.h. What now? Is there any way to permanatly add it to the include path of gcc?18:29
ioriaBazman,  when finished,  sudo apt install --reinstall linux-generic18:29
Bazmanioria: http://termbin.com/h4wm18:29
naccJacobTDC: adding it permanently would be incorrect18:29
ioriaBazman,  this : libnvidia-fbc1-39018:29
naccJacobTDC: as you don't generally build against the kernel source/headers18:29
ioriaBazman,  purge it18:30
JacobTDCnacc: What do I do, then?18:30
JacobTDCnacc: -I?18:30
naccJacobTDC: what are you trying to build? you should work with the community that actually supports what you are doing18:30
naccJacobTDC: typically, yes, it's CFLAGS additions/modifications with -I18:30
JacobTDCnacc: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/block/floppy.c18:31
naccJacobTDC: uh, what. Why are you bujilding something that is shipped with the ubuntu kernel?18:31
JacobTDCIt is? XD18:32
naccJacobTDC: and do you know how to build kernel modules?18:32
naccJacobTDC: `sudo modprobe floppy`18:32
JacobTDCNo. But it is shipped with it?18:32
naccJacobTDC: yes.18:32
naccJacobTDC: i have no idea why you'd think it wasn't, tbh18:32
JacobTDCnacc: I tried `sudo modprobe floppy`, and nothing happened...18:32
naccJacobTDC: do you know what modprobe does?18:33
JacobTDCAbsolutly not! :D18:33
naccJacobTDC: it doesn't emit anything on success.18:33
naccJacobTDC: ok, i think you need to go read a bit online.18:33
naccJacobTDC: also, what are you doing; do you actually have a floppy device?18:33
Platonides1<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth18:33
JacobTDCI have been for hours, and that's what got me so confused, nacc... XD18:33
TJ-nacc: he's playing tunes on a FDD :)18:33
naccalright, so totally not an ubuntu support topic18:33
JacobTDCTJ-: You are just everywhere, you know?18:33
TJ-JacobTDC: "lsmod | grep floppy" will show if the module is currently loaded18:33
Bazmanioria: purged the last one but still the login is looping18:34
JacobTDCnacc: I'll move back over to #linux...18:35
naccJacobTDC: seems appropriate :)18:35
Bazmanioria: trying to run the report but it's just haning18:35
TJ-nacc: well it is, he's using fdrawcmd from fdutils package :)18:35
naccTJ-: i mean, there's no issue as of right now. Just lack of knowledge?18:35
TJ-nacc: That's Ubuntu all over :D18:36
ioriaBazman,  in console, sudo adduser  mynewuser   and try to login ; sy, have to go , good luck18:36
pragmaticenigmaI fear the last and only sound that floppy disk drive will make is small whimper followed by a puff of the magic smoke18:36
JacobTDCpragmaticenigma: I've already made sounds with it, so no need to worry. XD18:37
JacobTDCYeah, tbh, I've been on and off this for a week, and I've gotten nowhere...18:38
JacobTDC*a month18:38
JacobTDCnot a week... XD18:38
Apachezthe dash in gnome suddently dropped all its icons after a mousewheel scroll!?18:38
Apachezhow do I get them back!?18:38
pragmaticenigmaApachez: Spin the mouse wheel the other way?18:39
ApachezI have spun it both ways18:39
Apachezis it some keycombo to scroll in the dash which I never encountered before?18:39
Apachezits ubuntu 17.1018:39
pragmaticenigmawhere was the mouse hovering when you used the scroll wheel? do you have virtual desktops enabled?18:39
Apachezno virtual desktops as I know18:39
Apachezhow do I change?18:39
Apachezbecause I have the irc window still present18:39
Sven_vBwhat's a cheap (low server load) way to generate a large data stream (like chargen) that's hard to compress?18:40
Bazmanioria: tnx for your help!18:40
BLZbubbaSven_vB: openssl + aes-ni18:40
naccApachez: also, fyi, 17.10 is eol18:40
Sven_vBBLZbubba, thanks!18:40
BLZbubbalet me get you a link18:40
Sven_vBBLZbubba, will it strain my randomness pool?18:41
Apachezand its still not fixed18:42
Apachezso lets lock the screen then18:42
BLZbubbaSven_vB: https://serverfault.com/questions/6440/is-there-an-alternative-to-dev-urandom18:42
BLZbubbaSven_vB: no i don't think so18:42
Apachezlock/unlock seems to have resolved the issue18:42
BLZbubbait reads from /dev/zero and uses the cpu aes feature to generate lots of pseudo-random data18:42
Apacheznacc: sure but I would expect ubuntu not to break just because you use the mousewheel18:42
BLZbubbaone cpu core gets me > 1 GB/sec iirc18:43
naccApachez: is dash to panel an ubuntu thing?18:43
Sven_vBBLZbubba, sounds good. thanks!18:43
Apachezwell Im using ubuntu so perhaps ubuntu did something bad to gnome as previously?18:43
Apachezanyway its resolved now so thanks for nothing ;)18:44
naccApachez: the version in 18.04 is quite a bit newer, maybe it's fixed.18:44
BazmanOK I created a new user and they have a looping log in too!18:44
Apacheznacc: dunno, according to the link I provided also 18.04 people have this error18:44
=== argus is now known as argusbr
lotuspsychjedanneskjoeld: welcome to ubuntu support, how can we help you?18:52
danneskjoeldI wanted to test an IRC client running on my ubuntu machine. A reply is everything I needed :D18:54
lotuspsychjedanneskjoeld: glad it works!18:55
TJ-I wish they were all that simple!19:01
lotuspsychjeTJ-: lol19:01
crmltWhy this doesn't put setpci utility into initramfs?19:04
TJ-crmlt: where are putting that file, are you making it "chmod +x" ?19:05
crmltTJ-: i want copy setpci into initramfs and run it from /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-premount/setpci19:05
TJ-crmlt: I know that - is the script executable?19:06
crmltit is19:06
crmlti always command not found19:06
TJ-crmlt: to debug it, add a line "touch /tmp/setpci" after the copy_exec so if it runs you know it reached that point19:07
biebI have a hdd that holds an OS and small amount of data.. its 250gb.. I want to put a TB drive in the small form factor pc (will only hold 1 hdd). I was thinking about using dd to copy the 250 to the 1tb drive.. how can I then expand the volume to use all the rest of the tb?19:07
TJ-crmlt: you do? why not add "set -x" to the top of the script so you can see each line as it is executed?19:07
TJ-bieb: use LVM rather than hard partitions, that way you can choose how to use the free space19:08
biebTJ-: how will that work once the dd is complete? can I change to lvm at that point?19:08
TJ-bieb: or create partition(s) on the new drive and copy the file-system(s) from the old drive into them, then use "resize2fs" on them (assuming the file-systems are ext3/4)19:08
crmltoh wait thee hook script  hasnt "chmod +x"19:09
TJ-crmlt: oops19:09
biebTJ-: thanks!19:09
crmlti somehow missed it19:09
TJ-bieb: then the latter idea would work, if the file-systems are ext19:09
EriC^^bieb: create a big partition, dd the partition/fs then use resize2fs to enlarge the fs19:09
FreeBDSMhow to download a package as an archive with binaries?19:09
crmltill give it try now19:09
TJ-crmlt: easy to do19:09
lotuspsychjeFreeBDSM: is sudo apt-get download package what you seek?19:12
FreeBDSMlotuspsychje: hmm, probably, let me try19:13
FreeBDSMlotuspsychje: it downloads the package as .deb19:18
FreeBDSMhow to unpack it?19:19
naccFreeBDSM: dpkg -x19:19
FreeBDSMnacc, lotuspsychje, thank you19:21
FreeBDSM1 step closer to creating a snap with firefox19:21
lotuspsychjeFreeBDSM: there is a firefox snap already19:22
FreeBDSMlotuspsychje: I need 52.9.0-esr version, not any more recent19:22
FreeBDSMI'm not yet ready to just give up my XUL add-ons19:23
lotuspsychjeFreeBDSM: be carefull when you build older packages, as they can be a security risk see !usn19:23
FreeBDSMlotuspsychje: browsing is risky by definition19:23
FreeBDSMI'm better protected from risks with my XUL add-ons19:24
FreeBDSMthan the crapzilla that turned evil19:24
TJ-FreeBDSM: there's a PPA for that  https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/firefox-esr19:25
FreeBDSMTJ-: ppa:mozillateam/ppa19:27
TJ-FreeBDSM: it's there too is it? OK19:28
FreeBDSMI mean https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/ppa19:28
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bmos211<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth19:28
papabear69191<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth19:29
papabear69191With our IRC ad service you can reach a global audience of entrepreneurs and fentanyl addicts with extraordinary engagement rates! https://williampitcock.com/19:29
Pcost8300Good afternoon, can you help me please. i want to know if it is normal to see permissions stablished for an user www-data for the /bin folder19:39
geirhano, it should be owned by root19:40
HardradaWhen i am making a swap file via the terminal i use the line sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024 count=8000 but what does the "bs=1024" mean ?19:41
Pcost8300mmm i dont know what happened but almost everything is owned by it19:41
geirhasounds like someone might have done a sudo chown -R on the wrong dir19:41
FreeBDSMHardrada: sector size in bytes19:41
ment0sis there any way to mount partition with exec but for single user ?19:41
Pcost8300yeah, but it isnt just there19:41
Pcost8300is almost in every folder19:41
Hardradaso if i got 4 gigs of ram, i should write bs=1024 count=8000 ? :P19:41
Pcost8300at /19:41
FreeBDSMHardrada: 'block size'19:42
mojtabaHello, do you know why the home directory is 100% used, although it has some free spaces? http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Jm4RdZRjMq/19:42
geirhaso they used something like    sudo chown -R www-data /*   # Do NOT run this19:42
HardradaFreeBDSM, ok thank you for that. But would you recomend to have 8000 for the swap size if i got 4g of ram ?.19:42
=== RaptorJesus is now known as DudeBroMan
FreeBDSMHardrada: I don't know19:43
=== DudeBroMan is now known as RaptorJesus
geirhaPcost8300: typical case is doing it on  /foo/bar/* but accidentally getting a space at the wrong place, so it ends up as /foo/bar /*19:43
Pcost8300geirha: yes but i believed it was something done by a program, so then it was done by hand, wasnt it?19:43
duoi13<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth19:43
duoi13With our IRC ad service you can reach a global audience of entrepreneurs and fentanyl addicts with extraordinary engagement rates! https://williampitcock.com/19:43
pragmaticenigmaHardrada: what are you trying to do?19:43
Pcost8300oh god19:43
geirhaPcost8300: could be either, but my guess would be done by a human by accident19:44
Pcost8300should i run chown -R root:root / ?19:44
Blakes5hey all, I had a 32 GB SD card that I used DD to copy to another 32 GB SD card. However, the destination card was slightly smaller than the origin and DD not caring about the size apparently wrote the partition larger than the disk. I've tried deleting the partition to no avail in Windows and Linux using gparted & fdisk. I've tried overwriting the partition table. That didn't work. Any suggestions on what else I could try?'19:44
Hardradapragmaticenigma, increase my swap size. My laptop is getting slow. and i think the swap size can help me.19:44
geirhaPcost8300: No, lots of things should not be owned by root19:44
geirhabest bet is a re-install, really19:44
pragmaticenigmaHardrada: that isn't how you do it19:44
geirhaPcost8300: though double check if it actually was recursive. is all files inside /bin also owned by www-data?19:45
Hardradapragmaticenigma, :S so i cant make a swap file via the terminal ?. Do i have to reboot in to an usb / cd to do it from there?.19:45
Pcost8300geirha i see, then i need to check every folder... im trying to run postgresql and it keeps telling me denied permission19:45
Pcost8300yes it was19:46
Pcost8300boot, build, dev, etc, home19:46
geirhaPcost8300: ok, then you can also no longer use su or sudo, since these must be owned by root and have setuid set19:46
pragmaticenigmaHardrada: First, increasing swap size isn't going to solve a sluggish computer. It will increase the sluggish behavior because reading and writing to the harddrive versus RAM is much much much slower19:46
Pcost8300those that werent chowned are dev, proc, run and sys19:47
pragmaticenigmaHardrada: You would be better off determining what programs are utilizing more than their fair share of system resources and removing them.19:47
Hardradapragmaticenigma, oh. Ok :P then I was wrong. Maybe i have to upgrade my laptop then.19:47
geirhaPcost8300: yeah those are separate filesystems that don't react to chowning19:47
Pcost8300geirha: i see, but i cannot run postgresql anymore19:47
Pcost8300and this is a server .. crap..19:48
geirhaPcost8300: you might have luck with chowning back enough files and then reinstalling and reconfiguring every single package, but a re-install will likely be much faster19:48
geirhaor restore from backup19:48
pragmaticenigmaHardrada: Sounds like it might be the better path. If you are still interested in trying to increase or change the swap file, these instructions are very good at explaining each step and the impact to your system: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-add-swap-space-on-ubuntu-18-0419:48
Pcost8300geirha: ok, thank you for your advice19:48
Pcost8300i will try to do it so..19:48
mojtabaHello, do you know why the home directory is 100% used, although it has some free spaces? http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Jm4RdZRjMq/19:48
Hardradapragmaticenigma, thank you alot. I am currently considering the Dell Xps laptops as an replacement :).19:50
pragmaticenigmamojtaba: Size is calculated based on bytes used. However, files must be written to blocks. What you are likely seeing is all blocks of the partition are used, even though some space remains.19:51
pragmaticenigmaHardrada: If you are interested in recommendations, head over to the #ubuntu-offtopic room, there are many helpful people there that can offer recommendations and suggestions19:51
mojtabapragmaticenigma: So what does it mean? In windows there is re-fragmentation, is there something like that in Ubuntu?19:52
mojtabaCan I still use my home dir, or is it likely to fail?19:52
Hardradapragmaticenigma, ok, thank you for your time and help. I will look into it later.19:52
pragmaticenigmamojtaba: Out of space is out of space, I don't believe it's going to fail, however applications are more likely to crash if they are trying to write to the home directory19:53
mojtabapragmaticenigma: but why it is showing that amount of available space? That's a big size.19:53
TJ-mojtaba: did you recently delete some large file(s) ?19:54
TJ-"809G  760G  7.6G 100% /home" suggests that some process still has a handle to a large file - hence (809-760) != 7.619:54
mojtabaTJ-: yes, multiple files, with average of 500 Mg.19:54
TJ-mojtaba: the space isn't really freed until the last file handle is released, so likely something still has handles to them19:55
mojtabaTJ-: I guess I have mounted another filesystem in home before.19:56
TJ-mojtaba: you can check with this: "sudo ls -l /proc/[0-9]*/fd | grep deleted"19:56
mojtabait is unmounted now.19:56
Pcost8300<geirha> Could you please tell me, if i install postgresql again, it will erase all data i have in it?19:57
Pcost8300will all that data perish?19:57
TJ-the kernel keeps tabs on the handles in /proc/{pid-of-process}/fd/ with symlinks from the file descriptor number to the file. When a file has been unlinked it adds "(deleted)"19:57
mojtabaTJ-: There are a lot.19:58
jar00stcan someone help me with a issue in ubuntu 18.04 with the network managment, i can't create a hotspot19:58
TJ-mojtaba: right, are the big files listed? if so make a note of the pid(s) of the processes holding them19:58
mojtabaTJ-: I don't see any big file. (I think I have mounted another file system in home directory before. Although it is unmounted now.) Could that be relevant?20:00
TJ-mojtaba: no, separate file-systems20:00
TJ-mojtaba: this will list the PIDs as well as the (deleted) files: "sudo find /proc/[0-9]*/fd -ls | awk '/deleted/{print $11, $13}' "20:01
mojtabaTJ-: No big file is listed.20:02
geirhaPcost8300: it won't touch the data, but you'll need to chown back the data files manually20:02
TJ-mojtaba: check the "df -h" output again, it may have changed20:03
crmlt TJ-: tgx20:03
Pcost8300<geirha> ok thank you man20:03
mojtabaTJ-: nope20:03
TJ-mojtaba: it could be inodes but I don't think that'd cause the df output for blocks used to be 100% ... try "df -i" to show inode usage, lots of small files can cause inode exhaustion even when there's free blocks20:05
mojtabaTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bXnxRDX9cN/20:06
TJ-mojtaba: well it's not inodes! it's only used 3% on sda820:07
mojtabaTJ-: I ran df -I20:07
mojtabasmall i20:08
TJ-mojtaba: do you have quotas enabled?20:08
mojtabaTJ-: I am not sure, how can I check that?20:08
TJ-mojtaba: it might be worth trying the command as 'root' in case what you're seeing is related to the user. "sudo df -h /home"20:09
TJ-mojtaba: you'd know if you were :D20:09
TJ-mojtaba: I'm trying to figure out why the sums don't add up!20:09
mojtabaTJ-: /dev/sda8       809G  760G  7.6G 100% /home20:10
TJ-mojtaba: can you afford to do a reboot?20:10
mojtabaTJ-: :~ unfortunately not at the moment.20:11
TJ-mojtaba: if the values persist after a reboot I'm going to suggest an fsck is needed because I suspect the file-system meta-data is wrong. What type of file-system is sda8?20:11
TJ-mojtaba: nothing exotic then. Is this 18.04 Bionic?20:12
mojtabaTJ-: Nope, still 16.04 LTS20:12
TJ-mojtaba: I'll ask about; those figures look weird. I still think it's (deleted) files though!20:13
mojtabaTJ-: When I restarted, I will come back here if the figures were odd. :)20:13
TJ-mojtaba: can you afford to log-out/log-in so all $USER processes are terminated?20:13
mojtabaTJ-: :) That's like restart; actually I am in the middle of doing something.20:14
Pcost8300geirha: will you help with something please, how do i see all history of commands run on the terminal?20:14
Pcost8300i need all the information... sorry for bothering you20:14
ioriaBazman, how you doing ?20:14
TJ-Pcost8300: "history" command20:14
geirhaPcost8300: each interactive bash session will store its history in ~/.bash_history on exit20:15
geirhaI'd start with looking at root's; /root/.bash_history20:16
geirhaif the culprit is not there, start going through all users with sudo access20:16
Pcost8300oh ok thank you20:16
geirhathough you're entering into people's privacy at this point20:17
Pcost8300geirha: this server wasnt supposed to be manipulated by anyone than me20:17
Pcost8300people for our team entered the server and made this modifications20:17
Pcost8300that's why i need20:17
Pcost8300all the history20:17
geirhanext time, don't give everyone root access ;)20:18
geirhaalso next time, do backups20:18
=== turin is now known as thurin
Pcost8300now i regret not havent done that20:19
Pcost8300geirha: look this command is the one that caused this20:19
Pcost8300chown -R www-data: www-data / var / www / owncloud /20:19
Pcost8300exactly as it was typed20:19
=== mkv is now known as m4v
geirhayup, that would definitely achieve this mess20:20
geirhaon the upside, they locked themselves out of sudo20:21
Pcost8300how would iknow when was this command run?20:22
Pcost8300 chown -R www-data: www-data / var / www / owncloud /20:22
Pcost8300that is the complete output of it20:22
TJ-Pcost8300: there's a pretty sane way to fix ownership/permissions I've used successfully. I create a (LXD) container with all the same packages installed, then with the container stopped but with access to it's root file-system, I run a script that iterates through the container, reading the ownership/permissions and copying them to the host, using "chown --reference=path/to/container/rootfs/path/to/file20:22
TJ-Pcost8300: and "chmod --reference=path/to/container/rootfs/path/to/file   /path/to/file"20:23
Pcost8300TJ-: ill try that thank you so much20:24
geirhadate -d @153263825220:24
Pcost8300is there anyway i cant backup all the data from postgresql?20:25
Pcost8300before i reinstall it20:25
geirhaPcost8300: iirc, the databases are stored under /var/lib/postgresql or something like that20:25
Pcost8300sorry is can* typo20:25
prometI have very slow transfer speeds to my smartphone20:27
promet's sdcard20:28
geirhaPcost8300: asking a postgresql channel might be an idea to make sure you save the right set of files, but I do think that dir contains all you need20:28
promet~125 Kb/s20:28
Pcost8300ok thank you20:28
prometFrom 18.0420:28
prometAny thoughts as to why that may be?20:28
prometThis is using the file manager.20:28
prometIf I rsynced to the GVFS mount point do you think it would be faster?20:29
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Soni14<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth20:33
Soni2110<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth20:34
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: what was the end result for mojtaba?20:34
=== steeeve is now known as stove
stoveHey, i have a kernel panic in ubuntu 18. Since i cant screenshot it i took a video. Here it is: https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ . Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance20:48
gwenstove: If you get a Kernel panic, it might be hardware20:49
* gwen look at your video20:49
pragmaticenigmastove: Many of us are using Command line only IRC... You'll need to type the error message you are seeing in to chat please. Thanks20:50
gwenIn a Kernel Panic20:51
leftyfbstove: do you need actual help or are you just here to troll?20:51
BLZbubbaor some sort of pastebin20:51
gwenYou won't see an ERROR message20:51
stoveleftyfb: ‾\_(ツ)_/‾20:51
ahi2you've been rick-rolled20:51
gwenUnless mobo has COM ports20:51
gwenYou enable Kernel debugging20:51
leftyfbstove: this is a support channel. trolling is offtopic here. Please go to #ubuntu-ops if you'd like help with trolling20:52
leftyfbgwen: it's a troll. No need to keep supporting20:52
gwenI will help anyone who needs help20:52
stoveIve joined it leftyfb20:52
leftyfbgwen: they don't need help20:53
gwenI am suppose to believe you leftyfb ?20:53
stovegwen: no20:53
gwenCheck the time I joined20:53
hggdhstove: don't.20:54
stovehggdh: ?20:54
hggdhstove: as you have already been told, this is a support channel20:54
gwenstove: I don't know what they are talking about, seems to me an attacking behavior20:54
badon158<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth20:55
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stoveI need support20:55
gwenI won't believe what they say just because they say it20:55
leftyfbstove: with what?20:55
leftyfbgwen: The link they posted is to a "rick roll" video. They don't actually need help with anything.20:55
leftyfbstove: please stop20:55
gwenI didn't check it20:56
stoveNo, it must be a panic20:57
leftyfbstove: please stop20:57
gwenBut if I had did that, why is it your responsibility to tell everyone who is a troll?20:57
leftyfbgwen: because you're wasting your breath "helping" them when they are only trying to cause confusion and aggravation20:58
hggdhgwen: please stop as well20:58
gwenleftyfb: You take it out my hand to make my own decision?20:58
leftyfbgwen: you're welcome20:59
gwenWhat you are doing is shameless20:59
hggdhgwen: go to  -- say -- #ubuntu-discuss to keep on this20:59
gwenI love FOSS but I don't love this20:59
hggdhgwen: please stop20:59
gwenhggdh: I ask you, what part of GNU you are part of ?21:00
gwenI don't mind being banned again21:00
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bs25<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth21:04
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gwenHow awesome that is to read... It doesn't get my vigour to want to actually do anything about it21:07
danzilio16<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth21:09
gwenI believe in FREE SPEECH21:10
Guest4094What are you guys talking about here?  Tapping ass with foot and loosing teeth?  Aren't this supposed to be a technical chat room?21:11
gwenWho kick me, and kick me again21:11
Guest4094Was he the one talking about kicking ass and loosing teeth who got chicked out?21:13
zedfaxhi everyone. DOes anybody know how to set up an Xbox one controller ien wine or playonlinux ?21:16
brainwashzedfax: there is #wine and #playonlinux21:16
brainwashzedfax: #winehq actually21:16
prohoboalright bitches21:18
prohobowrong channel21:19
zedfaxbrainwash, sorry for posting here then. Thanks a lot for you kindness21:19
jayais any one there to reply21:30
jayai want to install new version of os21:31
jayamine is 14.04lts21:31
jayai want to upgrade to 16.04lts21:32
beowuffI'm so confused on snaps. For example, I was thinking about installing quasselcore on a new box, but when I do a snap find quasselcore, I get two completely different snaps created by different people. Same version #. No idea how to tell the differences between them or which one I should choose...21:32
TJ-beowuff: welcome to the future :)21:32
beowuffI mean, choice is great, but I need more info XD21:33
jayawhat more info do you need21:33
beowuffWhy is there two? What's the difference between them?21:33
naccbeowuff: because anyhone can upload a snap; in this case, two differnet people did21:34
naccbeowuff: you should contact the snap owner to find out more info, imo21:34
jayamine is 14.04lts os .now i want to upgrade to 16.04lts21:34
naccbeowuff: or see what, if anyting, upstream recommends, if they are the owner21:34
naccjaya: do you want to upgrade or reinstall?21:34
naccjaya: if in either case, just do it?21:35
jayai want to upgrade21:35
naccjaya: ok, go ahead?21:36
naccjaya: you don't need our permission :)21:36
jayai am getting an error message like'third party sources are disabeled'21:37
naccjaya: that is not an error message, i believe it's an info/warning.21:37
jayawhen i close this message upgrading stops21:38
naccjaya: please use a pastebin and show the exact message, etc.21:38
jayathis is the message"Third party sources disabled21:40
jayaSome third party entries in your sources.list were disabled. You can re-enable them after the upgrade with the 'software-properties' tool or your package manager."21:40
naccjaya: ok; that alone doesn't end the upgrade21:41
naccjaya: what are you using to upgrade/21:41
jayai used ubuntus software updater21:42
naccjaya: can you try from the commandline? `sudo do-release-upgrade`21:42
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Guest98324Anything interesting in the chat room today?21:44
naccGuest98324: that's not how this channel works.21:44
Guest98324Really, how does it work?21:44
naccGuest98324: this is the ubuntu suport channel. Do you have an ubuntu suppor question?21:44
Guest98324Yes... I have one which is kinda unrelated but I am tempted to ask it.... Where is the support team located and how many employees you have if you don't mind me asking21:47
naccGuest98324: this is a volunteer channel21:47
naccGuest98324: and no, that's not a relevant question to this channel21:47
jayait is saying the the same reply"third party resources disabled"21:49
Guest98324LOL, so where is the volunteered team located, just curious and I suppose it's not that irrelevant since you already answered21:49
hggdhGuest98324: anywhere in the world21:49
naccjaya: and then does it exit?21:50
Guest98324I see... so what about the servers, datacenter and so forth?21:50
naccGuest98324: perhaps ask this in #ubuntu-discuss21:51
Guest98324So, what does it take to be a voluteered in terms of technical abilities?21:52
jayawant me to press enter"as you can re-enable them after the upgrade with the software properties toolsor your package manager"21:52
naccjaya: ... yes?21:52
jayaNo,it want me to press enter21:53
naccjaya: I don't know what you mean21:53
jayawant me to press enter"as you can re-enable them after the upgrade with the software properties toolsor your package manager"21:53
jayathis is the message it has shown there21:53
naccjaya: are you asking a question? if you are asking, "should I press enter?", then "yes, you should"21:54
nuevoHi all21:58
nuevoI don't know if I have a virus because appears printers22:01
nuevoXerox_VersaLink_C405_64_4b_58_      MX_2640N_4507240Y00_22:02
jayait is showing"an resolvable error has occured due to(1.upgrading to a pre-elease version of ubuntu ,2.Running the current pre-release version of ubuntu,3.unofficia software packages not provided by ubuntu )".then it terminated22:02
naccjaya: what does `lsb_release -sd` say?22:04
jayano command 'lsb ' found22:05
naccjaya: that was not the command i said to run22:05
naccjaya: `lsb_release -sd`22:05
naccther is an underscore between 'lsb' and 'release'22:06
naccjaya: not sure; plenty of people have done the upgrade. Did you try disabling manually any 3rd party repos?22:09
tomreyn!details | nuevo22:10
ubottunuevo: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.22:10
jayano,i haven't changed any.first of all ,i dont know what is a third party repos22:10
naccjaya: anything not provided by ubuntu22:10
jayai did not understand , what do you mean by "anything not provided by ubuntu"22:12
naccjaya: a third party repository is one not provided by ubuntu. e.g., a PPA, or something you added by hand following online instructions.22:12
jayano,i did not22:13
naccjaya: can you pastebin `sudo apt-get update` output?22:13
jayaW: unknown Multi-arch 'no' for package ('compiz-core','compiz-gnome')22:17
jayathere are many lines like the above22:17
naccjaya: sounds like something is messed up already on your system; maybe someone else can help you debug it22:18
jayacan you tell where can i find the third party repos22:19
naccjaya: /etc/apt/sources.list*22:19
tomreyn(this '*' is there on purpose)22:19
nacctomreyn: thanks :)22:20
naccjaya: it might be in /etc/apt/sources.list or a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d22:20
tomreynnacc: not sure it needed an explanation, so just in case ;)22:20
jayabash: /etc/apt/sources.list: permission denied22:20
naccjaya: you don't run them, they are text files.22:21
jayathis is the output when i ran that command22:21
naccjaya: it's not a command.22:21
naccjaya: tbh, it seems like you might lack some basic knowledge of using ubuntu; do you really have data you need to keep on your 14.04 system?22:22
jayai just started. and i recently installed ubuntu.22:26
naccjaya: oh, then yeah, you probably don't have any data, or not much. Back it up to a USB drive or somewhere, and reinstall 18.04.22:27
nacc!manual | jaya: and read the manual...22:27
ubottujaya: and read the manual...: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/22:27
naccI think there are other guides on the wiki as well22:27
jayaok thank you22:28
nuevotomreyn and ubottu, I don't have any errors, I delete the printers and they appears again afterwhile.22:32
naccnuevo: if they are network printers, they are just found as visible on your network with latest ubuntu22:33
tomreynnuevo: this is (very) most likely not a virus.22:35
nuevonacc  and tomreyn thank you, I was worried about this22:37
nuevoHello , How can I copy configuration from new user to old user? .  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HRDtYXFY2c/22:47
BarBQI added disk in ESXi 100 GB, thin provision and it was suppose to increase the root disk "System will auto detect new disk and use it to expand Root Filesystem." Well it didn't and then i powered the machine down and removed the disk and now i have some initramfs prompt that comes up when i boot.22:53
BarBQIs  there a way to fix this or should i snapshot back? Should i now have used thin provision?22:54
meyouwhere did you see "System will auto detect new disk and use it to expand Root Filesystem."22:54
BarBQmeyou i followed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr62jmH04qQ&index=6&list=PLF8yvsYkPZQ0myW7aVMZ80k8FU04UUgjV22:56
BarBQis there anything i can do when i get the initramfs prompt?23:11
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TJ-BarBQ: "cat /proc/cmdline" to check the ROOT= device name, then "blkid" and "ls /dev/block/ /dev/mapper/" and "cat /proc/partitions" to see if the block device is there23:27
yukenHow do I permanently change my hostname on 18.04?23:53
yukenI've changed /etc/hostname and rebooted, doesn't work.23:53
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Jensyuken: Did you also change /etc/hosts?23:56
yukenThere was no hostname in there, Jens.23:57
leftyfbyuken: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-change-hostname-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux   found by googling "ubuntu 18.04 change hostname"23:57
yukenleftyfb, can't access google or, for some reason, any website right now.23:57
leftyfbwhy is that?23:58
yukenNo clue.23:58
leftyfbshouldn't we be diagnosing that instead?23:58
JensWhat that link says is basically "$ sudo hostnamectl set-hostname linuxconfig"23:58
leftyfbJens: not really23:58
Jens"linuxconfig" being the new hostname.23:58
leftyfbyuken: edit /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg23:59
leftyfbJens: change preserve_hostname: true23:59
yukenI did add in the hostname into hosts myself when I saw it didn't exist though, pointing @ jason-server23:59
leftyfbyuken: change preserve_hostname: true23:59
leftyfbyuken: leave that entry in hosts, do not change or remove the ip23:59
yukenIt wasn't there to start with, leftyfb :p23:59

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