bluesabreflocculant: thanks!02:50
donofrioany hope of workaround for my wifi (http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Z5wnJm8swm/) issues, it keeps dropping the nic - http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6K5d8nkxHM/05:08
donofrioseems like this was solved years ago.....https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2237066&page=3 05:09
donofriogranted that was 2.x kernel but what I can I do today to make this stable....cannot use this for work if it's unable to connect to wifi05:09
knomedonofrio, please keep the support questions on #xubuntu 06:19
Spassstill see this bug on current cosmic - mouse wheel doesn't work on "Appearance" style and icon lists, but only when I open it within the xfce4-settings-manager10:39
Spassit works when I open xfce4-appearance-settings directly10:39
Spassbut I assume it's a known issue? no need to report it anywhere?10:44
knomedoes it only happen in cosmic or in bionic too?10:49
Spassknome, only cosmic, maybe something related to the new xfce4-settings?10:52
knomebluesabre, ping-a-ling10:52
bluesabreThere's a bug reported for it. It's a bug in gtk. Need to file an upstream bug for it.11:23
bluesabreAffects plug and socket windows.11:24
bluesabreGtk 3 specifically11:24
knomebluesabre, oh, and this would have been the right channel for the discussion :D11:43
knomei mean ideally, we'd let everybody in the team with a blog poot their articles to our twitter feed11:44
knometheir *xubuntu-related articles*11:44
knomethat might be one of the interesting points - does plugins support that kind of filtering11:44
TJ-We may have a problem with policykit and/or logind that only affects Xubuntu, due to a recent policykit CVE backport. This is just a heads up so more eyeballs are aware. Bug #178496411:56
ubottubug 1784964 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "Regression due to CVE-2018-1116 (processes not inheriting user's groups )" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178496411:56
knomebluesabre, ochosi, Unit193: but 178496411:56
knomebug too11:56
knomeTJ-, thanks!11:56
knomeSpass, i thought about you saying you don't have the skills to contribute... there's at least one thing where you would be able to help and might be motivated in as well based on the tasks you've accomplished before: the press links on the website; we try to list all reviews and whatnot that happen in the blogs, vlogs and beyond, but we've been terrible at it for the last few releases...16:29
knome(and don't get me wrong, i don't think this relatively brainless task is the pinnacle of what you can achieve :P)16:30
Spassknome, sounds like a task I could help with a little, yeah17:37
knomehmmh, i think we should reconsider the perm policy anyway...17:41
knomeUnit193, i need your help later today.17:44
Unit193knome: It'll have to be much, much later.  Sorry.17:45
knomeno hurry.17:45
knomei guess i could figure this out even without your help with the staging site.17:45
knomegood idea, that.17:45
* knome pats himself on the back17:45
knomeohhh my.17:50
knomewell done17:50
* knome facepalms hard18:21
knomehelps if you edit the non-local copy of the file if you want to try modifications lice18:22
knomeok, sent an ad-nauseam-length mail to the devel list...19:45
Spasssuggestion for 18.10: adding "Find / Search" icon to the Toolbar on Atril as a default (and possibly some more icons)19:47
knomeSpass, guess what i'm proposing this for? d:19:48
* Spass reads that mail carefully19:49
flocculantknome: so xubuntu-website is much like xubuntu-qa then :)19:50
knomeflocculant, practically, yes19:51
knomeexcept that ~xubuntu-website has meaningful code branches in LP19:51
knome...but those aren't related to content managing19:51
flocculantyou hope19:51
knomewell, there's that one branch that has our website theme that is used by the canonical IS whenever we require code deployment... :P19:52
knomeso i would argue it's at least technically meaningful...19:52
flocculantha ha 19:52
knomewhether it's socially as well is a different thing and not a case for me to judge :P19:53
flocculantso effectively no-one actually needs to be in -website if they are in -team?19:53
flocculantha ha 19:53
flocculantso it would actually be better for people in -team to drop -website19:54
flocculantthen we know that people in -website would be the people in a sub-team19:54
knomeunless they contribute to the website code or strongly feel like they are part of that team19:54
knomeor manage website bugs ...19:54
flocculantthat said we're not such an enormous team people don't know who's who :p19:55
knomeand really, if somebody feels like they want to be in the website team... who am i to tell they don't belong there?19:55
knomejust as much as -artwork or -qa19:56
flocculantyea for sure agree there19:56
knome-devel is slightly different because it actually gives people some cow powers19:56
knomeok, -website too but...19:56
flocculantyea - agree19:56
knomewe do have that gatekeeper on production deployment too19:56
knomeeg. canonical IS won't let anybody request pulls -- i've ran into that wall previously as well :P19:57
flocculantha ha ha 19:57
knome(even when officially the website lead...)19:57
knomeactually that wasn't code deployment but some DNS issues19:57
knomebut i'm sure they do some checks :P19:57
flocculanton everything19:58
flocculantthen say no19:58
knomewhen you're able to open the floodgates though - then it's been yes quickly19:58
flocculantI'll not reply to thread as I've no issue19:59
flocculantI assume you'll own the new team with -council19:59
knomei would say council owns, -website admins19:59
knomethat'd be wrong20:00
knomecouncil owns, -website admin admins20:00
knomei mean... administrators of ~xubuntu-website should also be administrators ~xubuntu-website-admin20:00
flocculantand -w-admin owns -website 20:01
flocculantthat makes sense20:01
knomeotherwise getting -website membership would mean you could theoretically give yourself admin rights, which is not desired20:01
flocculantkind of 20:01
knomenah, -council owns everything20:01
flocculantbecause in that scenario, -qa should own -testers20:01
knomelet's make one big bottleneck in case there's a trainwreck20:02
flocculantha ha 20:02
knomebecause then at least new people are able to get ahold of things quickly20:02
knomebtw, https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-testers says http://20:02
flocculantno it doesn't ...20:03
knomeso says -qa20:03
knome... :P20:03
knomewebsite *clearly* doesn't!20:03
knomethe artwork team description clearly is up-to-date too20:04
knomelinks to wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork :P20:04
knome...which is an empty page in a very slow-loading wiki20:04
flocculantha ha 20:05
flocculantvery 'arty' :D20:05
knomeabsolutely, especially if you add an f20:05
Spass"(f)arts" will always remind me the Mad Men series, they had that on the door in the office20:06
Spasssorry, that should go to -offtopic20:07
knomeSpass, still reading the mail? (i acknowledge it's long but...)20:08
flocculantknome had -verbose on20:08
flocculantas usual :D20:08
knomei mean20:08
knomeit was hard to communicate all of the details of that with a shorter mail20:09
knomethe other option would have been "i'm changing this, nag now or never"20:09
flocculantof course - obviously only joking20:09
Spassheh, no, read it already20:09
flocculanta bit20:09
knomethen it would have been obviously flocculant on the mailing list with all kinds of questions about freedoms he's about to lose20:09
flocculantwell hardly as I own all the things at the moment :p20:10
knomethough owning doesn't mean you get the membership benefits20:10
flocculantit does if I add myself lol20:10
knomesure :P20:10
knomebut not directly20:10
knomewhich is fancy20:10
knome(not ironic)20:10
Spasslike I said before, I have some time to spare lately and I'd like to help where I can, for example with little testing / qa etc., so I could help with some articles / editing too I guess :)20:12
knomeSpass, so the question is... do you see where this proposal is leading us? ;)20:12
knomethis is primarily for the press links -- editors can add those from the admin -- but sure, all kinds of other help is welcome as well :)20:12
Spassunfortunately full-blown article is above my skills (my English is not so good), but adding some info to the existing articles is fine for me, I think20:12
knomethat's why we give editor(esque) rights for the -team so many eyes can go through stuff20:13
flocculantSpass: that's no issue at all, we just add ponglish to the finglish20:14
flocculantI often read things through - especially when knome asks20:14
Spassgenerally - globish20:14
knomebecause he knows my english isn't the most fluent either20:15
knomeat least so far i haven't had to explain what i'm trying to communicate with something... :P20:15
flocculantnope - never had that :)20:15
flocculantand your english's are going to be a whole lot better than my Finn or Polish :)20:16
knomewell, that must've been a lie - the devil is in the details and small nuances..20:16
knomealso since you are maintaining the polish site, it might be useful to consider if some of the information there would be important/useful for the main site as well20:19
knomeand maybe - just maybe - we will get translations for the main site at some point as well20:20
Spassok cool, I'll keep that in mind20:21
flocculantright - a'wandering I go :)20:22
knomea youtube video awaits me...20:27
ochosiknome: good proposal for the web21:48
* knome bows22:19
ochosijust started with some basic theming in greybird for xfwm4 4.13 to get it in shape if we decide to include it or provide it somehow during cosmic22:38
ochosiit's not that hard but i'm afraid it will require patching xfwm4 a little22:38
ochosiat least as far as i can tell22:39
SpassI was playing with new Xfwm a bit on 18.10 and my xfce4-settings crashed - https://ibb.co/ffJ3gK23:02
Spassand I've noticed a problem with window elements disappearing from the options panel when I change the order of them23:03
Spassif that issue isn't known already I can elaborate / record my desktop to show that23:04
ochosiSpass: reporting an upstream bug is always a good idea23:08
ochosinot sure whether this is particularly known23:09
Spassochosi, ok will do that tomorrow23:09
Spassapport kicked in, so - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-settings/+bug/178514323:16
ubottuError: launchpad bug 1785143 not found23:16
Spasshmm, it's private23:16
Spass(changed to public)23:18
Spassnot sure if that's normal, but I got a lot of "...is drawn without a current allocation. This should not happen." messages in the XsessionErrors.txt23:20

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