tomreyngranttrec: https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/00:00
granttrectomreyn: that makes sense, thanks mate00:00
tomreynqwebirc41437: okay, i checked the chat log, you said you used the server live installer 18.04.100:02
tomreynso, it should have written the 1 ther ein the first place. i guess it's another bug in it. i'll try to reproduce this soon.00:03
qwebirc41437tomreyn: affirm00:05
qwebirc41437tomreyn: fstab & mdadm.conf should be correct00:05
qwebirc41437tomreyn: do I still need to update-initrmfs -u00:06
tomreynqwebirc41437: yes, but this is not the right options00:07
tomreynqwebirc41437: update-initrmfs -k all -u00:08
tomreynqwebirc41437: actually better use -c00:08
tomreynqwebirc41437: update-initrmfs -k all -c00:08
qwebirc41437tomreyn: done00:09
tomreynqwebirc41437:normally, an /etc/fstab file created by the ubuntu installer (at leats the old one), would haver had some comments on top. did you maybe edit these or could it be that werbmin removed them?00:09
qwebirc41437fresh install, so no webmin00:09
qwebirc41437tomreyn: no edits by me either00:10
tomreynqwebirc41437: okay i must have mixed that up about webmin, sorry00:10
tomreynqwebirc41437: i *think* we're good.00:11
qwebirc41437tomreyn: no you were correct, but after my first reboot, I reinstalled 18.04.1 again00:11
tomreyni see00:11
qwebirc41437tomreyn: we are good. thank you more than you know. anywhere I can leave you some karma?00:12
tomreynis this edible?00:13
qwebirc41437could be00:13
tomreyn;) no thanks00:13
tomreynjust do yourself, your projects, me, and the world a favor and try to get rid of webmin00:14
tomreyn+ learn your ways on he temrinal. break things more, and repair them.00:14
qwebirc41437it's easy (summer time), but I start school again in two weeks. then I don't have time to break things00:15
qwebirc41437correction - I don't have time to fix them00:15
tomreynqwebirc41437: hehe. well, you can do it in some coring nights in winter. get a cheap system-on-chip computer (like a raspi, but not a raspi, but something that runs proper ubuntu) and train there. or just a cheap VM in the cloud or on your desktop computer.00:17
tomreynqwebirc41437: now, does it boot fine?00:18
granttrecwhat depency solver do you guys use? aptitude just saved my life00:18
tomreyngranttrec: this channel is not good at polls. apt works fine.00:18
granttrectomreyn: my bad just wanted know about others, aspcud is also great00:20
sonicwindgranttrec, check out #ubuntu-discuss and #ubuntu-offtopic00:20
qwebirc41437tomreyn: booted fine, thanks to you00:25
Tin_manfaster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall building with a single bound, it's Apt.00:25
tomreynqwebirc41437: glad to hear this! :)00:27
tomreynqwebirc41437: did you do manualpartitioning on the installer, or just the guided installation?00:30
dffdoes ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso include an install option for cinnamon as the GUI?00:32
adrian_1908dff: The iso will install Gnome by default and not contain Cinnamon within the image. You can download and install Cinnamon as a package afterwards though.00:34
tomreyndff: i dont think so, but you can install it after the installation finishes and the default ubuntu system has booted: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-cinnamon-desktop-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux00:34
dfftomreyn and adrian_1908, might i not just install it was console only and after that install cinnamon?00:35
adrian_1908dff: Not sure. You could in theory use the Ubuntu server and build things up from there, but I don't know how limited Ubuntu server is as a Desktop out of the box.00:37
adrian_1908Never done it, maybe someone else has experience with doing it that way.00:38
dffis it possible to completely get rid of gnome?00:38
dffwith all the dependencies and stuff00:38
dffafter the initial install00:38
adrian_1908No idea, I use Xubuntu.00:39
dffactually, cant i build my own iso that has cinnamon instead of gnome00:39
tomreyndff: either works.00:41
dffit's been ages since i did that last, could you point me in the right direction, tomreyn?00:42
tomreyndff: the same. there's this but i'm not sure if it still works, or which installer it would work with: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization00:43
dffapt live-build00:43
dffor something00:43
tomreyndff: this guide is based on what is now known as the alternate server installer00:44
dfftomreyn: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man7/live-build.7.html00:46
dfffound it :)00:46
tomreyndff: i haven't used this one, but it seems to be about building live cds primarily.00:49
tomreynmy understanding is you plan to create a eprsistent installation.00:49
xjkxwhat can I use for recursively permission changing in a graphical way? Nautilus proprieties in a folder lets me change the owner, but the files inside it are untouched, something like chown -R owner:group R Folder/* isnt something that can be done in GUI?00:49
dfftomreyn: you can install from live cds cant you?00:50
tomreynxjkx: you can, from ubuntu installer/live cd's yes.00:50
tomreynxjkx: i would assume that this functionality is not exposed on the GUI on purpose.00:52
tomreynto prevent mishaps00:52
dfftomreyn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DerivativeDistroHowto00:52
dffTools for building distro, The easiest way to build your own distro is to use Ubuntu live CD and customize it to your needs.00:52
xjkxtomreyn: alright, thanks00:53
tomreyndff: i don't think DerivativeDistroHowto still discusses the current way of doing things technically (but maybe organizationally).00:55
dfffound something else00:55
dffTo customize a clean .iso from the command line You can use the 'Ubuntu Customization Kit'00:55
WoodpeckerIs it safe to  delete a swapfile for space?00:56
dffth package is called uck00:56
WoodpeckerI can't boot into Ubuntu an... And I need to free up some space.00:56
duck_whispererDoes anyone here know about the debmirror tool? I need to mirror a the apt repos to my local network, but the example debmirror script is not working. I am wondering if the tool is still supported in Ubuntu 16.0400:56
dffand this aswell https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-builder00:56
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SigalsI thought you guys might be interested in this blog by freenode staff member Bryan 'kloeri' Ostergaard https://bryanostergaard.com/00:57
tomreynWoodpecker: if you don't mind loosing the functionality, you can remove the swap file (and remove the reference to it off /etc/fstab). i'd look into other options for freeing space first, though.00:58
dfffound another gui application, Custom Ubuntu ISO Creator00:58
=== guiverc_w is now known as guiverc
dfftomreyn: if you are interest i found i pretty sweet step by step guide, https://askubuntu.com/questions/741753/how-to-use-cubic-to-create-a-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-image01:00
tomreyndff: nice, i didn't know this. apparently it's still maintained. https://launchpad.net/~cubic-wizard/+archive/ubuntu/release01:04
jayjo_does anyone know how I can remap the eject key on a keyboard to do nothign?01:10
tomreynwhat happens when you press it now?01:11
jayjo_it opens the disc drive01:11
jayjo_it's right above my delete key, so I accidentally hit it often01:11
dffwhy am i getting this error when running the command with --allow-unauthenticated?01:12
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
tomreynjayjo_: oh, i assumed you were on an airplane. try this then https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/keyboard-shortcuts-set.html.en01:14
tomreynalso this https://askubuntu.com/questions/296155/how-can-i-remap-keyboard-keys01:15
jayjo_tomreyn: oh goodness... backspace to clear the shortcut worked.01:15
tomreyn!yay | jayjo_01:16
ubottujayjo_: Glad you made it! :-)01:16
OICU812lol, on an airplane01:16
tomreyndff: try with apt-get01:18
dffsame result tomreyn01:18
dffi tried adding [trusted=yes] in /etc/apt/sources.list to01:19
dffand all the other variants of that parameter i could find01:19
tomreyndff: hmm that's unexpected to me, too. which ubuntu release is this?01:22
hfpHi, how can I slow down my trackball in Ubuntu and i3wm using the command line? I tried with xset m 1/100 4 but it doesn't make any difference01:26
jayjo_any idea how to move my clock to the right on gdm3 ubuntu 1804?01:29
jayjo_on the toolbar now it's in the middle01:30
qwebirc60227tomreyn: you asked earlier if I had used manual or automatic for the 18.04.1 installer, I tried the first time with manual and the second I went with automatic01:31
tomreynqwebirc60227: thanks01:32
qwebirc60227tomreyn: earlier versions (12.04 I think) had an option under manual to restore/update current installation. 18.04.1 doesn't01:33
Tin_manjayjo_, might look here, didn't read it all but looks like some 3rd party type fix.. >>>https://askubuntu.com/questions/960597/how-do-i-move-clock-to-the-right-end-of-gnome-3-panel-from-the-middle01:33
tomreynqwebirc60227: hmm i think it does have the option of not formatting partitions01:35
qwebirc60227tomreyn: it might, but I couldn't move on from that installation screen until I partitioned the boot drive again01:36
tomreynqwebirc60227: partitioned or formatted?01:37
qwebirc60227tomreyn: pretty sure partitioned01:37
tomreynqwebirc60227: oh right we're talking about the server-live-installer. you'd need to use the alternate installer then01:37
dedzeHello, my webcam isn't working anymore and I would need help to figure it out please. I'm on ubuntu 16.04. It used to work a few days ago. I already try restarting my laptop and when I so sudo lsof /dev/video*, it gives this result : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2YT2T8MyR4/01:38
Tin_mandedze, do you have another webcam to try out? that would help.01:41
dedzeTin_man: I might, let me check01:41
dedzeTin_man: BTW it's a built in webcam01:42
Tin_manahh, that's a bummer.01:42
Tin_manbut if another works, then it's hardware, more than likely01:42
dedzeTin_man: :((((((01:44
Tin_mani agree01:44
=== wjtaylor____ is now known as shinobi
Tin_manmy laptop doesn't have a built in.. so I'm not familiar with the inner workings..01:45
dedzeTin_man: The hp webcam works. I'm never ever buying lenovo anymore. Less than 2 years, the screen broke because of the bad quality of the plastic and now the webcam lmao01:46
dedzeThanks for your help :p01:46
Tin_manbummer, i've kind of heard similar from others01:46
dedzeMedion, lenovo, bad brands01:47
dedzeHahaha have a good evening/night/morning Tin_man01:47
Tin_manmaybe it will start working again.. :)01:47
dedzeThat would be great hahaha01:49
swift110lol I am about to get a w53001:49
texlaNeed help fixing overlapping partitions01:51
donofriowhat does the boot pausing stating "A start job is running for Raise network interfaces (4min 13s / 5m 1s)"01:58
leftyfbdonofrio: it means your machine isn't getting an ip address01:59
leftyfbthe timeout is set to 5 minutes01:59
donofrioit's wifi....01:59
craigbass76I installed ubuntu studio 18. How different is this than regular ubuntu? I've got openssh-server installed, but i twon't start. ssh.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'02:05
danieru98craigbass76, try #ubuntustudio02:06
craigbass76danieru98, Nope, it's this line in sshd_config : AllowUsers craig@*, amanda@, sam@, nate@
craigbass76At last I know now. ssh, not ubuntu...02:08
craigbass76Should haev tried that first... toodles02:08
MatrixiumnThis channel has been hacked by Australia's #1 hacker Simon 'eVestigator' Smith https://evestigatorsucks.com/02:10
Eickmeyerdanieru98: The issue isn't specific enough to Ubuntu Studio. Since it's just a slightly customized Ubuntu, low-level stuff like that applies here, which is where we usually send people for things not specific to Studio.02:19
tomreynqwebirc60227: i think we were discussing bug 1680245 earlier - subiuquity is the installer software of the ubuntu-server-live-installer02:35
ubottubug 1680245 in subiquity "subiquity does not take in account existing partition" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/168024502:35
qwebirc60227tomreyn: thanks, I'll take a look02:37
qwebirc60227tomreyn: and I doubt I'll be impatient next time and do a fresh boot. Far better to wait for upgrade02:37
tomreynqwebirc60227: well, fresh installations can make much sense. maybe this installer is still too young, though. i also filed bugs #1785354 and #1785356 as a result of what we did today.02:40
ubottubug 1785354 in subiquity "/etc/fstab: fs_passno is 0 for all file systems" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178535402:40
ubottubug 1785356 in subiquity "Please generate version 4 block device UUIDs, not version 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178535602:40
qwebirc60227tomreyn: yeah, that one was odd, never seen it a zero for boot drive, so I didn't even think to look02:41
quiltbitchI am trying to use ddrescue to recover hard drive. already have an image but when I mount it or copy the iamge to a new hard drive i am unable to view all contents/files02:46
quiltbitchany help?02:47
quiltbitchI get errors like "This location could not be displayed"02:47
quiltbitchAny help?02:48
tomreynquiltbitch: if you imaged a full drive with a partition table on it then you should use kpartx or similar utilities to interpret the partition table and gain access to the partitions on it.02:49
tomreynquiltbitch: i do not understand which command / process exactly returns the "This location could not be displayed" error message, though.02:50
tomreynquiltbitch: it appears this error message is retruned by nautilus, gnome's (graphical) file browser. i would very much recommend to do any kind of data recovery on a terminal, so that you'll know what exactly failed when something fails, and can get better feedback.02:54
leonwhat is this chanel, is someone here?03:10
purrdeta9This channel has been hacked by Australia's #1 hacker Simon 'eVestigator' Smith https://evestigatorsucks.com/03:11
coz_leon,  this ubuntu support03:11
leonoh, sounds great03:12
megmanx9anyone ?03:38
megmanx9ave Nvidia 5200m. and using the additional driver from Nvidia. I want to only use Intel GPU and turn-off Nvidia. I try to do this with " prime-select intel " all is okay. but when system reboot KDE not working and Only Show Me a black screen with mouse cursor.03:38
jealeranyone here?03:43
ulyssesHello, does anyone know if Ubuntu will run well on a 2017 Macbook Air?04:21
jk^!info screenshot04:36
ubottuPackage screenshot does not exist in bionic04:36
jk^!info take screenshot04:37
ubottu'screenshot' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, 04:37
tomreyn!screenshot | jk^04:43
ubottujk^: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.04:43
madmangun@jk - I'm using screenshot tool from gnome extensions.  You can also save directly to imgur with the extension.04:50
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irckatis youtube-dl free software?05:22
MartesZibellinaThis channel has been hacked by Australia's #1 hacker Simon 'eVestigator' Smith https://evestigatorsucks.com/05:25
irckatiss youtube-dl free software?05:26
lotuspsychjeirckat: packages from the ubuntu repos you can download free05:27
irckatI mean license05:29
lotuspsychjeirckat: public domain05:30
irckatSo why Ubuntu repos says youtube-dl is proprietary ?05:31
lotuspsychjeirckat: https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/blob/master/LICENSE05:33
lotuspsychjeirckat: why do you need to know, what are you planning to do exactly?05:34
irckatok, I see Thank you05:34
irckatJust ask05:35
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Dreamannikolov@ubuntu-ivan:~$ uname -a06:12
DreamanLinux ubuntu-ivan 4.17.12-041712-generic #201808030231 SMP Fri Aug 3 06:34:11 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux06:12
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dfftomreyn: it's 18.04, virtualised with kvm06:28
=== qwebirc23728 is now known as raidensnake
raidensnakegot a new issue06:30
raidensnakeif I do a clean install of 18.04 I get a kernel failure on startup06:30
raidensnakegave up onm suspend/resume device06:30
raidensnakegave up on*06:31
IAmH2Lhey! how is everyone?06:33
coldiceHello, Xenial, how can I get the package libsss-nss-idmap-dev with version >=1.15.2? Is there any PPA for it?06:35
coldiceGuess I'm a bit to new.... PPA tjormola/samba-unstable had the SSSD package, didn't reliaze it also included dev packages... solved it!06:37
raidensnakeany idea why I get the gave up on suspend/resume device?06:38
MarchHareAnyone have any experience getting ibus-anthy working for japanese IME Romanji input?06:41
MarchHareMost of the sources I keep finding are older or don't seem to work06:41
dffqwebirc69505: you wont get any unless you read the topic06:49
dff(and follow it)06:49
raidensnakeit's annoying 18.04 won't start06:51
JoseyWalesIt's probably because of sysd06:51
guiverc_dqwebirc69505, ask your question (keeping to a single line) and be patient, and if someone knows how to answer your Ubuntu Support question - they will.  please ba patient in waiting for an answer; people do other things...06:51
JoseyWales... or uefi.06:52
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new2ubuntuI have Harman Kardon quad speakers in an ASUS laptop running Ubuntu.  Two speakers are at constant 100%, while remaining two speakers are controlled by system volume.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?07:20
ledeninew2ubuntu, check in terminal 'alsamixer' and see you could set all speakers to volume you want07:24
new2ubuntuledeni, when I adjust Master, it has the effect of changing volume via buttons (two speakers seem to drop out).  Changing Speaker volume seems to do nothing.  Changing PCM bring all speakers up and down (success!).  Can I map my hotkeys/buttons to change the PCM level instead of the Master level?07:30
ledeninew2ubuntu, i don't know sorry07:32
new2ubuntuAll good.  Thanks for pointing me in a direction, nonetheless!07:33
EriC^new2ubuntu: maybe xbindkeys can help07:34
new2ubuntuLooking into that now. :)07:38
raidensnakeit's annoying I have to compile and install a custom kernel to get 18.04 to work07:41
new2ubuntuI have had to do quite a few things, so far.  I was saving compiling a kernel as an absolute last resort.07:43
new2ubuntuIt looks like xbindkeys would be more for setting those keys to run alsamixer in a terminal like a shortcut.  Getting closer.  Is there a console that only shows how the system recognizes keys?  If there were a way to see how those keys were recognized, then edit some config file to reassign those keys to adjust PCM volume instead of Master volume, that would do the trick.  If it were actually that easy, that would also be a plus.07:46
EriC^new2ubuntu: "xev" might show how they're being interpreted07:47
new2ubuntuBoth volume buttons return identical values.07:52
new2ubuntuInteresting output, though I have no clue what I'm looking at.  Add it to the Google list.07:53
EriC^new2ubuntu: i think those buttons aren't normal ones, they have to do with some acpi function stuff or something07:57
EriC^new2ubuntu: i think however xbindkeys can read them, and you can assign a command to run when they're pressed07:57
EriC^new2ubuntu: like XF86AudioLowerVolume assigned to some command07:58
ducasseif you get a keysym like XF86AudioLowerVolume, then i think it's just a normal key, handled by software08:00
new2ubuntuBy the by, showkey -k shows the key numbers, for future reference.  And you're right, EriC, these are keys 114 and 115.  Not standard.08:01
EriC^new2ubuntu: aha08:02
EriC^new2ubuntu: try 'xbindkeys -k' then press the key08:04
EriC^new2ubuntu: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xbindkeys08:05
new2ubuntuThe xbindkeys -k command threw an error, so I'll check back in after I check out that link08:07
new2ubuntuaha.  Didn't create the blank file08:07
qwebirc76856hey guys!08:12
qwebirc76856I upgraded from LTS 16.04 to LTS 18.04 and it seems like texlive is screwing me hard with unmet depencies08:13
qwebirc76856i tried also this ( https://askubuntu.com/questions/336795/ubuntu-fix-dependency-problems ) but no success08:14
Flannelqwebirc76856: What dependency issues is it complaining about?  Can you pastebin it so we can see?08:14
qwebirc76856I am allowed to pastebin the whole error message here?08:14
Flannelqwebirc76856: use a pastebin, not in the channel, but yes.08:15
qwebirc76856gotcha, one sec08:15
Flannelqwebirc76856: https://paste.ubuntu.com/ will work, or whatever else is fine08:15
Flannelqwebirc76856: Alright, can you please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update`08:18
qwebirc76856here we go https://pastebin.com/j54tJ6Tr08:19
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Flannelqwebirc76856: Alright.  For the record, looks like you've still got some xenial PPAs in there.  But as far as I can tell, none of them are TeX related.  So, lets just cut to the chase.  Can you please pastebin the output of:08:23
Flannel`apt-cache policy context texlive texlive-binaries texlive-latex-base texlive-base texlive-metapost fonts-freefont latex-cjk-common texlive-science tipa fragmaster dvipng`08:25
qwebirc76856does policy option show you the installed version vs remote version on the server?08:31
Flannelqwebirc76856: It shows what versions you have in your cache, including what's installed, and also the priority of each.08:32
Flannelqwebirc76856: What does `sudo apt-get install texlive-binaries` get you?08:32
qwebirc76856ah interesting08:32
Flannelqwebirc76856: You seem to have half of xenial installed and half of bionic.08:33
Flannelfor tex stuff, anyway.08:33
qwebirc76856thx for mentioning that the PPA is still xenial, I may will change that after the texlive problem?08:35
Flannelqwebirc76856: ok, lets do `apt-cache policy libtexenc1 libkpathsea6 libfontconfig1 libharfbuzz0b texlive-base texlive-lang-japanese`08:35
Flannelqwebirc76856: Yeah, lets handle one problem at a time.08:35
Flannelqwebirc76856: also pastebin (can be the same one) `apt-cache policy libxml-libxml-perl perl`08:36
qwebirc76856and https://pastebin.com/8Dq8twv908:37
Flannelqwebirc76856: ok, so perl is also old.  What happened during your upgrade?08:38
qwebirc76856btw I have run dpkg --configure -a and tried to remove libxml via dpkg08:38
qwebirc76856I suppoe that the upgrade was canceling due the texlive depencies conflict08:39
qwebirc76856is that possible?08:39
FlannelI haven't seen any dependency conflicts yet.  Just a half-upgraded thing.08:39
FlannelI mean, it is possible that you had upgrade issues, but usually they're caused by somethign else.08:40
Flannelqwebirc76856: Just for kicks, lets try upgrading perl.  And if that doesn't work, we'll walk back and start focusing on the larger issue that may be lurking.08:40
Flannelqwebirc76856: `sudo apt-get install perl`08:40
qwebirc76856I am afraid I cant install new packages... https://pastebin.com/n2LRra6k08:41
Flannelqwebirc76856: Yeah, ok.  and `sudo apt-get -f install` doesn't fix it, yes?08:42
qwebirc76856how badly I am screwed from 1 to 10?08:42
Flannelqwebirc76856: Don't panic yet.  Do you have any files in /etc/apt/preferences.d/ ?08:44
qwebirc76856no panic here, errors are a good base to learn more about the system :)08:46
Flannelqwebirc76856: ok, lets see if we can't just start removing some of the Texlive packages.  Although the perl thing.... but we'll see if we even have that as an option or if it's going to freak out.  `sudo apt-get remove texlive-latex-base`08:46
qwebirc76856I've tried that before. I cant remove it08:47
qwebirc76856E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).08:47
Flannelqwebirc76856: Ok, lets... just make sure we're not missing something that's actually wrong with the repositories.  What does `sudo apt-get check` get you?08:52
qwebirc76856thank you for your effort!08:53
Flannelqwebirc76856: So, at this point, I'm not sure there's anything we can do that's "nice".  It's time to bring out the big guns.  But also the point where things might start getting weird.  So, just to be safe (since destroying your packages shouldn't delete your data, even if you somehow cause the system to stop booting), do you need to make any backups of things? :)08:56
qwebirc76856I am ready for rumble08:56
Flannelqwebirc76856: Basically, what I think we're going to end up doing is using dpkg to manually remove (and we'll have to "force" sometimes) the packages that are still stuck with xenial.  We SHOULD be able to then reinstall them with apt, and they should behave fine.08:57
FlannelI just don't know how "far down" we'll need to go.08:57
qwebirc76856ok! I have tried to dpkg remove the packages which caused problems (according to dpkg --configure -a)08:58
Flannelqwebirc76856: dpkg understands dependencies, so it won't /normally/ remove things that apt wouldn't.  But you can force it to do things (and even if that'll break other things, like dependency chains, etc)09:00
Flannelwhich is why things might get hairy09:00
qwebirc76856ah ok, I guess I didnt use the force option09:00
qwebirc76856may the force be with me09:01
n17r4mwhat's up?09:01
n17r4mpackage fiasco?09:02
bastetxnot much09:02
Flanneln17r4m: looks like a system that somehow managed to half-upgrade and won't finish upgrading naturally.09:02
n17r4mapt-get -f install doesn't work?09:03
qwebirc76856doesnt work09:05
qwebirc76856I wasnt able to remove or purge the packages09:05
=== capella is now known as capella|away
qwebirc76856so should we force remove things?09:09
n17r4mhave you tried re-adding texlive-binaries and texlive-base-bin ?09:09
n17r4mor are you trying to purge these things?09:09
Flannelqwebirc76856: anyway, with `dpkg --force-depends -r [package]`  You should be able to remove packages even if they don't have satisfied dependencies.  I recommend first trying to remove all of the packages listed in your first pastebin (https://pastebin.com/kkD2DhRK), that is the stuff to the left of the colons.  Not necessarily the stuff on the right (although that may be in the next round)09:11
Flannelqwebirc76856: We're just trying to remove broken packages enough to let apt do its thing.09:11
n17r4malternatively, texlive-base I think, maybe, is the meta-package that would add in the missing dependencies..09:12
geirhadid you have any ppa with texlive packages before upgrading? the upgrade process disable such ppas09:12
Flannelqwebirc76856: I also would do a single package at a time, just so things go slowly.09:12
Flanneln17r4m: At this point, all apt does is complain about being broken.09:12
Flannelqwebirc76856: (so, 'left side' would be `libxml-libxml-perl`, but `perl` would stay, etc) (line 71/72)09:13
qwebirc76856I will start with 'dpkg --force-depends -r libxml' ? just to be sure09:15
geirhaif you are lucky, the ppa has packages for 18.04 too, so re-enabling the ppa should fix things09:15
Flannelqwebirc76856: libxml-libxml-perl would be one package, I don't see `libxml` on that page09:17
qwebirc76856ah ok!09:17
Flannelqwebirc76856: It's certainly an odd name, but I who knows.09:17
qwebirc76856seems like I can remove it09:19
Flannelqwebirc76856: Right, good.  Now, do it for all of the packages on that pastebin.  THEN we'll try to stop using force and see if the package state makes more sense.09:20
Flannelqwebirc76856: also, I guess keep track of the outputs, because each one is going to say "so-and-so depends on [that package you just removed]"09:21
qwebirc76856can I perform a 'sudo dpkg --force-depends -r texlive*' ?09:21
Flannelqwebirc76856: that is a valid command.  I'm not sure it's wise, but it's valid.09:21
qwebirc76856so step by step?09:22
FlannelIt's entirely up to you.  You could do texlive-lang*, that might be a bit more scoped.09:22
qwebirc53553test line!09:24
n17r4mtexlive* would also maybe work..09:24
Flanneln17r4m: It would remove packages that aren't broken though, like texlive-binaries09:25
qwebirc53553i'm confused about eeh... 'linux' and their spectrum of distro's09:26
n17r4mtex, latex, and lyx are some of my favourite packages...09:26
qwebirc76856mine to, but now they have to disappear :D09:26
n17r4mwait, but why?09:26
qwebirc53553i've tried, manjaro, mint, lubuntu, a few others and they all perform somewhat the same on 'live' and as soon as i install it it runs slow af09:28
qwebirc53553i have only 1 outstanding question to be answered as i'm on my own to solve my techy troubles...09:28
qwebirc76856n17r4m because of the package fiasco. afterwards I will install it again09:29
qwebirc76856after force removing texbase it seems like the other packages are gone09:29
n17r4mmaybe no need to install it again then?09:30
qwebirc53553what is the easiest linux distro for 'windows' hamsters like myself to start fucking around with?09:30
Flannelqwebirc76856: If you want to see what's still broken, just do an apt-get check, and it'll tell you.09:30
qwebirc53553well thanks Flannel, that is the first FTR answer i've heard since i had a job as a call-agent09:31
n17r4m'gentoo' It is terrifying liberating.09:31
qwebirc53553as liberation is....09:31
qwebirc53553sorry, inside humour09:31
qwebirc53553thanks man, i'll check on it (one more time then *sighs)09:32
Flannelqwebirc53553: what?09:32
n17r4mas defined by a brief reading of forums.gentoo.org09:32
Flannelqwebirc53553: I was talking to qwebirc76856, not you.  You just have similar nicks.09:32
geirhaIf it's slow after install, you likely need to install proprietary graphics drivers09:32
qwebirc53553oh... i thought if get apt anything don't work, why not try 'check' for a change ;)09:33
n17r4mubuntu is just a very nice unix. english not so good.09:36
qwebirc53553linux comedy ain't my strongsuit @n17r4m09:38
qwebirc53553about the driver 'issue' yes, i've checked that, there's more problems then that, it's packing a i7 for fcks sake09:40
qwebirc53553it seems i can't auto install the appropriate drivers for geforce 6600gt09:41
qwebirc76856Flannel, apt-get check gives me no errors09:41
qwebirc53553also SMART said SELFTEST FAILED09:41
qwebirc53553on all tests09:41
n17r4mapt install nvidia-drivers     ?09:42
qwebirc53553but after fresh boot SMART says it's performing good09:42
qwebirc53553hold on i'll try everything in order first09:42
n17r4mrepair broken system [y|n]?09:43
n17r4mso, I worked 6 devastating years in tech support.09:44
qwebirc76856I am sorry n17r4m09:44
n17r4mAnd I want to fix your linux problem09:45
qwebirc76856so apt-get check throws no errors anymore! what is the next step09:46
n17r4mwhen was the last time that you rebooted (don't reboot now)09:46
qwebirc76856maybe some hours ago09:47
n17r4myou're ubuntu is in a virtual machine?09:47
qwebirc76856dual boot with win 1009:47
n17r4mok, so you're typing from a different computer?09:48
qwebirc76856I am on the machine!09:48
n17r4moh, switch. nice.09:48
n17r4mdoes ubuntu boot into gfx mode?09:48
qwebirc76856wait, I guess you refering to the other qwebirc09:49
n17r4mubuntu wins09:49
qwebirc76856can I change name with /name blah ?09:49
=== qwebirc76856 is now known as p2b
n17r4mno /NICK blah09:49
=== qwebirc53553 is now known as fortless
* n17r4m oh's09:50
fortlessthere, now we sorted something out09:50
p2bhere we go. I am the guy with the package fiasco09:50
fortlessi'll wait my turn09:50
n17r4mp2b; what's up fortless?09:51
fortlessbro, i'm gonna ditch lubuntu, it's too weird for me09:51
fortlessi've tried ubuntu years back before, maybe that's more "my style"?09:51
n17r4mtoo cute for you?09:51
fortlessyeah i guess so09:52
fortlesstoo 'simple' visually, and i think my autism can't handle the duplicate programs for the same purposes like those 'package-managers'09:53
fortlessmy mission is to learn linux good enough so i'm not dependable on the road of microsoft's new millenial fuckup 'DaaS'09:54
n17r4mDaaS is f**************** scary/ tbh09:57
n17r4mpardon my strong language.09:57
p2bthat f word is impressive long09:58
fortlessyeah i agree10:00
fortlessi mean the scary part off course10:00
fortlessi can fill in so many variables for that 'blank'10:00
fortlessit'll be all 'true' 'positive'10:01
p2bshould I perform a apt-get upgrade now? https://pastebin.com/QAmek5V310:01
p2bseems like its the rest of the missing upgrade10:01
fortlessdoes 'p2b' come from pay to 'be' in corrolation of DaaS?10:02
p2bnah, its just an old nickname from the 90s10:02
acheronukp2b: try dist-upgrade instead of upgrade?10:03
p2bI performed a dist-upgrade before10:04
p2buntil I got problem with the texlive package10:04
acheronukp2b: 'apt-get upgrade' = "New versions of currently installed packages that cannot be upgraded without changing the install status of another package will be left at their current version"10:07
acheronukwhich is why you have '627 not upgraded'10:07
p2bso I will perform a dist upgrade10:08
acheronukp2b: see what it says it will do10:09
acheronukif you still have package conflicts, it might not give a great outcome10:10
p2bI've started the dist upgrade process again, finger crossed10:10
fortlessomfg :'( trying to download a measly 1.8gig ubuntu distro and it's about to take between 9hours-3days!!!!!!!!10:10
fortlesswhere to check server status?10:11
acheronukp2b: also 'apt-get dist-upgrade' is not the same as do-release-upgrade10:11
fortlessit's.... it's... the more i 'try' to work with this linux matter, EVEN MORE FRUSTRATIONS POPPING UP INSTANTLY!10:12
fortlessright now i need Xanax to calm me down working with this10:12
acheronukfortless: you could try the torrent. they are usually well seeded10:13
fortlessit only says 'download'10:13
acheronukfortless: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads10:14
fortlessah, i've looked that over10:14
fortlessmy bad10:14
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest81968
=== mnemonic is now known as semeion
=== qwebirc6538 is now known as Fortless
Fortlessback again, connection lost, isp or wi-fi adapter is breaking my balls today!!!10:32
Fortlessit's my topping on all that linux ice-cream problem flavor10:33
=== qwebirc18041 is now known as p2b
p2bI am back10:39
p2bupgrade and reboot was successful! thank you flannel n17r4m10:40
n17r4mhow's the split machine running on the ubuntu side?10:40
p2bit runs and I am appy10:42
p2bnow I just have to install the texlive again10:42
n17r4mwhat final program do you want?10:45
p2btexlive with texstudio10:47
p2bdamn, I forgot the source list with the ppa stuff10:49
p2bI have to change them them to bionic as well10:49
n17r4madvice from others: lyx vs texstudio..10:49
p2bits not /etc/apt/sources.list10:49
n17r4mfffff it's10:51
TJ-Additional repositories should be added using 'add-apt-repository' or by adding a file manually in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/<archive-name>.list10:52
p2bah, there it is10:53
p2bflannel mentioned a command with apt where you were able to get an overview of the PPA sources10:53
n17r4mdoes anyone care for language?10:54
n17r4mUbuntu included.10:55
TJ-p2b: maybe "apt-get indextargets" ?10:56
n17r4mI do.10:56
n17r4mBeing afraid of bearing a community is bad. lol.10:58
n17r4mbear a bad community and die/ oops11:00
n17r4mlive and love/11:00
n17r4mI don't know how to make a useful shaft.11:02
=== varesa| is now known as varesa-
=== varesa- is now known as varesa|
Fortlesschecking if i'm still connected to irc11:22
[n0mad]Fortless: you are not, this is myspace11:24
Fortlesshow come almost every linux distro has a 'visual basic' vibe to their gui's?11:33
lotuspsychjeFortless: only ubuntu support questions here please11:36
Fortlessok guys, i've launched ubuntu on live now, seem to boot up 'just fine' but i do get messages during boot something like Frequency mismatch11:41
Fortlessanything i should worry about? i had this message with all distros, live and hdd11:42
lotuspsychjeFortless: logs spit out alot if information that is usefull, but also you that you can ignore11:43
lotuspsychjeFortless: does it boot to your desktop?11:44
Fortlessit does yes11:44
Fortlesslive seems to work fine as all distro's, running smooth11:44
lotuspsychjeFortless: so it wont be very bad :p whats your next plan? look around or install?11:45
Fortlesscould i run some kind of test for hardware compatibility or something?11:45
enaut[m]check if the hardware works you worry about ;)11:45
lotuspsychjeFortless: depends what hardware we talking about?11:45
Fortlessi'm afraid the same problems will occur if i install it, live it runs perfect11:46
enaut[m]like try wifi, try graphics11:46
Fortlessgee, let me see, a intel i7 920 i believe, 6gig ddr3 and old nvidia geforce 6600gt11:46
Fortlessgraphics is what i'm afraid of11:47
lotuspsychjeFortless: dont be affraid, if something doesnt work, come back here and ask?11:47
lotuspsychjeFortless: its already good news you can live enter desktop, so graphics should be fine11:49
enaut[m]Fortless: this hardware should run without problems... don't install the nvidia drivers from the website but use the softwarecenter...11:49
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Fortlessyeah, don't really know how to check for correct driver while live but ok, leap of faith tells me it's going to be great!11:51
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Fortlessgonna install it, yolo!11:51
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lotuspsychjeFortless: thats the spirit11:52
dan3wik/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.efnet.org #LRH /!\11:54
Fortlessso check the mark 3d party drivers,etc or not then?11:54
dan3wikThis channel has been hacked by Australia's #1 hacker Simon 'eVestigator' Smith https://evestigatorsucks.com/11:54
Fortlesssome say do some say don't????11:55
lotuspsychjeFortless: i always enable both, updates and 3rd party11:56
lotuspsychjeFortless: but thats the users choice really11:56
Fortlessfull option it is11:57
Fortlessgo 'max' or go home right ;)11:57
Fortlessnow.... i could do brainless install with linux taking over the partitioning stuff, or i can once and for all configure it 'like a pro'?11:58
Fortlessgot a blank 2tb hdd to go nuts on... shoot!11:59
lotuspsychjeFortless: let ubuntu choose layout for you, unless you have a specific reason not to?11:59
Fortlesseeh, i've once watched a video WHY it's best to do it manually, i believe it had something to do with readjusting partitions later and mount other stuff and so on, i really don't know anymore12:01
lotuspsychje!partitioning | Fortless =official12:02
ubottuFortless =official: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap12:02
Fortlessok hold on, i'll check tut!12:03
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Fortlessmeh, nvm the partitioning, you scared me of with that, i'ma do noob style then, lazyness prevails12:06
lotuspsychjeFortless: like i said, if you dont really have a reason, use the auto layout12:07
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
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BluesKajHiyas all12:35
ATDT91118/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.efnet.org #LRH /!\12:43
Fortlessinstalled ubuntu, same shit other distro!12:47
Fortlessslow af12:47
=== amirpro_ is now known as amirpro
_alx_Fortless: Don't blame the distro for shit hardware man12:49
ubottuPlease avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:49
TJ-Fortless: if there is a problem give us precise details so we can help12:50
_alx_TJ-: sorry bud12:50
Fortlessok, first let me try to calm my nerves for a minute12:50
* TJ- hands Fortless a cold glass of juice12:50
Fortlessi installed ubuntu like any script-junky would do12:51
Fortlesslive is running smooth, hdd is taking forever to load desktop... i've entered my login 5 minutes ago now12:52
_alx_in a vm or baremetal?12:52
_alx_ah ok12:52
Fortlessif i have to make a logical choice based on your question i'd choose baremetal then, it's not on a vm12:52
_alx_not a technical term at all. trying to be userfriendly12:53
Fortlessok, NOW it's logged in12:53
_alx_hmmm strange … specs?12:53
Fortlessprobably still starting 'welcome'?12:53
TJ-Fortless: this is Ubuntu 18.04 ?12:54
Fortlessok 'whats new' popped up now12:54
_alx_ahh, bionic beaver. I use it yeah12:54
Fortlesslatest release indeed12:54
TJ-Fortless: once it has logged in try log-out and log-in again. I *suspect* it may be building the indexes for software-center first time around12:54
TJ-Fortless: I recall there were issues with that in some circumstances some time ago12:54
Fortlessah ok let's try12:55
_alx_is your hd a solid state hd? or is it the old school spinning disks12:55
Fortlesshdd not sdd12:55
TJ-Shouldn't make much difference for the first-time log-in. Something is obviously running slowly that has been autostarted12:55
_alx_hmm, I personally did not experience the issue TJ- described, but it is entirely possible12:55
_alx_How did you get the image? Is it possible that you're accidentally booting from a USB instead of actually having it installed?12:56
TJ-_alx_: There were some major issues in 16.04 I think it was, that carried over to other releases, but it was spotty as to why/when systems were affected. I believe a lot of the problems back then were related to it failing to download additional data because the Ubuntu servers were throttling the download rate12:57
acheronuk[13:47] <Fortless> installed ubuntu, same **** other distro!12:57
Fortlessnope, it's running the hdd one12:57
acheronukdoes that mean you see the same on other distros?12:57
acheronuksame slowness12:57
TJ-Fortless: can you do "sudo apt install pastebinit; pastebinit <( dmesg )" and give us the URL it reports?12:58
Fortlessyes acheronuk12:58
Fortlessok ok not too fast, i relogged, this time it starts up 'normal' as it is the second time an operation or process ran12:58
_alx_ah, acheronuk has a point. What other distros have you tried on this machine? TJ- ahh, I did experience some downtime from debian package repos a few days ago too.12:59
Fortlessthis happened to all distro's12:59
Fortlessfirst run is slow, second run or 'start' is normal12:59
_alx_Yup, then TJ- wins. He guessed it first12:59
_alx_Or she13:00
_alx_or they13:00
_alx_or ...13:00
TJ-or it13:00
acheronukweird to do that on multiple distros, but hey.....13:00
_alx_yup, insert every pronoun ever.13:00
_alx_Maybe there should be a disclaimer :P13:00
TJ-Fortless: let us have that log, there may be something else going on as well.13:01
_alx_(about the first boot being slow)13:01
Fortlessi'm trying my best13:01
Fortless???? this chat is getting confusing to me13:01
_alx_Fortless: It can be overwhelming, we got you.13:02
TJ-Fortless: you're familiar with how to open a Terminal Emulator ?13:02
_alx_It's the black window looking thing13:03
Fortlessremember that i've told you it takes forever to open... anything!!!13:03
Fortlesseven terminal13:03
_alx_hmmm … what processor/clock speed you got ?13:04
Fortlessdon't know if alt+F2 is faster then going traditional13:04
Fortlessi7 92013:04
_alx_that's a first gen13:05
TJ-Fortless: hang on, you mean starting any program there's a massive delay?13:07
TJ-Fortless: Once you can get us the dmesg log, I'm predicting it is going to show I/O errors because the disk drive is failing13:07
TJ-Fortless: being OK on 2nd launch could just mean by then everything is in RAM cache so doens't need to go out to the disk to read it13:08
Fortlessi can't do anything :'(13:08
Fortlessi can not type in terminal13:09
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest75877
Fortlessit's not even showing a mount or 'user' or whatever13:09
TJ-Fortless: did things work fine when using the Installer LiveISO in "Try Ubuntu" mode?13:09
Fortlessbackground window popped up asking me to install apps after the os install13:10
FortlessYES YES YES13:10
Fortlesslive is good13:10
_alx_It's doing the auto update13:10
Fortlesshdd is nightmare13:10
Fortlessi can't do much else then just go for updateing and 'hoping' it'll fix some major pain automatically13:11
TJ-Fortless: it does sound like the Hard Disk could be failing13:11
Fortlessi can't believe it is :( it's a brand new drive ffs)13:11
TJ-Fortless: it can happen any time... but we need to get you into a stable terminal so we can run commands to check it13:11
_alx_Did you build this computer yourself ? could be something loose13:11
TJ-Fortless: are you chatting to us from another PC?13:12
Fortlessyes currently chatting on laptop13:12
TJ-Fortless: good :)13:12
Fortlessotherwise i can't even communicate with you guys anyway13:12
TJ-Fortless: in which case it might be faster to teach you how to boot te PC into Recovery mode where there is no GUI loaded, and you are the root user13:12
Fortlessthat would be my consideration as well tj13:13
TJ-Fortless: how does the PC get network? Is it through WiFi ?13:13
Fortlessout of necessity for now13:13
TJ-Fortless: yay for wires! makes debugging so much easier :)13:13
_alx_ethernet, ok13:13
TJ-Fortless: Here's what I suggest...13:13
_alx_whole house, ethernet ports everywhere!13:13
Fortlessok lemme boot it in shell mode then?13:13
Fortlessyes alx YES FUCK YES!!!!13:14
Fortlesswires ftw13:14
TJ-Fortless: ... reboot the PC, tap Esc repeatedly to get to the GRUB bootloader menu. On that menu choose the "Advanced" sub-menu then choose the Recovery option13:14
BluesKajFortless, enthusiasm is good, but watch t e language please13:14
TJ-Fortless: tapping Esc as soon as the PC firmware is handing over to GRUB13:15
Fortlessok, i'll take out the usb preventively13:15
Fortlessoh, woops sorry blue13:15
TJ-Fortless: if you swear here the computers learn to copy you, so beware :p13:15
BluesKajFortless, ok13:15
_alx_What do you mean by learn to copy you?13:16
_alx_AI's learning by our chatting in this channel?13:16
TJ-_alx_: :p13:16
_alx_haa, seriously?13:16
TJ-_alx_: there's over one thousand nicknames in this channel.. most never speak... what do you think!? :D13:17
* TJ- dons the Ubuntu conspiracy theory hat13:17
lotuspsychje_alx_: volunteers are constantly watching this channel,remember trolling nicknames :p13:17
TJ-Fortless: how's it getting on?13:17
_alx_TJ-:  I like to leave the channel on while i'm working too though lol13:17
_alx_lotuspsychje: haha fair13:18
BluesKajan alternative to ethernet all over the house is ethernet thru the house wiring. I have such a setup and it works well13:18
Fortlessyou guys really going to enjoy this13:19
BluesKajas long as all the ircuits are routed thru the same panel13:19
_alx_It does, and it's nice to also offer wifi to our guests. We aren't savages after all :P13:19
Fortlessspammed esc button on boot, black screen but backlight is on13:19
_alx_Fortless: press enter a few times?13:19
Fortlesshdd activity now....13:20
_alx_what kind of hd is it?13:20
_Dbug_BluesKaj, also works better if you have modern appliances. Some old warm water tank, badly insulated washing machine, etc... can generate a lot of electric noise that makes the speed of powerline ethernet to drop a lot13:20
Fortlessany more of those wonderfull ideas?13:21
Fortlessbooted into normal mode apparently!13:21
_alx_must be a different bootloader13:22
BluesKaj_Dbug_, the speed is about 50% of regular ethernet here13:22
Fortlesswestern digital blue 2tb13:22
Fortlesswd20earx or something13:22
_alx_BluesKaj: _Dbug_: how I wish I had 10gb through the house to the nas… :(13:23
_alx_1gb is ok though …13:23
_alx_2tb WD … hmmm I think that's like 5000 rpms. Let me google some models13:24
_Dbug__alx_, you can generaly "easily" bump up to 2gps by using aggregated network adapters, many routeurs and nas support that. 10gb is a whole new level of pain, you need new cables, new network cable, new switches, new everything, and the price is many times higher than normal gigabit ethernet equipment.13:24
_alx__Dbug_: I know lol It's just one of those things that would be nice to have… like cake for breakfast!13:26
BluesKajheh, everyone has different tastes, but cake for breakfast...not my cuppa tea :-)13:28
_alx_Yeah, the blues are 5600 rpms. Not the best but it shouldn't be that slow. Methinks something else is going down.13:28
Fortlesswhat's NOT going down you mean xD13:29
* BluesKaj gave up on WD hdds ...their quality control isn't what it used to be13:30
_alx_BluesKaj: like a supermodel girlfriend, who's also an excellent assembly coder, and has a secret life working as a spy and can whip my but at mario kart.13:31
Fortlessthanks Blueskaj... just the complimentary i need now13:31
Fortlessi always believed wd was kind of the better ones13:31
BluesKajFortless, they were til I got burned a week after the warranty was up13:32
BluesKajmy media server drive just died13:32
Fortlessthat could just as be coincidental as putin's mh17 attack13:33
_alx_Samsung's are good, and I've had good luck with Crucial too13:33
BluesKajFortless, true , but it happened...13:33
Fortlesswell i'm sorry to hear that13:34
Fortlessi mean, i can only imagine it13:34
Fortlessi guess i have great karma with drives13:34
BluesKajFortless, who knows, you might have much better luck13:34
_alx_Couldn't there be improperly seated RAM too ?13:35
BluesKaji have a WD160 that's 10yrs old and still chugging away in an old HP desktop pc13:35
Fortlessif money wasn't an issue... i would send you a good drive that i've touched... maybe my luck comes with the drive?13:35
lotuspsychjeguys keep it a bit ubuntu ontopic13:36
BluesKajFortless, no need13:36
_alx_OHH! lotuspsychje, got any recommendations for debugging on ubuntu?13:36
lotuspsychje_alx_: debugging what?13:36
_alx_I don't want to use wine or a VM to debug with x64-dbg. and gdb is a pain...13:37
ppfon bionic, dual booting with win 7. whenever i boot from win7 to linux, i don't have any network, until i disable wol through ethtool13:37
Fortlesscan someone just take over my desktop on remote :'(13:39
_alx_lol don't trust people on irc to ever do that for you man. never know what they could leave behind13:39
Fortlessi want to hang myself knowing i'm not done NOW and didn't even accomplish fixing 1 problem, let alone adress the problem propperly13:40
_alx_I can understand your frustration. I'm really sorry dude13:40
BluesKajFortless, can you get to a TTY /VT on said computer?13:41
Fortlessi'm working on this AGAIN since 7h this morning, that's already 8hrs passed doing NOTHING really!13:41
ppfso apparently windows leaves the wol setting in a weird state that the linux driver can't handle. disabling it with ethtool resets that, and after the next reboot i got my network back13:41
ppftried to automate that with udev, but to no success13:42
ppfany other suggestions?13:42
BluesKajFortless, ctl+alt+F2-F6, after the bios page or at the login if you get that far13:42
beaverbeware, there is an ongoing attack, there are users who can give you bad advice13:44
Fortlesscurrently logged in now13:44
Fortlessi'll try altf2 now13:44
BluesKajFortless, it's opening a Virtual Terminal/shell without a desktop13:44
lotuspsychje!who | ppf13:44
ubottuppf: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:44
Fortlessgrr it keeps popping error window ubuntu internal error13:45
ppflotuspsychje: asking a question for the entire channel :)13:45
lotuspsychjeppf: avoid monologues, filling the whole chanel, ask your question all-in-one line please in the future13:46
ppflotuspsychje: i did13:46
BluesKajFortless,  ctl+alt+F213:46
ppfand then followed it up with details on what i tried13:46
lotuspsychjeppf: please dont follow up, if nobody is replying to your original question13:47
ppflotuspsychje: what are you gatekeeping for?13:47
ppfif you don't know the answer, just don't get involved?13:48
lotuspsychjeppf: im trying to help you here...saying flooding the channel with follow-ups to nobody doesnt work13:48
lotuspsychjeppf: if you want, lets continue this in #ubuntu-discuss13:49
ppfnah, i'm good :)13:49
Fortlessok nothing works13:50
BluesKajFortless, https://askubuntu.com/questions/38566/how-can-i-check-the-health-of-my-hard-drive13:51
Fortlessnot terminal, errors keep popping up, error report sending crashes aswell13:51
ppfjust get a new disk13:51
ppfif it's broken13:52
Fortlessso.... HOW in the world can i perform ANYTHING on a machine i just can't... i can't...13:52
ppfwhy fight broken hardware13:52
Fortlessyou are broken mlqjflkjdsq13:52
_alx_lol Fortless at least its not your daily driver13:52
streaky<ppf> so apparently windows leaves the wol setting in a weird state that the linux driver can't handle - i don't know how that's even possible, but you might have to go rooting through changelogs to see if it's fixed in driver and update and/or file a bug to get it sorted.. or failing that use an init script to reset it on boot ;)13:54
_alx_Fortless: maybe it's best to keep this projects on the backburner for now13:54
Fortlessi can't13:56
ppfstreaky: where in the init sequence would i do that?13:56
ppfstreaky: i mean, udev is apparently too late13:56
Fortlessi need this machine13:56
Fortlessi can't afford sh*t13:56
TJ-Fortless: OK, a calming solution. Reboot the PC to the Installer LiveISO, choose "Try Ubuntu", and then when that's up we can do stuff without you suffering13:57
Fortlessalright last try for today13:57
TJ-Fortless: from that stable boot we can investigate the disk13:57
streakyppf, make network service depend on it i guess - so it's ready for network configuration13:58
streakyit's a bit hacky but it'll probably work13:58
ppfstreaky: no, that's way too late13:58
streakybefore network config is too late? :s13:58
_alx_ppf: how is that too late?13:58
ppfbecause it's after driver initialization13:59
_alx_Fortless: Good luck!13:59
ppf_udev_ is too late13:59
streakyppf, oh, interesting13:59
ppfso i resetting wol after the kernel device becomes live is not enough13:59
streakyi wonder if unloading and then reloading the kernel module has the same effect14:00
ppfi guess i'll have to reinitialize the device?14:00
Fortlesslive is running as try out now14:00
_alx_Fortless: sudo apt install pastebinit; pastebinit <( dmesg )14:00
ppfstreaky: it's an intel card using the builtin driver. i can't reload the module, can i?14:01
ppfscratch that, it's e1000e14:04
streakythe other option that may help if you don't need wol is disabling it in bios if you can or disabling it in the windows driver possibly14:06
streakyall completely speculative ofc14:06
ppftried disabling it in windows, didn't change a thing, don't have an option to switch it off in bios14:06
streakyarf :p14:07
streakyfile a bug with intel and wait 18 months ;)14:07
benbrois it possible to calculate crc32c checksum from the command line? (crc32-c not crc32)14:08
streakyi bet it's something weird with acpi actually14:09
=== qwebirc14897 is now known as fortress2
fortress2im using qwerty on azerty14:10
TJ-fortress2: if you're using Linux on your laptop, you can SSH into the PC to make copying/pasting links etc easy14:10
fortress2linux is hating on me BIG TIME14:10
CoolerZhow do you install the jdk?14:10
TJ-benbro: there's a (java) tool that does all sorts of CRCs/hashes, but not sure it does crc32-c14:10
TJ-!info openjdk-8-jdk | CoolerZ14:11
ubottuCoolerZ: openjdk-8-jdk (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK). In component universe, is optional. Version 8u171-b11-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (bionic), package size 441 kB, installed size 527 kB14:11
CoolerZwhat do you mean open?14:11
CoolerZisn't the oracle jdk already open source?14:11
benbroTJ-: prefer to not depend on java or python14:12
Fortlesscan you repost what i have to do?14:12
Fortlesswith the dmesg stuff and all that14:12
_alx_TJ-: Oh neat, what other channel commands does the bot here have?14:12
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:12
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone14:13
CoolerZTJ-, hello14:13
CoolerZi already did sudo apt-get install default-jdk14:13
Fortlesshow can i 'investigate' my drive now?14:13
CoolerZdo i have to uninstall that now?14:13
TJ-Fortless: which instructions do you want? Did you see what I asked about using SSH over the network to make collecting info easier?14:14
TJ-CoolerZ: no, default-jdk will install one of several options14:14
TJ-!info default-jdk14:14
ubottudefault-jdk (source: java-common (0.63ubuntu1~02)): Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.10-63ubuntu1~02 (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 6 kB14:14
Fortlessthis chat is hard to follow14:14
compdoctakes practice14:15
Fortlessi saw something with SSH14:15
TJ-CoolerZ: on 18.04 default-jdk installs openjdk-11-jdk14:15
lotuspsychjethats why everyone needs to use tab !who14:15
TJ-Fortless: Is your laptop running Linux too?14:15
TJ-Fortless: ahhh, OK, then that shoots down that idea... moving on14:15
CoolerZTJ-, yeah i am on 18.0414:16
Fortlesslaptop is win8 and desktop is eeh... ubuntu14:16
TJ-Fortless: on the Linux PC open a terminal emulator (Ctrl+Alt+T or type "Terminal" in the search bar)14:16
Fortlessyeah i opened it14:16
CoolerZTJ-, for some reason its downloading at 180 KB/s14:16
TJ-Fortless: once the Terminal emulator opens and you have a shell, type "sudo apt install pastebinit"14:16
CoolerZare the servers overloaded or something14:16
TJ-CoolerZ: might be due to the mirrors, or some temporary network issue affecting your route to them14:17
TJ-Fortless: once that has installed you can do "pastebinit <( dmesg )" and then give us the URL it provides so we can read the log14:17
Fortlessyou need to know that i'm running the 'live' now ok14:18
=== mnemonic is now known as semeion
TJ-Fortless: I do know14:18
TJ-Fortless: so it should'nt be being affected by any bad disk14:19
TJ-Fortless: the "Try Ubuntu" session runs entirely in RAM but anything you change doesn't persist after a reboot of course14:19
fortress2using my qwerty skills lol14:20
TJ-fortress2: so this is the hard disk? "scsi 3:0:0:0: Direct-Access     ATA      WDC WD20EARX-00P"14:20
=== lynn_ is now known as gryphon
TJ-fortress2: ahhh, you have two. That's the 2TB, and there's a 1TB "scsi 4:0:0:0: Direct-Access     ATA      WDC WD10EZEX-60W 1A01"14:21
TJ-fortress2: /dev/sda is the 2TB, /dev/sdb is the 1TB14:22
TJ-Fortless: so right now there are no errors because we've not tried to read from them, so lets first read their internal error tracking data using the SMART functions14:23
TJ-Fortless: "sudo apt install smartmontools"14:23
Fortlessjust to be clear here... i'm not using the 1tb hdd anyway, it just sits there until i can 'manage' linux properly on the 2tb drive14:24
TJ-Fortless: OK, now let's collect SMART health reports: "pastebinit <( sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda; sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdb )"14:25
TJ-Fortless: that'll report on both drives14:25
CoolerZok now how do i install the android sdk?14:25
guest_im trying to install ubuntu on hp laptop and it has about 6 partions and one says windows boot manager what would happen if i erase all partions inluding the windows boot manager and recovery partion14:26
leftyfbguest_: if you don't care to keep Windows, then you are free to wipe everything and just install ubuntu14:26
EriC^^guest_: what leftyfb said14:26
TJ-!info android-sdk | CoolerZ14:27
ubottuCoolerZ: android-sdk (source: android-sdk-meta): Software development kit for Android platform. In component universe, is optional. Version 25.0.0+8 (bionic), package size 9 kB, installed size 51 kB14:27
TJ-CoolerZ: so ensure you have the "Universe" component enabled in Software Properties, then "sudo apt install android-sdk"14:27
Fortlessokk, next one... postfix configuration: no config, internet site, internet w smarthost, sattelite system, local only???14:27
TJ-Fortless: local only14:27
guest_woudl that means i could never windows again14:27
TJ-Fortless: that's because the SMART tools allow reporting errors as they're detected14:28
EriC^^guest_: no, if you have a windows cd/usb you could reinstall it14:28
guest_leftb: does that mean i could never reinstall windows again14:28
leftyfbguest_: you could reinstall Windows later, but that complicates the Ubuntu install. It's best to keep/install Windows first then install Ubuntu dual boot.14:29
guest_EriC: i have windows usb14:29
EriC^^guest_: then you're good, it'll create the system partition again and work again14:29
Fortlessok next14:29
Fortlessshell waiting for instructions14:29
guest_i dont want dual boot just wanted to install linux then when i sell it put windows back on14:29
Fortlessnamed it ubuntufortress as mail map or something14:30
leftyfbguest_: then I would buy a 2nd HDD and remove the old one and keep it aside when you care to sell it14:30
leftyfbguest_: or sell it with Ubuntu14:30
guest_why not windows14:30
CoolerZshould i install apps in home directory?14:30
CoolerZhome/bin ?14:30
EriC^^CoolerZ: sure, if you want14:31
leftyfbCoolerZ: you should use apt to install applications14:31
EriC^^CoolerZ: what kind of apps? many are already in the repos14:31
guest_leftyb: why not sell it with windows14:31
leftyfbguest_: other than that, you'll have to seek support from Microsoft support sources14:31
CoolerZandroid studio14:31
guest_leftyb: Ericb says i can just reinstall windows14:31
CoolerZdoes that come with the android sdk?14:31
CoolerZi got it from here https://developer.android.com/studio/14:32
leftyfbguest_: I said that as well.... but you'll need the reinstall media (cd/usb)14:32
guest_ok thanks for help14:32
TJ-Fortless: is smartmontools finished installing?14:32
TJ-Fortless: OK, now let's collect SMART health reports: "pastebinit <( sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda; sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdb )"14:32
guest_why does hp put unesscary partions on there i dont have that with desktop pc14:32
leftyfbguest_: you'll have to contact HP support or Microsoft support. But they're probably recovery/driver/whatever partitions14:33
guest_will windows pick up the drivers without the partion14:34
leftyfbguest_: again, you're asking about Windows support questions in #ubuntu. You'll need to contact Microsoft or HP support14:34
TJ-fortress2: you can see that the SMART Selftest log structure revision number 1 section reports read errors on the 2TB device starting from sector 1283822414:35
_alx_fortress2: it's on line 8014:36
TJ-fortress2: so now we need to use smartctl to initiate a thorough drive self test14:36
compdocfortress2, that Western Digital Green has pending sectors, which can mean its failing14:36
TJ-_alx_: thanks for that pointer :)14:36
_alx_TJ-: :)14:37
Fortlessi, i'm speechless14:37
Fortlessbrand new drive, KAPUT!??14:37
Fortlessalright alright were getting somewhere finally14:38
Fortlessi wish i've met you sooner14:38
TJ-Fortless: so "sudo smartctl -t offline /dev/sda" and then be patient whilst it runs14:38
TJ-Fortless: it'll likely take several minutes so get some refreshment... you can check the current progress by doing "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda" and looking at the last section where it reports status of self-tests14:39
TJ-Fortless: I doubt that drive is brand new, it reports power-on hours 2875 and Load_Cycle_Count 8332 and Power_Off Retract_Count 105 (that's when the power is pulled before it has parked the heads safely)14:40
Fortlessit says it's about to complete at approximately midnight... so.... i'll see you guys tomorrow then14:41
_alx_Fortless: gl! … where did you buy this drive?14:41
TJ-Fortless: :) if you bought the drive as new, then you've been misled14:41
TJ-Fortless: the word "fraud" comes to mind. Get the SMART error data from that pastebin and use it as evidence to claim a refund - that drive is not new14:42
_alx_Fortless: Well, you got the logs to prove it isn't new.14:42
Fortlessfrom a big commercial internet store, so... i can't believe my eyes now14:42
TJ-Fortless: and this is why you suffered no matter which Linux distro you tried to install14:42
TJ-Fortless: SMART data comes from the drive itself14:43
TJ-Fortless: my guess is they had a drive returned to them and they repackaged it without checking it14:43
TJ-Fortless: Linux 1, Internet Store -1 :)14:43
_alx_Fortless: or someone was quitting that day lol14:44
Fortlessnot now man14:44
Fortlessi need a minute ok14:44
balrog12<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth14:46
=== ams is now known as Guest65706
Fortlessi'm not sure what to look for specifically when checking if test is still running14:52
Fortlessonly thing i assume i'm looking for is status read failure14:53
TJ-Fortless: in the output "SMART Selective self-test log data structure revision number 1" table it should list the type of test running14:53
Fortlessif it is the last section... then 'not testing'14:53
TJ-Fortless: OK, the result should be in the table above that "SMART Self-test log structure revision number 1"14:54
Fortlesslet me re-run it14:54
Fortlessah well there it says completed (3x) read failure14:54
TJ-Fortless: show us "pastebinit <( sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda )" so we can compare14:54
TJ-Fortless: usually you can tell the newer test because the "Lifetime (hours)" columns is telling you when the test was initiated, and should be different to the previous 2857 hours that were listed originally14:55
TJ-Fortless: hmmm, no change in the hours value. That is weird. Let me check if that drive supports the test we triggered14:56
swordslayer101whats goin on14:57
TJ-Fortless: try this test instead: "sudo smartctl -t long /dev/sda"14:57
swordslayer101how can i install onion network that works with irssi?14:58
swordslayer101or access the onion ircs14:58
tomreynswordslayer101: are you asking how to access an irc network through tor, using the irssi irc client?14:58
Fortlessoh boy14:59
Fortlessplease wait 380 minutes for test to complete14:59
swordslayer101yeah, tomryn14:59
Fortlessand i was hallucinating computing power goes up with the time :)15:00
TJ-Fortless: that sounds better!15:00
tomreynswordslayer101: first, install tor and torsocks, then run torsocks irssi.15:00
TJ-Fortless: its the disk not the PC doing the testing15:00
TJ-Fortless: the disk has to access every sector of that 2TB multiple times to check it15:00
Fortlessoh right, so no perception of relative time then15:00
swordslayer101Alright, Tom15:00
swordslayer101Thank u15:00
Fortlesscan i use same command to check if test is running?15:02
Fortless(like the previous you give me15:02
swordslayer101Also are there any good channels to join? I cannot find any channel thats active sadly15:02
tomreyn!alis | swordslayer10115:03
ubottuswordslayer101: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"15:03
swordslayer101mk, thank u15:04
fastputtyhello guys, i am facing some issue today. hope someone could help me out with this.15:06
Fortless!TJ- same command to check if test is still running?15:06
fastputtyi am trying to upgrade a EOL ubuntu, and get this error message An upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool.15:06
fastputtyany way to have this done?15:06
tomreyn!eolupgrade | fastputty15:07
ubottufastputty: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:07
tomreynFortless: you're running a long SMART self-test?15:08
fastputtythe error message An upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool. is caused by the EOL?15:09
fastputtyim not to sure because i change my source to the old-release source15:09
TJ-Fortless: to check "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda" ye15:09
TJ-fastputty: I think you're expected to go zesty > artful >bionic15:10
tomreynfastputty: yes15:10
Fortlessnot sure if it's ready TJ15:10
TJ-Fortless: give it time, but the output should look different when the drive is running/has completed a test15:11
Fortless#1 says 2875 now instead of 285715:11
Fortlessunder selftest log structure...15:11
TJ-Fortless: OK, and reports the same error there?15:13
TJ-Fortless: so the last time those SMART tests were run is 18 power-on hours ago15:14
Fortlessbut i don't even know if the test is done15:14
TJ-Fortless: does it not say Status "completed: read failure" against that 2857 hours report?15:14
Fortlessyes it does15:14
TJ-Fortless: right, so it could not get further on the disk, so a pretty severe error15:15
Fortlessso... bash someone's brain in with my hdd then15:15
Fortlesstow him on the highway around his neck15:15
TJ-Fortless: so 12838224 is approximately 6GB into the disk15:16
Fortlesshuh? i don't get it now15:16
TJ-Fortless: which explains why Ubuntu mostly installs and almost runs... anything written past there is not readable15:16
TJ-Ubuntu doesn't take up much space on initial installation15:17
Fortlesswhats up with the 6gig?15:17
TJ-Most of the disk is not used, and it'll write from the first sector onwards, so it's only when it tries to read past sector 12838224 that it fails15:17
TJ-Fortless: sector 12838224 is roughly 6GB into the disk15:17
Fortlessah ok15:18
r1ck_Hello, can you help me with this error when i try to boot ubuntu? I took a photo: https://goo.gl/z1CzhJ15:18
Fortlesswell... is there a possible 'cure' for this?15:18
Fortlessskipping the bad section or something?15:18
aphex`/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.efnet.org #LRH /!\15:18
Fortlessi mean it's 2tb for crying out loud15:18
Fortlessi'm happy with 300gb already15:19
TJ-Fortless: if the drive test fails it means it can't get past that point... usually it would just mark sectors as bad and try to reallocate. I suspect the read/write heads have a fault and can't move across the entire platter15:19
r1ck_Anyone can help me?15:19
tomreynr1ck_: go away15:19
tomreynr1ck_: do you have an ubuntu support question?15:20
r1ck_Yes, i asked it15:20
tomreynr1ck_: no, you did not, you posted a youtube link15:20
r1ck_No i didnt15:20
tomreynr1ck_: whatever, go troll elsewhere15:21
r1ck_Im not trolling! I need help15:21
r1ck_I cant boot into ubuntu 1815:21
tomreyn!ops | r1ck_15:21
ubottur1ck_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax15:21
r1ck_Help me please15:22
MGDUnder Ubuntu 18.04, I can connect to my wireless router via 2G but not 5G. It’s a MacPro 2008. I’ve check the channels and 5G does come up15:22
r1ck_If i could boot into ubuntu 18 i would ask for help15:22
hggdhhi stove, you are out15:23
Fortlesswell anyway, i want to thank you all for helping me so much15:23
BluesKajtomreyn, his mistake wasn't intentional I'm sure15:23
_alx_LOL tomreyn r1ck_ my browser doesn't automatically redirect anything. I saw the youtube request before going. r1ck_ get out15:23
r1ck_Why everyone is against me? I just need help booting in ubuntu 1815:24
BluesKajposting rick astley isn't ubuntu15:24
r1ck_I didnt post rick astley15:24
_alx_HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently15:24
_alx_Alt-Svc: quic=":443"; ma=2592000; v="44,43,39,35"15:24
_alx_Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, max-age=0, must-revalidate15:24
_alx_Content-Encoding: gzip15:24
BluesKajdouble check your link15:24
_alx_mmhmm … not a youtube eh?15:25
tomreyn!paste | _alx_15:25
ubottu_alx_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:25
tomreynalso let's focus on ubuntu support ;)15:26
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
TJ-Fortless: come back when you've got a good disk and tell us how well it runs :)15:26
MGDSorry, any help would be appreciated15:26
_alx_lol still new to this channel, thanks tomreyn15:26
tomreynMGD: 2G and 5G usually refer to mobile hpone networks, i think you mean the frequencies of a wireless LAN network15:27
YADWAaanyway, Linux 4.15.0-29 is still slow af. Takes like 4 minutes more than 4.13 to boot, what could be causing it?15:28
doug16kFortless, I recommend not flogging a dead horse. replace the drive and get it over with15:28
MGDThe frequency the wireless router broadcasts at right?15:28
tomreynMGD: both the router and the clients, yes. a wireless home network, that's what we'Re discussing, right?15:28
TJ-YADW: "systemd-analyze critical-chain" and  "systemd-analyze blame"15:28
YADWI don't know if it's related, but tty1 (usually things from the boot log end up there, don't know if it's supposed to do so) had some errors, I screengrabbed them15:29
_alx_Can I use any pastebin or only paste.ubuntu.com is allowed?15:29
timfi/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.efnet.org #LRH /!\15:29
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tomreynMGD: is the 5MHz access point actually listed on the macbook? if so, what happens when you try to connect to connect to it?15:30
tomreyni see15:31
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YADWTJ- that's the output for blame15:33
YADWTJ- Here's critical-chain https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sZX6tFgBVB/15:34
YADWAlso, there is this screengrab https://prnt.sc/kenad715:35
tomreynYADW: that's the lower end of a kernel oops, a critical kernel error15:37
tomreynYADW: something related to DRM, which is the direct rendering manager, which is about graphics15:38
TJ-YADW: in the blame list "19.599s dev-sda5.device" is worrying; suggests a drive problem15:38
tomreynYADW: actually the dRM issues are unrelated, may be follow-up errors. can you: dmesg -T | pastebinit15:39
YADW /dev/sda5 is where the linux extended partition is15:39
TJ-YADW: can you show us "pastebinit <( dmesg )"15:39
YADWSure, I'll sent both in a moment.15:40
tomreynYADW: one is enough, it's the same15:40
YADWNo, actually it's the same lol15:40
TJ-YADW: yeah, well spotted :)15:40
YADWYeah, I realized after a second15:40
TJ-YADW: I use a different format because I often want to collect output from multiple commands at once15:40
YADWhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/THfrWx4YhN/ here is the dmesg15:43
_alx_Do you get voted to be a mod here? cuz TJ- you're awesome.15:44
_alx_you too tom!15:44
fastputtysomeone help me, i am tring to upgrade my distro and igot this message15:44
fastputtyAn upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool.15:44
_alx_can you copy the entire error and pastebin it ?15:44
fastputtyalx: me?15:45
_alx_fastputty: yup15:45
TJ-fastputty: I answered you earlier15:45
TJ-fastputty: I think you're expected to go zesty > artful >bionic15:45
fastputtyyou cannot get striahgt to bionic then15:45
fastputtysorry i miss your answe15:45
fastputty_alx: there are no much errors, its pretty much the only error i got..15:46
TJ-fastputty: There was some change to allow skipping releases but I forget in what circumstances it is allowed. But generally (aside from LTS > LTS) it needs to be done release by release15:46
fastputty_alx_: only thing its my current distro is EOL15:46
_alx_fastputty: TJ- is right, I assumed you where going through artful inbetween too15:46
TJ-!eol | fastputty check out the link it tells you how to switch to the old-releases archives15:47
ubottufastputty check out the link it tells you how to switch to the old-releases archives: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:47
fastputtyhow do i upgrade to artful ? do-releae-upgrade go auto to the latest15:47
YADWWhat if they just changed the PPA to match those of bionic and then upgrade everything?15:47
fastputtyTJ- i switch to old distro already15:47
fastputtyTJ- all my update and upgrade works,15:47
fastputtyonly thing is when i try to do upgrade distro, its give me this error15:47
ubuntu_wirelesscan someone help me in on a hp laptop but wireless isnt working Lan is but wireless just connects for a millasecond then refuses to stay connected15:48
CarlFKTJ-:   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases  zesty and artful are both EOL - can they be upgraded without doing something special ?15:49
TJ-fastputty: right, so I can think of 2 things. 1. check /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and ensure it is set to "Prompt = normal" not "lts" then retry do-release-upgrade15:49
TJ-CarlFK: sure, if it's pointed to the old-releases.ubuntu.com repos15:49
fastputtyTJ- it is already at normal15:49
m00n_urnhey! how would you change a shell of a user who is on AD?15:49
CarlFKTJ-: thats the special thing I was thinking of15:49
_alx_m00n_urn: I don't understand your question15:50
TJ-fastputty: hmmm, and do-release-upgrade refuses?15:50
YADWTJ- Why don't they just upgrade "the debian way"? Is it risky?15:50
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TJ-YADW: d-r-u has special knowledge on how to deal with packages that have been removed/replaced/renamed15:50
fastputtyTJ- correct it does refuse15:51
m00n_urn_alx_, assuming my ubuntu laptop is on top of active directory and the active directory machine has my /etc/passwd file15:51
TJ-fastputty: hmmm!15:51
TJ-fastputty: after altering to old-releases... did you do "sudo apt update" ?15:51
fastputtyTJ - i did apt-get update and upgrade15:52
fastputtyits went succesfully and no issue15:52
TJ-fastputty: the only thing I can think is d-r-u is trying to fetch the artful update-mamanger-core from archive.ubuntu.com not old-releases.ubuntu.com - that'd make it stall :)15:52
tomreynfastputty: did oyu also "sudo apt -get dist-upgrade"?15:53
tomreynfastputty: did oyu also "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?15:53
TJ-fastputty: it's not a situation I've ever got into though, well, not in the last 10 years anyhow :)15:53
fastputtytomreyn: yes i did dist-upgrade15:53
tomreynTJ-: maybe getting a newer do-release-upgrade might help?15:53
TJ-fastputty: tomreyn I suspect "apt-get dist-upgrade" should do a release upgrade if apt's sources.list is set to old-releases artful15:53
tomreynTJ-: if set to a different release than the current one, yes15:54
TJ-fastputty: can you show us "pastebinit <( cat /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*} )"15:54
fastputtyyes i will do it now15:54
tomreynfresh install would be another otion...15:55
xjkxi wanna copy *gnome* to my other system user. Meaning: autostart stuff, wallpapers, keyboard shortcuts...so what do I copy?15:55
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YADWtomreyn TJ- Anyway, was the dmesg of any use?15:56
=== rikmills is now known as acheronuk
tomreynYADW: sorry, must have missed it15:57
tomreynlooking now15:57
YADWMy bad, I didn't ping you.15:57
fastputtyTJ - does it make sense?15:58
tomreynYADW: your BIOS has it's 11th birthday on tuesday!15:58
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TJ-I missed it too15:59
YADWtomreyn I don't know whether I should laugh or cry, lol.15:59
tomreynline 770 is where the first kernel oops is15:59
jk^!dual boot16:01
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot16:01
fastputtyTJ-: any idea?16:04
m00n_urnwhy isn't my ubuntu 16.04 not ask for my fde password when i pull it back from suspend?16:05
YADW I'm disconnecting for a second, brb.16:05
TJ-tomreyn: fastputty I'm wondering if simply changing "zesty" to "artful" there, then doing "apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade" might be worthwhile? (don't do this yet whilst we consider it)16:07
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fastputtyTJ- i am not sure...16:08
tomreynTJ-: so just a debian style release upgrade? it's worked for me in the past when do.release-upgrade failed and i needed to recover16:09
tomreynand i guess do-release-upgrade does it's special sauce in the very end of the release upgrade mostly, so we could maybe just get the same effect by carefully cleaning up later on16:10
fastputtyso you guys suggest i change zesty to artful in the source and do   a update, upgrade distro?16:10
tomreynfastputty: if this will we the outcome of this discussion, we may suggest so. not currently, though. ;)16:11
tomreyns/ we / be /16:11
fastputtydo we have other solution on this beside that ? :S16:11
TJ-fastputty: tomreyn in Debian thisis the way release upgrades were done, not sure if that is still the case.16:11
TJ-fastputty: I know I've done that in the past for a single-step upgrade like this. It won't work so good for hopping over a release though, e.g. zesty > bionic would be likely to fail, but zesty > artful should be straightforward since the artful packages are written with the upgrade in mind16:12
tomreynTJ-: still the debian way according to https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/release-notes/ch-upgrading.en.html#minimal-upgrade16:13
fastputtyTJ- how can i upgrade from zesty to artful then?16:13
TJ-fastputty: you'd then have to do it again from artful > bionic I suspect, although you should try to do d-r-u from artful > bionic first16:13
fastputtyi just need to upgrade to a supported version16:13
fastputtyright now, the version i have is EOL16:13
ioriafastputty, you need two steps, i'am afraid16:14
TJ-fastputty: you'd edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace "zesty" with "artful", do "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:14
tomreynTJ-: yes, i would just do it to single step the release zesty -> artful, then clean up and try do-release upgrade again16:14
TJ-fastputty: easy way to edit is "sudo sed -i 's/zesty/artful/' /etc/apt/souces.list"16:14
TJ-oops! typo16:15
TJ-fastputty: easy way to edit is "sudo sed -i 's/zesty/artful/' /etc/apt/sources.list"16:15
fastputtythen i distro-upgrade after?16:15
TJ-fastputty: it helps you have no PPAs enabled, thankfully !16:15
TJ-fastputty: edit, then the apt-get commands, yes16:15
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lotuspsychjehsnow: welcome, how can we help you?16:16
hsnowAh... Wha16:17
hsnowwhat do you do here?16:17
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lotuspsychje!support | hsnow16:17
ubottuhsnow: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com16:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:17
TJ-tomreyn: When YADW returns, tell him to try adding the kernel command-line parameter "video=SVIDEO-1:d" as per bug #1774845 comment 216:18
ubottubug 1774845 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Dell Inspiron 1525] Booting takes a couple more minutes than normal" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177484516:18
m00n_urnwhy isn't my ubuntu 16.04 not ask for my fde password when i pull it back from suspend?16:18
tomreynTJ-: i found this one, too ;)16:18
ubottuFreedesktop bug 93782 in DRM/Intel "[i9xx TV][BISECT] vblank wait timeout on crtc" [Normal,Reopened]16:18
TJ-tomreyn: yes, that's where I came from16:18
TJ-m00n_urn: because the master key is in the kernel keyring which is in RAM which is preserved during suspend16:19
m00n_urnTJ-, dm-crypt will ask for the password if you put it sleep is it?16:20
fastputtyTJ - i will gve a try then :D16:20
tomreynm00n_urn: FDE crypto containers aren't closed on suspend, the key remains in RAM. which is why you dont suspend when you take FDE seriously.16:21
m00n_urntomreyn, so you just shut it down rather then closing the lid everytime you step out of your seat?16:22
mojtabaHello, does anybody know how can I have date and time as name prefix in Kazam?16:22
tomreynm00n_urn: right16:22
TJ-m00n_urn: it is possible, you can add scripts to remove the key from the keyring on sleep and to request it on resume, but that's not something Ubuntu ships because it is prone to errors16:22
m00n_urntomreyn, cool16:23
m00n_urnTJ-, sure! Thanks mate16:23
tomreynmojtaba: kazam doesn't seem to be scriptable. so unless there's an option to do so on the GUI, there is probably no way to do this with kazam.16:26
tomreynmojtaba: which ubuntu release are you running?16:27
YADWtomreyn I rebooted with kernel 4.13, that works much faster (also, my daily driver because of that). Would the dmesg of this kernel version be of any use? As a comparison maybe?16:34
tomreynYADW: not unless TJ and i have not since independetly found a workaround for you16:39
tomreynYADW: and i think we have16:39
YADWSounds great!16:39
tomreynYADW: add this kernel parameter at "video=SVIDEO-1:d"16:39
tomreynYADW: add this kernel parameter in grub "video=SVIDEO-1:d"16:39
tomreynYADW: do you know how to do this?16:40
YADWYeah, sure16:40
tomreynthere is a way to do it for the current boot from the grub menu, and another way to make it permanent16:40
tomreyni'd try once from grub menu first of all, booting the latest available kernel16:40
mundus2018<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth16:40
tomreynin case it (unfortunately) turns out to still be slow there, you can just hit ctrl-alt-del instead of waiting for the boot to complete. but give it a bit of time at least.16:42
YADWOk, I'll do it in a moment and let you know how it went. Thanks!16:42
tomreynYADW: https://launchpad.net/bugs/1774845 (comment 2) and https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=93782#c40 (comment 40) for more information16:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1774845 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Dell Inspiron 1525] Booting takes a couple more minutes than normal" [Low,Incomplete]16:43
ubottuFreedesktop bug 93782 in DRM/Intel "[i9xx TV][BISECT] vblank wait timeout on crtc" [Normal,Reopened]16:43
fastputtyTJ- i change zerty to artful in source, and nothing work16:46
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fastputtywhen i do upgrade releaase, it still show zerty upgrade and not arful16:47
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TJ-fastputty: you've edited /etc/apt/sources.list, replaced "zesty" with "artful", then you do "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:48
fastputtyi have this eror http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful Release' does not have a Release file.16:50
TJ-fastputty: oh! artful isn't in old-releases yet!!16:51
TJ-fastputty: "sudo sed -i 's/old-releases/archive/' /etc/apt/sources.list16:52
TJ-fastputty: then redo the 2 commands16:52
CarlFKhow can I tell if a nic that supports gig is operating at 100 or gig?16:54
compdocin properties, or using ifconfig, I think16:55
TJ-CarlFK: "sudo ethtool <ifname>"16:55
CarlFKcompdoc: ifconfig is out, ip is in.16:56
compdocphfft. i use both16:56
=== capella|away is now known as capella
TJ-CarlFK: for wifi then "iwconfig" and the "Bit Rate" param16:56
CarlFKTJ-: "Speed: 100Mb/s"  that's current, right?16:56
TJ-CarlFK: yes16:57
TJ-CarlFK: it should also show the supported rates16:57
CarlFKim skiming the man page... does it have something to give me must speed, so I don't have to do sudo ethtool enp13s0|grep Speed16:58
=== mbiggers_ is now known as markb1
TJ-CarlFK: maybe use sysfs, as in "cat /sys/class/net/$IFNAME/speed"17:00
luisoliv/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.efnet.org #LRH /!\17:02
CarlFKTJ-: sweet.  that gives me something to check every X seconds and throw some gui alert if it isn'1 100017:03
transhumanisthi! in ubuntu 14.04 besides backing up an install to an image, is there a way to run a test install of a bunch of packages and trigger a rollback to a "snapshot" type of thing on Ubuntu (NO VM's) its ubuntu 14.04 but I have worked very hard to get the config to where it is now17:04
TJ-CarlFK: link is going down frequently?17:05
CarlFKtranshumanist: nothing built into apt or the OS.17:05
transhumanistquestion is there one now in ubuntu 18.04?17:05
TJ-transhumanist: you could do that if using LVM, with a snapshot17:06
transhumanistcrap, thats right , I forgot about that , damn I didnt use lvm17:06
transhumanistnext time I guess17:06
transhumanistthanks TJ17:06
transhumanistthanks CarlFK17:06
CarlFKTJ-: no - but last Sat a bad cable caused me a big headache that could have been prevented (making videos at a live event,  the 300mbs hdmi laptop feed goes over a lan17:07
TJ-transhumanist: you could create an overlayfs on top of / whilst testing17:07
transhumanistwell, wish me luck, hope this doesn't screw up two days worth of work! :-)17:07
transhumanistTJ how does that work17:07
transhumanistgot a how to link, is it called overlayfs?17:07
YADWtomreyn You were absolutely right, it definitely booted faster with that parameter. Thank you very much! If I can still bother you, I still have issues with (I suppose?) the graphic card, when I switch back to a graphical tty from any other text only tty, the screen is frozen for about 30 seconds. Is there anything I could do to fix it?17:08
TJ-transhumanist: you could create a separate block device (in RAM via tmpfs for example) use overlayfs to mount it as the 'upper' over the root file-system, then run your commands. All writes will go to the upper in tmpfs, not to the base system. It's how Ubuntu LiveISO's work from RAM but allow you to install packages create documents etc17:09
TJ-YADW: you'll probably find more errors reported in the kernel log (dmesg) at that time17:10
transhumanistwill that still allow me to survive a reboot TJ?17:10
YADW(GPU is your average integrated video card in an awful intel mobile celeron CPU from the 2000s, never installed drivers)17:10
TJ-transhumanist: the changes? no, they'll be lost. You can use some other block device that is persistent though, it doesn't have to be tmpfs of course17:10
YADWOk, I'll look into that. Thank you for the suggestion!17:10
fastputtyTJ- it seems to work on the update, i will keep you posted ;)17:10
transhumanistyeah then that wouldnt work cause I wouldnt know if the software works till a reboot , but its a GREAT idea for sure!17:11
fastputtylets see if it is gonna work properlly when i will do-release upgrade17:11
takkoHey all, can anyone help clarify some instructions from a php installation tutorial?17:11
TJ-transhumanist: if you've got free space to create another block device, such as via LVM17:11
Apachezanyone else in here experienced very small close/minimize/maximize buttons in google chrome while other apps have the regular sized buttons (to the upper left) in ubuntu 18.04.1 ?17:11
transhumanistthat just might work! Thanks TJ17:11
transhumanisthave a great day guys!17:11
TJ-fastputty: you succeeded with the apt-get dist-upgrade did you?17:12
takkoAPache2, No, but I'm a big fan of not using the system buttons in chrome.  I recently found a few sites that have lots of cool themes, but some favorites from the chrome store are marble, blue marble, and wintry igloo :)17:14
takkosorry that doesn't truly address the issue :p17:14
TJ-andy: working17:17
H7Ris there any canonical here ?17:17
gdibassQuestion about VPNs17:17
gdibassI have a VPN connection that works fine17:18
gdibassbut when I disconnect my internet doesn't work... I'm assuming it's a route that's left in or it's still using the private DNS server17:18
gdibassHas anyone experienced the same?17:18
TJ-gdibass: what is managing the VPN? NetworkManager?17:18
gdibassJust the default Ubuntu desktop network connection GUI17:19
ryaogdibass: I suggest running `route -n` before connecting when your connection works, after connection when your connection works and after disconnecting when your connection stops working.17:19
TJ-gdibass: you can test whether it's DNS by trying to ping IP addresses rather than names17:19
TJ-gdibass: check the routes with "ip route show"17:19
gdibassThere's an idea17:19
ryaogdibass: It is how I dealt with this issue when I encountered it in the past on another distribution.17:19
TJ-gdibass: I use openvpn with NM and never seen an issue with it up and down17:20
ryaogdibass: Also, the contents of /etc/resolv.conf are worth checking too.17:20
gdibassSo those are easy enough, but I'm wondering... what's the fix?17:20
TJ-ryao: not so; that'll always point to the local resolver either dnsmasq or systemd-resolved17:20
HaMsTeRsI once made a very bad decision17:20
gdibassIs there some config option I missed in NetworkManager for like... resetting routes/dns after disconnecting?17:20
TJ-gdibass: tell us what the problem truly is first :)17:20
ryaoTJ-: I didn't know Ubuntu had a local resolver. ^_^;;17:20
gdibassfair enough17:20
gdibasslet me give this a shot then17:21
TJ-gdibass: no, there isn't :) it should revert changes when a link drops17:21
HaMsTeRsI created a 30gb hard disk for my nix box.  now I want to extend the sda1, but the swap space cockblocked me17:21
TJ-HaMsTeRs: please mind your language17:21
ryaogdibass: I vaguely recall solving route issues by fiddling with the routing configuration stuff for the VPN in networkmanager in the past on another distribution. Anyway, find out how the routing table changes at each point.17:21
TJ-HaMsTeRs: is the system using LVM ?17:22
gdibassYeah I'm gonna look into that right now, I'll let you know17:22
gdibassTJ-, I'm going to apologize in advance.... I cuss like a sailor, but I'll do my best to keep it down in here17:22
TJ-HaMsTeRs: if sda1 were an LVM PV, you could make sda2 (which I assume is currently swap) another LVM PV, add it to the existing LVM VG, and then allocate space from it to expand your existing LVs17:23
ryaogdibass: Expletives give me headaches, so I appreciate that.17:23
TJ-gdibass: right; we don't want to teach the computers bad habits17:23
gdibassPretty sure it's too late for that lol17:23
ryaoTJ-: Or cause OSS developers to get headaches from reading IRC. :)17:23
gdibassThey put that microsoft (I think) AI on the web and within a few days it was quoting Hitler17:24
ryaogdibass: Are you working on getting that routing table information?17:24
gdibassI just finished pouring coffee, so... yes I am now!17:24
=== Katnip- is now known as Guest80207
TJ-gdibass: Pong17:27
gdibassCool, that's interesting17:27
gdibassIRC is still working... no webpages load17:27
TJ-gdibass: existing connection hasn't dropped then17:28
gdibassNope, seems ok17:28
gdibassI can ping google.com ... it resolves fine17:28
TJ-gdibass: try pinging IP addresses and their names17:28
=== wreo- is now known as wreo
gdibassholy crap17:28
TJ-gdibass: I've noticed sometimes Firefox caches DNS lookups and gets stuck if something changed17:28
gdibassTJ-, chrome seems to be doing the same thing17:29
gdibassThere is another route added17:29
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
gdibasslet me try removing it17:29
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
gdibassNot the route17:33
TJ-gdibass: is the VPN still up?17:35
gdibassThere was an extra route at the end but the default route was the same17:36
gdibassafter I removed it I'm still having the problem17:36
TJ-gdibass: use the 'nmcli' tool in the terminal to determine the current DNS servers in use: "nmcli | grep -A4 DNS"17:36
gdibassLooks like it's using my router17:37
TJ-bring up the VPN and test again, to compare17:37
=== jje_ is now known as jje
=== jktw0 is now known as jk0ne
neorpheusanyone here know how i might go about getting a touchscreen working under lubuntu bionic beaver? ive never tried setting one of these up under linux before and it doesnt appear to be a quick package install17:38
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
TJ-neorpheus: it can depend on whether the hardware is fully supported in the kernel and/or GUI drivers17:39
gdibasssVPN is using the expected internal DNS17:40
gdibasssbrowsing/everything works fine17:40
=== gelswippe is now known as gelswip
TJ-gdibasss: right, so weird the browsers suffer. Does a raw curl/wget also suffer, or is it just the browsers themselves - i.e. not the sites17:41
gdibassslet me check17:41
gdibasssit'll probably disconnect me again17:41
gdibassshave to install curl first.... fresh install lol17:42
TJ-wget should be installed.17:42
neorpheusTJ, all i can find about the touchscreen is that it is manufactured by eTurboTouch Technology andattached via USB. how would i go about finding whether a given kernel supports this device?17:42
TJ-"wget -O - http://" will write to stdout like curl does17:42
TJ-neorpheus: it'd be counted as an input device for starters, so look at "dmesg" kernel log to see how it is recognised and configured17:43
iorianeorpheus, i could be wrong, but LXDE is not optimised for touch ; i'd try gnome17:43
TJ-I have touchscreen on this T300CHI - Xorg/Xubuntu works with it but multitouch isn't cater for... but it is for the touchpad17:44
gdibassAlright it's definitely DNS17:45
gdibassbut... something interesting17:45
gdibassDNS works from root17:45
gdibassit does not from my user17:45
gdibassbrb 1 sec17:46
gdibassSoooo after some google fu'ing17:53
gdibassI found17:53
cowsayHey .. I'm trying to figure out what bluetooth adapter my new laptop has because it isn't detected.  Here is lspci output http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fMfsh2DqXj/ but I'm not seeing it.  Is there another command I can use to find it?17:55
fastputtyTJ- Should i upgrade before do-release-upgrade after the update?17:55
mojtabaHello, does anybody know how can I have date and time as name prefix in Kazam?17:55
TJ-gdibass: confirm the system is using resolved - "cat /etc/rsolv.conf, does it show it using ?17:55
TJ-fastputty: try the d-r-u if the system is now on Arty, it does all the updates17:56
TJ-gdibass: then you've found the bug :)17:56
TJ-gdibass: which ubuntu release is it?17:56
gdibass18.04 LTS17:56
gdibassfresh install17:56
fastputtyhow do i try the dru?17:57
fastputtyi did the do-upgrade-release it failed because it said it cannot find any artful package17:57
fastputtyi guess i will have to upgrade17:57
fastputtyapt-get upgrade first?17:58
TJ-fastputty: that's strange, I'd have expect artful to be able to d-r-u to bionic despite being EOL, since it is still in the main archive18:02
TJ-fastputty: can you show us "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list"18:03
TJ-gdibass: Just read through that issue; it seems like there's a range of things going on and no definite resolution18:03
gdibasslast reply 4 days ago18:03
gdibassI'm just going to restart my connection every time I drop the VPN18:03
gdibassand check back up on this issue periodically18:04
gdibassNot a huge pain18:04
fastputtyTJ - wow the upgrade change my source to bionic18:04
fastputtybut im not in bionic18:04
mojtabaHello, does anybody know why the space sizes for my home directory do not add up properly? http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YG2k8mNZVS/18:05
CarlFKTJ-: wanna try to debug 2 DNS problems at the same time?  fresh artful, nameserver ... host pc8 => not found; host pc8 => pc8 has address  all 3 commands: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zbDMdmZM8h/18:05
CarlFKmojtaba: im guessing because about 10%? is reserved for root.18:06
TJ-mojtaba: still trying to solve that?18:06
mojtabaTJ-: Yep.18:07
baldrickadvice: Ubuntu on Laptops. Looking for Recommendation on best used Thinkpad Model to go with that suppors 8GB of RAM18:07
mojtabaTJ-: I restarted, but it didn't help.18:07
TJ-CarlFK: the reserve is usually 5%, but that would show up in the Usage column (as 95%)18:07
fastputtyTJ- https://pastebin.com/MzWwmSMm18:07
baldrickI am looking at Thinkpad T420 - woould an i5 be good enough with Ubuntu for a lifespane of th enext 3 theayrs18:07
fastputtythe upgrade failed but it change my source to bionic18:08
TJ-mojtaba: right, there's something about that particular file-system. Can you show us "pastebinit <( sudo file -s /dev/sda8; sudo dumpe2fs -h /dev/sda8 )"18:08
sonicwindbaldrick... I'm on a t430 with 8 gigs ram and am happy with it... I'm on 18.04 LTS18:09
neorpheusTJ, well it looks like the touchscreen isnt listed in dmesg. sorry for slow replies as imtending to the newborn at the moment18:09
madmangun@baldrick - I've used a T420 and T430 at work with Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04.  I had no problems.18:09
sonicwindalso... there is #IBMThinkpad on freenode18:09
TJ-CarlFK: what does "nmcli | grep -A4 DNS" report ?18:09
sarkadamn spammers18:10
fastputtyTJ- i do not understand...18:10
fastputtyTJ- Checking for a new Ubuntu release No new release found.18:10
fastputtyTJ- m y linux think i am on the latest distro now18:10
TJ-fastputty: "bionic" suggest d-r-u started the release-upgrade then failed. But when it does that it should revert changes to sources.list18:10
mojtabaTJ-: just a sec18:10
fastputtyTJ- how can i know my real version?18:11
fastputtyim pretty much lost, im not sure anymore if it am on what version lol18:11
TJ-fastputty: what does "lsb_release -r" tell you?18:11
TJ-fastputty: or "cat /etc/issue"18:11
fastputtyRelease:        18.0418:11
TJ-fastputty: :) looks like you might be on Bionic already!18:12
publicclasshi guys!!18:12
fastputtythe /etc/issue show 17.0418:12
mojtabaTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6hRcDbD7Nt/18:12
publicclassI know that this isn't the subject of this chat, but any of you know of a good statistics/math channel??18:12
TJ-fastputty: does "apt-cache policy xorg" show "Installed: 1:7.7+19ubuntu7.1" ?18:12
CarlFKTJ-: nothing. um. hold on.. I installed ifupdown and messed with /etc/network/interfaces - let me put things back (I hope...)18:13
fastputtyCandidate: 1:7.7+19ubuntu718:13
fastputtyInstalled: (none)18:13
TJ-mojtaba: lines 16-17 show there's lots of free blocks and inodes, so this is weird18:13
neorpheusoddly this touchpad does work under the tahr based puppy linux but the calibration is way off and there doesnt appear to be any way to calibrate it18:14
fastputtyinstalled at none, is this normal? lol18:14
TJ-fastputty: hmmm! how about "apt-cache policy linux-image-generic" ?18:14
TJ-fastputty: has the system run out of free space? "df -h"18:15
mojtabaTJ-: Do you know what should I do?18:16
fastputtyfor apt-cache policy is Installed:
mojtabaTJ-: Is there any refragmentation or something like the one in windows for linux?18:16
fastputtyall my df -h has not higher than 20% space use18:16
TJ-mojtaba: no, not needed with ext18:17
mojtabaTJ-: So, what are those free spaces then for?18:17
theorHi. Whenever I try to open a file in /mnt (/mnt/data, /mnt/docs) with Gimp, LibreOffice or Darktable, I get an access denied error. I understand this is caused by snap. Is this a bug, or how can I grant access to my data partition?18:18
fastputtyTJ- so i guess its weird...?18:20
neorpheusTJ you mentioned having a working touchscreen under XFCE?18:22
TJ-mojtaba: I've tried matching the dumpe2fs numbers to df output; I can match the Used/Avail but not the Use% !18:23
TJ-fastputty: ok, that 4.13 looks like Artful for sure, so we need to switch the sources.list back and try again: "sudo sed -i 's/bionic/artful/' /etc/apt/sources.list" then "sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade" then try "sudo do-release-upgrade" once more18:25
TJ-neorpheus: as in i can move the cursor, drag, but it doesn't have multitouch support18:25
neorpheusTJ, this is a resistive touch screen so no multi touch support anyways. id just be happy to be able to click and drag. not much use in a tabletif you cant use the touchscreen haha18:27
mojtabaTJ-: I ran this: sudo e4defrag -c ~ and this is the result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HWSPwHH8Hk/18:27
mojtabaTJ-: Any recommendation?18:27
TJ-mojtaba: nothing to do there :)18:27
fastputtyTJ-: still show No new release found18:27
TJ-mojtaba: are you running any torrent software or similar? something that might run in the background, need to open very large files but then unlink (delete) them ?18:28
TJ-fastputty: I give up!18:29
baldricksonicwind thanks18:29
TJ-fastputty: point a shotgun at d-r-u then let it try again :)18:29
baldrickmadmangun thanks18:29
fastputtywhat is DRU18:29
fastputtyi hear you say it a couple of time18:29
TJ-fastputty: do-release-upgrade18:29
fastputtyoh ok18:29
fastputtythat dorelease upgrade18:29
fastputtythink i am on 18.0418:30
fastputtywhich iam obvious not -_-18:30
baldricki use a t420 myself with vmworkstation 8gb  and ssd drive and fine for me - this next latop would be for my wife who has usues ubuntu before18:30
mojtabaTJ-: I am not sure, may long time ago. How can I find that using ps -aux | grep ??18:30
TJ-fastputty: something is strange there, so you're going to have to use the "apt-get dist-upgrade" method again I think18:30
baldrickin fact wife said after using windows and osx  - what peoples issue with running Linux for deskopt ?18:30
TJ-mojtaba: I'm just wondering if something is running in the background and has used fallocate to claim all remaining space18:30
baldrickand mindyou  wife is least tech savvy18:31
baldrickshe just surfs, buys shit, facebooks, and emails18:31
neorpheuswell i guess ill reboot into windorks and  burn xubuntu onto thius pendrive and try again18:31
TJ-fastputty: try "sudo sed -i 's/artful/bionic/' /etc/apt/sources.list" then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"18:31
neorpheusill be back18:31
mojtabaTJ-: I don't have any idea.18:32
TJ-mojtaba: is this an SSD device ?18:33
TJ-mojtaba: I'm wondering if it needs TRIMing18:33
dunnousernamefnHey, I got a bunch of automated PM's from some of this channel's members at some point (I was idle)18:34
dunnousernamefnnot to start up a problem or anything18:34
mojtabaTJ-: No, it is HDD. my root is on SSD.18:34
fastputtyTJ- nothing to upgrade/update lo18:36
dunnousernamefnat [08:19:31]18:36
TJ-mojtaba: I'm flumoxed!18:36
fastputtyshould i stay in the fake 18.0418:36
fastputtyfor now?18:36
jorrakay21/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.freenode.net ##hamradio /!\18:36
TJ-dunnousernamefn: there's been an ongoing spam attack on freenode this last week. Set your user to /mode +R18:36
TJ-fastputty: if you use the commands I gave you, it should do a dist-upgrade to 18.0418:37
mojtabaTJ-: Thanks for sharing your thoughts.18:38
TJ-fastputty: if it isn't happening there is something broken on your system18:38
TJ-mojtaba: unlike most "df reports 100% usage" issues, in yours, it shows "Avail: 7.4G" not 0 !18:38
fastputtyTJ- : which command? change artful to bionic in the in source then dru?18:39
TJ-mojtaba: does it show anything different if you call 'df' as root? "sudo df -h /home"18:39
TJ-fastputty: yes18:39
TJ-fastputty: no18:39
TJ-fastputty: try "sudo sed -i 's/artful/bionic/' /etc/apt/sources.list" then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"18:39
mojtabaTJ-: nope.18:39
fastputtythis is exactly what i said18:39
fastputtyits replace artful to bionic18:40
fastputtythen do a update, then distupgrade18:40
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fastputtythat show no update and nothing news18:40
TJ-fastputty: no, you asked about dru. dru == d-r-u == the command "do-release-upgrade"18:40
CarlFKTJ-:  nmcli things  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jwd25pb9C2/18:40
fastputty0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:40
Negr0hey, knows someone how to disable "autostart" for mysql (i do not want it started after booting)?18:40
fastputtyoh yeah... sorry not dru18:40
dedondestain netstat -nr, in destination column, what does 0/1 mean?18:40
dedondestawhat kind of address it is?18:41
fastputtyi did the artful to bionic, then update, then dist-upgrade with apt18:41
TJ-CarlFK: ouch! it's mssing the "DNS configuration" section18:41
fastputtyit show: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:41
YADWfastputty if you did update and dist-upgrade after changing the sources.list file, you should already be on 18.0418:41
CarlFKNegr0: replace stop with disable, and mysql... : sudo systemctl stop postgresql.service18:42
fastputtyYADW: /etc/issue show 17.0418:42
fastputtyand apt-cache policy xorg show Instaled: none18:42
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CarlFKNegr0: so:  sudo systemctl disable mysql.service18:42
Negr0CarlFK, thx18:42
YADWfastputty I see. If you18:44
TJ-CarlFK: looks like NetworkManager isn't set to maange all the network interfaces ("unmanaged") so something else may be (supposed to) set resolvers18:44
YADWSorry, if you cat /etc/apt/sources.list does it show bionic sources?18:44
TJ-fastputty: something is breaking things in unusual ways, you are not getting the expected responses18:45
fastputtyi am in bionic and update and upgrade everything18:45
fastputtyeverything seems to work normally18:45
TJ-fastputty: do you have some kind of apt proxy set up ?18:45
CarlFKTJ-: sounds plausable.  im gonna spend the 30 min re-installing the OS and make sure it works before I ansible it (which I am guessing is what broke it...18:45
TJ-fastputty: it's behaving as if it isn't receiving the package lists so sees nothing to upgrade18:46
TJ-CarlFK: aha! now  you tell us :)18:46
fastputtyno proxy18:46
ioriafastputty, what  kernel are you using  ? uname -r18:47
ioriathat is zesty18:47
TJ-fastputty: show us this: "pastebinit <( sudo apt -o=Debug::Acquire::http=true update; sudo apt -o=Debug::Acquire::http=true dist-upgrade )"18:47
ioriafastputty, ls /boot | pastebinit18:48
TJ-ioria: this was a Zesty system that wouldn't d-r-u to Bionic, so we eventually did a manual dist-upgrade to Arty (apparently) followed by another d-r-u attempt which also failed, so we tried another dist-upgrade to bionic18:48
ioriaTJ-, i see18:49
TJ-ioria: in theory, it was on Arty now but I'm beginning to wonder if the >arty dist-upgrade actually happened18:49
ioriafastputty, did you reboot on artful before trying on bionic ?18:49
fastputtyi did not reboot anything...18:50
dc-sup everyone18:50
ioriafastputty, i see the artful kernel there18:50
dc-how's the Saturday going18:50
TJ-fastputty: you need to reboot for all the changes to take effect18:50
fastputtyartful seems to be installed yeah18:50
ioriafastputty, ^^^^18:50
fastputtyso i will do a reboot, hope everything will be ok. im working on remote ;(18:51
TJ-fastputty: if you don't reboot some system services will still be using zesty packages18:51
fastputtyok i will try a reboot lets see18:51
TJ-fastputty: OK, well ensure you've got an out-of-band access like network KVM or remote hands18:51
ioriafastputty, hold on ...18:52
ioriafastputty, you got any errors ?18:52
fastputtynvm i just reboot XD18:52
ioriafastputty, a fast putty18:53
fastputtylets hope it will come back alive hahah18:53
fastputtyor i will keep in DS :(18:53
pikapikaprobably not relevant but...whats the easiest way to make an outline only (ie not solid filled) polygon in gnuplot?18:54
fastputtyOK it come back up18:55
fastputtylolol XD18:55
fastputtygot i almost lost my breath18:55
ioriafastputty, uname -r18:55
fastputtyseem like the kernel upgrade18:56
ioriafastputty, ok18:56
fastputtyim still in artful no?18:56
ioriafastputty, you're on an unsupported artful, yes18:56
fastputtyso wat i should do to upgrade to bionic?18:57
ioriafastputty, in theory.... but i think your spources.list is already set for bionic, right ?18:57
fastputtyi went back to artful18:57
fastputtybecause of some tet18:58
fastputtyi can put back to bionic18:58
ioriafastputty, meaning ?18:58
fastputtyit was artful before, when i did the DRU, it changed to bionic automatically but faile18:59
fastputtyso we change backto artful to try  again the upgrade18:59
fastputtyTJ-: help me trough this process18:59
fastputtyi mean.. TJ was helping me trough this process18:59
ioriafastputty, ok.....   sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgarde   (you'll get 0, i think)19:00
fastputtyshould i put it back to artful or bionic?19:00
fastputtyin source19:00
ioriafastputty, grep Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:00
fastputtyshould i try normal?19:01
ioriafastputty,   do-release-upgrade    (if it starts , abort it)19:02
fastputtyNo new release found.19:02
ioriafastputty, change to normal19:02
ioriafastputty,   do-release-upgrade19:03
fastputtyDRU still show me no new release found19:03
ioriafastputty,   do-release-upgrade  -d    (if it starts , abort it)19:04
fastputtyit doe sstart19:05
fastputtyi aboord?19:05
ioriafastputty,   yes... cosmic or bionic ?19:05
ioriafastputty,   no, no19:05
ioriafastputty,   you need to change sources.list19:06
fastputtyi am in artful now19:06
ioriafastputty,   yes, backup you file and replace with this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2vCmNTnPY2/19:06
fastputtyok i backup the source.list19:07
fastputtythen replace with the one you paste19:07
ioriafastputty,   sudo apt update | pastebinit19:08
ioriafastputty,   ok 202 to upgarde ... are you sure ? :þ19:09
fastputtythat what i shown lol19:09
fastputtyit shown*19:09
ioriafastputty,  sudo apt full-upgrade  (G be with you)19:10
patr0clusIs there a way on an Ubuntu host to boot from a yumi muultiboot usb?19:11
fastputtythat upgrade is huge...19:17
patr0clusOr is there a safe way to change the bios on an Ubuntu host so as to allow for VirtualBox, and running VM's?19:19
moses\j kali19:20
mosesmy OS cant find the wired card in the mobo after it wakes up from sleep, anyone familiar with this issue?19:21
tomreyn!kali | moses19:21
ubottumoses: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)19:21
tomreynpatr0clus: what do you mean by safe?19:22
tomreyni guess you just do it?19:22
tomreynif it works, you can reboot, undo your changes, and it'll be as before19:23
patr0clusI had read that altering the bios can sometimes alter other processes.19:23
mdemopatr0clus -- maybe you're asking about Intel VT-X ? That's something you change in the bios AFAIK.19:23
patr0clusYes. VT-X seems to be the error I get when loading a VM.19:23
mdemocheck your mobo manual if you've got it19:23
doug16kit might be labelled SVM if it's an AMD CPU19:23
patr0clusmobo manual?19:24
fastputtyioria: ok upgrade completed19:24
tomreynpatr0clus: if this is an intel cpu, vt-x and vt-d and iommu should be anabled.19:24
ioriafastputty,  ls /boot | pastebinit19:24
patr0clushow do I enable them, or check to see their current status?19:24
tomreynpatr0clus: refer to the documentation provided by your mainboard / computer vendor.19:25
mdemotypically you press a key when your computer powers up to get to those menus19:25
doug16kit's under "CPU configuration" in my BIOS, depends on the bios and motherboard19:25
fastputtyi did a autoremove after19:26
patr0clustomreyn This is a formerly Windows 7 Hp laptop on which I've installed Ubuntu. But I want to be able to run VM's.19:26
ioriafastputty,  ok ... apt-cache policy apt   | pastebinit19:26
elios19/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.freenode.net ##hamradio /!\19:26
doug16kpatr0clus, what does it say when you run this command: kvm-ok19:27
ioriafastputty,  looks fine to me19:27
fastputtyits fixed?19:28
fastputtyso i am on bionic now?19:28
ioriafastputty,  only a reboot will say19:28
fastputtylets me try a reboot again19:28
fastputtycross finger19:29
patr0clusdoung16k It says: /dev/kvm does not exist; Your CPU supports KVM extensions; KVM (vmx) is disabled by youur bio19:30
patr0cluss setup and enable19:30
patr0clusKVM acceleration can not be use.19:30
fastputtyok i rebooted19:30
fastputtyioria: its rebooted!19:30
ioriafastputty,   uname -r19:31
ioriafastputty,   ok, cat /etc/issue19:31
fastputtyLOL http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tjG9682J85/19:31
fastputtymind exloded!19:32
ioriafastputty,   are you serious ?19:32
fastputtyi am serious..\19:32
fastputtythiss is what etc/issue shown19:32
ioriafastputty,   lsb_release -a | pastebinit19:33
patr0clusyou enter the bios at startup via f2 on Ubuntu correct?19:34
ioriafastputty,  that's ok ...19:34
fastputtyits just to weird19:34
fastputtywhy i see half on 17.04 and the other 18.0419:34
ioriafastputty,  weird19:34
tomreynpatr0clus: this is (still) specific to your hardware / firmware, not a matter of ubuntu19:34
patr0clusI see.19:34
tomreynpatr0clus: ubuntu only starts at the point where the logo displays (just a little bit earlier)19:35
patr0clusI'm assuming that the bios is only something that I can enter/edit at startup?19:35
ioriafastputty,  /etc/issue it's just one line19:36
tomreynpatr0clus: yes, this is usually so.19:36
ioriafastputty,  someone / something  has changed it19:36
patr0clusand so how once ive entered the bios am i able to allow for vms? that is, how do I enable KVM?19:36
mdemopatr0clus bios menus are different, that's why we're telling you to consult your manual19:38
patr0clusThe manual for this 10 year old pc is gone.19:38
qwebirc28895Hi. I need some help with compiling a 32 bit program.19:38
patr0clusbut previously I could simply press f9 to alter the boot order.19:39
mdemoyou can probably google for it with the model number19:39
patr0clusfair enough19:39
fastputtyioria, so from what you see i am running on 18.04?19:39
ioriafastputty,  sure19:39
qwebirc28895Compiling witch clang -m32 I get an error: cannot find bits/libc-header-start.h. Can some one help me?19:40
doug16kpatr0clus, the most common bioses require you to press DEL repeatedly when booting to get into bios setup. browse around the menus and find an option that says VT-x or SVM or virtualization and enable it. probably under advanced setup, cpu configuration or something like that19:40
patr0clusgot it.19:41
ioriafastputty,  ovh.net  is a vps company, so you know better19:44
HellFireqwebirc28895: you probably need to install the package libc6-dev:i38619:45
qwebirc28895HellFire: Thanks. I thought it might be something like this.19:47
thehumanelementhas anyone seen 1stvamp recently?19:47
fastputtycorrect, i have a dedicated server with them19:49
fastputtyioria, do u know apparmor?19:49
ioriafastputty,  not so well..., sy19:49
fastputtysince the update , apparmor refuse to start mysql because of that.. could you give  ahand?19:50
moseswhats the best pdf viewing/editing software for linux these days?19:50
lotuspsychjemoses: we dont really take best polls here, but try inkscape19:50
mosesbest is just an opinion im looking for someone to give me theirs19:51
Guest57Does anyone know of any way to let the bluetooth adapter go undiscoverably in ubuntu 18.04 gnome when closing the bluetooth settings just like macos and android are doing it?19:51
patr0clusAnd..problem solved. Thanks l & g.19:52
Guest57Does anyone know of any way to let the bluetooth adapter go undiscoverably in ubuntu 18.04 gnome when closing the bluetooth settings just like macos and android are doing it?19:57
yaaaHey brother19:59
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capellaumm hmm20:01
yaaaHey, when i login with plasma i get a black background and the icons that look like these: https://goo.gl/z1CzhJ .do you know how to fix this problem?20:02
fooman2011Hello. I'm trying to play pcm directly to /dev/snd/XXXX  using this code: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/igor-liferenko/pcm/master/playpcm.w   It work but the beginning (few seconds) of the sound file is not played. Could you please tell me what is wrong ?20:05
tomreynfooman2011: maybe ask in a C programming channel20:06
tomreynyaaa: it wasnt funny the first time, and it still isnt20:07
realtekbedoes ubuntu have the drivers for RTL8723BE  Realtek wireless20:07
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cwreThis channel has been hacked by Australia's #1 hacker Simon 'eVestigator' Smith https://evestigatorsucks.com/20:07
tomreynrealtekbe: RTL8723BE is not very well supported since the hardware manufacturer does not provide good linux support or open documentation. but I think you can find a patched driver to work with newer kernels somewhere on github.20:08
yaaaAnyone can help me? Otherwise i have to uninstall plasma20:09
gigirockplasma blood20:09
yaaaI liked it20:10
gigirockyaaa: plasma kde stuff ?20:10
realtekbetomreyn: yes i have hp and i dont think they support linux20:11
tomreyni was referring to the realtek wireless chipset you have there20:11
yaaaGuys please help a noob20:12
tomreynrealtekbe: consider getting a usb wifi 'dongle'20:12
tomreynrealtekbe: but make sure to get one with a well supported chipset before you do.20:13
yaaaNo one wants me20:15
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realtekbetomreyn: so its just the wireless card that doesnt work so if i get dongle that should fix it20:15
yaaaDo you want me?20:16
gigirockyaaa: no one use kde 'cause is buggy20:16
yaaaNo one except me20:16
gigirockyaaa: consider yourself like a pioneer20:16
tomreynrealtekbe: i don't know what else may or may not be working for you. but you inquired about this specific piece of hardware so i'm focussing on this.20:16
realtekbetomreyn: yes everything works except wireless20:17
realtekbei wil get dongle20:17
gigirockrealtekbe: 10 bucks and you are ok20:17
ketralnis/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.freenode.net ##hamradio /!\20:17
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tomreynrealtekbe: this ant_sel=2 configuration is something you could try: https://askubuntu.com/questions/883673/rtl8723be-wifi-incredibly-weak20:19
lotuspsychjegigirock: please dont spread fud please20:21
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Guest30408hey so i have an old hard drive with a bunch of bad sectors, is there a way i can make the system ignore all of them and just continue with my life?+20:25
compdocGuest30408, no. it keeps getting worse and you keep losing data20:26
lotuspsychjeGuest30408: bad sectors are usually not a good sign..20:26
Guest30408https://pastebin.com/raw/RYx9JHmN so far i've got this output20:28
Guest30408is this just bad or really bad?20:28
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lotuspsychjeGuest30408: try a smart test also20:32
Guest30408lotuspsychje: before or after?20:33
Guest30408lotuspsychje: or just a smart test20:33
lotuspsychjeGuest30408: yeah let your scan go, afterwards20:33
blocked14<+SP9002_@efnet> so, he wants the win. so we're just gonna get lunch or something, then hes gonna push me to the ground and tap my ass with his foot so he can claim he "kicked my ass" tbh im going along with it becase I dont wanna lose any teeth20:36
aidrocsidAnyone used the Multi Monitors Add-On for GNOME? Does that work with Unity to add panels to more than one monitor?20:37
aidrocsidLast version I see comments mentioning it working with was 18.0420:38
CyberMentHi there, I set up the computer to go blank after 15 minutes, when I come back and move my mouse it shows me a screen with a clock.  I have to "push" it up in order to use the computer.  Is there any way to get rid of that screen?  I want to be able to see the desktop as soon as I move the mouse.20:38
CyberMentI'm using 18.04 btw20:38
yaaaWhen i login into kde plasma i get black screen and icons of programs broken like these https://goo.gl/z1CzhJ please help20:40
sonicwindI'd like to know the answer to that also. CyberMent, you can also press the space bar rather than pushing it up with the mouse.20:40
lotuspsychjeCyberMent: add a new bug for it, and make it a wishlist in your title then find more users to want this too20:44
cdupont?join #haskell20:45
tomreyn!ops | please help yaaa once and for all (-20:46
ubottuplease help yaaa once and for all (-: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax20:46
yaaaYes please help me once and for all20:46
texlaI would like someone to tell me how to fix overlapping partitions..https://pastebin.com/q7J0AkMq20:46
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aidrocsidOkay, so Multi Monitors Add-On for GNOME works, but I'm not sure how to get Activities Configurator to work with it. Any ideas?20:47
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doug16ktexla, wow, how did you manage to get it into that state?20:55
tomreynyes, impressive, i didnt know you could do that20:56
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texladoug16k, It was not easy I promise!20:57
tomreyntexla: io guess backup what you still need and start fresh. or tell us what you did to end up there and maybe we have a better suggestion then.20:57
texlatomreyn, This all started with upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04.1 and adding 2 more distro's and overlooking the extended partition install20:59
doug16ktexla, that's quite odd. a 500GB drive with 4KB physical sectors?21:01
doug16kusually large sector drives are huge21:01
texlatomreyn, What does boot disk do to mbr when you run it21:01
texladoug16k, Late night absent mind does a lot of thing wrong21:02
doug16ktexla, can you show the output of /proc/partitions?21:04
doug16k`cat /proc/partitions` I mean21:05
texladoug16k, https://pastebin.com/6PB2unYD21:08
yaaaTomreyn gay21:11
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tomreyntexla: i don't understand "What does boot disk do to mbr when you run it"21:12
doug16ktexla, do those partitions contain data that you don't want to lose?21:12
doug16kif not I'd say just delete the partitions and start over21:13
tomreyn^ i agree21:13
texlatomreyn, Boot Disk live cd you can run mbr  I have never run mbr and wondering what it corrects21:15
doug16kif you have another drive, you can dd each partition to a file on it, then fsck the files to check their validity and/or fix corruptions. you can mount the files to get at the data21:16
doug16konce you have rescued any data you need to keep, then just delete all the partitions on the original drive and start over21:16
texladoug16k, The only one that has data I don't want to loose when reinstall is 18.04.121:16
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tomreyntexla: 'mbr' stands for 'master boot record', which refers to a small storage area on the first sector of your disk. i dont think there is a command 'mbr' that you can run (but i might be wrong).21:20
tomreyntexla: i'm also not aware of a linux (?) live cd distribution named "Boot Disk".21:21
texladoug16k, The extended partition will have to be deleted from live cd can live gparted be used to delete all partition21:22
tomreyntexla: backup your data now, then reinstall all that is installed on this disk now.21:22
dc-I'm about to code a gnome application with gtk3, anyone have any ideas what might be useful?21:23
leftyfbdc-: knowing how to code a gnome application with gtk321:23
leftyfbdc-: also, your question is unrelated to ubuntu. You should try #ubuntu-devel or #development or something.21:24
texlatomreyn, There is a disc call boot disc and I have used it to fix my boot loader and other item is mbr was not aware what it does21:24
texlatomreyn, Can I use live gparted to delete all the partitions and reinstall afterwards21:27
tomreyntexla: you can use the gparted live linux distribution to delete the partition table, or to delete the partitions one by one (but deleting them one by one could run into an error since you have this logically impossible partition table there).21:29
tomreyntexla: to reinstall, you the ubuntu installer / live image.21:29
leftyfbwhy not just use an ubuntu cd/usb, wipe the entire partition table and start over?21:29
tomreyntexla: you can also delete the partition table form the ubuntu installer / live image, so you dont need to get gaprted-live prepared just for this-21:30
tomreynlefty beat me to it21:30
texlatomreyn, When making partition should each one be larger than the preceding other21:31
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leftyfbtexla: don't make any partitions. Just use the guided partitioning/install as part of the ubuntu installer and use the entire drive21:32
cakehello, can i ask questions in this IRC? or is there a specific one for it?21:33
leftyfbcake: this is an Ubuntu support channel21:33
texlaleftyfb, How willl I install two other linux distro if I don't make partition for each one21:33
cakeokay leftyfb, thank you21:34
leftyfbtexla: Why do you need other linux distro's? Sounds like you should stick with one for a bit to get a better understanding21:34
cakei'm running ubuntu server on my home server, before that I had FreeNAS running on it and had few mount points on there.21:34
cakei can't unmount them, since they're not in /etc/fstab21:35
cakewhat can i do to get rid of them?21:35
leftyfbcake: sudo umount /path/to/mount21:35
cakewhen i reboot they're back21:35
texlaleftyfb, I have been making partition since 8.04 and this it the first time i have had overlapping partitions21:35
leftyfbthen the mount points are in fstab or some other mechanism21:35
leftyfbtexla: ok, then you've got over 10 years of experience with making partitions. You should be good21:36
cakeleftyfb: they're not in fstab, they seem to be in mstab21:36
leftyfbcake: mtab isn't something that persists across reboots. It only shows the current mounts21:37
leftyfbcake: sudo grep -R "some string mentioning your mount name" /etc 2>/dev/null21:38
cakeleftyfb: shows /etc/dfs/sharetab and /etc/mtab21:39
cakeis sharetab something that i can edit manually?21:39
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leftyfbcake: I've never heard of that before21:39
leftyfbsounds like a "not ubuntu" thing21:39
leftyfbin fact it pulls up a lot of Oracle/Solaris stuff on google21:40
cakeleftyfb: its probably from FreeNAS21:40
leftyfbcake: good guess21:40
cakei switched from FreeNAS to ubuntu21:40
leftyfbcake: if you wiped your OS(FreeNAS) and installed ubuntu, then that should not be left over21:41
cakethat files shows all the culprits, i need to get rid of them21:41
cakei did not wipe the hdd21:41
cakedidn't have another hdd to temporarily carry the data over21:41
leftyfbcake: You should seek support from FreeNAS. I'm not familiar enough with it to tell you that you can just wipe it. Especially since something is utilizing that config. Something not ubuntu21:41
cakeleftyfb: good call, gonna ask in their IRC21:43
leftyfbcake: please paste the output of this to pastebin: lsb_release -a21:43
cakeleftyfb: thank you!!21:43
cakeNo LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS Release:16.04 Codename:xenial21:43
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leftyfbsounds like ubuntu, but you've got something honoring /etc/dfs/sharetab which as far as I know, isn't anything ubuntu does21:44
leftyfbIn fact, I just searched, nothing in stock ubuntu does anything with /etc/dfs at all21:45
leftyfbok, gotta go21:45
cakeleftyfb: thanks for your time!21:46
cakehelped me a lot already, found out more21:46
desenHi! I recently confirm an installer's bug in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/+bug/1784144/ . If anyone can help, I will be grateful. Thanks in advance.21:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1784144 in grub-installer (Ubuntu) "I have asus x541uj-dm432. i Have windows 10 on hard drive. I did part. scheme - Did not delete win partition, and windows relative partitions, created swap, home, root and boot partitions on ex4. Flashed iso into usb, and running installation from usb 3.1 32gb. Installation crashed during install" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:47
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age6racerhi all, it's been many years since I chatted to humans in an IRC channel! I'm hoping that some amongst you might be able to help me with a problem I'm having with EFI/UEFI. It's driving me mad!21:57
Bashing-om!ask | age6racer21:57
ubottuage6racer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:57
yaaAge6racer: then go fuck yourself elsewhere21:58
age6racerthank you Bashing-om21:58
age6racerfuck you, yaa21:58
yaaNo fu you age6racer21:59
Bashing-omage6racer: Ask and see who knows .. I however am EFI dumb :)21:59
ubottuPlease avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:00
yaaAge6racer no one remembers you22:00
age6racerBashing-om: apologies.. won't do it again22:00
yaaDoo doo22:01
age6racerI have partitioned a brand new nvme drive with a 512mb FAT32 partition using gdisk and set type to EF00 and flag to boot, esd. When I run an installer from a live USB it all goes smoothly and finishes without errors but after reboot the drive still doesn't show as an option in my UEFI boot list.22:02
yaaAge6racer you douchebag22:03
age6racerI've been thinking about chrooting into the install and seeing if I can manually ensure that all the correct files in the right directories but I have had enormous trouble getting networking to work in the chroot :(22:06
Bashing-omage6racer: networking cable or WIFI ?22:10
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age6racerBashing-om: wifi22:15
CarlFKwill ssh-keygen create ~/.ssh ?22:19
CarlFKit just errored: Saving key "/home/juser/.ssh/rsa_key" failed: No such file or directory^22:20
Bashing-omage6racer: Again, my dumbness, do not know how to activate wifi in the chroot .22:23
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CarlFKhow to I stop this from using less? to page the output?  systemd-resolve --status22:42
CarlFKI want to cut/paste it into a paste bin, and I keep having to fight with it, like "systemd-resolve --status|cat" works if I remember22:42
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ntdnetworkmanager version in bionic=22:57
yaaDoo doo ntd22:57
CarlFKwhy this no worky?   host pc8 => Host pc8 not found: 2(SERVFAIL)   resolf.conf and all sorts of stuff  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gxxkzymkWH/23:04
de-factoCarlFK PAGER=cat systemctl ...23:08
m00n_urndo any of the systemd folders have a example unit file which is filled in to play with?23:09
CarlFKde-facto: thanks.  export PAGER=cat - that way I don't have to remember it.23:09
Syfer/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.freenode.net ##hamradio /!\23:10
CarlFKalso: export PAGER=23:10
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user______Which dpkg command is equal to dpkg from recovery option which fix dpkg and packages? , I want run the same command from terminal rather then restart the computer and choose recovery mode23:16
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de-factouser______, i dont know if i understand your question, but in general "sudo apt -f install" can fix broken dependencies and such23:20
user______Ok thanks23:21
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xeroks28/!\ ATTN: This channel has moved to irc.freenode.net ##hamradio /!\23:29
user______What is this does ? sudo init 623:29
Bashing-omuser______: init 6 is "reboot" .23:33
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user______reboot the system ?23:34
cyberspectreMy username in Ubuntu is jake. I'm trying to do sudo chown user:jake /dir/file, but it's giving me "invalid user"23:34
Bashing-omuser______: Yup - reboots the system .23:34
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user______ok thanks23:38
CarlFKcyberspectre:  sudo chown  :jake /dir/file,23:38
CarlFKer, no : either23:38
CarlFKcyberspectre:  sudo chown  jake /dir/file23:38
cyberspectreCarlFK, thank you23:39
cyberspectrethe tutorial I'm following is shoddy23:39
RavenSMhey everyone, hows everyone doing23:40
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jiffeso I'm trying to apt-get remove apparmor and its telling me that it also needs to remove mysql-server ?23:46
bilmI have a Dell Latitude - having issues with wifi (enable/disable)23:46

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