blackflowMmmmmh. iron-clad, locked down, systemd-cgroup-containerized, apparmored, unprivileged (no root master) nginx server running on Bionic.     Tastes like a million dollars. With a side dish of occasional CVE corrosion in that iron, but eh...11:55
blackflowOoh! Ooh! Running atop of LUKS encrypted ZFS root.11:56
taylancan someone help me troubleshoot my mail server?  I tried to configure postfix and courier with ldap, but thunderbird can't connect to a user I defined in ldap...  no idea what debugging tools are available to pinpoint the problem.  they are listening on 465 and 993 on all interfaces and I can open a TCP connection to these ports from the computer with thunderbird on it.13:55
compdocthunderbird supports ldap? i had no idea13:56
taylancompdoc: no, postfix and courier do14:02
taylanmy problem description was crap.  in thunderbird, I'm trying to add an ccount.  I entered the smtp and imap hostnames, selected ssl/tls for both, but when I click on "Re-test" it says "Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your mail account"14:04
compdocseems like an odd error. like its trying to autoconfigure instead of accepting your settings14:05
taylanby the way, the reason I'm trying to set up courier is that "apt-get install dovecot" fails.  the install scripts seem not to add some users and groups they should be adding...  anyone know this problem?14:05
taylanI'm on LTS14:05
compdocanyway, Im no expert on ldap, and its early yet. hang out and ask again. maybe someone will know. mught also ask in  ##networking14:07
taylanoh, when I manually select some auth options in thunderbird, the error message becomes "username or password invalid".  I guess that's a step forward14:07
taylanok thanks :)14:07
blackflowtaylan: begin with postfix and dovecot errors, they must've logged what went wrong14:10
blackflowohwait... courier....14:10
taylanblackflow: see above: I couldn't install dovecot :(14:11
blackflowtaylan: ok one problem at a time. dovecot installed just fine here on bionic. dovecot-imapd thatis14:11
taylanit first erred out because the "dovecot" group didn't exist.  I added it manually.  then it said the user "dovenull" doesn't exist, and I didn't want to continue trying to fix things manually...14:12
blackflowwhich package though? dovecot per se doesn't exist, you must be explicit about which compoentn you install14:12
taylanI think it was the core package that caused the errors already.  let me retry.14:13
blackflowbionic or xenial? because it just installed fine on bionic14:13
taylansilly question but what's the quickest way to find out?  I think I'm on 16.04, whatever codename that has.14:14
jellylsb_release -sc14:14
taylanthanks.  xenial it is.14:14
blackflowdoesn't seem like anything like this has been reported for dovecot as bug. I wonder if there's a permission problem preventing install scripts from creating the group and the user14:18
blackflowat any rate, dovecot is strongly recommended for postfix, especially for sasl.14:19
taylanI just found this: https://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-server-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg147608.html14:20
taylansadly the mails by the original reporter don't seem to be in the archive.  the subsequent reply indicates that they were able to solve the problem somehow14:22
blackflowstatus: Invalid, no wonder it didn't show for me in search14:23
blackflowbug #178558414:23
ubottubug 1785584 in dovecot (Ubuntu) "package dovecot-core 1: failed to install/upgrade: installed dovecot-core package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178558414:23
taylanah neat, that has the full contents14:24
taylanhmm, it's not the same issue though.  my /etc/group and /etc/passwd are clean.14:26
taylanoh damn, found the problem, and it's crazy14:35
blackflowtaylan: what is it?14:35
taylanI have a ~/bin/adduser and ~/bin in my PATH.  it does something completely different than /usr/sbin/adduser14:36
taylanhmm, one could say 'apt-get' shouldn't be affected by that...  anyway, I'll rename it.14:37
blackflowtaylan: it reminds me of the Dwarf Fortress game causing havoc in Debian, because its binary is `df` and was in PATH before /bin/df14:44
blackflowso now that you got to the root of it, pun intended, install dovecot. dovecot > courier, especially for sasl. then check the logs, enable auth verbosity for dovecot.14:45
taylanyeah, installed it already.  checking out how to configure it for ldap14:49

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