jrwrenwow!  https://lubuntu.me/taking-a-new-direction/  this is cool.03:28
Scary_Guyold hardware to me is Pentium III.  Bonus points for 486 and older09:20
Scary_GuyMy computer is 10 years old and runs modern Linux versions just fine.  I don't know about modern gaming but it does alright with a nice videocard plopped into it09:20
Scary_GuyAMD Phenom 2 x4, 4GB ECC RAM, and an ATI 5770 HD card09:23
Scary_GuyI mean I can eat up more resources with Cinnamon or something but I prefer the svelte i3wm09:23
jrwrenP3 is 20yrs old isn't it?  Pentium in '95, P2 in '96, P3 in 97?13:14
cmaloneyI think that's correct13:15
cmaloneyIt's definitely in the retro computing category13:15
greg-gI loved those P3's that were slot mounted15:13
cmaloneyYeah, those were awesome15:13
cmaloneyI had a P2 that was slot mounted. I wish they'd return to that form-factor15:13
cmaloneybut in the days of counting picoseconds down a wire I think that's unlikely15:13

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