floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> well, it just piled on to a crappy day anyway00:00
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Can you connect it to Ethernet and do a dist upgrade00:39
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> Nope, no connectivity at all00:40
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> I'm installing elementary os to see something00:40
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Which machine?00:40
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> The gaming rig00:41
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> Bc networking works in Windows00:41
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Hm...00:45
floridagram-bot5<RazPi> Xd00:46
floridagram-bot5<RazPi> I'm in Hollywood right now00:46
floridagram-bot5<RazPi> Any suggestions00:46
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> What brings you to Hollywood?00:46
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> Huh, elementary is having the same issue00:47
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Do you happen to have a USB to Ethernet adapter?00:47
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> I do, actually00:47
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> Same00:49
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Wow... Did it happen in 17.10?00:50
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> Nope00:50
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> And the elementary build I'm using is 16.0400:50
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> The only constant in this is the hard drives... But would that really cause an issue like this?00:51
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Try installing a 17.10 and upgrading to 18.0400:51
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> That's what I get for buying a cheap ssd01:11
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> Sdc is where it's installed to01:13
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> note to self, patriot makes good ram... not so good at ssd's01:20
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> perhaps this is a good excuse to fill that m.2 slot01:22
floridagram-bot5<Ivoriesablaze> https://www.amazon.com/ADATA-SU800-M-2-128GB-ASU800NS38-128GT-C/dp/B01M9K0N8I/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1535246242&sr=1-7&keywords=ssd+128&refinements=p_n_feature_three_browse-bin%3A1402745701101:22
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Not a bad idea01:51
floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> T-Mobile Hacked — 2 Million Customers' Personal Data Stolen … https://thehackernews.com/2018/08/t-mobile-hack-breach.html05:09
floridagram-bot5<SivaMachina> Social security? Why the heck would someone give a cell phone company their social? That sounds so asinine.06:52
floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> They use it to link you to the phone.  It's regulations07:03
floridagram-bot5<SivaMachina> @AdamOutler, Well if you want them to check your credit.18:34
floridagram-bot5<SivaMachina> But to get a cell phone or cell phone service bit isn't required.18:35
floridagram-bot5<ahoneybun> Yea for the credit part.18:53
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> It is actually required for all post-paid plans. They also use it to report accounts to collections if a person runs on their bill aside from financing/etc18:58
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Pre-paid of course is not bound to this as if you dont pay your bill, they just shut off your service. Nothing is owed at that point18:59
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> A mass shooting is in progress in Jacksonville19:03
floridagram-bot5<SivaMachina> guys already dead19:42
floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> Windows isn't that special.  XOrg can do it too!22:57
floridagram-bot5<RazPi> @KMyers I want to love it. The keyboard is beautiful xD I suck at typing in it though23:36
floridagram-bot5<RazPi> The buttons do feel great though23:37

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