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eugenio_hi during the ubuntu server 18.04 installation I setup two raid1. one for sda1+sdb1 = md0 as / and the second sda2+sdb2 = md1 as /home. However, I was not able to setup md0 as bootable partition, and then I got busybox-initramfs error, can you help me?07:03
jamespagemorning cpaelzer09:34
jamespageI was going to drop the 32 bit archs from ceph for cosmic; however I then realized how may reverse-depends there are of librados and librdb09:35
jamespageso putting them back but it will take me a while to sort out the 32 bit builds...09:35
cpaelzerhi jamespage09:52
cpaelzerthanks for the FYI09:53
cpaelzeris there anything on this you need me to do?09:53
cpaelzerjamespage: you reming me that I wanted to ask you if you think https://mail.openvswitch.org/pipermail/ovs-dev/2018-August/350437.html is a problem or if we can just wait for things to get into the usual released versions09:57
cpaelzeractually I just checked the latest packaging branch and we don't have the broken code09:57
cpaelzerso it might only be an issue if merging a newer upstream which has the bad code but not yet the fix09:57
cpaelzerwhat are the openvswitch current plans for now jamespage?09:57
jamespagecpaelzer: I was working on 2.9.2 but having trouble with testsuite reliablility09:58
jamespageoh no I did upload that already09:58
cpaelzerthe offending patch of the issue I mentioned is of a few days ago09:59
cpaelzerand not yet released09:59
cpaelzerso it would be resolved on 2.9.3 or any other new versison I'd think09:59
cpaelzeryeah I see 2.9.2 in proposed09:59
cpaelzeris it hanging on said testsuite issues?10:00
mwhudsonjamespage: hey, do you know anything about ceph not building extensions for python3.7?10:13
mwhudsonhuh uh forcing use of gcc-7 on arm because of bugs in gcc-6 seems out of date :)10:18
jamespagemwhudson: hmm10:32
jamespagemwhudson: I do not10:32
jamespagemwhudson: we can probably drop the gcc-7 bits for arm64 now10:33
jamespagethat was more for the auto-backports to xenial10:33
jamespagewhich for mimic (as in cosmic) is not a concern10:33
mwhudsonjamespage: maybe it should just not depend on python3-all-dev then :)10:47
mwhudsonwould be the easiest way to get it off http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/html/python3.7-add.html10:47
cryptodannacc: whislock I just read something interesting: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/drivers/driversdetails?driverId=X3P75 look at D703 referencing drive taken offline under certain circumstances.  I have D703 drives in my server14:11
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cryptodannacc: whislock and yup my drives are listed under that firmware fix for the drives.  So I will create a bootable cd in windows and update the firmware on all my drives then do a test of ubuntu 16.04 this weekend and see if I have the same issues14:38
nacccryptodan_mobile: seems reasonalbe16:15
leftyfbI'm trying to run a PXE install on a UEFI client. I've got the PXE install working fine on BIOS clients, but the furthest I can get with UEFI is booting using the grubnetx64.efi.signed and being dumped to a GRUB prompt. Do I really need to rewrite my pxelinux.cfg in grub for this to all work for UEFI clients?16:16
leftyfbhi nacc :)16:16
geniileftyfb: Maybe look at https://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php?title=PXELINUX#UEFI for ideas16:19
naccleftyfb: does that imply it's simply not loading a config file?16:20
leftyfbnacc: yeah, it's looking for grub/grub.cfg among some other grub files16:20
leftyfbI don't even have a grub at all. Up until now it hasn't been necessary16:21
naccleftyfb: can you describe the config of your BIOS clients?16:23
leftyfbnacc: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/szs9xYNvMT/16:25
leftyfbthat's my pxelinux.0/default16:25
leftyfbnot sure what other config you're looking for16:25
leftyfbsorry, pxelinux.cfg/default16:26
naccleftyfb: so direct boot of kernel?16:27
leftyfbyep, not need for interaction. It's all done headless16:28
naccleftyfb: and what file is being serv ed over dhcp?16:28
leftyfbpxelinux.0 for BIOS clients16:28
naccleftyfb: i think you need to server out some efi file, iirc16:31
naccsyslinux.efi ?16:31
naccand then can do the same config file, iirc16:31
leftyfbI'm trying that now16:31
leftyfbfrom genii's link16:32
naccah yeah, that's what i'm remembering16:32
leftyfbI HATE EFI btw16:32
leftyfbuntil now I've always had the option of disabling it16:32
naccother than this, what is particularly different?16:38
leftyfbare you kidding?16:39
naccleftyfb: I mean, in practice, I don't know why you "hate EFI"16:40
leftyfbit's a massive mess working out how to do different installations with EFI16:40
leftyfbit's always a mess every time I attempt it16:40
naccis that because folks aren't spec compliant?16:40
leftyfbno idea16:41
leftyfbAnd if that's the case, then it's still a mess. The blame might not be on EFI, but on the vendor. But in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't make my stuff work :)16:42
nacci just recall seeing the same thing with BIOS before16:43
cryptodanI have 2 machines with EFI and it was painless to setup.  one machine is dual boot with windows 10 and linux mint16:45
leftyfb"works for me" doesn't help people who have issues16:46
cryptodanon my lap top I had to change it from booting the windows efi boot manager to booting the ubuntu efi manager in the bios16:48
eugenio_hi, I'installing ubuntu-server18.04, the installation hangs at update-grub, do you know why?17:02
leftyfbEFI problems? ;)17:02
eugenio_leftyfb, did you answer to me?17:05
moffaAnyone know why http_proxy variable isn't used unless its run on the command as apt? (ubuntu 18.04) It makes no sense17:08
naccmoffa: evidence?17:16
moffaWell, just experience. When I run sudo echo $http_proxy, the variable is shown. But apt will hang.  If I run http_proxy=http://proxyinfo apt-get update it works17:17
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moffablah it was the sudoers file, I didn't a space between http_proxy and https_proxy not sure why it still echo'd the variable but its fixed.18:36
pztrickAny word on when http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts will point to 18.04 point release?21:59
pztrickThis file is used by server installs to check for next LTS release.22:00
tomreynpztrick: that's right, and no, not known, but 'soon'22:05
hehehehi sarnold22:06
heheheare u here?22:06
hehehei was playing with that abandonware more :D22:06
heheheit uses a lot of outdated packages22:06

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