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arvin_Hi, I'm compiling the kernel from mainline and applying the Ubuntu patches, but it's not creating a /boot/abi-* file after installing headers and image from "make deb-pkg" any ideas?15:29
cascardomake deb-pkg is an upstream feature to create deb packages, they do not conform with how ubuntu produces its deb packages15:41
cascardoyou should use the debian way of building debs, that is, run dpkg-buildpackage15:41
arvin_i see. Would fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic binary-perarch create it?15:42
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cascardobinay-generic should be enough, I guess15:44
arvin_cascardo: appreciate the feedback thank you. I haven't verified it yet but you're fairly certain that should create the abi-* file if I apply the Ubuntu patches?15:47
arvin_dpkg-buildpackage looks a lot more appropriatethan the make deb-pkg I was using. thanks again15:49
cascardowell, gone before I could respond15:56
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mispphey all, i have an issue with random freezes, been distohopping to see if it something distro related, but seems not. right now i'm using latest ubuntu and system randomly freezes18:57
misppanyone knows something about causes in kernel?18:58
mispp(i've been told before when it's complete freeze, it has to be kernel; journal has nothing usefull)18:58
misppi've enabled kdump to see if i can catch something when it happens next time18:58
misppit happens on full amd build18:59
TJ-mispp: have you investigated ACPI issues?19:34
misppTJ-: nope19:35
misppso, i should disable acpi?19:35
TJ-mispp: some system firmware is predicated on running Windows and doesn't enable functionality/devices correctly for Linux. ACPI is required, but there's an acpi_osi= workaround that often helps.19:36
TJ-mispp: see http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html19:36
misppwith this parameter, it wont boot at all19:48
arvin_hi, any ideas how to preserve the .config when running fakeroot debian/rules binary? tried everything. can compile kernel using kpkg or make deb-pkg but trying to get this method going to create /boot/abi-* file. Thx22:16
arvin_i think it's related to "is not clean, please run 'make mrproper'" referring to the folder22:49
arvin_FAQ's recommendations on removing include/config doesn't work and the git command removes the debian/ folder so when I rerun fakeroot debian/rules binary it recreates those again22:50
arvin_so the issue was that it doesn't like a .config file in the root source directory. If I remove that and ran fakeroot debian/rules editconfig, then ran fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic, all was good23:23
arvin_if someone could add that to the FAQ23:23
arvin_everything built well, didn't use the config I wanted though lol. Anyone know the right way of going about this?23:58

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