kk4ewtKanye, btw its ubuntu00:00
Kanyekk. sorry00:00
papLol, I kinda have an idea but since you guys have already used it, I thougth  it would'nt me that much  a burden to feed my mind with a few details. For instance: Samba in relations to Windows, Mac OSX and so forth00:00
KanyeSomeone told me to install ubuntu desktop bc i am a windows noob00:00
kk4ewtKanye, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt5Lu_ltPkU00:02
KanyeI dont think power iso is that legit00:03
Kanyebesides he has that scam voice00:03
Phosieah yes, because everyone with that voice is a scammer00:03
Kanye^ No he linked to some ilegitmate software00:04
PhosieI'm talking about your next line00:04
kk4ewtKanye,  you are on your own00:05
someone_Kanye This is old video but the installation way still the same the version in the video is 15.10 it is old one, use 18.04 . the video is long, you can watch it x 1.25 speed. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsMQJBX51x000:06
KanyeThanks some one00:07
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someone_Kanye Good luck.00:09
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XcytreIs there a channel for glances?00:27
tomreyn!alis | Xcytre00:28
ubottuXcytre: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"00:28
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Swoopieanyone has a favorite laptop to buy when wanting a portable linux machine?00:39
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k_sze[work]Am I supposed to change the apt source URLs before I can see a new release with `do-release-upgrade`?00:53
geniik_sze[work]: No00:56
k_sze[work]genii: so is it just me or 18.04.1 is still not available via `do-release-upgrade`? I'm on 16.04.5 right now.00:57
geniiCorrect, still not available. But it should be soon.00:57
rfmk_sze[work], not just you00:57
k_sze[work]I see.00:58
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vimldoes ubuntu now let you opt into popcon?01:08
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vimlgood drone01:09
vimlmore ironic is its an ad for an ad service01:10
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vimlor Sigyn01:30
vimlwe have advertisers01:31
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enojelly18.04LTS upgrades enabled yet?02:01
tomreynnot yet02:02
Rhombixhi. i recently purchased a XP-Pen Artist 10S graphics tablet and i'm having compatibility issues (Ubuntu 18.04). could anyone here help? or is there a more specific help channel for this issue?02:10
wudo_honourI want to install some penetration tools in ubuntu , where can I find the script.02:20
madaramy ubuntu wont update from 17.04 to 18.0402:24
madaranone of my tools work02:24
madaragoogle assumes they do02:24
madaraim fairly certain my repositories are bad02:25
claudioufohey guys.. someone have instruction to have a Elantech (i2c) touchpad work on Ubuntu 18.04.1?02:27
qwebirc94540Hello. I am in trouble as I encounter a problem that seems to be a graphical installer in Ubuntu. On the screen to select the type of installation, I chose "Other" and proceeded to the screen for setting the disk partition, but the bottom part of the installer window protruded from the screen and I can not see it. I checked the screen resolution setting, but it seems to be correct.02:30
andrejdoes anyone here have an idea why ubuntu 16.04 ignores the dhcp options I push via OpenVPN?03:04
andrejNamely DNS Server and domain search03:04
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eolandrohi! someone can help me with a ubuntu server 18.04?03:08
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:09
eolandroOk, im sorry im new here. Well  why python-pip is no available from apt?03:10
eolandroipython is missing too03:10
guiverchttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python-pip  (shows it's there for trusty->cosmic) - what version are you running?03:11
guivercsorry - it also shows it's in 'universe' - so you may not have universe (community-supported-software) enabled03:11
eolandrook let me 'cat my sources.lst'03:12
guiverchttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu  will hopefully provide some info on enabling repos eolandro (sorry I assume we all have it)03:12
guiverceolandro,  please do NOT paste multi-line files here, use pastebin03:12
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit03:13
madarawhy wont the nvidia setting save in 18.04?03:13
guivercfyi:  eolandro ipython is in universe as well; by default only flavors have universe enabled so it needs to be enabled03:16
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eolandrothat's right!! universe and multiverse were disabled by default. I don't know why.03:21
eolandroThanks a lot!!03:21
freenmik345im using mozilla thunderbird snap for irc chat in 18.04, my mouse cursor is tiny and goes back to normal size after leaving thunderbird is this ubuntu or thunderbird issue03:22
guiverceolandro, everything in 'main' gets 5 years of support (guaranteed by Canonical), 'universe' support varies by package; so requires a lot more homework (2-3 years are the norm for universe...)03:22
guiverc5 years applies to LTS releases only03:22
eolandrook, i understand.03:23
eolandrowell it is good to know03:23
eolandroThanks good bye03:24
freenmik345./msg  nickserv register 123456 mymail@mail.com03:30
guivercfreenmik345, fyi: the . prevented it from being recognized as a freenode command, it was broadcast publically (in this logged channel)03:32
freenmik345thanks it was just a test not real email03:33
freenmik345guiverc: thanks03:33
guivercokay, but please don't spam the channel with tests then03:33
freenmik345one time is spam ?03:33
freenmik345ok np03:34
guiverc:)  poor choice of words sorry; lots of real-spam in the channel currently. so sorry.03:34
freenmik345yeah the spam has kind of ruined irc03:35
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smacktalkwhy doesn't ubuntu automount stuff?  I can't get my flipping cdrom to work!04:31
smacktalkmount: /mnt/dvd: mount point does not exist.04:33
mosesmy startup has my graphics driver loading from /usr/bin/nvidia-settings04:42
mosesi opened that file and it looks corrupted04:42
mosesshould i just delete that file?04:42
TimeDoctorit's a binary file04:43
donofrioany hope of workaround for my wifi (http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Z5wnJm8swm/) issues, it keeps dropping the nic - http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6K5d8nkxHM/04:43
TimeDoctorif you open it in a text editor it's gonna be a bunch of nonsense04:43
moseswell it is lame it wont load my settings04:43
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mosesso I load the binary file, but then how do I make ubuntu understand my  config for my user login?04:47
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TimeDoctormoses: if /usr/bin/nvidia-settings is an executable (binary file) loading it in a text editor won't do anything good04:53
donofrioanyone else here use AR928X ?04:55
mosesTimeDoctor: so then im researching how ubuntu naturally loads the nvidia settings...i dont see anything04:57
aloo_shudonofrio: I'm half guessing, but what caught my eye in first log was04:58
aloo_shuIRQ 16 - nobody cared04:58
aloo_shuand then a crash traceback04:59
mosesbrb restarting04:59
aloo_shuit suggested 'try booting with irqpoll'05:00
aloo_shuand that's what I'd do. donofrio05:00
aloo_shuwould you know how?05:00
mosesso gents...how would I get these lame nvidia settings to save?05:02
mosesgood morning05:03
valimoses I believe there was some nvdia* settings file saved into your home path05:03
valiat least at some point in time..05:03
mosesthere was05:04
mosesbut im not sure gnome or whatever service ubuntu uses is taking the settings file in as input05:04
valimaybe try starting the nvdia control panel from cli05:05
valito get some feedback regarding errors and so05:05
mosesthe settings change05:05
valimaybe it's expecting some other path or permissions05:05
donofrioaloo_shu, I missed what you were trying to tell me?05:07
moseshas anyone here use package config?05:10
moseshow do I add a directory to a pkg_config_path05:10
aloo_shuthere's a non fatal crash in your rirst dmesg log , donofrio05:11
aloo_shuand it could well be what took dowm the wlan interface after it had been initiated already, donofrio05:12
aloo_shuan irq that nothing reacted to, donofrio05:13
aloo_shudonofrio: the report suggested 'try booting woth irqpoll'05:14
aloo_shudonofrio: let's try that05:14
aloo_shudonofrio: do you get a grub menu when booting?05:14
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donofrioyah I'll try that....05:18
donofrioaloo_shu, yes much better now....I just edited grub line on boot.....I'll make this perminent by edited grub now05:25
donofrioso what is the "Con" in using this irqpoll?  I mean I think the "Pros" for me is stable wifi but just wondering flip side05:29
donofrioI think its working now - http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Gy9DjfkfVB/05:32
aloo_shudonofrio: probably the con is that some routine wastes a few cpu cycles on *polling* certain irq s where otherwise the irq (16 in our case) would judt trigger by itself and get caught, but the drivers(s) seem to be misding that. and probably a few other irq s tha *would* work, will also get polled instead05:35
aloo_shuit's a symptomatic fix by me, but the alternative could be looking at mudule code, donofrio05:36
aloo_shuand I do not think the penalty is heavy - or do you do irq intensive work?05:37
donofrioI'm good for now....if anyone finds a diffrent way to get the same results I'll lurk here like normal - excet I have no irc logs because of this ircbotnet thing....05:37
aloo_shuglad it worked05:38
donofrioit didn't05:39
donofriothrowing same error now ;(05:39
donofriojust left it alone on the desk05:39
donofrioseen the "network disconnnected" messgae05:40
donofriothen dmesg and same errors ;(05:40
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eugenio_hi during the ubuntu server 18.04 installation I setup two raid1. one for sda1+sdb1 = md0 as / and the second sda2+sdb2 = md1 as /home. However, I was not able to setup md0 as bootable partition, and then I got busybox-initramfs error, can you help me?07:03
Dragoneye NETBIOS Name Service (TCP/UDP: 137)07:08
DragoneyeIs there any other services that uses this one?07:08
Dragoneyeport 13707:08
fendysorry im new using linux07:10
DragoneyeGot feedback from security that that port was used to a DDos attack..  cant figure out why07:10
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MrM1stHi all07:37
Dragoneyewhats up?07:38
MrM1stAll good here. Just have som general questions. My 18.04 stationary box uses a long time showing the greeter. I suspect some wayland/nVidia issue. How do I find out? I'm currently using a gnome session on Xorg07:39
DragoneyeDual boot with windows?  How long does windows vs Ubuntu take?07:41
MrM1stNo dual-boot here. Just plain Ubuntu07:41
DragoneyeSo same hardware and suddenly the boot become slower?07:41
MrM1stSomething like that. I'm not booting that often, but I'd like to debug it all the same07:42
DragoneyeDo a thourly scan of the harddrive.  Look at the s.m.a.r.t data with gnome-disks and se if there is something bogues there.07:43
DragoneyeYou got a SSD or HD?   or SDHD07:44
DragoneyeSSHD that is.07:44
MrM1stDragoneye: It's a m.2 SSD. I serously doubt that it's got something to do with the drive07:45
=== marxjohnson_ is now known as marxjohnson
MrM1stAlso, I prefer command-line :P hdparm is more my thing07:46
DragoneyeDid you take a look at the S.M.A.R.T data?07:46
DragoneyeYou dont have GUI?07:46
DragoneyeIf you dont take advice beqouse you "prefere" another way of doing it, then dont ask, google it ;-)07:47
=== ehlodex is now known as Guest78918
ducasseMrM1st: 'systemd-analyze blame'07:48
MrM1stducasse: thanks!07:49
* Dragoneye got to pump the boat, it's leaky! :-/07:49
NullshieldHello, I am accessing a server through SSH. How can I duplicate a folder and all its content (for backup purposes)?07:52
Triffid_HunterNullshield: you may want to play with rdiff-backup and/or rsync, they have some lovely features for incremental backup tasks07:53
NullshieldAlright, I will take a look at it07:53
Triffid_HunterNullshield: the simplest answer is scp, but it's pretty crude. I prefer rsync for that sort of thing07:54
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tom_tom_df -h08:02
Zta77Anyone know what this updates is?  I can read what it says, but why is it only visible within the Ubuntu Software Centre? I did try to review the full --upgradable list but cannot find it.08:05
Zta77Oops:  https://imgur.com/a/G8m2Nex08:05
marxjohnson@Zta77 some sort of firmware update? I seem to remember GNOME Software provides those, presumably from a system separate to apt08:09
marxjohnsonpossibly from LVFS: https://fwupd.org/users08:10
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tom_tom_df -h08:23
brainwashZta77: why not share the whole upgradable list?08:23
Zta77marxjohnson: Presumably. But that's nasty. Also, it says that it's an important security fix, and nowhere does my system prompt me to install it. I found this by total coincidence.08:24
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lkoranda20Read what IRC investigative journalists have uncovered on the freenode pedophilia scandal https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Freenodegate08:25
Zta77brainwash: I could. But what's the point?08:25
Zta77The list was too long and would clutter my point.08:25
brainwashtoo long? interesting08:26
Zta77... is this leading anywhere?08:26
brainwashjust pointing out that your screenshot isn't that helpful08:28
Zta77Neither would a list of pending updates for firefox, spotify, thunderbird and their libs be.08:28
brainwashin that case you wouldn't even have to share the output08:29
brainwashif there is nothing to see08:29
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Zta77Chances are that if I hadn't shown that output, you would've said: "It's in your apt list, just grep it"08:31
Zta77Anyway: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/VHPqQM3GH4/08:31
Zta77ah, intel-microcode?08:31
aschildbachWhen will 16.04 to 18.04 upgrades be enabled?08:31
Zta77I've tried grepping for "1.52" which appear to be listed in the release notes shown in Software Centre, but there's not match: apt list --upgradable | cut -f 1 -d '/' | xargs apt show | grep 1.5208:35
brainwashZta77: like pointed out earlier, it's this https://fwupd.org/lvfs/device/4e06f4ae-ab2e-4804-9a23-888e596a31e708:36
ducasseaschildbach: Real Soon Now™08:37
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
Zta77Ah, didn't see that at first. Thanks.08:37
brainwashZta77: intel-microcode is a generic package with microcode for all (recent) intel cpus08:38
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Zta77So this update doesn't come as a .deb for apt?08:39
brainwashit does not08:39
Zta77Ah, got it https://fwupd.org/users08:39
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=== capella is now known as capella|away
aschildbachducasse: What does it depend on?08:45
ducasseaschildbach: certain bugs being closed, aiui08:45
onlineqHi all, is there anybody with Landscape experience ?  I have a few questions - I tried to consult the documentation myself, even some sales person from Ubuntu - she refused to help me even if I am planning to use the paid version...    funny. ;)08:48
ducasseonlineq: you should probably try #ubuntu-server08:51
onlineqducasse: thanks ;)08:51
someone_Guys is there closed source of intel graphics driver for linux? I don't mind use closed sources09:07
brainwashsomeone_: there is not09:10
brainwashsomeone_: what problem are you trying to solve?09:10
=== Freddish_ is now known as Freddish
=== galeido_ is now known as galeido
someone_brainwash The problem is when I play a game it seems to me that GPU does not work, and CPU does all the job because CPU's heat increasing when the game starts .'09:34
someone_Katnip what is this ?09:38
orangepii just try hexchat09:38
someone_orangepi ok How is it ?09:39
effortDeepeople on ubuntu i can connect to a wifi nearby, but it says "unable to connect" on the browser and i cant ping anything, what may be the problem? The lady who runs the wifi shown me her connecting to it fine.09:39
joeyi use hexchat too09:40
Katnipsomeone_, https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/07/ubuntu-18-04-security-tips09:41
someone_effortDee maybe it is drivers problem , you gave to provide more informayion about ubuntu version and problem history.09:42
effortDeeubuntu 16.0409:42
effortDeebut its on android phone too09:42
effortDeethe lady connects to wifi fine09:42
effortDeei connect fine09:43
effortDeebut i cant load websites09:43
someone_effortDee effort Die if the problem on android also then it is not ubuntu problem maybe you have problem with wifi configuration check password and security setting09:46
effortDeepassword is fine09:46
someone_*effortDee if the problem on android also then it is not ubuntu problem maybe you have problem with wifi configuration check password and security setting09:46
effortDeeas i log in to it09:46
effortDeeand am connected09:46
effortDeei think its dns/ipv4 settings09:46
effortDeegoing to try this https://askubuntu.com/questions/907763/ubuntu-17-04-connected-to-wifi-but-cant-browse-internet09:47
someone_effortDee if you have the same problem on android then it is not ubuntu problem, it is a general problem.09:48
effortDeeyes like dns09:48
zgq354try ping ?09:48
effortDeeno return09:49
someone_check Security Mode setting , Is it WAP2 or what09:50
someone_also if you can access to the router try use wire and see if it works or not.09:51
effortDeeno access to router09:51
effortDeeim on a caravan park09:51
effortDeeyes its wap209:51
someone_effortDee I think the problem is maybe you did not configure the setting well or the wireless do not accept new users automatically .09:54
someone_Good luck.09:54
effortDeewho know :D09:54
zgq354I think you can try connect another wifi to test09:56
someone_May advice to you do not use public networks, your data is in danger.09:56
zgq354like "Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot" on android09:56
someone_*My advice to you do not use public networks, your data is in danger.09:57
someone_brainwash The problem is when I play a game it seems to me that GPU does not work, and CPU does all the job because CPU's heat increasing when the game starts09:58
wallahhey! anybody use ansible here?10:06
uptimewallah: Hi, is the question related to Ubuntu, or ansible?10:09
wallahansible on ubuntu actually10:10
BluesKajHowdy folks10:16
lotuspsychjehey there BluesKaj10:17
lotuspsychjeabout to make lunch10:17
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje, nice ...enjoy :-)10:17
pepijndevosHow can I use/install Qt Gamepad on Ubuntu 18.04?10:22
pepijndevosProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: gamepad10:22
=== autra_ is now known as autra
=== autra is now known as autra_
=== autra_ is now known as autra
worstjeWhat is the best / simplest / least-intrusive way to move the Grub Environment Block onto my ESP?10:37
BluesKajworstje, ESP?10:44
worstjeBluesKaj: EFI System Partition10:45
worstjeI'd like to use the savedefault functionality to remember the last-used item, but grub doesn't support writing to btrfs, so I can't use that feature at present.10:45
worstjeIdeally I'd like the environment block to be saved in EFI/ubuntu right besides the bootstrap grub.cfg (which loads the real /boot/grub/grub.cfg) and the grubx64.efi / shimx64.efi files.10:47
BluesKajworstje, think it should be in /efi /boot iirc10:48
worstjeBluesKaj: Yeah, it is in /boot/grub, but that is on my btrfs partition, so it is useless at that location for me.10:48
joeby52morning all10:49
worstjeGood morning, joeby5210:49
BluesKajworstje, well, not familiar with exotic FSs, so I'm not much help there10:49
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joeby52I'm having trouble with efi install. I've done it on 2 laptops and my desktop but this other laptop wont install10:50
worstjeBluesKaj: It's not so much a problem with the FS, as that I want grub to look at a different spot for the GEB (which is just a file, ofc).10:51
* BluesKaj still uses legacy since I don't need more than 4 primaries10:52
joeby52sda1 = efi, sda2 = /, sda3 = /home, sda4 = swap. But when I try to install grub fails to install to target which for some reason is sda2 even though I specified sda1????10:52
BluesKajjoeby52, using manual partitioning during the install ?10:53
joeby52yes. but even if I wipe the drive and let it use it all it sets up efi partition and then tries to install grub into sda2 again10:53
BluesKajdamn uefi raises it's ugly head again...i use legacy10:54
worstjejoeby52: What does sudo update-grub tell you exactly?10:54
joeby52that's another problem, I've tried turning legacy on and uefi off and it still won't install as 'needs' secure boot???10:55
joeby52failed to get path of 'cow'10:56
worstjeSecure-boot can be toggled inside your BIOS usually. If you need the .efi for starting securely, you'll want /EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi for that as that is the one that's been crypto signed.10:56
joeby52maybe I should still with mint 18 :(10:57
worstjeIs this question of any use for you? https://askubuntu.com/questions/254491/failed-to-get-canonical-path-of-cow10:58
worstjeSkimming it, it seems as if the problem is that you are running grub from the livecd, which causes a conflict because its /boot is different from the /boot you need.11:01
joeby52Thank you, that web page has helped I think. I'll let you know how I get on :0)11:01
worstjeNp. I'm not an expert; all I've got is my googlefu. :-)11:04
GekkoI installed Ubuntu Server 18.04 on this SOC device, and partitioned the eMMC to have a ESP and /. However, now I see something created a 700~ MB swapfile. Is it save to just remove the entry in /etc/fstab? I'm working with limited resources and can't allocate 700 megs for a swapfile.11:05
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tomreynGekko: yes that's safe11:09
tomreynthat ism if you have enough ram to not make the kernel invoke the OOM killer11:10
Gekko1 GB of memory11:10
tomreynbut it's safe in terms of not breaking anything directly by removing the swap file.11:10
Gekkoeverything is carefully calculated to run barely under  that :)11:10
tomreyni guess 1 gb can be fine if it's not a desktop and doesn't run too much.11:11
tomreynthere's also zram if you have to11:12
Gekkoneat, TIL11:13
uebera||Hi. Is there an official replacement for ppa:mozillateam/thunderbird-next from where you can get Thunderbird 60beta? One could extract the official tar archive within a container, but I'd rather not do that.11:16
qwebirc24737question: I installed latest Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS as VM on Hyper-V, trying to install UniFi controller software via a guide.  I hit a snag before I can 'apt-get install unifi'.  I receive this error, and can't seem to get around it, can someone point me to a hint as to get the jvsc installed on this machine?  The following packages have unmet dependencies: , unifi : Depends: jsvc (>= 1.0.8) but it is not installable11:17
TJ-qwebirc24737: "jsvc" is in the Universe pocket so you'll need to ensure that is enabled in Software Properties. It's possible it currently has only Main enabled.11:19
TJ-!info jsvc ~ qwebirc2473711:19
ubottu'~' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-prop11:19
TJ-!info jsvc | qwebirc2473711:19
ubottuqwebirc24737: jsvc (source: commons-daemon): Wrapper to launch Java applications as daemons. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15-8 (bionic), package size 23 kB, installed size 69 kB11:20
lotuspsychjeuebera||: we only support packages from the official ubuntu repos here mate, for other locations ask their maintainer11:20
lotuspsychjeuebera||: perhaps if you wanna test more recent packages, try snaps, !backports or proposed?11:21
eiiii4whats up11:23
lotuspsychjeeiiii4: only ubuntu support is up here11:24
uebera||lotuspsychje: I just found the discussion regarding the Thunderbird snap package... will give it a try. Thx.11:27
lotuspsychjeuebera||: np11:27
tomreynuebera||: there doesn't seem to be a v60 (alpha/beta) snap, yet. however, there is https://github.com/vrutkovs/flatpak-thunderbird11:28
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MrM1stgnome-terminal does some resizing automatically to fit the GUI well. Anyone know how to make gnome-terminal NOT correct itself?11:35
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lotuspsychjephilipp: welcome to ubuntu support11:45
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siniStarI thought you guys might be interested in this blog by freenode staff member Bryan 'kloeri' Ostergaard https://bryanostergaard.com/11:47
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BluesKajreally being bombarded atm ...more than just annoying now11:53
uebera||tomreyn: Will have a look at that as well. Thx!11:53
war10ck__what the hell11:54
sidntrivedi012Hello everyone12:02
WeblordPepeunity sucks!!!!!12:09
WeblordPepeits being taken out now aye12:09
TimeDoctorgo back to 4chan12:09
WeblordPepehows the new ubuntu shaping up?12:09
TimeDoctoror reddit or whatever12:09
lotuspsychjeWeblordPepe: stop that please12:09
* WeblordPepe gets off to a not so great start12:09
WeblordPepeits been a long while. thought i'd come see how the old ubuntu scene is doin since i heard theyre looking at bringing gnome back12:10
lotuspsychje!ot | WeblordPepe12:11
ubottuWeblordPepe: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:11
WeblordPepeoh right cool i see.12:11
WeblordPepeboy i really started this whole thing off poorly didnt i12:11
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WeblordPepei guess it could be worse. i could have been one of those things. actually i do have a question to be fair12:14
WeblordPepei dont know whats normal now for PC firmwares. like you have EUFI now right?12:14
WeblordPepeis BIOS even a thing anymore? is it emulated or something? booting has always been so confusing. do you literally smoosh an ISO onto a thumb drive with say dd to get it to boot now?12:15
WeblordPepeor do you actually have to use some tool like unetbootin and all those things.12:15
WeblordPepei get so bloody confused witht he persistant storage bit12:15
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war10ck__nice, thats nice..12:19
mispphey all, how can one fix scaling issue on ubuntu bionic for qt5 apps12:21
misppto be specific, qtcreator uses wrong scaling on ubuntu12:21
urthI'm having an odd issue where my users graphical session has no groups, anyone have an idea what to debug? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RqCdX9RT8y/12:23
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TJ-urth: aha, someone else!12:28
TJ-urth: can you add a comment to this report?12:29
TJ-Bug #178496412:29
ubottubug 1784964 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "Regression due to CVE-2018-1116 (processes not inheriting user's groups )" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178496412:29
TJ-urth: please specify which desktop environment is in use (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.)12:29
Sven_vBI'm trying to setup a firewall on Ubuntu trusty, but if I use ufw the way tutorials tell me, I get slammed by the combinatorial explosion because it seems each rule can only have one IP, one port range, one protocol (IPv4/6). is there a way to define lists of IPs (groups/roles maybe?) and port sets (consisting of multiple port ranges), then configure rules by group names?12:31
urthTJ-: thanks, will do12:32
Sven_vBideally a way easier than just having a bash script generate all the detail rules on boot. :D12:32
TJ-Sven_vB: ipsets12:35
circleI'm partitioning an SSD for a new installation. It's 500GB, and I'm going to have roughly 300GB as a Windows partition and  200GB for Ubuntu. /home will be on a seperate, 2TB HDD. What I'm wondering about is what happens when /usr/bin fills up on the SSD? Will it be easy to put further applications on the separate 2TB HDD?12:36
Sven_vBTJ-, man can't find it. is that part of ufw?12:36
TJ-Sven_vB: see http://ipset.netfilter.org/12:36
Sven_vBfound it12:36
FraCast1983I'm using a previouse relase and mant. is OK12:36
FraCast1983Can anyone help me in my errors12:37
FraCast1983HI SLESA12:38
TJ-circle: You'll find it hard to exceed 15GB for the Ubuntu system files if /home/ is separate. I generally use LVM and don't allocate all the free space to the logical volumes to begin with, just extend them as required12:38
brontosaurusrexcircle: 200gigs should be plenty for /usr12:39
TJ-circle: i use a separate /var/ and /home/ - /var/ can grow especially if you have containers, snaps, and caches for various packages12:39
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circleTJ-: but won't most applications i have be stored in /usr/bin?12:45
circleTJ-: i could feel that eventually if i downloaded big applications that would fill up 130gb or so12:45
TJ-circle: packages install all over, /usr/share /usr/bin/ /usr/lib/ /var/{lib,cache}12:47
circleTJ-: yeah, agreed, but not in /home12:47
circleTJ-: for the most part12:48
TJ-circle: You'd be able to install all 50,000 packages in 130GB I think :)12:48
TJ-circle: packages never install in /home/12:48
circlepackages don't, some applications do12:48
circlepretty sure steam puts games there, for example12:48
brontosaurusrexWell, at least .config section is in $HOME12:48
TJ-circle: applications write files into /home/ yes, because that's per-user actions12:48
circleTJ-: essentially, i'd like to use the ssd for the OS and most important applications (firefox, irc, stuff I use often) but have most storage on the 2TB HDD. do you think I could use LVM for that?12:49
TJ-circle: but in terms of the *space* used in the system directories, /usr/lib and /lib/ are the primary users, and I've rarely needed a root-fs larger than 12GB and I install/build a LOT of packages12:49
TJ-circle: sure, you could even set it up as mirrored so if one device fails the data isn't lost12:50
circlehmm, i'd have to study LVM but it sounds intriguing actually12:50
circleany downsides?12:50
hiigHey guys, quick question: If I have a startup script, what should I put in it if I want to open a new terminal window on login with byobu?12:51
TJ-circle: the way it is organised is, raw block devices (say /dev/sda3) are marked as a Physical Volumes (PV) with metadata. A Volume Group (VG) is then created having one or more PVs. Then, Logical Volumes (LVs) are created to hold the individual file-systems using the free space in the parent VG. These appear as /dev/mapper/$VG_NAME-$LV_NAME and can then be formatted with a file-system12:52
TJ-circle: the Ubuntu installer can/does LVM installs especially if you choose Full Disk Encryption, but it allocates all free space in the VG to the LVs which is sub-optimal because you lose flexibility.12:53
=== Freddish_ is now known as Freddish
circleTJ-: so would I make a volume group consisting of the SSD + the HDD and make logical volumes from that? What would be a better way to set it up?12:54
TJ-circle: E.g I allocate 8GB for the root-fs. When it gets to 95% used, I simply do (online, no reboot required) "lvextend -L +4G VG_NAME/LV_NAME; resize2fs /dev/mapper/VG_NAME-LV_NAME" (assuming an ext* file-system) and it expands immediately12:54
TJ-circle: if you want mirroring you'd have a partition in each disk set as PVs, make the VG from those, and when creating the LVs specify the option to create a mirror12:55
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TJ-circle: if you just want to use all space but not make mirrors, you can - when creating the LV - specify which PV device to use12:56
circleTJ-: what about if i want to use the SSD for /home as well but eventually the SSD fills up and I want to start using the HDD for /home as well, would that be configurable12:56
TJ-circle: so you could have both disks (actually partitions on the disks) in the same VG, but create the LV for the root-fs on the smaller device, and the LV for /home/ on the larger12:56
TJ-circle: yes, you can do that, lvextend can be told to use space from a particular PV12:57
circleinteresting, sounds amazing12:57
circlenot sure why i havent heard of it12:57
circleTJ-: thanks, i'll look into that and probably end up going with it12:58
TJ-LVM is more of an Enterprise level storage layer so for most desktops it's not been that important, until you want flexibility - it sure beats trying to figure out how to resize partitions!12:58
TJ-circle: you might want to play with it inside a virtual machine to get a feel for it before doing it 'for real' :)12:59
circleTJ-: probably a good idea12:59
circleTJ-: are there speed implications if i make a 'wrong' choice in my LV structure12:59
TJ-circle: once you 'get' it you'll love the flexibility it gives you12:59
TJ-circle: not that I can think of, it's just a logical organisation layer, it's not a layer inbetween applications and disks. It uses the device-mapper functionality to 'map' the logical view of the storage to the physical devices13:00
circleTJ-: yep, fair enough. thanks for the help13:01
TJ-circle: it allocates 'extents' which are typically 4MB blocks13:01
mesange29@TJ last day I came here for a local repository sign problem [trusted=yes] finaly worked if the file InRelase is NOT GENERATED in the repot otherwise the local repos is considered as signed despite option [trusted=yes]13:03
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dnasI am using screen tool to connect a serial device. It works but the the text are not align to the left, it shifts to the right with the new line. Does anyone know how to get a aligned text output?13:20
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Ks0stm22I thought you guys might be interested in this blog by freenode staff member Bryan 'kloeri' Ostergaard https://bryanostergaard.com/13:23
nisaHi, can someone help me? i have a touchpad, but it is being detected as touchscreen, i don't know exactly. 1. if i move the cursor, it gets invisible and it does always click...13:29
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ericuswhat command would I use to copy and overwrite files from /foo/bar/test to /foo/bar?13:52
ericusfiles and folders13:52
Piciericus: cp -fr /src /dest13:53
ericusthanks Pici13:54
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qwebirc7099hello all I installed ubuntu 18.04 on vmware but I dont get audio, when I install it on vbox it works. (I can't use vbox because regardless of how many resources I give it, the virtual machines are VERY slow) any tips?14:02
=== uplime is now known as nchambers
memeloverThere's an update for my system that doesn't appear in apt, but through the gui. And the gui breaks every time I try to update. Is there another tool for installing updates that I can use?14:11
leftyfbmemelover: apt14:14
tomreynqwebirc7099: this doesn't sound like an ubuntu issue. you may need to install guest additions / add-ons / extensions / utilities to get better performance and hardware / driver support14:17
=== quipa_ is now known as quipa
sute_have try to find a solution for wobbly windows in 18.04, tried to install compiz with all plugins but still no luck14:21
lotuspsychjesute_: there is a wobbly windows extension for gnome if you want14:25
lotuspsychjesute_: did not test myself: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/669/wobbly-windows/14:26
HaMsTeRshey peeps14:31
jluccompiz still works for 18.04?14:34
jlucwith the new windows-server-thing-or-so14:34
SeTunTunhi. I enabled the visual effects in rhythmbox in ununtu 14.04. Now if I right-clic on the visual analyzer I see a lot of effects.14:38
SeTunTunThey all sm to be blocked.14:38
SeTunTunIs there ny way to enable them? I ave libvisual installed (maybe something missing?)14:39
joeby52I've put Mint 19 on 2 laptops and my new desktop. After 7 failed attempts to put it on a 3rd laptop I resorted to 18.2 and it went on first time :0(14:41
lotuspsychjejluc: you can still install unity on 18.04, but not sure the classic compiz effects would work14:41
tomreynjoeby52: do you have an ubuntu question?14:42
joeby52I asked a mint question before. Just updating my situation for those who tried to help me earlier.14:43
tomreyn!mint | joeby5214:43
ubottujoeby52: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)14:43
joeby52Now I know, I will in future.14:44
joeby52* Cannot join #linuxmint (Channel is invite only).????14:47
joeby52anyone know how I would go about getting an invite?14:47
tonytlinuxmint's official channel isnt on freenode btw14:48
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TashtariHey all.  Here's a weird one.  Trying to boot the ubuntu 16.04 DVD on an old laptop, it keeps going into suspend-to-RAM.  I push the power button and it wakes up and tries to continue starting, but less than a minute later, it suspends again.14:59
TashtariAnyone have any idea why this might be happening? :)14:59
EriC^^Tashtari: sounds like a battery/power issue14:59
TashtariIt's plugged in, though.15:00
EriC^^Tashtari: does "dmesg" show any info about the suspend and the cause?15:00
EriC^^Tashtari: does it work with other OS?15:01
newdimensionWhat does logwatch use to mail by default? "/usr/sbin/logwatch --output mail --mailto {{ UBUNTU_COMMON_LOGWATCH_EMAIL }} --detail high"15:02
EriC^^Tashtari: upower --dump , and upower --monitor-details might help see if its a power issue or not15:02
TashtariHm, ok, I'll see if I can get to a shell to do that..15:03
SeTunTunany idea?15:08
EriC^^Tashtari: look at "dmesg" for clues on the suspend15:12
* WeblordPepe spills his coffee15:13
* convidado come xerereca.15:14
lotuspsychje!es | convidado15:14
ubottuconvidado: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:14
WeblordPepesorry i appreciate the attention but im straight15:14
WeblordPepewait is that a game15:14
convidadoi don't speak spanish15:14
leftyfbWeblordPepe: this is an ubuntu support channel. Do you need Ubuntu support?15:14
lotuspsychjeWeblordPepe: you already have been told not to use this channel for chitchat this morning15:14
WeblordPepeyeah but i don't care15:15
leftyfbWeblordPepe: ok, then please go to #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-ops15:15
WeblordPepeno probs15:15
pragmaticenigmaSeTunTun: You may find answers to your question searching the web, or going directly to the Rythmbox developers (https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Rhythmbox) for assistance. This channel is mostly concerned with applications that are not starting or crashing.15:17
TashtariEriC^^: I got it to boot by using the acpi=off kernel parameter.15:18
TashtariThe machine is an old piece of junk, I guess that isn't surprising...15:19
arvin_someone's junk is another person's trash...15:20
pragmaticenigmaTashtari: is it going to suspend exactly after being awake for one minute? Or is it about one minute?15:20
pragmaticenigmaarvin_: Do you have an Ubuntu Support question?15:20
arvin_yes, thanks. I'm building the kernel from the latest mainline and applying the Ubuntu patches, but it's still not generating the /boot/abi-* file. Any ideas?15:21
spartan2276How can I add the /snap/bin to my PATH environment variable?15:21
pragmaticenigmaarvin_: This channel isn't well equiped for source compiling the kernel. It is more focused on the existing software and drivers that are provided through official Ubuntu channels.15:22
arvin_i understand15:22
pragmaticenigmaarvin_: You will want to check with another channel for help on kernel building15:22
arvin_any in particular?15:22
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spartan2276it makes no sense for ubuntu to claim that snap is easy when you have to still do all thise dumb config non-sense15:22
arvin_why do you have a snap/bin folder?15:23
pragmaticenigmaspartan2276: You can't, the intent of SNAPs are to live isolated from the rest of the OS15:23
arvin_if you want to add that to PATH, in your ~/.profile, add export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/snap/bin15:23
=== capella|away is now known as capella
pragmaticenigmaarvin_: You can try asking your question in #ubuntu-kernel ... I don't know if that is exactly the right channel, but they should be able to point you in the right direction if not15:24
spartan2276I have no idea all I know is that I needed to install an app called 'Hiri' and I followed the instructions here https://www.hiri.com/download/15:24
arvin_great, thank you15:24
arvin_if you type snap list, do you see your app there?15:25
pragmaticenigmaspartan2276: I would reach out to hiri's customer support for assistance in installing their application.15:26
arvin_i do agree though that Ubuntu should really stop defaulting to snaps for gnome-system-monitor, gnome-logs, gnome-calc15:26
arvin_I hope they reconsider that for 18.1015:26
arvin_the average user unfortunately won't know to uninstall the snaps and reinstall with apt15:26
spartan2276wait I have to reinstall it with apt-get15:27
spartan2276wow now I'm confused as hell15:27
pragmaticenigmaspartan2276: Hiri is an application that is not supported by this channel. You will need to contact Hiri's customer support for further assistance15:27
arvin_im sorry, that was my fault15:27
arvin_my comment was unrelated to yours15:27
spartan2276but this is a snap issue not an application onw15:28
spartan2276all I need is the exact command to add the darn snap/bin to may Path environment15:29
pragmaticenigmaspartan2276: Again, the application provided is not through canoncial or the ubuntu channels. This is the not the correct support channel. You will need to reach out to Hiri's customer support for further assistance. They are familiar with their application and will be able to assit you in determining the correct solution to your issue.15:29
spartan2276when I do this "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/snap/bin" nothing happens15:29
arvin_spartan, no one really owes you anything here. Make start by improving your tone15:29
arvin_second, I already explained PATH variable above15:29
arvin_third, this is third-party software, #ubuntu support isn't meant for any problem you ever run into on ubuntu or linux15:30
marxjohnsonIf you're on ubuntu you shouldn't need to add anything to the PATH for snaps to work15:30
marxjohnsonthey should "just work"15:30
arvin_so if you type "snap list" you can see if it even installed15:30
pragmaticenigmaI doubt that is the issue the original questionar is dealing with. And assumptions made with unfamiliarity of the application will only confuse others.15:31
arvin_(btw I'm just a guy that stumbled in here, I don't speak for #ubuntu)15:31
arvin_but I do hope my message about snaps and gnome-calc, gnome-system-monitor, and gnome-logs is heard :)15:32
arvin_spartan2276: when you type that command in termal, if you echo $PATH, you'll see snap/bin now in there. If you hit the Super key and search for your app, you might see it15:33
arvin_but you shouldn't need to add snap/bin to your path is the ultimate message15:33
pragmaticenigmaarvin_: please stop... spartan was already asked to take their question to the appropriate support channel15:33
arvin_got it15:34
pragmaticenigmaand again, we don't know what spartan was attempting to do. While the main executable is on the system path, they may be targetting a library or component directly, which isn't on the system path15:34
pragmaticenigmaMy assumption is that the application may not have installed correctly in the first place. Once that is resolved, I believe spartan's issue will also be resolved15:35
arvin_right, I think "snap list" was what I was referring to check that15:36
pragmaticenigmayes, but that just reads a configuration file... it doesn't mean that the application is working15:36
arvin_right, but snap is pretty sandboxed, isn't that the whole point? are there half-assed installs? asking, not stating15:37
pragmaticenigmaplease mind the language arvin_15:37
pragmaticenigmaTo put focus on your previous statement. Snaps are designed to allow developers a direct channel to keeping their application up-to-date on all systems. Rather than submitting their code and waiting for a distribution to pick it up.15:38
pragmaticenigmaSnaps are able to provide their own libraries that may or may not be the same version as the host operating sytsem. The main goal is to allow snaps to remain up-to-date, even on older systems.15:39
arvin_I see. It's just odd for a snap to misbehave on a popular distro which is why I suspect something else was up15:39
spartan2276hah! I simply added the app to /opt and ran it from there and works15:39
pragmaticenigmaThe purpose of gnome-calc, logs, etc... from Canoncial, is proof of concept. The intent there is to give other developers an idea how to make a snap of their application15:39
arvin_all in all, not trying to be difficult15:39
spartan2276snap sucks15:39
arvin_I see, but POC on all four may be a little too much15:40
ToadisattvaI have not been impressed with the snap packages so far15:40
arvin_snap doesn't suck, it serves its purpose. I just don't think the average user needs those vital packages as snaps. They load slower for sure.15:40
arvin_apt is perfectly suited for that15:40
Toadisattvathere was all this hype about how much easier and better snap packs would be than your old apt get, but for me it hasn't stood up15:40
arvin_theming is an issue with snap/flatpak but they're all getting better. in due time15:41
BluesKaji can't be bothered with snaps15:41
Toadisattvaone of those if it ain't broke don't fix it situations15:41
leftyfbarvin_: do you have some sort of proof that applications installed via snap run slower than ones installed via apt?15:41
BluesKajdon't see any advantages15:41
pragmaticenigmaokay, i think we've moved off topic here everyone... lets clear the way for other support requests15:42
arvin_leftyfb: yes, my eyes lol. I don't want to be difficult here. But snaps first load is a known issue.15:42
arvin_pragmaticenigma: they'd be coming in if there were any ;)15:42
leftyfbarvin_: can you point me to this "known issue"?15:42
arvin_(we are the support requests!)15:42
arvin_leftyfb: i'll have to look it up, but sure.15:43
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
sm0rux_With our IRC ad service you can reach a global audience of entrepreneurs and fentanyl addicts with extraordinary engagement rates! https://williampitcock.com/15:43
sm0rux_I thought you guys might be interested in this blog by freenode staff member Bryan 'kloeri' Ostergaard https://bryanostergaard.com/15:43
aroonifor some weird reason; upon startup; ubuntu wont allow ssh connections even though i have this rule setup with ufw; [24] 22                         ALLOW IN ;; only running sudo ufw disable; sudo ufw enable seems to make it work.  1) any reason why my rule is wrong? 2) as a work around, how can i make sure that that command runs on every system startup.15:43
arvin_leftyfb: I apologize, it was flatpak15:44
arvin_I'll see myself out, you've been great everyone thank you15:44
arvin_but I started on a fresh install, and loaded up calculator and it took a noticeably long time, where apt starts instant. so my point still stands15:45
pragmaticenigmaarvin_: for further discussion on snaps, please join us in #ubuntu-discuss15:45
pragmaticenigmaarooni: Does it go back to a blocked state on reboot?15:46
arvin_will do, thanks15:46
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: or #snappy15:46
aroonipragmaticenigma: it does;  it works fine after i shut it down and restart the ufw (until a system reboot)15:48
arvin_enjoyed the discussion, take care everyone15:49
pragmaticenigmaarooni: I think the issue is that there is a simplier way to enable SSH with ufw.15:51
pragmaticenigmaarooni: remove your custom rule from the configuration. Then run the command "sudo ufw allow ssh"15:52
aroonipragmaticenigma: i guess i was trying to prevent ssh connections to my laptop from anywhere in the world; or when i'm connected to public wifi didnt want incoming requests to be going on15:52
aroonibut i dont have password auth set up for ssh ; so i'm sure turning ssh on would be pretty safe overall15:53
aroonisince it'd only be key based auth15:53
pragmaticenigmaarooni: My recommendation is don't run SSH on a laptop. Outside of that... let me see if I can find another solution15:53
pragmaticenigmaoh, look same article I was reading has what you're looking for15:53
pragmaticenigmaarooni: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/ufw-essentials-common-firewall-rules-and-commands15:54
aroonipragmaticenigma: well thats why i was trying to only allow ssh from the one home network ip address id connect to it from15:54
pragmaticenigmaarooni: "sudo ufw allow from to any port 22"15:54
aroonipragmaticenigma: that'd probably work; but then i worry that any comptuter on a public wifi scenario could still ssh in ;  why wouldnt my specific ip address rule work15:55
pragmaticenigmaarooni: The issue with home IP network is that 192.168.x.x is a common private network block. So depending on where you take the laptop it is possible that network also uses 192.168.x.x addresses.15:55
pragmaticenigmaarooni: You can remove the 0/24 and just place the final octet in the IP address15:56
leftyfbarooni: are you trying to allow ssh to your laptop from your home over the internet or only from your local network?15:56
pragmaticenigmaleftyfb: They appear to be interested in allowing access when they're on their home network15:57
pragmaticenigmanot from the internet15:57
aroonileftyfb: correct;  only from my home network; but on occasion i do use my laptop in a public wifi scenario15:58
arooniwas trying to allow only the fixed ip address i'd ever connect to (from my home network) but no other addresses;15:58
leftyfbarooni: edit your sshd.service and add in a ExecStartPre= to check to make sure you're on your home network before starting the ssh daemon15:59
leftyfbarooni: there's another way to limit ssh in via ip as well15:59
arooniooh thats nitfy;  so the ssh server wont even run if i'm not at my home network15:59
aroonileftyfb: that wouldnt prevent me from making (outgoing) connections from the laptop right16:00
leftyfbonly allow ssh connections in16:00
arooniwhats the other approach you mentioned16:00
leftyfbalso, if you add this to the very beginning of your public ssh key      from=",localhost,"16:00
leftyfbso something like    from=",localhost," ssh-rsa AAAAB23423......16:01
arooniwoah neve rknew you could do that;16:01
leftyfbchanging the ip to the machine you'll be ssh'ing from16:01
arooniso i can specify multiple ip addresses that way right16:01
leftyfbas I've shown above16:01
arooniwhich of those methods would you prefer?  the key stuff looks pretty easy16:02
leftyfbthe key stuff is more user-manageable16:02
aroonithen i can just allow the ssh as a rule as pragmaticenigma mentioned above via ufw16:02
leftyfbediting the systemd unit is easy but could get overwritten and not as easy to remember to port over for new installs/upgrades16:02
aroonistill wonder why my allow a specific ip address didnt work with ufw;  oh well;16:03
leftyfbthe downside to the "from" solution is, there's a minuscule chance someone could have that ip you allow, but then they still need to get in using a key. The systemd solution eliminates all possible ssh exploits16:04
leftyfbI don't use ufw. I know how to manage iptables directly :)16:04
aroonileftyfb: someday i hope to have your skillz16:04
leftyfbarooni: you've been using linux since at least 2009. I'd image you're pretty close16:06
aroonistill learning;  you remember from this channel from that long ago ? lol16:06
leftyfbarooni: nope, I wasn't here that long ago. On Efnet though16:07
leftyfbI have logs :)16:07
arooniwell thx for help (x all the other times you answered my qs) lol16:07
fredis there any program that notifies me when the battery gets charged at 80%?16:08
=== fred is now known as Guest67732
leftyfbfred-: you could create a script around upower16:09
Guest67732leftyfb, what if Im a noob?16:10
pragmaticenigmaGuest67732: fred... now is as good as anytime to learn!16:10
leftyfbGuest67732: then it will take you longer to create the script16:10
* Guest67732 has been trolled16:10
pragmaticenigmaleftyfb: what about querying acpi -b?16:11
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: that'll work as well16:12
pragmaticenigmaGuest67732: take a look at this support article. It appears to be well written with explinations on what is happening. https://askubuntu.com/a/51895516:12
leftyfbas will /sys/class/power_supply/BATX/capacity16:12
leftyfblook at that, the exact script they're looking for16:13
pragmaticenigmaand step-by-step too!16:13
tinyhippo11With our IRC ad service you can reach a global audience of entrepreneurs and fentanyl addicts with extraordinary engagement rates! https://williampitcock.com/16:16
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Guest67732thank you pragmaticenigma16:18
Guest67732ill look into ti16:18
TheCowboynacc: not a fresh install of 18.04 but someone posted a workaround on reddit, (figured it's worth sharing in case anyone else comes in) if you login using Wayland and log back out, then you can log back in using the regular settings and they will work again for some reason16:21
Chullachakythe best tool to destroy a hard drive. Thank you..!!!16:22
TheCowboyreminder for anyone else interesting: the problem this solves is if you login using xorg and the screen goes black and the system becomes unresponsive (no ttys or anything)16:23
pragmaticenigmaChullachaky: This is a channel for Ubuntu support related questions. For other questions, polls, or general chat, please join #ubuntu-offtopic16:23
leftyfbChullachaky: a drill16:23
rootHi Guys16:24
=== root is now known as Guest96785
Guest96785Hi Guys16:25
pragmaticenigmaGuest96785: Do you have an ubuntu related support question?16:26
Guest96785pragmaticenigma: No Thanks16:26
JonelethIrenicuson windows when I middle(mouse wheel click) it pulls up a little multi-directional "scroll" so you move your mouse and it "scrolls" the page in that direction.  It is extremely handy.  Any way to get this functionality in Linux?16:33
qwebirc69222hello all16:40
qwebirc69222I have so many questions !!16:41
naccqwebirc69222: ask them one at a time?16:41
qwebirc69222Sure. I want to develop a chat server based on erlang, which Ubuntu distribution suits me best and why? Would Ubuntu Desktop be fine for the server development?16:42
=== sidntrivedi012_ is now known as sidntrivedi012
qwebirc69222I tried running erlang on windows, it sucks.16:43
naccqwebirc69222: this isn't really a survey channel -- use latest ubuntu (imo) unless you have a good reason not to; in this case, 18.04.116:43
naccqwebirc69222: you can develop anywhere, server and desktop are the same packages, just different deafult installs16:44
qwebirc69222nacc: thanks nacc for the advice. I have another question regarding installation.16:45
qwebirc69222nacc: Ubuntu recommends to free up space about 25GB for installation. Can I free only about 10 GB for it and still run it without much trouble?16:46
_sloth_does anyone know how to register on irc?16:48
Dbugger_sloth_, you mean your nickname?16:48
nacc!register | _sloth_16:48
ubottu_sloth_: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.16:48
naccqwebirc69222: i'm not sure; it probably depends on what you install16:49
DbuggerType "/ns help" and you will get all the info you need16:49
DbuggerDoes anybody know if there is any other alternative to OpenShot for video editing?16:49
DbuggerI am quite disappointed with text overlay in OpenShot :(16:50
naccDbugger: fwiw, /ns is a client-specific command16:50
Dbuggernacc, did not know that!16:50
=== sidntrivedi012_ is now known as sidntrivedi012
SimonNLchange to   /msg nickserv16:51
SimonNL_sloth_: /msg nickserv help register16:52
_sloth_Thanks all, I was able to get registered!16:53
jakecrossI am trying to run a node service with systemd and it uses a clustering module to spin up workers. It works outside of systemd but when managed by systemd, it says errconrefused That is not something I am doing within the service.16:53
=== gpap_ is now known as gpap
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Chullachakythe best tool to destroy a hard drive. Thank you..!!! ( use ubuntu )17:24
naccChullachaky: please stop. Do you have a support question?17:25
SwedeMikeChullachaky: destroy? You mean wipe all the data?17:25
pragmaticenigmaSwedeMike: It's not a support question, please do not assist17:25
hggdhChullachaky: it would be nice if you stop posting this.17:26
swenssonTrying to record sound, but I get nothing. It's a laptop with no extra soundcard or anything ...using "arecord myfile.wav" and  I get nothing... Got this from arecord -l http://dpaste.com/2TQQSGE17:37
weaksauceanyone have a good list of tools they'd run down to diagnose why a server is slow even with just ssh17:38
weaksaucetalking a 1 second delay from input to reaction when pressing keys17:38
weaksaucetop seems to think everything is fine17:39
naccweaksauce: is it the network?17:42
pragmaticenigmaweaksauce: Check log files like dmesg and syslog... syslog especially. "nmon" will help you look at devices like memory, network, disk utilization17:42
weaksaucenacc could be.17:42
=== dingir__ is now known as dingir_
weaksaucethanks pragmaticenigma i'll take a look at some of those17:43
naccif the symptom is only laggy typing over network, then i'd first make sure your connectivity (on both ends) is good, weaksauce17:46
weaksaucei checked with a server in the cloud and it's what i'd consider normal speed. this server is at a business and the connection is not as fast as i'd like but it should be fast enough for ssh and this is a noticeable slowdown. nacc17:47
naccweaksauce: are you connecting over a vpn?17:48
weaksauceno. just straight connect via a static ip17:49
TJ-weaksauce: if the business is heavily using the connection then delays in response for ssh/telnet/etc. is a common side-effect17:50
weaksaucei just found out that the connection is a 10mbps down and 2mbps up. they may well be using the network a bit too much for that slow of a connection17:50
TJ-weaksauce: try the 'sshping' tool17:51
TJ-weaksauce: https://github.com/spook/sshping17:52
weaksaucethanks TJ-17:52
Guest52012hi everyone, is in any way possible that my distro (lubuntu) change my user password? This is really strange. I do not why now can't recognize my password. Is possible that a file (storing password) was corrupted? I also had a NoMachine software for remote control, is possible I recive an attack and remotely someone change my password? Please reply to me in pvt THANKS!17:55
naccGuest52012: No, an uncompromised OS will not change your user password.17:56
naccGuest52012: corruption and malware are of course possible17:56
pragmaticenigmaGuest52012: Did you recently change your computer locale settings (changing the country) or change your keyboard settings?17:56
naccGuest52012: the more likely is a user error, though17:57
Guest52012<pragmaticenigma> only remotely17:57
pragmaticenigmaGuest52012: What do you mean by "only remotely"?17:57
=== Jonta_ is now known as Jonta
Guest52012<pragmaticenigma> when I connect through another computer automatically it set a keyboard I do not use, so I take the command "set keyboard excetera..." I do not remember the command exactly now. So I can use my native keyboard17:58
Guest52012I did this IN A LOCAL SESSION17:59
Guest52012but I saw that the computer of this scenario was abilited to accept all connections also out my connection18:00
Guest52012fortunately I have no a password request at boot18:00
pragmaticenigmaGuest52012: if you have access to the machine locally... open a text editor and press each key of the keyboard... make sure all the keys register as they appear on the keyboard.18:01
Guest52012I did it18:02
Guest52012and there is no problem ;(18:02
TJ-weaksauce: tested sshping here and got an avg latency of 18.5ms to a remote server18:02
weaksaucei am testing it right now18:03
weaksauceseems insanely slow18:03
TJ-Guest52012: you can try setting the password using the command "passwd" - it'll want your current password. If it refuses that you know it has been changed18:04
pragmaticenigmafrom terminal can you access "sudo -i" using your password?18:04
pragmaticenigmaGuest52012:  from terminal can you access "sudo -i" using your password?18:04
weaksauceTJ- when the tool says upload rate which is that? uploading from the local computer to the server or the other way around?18:05
TJ-weaksauce: Yes, outbound from you18:06
lotuspsychjeJonelethIrenicus: is this what you search for? https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/mouse-middleclick.html.en18:06
Guest52012<pragmaticenigma> I try18:06
TJ-weaksauce: that should be the remote's fastest lane (their 'download spee')18:06
weaksauceyeah, i am getting insanely slow speeds TJ-18:07
weaksauce220KB/s and 64KB/s18:07
Guest52012<pragmaticenigma> it doesn't work :(18:07
TJ-weaksauce: that's approx 2Mbps / 0.5Mbps18:08
pragmaticenigmaGuest52012: At this point if you feel that your computer has been compromised, my suggestion is to back up your data, and reinstall18:08
Guest52012ok :(18:08
weaksaucewell under the provisioned rate. :(18:08
Guest52012thank wayou anyo18:08
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=== saint___ is now known as saint_
JonelethIrenicuslotuspsychje: partially yes18:39
newde__Hello, I've installed gnome-shell on default ubuntu. I still see ubuntu and ubuntu wayland on login screen. Should/can I remove those? How?18:40
lotuspsychjenewde__: gnome is already on ubuntu desktop, what do you mean?18:42
newde__lotuspsychje: I prefer the default gnome-shell desktop enviroment to the ubuntu gnome flavor. So I installed gnome-shell.18:44
newde__lotuspsychje: On the login screen I now have gnome, ubuntu, and ubuntu on wayland as options for desktop enviroment (?). I was wondering if the two ubuntu options took up lots of space and how I might remove them18:45
lotuspsychjenewde__: wich ubuntu version are you on?18:46
newde__lotuspsychje: I'm on 18.0418:47
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
newde__lotuspsychje: I've installed the default ubuntu distribution, not ubuntu-gnome or any other of the derivatives18:48
lotuspsychjenewde__: 18.04 has already gnome by default..18:48
newde__lotuspsychje: I've switched to ubuntu from debian which I think used the default gnome3 desktop enviroment. I quite liked it. It seems like ubuntu came with it's own flavor of gnome so I installed gnome-shell18:49
pragmaticenigmalotuspsychje: Ubuntu 18.04 uses a customized version of Gnome Shell, there is the option for installing the un-Ubuntufied Gnome-Shell desktop, which doesn't have all the customization from Canonical18:51
pragmaticenigmanewde__: Because Gnome-Shell and Ubuntu-Gnome use shared libraries, there is minimal overhead having both installed at the same time.18:51
pragmaticenigmanewde__: Most of the differences are in the apperance, which is controlled through theme files, and a few other small tweaks, mostly handled with config files18:52
newde__pragmaticenigma: Ok great! Yes I guess I was a bit lazy and didn't want to go tweaking everything around...18:52
newde__pragmaticenigma: Do you know if the 'ubtunu on wayland' option takes up much space and if it can be removed?18:53
qwebirc3289Hey guys. I'm having a little bit of issues starting an application with startup apps, and I'm not entirely sure why18:53
pragmaticenigmanewde__: That is another configuration difference. Ubuntu on Wayland changes the compositor, but the installation of gnome is the same for both18:54
ubottuUpgrades from 16.04 LTS will not be enabled until a few days after the 18.04.1 release expected in late July.18:55
cavillis^^ anyone know what the hold up is?18:56
newde__Ok I see. Thanks for your help pragmaticenigma and lotuspsychje. Sorry for the confusion.18:56
pragmaticenigmacavillis: When they have finished handling all the bug reports that came in during it's test18:56
=== graingert_ is now known as graingert
cavillisthanks for the tip, i'll watch the bug tracker19:01
lotuspsychjecavillis: thanks for your patience19:02
BraliHi all! I have a quite annoying problem with my ubuntu installation. When I log in, the cursor is invisible for like half a minute or so, also, the sound icon at the top tray is missing until they both appear at the same time. Happy to get any tips, google was unable to help me get rid of it :(19:16
Braliubuntu 16.04 LTS19:17
lotuspsychjeBrali: did you update your system to latest?19:17
lotuspsychjeBrali: did this happen after an update or so?19:17
BraliHonnestly, I am not sure anymore, I did not have it on the fresh install, I think, I have been having it for quite a while. Sometimes the cursor is immediately visible when I log in, it's rare though19:19
lotuspsychjeBrali: can you do a test, try to login with another user, see if it reproduces there too?19:19
BraliIs guest user enough, or should I create a new user19:20
lotuspsychjeBrali: sure try the guest19:20
Bralilotuspsychje: it seems to be fine, but I'll try to reboot and logon to the guest and see what happens19:22
lotuspsychjeBrali: did it work?19:25
lotuspsychje!yay | Brali19:25
ubottuBrali: Glad you made it! :-)19:25
BraliThanks :)19:25
lotuspsychjeBrali: try a sudo service lightdm restart on your lagging account19:26
brontosaurusrexList all files in dir, including hidden ones?19:33
brontosaurusrexfind . -maxdepth 1 -print0 ?19:33
_ruben'ls -a' seems simpler19:34
tsgloveI'm reading this link, and it's mentioning "netplan" for static ip assignment.   Is that the standard way to do it?    >>> https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html19:47
steeelHey, when i apt upgrade i get this error: https://tinyurl.com/dymbb3a please help :/19:48
genii!netplan | tsglove19:48
ubottutsglove: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/19:48
tsglovegenii, thanks.  That's what seemed like.   I like to do it as previously done   /etc/network/interfaces19:49
tsgloveAny pro/con you guys can thing of?19:49
MGDI’ve just installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on my MacPro and it’s not connecting to my WiFi. Any ideas as to why?19:49
steeelLook at me hey fuck on me yaa19:50
=== acacio is now known as fenixir
geniisteeel: Any more rickrolling will result in bans19:50
steeelgenii: what do you mean? What are you talking about?19:50
MGDActually, it seems to connect over 2G for some time but can’t connect to 5G19:51
steeelgenii: got rickrolled LOL19:51
beaver+b ~!uid311627@*19:52
steeelStreamer by the way19:52
beavergenii: (maybe) +b !uid311627@*19:56
steeelbeaver: my ban is none of your business. Go playing pong, you doo doo19:59
steeelAnyway when i apt upgrade i get this error: https://tinyurl.com/dymbb3a please help :/20:01
tsgloveHey guys, when you're doing a "home lab"  setup, what do you use for the domain name?    Example, say I want to modify the /etc/hosts file.          I see example.com, yet, do people usually buy a domain for homeLab setups?20:04
tsgloveOr what do they do?20:04
buzzkillyou can use anything you want really.... like lastname.net just set up a local dns (like dnsmasq) to serve hostnames (or maintain hosts files on everything)20:04
KungFoohow do I find out what version of ubuntu I'm running?20:05
KungFooI know it's 14.0420:05
tsglovebuzzkill, ahhh... ok20:05
KungFoobut I want to see it20:05
tsgloveKungFoo,     cat /etc/*-release20:05
buzzkilllsb_release -a20:05
tsglovebuzzkill, Ahhh... that explains.    do I can do   whatEverSomething.com      yet, I then have to     either setup my own DNS, or maintain host files on every test machine?20:06
steeelKungFoo: run this uname command: https://tinyurl.com/dymbb3a20:06
buzzkilltsglove:  just don't try and use something that is real. It will cause many headaches20:06
powerninjaHello, forgot what's the command to verify ubuntu has unattended upgrade on or off, other looking that the /etc/apt files. any help would be appreciated. thanks20:06
tgm4883tsglove: I would recommend something.loc rather than a real TLD20:06
tsglovebuzzkill, yeah yeah.   Like    tsgloveTestNetwork.com   ... got it got it.20:06
tsglovetgm4883,     ".loc"         I like it20:07
buzzkilltsglove:  we use .local20:07
buzzkillyou are not limited to 3 characters20:07
tsgloveI am seeing the benefit of a "local DNS" server.20:07
KungFoowhat's with the rick roll20:07
tgm4883I wouldn't use .local, there previously was issues with that and avahi. Not sure if that ever got fixed20:07
=== steeel is now known as lil_steel
beaverplease …  +b !uid311627@*20:10
lil_steelbeaver: go fuck yourself in #wankers20:11
enojellyRecently updated my 16.04 LTS, and now deja-dup does not want to backup to my vbox shared folder (automounted at /media/sf_foo) anymore: Permission Denied.20:15
enojellyBut I can definitely write into that directory both with root and my local user...20:15
enojellyand I have a hard time getting deja-dup to tell me what it's actually trying to do20:15
enojelly(updated to 16.04.5 LTS)20:16
pragmaticenigmatsglove: If you are still looking for ideas... you can safely use .home, .loc as your top-level-domain which are not available on the open interent20:17
powerninjaanyone know how I can verify from cli if unattended-upgrades is enabled/disabled? Thanks Just ran it few days ago, but can't remember :(20:18
tsglovepragmaticenigma, definitely!  I settled with ".loc"... I like it.20:19
SteeeeeeeeeeeeeeBeaver: get cancer nigger20:22
RumenHellooooo everyone!!!20:22
SteeeeeeeeeeeeeeRumen you doo doo20:22
RumenGuys I have one issue with missing icons when computer starts20:23
Rumenin the top bar https://ibb.co/f37wke20:23
SteeeeeeeeeeeeeeRumen: run this command on terminal root: https://tinyurl.com/dymbb3a20:23
RumenI have to manually refresh with Alt+F2   and   "R"20:24
beaverhggdh: +b !8a440e67@* (please)20:24
RumenIrt seems the icons doesn't refresh20:25
RumenWhen I start let's say Skype or Telegram I need again to refresh it with Alt+F2 and "R"20:25
pragmaticenigmaRumen: There is a known issue with Skype and it's notification icon20:26
pragmaticenigmaIt's on the skype developers to fix it20:26
Rumennot only Skype the other icons as well .... see the picture https://ibb.co/f37wke20:27
pragmaticenigmaI don't follow what you mean by missing icons... there all there in the photo20:27
RumenWhen the computer start these icons are not there. In order to become visible (to appear) I need to   1.)   Alt+F2   and 2.)  "R"20:29
pragmaticenigmaRumen: you could try this https://askubuntu.com/a/968305 ... otherwise there are several known bugs that haven't been addressed20:31
pragmaticenigmaI've gotta run20:31
coz_hey all20:32
mahdican anyone help me with that ?20:35
cousteauWhere is xorg.conf, if at all?20:36
cousteauin 18.04?20:36
beavermahdi: are you up to date on your updates ?20:37
mahdibeaver: yes , everything is up to date20:37
cousteau...ah, seems to be in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf20:38
beavermahdi: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Software-and-How-To-Questions/Error-Spam-AER-id-00e5-PCIe-Bus-Error-severity-Corrected/td-p/593368720:38
beavera track can be20:38
coz_cousteau,  also look here   https://askubuntu.com/questions/1051343/where-is-the-xorg-conf-file-in-ubuntu-18-0420:39
cousteaucoz_, yes, that's how I found the place20:39
coz_cousteau, ok cool, yes google can help20:40
Rumenpragmaticenigma  Thank you - that solved the problem! Twise restarted the computer and both times icons appeared!20:45
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texlaUbuntu 18.04.1 Trash icon on the right side of icon bar..Cannot move to icon by drag and drop and cannot find any way to reposition trash21:09
IhrFusselAre The LTs kernels secure? I mean since LTS versions stay on one (outdated) kernel21:31
milpi think there are lts versions for kernels too, so they are provided with security updates21:32
hiigAnyone able to help me compile something? Have no idea what to do. As far as I know, I've got all the required files, but the video I watched was for arch, and makepkg is not available. I don't know what to do with the PKGBUILD file now21:32
naccIhrFussel: not sure what you mean.21:33
naccIhrFussel: official ubuntu kernels get security support, yes.21:34
IhrFusselmilp, do you know if 4.15 is such a LTS kernel? Or do the Ubuntu devs just backport any security fixes from later kernel versions?21:34
naccIhrFussel: if you think that the upstream kernel is somehow *more* secure than the distro kernels, you probably don't know what you're talking about.21:34
milpIhrFussel https://www.kernel.org/ you can see the lts versions here21:35
IhrFusselnacc, tell that to all the people who claim that having the most recent kernel is always best21:35
naccIhrFussel: who claims that?21:35
IhrFusselI heard that a lot of times "wow your kernel is pretty outdated, you should update"21:36
naccIhrFussel: and please, stick to Ubuntu support here. Perhaps you want #linux for such random, seemingly unfounded claims.21:36
naccIhrFussel: without context, that's FUD.21:36
naccIhrFussel: as in, specific versions, who is saying that, and why they say that.21:37
IhrFusselI heard that a lot regarding Android kernels so I thought maybe the same applies to Ubuntu21:39
naccAndroid provides security updates for their kernels as well.21:39
naccIhrFussel: again, complete FUD.21:39
IhrFusselWell good to know then...so in short Ubuntu kernels (until support ends) are pretty much as safe as official newest linux kernels21:41
hggdhIhrFussel: *probably*. Supposing the newest kernel are safe21:42
naccIhrFussel: I feel like you need to understand they have totally different models. Distros support distro kernels, not upstream. Ubutnu has a security team that is responsible for all security updates, not just kerenl. Those typically are backports in response to CVEs.21:42
naccIhrFussel: but as I said, I have no idea why someone would assume newest kernels are strictly safer. Oftn times they have bugs (hence dot releases)21:42
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Khaotici just upgraded to 18.0422:00
Khaoticany idea why running sudo commands hangs?22:00
tomreynKhaotic: see /var/log/auth.log ~/.xsession-errors for any error messages.22:03
tomreynKhaotic: also discuss what you upgraded from22:03
Rootyjrcan anyone see this?22:06
tomreynKhaotic: if you're running wayland this may be why22:06
UEFI-ChallengedI am having problems with an Acer Spin 1 install with ALL flavors of ubuntu.22:06
tomreynRootyjr: yes22:06
UEFI-ChallengedI see you, Rootyjr22:06
Khaoticsounds familiar22:06
Khaoticwhat is it?22:06
Rootyjrcool just wanted to see if this channel let unregistered users talk22:07
UEFI-ChallengedThe install hangs at "Installing efi_x84_64"22:07
tomreyn!wayland | Khaotic22:07
ubottuKhaotic: Wayland is a display server protocol that can be used instead of X. Ubuntu 17.10 uses Wayland by default on systems that support it. For more info, see https://wayland.freedesktop.org/22:07
UEFI-ChallengedIt is not possible to change the Spin 1 to Legacy boot mode, so UEFI is the only option.22:07
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: maybe this is 32-bit uefi? if so, this would explain this situation22:08
UEFI-ChallengedI have tried multible settings in the laptop bios...secure boot on/off, etc, etc.22:08
UEFI-Challengedthe biggest problem is there doesn't seem to be an error thrown that I can find.22:08
UEFI-Challengedit is a quad-processor box, so it is POSSIBLE, but unlikely to be 32 bit.22:10
tomreynKhaotic: what is returned when you run this in a terminal? echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE22:10
UEFI-Challengedolder model Acers are 64 bit.22:10
Khaotictomreyn, x1122:11
UEFI-ChallengedWhere can I look for errors...syslog is not good, as it just stops updating the process when the job hangs.22:11
UEFI-Challengedalso, the box comes standard with Windoze 10/64 bit...so I don't think 32 bit is the issue....be nice to find an error somewhere to be sure.22:12
UEFI-Challengedgrub2 actually installs and boots to s grub2 prompt22:13
tomreynKhaotic: okay so wayland is notgetting in the way with sudo, check those logs.22:13
UEFI-Challengedbut I have no way of knowing where in the install process it is and whether enough has loaded to try to boot from grub2 command line22:14
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: i'm not saying 32-bit CPU, i'm saxying 32-bit uefi, that's a different thing.22:14
Simoniousso linux on chromebook, I'm looking at crouton - I really just need a shell, no X required, is the chromebook a painfree and reasonable option? (I like it because it's small and I want to carry it around to flash various targets)22:14
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: can you get the exact model # for your system and look up the exact system specifications please?22:15
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn:  I understand, I think.  You are implying that the firmware process is 32 bit (as the lubutu dist is not and the processor is not).22:15
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn:  doing that now.22:15
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: right. but i just noticed you said that grub2 installed fine?22:15
tomreynif so, it may be more of a partitioning issue.22:16
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn:  if I kill the install (after it hangs) the machine will boot to a grub> prompt22:16
tomreyni'm not sure what would happen with a 32-bit uefi22:16
tomreynoh okay so the installation never succeeds22:17
UEFI-ChallengedThe partitions look OK....1 EFI and 1 Linux22:17
Khaotictomreyn, what should i be looking for in those logs?22:17
Khaotici think it's got something to do with the wifi drivers22:17
Khaotici have an asus rog mobo22:17
UEFI-ChallengedRight...it hangs during the grub2 install at the UEFI section...but the grub2 program installs and runs22:18
Khaoticwith builtin wifi22:18
UEFI-ChallengedModel SP111-32N-P6CV22:18
tomreynSimonious: if you are wondering whether your new linux system should be a chromebook (you have not boughtr it, yet), then i'd say most likely not.22:19
Simonioustomreyn: I've got the chromebook here, pulled it out of a stack of unloved, the mousepad doesn't work well.. if it were a simple terminal like a raspi or a beaglebone it'd be exactly what I'm looking for.22:19
Simonioustomreyn: I've poked at it a bit here and it doesn't look like a simple path, so I'll probably just go grab a an old centrino thinkpad out of the junk pile.22:21
SimoniousI liked the chromebook because it's light and tiny22:21
Simoniousbut if it's a pita, I'll just go with the ThinkPad.22:21
UEFI-Challenged<tomreyn>  I'm not finding anything that specifically mentions the UEFI spec of the Acer SP111-32N-P6CV22:22
BowStarDoes anybody know a cheap laptop (like the chromebook) which can run ubuntu 18.04 and is good enough for coding, Java and some office work?22:25
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn:  I see a reference to an older model SP111 that talks about it being 64bit UEFI22:25
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: me neither, it's badly documented. it has a cpu which is a likely suspect, though22:25
tomreyntech specs https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.GRMAA.00922:25
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn: So back to the real question....where can I find an error without having to single-step through the python code to see where it quit?22:26
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UEFI-Challengedor perhaps a new question...perhaps it would be easier to test to see if it is a 32 bit UEFI?  How would one do that?  Install a 32 bit ubuntu version?22:27
SimoniousBowStar: do you need a GUI?22:27
SimoniousBowStar: pi-tops are a thing22:27
SimoniousBowStar: I do a little development on a beaglebone too.22:27
SimoniousBowStar: but I do most of my dev work from command line.22:28
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: get the latest bios update, then try again. i read on a german language forum that someone else had difficulties installing ubuntu until it was updated, due to a firmware bug with how it addresses the internal storage.22:28
tomreynKhaotic: you're looking for anything that looks like an error message on this logs. you can post them using pastebinit, if you like, and i can have a glance22:29
tomreyn!pastebinit | Khaotic22:29
ubottuKhaotic: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit22:29
Khaoticim not seeing any22:29
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn: That could be.  Getting an updated bios is going to be a delay...I blew away Windoze 10 as step 122:30
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UEFI-ChallengedI never had this much trouble with a new install on a new machine before now.22:31
tomreynSimonious: IIRC by default croutin installs as a chroot, so an 'embedded' system below the actual chrome OS. in terms of performance this can be ok, but it is quite the hack.22:31
tomreynSimonious: the thinkpad will most likely be very easy22:31
Simonioustomreyn: yeah, it's almost ready to go.. ;)22:31
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: it is 'complicated' hardware22:32
UEFI-ChallengedPerfect.  My luck.22:32
tomreynthis is a low cost cpu22:32
UEFI-ChallengedWell, I'm running 3 webservers on Raspberry Pi hardware....so I figured a name-brand machine would be at least a bit easier than that.22:33
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: Acer: many require that trust be set to get around that vendor lock-in : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2330267 .22:33
UEFI-Challengedand Ubuntu runs REALLY WELL from the USB stick.22:33
tomreynthe raspberry pi platform has much better support than this cpu ;)22:34
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn:  That makes sense, but how do you set the trust if it didn't get to the part yet that creates the shim file?22:34
tomreynor platform rather22:34
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: i think you were responding to Bashing-om22:35
UEFI-ChallengedI actually created the shim.efi file once by clobbering the initial python program that was stuck...it stuck on the next one, but the shim.efi was there...22:35
UEFI-Challengedbut in the end it didn't help22:36
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: setting trust - if applicable - is in the firmware settings .22:36
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: also: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2333630 <- oldfred : Ubuntu on Acer Aspire new Laptop .22:38
UEFI-ChallengedAh..right...Bashing-om....I know where that setting is, but it requires selecting a file as a trusted boot.  That requires the file to be installed.  The install fails prior to creating the file to trust.22:38
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: Ouch .. so much for my knowledge :(22:39
UEFI-ChallengedBashing-om...no...I appreciate any help...I have TRIED to figure it out first before asking...so I've crashed and burned a lot.22:40
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UEFI-Challengedit is possible I missed something....always possible22:41
UEFI-ChallengedThe REALLY frustrating thing is no error log!!!!!!22:41
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: Not the 1st to burn with Acer. I have seem a *lot* of postings in that respect .22:41
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2330267 <-  set "trust" on the Ubuntu/grub .efi files.22:42
UEFI-ChallengedSad thing is it runs REALLY well off the USB22:42
UEFI-ChallengedBashing-om:  Yeah, I read that post a few days ago...that's the problem...it never gets that far in the install process.  Most of those posts are talking about version 16...I am using version 18 LTS22:44
tomreynUEFI-Challenged: here's how to get access to logs on the ubuntu dekstop installer https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUbiquity22:44
UEFI-ChallengedI have not tried going back to version 16 just to see if it will finish the install....that's about all I haven't tried.22:44
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: Another thought. what is the graphic's set ? maybe try the 'nomodeset' boot parameter ?22:46
UEFI-Challengedtomreyn:  Yep...read that too.  /installer isn't being updated (probably does at the end...which never happens)...partman looks fine...syslog works right up to the hang...that's how I know it hung.22:46
UEFI-ChallengedBashing-om:  I haven't tried any boot params yet...I suppose that's next.22:47
UEFI-ChallengedI could use syslog to determine which process was last called then ps -ef to find the python install file and put some stops in it...but YUCK!22:48
Bashing-omUEFI-Challenged: Should not apply in 18.04 install, but when I installed 16.04 with a new generation nvidia card, come to find out after much anguish there was no support for the card at that time .22:49
UEFI-ChallengedBashing-om: I don't think that's the problem, as it runs like a champ off the USB22:50
UEFI-Challengedbut I have had Nvidia issues in the past.22:50
UEFI-ChallengedI suppose I'll go beat my head against the wall some more...thank's for the suggestions!22:51
tomreynand while i was researching this, i found a pretty current insyde bios updater for linux (which UEFI-Challenged would maybe have wanted), neat.22:56
smacktalkwhy can't I see my blank dvd?23:01
smacktalkdo I need to mount the drive?23:02
tomreynsmacktalk: if it's blank then there's nothing to be seen23:07
tomreynyou dont mount drives, you mount file systems. a blank dvd does not have a file system.23:07
gottAMD 64 with turbo boost?23:40
tomreyngott: do you have an ubuntu support question?23:41
tomreynIntelCore: maybe, if you'll ask an actuall ubuntu support question23:44
IntelCoreinstalled bionic, fine. Indicator-Applet-Complete -- is messed up23:44
gotttomreyn: Yes23:45
gottHow do I know if Ubuntu uses turbo boost on my AMD PC?23:45
IntelCoreoops, sorry wc23:47
gottHardinfo lists 4 cores at default speed23:47
IntelCoreYea, Indicator-Applet to show settings panel. Now shows "About" Panel-Complete, it used23:48
tomreyngott: do you mean 'turbo core'?23:48
IntelCoreto show About, and system-settings each seperate, now both on the menu shows same23:49
gotttomreyn: Yes. It should activate whenever there's need for more Hz23:49
tomreynIntelCore: i can't follow any of what you're saying and am still not seeing an ubuntu support question.23:50
IntelCoreit's caniocal product23:50
tomreyngott: maybe this can help? https://askubuntu.com/questions/501578/turbo-core-not-working23:50
gotttomreyn: There are 3 modes: Resting mode, Normal mode and Turbo core23:50
IntelCoreIndicator Applet Complete - 12.10.1 - https://launchpad.net/indicator-applet23:52
IntelCoreI thought it would update and correct itself. It shows same panel for both "About" and "Settings"23:53
tomreynIntelCore: what is "it"? what is you ubuntu support question?23:53
tomreynwhich ubuntu release are you asking about?23:53
IntelCoreit?  tomryn the applet, I guess.. Or, the way bionic changed where you find system settings23:54
rusty_does anyone know why git-prompt.sh is not in the git package for ubuntu?23:54
naccrusty_: you mean the completion stuff for git?23:55
Guest52609<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth23:55
tomreynIntelCore: this is not a support question.23:56
IntelCoretomreyn, what to do to fix it back?23:56
tomreynIntelCore: i can't tell you what to do to fix 'something' because i dont know what 'something' is, and how it works differently than expected.23:57
IntelCore*copywrite 2009-2010 canonical23:57
IntelCoreI just explained23:58
MibixSo I tried to set up the backup and I think it went ok but here are all the files it missed https://pastebin.com/q9XXdRp9 i backed up /opt /etc /home /root /srv /var /usr/local23:59
Mibixit also missed like every file in that /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Cache/ folder23:59

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