AvilanceStudiosHey guys, nice to meet you all :)01:28
wxlAvilanceStudios came from #ubuntu-bugs and says they "come across like 3 bugs a day"01:31
wxlso have you been filing bugs AvilanceStudios ?01:33
AvilanceStudiosI just started today wxl01:37
wxlAvilanceStudios: well, read all the info on how to write a good bug report. it's a lot but it matters!01:37
AvilanceStudiosCan you please link me? I'm great with documentation01:37
AvilanceStudiosAlso, I need to figure out how to create bug reports etc...01:38
wxl`ubuntu-bug some-package`01:38
wxllonger documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs01:39
wxlimportant reading https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html01:39
wxlmy 2¢: always make sure to include the versions you're using and include steps on how to repeat the bug01:41
AvilanceStudiosThis is awesome!01:42
AvilanceStudiosSO my job is basically to find and report bugs correct?01:42
AvilanceStudiosI just follow the guidlines it looks like and I should be good01:42
wxlyep. then the next step is to figure out how to fix them :)01:42
wxlor if that's too much, go through old bugs and try to confirm them or not01:43
AvilanceStudiosEventually, I want to join that team. For now, I am still learning python and linux in general so I have to start somewhere haha01:43
wxlyou'd find it hard to believe how easy it is to fix some bugs01:43
AvilanceStudiosSo then what is the LaunchPad team for? How do I use it?01:43
wxlthe bugsquad is for bugs in general01:43
AvilanceStudiosSo bugs I report will show up in there or?01:44
wxlnot necessarily, no01:44
AvilanceStudiosSo then where do the bugs in LaunchPad come from?01:45
wxlfrom people filing them01:45
AvilanceStudiosSo then would I file bugs in LaunchPad? Lol sorry for so many questions I'm new to this.01:47
wxlif you join the team, it implies that you are interested in helping with bugs01:48
AvilanceStudiosOhhh haha ok well that makes sense01:48
wxlby running `ubuntu-bug some-package` (where some-package is the name of some package), it will ultimately lead you to launchpad to file a bug, but it will pull in a bunch of information for you01:48
AvilanceStudiosNow why won't a bug I filed necessarily show up in LaunchPad?01:49
wxlit will, but not necessarily within the team01:50
AvilanceStudiosOh right, because it might be for example evince and that is a different team I suppose01:50
wxlwell, you'd have to file a bug against the team :)01:51
AvilanceStudios"There are currently no open bugs." not sure if this is a good or bad thing lol01:52
wxlwell a bug against evince is not a bug against the bugsquad team01:52
wxljust like a bug against envince is not a bug against firefox01:52
AvilanceStudiosWhich is why you were saying we may not necessarily see it01:52
wxlnot THERE01:52
AvilanceStudiosRight, I get it now01:53
AvilanceStudiosThat's all I really wanted to know, I have to brush up on this documentation you provided me for actually sorting/creating bug reports01:53
wxlso go read, figure out a bug to file, file it, and come back for review01:54
AvilanceStudiosPerfect, and you will tell me how I did haha01:54
AvilanceStudiosI'll start with a bug bothering me in Korganizer01:54
wxl#ubuntu-bugs can help out with that, too, but since we're the kubuntu folks this might be a better place to start for kubuntu stuff01:55
AvilanceStudios;) Thank you for all your help, so I guess I'll leave Konversation open in the background from now on. And yep, I agree01:55
AvilanceStudiosAnd in your opinion, if I were to be learning programing languages for Linux, and besides Python, is there something else I should be drawing a focus on?01:56
wxlwell, the kernel is mostly C01:57
wxlmost K stuff is C++01:57
AvilanceStudiosHmm, then I will look into C++/C. I am a college student and I have 3 ThinkPad devices I use with Kubuntu, two of which are tablets.01:58
AvilanceStudiosSo I actually take notes/study off of these computers for electrical engineering and I am really wanting to also contribute to the OS itself haha01:58
valorienice to meet you, AvilanceStudios02:00
AvilanceStudiosNice to meet you too!02:01
* valorie has filed quite a few of those LP bugs02:01
valorieas we test the ISOs in the coming weeks, we'll be filing more02:01
AvilanceStudiosIt's so cool to meet you guys haha, I litteraly depend on Kubuntu 02:02
valorieme too, AvilanceStudios02:07
valoriewxl: not lubuntu?02:08
wxli depend on both, depending on where i'm at02:08
valorieoh cool02:08
AvilanceStudiosI just like Kubuntu because it uses KDE!02:08
wxlthere's a reason i've got a finger in both pots :)02:08
AvilanceStudiosIsn't Lubuntu xfce?02:09
wxlnope, lxde and soon lxqt02:09
AvilanceStudiosah welp, I got some letters right lol02:09
valorieit's Xubuntu that uses xfce02:13
AvilanceStudiosAh, that's right02:14
AvilanceStudiosIs there an apparel store for KDE? Like shirts etc02:15
valoriethere are, lemme find one02:31
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BluesKajHey folks11:16
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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> wow, fw 5.49 landed in cosmic.  Nice job! I was concerned the feature freeze dead would get in the way.14:16
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IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, It was uploaded before the freeze, which makes it ok :)16:02
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Has anyone else tried putting cosmic to sleep and experienced a partially functional mouse on resume?  I am not sure if its a libinput issue or something to do with kwallet.  It only  happens occasionally and after entering my kwallet password, the mouse pointer moves but DE does not respond to mouse clicks.17:09
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> If i drop to a terminal (ctr-alt-f2), login and switch back to GUI (ctrl-alt-f1), the mouse functions correctly.17:12
acheronukmamarley: ^^ ?17:21
mamarleyHuh?  What'd I do?17:22
mamarleyOh, test the sleep thing?  I haven't put any of my computers to sleep in a while, but I will test that when I get a chance.17:22
mamarleyRight now I am in the middle of something else.17:22
acheronukmamarley: yeah, as you seem to run multiple cosmic machines. no probs17:23
mamarleyYep, I have at least 7 of them under my care at the moment. :)17:23
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santa_acheronuk: if you are still awake I can explain the acc fixes, if not see you tomorrow23:12
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acheronuksanta_: just about awake23:25
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santa_acheronuk: ugh, let's discuss it tomorrow, it's already too late here in any case the fixes are already in git23:37
acheronuksanta_: ok. you want me to wait to upload? not going to do it right now, but could in the morning?23:38
acheronukbaloo-widgets5 may be the same thing as well23:39
santa_acheronuk: feel free to upload, yes23:41
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acheronukhmmm. maybe I will now.. thanks23:45
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