Eickmeyertsimonq2: That issue with Hydrogen is going to be difficult to fix, I can't see that there's any maintainer.15:48
Eickmeyereylul: I'm going to post a blog post starting the wallpaper contest. Should I reveal the new default wallpaper?15:50
EickmeyerMy method will be to upload to Imgur with the tag #ubustucontest181015:51
Eickmeyertsimonq2: Might have to be a git snapshot. Last release was a 1.0 beta in March with 227 commits following. :/15:56
Eickmeyercyphermox: Where are we at with calf? I didn't realize you're not a Debian developer, as calf ultimately needs to get into Debian to replace the version that's there.15:58
Eickmeyer(sorry for pinging everyone, just a lot hit me around the same time this morning)15:58
eylulEickmeyer I have no objections to that :)16:38
eylullet me know if you need a beta read on the post?16:39
Eickmeyereylul: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7B5bDj5TbW/17:44
Eickmeyereylul: Scratch that, added link to details: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rNM8DkPYp4/18:14
EickmeyerAlso updated the wiki page linked.18:14
eylulchecking that one18:16
eylulok uhhh18:17
eylulI will need to think about how to fix this but overall.. 18:17
eylulwe are serving the community. we are also grateful for them to contribute. not giving them a chance to, like it is an opportunity18:17
eylulI know that's not at all what you meant. :) but.. umm that's how it reads a bit right now? :)18:18
eyluland I am not sure there is a reason to link to the new wallpaper on this context. Also, similarly it could be a nice thing to have people vote on a shortlist of people we select?18:21
eylulbecause again we are doing this for the community. we don't curate their work if that makes sense?18:21
OvenWerksEickmeyer: it looks like -desktop will need some love.19:17
OvenWerkshmm that doesn't make sense19:21
OvenWerksdesktop doesn't configure. There are a lot of other similar errors too for other packages.19:22

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