daffy1234knome, that stinks. Is there any way to go about converting to btrfs without a full reinstall?04:00
Babloyiarrrrghhhhh....why don't python people just decide which python they want to use, and stick with it...instead, I have to constantly deal with errors because some imported thing was imported in 2 or 3 and what I'm doing doesn't run06:43
BabloyiI keep running into conflicts in the terminal because I don't know for which version of python whatever I just installed works06:43
Babloyiand then it ends up being a tangled mess06:44
pmjdebruijni'm not quite sure what you mean?06:50
pmjdebruijnv2 and v3 are seperated06:50
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: ?06:53
Babloyibut like stuff with pip06:56
Babloyiwhich pip will run when I pip?06:56
Babloyiit should've been 3, but I suspect it was 206:56
Babloyiand every time I pip, I get a message that my pip is old06:56
pmjdebruijndid you need pip at all? aren't the libraries you need already packaged in the ubuntu repositories?06:56
Babloyiand now pip won't run at all06:56
Babloyiapparently panda is not06:57
pmjdebruijnpython-pandas python3-pandas ?06:57
BabloyiI have to pip them like that?06:57
pmjdebruijnthose are the ubuntu packages06:58
pmjdebruijnwhere you can avoid pip06:58
pmjdebruijnthere's python-pip (pip/pip2)06:59
pmjdebruijnand python3-iip (pip3)07:00
pmjdebruijnwhich I guess both do the obvious thing07:00
BabloyiI installed both07:01
Babloyiand now pip doesn't work :D07:01
Babloyineither does pip nor pip307:01
Babloyilets see if installing pandas directly works :D07:01
Babloyinow it tells me xlrd doesn't exist :/07:04
BabloyiI'm going to have to do this one by one for everything :(07:04
Raj_how to install the printer07:52
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pmjdebruijnBabloyi: how does it not work? what error do you get? put it on pastebin?08:36
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: also if pip worked before, what did you do before it stopped working?08:36
Babloyiit was giving me an error that main does not exist, pmj08:37
pmjdebruijnwhat exactly08:37
Babloyibut I installed pandas directly08:37
pmjdebruijnthing is08:37
Babloyiso it isn't a problem anymore08:37
pmjdebruijnusually it's bad idea, to just find the way is least resistenace08:38
pmjdebruijnnot sure what "manual" install entails08:38
Babloyiwhatever works :D08:38
pmjdebruijnthat's a bad attitude :)08:38
BabloyiImportError: cannot import name 'main'08:38
Babloyiis what it said when I tried running pip08:38
Babloyior pip308:38
Babloyibut it doesn't matter anymore, I guess08:38
Babloyipip can go pip itself08:38
pmjdebruijni'm sortof not sure pip is the real issue08:39
* pmjdebruijn isn't a python expert either08:39
pmjdebruijnbut i've never seen pip break yet08:39
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: you could run 'debsums -s' to see if some package was broken08:40
Babloyithanks, 256kb extra used up now!08:41
Babloyidebsums wasn't installed, I had to install it :P08:42
pmjdebruijnit's very useful08:42
Babloyiok :D08:42
Babloyilots of problems popping up08:43
Babloyiand debsums seems to be lost08:43
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: "lost"08:43
pmjdebruijn"lots of problems"08:43
BabloyiI wonder how long this is going to take :D08:43
BabloyiI mean it is hung08:43
Babloyidoing stuff08:44
pmjdebruijnif debsums shows you a lot of errors, you've got a deffective install08:44
Babloyiwhat does debsums do exactly :D08:44
Babloyiprobably do08:44
pmjdebruijn-s = silent = only errors08:44
pmjdebruijnit checks checksum of all packages08:44
Babloyiit repairs missing packages or something?08:44
pmjdebruijnno only checks08:44
pmjdebruijnthe error you describe seems relevant to pip version 1008:44
pmjdebruijnubuntu doesn't ship version 1008:44
Babloyireally? Because it is telling me "debsums: changed file ...."08:44
Babloyi8.something, pmj08:45
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: pastebin08:45
BabloyiI got it to upgrade to 1808:45
Babloyibut that causes problems too08:45
Babloyidebsums is still changing things08:45
pmjdebruijndebsums doesn't change anything08:45
Babloyiliterally saying "debsums: changed file ..."08:46
Babloyias output08:46
Babloyifor loads of things08:46
pmjdebruijnsomething changed it08:46
pmjdebruijnas oppossed to what it should be08:46
pmjdebruijnchanged = past tense08:47
Babloyiso this list of things that are changed, should I repair them one by one?08:47
pmjdebruijnif that list is long, a system reinstall might be better08:47
pmjdebruijnagain, pastebin that list08:47
Babloyi"warning parsing file ... missing maintainer" and  "changed file ..."08:48
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: please put the output on pastebin08:48
Babloyimissing maintainer is some old game I never got around to, I think08:48
Babloyimemoirencode :D08:48
Babloyisuch a confusing technical name08:48
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: please put the entire output of debsums on pastebin.com08:49
pmjdebruijnthat's all?08:52
Babloyithat not a lot?08:52
Babloyihow do you uninstall something in xubuntu? Want to get rid of memoir encode :D08:52
pmjdebruijnapt-get purge memoirencode:i38608:52
pmjdebruijnwhat does pip --version say and pip3 --version say08:53
BabloyiTraceback (most recent call last):08:54
Babloyi  File "/usr/bin/pip", line 9, in <module>08:54
Babloyi    from pip import main08:54
BabloyiImportError: cannot import name main08:54
Babloyiwell, yeah08:54
Babloyisorry :D08:55
Babloyibut yeah, that for both08:55
Babloyipip3 one does /usr/bin/pip3 of course, but the rest is the same08:56
pmjdebruijndid you run 'sudo pip install pip --upgrade' by any chance?09:00
pmjdebruijnif so 'python3 -m pip uninstall pip' might fix it09:00
BabloyiI didn't sudo, but yeah09:01
pmjdebruijnso that's what broke your pip09:01
pmjdebruijnif you get PIP from packages09:01
pmjdebruijnso should mess with it outside of packages09:01
pmjdebruijnso you shouldn't ...09:01
pmjdebruijnbtw did you googled for that error, those suggestions is one of the first pages you'll get09:02
Babloyibut my package has pip as version 8.1.109:02
Babloyithat's less than 10, which is old or something? :D09:02
Babloyiyou said that was a problem :D09:03
pmjdebruijnI don't recall saying that09:03
pmjdebruijnpretty sure I didn't09:03
Babloyithat was someone in the python channel09:04
pmjdebruijnbypassing the package system usually isn't a good idea09:04
pmjdebruijnif you need a newer pip version, it's usually time to consider whether or not to upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu altogether09:05
pmjdebruijnwhere everything is newer09:05
pmjdebruijnnot just one package09:05
Babloyiyeah, I'm still on 16.0409:05
Babloyiwaiting on the LTS upgrade09:05
pmjdebruijnwhich isn't a problem per se09:05
pmjdebruijnBabloyi: it's available IIRC09:05
Babloyiwhich will never come :(09:05
pmjdebruijnconsidering you've been messing around with your system a fair bit, consider reinstalling if you can spare the time :)09:06
pmjdebruijnbut you can force the upgrade btw09:06
Babloyiyeah, but that causes problems sometimes09:06
Babloyiwas considering reinstalling09:06
Babloyiwhen the upgrade showed up :D09:06
BabloyiAs for right now..."Checking for a new Ubuntu release. No new release found." :(09:07
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rockyhhello! How to enable the system bell in Xubuntu 16.04?10:53
rockyhwhich can ring, for example, when the bell character is printed on terminal, or when an error is generated10:54
rockyhin the Audio settings I only found settings related to the Audio card, rather than the system sounds10:56
xubuntu51wI can't seem to install 'gcolor2'. I've tried snap, apt-get, and even downloaded it from Sourceforge. I know that Xubuntu comes with gpick, but most times I prefer the simplicity of gcolor2.11:50
Spassxubuntu51w, I'm not using gcolor2, but your other option is to configure gpick and disable some not wanted things, make it simpler11:55
Spassdoes gcolor2 show some errors when you want to run it?11:56
Spass(from the terminal)11:56
Spassgcolor2 is no longer in the newest repos, but you can still download the DEB directly from here: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gcolor&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all11:58
Spassit's not guaranteed to work on 16.10+, it may have some missing dependencies12:00
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xubuntu51wwhen i download it, the terminal says 'no'  /usr/bin/gcolor2, no such file or directory12:50
qwebirc97168hello i have a question about non pae kernel13:52
qwebirc97168is 12.04 the latest version of non pae xubuntu?13:52
genii"Lubuntu and Xubuntu offered a PAE and a non-PAE release up to and including 12.04, but from 12.10 only the PAE releases are maintained. " https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE13:56
Unit193And I might add, that version is out of support.13:57
InvisibleAnyone here?14:18
pleia2Invisible: people tend to come out of the woodwork when you ask a question they think they can answer :) did you have a question about Xubuntu?14:19
Invisible <--having trouble with Acer laptop install (blew away Windoze) v18LTS14:19
Invisibleefi issues, no doubt14:19
Invisibleusb version boots/works14:20
Invisibleinstall fails typically on grub2 install at install of efi14:21
Invisibleapparently it is a common problem14:21
Invisiblebut none of the solutions I have seen on the forums seem to work14:21
pmjdebruijnInvisible: have you updated your laptop to it's latest available EFI?14:23
pmjdebruijnInvisible: is it a 64bit EFI?14:23
Invisiblerunning try number 11 now14:23
pmjdebruijnsome supercheap laptops have a 32bit EFI14:23
pmjdebruijnInvisible: was the preinstalled Windows version 32bit or 64bit?14:23
Invisiblelaptop is new...no updates...formated away windoze 1014:23
Invisible64 bit14:23
pmjdebruijnthen EFI should be 64bit too14:23
pmjdebruijnyou might need to reinstall Windows to update EFI though14:24
pmjdebruijnnot sure what option Acer might give you14:24
Invisibleis a Slim 1 laptop...dual core...be surprised if it has any 32 bit14:24
pmjdebruijnspin 1?14:24
InvisibleReinstall Windoze may not be an option.  This unit came with no media.14:25
pmjdebruijnmany cheap laptop (like 300EUR) are EFI crippled14:25
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InvisibleI know I can't change the bios from efi14:25
Invisibleboots the usb just fine, though14:25
Invisibleruns xubuntu OK from usb14:26
Invisibleyep...spin 114:27
pmjdebruijnpresumably it has eMMC14:27
pmjdebruijnare you using 18.04.1 media?14:27
Invisiblelatest one...LTS version14:28
Invisibledownloaded yesterday14:28
Invisible64 bit version14:28
pmjdebruijnthat should be 18.04.1, but do check it14:29
pmjdebruijnno need to be vague14:29
pmjdebruijnInvisible: what BIOS/EFI version does your laptop have 1.0.8 ?14:29
Invisiblenot sure14:30
Invisiblehow can I check14:30
pmjdebruijnboot into your EFI14:30
Invisible<--not good with efi14:30
pmjdebruijn<--not good with your particular laptop14:30
Invisiblehow do I "boot into efi"14:30
pmjdebruijnInvisible: i'm sure it has a manual14:30
InvisibleYep...read it in 6 seconds.  Plug it in.  Mash the power button.14:31
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pmjdebruijnmaybe that works14:31
InvisibleThen there were 4 other pages of the same in different languages14:31
InvisibleI can get into the machine startup bios, if that's what you mean14:32
InvisibleHave to kill this session first14:32
pmjdebruijnit's EFI these days14:32
InvisibleInstall failed, by the way on creating config file14:33
pmjdebruijndo you still have the exact error message that was generated?14:35
* pmjdebruijn wonders how well the ubuntu installers has been tested with eMMC14:37
pmjdebruijngiven that that's a very recent thing, exclusively on very low end machines14:37
Invisible_OK...back, I think14:37
Invisible_In boot setup14:38
Invisible_System BIOS verson 1.0514:38
pmjdebruijnso that's fairly old14:38
pmjdebruijnupdating it MIGHT solve your issue, or it might not14:38
pmjdebruijnit will however fix some of the CPU security vulnerabilities14:38
pmjdebruijnor at least mitigate, but that's another matter altogether14:38
pmjdebruijnso I would considering updating the EFI anyhow14:39
pmjdebruijnand I would update it before taking the device into general use14:39
Invisible_OK...since I have to call Acer for that, I guess I'll look into restoring windows 1014:39
pmjdebruijnas for ubuntu install failing14:39
pmjdebruijndo you still have the error message?14:39
Invisible_Not at the moment.  But it is during the grub2 install.  I think it was something like freezing at "Installing grub2_efi_x64"14:40
Invisible_near the end of the process...after the kernel and ram configurations14:41
pmjdebruijnthat might be helpful14:41
pmjdebruijnparticular /var/log/installer14:41
pmjdebruijnand trying to run 'ubiquity -d'14:41
Invisible_tough to run once it freezes...I could try booting with the USB and see if the log is intact14:43
pmjdebruijnso if you reboot any logs be gone14:44
pmjdebruijndoes the entire machine freeze?14:44
pmjdebruijnnot just the installer?14:45
pmjdebruijnInvisible_: btw, did you disable Secure Boot ?14:49
pmjdebruijnwhile it shouldn't be needed, some people do refer to doing that14:49
Invisible_I have tried with secure enabled and disabled14:52
pmjdebruijnInvisible_: are you sure the entire system froze?14:53
Invisible_and tried enabling and pointing the efi DB to a file in /boot/efi14:53
pmjdebruijnefi db?14:53
Invisible_Not certain...but when running the install from the usb without booting xubuntu first, it is not possible to get to a terminal14:54
pmjdebruijnjust boot into the live environment14:54
pmjdebruijnyou can run ubiquity from there14:54
Invisible_if you have security on, you can go to the boot menu and point it to a .wri file created by the install14:54
pmjdebruijnthe logging might explain14:54
Invisible_I did that once....can do it again to use a terminal....will try that.14:55
Invisible_acer says I'm hosed as far as getting windoze back...have to create a restore disk FIRST before doing anything else.14:56
Invisible_would have been good to know BEFORE I did the first linux install14:56
pmjdebruijnif you get a new laptop it's usually a good idea to run bios/efi update stuff14:57
pmjdebruijnas with most cheap laptops it's windows only14:57
pmjdebruijnsame goes for Intel ME updates if available14:57
pmjdebruijnso you might want to check for that as well "Intel Management Engine"14:58
Invisible_OK...Acer is sending me (snail-mail) a new Windoze distro...15:10
Invisible_Meanwhile, I am running another install attempt after booting USB with secure boot OFF and Erase entire disk option15:12
Invisible_ok...should be approaching the crash point15:18
Invisible_yep...here it is:  ubuntuubiquity: Installing for x86_64-efi platform.15:20
Invisible_That's where it stops15:20
Invisible_WOAH!  It kept going15:22
Invisible_I'm blaming ALIENS!15:22
Invisible_Cleaning up temp directories now....seems to be making a meal of it.15:23
Invisible_Interesting.  That's the first time I ran it from the booted USB.  My usual procedure is to select INSTALL from the boot menu.15:25
Invisible_Still cleaning up temp directories15:25
Invisible_Seems to be taking its time15:25
Invisible_seems stuck now15:29
Invisible_system is running however15:30
Invisible_looks like a bug in the ubiquity script.  Went to deleting temp directories twice.  Now it is plowing through timeouts for directories that do not exist.15:36
Invisible_That'll take a while15:36
Invisible_Warning:  Source ID nnnn was not found when attempting to remove it.15:37
Invisible_Stopped it and booted.15:41
Invisible_right to the grub> prompt15:42
FurretUberHi, what program is the responsible for running the keyboard shortcuts? Sometimes some of the keyboard shortcuts stop working and I don't know what may be wrong18:18
FurretUberThis happens since a long time (Xubuntu 16.04 already had issues, now I'm using 18.04) and I can't find where it fails18:19
FurretUberI'm running xfsettingsd with debug option. To start xfsettingsd in debug mode I set it to run  "env XFSETTINGSD_DEBUG=1 xfsettingsd --replace --no-daemon" on startup of the session18:22
FurretUberIs there another program (as xfconfd) that I should set to run in debug mode (if available)?18:23
xubuntu20wHelp In download there is no complete grub package!18:49

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