Bashing-omguiverc_w: Wow, you do 4 summaries to my one ! I see if I can do the Hub later tonight and we have Sat/Sun to flesh out and polish what we have .00:57
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guivercprobably practice...  i've written summaries for ~90 published issues...01:00
guiverc(also you spend more energy/thought on how to write; I can't write well so just spit it out with regard only for syntax..)01:01
Bashing-omguiverc: Well, I have to read 3 times for comprehension - then compare what I have wrote that it menas what the originator wrote :)01:07
Bashing-ommeans* - my dyslexia gets me again .01:07
guivercsome articles do require many many reads i find too...  however i think i've got to know the way common writers (marius, joey, ..) write and thus can quickly scan & comprehend.... though my results are bot-like, especially if compared with what you achieve..01:11
Bashing-omguiverc: Thanks, but our "editor at large" has a difference of opinion :)01:23
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