lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:04
ducassegood morning06:26
lotuspsychje!info ubuntu-unity-desktop07:19
ubot5ubuntu-unity-desktop (source: ubuntu-unity-meta): The Ubuntu Unity desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1 (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 8 kB (Only available for amd64; arm64; armhf; i386; ppc64el)07:19
lotuspsychjeducasse: ^07:19
BluesKajHowdy folks10:16
ducassehi BluesKaj - all well today?10:49
BluesKajhey ducasse , yeah fine here, and you?10:50
ducassei'm ok, just come home from shopping groceries10:51
ducasseraining a bit, although not much10:52
BluesKajit's dry as a bone here, no rain for almost 3 weeks10:55
BluesKajor very little10:55
BluesKajdamn uefi, users ar still having trouble , even with auto installs on clean hdd-disks10:58
ducassewe've had a little bit, but not enough to make a real impact10:58
ducasseuefi has never given me any problems, but i think i'm lucky enough to have a fairly good implementation10:59
BluesKajyeah, had no trouble on my laptop, but I used legacy on the desktop ..still boots very fast less then 10secs from post page to desktop11:00
BluesKajcounting the login11:01
BluesKajto me uefi is useless since I don't use windows anywhere11:02
ducasseit's nice if you boot more than one distro on one machine11:03
BluesKajmy laptop had problems without uefi so i finally succumbed and followed a very well written tutorial to install Kubuntu using gpt/eufi11:04
BluesKajwhat's the advantage over legacy with 2 distros on one pc?11:05
ducassei just think it's handled in a nicer way, each distro gets a subdir on the efi partition11:09
TJ-And other OSes don't stamp on the bootloader, so it plays nicely with Windows etc11:17
BluesKajno more windows on my machines11:22
lotuspsychje!info roxterm cosmic11:22
ubot5Package roxterm does not exist in cosmic11:22
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: me neither, ubuntu everywhere here11:23
ducasse!info roxterm xenial11:24
ubot5roxterm (source: roxterm): Multi-tabbed GTK+/VTE terminal emulator - binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.2-1 (xenial), package size 123 kB, installed size 409 kB11:24
BluesKajI have 3 Kubuntu machines and one RPI3 with Raspbian11:25
lotuspsychjelittle gap11:25
ducasselotuspsychje: ^^ that was when it was last in the repos11:25
lotuspsychjecool ducasse11:25
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: what purpose has your pi?11:25
BluesKajbasically a toy at first , then I thought of it as an alternative pc in case my other/older pc died, but then my son gave me a new MSIZ370 board with 15cpu and 16GB Ram m so now the RPI3 is basically idle11:28
BluesKajso it's just a toy again11:29
BluesKajguess I could use it as a Kodi box, but I have Kodi on 2 other machines already11:33
tomreynlooks like the community wiki's CSS got broken? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration11:34
tomreynmain page now https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommunityHelpWiki11:34
ubot5For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.11:35
lotuspsychjetomreyn: forward it to the ops plz11:35
tomreynmain page on jan 2 http://web.archive.org/web/20180103071122/https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommunityHelpWiki11:35
tomreynlotuspsychje: which ones?11:35
tomreynircops seems like the wrong place to report it11:36
TJ-tomreyn: thanks for the bug updates; the reproducer is a pain. I was up until 4am working on it last night. Feeling very frazzled right now :)11:36
tomreynguess i'll report the broken css to #canonical-sysadmin although community stuff isn't really their domain.11:37
lotuspsychjeor perhaps wiki team11:37
tomreynTJ-: i read over it, was worrying about your sanity ;)11:37
TJ-LOL yeah, it's a weird one...they named the function well though ..._racy_  ... I'm thinking there's a timing issue somewhere11:38
tomreynnot really, but you seem to do a good (maybe too good?) job on focussing on issues11:38
tomreyni can be the same if i really want to work something out.11:39
TJ-But I still am annoyed there's no explanation why Ubuntu is still using a 2012 release of polkit and backporting rather than keeping with upstream! Doesn't make sense, and I bet that is where the issue is11:39
tomreynyes this strikes me as wrong, too11:39
TJ-I read through all the commits on upstream and there's been some major changes.11:39
TJ-so you'd have to know about all of those, and their implications, in backporting. Canonical has never been great at that kind of thing either11:40
TJ-For those wondering what we're talking about: possible regression due to a CVE patch backport in Policykit. Bug #178496411:41
ubot5bug 1784964 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "Regression due to CVE-2018-1116 (processes not inheriting user ID or groups )" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178496411:41
tomreyndebian also got 0.105 everywhere excpet in experimental11:42
TJ-right, and Ubuntu syncs from debian then backports! What a mess11:42
tomreyni guess this can be why, see its all their fault!!11 ;-)11:42
TJ-I wonder if there's anything in the mailing lists as to why11:42
tomreynyou'll be all frazzled tomorrow morning.11:43
TJ-I'm trying to have a day off today! Been hard at programming since last Saturday. Crash-course in Ruby/Vagrant to hack vagrant-mutate to fix bugs before I can move on with another project!11:44
tomreynDon't get me wrong, I'm glad you're spending this much effort on it, i guess it can and will affect many users.11:51
TJ-I don't like bugs that can pop up like this at inconvenient moments. That usually then happens at the worst possible time. Like me yesterday - only fired up this PC to access some devices only it has the credentials for... should take 5 minutes... 3 hours later still trying to figure out why I can't read logs :)11:53
BluesKajthat bot attack just resumed on #ubuntu11:53
lotuspsychjeits all over BluesKaj freenode all channels, other networks12:01
guiverccouldn't they make the channel +r (at least for a few days), it worked well on the few channels I 'live' in12:07
TJ-most of the Ubuntu channels were +r yesterday12:07
TJ-where's hggdh when needed!? :)12:07
lotuspsychjewhat a bad timing for .112:08
TJ-It's a great way to collect lists of compromised IP addresses that should be blacklisted though :)12:08
guivercyeah, was looking back & was done to this channel ... unit193 did it on some channels...12:09
lotuspsychjethis botnet is surely an insider, one of his bots name in #gnome this morning was 'bazhang7'12:09
TJ-nah, that's just the way it is generating nicknames from those it sees12:09
TJ-what gets me is the text is generally the same, the servers themselves could k-line any client that sends that text without sending the text onto the network12:10
guivercTJ-, i agree; that's the way I'd stop it (until I worked out a smarter way..); though maybe some coder is testing a better fix (just hasn't got it working yet....12:11
TJ-they must be slower than me learning Ruby then :p12:12
TJ-I've deployed complex lambdas but got no idea how they achieve what they do :D12:12
TJ-all because Ruby doesn't have the concept of static local variables in methods12:13
TJ-tomreyn: so, we have another victim... using KDE12:30
hggdhmost of the namespace is under +r; some channels decide for themselves, some other we enforce13:01
pauljwhi everyone14:05
BluesKajHi pauljw14:06
pauljwmorning BluesKaj14:06
BluesKajpraying for rain here14:07
daftykinsbeen a while since the last?14:07
pauljw:( sorry about that, we've been luck here and have had plenty.14:08
BluesKajalmost 3 weeks since14:08
BluesKajbush is tinder dry ....forest fires all over our region ..not real close to us, but the potential is there14:10
daftykinsthat's pretty scary14:10
BluesKaj20 min t-storms don't do much except start new fires if the lightning strikes14:11
pauljwthat's not good.14:12
pauljwi joke about hating mowing the yard, but would much rather have to cut twice a week than to have worry about it catching fire...14:13
BluesKaja major hwy might be closed if the fire nearby gets much closer than 3 miles....the smoke is already causing visibility problems14:14
BluesKajhope my daughter can get through tomorrow on that hwy without having to do a detour14:19
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bolt22I thought you guys might be interested in this blog by freenode staff member Bryan 'kloeri' Ostergaard https://bryanostergaard.com/16:32
tomreynTJ-: i see, so it's definitely not gnome / gtk related, good to have this ruled out.16:52
TJ-it's a weird one for sure. obviously related to login procedures. I think it's something to do with systemd session management - something like a lightdm session doesn't associate UID correctly with the user-slice, but console login does. That'd explain why the order of console terminal vs GUI terminal makes a difference16:55
TJ-i also noticed libpam-kwallet* were updated, and I see lightdm/kwallet error messages in syslog. So far I've not thought of a way that would cause the symptom though16:57
tomreynTJ-: does screen locking work for you on the affected system, though?16:58
TJ-I believe so, but not tried it. I'll test.16:58
tomreynmy other issues are chromium-browser taking forever to load and the system not shutting down properly becuse session manager fails to shut down my users' session16:58
TJ-tomreyn: Yes16:59
tomreynokay so i guess i do have another issue on 16.0416:59
tomreynan additional issue16:59
lotuspsychjehggdh: im idling in #gnome they just have +cnt, spambots all day16:59
TJ-do you see "lightdm: pam_kwallet5(lightdm:session): pam_kwallet5: Impossible to write walletKey to walletPipe" in auth.log ?17:01
tomreynTJ-: plenty, but it's a couple hours ago now: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Rz5PMY4648/17:05
TJ-tomreyn: right, so just like 16.04 where it used to complain that pam_kwallet.so not found all the time :)17:07
tomreynTJ-: this IS 16.0417:08
TJ-tomreyn: is that a liveISO instance? I notice mine shows "pam_kwallet5: final socket path: /run/user/1000/kwallet5.socket" <--- note the path diff17:08
tomreyni dont have an affected 18.04 system at this time.17:09
TJ-tomreyn: ahhh, 16.04 possibly used /tmp instead. Can't recall seeing that on 16.04 before upgrade though17:09
tomreyn~/.xsession-errors contains this line: dbus-update-activation-environment: setting PAM_KWALLET_LOGIN=/tmp/kwallet_user1.socket17:10
tomreynand this docket exists.17:10
TJ-oh, thanks for making me look! I found something suspicious but launchpad won't accept comments right now.17:21
TJ-Just noticed in $HOME/.xsession-errors the following:17:21
TJ-(polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1:4029): polkit-gnome-1-WARNING **: 15:04:54.498: Failed to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files17:21
hggdhlotuspsychje: yes indeed, but it seems the bots are learning, and (for the moment) not getting in channels where they found +r17:23
hggdhlotuspsychje: since +r is rather restrictive, we would like to take it out as soon as possible, We can set it on again if needed17:24
pragmaticenigmaSuddenly the support question about Hiri makes total sense where it came from17:26
pragmaticenigmaposted yesterday: https://itsfoss.com/hiri-email-review/17:27
tomreyni got those in syslog, TJ17:27
tomreynbut i think those have always been all over the place17:28
nacc16.04.5 released17:35
naccpragmaticenigma: oh goodness, good luck17:59
pragmaticenigmanacc: It's a ... if it's more than a keyboard mapping issue... I'm going to tell them to backup what they can, wipe the machine and start over18:01
naccpragmaticenigma: i'm super confused by their symptoms. Are they logged in now? How do they know their password doesn't work, etc?18:05
pragmaticenigmaI think they're local system is set to autologin to GUI, which allows them access right now. I honestly have a feeling they just forgot they changed their password18:06
nacccould easily be18:12
pragmaticenigmaI wish them the best18:19
* hggdh wonders how bad Red Hat is doing with a 3.6 kernel officially supported on RH 6.921:39
naccthey have some good kernel engineers ;)21:39
hggdhoh, but it is outdated!21:40
nacci have no idea how they deal with spectre/meltdown, if they do21:40
hggdhthey probably backported somehow. Given the size of the kernel teams there, I would not be really surprised21:41
naccyeah, I'm just not even sure how you'd backport some of those changes21:41
naccthey were hard enough to move back a few ubuntu versions21:41
hggdhI know. But there must have been a LOT of pressure on the kernel team there to Do Something.21:42
naccyeah, absolutely21:42
nacctheir customers would have happily paid for it21:43
hggdhoh, I am sorry, just checked at one of the servers. RH 6.9 running with kernel 2.621:44
nacceven better! :)21:45
daftykinsmy my, making old android phones look current ;D22:04
mwsbdaftykins: arch is the best thing for serious devops22:07
daftykinsyou know it! :)22:07
daftykinssecond to a gentoo stage 1 install of course22:08
daftykinsif that was their term for the compile-everything one22:08
mwsbBut you don't understand all the flaws22:08
daftykinsthat's true, i must only use something where i know the true extent of broken-ness22:09
daftykinsfor the other guys - we had someone arguing that arch should be used on production servers because it's the only distro you can install 'minimal' - and then it's the most stable because they know all if its' flaws22:09
daftykinsmwsb: i'm imagining zipper running servers as being a dude spinning plates on sticks now :D22:14
daftykins"it is ok, because we know all the problems, 1) the plate could crack 2) gravity"22:15
ducasse\o daftykins - picked up your bike?22:24
daftykinssure did - and am very disappointed22:24
toto_i have just finish ubuntu 18 installation on my computer22:49
toto_and it works perfectly22:49
toto_so happy22:49
Bashing-om!yay | toto_22:52
ubot5toto_: Glad you made it! :-)22:52
toto_i'm discovering it and i like everything for the moment22:54
toto_because usually i install debian or fedora22:54
toto_i'm french and you?22:56
Bashing-omtoto_: Arkansas ridge runner .22:57
toto_nick toto_fr23:00
=== toto_ is now known as toto_fr
tomreynhere's a current flash utility for insyde bioses on (amongst other) linux (/Linux/x64/x64/H2OFFT-Lx64): http://download.udoo.org/files/UDOO_X86/UEFI_update/UDOOX86_B02-UEFI_Update_rel104.zip23:01
tomreynmost acer's require this.23:01
Bashing-omtomreyn: Noteing :) .. acer. what a pain .23:02
tomreynsource: https://www.udoo.org/forum/threads/updating-fw.7729/ https://github.com/malaire/misc/tree/master/udoo-x8623:02
tomreynit's for udoo's new x86 gear23:02
tomreynbut the firmware writer is generic23:03
tomreynalso worth a bookmark https://firmwaresecurity.com/tag/insyde-software/23:04
Bashing-omtomreyn: Yup - 'nother good one :)23:06
tomreynapparently the proper pronounciation of UEFI and SCPI are the hot topics in insyde firmware development these days23:06
tomreynand yes, acer is the pain23:06
daftykinssurely acer do windows utilities :)23:07
Bashing-omtomreyn: Wifey runs her graphic station on an Acer machine ( Win10) .. I dread if and when she wants ubuntu back .23:08
* tomreyn crosses fingers23:09
daftykins10 wfm ^_^23:10
nacctomreyn: in case it's relevant, IntelCore is in my /ignore23:51
tomreyn:) i guess they should be on mine, too23:51
daftykinsindeed all Core and Core 2 systems should be ignored now too ;)23:52
naccdaftykins: that was my initial thought months ago when they first started asking non-ubuntu questions in #ubuntu, as well :)23:54
naccdaftykins: also, no one who is actually associated with Intel would put it in their nick23:54
tomreynmaybe intel pentium N4000, too23:54
tomreynjust trying to give them a last reasonable chance before i decide to /ignore23:58

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