ogranow the million dollar question is ... what happens if /run runs out of space due to massive logging ?00:00
ogra(since it is mounted with size= i assume it wouldnt grow dynamically or anything=00:00
ograam i missing any piece of the puzzle here or could excessive logging actually kill a system00:01
ogra(due to the fact that other processes couldnt write to /run anymore)00:03
jbichaogra: my understanding is that Ubuntu does not set a max size for the systemd journal by default00:56
ograjbicha, right ... so the possible max size is the size of /run ... and that isnt dynamic according to the mount options01:00
ograwhich means you could potentially make /run out of space if the logs grow to its full size ...01:01
jbichaI have heard some user complaints about the journal getting way too big because some process is logging way too much01:02
ogra*make /run run out of space01:02
ograright, the point is that if the above is actually true processes wouldnt be able to create sockets and tempfiles in /run which they normally do ...01:03
ograthis sounds so massively broken that i think i'm missing something important here ... which is why i asked ;)01:05
infinityogra: It's no different from being able to starve /var with over-logging.  I mean, except that /run is usually smaller, and journald is crap and certain people abuse journald quite heavily. :P01:41
dokoginggs: I think we have a problem with dolfin everywhere ...02:18
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ginggsdoko: looks similar to petsc, hangs during build with openmpi05:49
ginggs...and arpack05:49
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dokoginggs: yes, already in the configury06:18
ginggsdoko: i couldn't reproduce locally with gcc, openmpi and others from -proposed.  and builds fine in debian06:21
dokorbalint: could you have a look at the nfs-utils autopkg test regression triggered by sqlite3?07:03
rbalintdoko, ok, looking07:14
rbalintdoko, seems like it was cloud-init, it runs fine now with latest cloud-init, just re-run it to be sure07:30
seb128doko, thanks for the yaru review ... what was blocking? I expect having standards-version to 4.1.1 rather than 4.1.5 or use build-depends and not build-depends-indep are not big issues nor blockers, are they? (we are fixing, just curious if those were side comments or part of the reason you put it as incomplete)08:50
dokoseb128: the question about gtk209:03
didrocksok, I think I addressed it :)09:03
seb128doko, k, we replied to that as well then :)09:09
seb128if you can have another look?09:09
dokoyes, after debconf dinner09:12
seb128oh, right, enjoy and I hope debconf is nice :)09:26
infinityseb128: It's hot and sticky.09:36
infinityseb128: So, I guess that's "nice"? :P09:36
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xnoxogra, wrong =)11:45
xnoxjbicha, wrong =)11:45
ograah, you dragged it here11:45
ograxnox, so wat am i missing ?11:45
xnoxjbicha, ubuntu uses journald default limits that are capped dynamically based on ramsize and disksize, the actual limits are calculated and printed in the journal, when journald is started. The limits are conservative, but may seem large if one has a big hard drive. All of the bugs filed claiming that it was unlimited, were not true so far. But instead the system had large disks and journal was under the self imposed limit. The current absolute cap11:48
xnoxfor persistent logs is 4GB. But that's when persistent logging is enabled - may or may not be true, depends on the ubuntu release.11:48
xnoxogra, jbicha - full glory default details are at https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/journald.conf.html#SystemMaxUse=11:48
xnoxogra, for you, it matters whether or not you have persistent journal enabled or not.11:49
ograwell, assume i'm using the default setup :)11:49
ogra(because thats what we do in ubuntu core)11:49
xnoxogra, and then check the right limits.... during boot journald logs to /run, but then flushes them to /var/log/journal if it's available. but it would not OOM your system.11:49
ograso no persistence, journald.conf as is from the deb11:49
xnoxogra, there is no default, you have to pick one.... tell me if you have /var/log/journal directory present on disk?11:50
xnoxogra, it's not about journald.conf =)11:50
ograwe dont have a /var/log/journal in core, i can clearly see /run/log/journal being populated11:51
xnoxogra, that's bad, you should have /var/log/journal directory created, otherwise you have no logs from previous boot available. unless that's intentional.11:51
xnoxogra, all cloud images and later ubuntu releases have it pre-created by default. but it was not universally done in xenial. but we do on cloud images.11:52
ograthis is intentional ... we have rsyslog (this is xenial) ...11:52
ograand rsyslog has a core option to allow to disable it to save disk IO on low end systems11:52
xnoxogra, ok, then go and read https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/journald.conf.html#SystemMaxUse= noting that all limits apply just /run11:52
xnoxand realise that it would not use up more than 15% of /run tmpfs ever....11:53
ograthe system i looked at has rsyslog off and only uses journald with defaults ... logging to /run11:53
ograaha !!!!11:53
ogra*that* was the info i was looking for11:53
ogra(the 15% bit)11:53
* ogra hugs xnox 11:53
ograthanks a lot !11:54
xnoxogra, everything is in the manpages....11:54
xnoxogra, possibly want to find the one on manpages.ubuntu.com11:54
xnoxogra, some of defaults are patched in the distro... but when i do that, i patch manpages to match reality too11:54
ograwell, i read the top which says "unmodified journald.conf reflects all defaults" . and SystemMaxUse= being empty made me assume there is no upper limit11:54
ograi should have read on ;)11:55
xnoxa conffile is not documentation11:55
ograno, but the manpage note made me not read on but just look at the values in the conf11:56
* xnox notes ogra does not read man pages =))))))))))))))))11:56
ograxnox, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CpftcGTb9W/11:57
ograi didnt bother to read on because of this note ...11:57
xnoxogra, depend on the key, "empty" has different meanings for a default what it is initialized to11:57
ograright, perhaps the note should say that ... since i was assuming an empty key means no default (so no limit)11:58
xnoxogra, if something is numeric.... boolean... frequency.... etc.....11:58
xnoxogra, also i'm glad you think a logging system is stupid enough to be unlimited.... given that it is obvious that logs must be contained.....11:58
ogranot sure if its just me being dumb though :) or if others could fall into the same trap11:59
xnoxogra, anyway $ journalctl -b -u systemd-journald12:04
xnoxshould have like things like this12:04
xnoxAug 01 23:36:12 s1lp14 systemd-journald[701]: Runtime journal (/run/log/journal/9627530553e94a23bca5e0080fa400e4) is 8.0M, max 199.2M, 191.2M free.12:04
xnoxAug 01 23:36:12 s1lp14 systemd-journald[701]: System journal (/var/log/journal/9627530553e94a23bca5e0080fa400e4) is 504.0M, max 1.9G, 1.4G free.12:04
xnoxthe latter might not be here, if you don't have /var/log/journal12:05
ogra$ sudo journalctl -b -u systemd-journald12:05
ogra-- Logs begin at Fri 2018-07-27 00:23:42 CEST, end at Thu 2018-08-02 14:05:32 CEST. --12:05
ograJul 27 00:23:42 stream systemd-journald[464]: Runtime journal (/run/log/journal/) is 1.1M, max 9.1M, 8.0M free.12:05
ograthanks a lot12:06
xnoxtsimonq2, i think i fixed this.... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gsettings-qt/0.1+17.10.20170824-5fakesync213:13
xnoxtsimonq2, but now getting bus error on armhf..... can we like destroy armhf? or like kill gsettings-qt?13:15
seb128slashd, dgadomski, upload things before updating the bug and not updating the vcs = #fail :/ (speaking about gdm)14:48
seb128slashd, I just merged that change and another one in the vcs and tagged/pushed, to get a conflict on uploading, now we have a vcs with mismatch the archive :/14:49
seb128slashd, dgadomski, please get the git situation sorted out, the recent commits need to be reverted and yours added, then the change reverted needs to be added back14:53
slashdo/ seb128 not sure to fully undertand what you mean here14:57
seb128slashd, we have a packaging vcs, https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu/+source/gdm3?h=ubuntu%2Fmaster14:58
seb128slashd, you are the one who uploaded https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm3/3.28.2-3ubuntu2 according to launchpad?14:58
slashdI did yes14:58
seb128slashd, your upload is not in the vcs and conflicts with work pending upload done there14:58
seb128slashd, oh well, I'm learning new git tricks and trying to fix it, but please next time when there is a vcs use it15:00
slashdseb128, sure, first time I was told something like this, will take note for sure15:00
slashdseb128, so does dgadomski and I have to do something at this point ? or you are good ?15:01
seb128slashd, I'm good, you just created a bunch of extra work for me but I'm dealing with it15:01
seb128slashd, do you plan to deal with the SRUs as well?15:02
slashdseb128, sorry for the inconvenient. For the SRU I was planning to do it too yes15:03
seb128slashd, can you include the diff from https://code.launchpad.net/~albertomilone/ubuntu/+source/gdm3/+git/gdm3/+merge/351810 in the same upload? (I'm currently uploading that to cosmic)15:03
seb128so we have both in the same SRU15:03
seb128avoid another roundtrip15:03
slashdseb128, sure15:04
seb128slashd, thx!15:04
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xnoxSetting up python3-twisted (17.9.0-2) ...16:22
xnox  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/twisted/conch/manhole.py", line 15416:22
xnox    def write(self, data, async=False):16:22
xnox                              ^16:22
xnoxSyntaxError: invalid syntax16:22
xnoxpackages should FTBFS on syntaxerrors....16:22
xnoxoh, wouldn't help probably16:23
tsimonq2xnox: Thanks.16:30
xnoxtsimonq2, no idea if this is right or wrong, but works for me16:33
cjwatsonxnox: fixed upstream FWIW17:32
cjwatsoncommit ee535041258e7ef0b3223d2e12cd9aaa0bc2289f17:33
tsimonq2xnox: Please push your patch upstream to Debian: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=90505917:38
ubottuDebian bug 905059 in gsettings-qt "gsettings-qt: FTBFS with Qt 5.11.1" [Serious,Open]17:38
xnoxcjwatson, ah thanks!20:37
xnoxcjwatson, oooh they did it in the neat way... cause i was like "surely that will break the function signature"20:39
cjwatsonxnox: Yeah, clever hack22:32

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