bluesabreUnit193: do you have debian upload perms for elementary-xfce?02:04
Unit193I take it the diffs I provided worked?02:05
bluesabreHad to test with a PPA02:06
bluesabreapt does things a bit differently than dpkg02:06
Unit193apt install ./pkg1 ./pkg2 ./pkg302:06
bluesabrewell, it's tested and confirmed now :D02:06
bluesabreso https://git.launchpad.net/xubuntu-artwork/log/?h=cosmic is ready, but elementary-xfce should be updated first so cosmic daily upgrades work02:07
bluesabresince we don't yet depend on it, it's not in the packageset02:08
bluesabreI can probably get an ubuntu sponsor pretty easily02:08
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xubuntu-artwork:: Transition xubuntu-artwork for elementary-xfce-icon-theme package @ http://git.launchpad.net/xubuntu-artwork/commit/?id=8788b9a5f97a49ebbfdc56917d8764d5cbf412d0 (by Sean Davis)02:09
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xubuntu-artwork:: d/control: Drop versioned elementary-xfce-icon-theme dep, update description for xubuntu-icon-theme @ http://git.launchpad.net/xubuntu-artwork/commit/?id=4c8ded1d88082e105dc0041cda165c50d1f2d3df (by Sean Davis)02:09
Unit193bluesabre: We won't have to carry the delta, just don't want to upload to Debian just for this.02:14
bluesabreUnit193: sure02:14
bluesabreWant me to update salsa with the change?02:14
bluesabreThen I'll do the ubuntu-y things02:15
Unit193Sure.  You going to cheat and do what I do? :P02:15
bluesabrevi; git add -u; git commit -m; git push; ?02:16
Unit193'* Pull from Debian UNRLEASED vcs', but usually I do that with Xfce and when I do a lot more than a version bump. :P02:17
bluesabreI feel like that moves the sponsorship along more quickly :)02:17
bluesabreI don't have push to that repo02:23
Unit193Got an account?02:24
bluesabrewoohoo, thanks Unit193 02:30
Unit193Sure thing.02:30
bluesabreAlrighty, there's that. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/elementary-xfce/+bug/178452302:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1784523 in elementary-xfce (Ubuntu) "Please sponsor elementary-xfce 0.12-1ubuntu1 for package transition" [Undecided,New]02:44
bluesabrethanks again for the help Unit193 02:48
bluesabrebed time (and before 11, woohoo!)02:48
Unit193Sure thing, thanks for doing it.02:50
Unit193flocculant: xfwm4 break on you? :305:15
flocculantUnit193: nope it's fine - because no ppa's probably :D05:18
Spass_Cosmichello from the newest 18.10 with xfwm4 4.13.109:53
Spass_CosmicI had a problem after first reboot, I saw no desktop and the widows were leaving "a trace" like cascading windows 95 error09:54
Spass_Cosmicbut now it seems ok09:54
Spass_Cosmicanyway, I have a question for you, I'm trying to investigate the bug with blinking elements https://youtu.be/P8NVGl5DqGQ09:58
Spass_CosmicI think that the mouse cursor itself could be an issue here, or to be more precise, the way it's handled in Ubuntu/Xubuntu09:59
Spass_Cosmicany ideas how to investigate that? maybe some xorg.conf entry for mouse?10:00
Spass_Cosmics/widows/windows ;)10:01
bluesabreSpass_Cosmic: I think I'd also seen somebody mention that it affects mate as well, might be wrong10:16
Spass_Cosmicbluesabre, yes, MATE, Kubuntu, GNOME...10:16
bluesabreI tried using xev in the upper corners to see if there was some x silliness, but the positioning seems to be 0,010:17
Spass_Cosmicyeah I try to figure that out for a year now :/10:17
bluesabreSeems to also affect plank10:18
Spass_Cosmicit's really annoying, sometimes when I want to open Whisker menu I have to click twice, because the first click wont register10:18
bluesabreSo anything with a y coord or 0 is subject10:18
Spass_Cosmicyes, Plank is great to test that issue on other DE's10:18
Spass_Cosmicyes only on left and top edge, so x=0 or y=0 I suppose10:19
Spass_CosmicI know that I'm not alone with this issue, more users confirmed that on their systems10:20
Spass_Cosmichmm, I can't change the cursor theme, I mean "normal" cursor is always a white arrow, all other are changed10:23
Spass_Cosmicmaybe it's related?10:23
Spass_CosmicI've changed my theme and size in xfce4-mouse-settings but normal white arrow is unchanged10:24
Spass_Cosmicok, nevermind it suddenly changed itself now10:25
Spass_CosmicI'm trying to raise awareness on ubuntu forums - https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=239737110:26
Spass_Cosmicbut I got response that "it seems like a semi contrived issue" :/10:27
Spass_Cosmicwhat's strange, iirc Fedora Xfce was unaffected by this blinking issue10:29
Spass_Cosmicyup "I don't see it on - Debian 9.4, Fedora 28, Linux Mint 18.3, Linux Lite 3.8"10:30
Spass_Cosmicyeah, I've spend much time trying to investigate that... no success...10:31
Unit1939 is stable, that's a bit older...Compare with buster.10:32
SpassUnit193, will probably try, from what I remember I just grabbed LiveCD from Debian, testing doesn't have one afaik10:33
Spassand this issue is not visible in VMs so I will need to install Debian buster10:34
Unit193Or just go live. :>10:34
SpassLive testing ISO exist? well need to find it in that case10:35
Unit193There's something unofficial you can try at least. >_>10:36
Spassyeah, will do, I've tested like 7 or more distros regarding this issue10:36
Unit193Sent you a link.10:39
Unit193Not sure if it's worth a test or not, but unstable and Xfce.10:39
SpassUnit193, thanks, will test that today for sure10:40
Unit193Debian #831421, hah we did kind of fix this.11:02
ubottuDebian bug 831421 in wnpp "RFP: xubuntu-artwork -- Xubuntu themes and artwork" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/83142111:02
SpassUnit193, blinking issue occurs on xebian live also, tested just now11:19
Unit193So very across the board then.11:21
Spasspretty much, Manjaro was affected also11:22
Spassbut not 100% distros, some were unaffected, for "RMS knows why" reason11:22
flocculantbluesabre: can we get shimmer for cosmic?17:07
bluesabreflocculant: sure thing... will try to get that (and other PPAs) rolling tonight17:09
bluesabreAlso, waiting on an elementary-xfce sponsorship first17:10
bluesabreotherwise, breakage ;)17:10
flocculantUnit193: xfwm4 4.13 appears to not blow up in my face17:10
flocculantbluesabre: heh - let's not have deliberate breakage :D17:10
flocculantbluesabre: so re 16.04.5 - I should have time tomorrow to get us to 100% and do some spotchecks on things others have tested19:21
flocculantunless of course we've already got to 100% in which case I can spotcheck more things 19:22
flocculantbut tbh - last point release for us - not overly bothered unless we get implosion19:23
bluesabrethanks flocculant 21:37
bluesabrelots of package updates this month, https://wiki.bluesabre.org/cosmic_changes?do=diff&rev2%5B0%5D=1530574826&rev2%5B1%5D=1533073698&difftype=sidebyside21:49
bluesabrebionic .0 to .1 changes, https://wiki.bluesabre.org/bionic_changes21:54
bluesabrexenial .4 to .5 changes, https://wiki.bluesabre.org/xenial_changes21:59

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