tomreynhggdh: no, #freenode is +m, that's not what i meant00:20
tomreynbut i forgot the exact mode00:20
hggdhtomreyn: they are +mz; this means *everybody* is moderated, and only current ops/voiced can see the posts00:22
hggdhtomreyn: a similar (but not so drastic) way is +q $~a, and set the channel +z00:22
hggdhthen current ops can see the $~a folks (i.e., the un-registered) posts00:24
hggdhbut registered users can still chat00:24
hggdhtomreyn: and yes, I explained it wrong before, sorry00:25
tomreynhggdh: right, that's the mode i meant. thanks for explaining.00:26
tomreynand you're right, that's still a bit over the top00:27
hggdhtomreyn: right now we are being hit speoradically; if it gets more intensive, then we should flip +r00:32
hggdhtomreyn: and any present Ubuntu member can do it, BTW00:33
tomreynhggdh: yes, that's where fresh blood is ruled out.00:40
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asafnivThis channel has been hacked by Australia's #1 hacker Simon 'eVestigator' Smith https://evestigatorsucks.com/01:10
hggdhOK. This is it. I am tired01:34
* DalekSec hacks hggdh's channel.03:58
DalekSec...Meh, being hacked by an American really has no ring to it.03:59
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:48
ducassegood morning06:54
EriC^morning all07:34
NokajiMorning EriC^07:40
EriC^morning Nokaji07:44
NokajiI must say that overall, I'm enjoying the new 18.04, the relatively easy install/upgrade (fresh install plus re-install of previous settings/proggies) so well done and thanks to the developers07:53
Nokaji.... et al08:35
Nokaji... not sure why 'speedy ducplicate finder' would be in the archives ... and a few other 'considerations', but those are fairly inconsequential in the grand scheme of things ... windows was never this easy to install, without major hadaches/losses08:36
NokajiSDF is crippleware - would be nice if the S/W Centre at least stated this08:48
Nokaji...in fact ... there seem to be four similar programmes tht look like the same proggie renamed ... and that do not remove a single duplicate file09:18
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all11:19
BluesKajHiyas all12:35
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj12:37
lotuspsychjedead in main today12:37
BluesKajHi lotuspsychje12:38
BluesKajnot much action for a saturday12:38
lotuspsychjeeveryone on vacation or swimming :p12:39
BluesKajstill hot there lotuspsychje ?12:40
lotuspsychjeyeah the whole week between 30-35c12:40
lotuspsychjethey promise rain & bit colder next fridays12:40
lotuspsychjebut its still unsure :p12:40
tomreyncan i haz 20°C ? plzzzzz12:41
BluesKajyeah, predicting the weather a week away is iffy12:41
BluesKajeven the ##linux chat is slow today12:42
TJ-We're getting into European vacation season too12:43
TJ-it's got so bad even kernel patches aren't getting signed :D12:43
tomreyn39°C predicted for wednesday here12:44
TJ-I've relocated to the inside-out room in the garden as my sop to vacations :)12:44
BluesKajsept had really nice weather here last yr, let's hope it recurs12:45
lotuspsychjethey predict more summers like this12:46
tomreyngarden sounds good, gets you some cool fresh air.12:46
TJ-tomreyn: yeah, got cool tiles under my bare feet, breeze coming in from 2 sides. Only downside is the reflections from screen and needing shades on12:49
tomreynsounds good enough12:50
tomreynmy choices are between hot, non moving air with no plants, and hot, moving air from an undersized fan, with no plants.12:51
BluesKajit's 8:50AM here, windows are open, and we have a nice breeze thru the house, but it'll warm up by noon12:51
TJ-hmmm! "if [[ $RANDOM -ge 16384 ]]; then echo "tomreyn: get outside!"; fi "12:53
tomreyni'm sure bash random can be impinged on somehow12:54
tomreynbtw. my 16.04 desktop issues aren't gone12:56
tomreynmaybe i should upgrade to 18.04 early, or just reinstall.12:56
tomreynnew problems, new fun12:56
BluesKaj18.04 is nice and stable with kde/plasma 5.12.612:59
TJ-tomreyn: did you break it again? :)13:01
TJ-tomreyn: and does it happen to a fresh new user account?13:01
tomreyni thought i had it worked around by switching from lightdm to gdm3, but not. happens with a fresh user account, too.13:02
TJ-is this the lost groups? or the lock screen issue?13:03
tomreyni'll just keep on asking about the upgrade availability in all ubuntu channels on an hourly schedule.13:03
tomreynlock screen issue.13:03
tomreyni leave the computer for login enough to make the screen go into power save, then return, press a button, screen powers on, tells me it gets no signal and that it will shut off again soon, shuts off again13:04
tomreyni press ctrl-alt-f1 and the screen + tty are there instantly13:04
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^13:04
tomreynrestart lightdm / gdm3, thus loosing my desktop session, and get the login13:04
tomreyn+ a new session after login13:05
TJ-hmmm, that does sound weird. Sounds like power-management getting confused. When you switch to console can you check the various logs for clues?13:06
tomreyni have this (gnome-shell:4066): Clutter-CRITICAL **: clutter_input_device_get_device_id: assertion 'CLUTTER_IS_INPUT_DEVICE (device)' failed13:06
tomreynnot sure it's related, though, but it seems to happen aroudn the time13:07
tomreyngnome-session[4025]: (gnome-shell:4066): Clutter-CRITICAL **: clutter_input_device_get_device_id: assertion 'CLUTTER_IS_INPUT_DEVICE (device)' failed13:07
tomreynthats the full line13:07
sonicwindhappy Saturday guys13:07
lotuspsychjetnx sonicwind13:08
TJ-tomreyn: this is with Xorg ?13:08
tomreynTJ-: yes, 16.04.513:09
tomreynTJ-: and to answer your question, yes i can access logs while on the tty13:09
BluesKajsonicwind, Happy Saturday to you too13:10
TJ-tomreyn: I'm wondering if Xorg.0.log and/or /var/log/{lightdm,gdm3}/* might give a clue13:10
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje13:11
* BluesKaj wonders why ubuntu still uses lightdm instead of sddm?13:11
tomreynlet me trigger it again, and note doen the exact time13:11
tomreyni forgot triggering it requires me to not use the computer for 10 minutes, and i'm not willing to pause right now ;)13:17
tomreyni'll note down the time next time it happens.-13:17
TJ-OK :) do we have a bug number to track it?13:18
tomreynnot yet, since i can't really pinpoint anything, yet13:18
tomreynbut i filed two  server live installer  bugs last night13:18
tomreynfor 18.0413:19
lotuspsychjeTJ- is not gonna like those :p13:19
lotuspsychjebug 178532113:20
ubot5bug 1785321 in subiquity "LVM Entire Disk option does not use entire disk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178532113:20
tomreynthis is not mine, but13:20
tomreyn...it is relevant13:20
TJ-I've just found a MAJOR bug in Firefox! Cannot edit the address bar URL!13:20
tomreynbug 1785354 and (less importantly) bug 178535613:21
ubot5bug 1785354 in subiquity "/etc/fstab: fs_passno is 0 for all file systems" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178535413:21
ubot5bug 1785356 in subiquity "Please generate version 4 block device UUIDs, not version 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178535613:21
lotuspsychjebugs bugs bugs :p13:21
tomreynTJ-: just klick on links!13:21
TJ-I've got the external monitor in portrait orientation... so 1200 pixels wide. The address bar is full of the TLS certificate name and all the fancy gadgets but it has reduced the URL space to 0 pixels13:21
TJ-I can see the blinking edit cursor (1 pixel wide?) and that is it13:22
tomreynhave you tried to reannage these GUI elements?13:22
tomreyn(but sure, this should not happen by default)13:23
TJ-here's what it looks like http://i.imgur.com/U83TYW7.png13:23
TJ-all due to it using up all the space for the TLS cert's organisation name13:24
tomreynjust remove the search box, or move it to a separate row ;)13:24
tomreynwell, this company paid for this advertisement, so... you know...13:25
tomreynwhy is there blank space to the left and right?13:25
tomreynyou should probably remove that13:26
tomreynleft of the url bar and right of the search box13:26
tomreyni think i needed to do this, too, when i rearranged those GUI elements in firefox.13:27
tomreynyou have what firefox calls "flexible space" there13:27
tomreynalso, unless you actuall yuse pocket, you can move this icon off the url bar by right-lciking it13:28
tomreynand last but not least you have pending add-on updates13:30
lotuspsychjeyeah i would also try movie space13:30
TJ-lotuspsychje: I just replied to the bug about LVM with an explanation. Basically, user lacking understanding13:37
TJ-My point is for new novice users those things aren't going to be known to them. There is a principle of least surprise.13:38
TJ-The URL should never be reduced so it cannot be read13:39
lotuspsychjeTJ-: this user came yesterday to here, we forwarded to server, but its powersj that bugged it13:39
TJ-I could get a TLS cert for "Canoncal Group Ltd" and create a fake site - how many would spot the missing "i"13:40
TJ-how many would know Canonical is behind launchpad13:40
TJ-tomreyn: I remove the spaces from the toolbar, still doesn't reveal the URL. Had to go into reader mode to copy this URL for you... possibly related to your issue  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+bug/124535113:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1245351 in Ubuntu GNOME "locking screen will make the monitor enter power saving mode directly (turn off the monitor)" [Undecided,New]13:45
tomreynTJ-: thanks, but that's not related. i got no background upon return form power saving, just a black screen. and power saving is also not instant but delayed a little (as I configured it)13:47
TJ-actually, it loks like this one: Bug #161528613:48
ubot5bug 1615286 in xfce4-settings "xfce - screen turns black after power off/power on" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161528613:48
TJ-"Then, when turning the screen back on, it does not work anymore: everything is black, and after a few seconds the monitor reports "no signal"."13:48
tomreynTJ-: about the certificate: you'd first need to found a company named liek this. but i guess this cna be achievable13:48
TJ-tomreyn: comment 7 and 8 of that bug should give you a solution13:50
tomreyngood find, TJ! this looks exactly like my issue. and i'm on xubuntu13:50
* tomreyn reading13:50
TJ-apparently installing xfce4-settings from Artful solved it in comment 913:51
tomreynbut just the binary. that is.-.. quite the fix...13:52
TJ-tomreyn: I've added the Ubuntu/xcfe4-settings to the list of Affects, so if you can add your comment to the bug, we can probably get an SRU sorted out13:52
TJ-tomreyn: no, read on, comment 9 about fetching the Artful package13:52
tomreynokay, i can use an eol distro package13:53
tomreyngonna try this13:53
TJ-yeah, I was just looking on old-releases for that package13:53
TJ-!info xfce4-settings13:54
ubot5xfce4-settings (source: xfce4-settings): graphical application for managing Xfce settings. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.12.4-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (bionic), package size 482 kB, installed size 2788 kB13:54
TJ-ahhh, universe!13:54
tomreynso no SRU13:54
TJ-so this http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/x/xfce4-settings/xfce4-settings_4.12.1-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb13:55
TJ-tomreyn: if you can confirm that solves it, we can get an SRU organised13:55
TJ-I'm in the #xubuntu-devel channel so I can prod folks there about it13:56
tomreynwill try, ty13:57
TJ-might be worth checking the bionic package works too, if dependencies haven't changed too much13:58
TJ-tomreyn: can you "pastebinit <( apt-cache show xfce4-settings)" and I can compare the versioned depends to 18.04 here13:59
TJ-oh no matter! doh, I have a 16.04 container13:59
tomreynit's not fully fixed, yet14:02
tomreynbut things got better14:03
tomreynwhat i get now when i return from power saving is a stuck mouse pointer on a black background14:03
tomreyn'now' = with the artful xfce4-settings14:03
tomreynhowever, when i then ctrl-alt-f1 to tty1 and back to tty7, i get gdm3's login screen and when i login there i think i'm back to the previous session14:04
tomreyni had nothing running in that session previously, so i'm not sure i'm actually backx in the previous session or it started a new one14:04
tomreyntrying this now14:05
TJ-hmm, 2 major changes only, but probably prevent a straight backport: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KRqMWWV7Kq/14:09
tomreynyeay, this actually works! :)14:09
tomreynmouse ponter still gets tuck but i can reconnect to my running sesison14:09
tomreynmouse pointer still gets stuck but i can reconnect to my running sesison14:10
tomreynthanks so much, TJ :)14:10
TJ-I think I saw mention of another bug with stuck mouse cursor14:11
tomreynokay, so i couldnt use the bionic package14:11
tomreyni'll try switching back to lightdm to see whether this helps with the stuck mouse pointer14:12
TJ-tomreyn: not sure, it depends on what xfce4-settings requires.14:12
TJ-tomreyn: I'd guess it is possible, just needs someone with knowledge of dbus changes14:13
tomreyn16.04 can't satisfy those dependency changes14:13
TJ-and possibly the fonts package14:13
tomreynit works with the package i have now, it is just one package which gets no security support now, i can live with this until i upgrade to 18.0414:14
tomreynthe package i have now -> xfce4-settings from artful14:14
lotuspsychje!trim | EriC^^14:16
ubot5EriC^^: Many Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.14:16
EriC^^cool thanks14:16
TJ-tomreyn: comment on the bug and we can get it moving for everyone14:18
lotuspsychje!info ubuntu-unity-desktop | EriC^^14:21
ubot5EriC^^: ubuntu-unity-desktop (source: ubuntu-unity-meta): The Ubuntu Unity desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1 (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 8 kB (Only available for amd64; arm64; armhf; i386; ppc64el)14:21
lotuspsychjefortless getting too trolly for me14:28
lotuspsychjelol troll gets faulty hardware :p14:45
tomreynTJ-: done, did i miss anythign important?14:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1615286 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "xfce - screen turns black after power off/power on" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:45
TJ-tomreyn: looks good, thanks14:46
tomreynthank *you*14:46
TJ-When I get a moment I'll look at the diff between 1804 and 1604 see if a backport makes sense14:46
tomreynby the way i just switched back to lightdm, and tried the same thing there (instead of gdm3). with lightdm, when i return from the screensaver and powered off screen, i also get the stuck mouse pointer on black screen, and can switch TTYs to restore the graphical output. i just don't get a login prompt, but am directly back into my previous session.14:47
tomreynkind of... security fail14:47
tomreyni appreciate your efforts, TJ14:49
TJ-tomreyn: that sounds like a typical light-locker problem14:49
tomreyni agree. not the first time it has such issues.14:50
TJ-18.04 has a terible one where if suspend is initiated via lid-close event, on wakeup the GUI remains black, but consoles are fine! Almost like your issue :) So have to manually suspend before closing lid14:50
TJ-I did a lot of debugging on that but got lost in the code between several packages and gave up!14:51
lotuspsychjehow many years that suspend is gonna haunt linux :p14:51
tomreynthat's also a nice one14:51
TJ-suspend is fine, as is hibernate. the problem is some userspace tools and how they interact14:52
lotuspsychjesurely top10 question in main..14:52
TJ-the main problem is lightdm/light-locker... guess what... Canonical projects that have been mostly abandoned14:52
TJ-I've not had that many issues with suspend but it does require you ensure the ACPI side is configured perfectly - a-la acpi_osi etc :)14:53
* tomreyn has a déja dup^W vu14:53
tomreynTJ-: Fortless' WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0 disk has seen ~ 10x more power cycles than power on days. might be worth asking about.15:06
tomreynbut i guess it's just been broken from the start.15:07
TJ-tomreyn: yeah, this was a 'brand new' drive from an Internet retailer. I suspect it was a repackaged return15:10
TJ-most of them don't know what SMART is or how to check15:10
tomreynbased on power on hours and many power cycles this sounds resonable15:10
tomreyni mean: a reasonable assumption15:11
tomreynnot reasoinable to resell trash ;)15:11
tomreynbut maybe Fortless bought it as refurbished, mint condition15:12
TJ-I've known several box-shippers do that. They get a customer return that is "not wanted" don't check it - sometimes don't verify the serial # is the same they sent to the customer, and just return it to stock.15:20
hggdhDalekSec: I've been pwned! But by a fellow American, so I guess it indeed is not as effective as an Aussie :-)15:21
tomreynthere are just too many returns, i guess i can understand them to a degree. and i think it's okay to resell untested returns (should have checked the serial #s though) as long as you make it clear that you do.15:24
BluesKajhggdh, think that youtube url was an honest mistake, and he pasted the wrong url which was a misdirective without realizing it15:38
tomreyni don't think so15:40
tomreyntheir nickname was 'r1ck'15:41
BluesKajwell.I do15:41
tomreynanyone else would have reviewed what they posted and realized their mistake15:41
tomreynalso hggdh seemed to recognize someone15:42
BluesKajtoo quick to ban IMO15:42
tomreynwe can play the game a bit more next time.15:44
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lotuspsychjehey pragmaticenigma15:58
pragmaticenigmahello lotus15:59
hggdhBluesKaj: with an YT of Rick Whatever singing? Like Stove/Stee*? Why didn't they post a corrected image?16:01
hggdhI expect honest mistakes, which are followed by corrections.16:02
BluesKajhggdh, it's a youtube deliberate misdirect, I've seen that before ... I agree that he should have checked the post first16:02
pragmaticenigmaSteeeve is back?16:04
hggdhand ggo.gl is just a URL shortener. Anybody can use it16:05
pragmaticenigmasomeone yesterday or the day before posted a bit.ly link to a private IP address no one could access16:05
hggdhBluesKaj: for the record, he went into -ops, and kept the same behaviour.16:05
pragmaticenigmagoes and looks at the -ops web log16:06
lotuspsychjeproblem is we get such users all day16:06
lotuspsychjeif they all start posting links16:06
hggdhpragmaticenigma: yes, I saw it. Not sure why they did it. If it was malware, it was from a l33t, still trying to learn.16:07
hggdhthey will always post links, it is pretty much the only way to show something16:07
pragmaticenigmaAt least I know how to "preview" bit.ly link safely... i guess all one has to do is place a "+" at the end. bit.ly will show you the summary page instead of forward you16:10
hggdhor you can wget it, which will show you the redirection, ans download whatever. Of course, it is downloading whatever, but via wget, not a browser. YOu can then analyse the download at your leisure16:13
hggdh(being somewhat paranoid, I usually do that under a throwaway container/VM instance)16:13
pragmaticenigmaI did the bitly trick in tor16:14
hggdhpragmaticenigma: doing the same on goo.gl will give you a summary page of link usage16:16
pragmaticenigmathanks for the tip16:16
pragmaticenigmahrmm... interesting... Tor suddenly stopped working on my machine16:23
TJ-probably the PC got onion fumes in its ports16:23
pragmaticenigmaseeing this: /usr/bin/env: ‘./Browser/execdesktop’: Permission denied16:23
pragmaticenigmaI know what I did16:25
pragmaticenigmaI chmod -x all files in /Downloads16:26
TJ-This policykit-1 issue is getting me annoyed. Not only are Debian/Ubuntu on v.105 since 2012, but the git repository doesn't contain the history of upstream so it's hard to compare changes16:26
sonicwindgreat tip above, guys... didn't know about the + thing16:28
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tomreynBluesKaj: this is your chance to talk to yaaa20:09
tomreynleftyfb: i'll let you guide the very long term experienced partition maker while i have some supper. good luck, keeping your sanity.21:36
leftyfbI was about to go relax actually :)21:38
pauljwhi everyone22:45

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