lapionvkareh Yes I found `mate-power-statistics` and I have to execute it manually, it's is not opened from the battery menu anymore12:47
sixwheeledbeastAn op can invite sigyn BTW14:26
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Fretegiso has there been any development regarding optimus implementation on mate 18 yet?16:42
Fretegiso far loving ubunt-mate 18, but really need to thoroughly kill my nvidia card while traveling..  the old prime method fro 16.04 just does not cut it16:44
diogenes_Fretegi, why not nouveau?16:47
Fretegidiogenes_, well was not wanting to sacrifice performance if possible, but i am willing to compromise there.  in fact nouveau is what i am running now in an attempt to see if it corrects the battery life issue16:49
Fretegiso far not16:49
Fretegion ubuntu 16.04 when in intel graphics mode i had about 5 hrs of battery, on nvidia about 2 hours.  i seem to have 2 hours no matter what on this thing, intel or nvidia, prop driver or noeaveau16:50
Fretegidoesnt appear that anuything is sutting off the discreet gpu16:51
diogenes_Fretegi, there is a possibility to boost nouveau performance16:51
Fretegiheck i would settle for battery at the moment16:51
Fretegiin all honestly i have not used the nvidia discreet gpu for months16:52
diogenes_how old is the battery?16:52
Fretegiand as long as it will drive external displays, im happy16:52
Freteginew laptop16:52
Fretegiwell..  8 months16:52
Fretegijust switched to 18.04 2 days ago16:52
diogenes_maybe it's battery fault?16:53
Fretegibut it shows 97% capacity and last weekend i had 5 hours of battery time :)16:53
Fretegisince going to 18.04, 2 hours16:54
diogenes_Fretegi, i've seen people complaining about the poor quality batteries that start to loose the capacity after some 8 months of use16:55
diogenes_but there is only one way to find it out for sure16:55
Fretegidiogenes_, i understand.  but to have capacity cut to less than half in days, suspiciously around an update time...16:55
Fretegii just tried reinstalling nvidia prop drivers, brb16:56
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JespersonHey guys, can someone here help me with an issue? I21:13
JespersonI'm freezing every now and then from seemingly nowhere and I can't figure out why...21:13
JespersonI can still move my mouse-pointer around though.. I saw somewhere that it might be an issue with the power-delivery for the Ryzen APU/CPU but I'm not sure how I'd fix that if that is indeed the problem21:15
JespersonHi, sorry if someone responded and I missed it - my computer froze again... I21:31
JespersonI'm on my windows partition now so I might hopefully not freeze any more21:31
diogenes_Jesperson, come back tomorrow if no one replies21:40
Jespersondiogenes_: yeah I'm planning on looking for answers every once in a while at least - seeing as I quite need the computer to function well haha21:46
b4udv8say I want to upgrade irssi - what folder to extract to?22:06
b4udv8in M$ it just overwrites the old version true?22:06
sixwheeledbeastJesperson: What system?22:18
Jespersonsixwheeledbeast: I recently bought a HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 2700U + Vega 1022:21
sixwheeledbeastUsing amdgpu? checked dmesg and/or syslog?22:22
JespersonI couldnt actually find a way to reliably install amdgpu, have not checked dmesg nor syslog.22:23
JespersonAnd am on the Windows partition right now since it doesn't full-freeze when it hiccups22:23
sixwheeledbeastyou should check your syslog for output after a lockup.22:26
JespersonI will do that the next time, I think it should be what I read about the power being "incorrect" at like p6(?) but I'll see what I can find tomorrow - thanks for the input!22:37
sixwheeledbeastI have had similar lockups since upgrading to 18.04, I suspected DPM but haven't had an issue in a month or so.22:47
swift110hey all23:25

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