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guivercI'm putting it up on fridge - yell now if it's a no...14:30
guivercthe notice mentions 'Ubuntu team is pleased to announce' -- this is usually Ubuntu Release team  --- leave as Ubuntu team??14:34
pleia2yeah, you don't want to edit their words14:34
guiverc:)   [my preference anyway; less likely to make a mistake when I don't touch...]14:36
guivercthanks pleia2 :)14:36
guiverc(turns out I have a choice; once as Ubuntu Release Team, once as Ubuntu team)14:44
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Bashing-omguiverc: Had a death in the family last night - I may be scarace this week end . No details yet .23:15
guivercsorry to hear that Bashing-om - forget UWN & deal with family (and your own grief); do the things that matter to you, and in your own time...23:17
Bashing-omwell, he "was' married to my middle daughter, and the father of 2 of my grand kids . I personally had little use for him while they were marrierd .. and even less now . But of course the kids and ex are taking it hard .23:21
Bashing-omguiverc: As you say UWN: 20 minutes here and there :)23:22
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guivercit doesn't matter much what you felt for him, but you'll emotional-hurt.. because you feel for your daughter & grand-kids, and you'll feel her pain (even if unrecognized at times)..  thanks for telling me, but you do what's best for you & your family (when you need to..)23:48
Bashing-omguiverc: Ack .. appreciate the sentiments .23:50

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