birmalphacan i get some help02:33
birmalphawith a problem, i cannot figure  out , about setting up a Proxifer type program on my Lubuntu machine02:34
birmalphai cannot find an answer anywere, i am going ma02:34
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Proxychains?04:23
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> I used for conect remmina with tor04:24
vegombreihi my lubuntu recently upgraded to 18 and it doesnt play video anymore everytome i double click a video it opens the totem player and crashes06:10
wxlvegombrei: lubuntu 18.04 uses gnome-mpv for video, so your addition of totem is most likely the problem06:11
vegombreiwxl: ah but i didnt add it i think its the gnome player only06:12
vegombreiwxl: that just crashes06:12
wxlwhat is "that?"06:13
vegombreiwxl: gnome player06:13
wxlyou mean gnome-mpv?06:13
vegombreiwxl: yep gnome-mpv thats the player u get when i right click06:15
wxlwell, when i click it it opens fine06:16
wxlis it problematic on all video files?06:16
vegombreiwxl: yeah any video file havent tried audio stuff06:16
wxlcan you upload an exxample?06:17
vegombreiwxl: are you serious ?06:17
vegombreiwxl: dude im installing vlc06:18
wxlor link me to an example to download06:18
wxlok have fun06:18
vegombreiwxl: lets see how how that turns out06:18

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