lapionis there any possibility to get the power statistics app back on ubuntu-mate 1.20.1 ?07:36
schykenJust popped in from the Welcome Center. I'm rather impressed that this has been set up so conveniently! Very impressive. :D08:43
lapionis there any possibility to get the power statistics app back on ubuntu-mate 18.04 with mate 1.20.1 ?16:20
vkarehlapion: what do you mean? The Power Statistics app is there, part of mate-power-manager16:32
vkarehlapion: try running `mate-power-statistics`16:33
dreamscapeHi everyone, is there a driver i can use on 18.04 LTS for my 5450?16:35
vkarehdreamscape: if by 5450 you mean the Radeon graphics card, if the ones provided in the repos don't work for you (radeon, fglrx? haven't done ATI in a while) you might need to download directly from their website: https://support.amd.com/en-us/download/linux16:41
vkarehthen run `aticonfig` I think...16:42
dreamscapeHmmm, I'm on a later version though won't that cause problems? And yes sorry I mean the Radeon card.16:42
vkarehdreamscape: I honestly don't know... I haven't had a Radeon card in a while :/16:43
dreamscapeI play OpenGL Doom and in windows this card is like butter, on ubuntu its choppy and has microstutters. I hate windows so really want to try and get it working the same on here.16:43
dreamscapeAre Radeon cards less supported than Nvidia in Ubuntu?16:44
vkarehno, I think graphics support is the other way around: Radeon has better support for Linux than Nvidia does (AMD puts out open source drivers, AFAIK, whereas Nvidia does not). As for me I only really have laptops, so those typically come with either Nvidia or Intel16:46
dreamscapeAhhh ok well any idea why i get micro stutters vs windows? It's so lovely and smooth in windows but Ubuntu its 60fps but it stutters its not as smooth.16:50
vkarehdreamscape: no idea :( try running `inxi -G` to see what drivers you're currently using. You can also try running `ubuntu-drivers devices` and see what drivers are available16:58
dreamscape'ubuntu-drivers devices' brings up nothing16:59
vkarehdreamscape: from that pastebin I see that you're using AMD Cedar as your OpenGL renderer, you should definitely use Mesa, which the amdgpu driver should have proper support for. So try installing "xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu". If that doesn't work, you might need to download the amdgpu driver from the AMD/ATI website unfortunately.17:14
dreamscapeThank you i will give it a go17:16
dreamscapexserver-xorg-video-amdgpu is already the newest version (18.0.1-1).17:16
dreamscapeHow do i switch to Mesa?17:16
vkarehugh... :/17:16
vkarehI think I've reached the limit of my knowledge regarding graphic card drivers :(17:17
vkarehtry installing `xserver-xorg-video-radeon` and see if that makes any difference?17:18
vkarehThere's also `xserver-xorg-video-ati`, which I have no idea about either17:19
dreamscapeThanks i will try it17:30
dreamscapeThey are all the latest version apparently17:30
vkarehbut which one it's using? try again with ubuntu-drivers, but run maybe `ubuntu-drivers autoinstall` or `ubuntu-drivers list` and see what happens? If they are all installed, there should be a way of telling it which one to use (that's what ubuntu-drivers does)17:34
dreamscapeno output17:35

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