lisandroa user in #qt is asking for qtgamepad in ubuntu 18.0414:01
lisandrocould it be possible that it is not there?14:01
* acheronuk looks14:06
acheronuklisandro: well, no. even debian only have it since 5.10, and 18.04 is on 5.9 LTS14:08
lisandroah, right14:08
lisandroit came after 5.914:08
acheronuklisandro: looks like it was a module in 5.9, but guess neither you nor we wanted or needed it at that point14:09
lisandroiirc it was not yet official14:10
lisandroergo, API/ABI stable14:10
acheronuklisandro: yeah, the 5.9 api link take me to "Qt Documentation (Technology Preview)"14:10
lubot5<tsimonq2> Is it stable in 5.9 or still unstable?16:21
lubot5<mitya57> Technology preview means “API may change”. But you need to check whether it actually changed since then.16:37
lubot5<tsimonq2> Ah.16:37
lisandroor build 5.10 against 5.9 *maybe*16:57

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