AvilanceStudiosHey guys :)01:18
IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> @Iolo, Yes, I get random apps opening on start up also.01:58
IrcsomeBot<Anarcho Taoist> @DarinMiller, That's interesting to know! I installed synaptic s and got better response. Project Sputnik had originally configured with synaptics for my Dell though.02:01
KingKeAgood morning.04:32
KingKeAdo you know a good messenger client app for kubuntu?04:33
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BluesKajHey folks11:16
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the-noobhi, I've just did an upgrade to 18.04 (cli) and after restart I can't start the GUI14:34
the-noobseems all the packages have been removed and when I try `apt-get install kubuntu-desktop` I'm getting a lot of unmet dependencies14:35
IrcsomeBot<Phil Linux> Oh no!14:39
IrcsomeBot<Phil Linux> Sorry to hear that!14:39
IrcsomeBot<Phil Linux> Sudo apt install-fresh-by-nuke-and-pave!14:40
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> or try sudo apt install -f14:41
the-noobI've tried the -f option14:47
the-noobcleared the cache and all14:47
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madLyfethere is a bug in wallpapers. i set my own per monitors, then had to reboot because of updates, and they were back to the default ones. though, when i went in to change them again its like the system still thought they were set to that because they didnt change. so i had to change them to something else and then back again before they showed the correct one. not sure if that makes sense.20:22
madLyfealso, windows dont open on the monitor the you are active on. not to be confused with a window/application being opened from a closed state. like i opened the task settings option from the panel on one screen and it popped up on another monitor.20:41
madLyfeis there not a shortcut for konsole?20:58
madLyfedoes changing the login screen background not change until a reboot?21:11
madLyfethis wallpaper bug is annoying21:34
madLyfeis this even the best place for support?21:36
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IrcsomeBot<Kinghats> anyone around?21:41
DelvienmadLyfe: it is, but #kubuntu is a road less traveled in comparison to #ubuntu. Most KDE specific support can be received from #KDE. I dont know the answer to your question since I dont use plasma (I use i3 + KDE)21:42
madLyfeah. what is i3 + KDE?21:43
Delvieni3wm + KDE, but without plasma desktop and compositor21:43
madLyfei3wm is a distro im guessing?21:46
Delvienwindow manager21:46
DelvienKDE is a desktop environment21:46
madLyfewhat window manager does it use?21:46
madLyfewell i have no idea what my problem is stemming from then lol21:48
madLyfewould a wallpaper issue be a KDE thing? or plasma or kubuntu thing?21:49
Delvienwhen you say shortcut for konsole, do you mean keybind, or icon shortcut21:50
madLyfethere wasnt a system wide shortcut for konsole so i added it myself. not sure if its there but i missed it or something but i made it a global shortcut..21:50
Delvienits usually Ctrl T or ctrl alt t21:51
madLyfeya i set it myself to the latter21:52
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