IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> @someone_, The way I understand what Akonadi is - is that it is an integrated communication system that connects Kmail, Korgansier, Kontact (and others?). It has a reputation for being buggy, particularly with managing kmail. If you install one of the above apps Akonadi will also install. This is a noob interpretation.02:01
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BluesKajHiyas all12:34
IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> How do I disable tapping (not clicking) on the touchpad in Kubuntu 16.04 plasma version 5.8.9?12:37
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Tuxisti have problem i have no virtual keyboard found in kubuntu 18.0414:26
IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> @Anarcho Taoist, Solved15:32
IrcsomeBot<chronosmsx> My windows are flickering in kde. Why?15:34
diogenes_chronosmsx, probably because you've got an older amd graphics right?15:35
IrcsomeBot<chronosmsx> GTX 65015:35
IrcsomeBot<chronosmsx> And when ive just installed Latte Dock its not right-clickable15:38
diogenes_chronosmsx, try to switch the renderer from opengl to xrender15:40
IrcsomeBot<chronosmsx> Its good luggy15:41
diogenes_chronosmsx, ?15:41
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someone_Hi, I have problem with OpenGL when I choose it as rendering backend it does not work the whole screen become black except programs windows . this problem appeared first time before 3 weeks , now I'm using xRender as rendering backend.18:09
GunqqerFriithianso I just updated from ubuntu 16.04.04 to kubuntu 18.04.01, and a bug I've had is presisting. My menubar (I have on the top) has a weird black line through the middle it22:44
IrcsomeBot<chronosmsx> Give me a more problems, KUbuntu23:12

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