sdezielkeithzg: I don't think that /etc/network/interfaces (used by ifupdown) works well in conjunction with systemd-networkd00:00
sdezielkeithzg: OK, I think I see what's wrong00:01
sdezielkeithzg: your MASQUERADE rules only apply when "-o internal0"00:01
sdezielkeithzg: but your internal leg is not internal0 but enp1s0 so that "-o" criteria doesn't match00:01
keithzgsdeziel: Aha00:02
sdezielkeithzg: a quick and dirty fix would be to: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o enp1s0 -j MASQUERADE; iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o enp1s0 -j MASQUERADE00:02
sdezielkeithzg: it seems that you distro upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04, which would explain why you have /etc/network/interfaces00:03
keithzgsdeziel: Yeah I did that in the vain hope that newer drivers would fix the Intel NIC lockups (it didn't)00:04
keithzgAnd yeah that fix worked, now to figure out why the iptables file I have isn't being read in, heh00:04
sdezielkeithzg: re iptables, maybe you have the rulesets in /etc/iptables?00:04
sdezielkeithzg: next time you need to try newer driver, you can pull the next LTS backported kernel (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack)00:05
keithzgsdeziel: Well in fairness it was about time for the 18.04 upgrade anyways, heh. And yeah /etc/iptables/rules.v4 exists, but oddly it misses some of the rules that're applied each boot so there's at least one missing piece of *that* puzzle still00:06
keithzgsdeziel: Anyways, that seems like a job for tomorrow, now that everything's working for now. Many, many thanks!00:08
sdezielkeithzg: great!00:08
* keithzg figures it's beer time, calls it a day :D00:12
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cpaelzergood morning04:49
dbeI'm running a server with openiscsi. Yesterday, it failed to boot because openiscsi failed to mount one of it's partitions. The problem is that it was stuck on "waiting for a iscsi job" or something like that forever. How can I make sure I'm not locked out of the system like that again? i.e. I want openssh to start even if iscsi does not.09:28
boritekhi. after adding hardware manually in maas with IPMI, it shows a green power button as it can see it is powered on, however maas cannot commission any machine10:02
boriteklogs say: Failed to query node's BMC - (inew) - No rack controllers can access the BMC of node10:03
rbasakdbe: you can override service dependencies10:27
rbasakI'm not sure if the iscsi stuff is systemd-enabled10:27
rbasakIf so, see systemd.unit(5) for drop-in directories (/etc/systemd/system/foo.service.d/) for local overrides10:28
rbasakIf not, you can safely edit any file in /etc/init.d/10:28
ahasenackgood morning11:12
ahasenackboritek: take a look at /var/log/maas/maas.log (and other log files in there) to get more details about that failure11:13
ahasenackyou might also want to join #maas11:13
boxrickGood afternoon folks, I have a headless Ubuntu Server. I wish to install a lightweight desktop on top of that install with just a web browser. Lubuntu-desktop still has an amount cruft. Is there a way to tell it to do a completely minimal install. IE no pidgin transmission etc?13:19
rbasakboxrick: I don't think you'll get much help on this channel, sorry. We don't consider GUIs on server to be servers.13:57
rbasakboxrick: perhaps try #ubuntu or askubuntu.com13:57
boxrickWell, depends on your use case I guess. A dumb headless box with a web browser window outputting to a monitor I would say is closer to a server.13:58
boxrickPerhaps there is a better way of achieving this, I literally want a server deploy with a browser output to show build status' and monitoring screens from grafana and such13:59
boxrickLike a simple X session autoloading into a single piece of software perhaps.14:00
rbasakIt's certainly possible. I'm sure I could arrange that, but it'd take me quite a bit of fiddling and reading docs to recall exactly how to do it. What you need for that is expertise in X, display managers, and so on. This is the least likely place to find that expertise. I'm not going to get into an argument about semantics. I'm just saying that you're less likely to find people who can help you14:02
boxrickThat is fair enough, as you say the semantics are pointless. I appreciate the guidance :)14:04
dpb1hello all14:08
kneekiI have this small script that should check if apache2 is running and if not start it. It doesn't seem to be working (apache sometimes shuts down with no errors) and i'm not getting any errors. Any idea? https://pastebin.com/c0jMNprh14:13
RoyKkneeki: systemd should be able to do that for you14:17
RoyKkneeki: which ubuntu version is this?14:17
boxrickYea, this feels like an odd use case. Systemd is quite powerful these days, and even previously Upstart could do that.14:17
HelenahHi, for some reason, on my Ubuntu fresh install, cron doesn't seem to be scheduling crontab -e entries...14:27
dpb1Helenah: 18.04?14:28
Helenahdpb1: Yeah14:28
dpb1dpkg -l |grep cron shows what?14:28
Helenahdpb1: It shows that cron is installed.14:29
HelenahAnd the service is running.14:29
HelenahHowever, it's not scheduling, atleast not user-specific cron entries.14:30
sdezielHelenah: do you have any of those files? /etc/cron.{allow,deny}14:30
Helenahsdeziel: No.14:31
tobias-urdinjamespage: The following packages have unmet dependencies: nova-common : Breaks: glance-api (< 2:18.0.0~b2-0ubuntu3~) but 2:17.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~cloud0 is to be installed14:31
jamespagetobias-urdin: context?14:32
jamespageI may have to hand back to coreycb otp right now14:32
HelenahHave I missed something out?14:32
coreycbtobias-urdin: jamespage: yes i'll look at that14:32
sdezielHelenah: grep CRON /var/log/auth.log | grep $USER  # USER == the user you with the crontab entry14:32
coreycbtobias-urdin: jamespage: but first i have another question for tobias-urdin14:32
tobias-urdinfor log ref: http://logs.openstack.org/28/593028/1/check/puppet-openstack-integration-5-scenario001-tempest-ubuntu-bionic-mimic/bb1ad47/logs/puppet.txt.gz#_2018-08-17_12_07_1514:33
Helenahsdeziel: It's just showing opened and closed sessions for the user. The only is just used for a SupyBot, and nothing more.14:35
coreycbtobias-urdin: we'd like to switch to py3 by default in rocky. we'll still have py2 packages but you'll need to install one or two alternative dependencies first prior to installing a core openstack package. ie. you'd have to install python-nova prior to nova-api to get the py2 version. otherwise if you just installed nova-api it would use the python3-nova dependency.14:36
sdezielHelenah: those opened/closed message seem to imply the crontab items are being processed14:37
sdezielHelenah: could you pastebin the 'crontab -l' output?14:37
coreycbtobias-urdin: how painful would that be for you? the issue is that in cosmic python2.7 is proposed to be dropped from main which means no security support from canonical.14:37
Helenah*/1 * * * * supybot-botchk --botdir=/home/h31337/ --pidfile=/home/h31337/bot.pid --conffile=/home/h31337/bot.conf14:38
coreycbtobias-urdin: looking into that nova issue now14:38
HelenahI run the command on the shell, and it works as expected.14:40
sdezielHelenah: `which supybot-botchk`14:40
tobias-urdincoreycb: thanks :)14:40
sdezielHelenah: */1 == * in crontab14:40
HelenahDoes cron ignore the /usr/local/bin/ path?14:41
sdeziel*/1 means every 1 minutes14:42
sdezielsame like *14:42
RoyKHelenah: add it to cron's path14:42
RoyKHelenah: I don't think it's in it by default14:42
sdezielHelenah: crontab's default path is: /usr/bin:/bin14:42
HelenahI could just use the absolute path in crontab which is better.14:42
RoyKshould work well14:42
HelenahI'm gonna implement that solution then. Thanks, great help!14:43
HelenahHelped me brainstorm this issue14:43
RoyKHelenah: we've all been there :)14:43
sdezielHelenah: you may also want to move supybot to a real service manager like systemd this way it could be automatically revived when needed14:43
sdezielHelenah: that's assuming the botchk think is a liveness check of some kind14:44
RoyKsystemd is quite good at those things14:44
HelenahI set the absolute path, crontab -l confirms the change, however still not scheduling the botchk command.14:52
Helenah*/1 * * * * /usr/local/bin/supybot-botchk --botdir=/home/h31337/ --pidfile=/home/h31337/bot.pid --conffile=/home/h31337/bot.conf14:52
HelenahOh, forgot to change the prefix.14:52
* Helenah waits...14:53
Helenahsdeziel: I wanted to use a scheduler for this particular case.14:54
coreycbtobias-urdin: the nova issue was a copy/paste fail on my end. i have a new package version on it's way and should be available in a few hours.14:55
Helenahsdeziel: */1 definately == *?14:55
HelenahWhat supybot-botchk does is, it checks to see if the supybot PID is running, if not it starts supybot as a daemon.14:56
HelenahI tested it all at the shell, it is confirmed to work.14:57
sdezielHelenah: I'll confirm in a minute once this fired: (crontab -l; echo '* * * * * echo test-star'; echo '*/1 * * * * echo test-slash') | crontab -i -14:57
tobias-urdincoreycb: cool, thanks for looking into it!14:57
sdezielHelenah: so yes, both are equivalent14:58
coreycbtobias-urdin: np, sorry about that.14:58
HelenahThen for some reason cron isn't scheduling correctly.14:59
Helenahand I don't know how to diagnose cron.14:59
HelenahI only ever had to use it a few times in my entire long time using Linux.14:59
sdezielHelenah: is supy-botchk a shell script? If yes, maybe it requires path to be set before hand ... see RoyK's advise on setting it in crontab14:59
HelenahI'll check that out, however the supybot guide which has been confirmed to work states to do this. Even though, it might not have been "cron" they were using but some other scheduler with slightly different syntax.15:01
Helenah/usr/local/bin/supybot-botchk: Python script, ASCII text executable15:01
sdezielyeah, sorry I asked for a script specifically but that's not relevant, anything can depend on PATH15:02
HelenahNo need15:02
HelenahWe all make mistakes in our speech and things15:03
HelenahLemme test that command in the shell just one more time to confirm it's giving the same expected result.15:06
HelenahAnd so it is... o.o15:07
HelenahI'm gonna try and restart cron, see if something fluked out along the way.15:08
sdezielHelenah: have you added PATH=... to the crontab?15:08
kneekiRoyK: Sorry, wife took me away. It's ubuntu 17.1015:09
Helenahsdeziel: I thought that wasn't needed when specifying absolute paths?15:09
sdezielHelenah: well it depends if the python script then tries to exec/launch some commands and rely on $PATH to find those commands15:10
RoyKkneeki: better upgrade that to 18.04.115:10
HelenahWhat would be the best way of changing the PATH= variable in crontab?15:10
RoyKHelenah: PATH=blabla in the header15:11
HelenahOn a new line in crontab -e? I didn't know that could be done. I thought that file was just for schedule entries.15:12
RoyKHelenah: something like PATH="/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin"15:12
RoyKit's not15:12
HelenahAaaah, you learn something new everyday, thanks for confirming that the crontab files can be used for more than scheduling entries.15:13
RoyKHelenah: man 5 crontab15:13
HelenahAaaah, thanks15:14
HelenahThank you all who helped me solve this puzzle, for your support and patience.15:17
dpb1Helenah: probably one you wont forget. :)  everytime I edit cron I think about PATH now. :)15:18
Helenahdpb1: Heh, agreed! I'll adopt it as a practice.15:34
kneekiRoyK, okay - upgrading now15:41
HelenahHi, how do I get Oidentd to work? I checked netstat and it is running on
HelenahI seem to still have a tidle at the beginning of my ident.16:03
ahasenackkstenerud: so, dep8 tests. Did you install autopkgtest?16:59
kstenerudahasenack yup17:03
ahasenackkstenerud: ok, let's build lxd and kvm images suitable for autopkgtest17:03
ahasenackkstenerud: autopkgtest-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud for qemu images17:03
ahasenackqemu/kvm, that is17:03
ahasenackkstenerud: call it like this17:03
ahasenackautopkgtest-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud -r bionic -v --cloud-image-url http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/daily/server17:05
ahasenack-r: release (bionic is what we want to test now)17:05
ahasenack-v verbose17:05
ahasenackthe url is so we pick the daily images, instead of release, as they are more up-to-date17:05
ahasenackyou can also add: -m <mirror>, like -m http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu17:06
ahasenackand -p for a proxy url if you have a proxy/cache locally17:06
ahasenackthat will output an image in the current directory17:06
ksteneruddo I need to run this as root? Or is there a group I can add myself to?17:06
ahasenacknormal user17:06
ahasenackbut a user that is able to spawn vms, like run kvm17:07
kstenerudERROR: no permission to write /dev/kvm17:07
dpb1and libvirt17:07
ahasenackyeah, make yourself part of the kvm group17:07
ahasenackautopkgtest doesn't use libvirt17:07
ahasenackI keep my autopkgtest vms in /var/lib/adt-images17:07
ahasenackadt is short for autopkgtest (somehow)17:07
ahasenackbut the place doesn't matter17:08
ahasenackit will spawn up a vm using that image it downloaded and make some modifications to it17:09
ksteneruddamn is there a way to reload my groups without rebooting?17:09
ahasenacknewgrp kvm17:09
ahasenackthen confirm with "id"17:09
ahasenackit will be valid for that session only, not your whole desktop17:09
ahasenackit's like a new shell17:09
ahasenackis the download fast for you at least?17:11
ahasenackcloud-images.u.c is so slow for me, too far away17:11
ahasenackI get 140kbytes/s at most17:11
kstenerudnot sure what bps I'm getting. 80mb downloaded so far17:11
ahasenackkstenerud: what's the percentage?17:18
ahasenackI think it prints that17:18
kstenerudit's downloaded and doing cloud-init atm17:18
kstenerudIs this something I'll be doing often? Maybe there's a way to cache this step?17:20
ahasenackjust once17:20
kstenerudok I have an img file now17:20
dpb1yes, there is a cron job that you will want to run to get all your dailies in sync, etc17:20
ahasenackit's the usual tradeoff. The test run will call apt upgrade17:21
ahasenackso the older your image is, the longer that apt upgrade step will take17:21
* dpb1 nods17:21
ahasenackso to run, some options17:21
ahasenacknormally, autopkgtest will build the source again, and run the tests against what it just built17:21
ahasenackwe will do that too17:21
ahasenackthe other way, since we have a ppa already, is to use the binaries available in that ppa, so no rebuilding time17:22
ahasenacklet's see17:22
ahasenackkstenerud: autopkgtest -U -s -o dep8-postfix postfix/ -- qemu /var/lib/adt-images/autopkgtest-bionic-amd64.img17:22
ahasenacklet's break it down17:22
ahasenack-U: run apt-get upgrade17:22
ahasenack-s: stop and give you a shell if there is a failure. Good to debug17:22
ahasenack-o dep8-postfix: write output report to the directory dep8-postfix17:23
ahasenackpostfix/ <-- important bit17:23
ahasenackjust "postfix" means autopkgtest will just fetch the postfix package from the archive17:23
ahasenack"postfix/", if you have a postfix/ directory in your current working directory, means it will consider that an extracted source package and build the binaries from it, and also run the tests within it17:23
ahasenackso I ran that just now in the parent directory of where the postfix/ git repo was extracted17:24
ahasenackafter -- is how to run the tests, which virtualization technique17:24
ahasenackqemu is shorthand for autopkgtest-virt-qemu17:24
ahasenackand it takes the parameters described in the autopkgtest-virt-qemu manpage17:25
ahasenackusually just the image file name you just created17:25
ahasenackwhich in my case is in /var/lib/adt-images17:25
ahasenackthere is a way to run all this remotely on a server provided by ubuntu, via a ticketing system17:28
ahasenackbut only core devs can use it fully17:28
ahasenackso we have to climb the ladder of privileges until we can use that17:28
dpb1oh, i didn't know that17:28
ahasenackand do things manually17:28
dpb1ah, that is bileto17:29
dpb1christian was using bileto before he was a core dev17:29
dpb1just a subset of it or something?17:29
ahasenackI can use it for a few packages17:29
ahasenackbut others I have to ask a core dev to click "approve"17:29
dpb1server packages right?17:29
ahasenackit's not clear17:29
ahasenacksil2100 would know, but I think he is on holidays17:30
dpb1yes, he was in the same boat when I joined17:30
dpb1he had server upload rights but not core dev17:30
ahasenackkstenerud: how is it going? My test run just finished17:31
kstenerudpostfix              PASS17:31
kstenerudqemu-system-x86_64: terminating on signal 15 from pid 24506 (/usr/bin/python3)17:31
ahasenackthat, and more details, should be in that dep8-postfix directory that the test run created17:32
ahasenacknow let's try again but using the ppa. That will skip the build part17:32
ahasenackthis is a mouthful17:34
ahasenackautopkgtest -U -s -o dep8-postfix-ppa --setup-commands="sudo add-apt-repository -y -u -s ppa:kstenerud/postfix-postconf-segfault-1753470" -B postfix -- qemu /var/lib/adt-images/autopkgtest-bionic-amd64.img17:34
ahasenacksetup-commands: that adds the ppa. -y is for yes, please add it17:34
ahasenack-u is for "please also run apt-update"17:34
ahasenack-s: please add the source line as well17:34
ahasenackthe dep8 tests are only in the source package, so we need deb-src lines in sources.list17:35
ahasenackthen -B: please don't build17:35
ahasenackand "postfix", without a "/", so it's considered a package name, not a local directory17:35
ahasenacknote that a dep8 test can explicitly request that a build is needed, so that wins iirc17:35
ahasenackthis should be faster17:36
ahasenackmy previous run started at [14:19:55] and ended at [14:28:04]17:36
ahasenackso about 8min17:36
ahasenacknote that just specifying the ppa isn't enough strictly speaking to get the package from there17:36
ahasenackit has to be of a higher version than what is in the bionic archive17:37
ahasenackbecause autopkgtest will just do "apt-get install postfix"17:37
kstenerudok tests finished17:38
ahasenackwe can do the same with lxd17:39
ahasenackthe debian/tests/control file specifies the requirements for each test17:40
ahasenacksome tests specifically ask for avm17:40
ahasenacka vm17:40
dpb1he left17:40
ahasenackah, right17:40
ahasenackwelcome back17:43
kstenerudback. had a network hiccup17:43
ahasenackkstenerud: the debian/tests/control file has a Restrictions field that specifies special requirements for a test17:43
ahasenackthere are many flags that can go in there17:44
ahasenackthat's also where it's specified if the test requires a vm or a container, or if it doesn't matter17:44
ahasenackRestrictions: isolation-container, needs-root, allow-stderr17:44
ahasenackand so on17:44
ahasenackit's all in the dep8 spec17:44
ahasenacklet's try to create a lxd image for autopkgtest17:44
ahasenackwe use another autopkgtest-build command, it's autopkgtest-build-lxd17:45
ahasenackthis one takes as a parameter the base image17:45
ahasenackso you can just give it an image you already have, or use that ubuntu:bionic "url"17:45
ahasenacklike autopkgtest-build-lxd ubuntu-daily:bionic/amd6417:46
kstenerudIf I specify ubuntu:bionic, but already have it downloaded, will it just use that or download again?17:47
ahasenackI think it will download again, because of the "ubuntu:" prefix17:47
ahasenackthat's a "remote"17:47
ahasenackyou can give it any image from your "lxc image list" output essentially17:48
tewardahasenack: i thought LXD had a caching mechanism based on the remote metadata to determine whether it needs to redownload the image or not17:48
kstenerudok. I'll need to be careful while in Canada because I have a 500g limit17:48
tewardbecause in a brand new LXD I've launched ubuntu:bionic and it's only downloaded once for that day or so17:48
tewardat least until the remote updated17:48
ahasenackteward: could be17:48
ahasenackther eis also an auto-refresh17:49
ahasenackit might have kicked in without you realizing17:49
tewardbut that could be a local caching thing in LXD.  I just keep a local mirror now with the images I need on autorefresh17:49
teward(i don't think it downloads each and every time, I'd need to test but tis irrelevant to the question at hand)17:49
teward*returns to the quiet realms*17:49
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kstenerudahasenack: I did autopkgtest-build-lxd ubuntu-daily:bionic18:07
ahasenackkstenerud: check with "lxc image list" if it created another image, one for autopkgtests18:08
kstenerudno new image18:08
ahasenackwhat did it do? Any errors?18:08
kstenerudno errors18:08
kstenerudContainer published with fingerprint: baa396c0ef0d3252321275d540a505c6ede0e7a75cd0b6413297f443ba6b066c18:08
ahasenackare you sure there is no new image?18:09
kstenerudoh wait duh I typed lxc list :P18:09
ahasenackthat's for running containers :)18:09
kstenerudyes ther's a new image18:09
sdezielthe ubuntu: remote is refreshed only so often (https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PNg76k4c9j/) while ubuntu-daily: is well daily :)18:09
ahasenackkstenerud: ok, so to use that, the bit before "--" in the autopkgtest command line stays the same18:10
ahasenackafter --, you would use "lxd <imagename>"18:10
ahasenackand it will then use lxd and that image to run the tests18:10
kstenerudso I'd use the fingerprint?18:10
ahasenackyes, you can later use lxc image edit, or lxc image alias, to manage those and use friendlier names18:11
kstenerudor the alias?18:11
ahasenackdoesn't matter how it's referred to18:11
ahasenackit's whatever works with "lxc launch <name>"18:11
ahasenackfingerprint, alias, etc18:11
kstenerudok so for this one:18:11
kstenerudautopkgtest -U -s -o dep8-postfix-ppa --setup-commands="sudo add-apt-repository -y -u -s ppa:kstenerud/postfix-postconf-segfault-1753470" -B postfix -- lxd autopkgtest/ubuntu/bionic/amd6418:11
ahasenacksounds right18:12
kstenerudso is there any particular reason to favor lxd or kvm?18:12
ahasenacklxd is faster18:13
ahasenackyou can amend the postfix MP with the dep8 results now18:14
ahasenackI usually push the output directory to people.ubuntu.com18:14
ahasenackI don't know if you have that access yet, try "sftp <lpid>@people.ubuntu.com"18:15
ahasenackif we had full bileto access, we would just paste the bileto ticket18:15
kstenerudno access18:16
ahasenackah, might be the ubuntu developer thing18:17
ahasenackkstenerud: for now you can just paste the last bits of the dep8 run in the MP. Nothing large, just the bits from the "results" line and below18:20
ahasenackI need to reboot, brb18:21
kstenerudahasenack: Do I append that as a comment on the MP?18:26
ahasenackkstenerud: back18:30
ahasenackkstenerud: since there are no comments yet, you can edit the description18:31
kstenerudok done18:31
ahasenackkstenerud: ok18:33
ahasenackkstenerud: now, in terms of our team's workflow, you should create a card in the trelo board18:33
ahasenackfor the bug18:33
ahasenackand put it in the "review" column18:34
ahasenackit's free-form, but you can look at the other cards in there to get an idea18:34
ahasenackit should have links to the bug and/or the mp18:34
ahasenackand be assigned to you18:34
ahasenackwe should have done this yesterday, but I forgot18:34
ahasenackyesterday the card would have been in the "doing" column18:35
ahasenackthen you would just drag it to "review" once the mp was up18:35
ahasenackkstenerud: I see the card, just add yourself to it now18:48
ahasenackkstenerud: and you can use the "attachment" button to link to the bug and the mp18:48
ahasenackkstenerud: to add yourself, click on "members", or just press the spacebar when viewing the card18:48
kstenerudok done18:50
ahasenacklet me check the sru template18:51
ahasenackkstenerud: put the [original description] section at the bottom/end, start with [Impact]18:51
ahasenackkstenerud: in the test case, or any other set of instructions, it's common to be clear when root is used and when not18:52
ahasenackkstenerud: you can do that via a prompt ("$" vs "#"), or by using sudo when root is required18:52
ahasenackyou should also make it clear at the postconf step that this is where it segfaults, and where the fixed package does not segfault18:53
ahasenackkstenerud: and, suggestion, since the bug is about not being able to read the file, I think its contents don't matter. It could be an empty file (untested). If true, that would make the testing instructions simpler and easier to follow18:54
kstenerudok updated. I also changed the user to ubuntu, and ran through it to make sure it still crashes18:59
ahasenackthe non-root user prompt is $, not #, though19:01
ahasenacknitpicking, we haz it :)19:01
ahasenack(in the postconf final call)19:01
ahasenackand you missed sudo in the apt calls, touch, chmod19:02
ahasenackand that echo won't work as a regular user19:02
kstenerudoh hah got it backwards19:04
kstenerudok fixed19:05
ahasenackkstenerud: ready for another, or do you want to collect your notes?19:06
ahasenackthe next one would be for cosmic, aka, the development release, so no sru19:06
ahasenack(I think)19:06
kstenerudI need to collect my notes for a bit19:06
ahasenackok, np19:07
ahasenackping if you need anything19:07
ahasenackand lunch, don't forget that :)19:07
sdezielthis + lunch == lots to digest ;)19:08
kstenerudlol yeah my head's spinning :)19:09
sdezielI must admit I never suspected how much work was behind a SRU19:10
sdezielI'll try to think of the server team before asking the next SRU ;)19:10
ahasenackand there is more19:11
ahasenackwe didn't talk about migation yet19:11
sdezielnot sure I understand migration in this context?19:12
ahasenackit's what happens when a package migrates from the proposed pocket to the updates one (in the case of an sru) or the release one (in the case of an upload to the development release)19:12
ahasenackthere are a bunch of tests and checks that happen there19:12
ahasenackin the case of the development release, they are blocking checks: if something fails, the migration doesn't happen19:13
ahasenackin the case of an sru, it's advisory19:13
sdezieloh, I always assumed there was only a backing period + someone needed to release it19:13
ahasenackhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/xenial/update_excuses.html is the current list for xenial, for example19:13
ahasenacksdeziel: that too19:13
ahasenackfor srus, it's manual19:13
ahasenackbut the sru team member who is considering whether the package can be released or not, will take many things into consideration19:14
ahasenackand the migration tests is one of them19:14
sdezielthat's a impressive workflow19:16
sdezielIt seems like git-ubuntu helped a lot to automate part of this workflow but do you have other tools in the pipeline to automate further?19:17
sdezielor maybe extensions to git-ubuntu?19:18
ahasenackgit (ubuntu) helps keeping our sanity19:18
ahasenackthere are many tools out there that I don't know about, I'm sure19:18
ahasenackmany in the ubuntu-dev-tools package19:18
tewardahasenack: some of us are just plain old insane even with git-ubuntu :P20:23
rbasakkstenerud: FWIW, I have a monthly 200G limit, and manage to fit within it even with Sam's Netflix usage.22:15
rbasakI use a local proxy cache, and try to do everything through there.22:15
rbasakautopkgtests and things I run on an internal Canonical machine we could give you access to.22:15
naccrbasak: i like that you attribute your b/w to Sam :)22:18
rbasakWe had to add some traffic control to the PS3 to stop Amazon Instant video from using all our bandwidth allowance on super duper HD or whatever.22:25
rbasakI limited it to 2 Mibit and quality is OK for us22:26

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