craigbass76I plug an iphone into my laptop, and I can see my photos, but I'm trying to rsync ALL of the photos off of it. I can't see where it's actually mounting though.00:24
jsieversCraigbass76: last line of the mount cmd output might be revealing00:36
leftyfbcraigbass76: it's not mounted in the traditional sense. I forget the protocol it's using00:40
leftyfbcraigbass76: best bet is to just use something like dropbox00:40
craigbass76leftyfb, yeah, I can't remember either. I was hoping to rsync the files off, but I gave up and just dragged them with a mouse.00:40
saiyanprincehi, can we use gnome-classic in ubuntu?00:40
leftyfbsaiyanprince: 16.04, yes. Not sure about 18.0400:41
saiyanprinceevery ubuntu release is called LTS, why?00:42
leftyfb!lts | saiyanprince00:43
ubottusaiyanprince: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.00:43
Tin_mannot every, just the Long Term Support versions.00:44
saiyanprince17.04 was also LTS00:44
saiyanprinceso every release is LTS00:44
Tin_manthe .04's are LTS every 5 years00:45
saiyanprincewhat about 17.10?00:45
saiyanprinceis it LTS too?00:45
leftyfbsaiyanprince: 17.04 was not LTS, neither was 17.10. Your comment about "every release is LTS" is false00:45
Tin_mansaiyanprince, https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle00:46
leftyfbsaiyanprince: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases00:46
saiyanprinceis it possible to install oracle 11g on ubuntu 18.04?00:48
saiyanprinceso every 2 years we get LTS00:49
leftyfbsaiyanprince: what is oracle 11g?00:49
rud0lfany idea why single firefox session (with opened 1 simple page, not big, no fancy content) takes up to 1.5GB?00:50
rud0lfthis is ridoncoulous00:50
leftyfbrud0lf: close firefox completely. Make sure it's not running with ps. Then open it up. See how much memory it takes. Then try a site like google.com and see how much memory it takes. If that is all fine, then it might be a problem with the page/application you're opening00:54
leftyfbsaiyanprince: do you need help with something?00:54
rud0lfthank you kindly for answer00:55
Tin_mansaiyanprince, yes it will install on ubuntu.  I use MySql myself, but to each their own..00:56
lostqhow safe in terms of preventing unauthorized access to the device is the lockscreen login on android devices (assuming a strong alphanumeric passcode is used)?01:17
leftyfblostq: wrong channel01:18
lostqleftyfb: where should I head to?01:18
leftyfblostq: about an android question?01:18
lostqalso general security01:19
tewardlostq: i would go to an android related IRC channel, not the Ubuntu one.01:20
tewardthere's about a dozen Android support forums as well01:20
lostqteward: alright, will look further. Thanks01:20
leftyfblostq: you have mentioned 2 different words that are topics in themselves. Maybe try joining channels with those words as the channel name?01:21
leftyfbI just don't see how anymore obvious it could be01:21
lostqI am on #android currently01:21
hwdykii'm running into this bug: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=903838 after upgrading to the 4.4.0-134 kernel02:15
ubottuDebian bug 903838 in src:linux "Unable to mount ext4 filesystem with meta_bg flag" [Serious,Fixed]02:15
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hggdhhwdyki: you might want to check with the kernel folks at #ubuntu-kernel. Just keep in mind this is Saturday/Sunday, so it may take some time02:30
MichaelCassonHey guys. I'm stuck and my google-fu has failed me. How do I update from 17.04 to current? It seems I can't get there from here, but I can't figure out how to update stepwise, either (17.04 -> 17.10 -> 18.04). Is there a way besides some dirty install or just wiping and installing clean?02:35
birmalphasomebody please helpl me02:36
birmalphai am strugling to understand how to set up SOCKS5 global settings on my lubuntu machine,02:37
guivercMichaelCasson, 17.04 is EOL, post EOL the archive.ubuntu.com gets moved to old-releases.ubuntu.com; why you should get errors for updates/upgrades/install software etc, hold on I'm looking (you can modify your sources to point there yourself, then upgrade to 17.10 then 18.04 LTS) - use a LTS (long-term-support) release if you want longer than 9 month supported life02:37
birmalphasomething similar to Proxifier on windows,, i cannot figure it out02:38
guivercthanks hggdh - was still opening a browser :)02:38
hggdhguiverc: yw :-)02:38
* hggdh goes to bed02:38
MichaelCassonYeah, I'm usually on top of it, but this machine has been neglected lately. I'll check that link, thanks!02:39
guivercMichaelCasson, i'd suggest backing up your important data, and re-install fresh (though if I knew your use I may give different advice) - stick to LTS releases too for longer life02:39
PLLunlockhow do you @mention someone in irc?02:39
guivercPLLunlock, just use their name in your text line02:39
hggdhPLLunlock: just type their nick, like I just did02:39
PLLunlockhggdh. ok02:39
birmalphaanybody please,  how do i set up global setting Socks5 for all traffic on my lubuntu 18.04 as similar to proxifier on windows???02:39
PLLunlockguiverc thanx.02:40
PLLunlocki thin it worked02:40
PLLunlocki think it worked02:40
birmalphaguiverc, can you help me02:41
birmalphaPLLunlock can you help me pleas02:41
guivercbirmalpha, if I could I would have; but haven't used socks in >20 years.02:41
PLLunlockwith what?02:41
birmalphaproxifier on windows02:41
birmalphacan i do that on lubuntu02:41
birmalphais there a program that sets global proxies on all traffic02:42
birmalphai tried  Redsocks,02:42
PLLunlockproxies for what kind of traffic?02:42
leftyfbbirmalpha: https://www.serverlab.ca/tutorials/linux/administration-linux/how-to-configure-proxy-on-ubuntu-18-04/02:42
birmalphajust all traffic02:43
leftyfbbirmalpha: first result on google02:43
birmalphagoogle, says02:43
birmalphaor redsocks,02:43
leftyfbbirmalpha: read the link I just gave you02:43
PLLunlocksounds like a default gateway configuration problem02:43
birmalphayes i seen that page02:44
birmalphabut i use LUBUNTU 18 and its a little different02:44
leftyfbbirmalpha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A90hsGFY7Es   also from google02:45
leftyfboh wait, that might not be it02:45
PLLunlockbirmalpha you might be able to set it up in a firewall or router.02:45
leftyfbbirmalpha: https://askubuntu.com/questions/150210/how-do-i-set-system-wide-proxy-servers-in-xubuntu-lubuntu-or-ubuntu-studio02:45
birmalphayou got that link fast im watching now it looks like what im looking for though02:46
leftyfbbirmalpha: http://argansos.blogspot.com/2012/05/configure-proxy-on-lubuntu.html02:46
birmalphaomg,  thanks guys02:46
guivercbirmalpha, is it really different?  the screen shots will different due lxde/gnome, but leftyfb's first paste looks ok to me (I cna't check, I only have lxqt on my box; 18.10)02:47
birmalphathis is all good stuff i been searching for days02:47
birmalphaand i havent seen none of this  none02:47
leftyfbbirmalpha: all of that were on the first page of google searching for "lxde global proxy"02:47
PLLunlockwhen using google; type the words you expect in your ANSWER.  Don't type questions.02:48
birmalphahow ?02:48
birmalphawhat you mean, exactly02:48
leftyfbPLLunlock: I find most results using words from the question, not the answer. Since a lot of people don't know the answer they're looking for.02:49
leftyfbbirmalpha: nevermind that. Good luck setting up your proxy settings02:49
birmalphai will look this stuff up02:49
PLLunlocka question is a start to find the terms of the answer02:49
birmalphathank you guys allot : )02:49
birmalphaok, leftyfb i kind of understand what you mean, i will try to rearange my search techniques02:51
leftyfbbirmalpha: the answers you're looking for should be in either of the 2 links I gave you02:51
MichaelCassonHmm... still no joy on the upgrade. Followed all the steps (again) changed my sources.list to old-releases, still get "An upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool."02:52
leftyfbbirmalpha: btw, last I checked, https cannot be used through a transparent proxy02:53
MichaelCassonCould I upgrade if I burned a 17.10 disc and used that?02:53
leftyfbMichaelCasson: you don't upgrade from 17.04 to 18.04. You need to go to 17.10 first02:53
leftyfbMichaelCasson: you are better off just installing 18.04 from scratch and restoring from backup02:54
MichaelCassonI'm trying to get to 17.10, just not having any luck.02:54
leftyfbMichaelCasson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:55
MichaelCassonYeah, I might just have to do that. I'm dual booting this machine and getting everything just right is a pain I was tryng to avoid.02:55
leftyfbMichaelCasson: update the sources.list to be 17.10(artful), then upgrade to 17.1002:55
leftyfbaccording to the above link02:56
MichaelCassonAh. I was using the one I was on, not the one I was trying to get to.02:56
leftyfbMichaelCasson: because you didn't read the instructions from the link provided02:56
MichaelCasson"To begin the upgrade, make sure you have a sources.list like the following, with CODENAME being your release, e.g. quantal."02:57
MichaelCassonMy release is zesty.02:57
MichaelCassonI'm trying to get to artful.02:57
MichaelCassonI did read it. :/02:58
San_ILHi, can anybody help me about LUKS encryption?02:59
San_ILI had my external hdd encrypted three times today, because after few mounts I'm getting a "bad superblock" error with no way to fix it. I did use ext4 filesystem. I don't know whats wrong. Maybe using ext3 or disabling journal would help?03:02
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guivercMichaelCasson, what stage are you at?  if you `sudo apt update` do you get errors (any lines saying zesty still?)03:32
MichaelCassonI get an error:03:38
MichaelCasson"Err:4 http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful Release03:38
MichaelCasson  404  Not Found"03:38
MichaelCassonFirst three:03:39
MichaelCassonIgn:1 http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful InRelease03:39
MichaelCassonIgn:2 http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-updates InRelease03:39
MichaelCassonIgn:3 http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-security InRelease03:39
guivercplease pastebin if it's over a single line... artful hasn't yet been moved there; it's still in archives.ubuntu.com (but due EOL it'll go there first) - it was the zesty lines I was more interested in.03:39
guivercs;/go there first/go there very soon/03:40
MichaelCassonNo lines saying zesty.03:41
guiverc:)  (good); the lines saying artful should currently point @ archives.ubuntu.com  (I forget which day it'll be moved..); then sudo apt update; then try do-release-upgrade again03:42
MichaelCasson"Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NOSPLIT' (does the network require authentication?)"03:43
MichaelCassongot this for all three sources03:44
guiverci've never had that error, but this https://askubuntu.com/questions/899009/sudo-apt-update-always-giving-clearsigned-file-isnt-valid-got-nosplit-does may have answers (proxy settings)03:45
MichaelCassonI'm not using any proxy, I've now created an apt.conf setting it as such. Same error. :/03:51
guiverci would then undo any changes made to apt.conf if they didn't help (or restore .bak etc) -- looking03:54
MichaelCassonIt didn't exist before, so I'll just delete it.03:57
MichaelCassonFound it. 'archive.ubuntu.com' not 'archives.ubuntu.com'04:01
MichaelCasson'do-release-upgrade' still trying to take me to zesty, though.04:04
guiverc:)  sorry if it was because of my typo - I didn't notice it04:04
MichaelCassonNo worries.04:05
MichaelCasson1291 packages can be upgraded. Do this or won't matter?04:05
guivercis your 17.04 up-to-date (if it wasn't latest, I'd upgrade to latest before release-upgrade to next version, but it may not be necessary)04:08
MichaelCassoncheck that by setting sources back to zesty?04:10
guivercif it was me; no i'd go ahead as download occurs first (you can always ^C out; autoclean;autoremove first... but your choice)04:12
guivercignore my second first04:12
MichaelCassonI'm running out of steam tonight. If I'm not back later, thanks guiverc for getting me going.04:27
guivercyou're most welcome :)04:27
wisewolfhey i got some questions04:48
wisewolfi did a port scan of myself and not all ports are in steathed mode04:48
lotuspsychjewisewolf: wich services are open?05:14
wisewolflet me check again05:15
wisewolfmight be 33 or 3005:15
lotuspsychjewisewolf: nmap -PN -sV yourip05:16
lotuspsychjeexternal ip05:16
wisewolfim using shield up05:16
wisewolfok its port 0 and 1905:16
wisewolfthey are closed05:17
lotuspsychjewisewolf: open or closed, doesnt specially mean bad05:20
lotuspsychjewisewolf: important is your services up to date and not vulnerable05:20
wisewolfthats why i install as few programs as possible and keep them up todate05:20
wisewolfty for the help05:22
wisewolfi did the nmap scan and looking at the results05:22
lotuspsychjewisewolf: what services are bound to your ports?05:22
wisewolfit says 1 unreconized service running05:23
lotuspsychjewisewolf: did you scan -sV like i said?05:23
wisewolfbut it did not list what it found05:24
lotuspsychjewisewolf: hastebin the result plz, with your ip adress05:24
wisewolfit just says 53/tcp / open tcpwrapped and 8181/tcp open unknown05:24
wisewolfbrb a sec on other vm computer05:26
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Whiskeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi says "Use dpkg-divert to stop these files being overwritten on package updates."06:39
WhiskeyHow exactly do i use dpkg-divert ?06:39
DrManhattanhello, just wondering if an Athlon II X2 250u would be powerful enough for a simple file server - headless ubuntu server 18.04, samba and FTP06:59
vegombreiDrManhattan: yes it should be fine07:07
DrManhattanOohrah - that lets me cut down my plex server wattage in a major way. Thanks07:10
kiziarui have htop running in another terminal07:40
kiziaruin tree mode07:40
kiziaruand i see that some programs/utilities have two instances running07:41
kiziarulike rkit-daemon07:41
kiziaruwhat does that mean?07:42
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mouseskiziaru: htop shows individual threads as separate processes by default07:45
mouseskiziaru: You can press H to toggle that behavior07:45
kiziaruso why does something like rkit-daemon run two threads?07:50
kiziaruwait, looked it up07:52
kiziaruthanks for the help07:52
EdistoHow do you fix? "Wine cannot find the FreeType font library.  To enable Wine to use TrueType fonts"?08:02
EdistoI've tried using wintricks allfonts but it still gives me same error08:02
Zexaronis there any linux command that would output verbose info all about sata devices and filesystem on an ongoing basis08:08
ZexaronI want to keep looking at the output in real time, not only after error happens08:09
Zexaronplesae don't say journalctl, i know that already, it's really not and has a lot of irrelevant info08:10
w3c4i think "hwinfo" somthing like that08:11
dutchuss2016hi now that im registered and verified i need some help im pulling my hair out08:12
geirhaTry wearing a bathing cap. Should make it harder to pull your hair out08:14
dutchuss2016downloaded latest live cd made a dvd restarted computer booted from cd pressed tab told it english then told it i want to try before install (to make sure everything works) and i got acpi exception  could not find/resolve named package element: LMK  20170831/dspkginit-38108:16
dutchuss2016any ideas08:17
dutchuss2016this is for distro 18.04 btw08:18
guivercdutchuss2016, did you verify download (compare md5sum of iso etc before writing to dvd; I'd also suggest 'try ubuntu' on another machine to ensure it's not a bad dvd-write)08:20
linux8659hi ,does intel n3050 1.6Ghz-2.16Ghz is enough to run ubuntu 64 gnome ??thanks08:22
guiverc(or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM)08:23
guiverclinux8659, yes, but I'd consider memory too08:24
linux8659guiverc it has 4gb but supports 8.but are you sure this processor is enough?08:25
guiverci've not used cpu; but i've run 18.04 on a c2d (core 2 duo); but gnome would not be my first choice...08:27
guivercfyi: the fsb speed of machine I'm assuming it's like is 667mhz08:28
linux8659guiverc yes08:28
linux8659mate maybe better?08:29
mousesZexaron: Personally I use munin for that, works really well08:29
mousesZexaron: http://mouses.xyz/munin/localdomain/localhost.localdomain/index.html08:29
guiverclinux8659, mate on 18.04 is GTK3+ so would not be my first choice either; mate was lighter before gtk+3 move so 16.04 mate is lighter.  If it were me I'd use XFCE or LXDE - you can always have both installed...08:30
mouseslinux8659: I agree with guiverc on this - I'd go LXDE of XFCE4 - mate/gnome is going to be a little heavy for that hardware08:30
linux8659so gnome might not run properly08:30
guiverceg. I have a t43 (thinkpad celeron single core) lubuntu 16.04; MATE & XFCE run fine on that machine with 1.5gb - I'd not try gnome on my t43; but yours should run it fine, it'd just not be my choice.08:31
mouseslinux8659: it'll run, but on that CPU i'd consider xbuntu or lubuntu08:31
guivercrun versus nice-to-run is very subjective.. yes it'll run, but will the experience be as good as .... (my point)08:32
linux8659thanks guys I understand (shame I don t like xfce...e08:32
mouseslinux8659: check LXDE then, you might like it more08:33
linux8659I need openvpn and torbrowser to run simustanously...08:33
guiverclinux8659, runnings apps like that at same time is more a factor of ram; more than cpu08:34
linux8659guiverc yes!08:34
boumacould anyone suggest what i might have done wrong? ive used dd to clone a linux live cd to a file, and then written it back with cdw, it wont boot. i can mount the file and examine it. some of the files give an io error. i believe the cd was undamaged and dd ran without error08:35
guiverclinux8659, here are the requirements https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements  -- which include graphics card requirement you didn't mention!08:40
guiverc(nor me - I didn't mention it either; a requirement of gnome)08:40
mousesbouma: I/O errors generally are an indication of a damaged file system/bad media :(08:40
linux8659yes but it say minimum dual core 2Ghz ,this is 1.6 base frequecy up to 2.16 ,wich counts ,1.6 or 2.16??08:42
guiverclinux8659, technically i believe it meets the requirement, however as stated it's just meeting it.   why I've suggested XFCE & LXDE - you'll have decide yourself if you think it's fast enough for you, not going to annoy you (checking your video card is 3d accelerated capable; 256mb ram minimum etc)08:47
linux8659guiverc THANKS08:48
guiverclinux8659, fyi: even MATE on 18.04 LTS may be faster than gnome (if you don't like xfce/lxde; MATE on 18.04 just isn't as light as older versions)08:49
linux8659would debian be faster since it comes with less packages installed ???08:53
guiverclinux8659, that is a off-topic question. we only support Ubuntu here.08:53
guivercfyi:  I'd think not08:54
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dutchuss2016is anyone who knows anything about the live cd online10:16
gogetadutchuss2016, ?10:16
dutchuss2016im having a seriousl issue with the machine i want to put ubuntu on10:17
gogetadutchuss2016, gotta be a bit more clear10:17
dutchuss2016burned the live cd correctly (i know this because my grandmas machine is currently running the live cd right now10:17
blackrootwhat exactly is the issue?10:18
dutchuss2016but im getting an error when i try to run the exact same disc on this machine10:19
dutchuss2016could not find/resolve named package element LMK 20170831 dspkginit-38110:20
dutchuss2016also noticed when this machine trys to load the bootloader the disc skips it and heads treaight to the ubuntu installer10:20
blackroothave you tried doing the install from a usb stick?10:21
dutchuss2016there is a difference in dvd drive ages between the machine thats currently running the file right now and this machine10:21
dutchuss2016this machine refused to load from usb that was my very first 5 attempts10:21
dutchuss2016bios ignores the fact that the usb fdd is there at all10:22
blackrootmaybe the stick is usb3 and your machine doesn't support it10:22
gogetai dont where thats would be a issue10:23
gogetausb3 stick should work on usb2 just fine10:24
blackrootnot all do10:24
blackrootand if the usb stick is of the verbatim brand, i've had major issues with those10:24
blackrootbut i'm just throwing out suggestions10:24
blackrootdutchuss2016: try taking out the dvd rom from your grandma's computer and put it in the machine you want to install ubuntu on. if same error occurs, it's not related to the install source10:25
gogetalooks like a acpi error10:27
gogetagoogle is your friend10:27
dutchuss2016i cant take out her dvd rom is soldered to the mobo10:27
gogetait says the error is annoying but harmless10:28
dutchuss2016google is useless i already went there it tried telling me it was my hard drive (which isnt the case cause i tried booting without the hard drive even connected and got the same issue10:28
gogetathe system should still bot10:28
dutchuss2016after that error ubuntu tries to boot and throws the same error and boots into a command line shell10:29
dutchuss2016instead of the full desktop gui10:29
gogetatry passing acpi=off on the live cd then10:29
dutchuss2016im kinda talking to you guys on the computer thats having issues10:30
dutchuss2016and getting some other tips in the ubuntu discord10:30
dutchuss2016in currently booted into windblows 1010:30
gogetadutchuss2016, do what i said10:32
gogetadutchuss2016, that gets rid of the error10:32
gogetadutchuss2016, its a acpi issue with your bios10:32
dutchuss2016so when ubuntu boots go to options f2 i believe acpi off?10:33
gogetadutchuss2016, i think its esc to get to the live cd bootloader then add acpi=off to the kernel line10:34
gogetadutchuss2016, have you ever passed a grub command before10:34
dutchuss2016never needed too every machine ive ever installed ubuntu on has just worked as expected10:35
dutchuss2016not been a complete bitch about it because bios10:35
gogetadutchuss2016, if you machine has a bios update that may also fix it10:35
dutchuss2016haha your funny10:35
dutchuss2016this machine bios update10:36
dutchuss2016considering ats an am3+ mobo that stopped manufacture 4 years ago and is the last revision im positive its on the last version of the bios10:36
gogetadutchuss2016, well acpi=off should get rid of the error and boot10:37
dutchuss2016press escape at what point duing the boot to be able to set that flag?10:39
gogetadutchuss2016, one you have a working install you can add it to your d40-custom to make it a permant option10:40
gogetadutchuss2016, there should be like a 10 second windows after your pc starts and the live cd starts loading10:40
gogetadutchuss2016, normaly you see the ubuntu logo10:41
gogetabefore the animated logo10:41
dutchuss2016so pretty much hit escape as soon as my screen turns that fugly shade of purple10:42
gogetadutchuss2016, it will say start ubuntu or install ubuntu and other options10:42
gogetadutchuss2016, yea10:42
EriC^^dutchuss2016: are you using uefi mode?10:43
dutchuss2016my win 10 boots uefi10:43
gogetaEriC^^, he need to start with acpi=off didnt think efi came into play10:44
EriC^^dutchuss2016: when you boot the live usb you should get a menu with grub at the top, press "e" over try ubuntu and add what you want to the line that says linux /boot/vmlinuz10:44
dutchuss2016on this machine i dont get the grub window thats what ive been trying to say10:45
dutchuss2016it skips that and goes straight to the fugly purple shit10:45
EriC^^why are you using acpi=off? you've got to pay attention to the temps, it might not control the fans anymore10:45
gogetadutchuss2016, doing what i said will show it10:45
gogetaEriC^^, bios conflict10:45
EriC^^dutchuss2016: hold shift to get grub10:45
EriC^^dutchuss2016: i think it's not booting the live usb then..10:45
EriC^^how'd you make the live usb?10:46
dutchuss2016live dvd10:46
gogetaEriC^^, live cd is working on another machine10:46
gogetaEriC^^, he gets a acpi error then drops to bash10:46
dutchuss2016and how else do ya think i made it i put a dvd in and told windows to burn the iso at 1x speed (the disc works in my grandmas machine but not mine10:46
EriC^^try holding shift see if you get grub, esc might work if shift doesnt10:47
cukierI just connected a hard drive to my computer and formatted it via gparted. If I mount it via `Files` file manager, I need root permission to add files in there. How do I make it so I can edit files by default?10:47
EriC^^cukier: what filesystem did you format it?10:47
EriC^^cukier: type "sudo chown $USER: -R /mountpoint"10:48
EriC^^cukier: /mountpoint is possibly /media/$USER/something .. get it from the output of "df"10:48
dutchuss2016ill be back in 10 mins if i fail at getting into the live cd and 15 if i succeed10:48
cukierThank you!10:49
EriC^^cukier: no problem10:49
dutchuss2016for the acpi off method is there anything i have to type?10:50
dutchuss2016or is it a menu i just toggle?10:50
EriC^^dutchuss2016: you add acpi=off in the kernel line instead of quiet splash then press f10 to boot10:50
dutchuss2016so pressing esc instead of tab will give me a sudo terminal type window10:51
gogetadutchuss2016, if it works and you pc does not melt then you ccan make it a perment option post install10:51
dutchuss2016i have a cooler master hyper evo 212 with a custom dial nob fan that overrides the board anyways10:52
gogetadutchuss2016, your golden then10:52
dutchuss2016ill try holding shift during the cd load and if that fails ill rape the escape key untill i get ty type acpi off10:53
dutchuss2016ill be back shortly with either good news or "other news"10:54
ZexaronI'm troubleshooting SSDs and I would like to get some verbose/debug messaging visible if possible a constant console opened with them displaying in real time11:05
Zexaronlike the verbose output from boot11:06
Zexaronbut it would continue when in desktop somehow11:06
ZexaronI want only messages about filesystem and sata devices, no other stuff11:06
ZexaronI installed a bunch of logger apps11:06
Zexaronloggedfs for example11:06
qwebirc66236Hi, I'm new to IRC. I'm stuck upgrading to 18.04 I've just filed a question on Launchpad. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/67297711:07
Zexaronbut not sure if it outputs kernel stuff about sata messages11:07
qwebirc66236My machine has text on the screen after attempting to boot. I'm not sure what to do next.11:07
qwebirc66236I've left the text there, and hoping for some live support.11:07
EriC^^qwebirc66236: what text does it have11:09
qwebirc66236hi Eric, the last line on the screen says: [OK] Started GNOME Display Manager. Dispatcher Service....before the pop link was shut down....11:10
EriC^^qwebirc66236: try booting a live usb to troubleshoot11:11
qwebirc66236The ubuntu I was installing was on a usb itself.11:11
qwebirc66236I run ubuntu from usb day to day11:11
qwebirc66236should I turn it off and see what it does next?11:12
qwebirc66236I'm thinking I should just install 18.04 on a new usb and then see if I can recover my files from my current usb11:12
EriC^^qwebirc66236: that'd work11:13
qwebirc66236is there anything I can do which can help then next unfortunate that tries to upgrade to 18.04?11:13
EriC^^fwiw usb installations have some issues, lots of corrupted filesystems and whatnot11:14
EriC^^qwebirc66236: i dont think so11:14
qwebirc66236ok, so it's just a known problem? I'll not waste any more time then. Thanks a lot for giving me an immediate response Eric. Have a good Sunday.11:14
qwebirc66236thanks, bye11:15
EriC^^qwebirc66236: no problem, bye11:15
EriC^^yeah usb's cant take the constant small writes and stuff from an installed os, it's better to use different media11:15
EriC^^they die way quicker11:15
qwebirc66236what's a better way to have a temporary medium to run ubuntu on a windows machine?11:16
qwebirc66236I don't want to install anything on this machine, it's a work machine.11:16
BluesKajHey folks11:17
qwebirc66236I have been able to use a usb really well. Inobtrusive. I buy a new one every couple of years.11:17
dutchuss2016so im back with some new developments11:19
dutchuss2016acpi offgot a little further gave me the ubuntu logo with some more errors then eventually blackscreened and stopped11:20
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
EriC^^qwebirc66236: hmm, maybe a small ssd with usb to sata cable? they're so lightweight and super fast11:22
dutchuss2016is there somewhere you guys would feel comfortable opening images (i took pictures of the screens of test that i got11:22
EriC^^qwebirc66236: i think the problem you have isnt related to the usb, seems like some package related to fs mounting and other tools didnt install so possibly that, you could use a live usb to decrypt mount and chroot and try to fix apt if you want to get to the bottom of it11:22
EriC^^dutchuss2016: imgur.com11:23
qwebirc66236EricC^^: thanks, I'll do that to get the files back. I was just wondering what advice you'd give to me. What should I use instead of a usb stick?11:23
dutchuss2016then black screen and dvd drive stopped reading dvd (stayed that way for 3 mins where i called it and rebooted back into windblows11:27
EriC^^qwebirc66236: maybe some portable external ssd?11:29
EriC^^you could use usb3.0 that's a 5gigabit limit vs sata's 6gigabit, so you'd still be able to get 600+MB/s11:30
EriC^^qwebirc66236: the ssd's are incredibly lightweight, just more bulky than a usb11:30
qwebirc66236EricC^^: thanks, I'll look for that11:32
dutchuss2016any one got anything on my images what else i can try11:33
ledenidutchuss2016: you using internal or external (usb) sound card?11:36
qwebirc66236EricC^^: Do you mind helping me still? I've just booted another USB ubuntu installation of 16.04. It says it doesn't recognize the file system of my current USB. I haven't run that 16.04 installation for a while, and I'm updating it right now. I'll try my current USB stick again when the updates have run through.11:37
jeremy31dutchuss2016, add module_blacklist=snd_hda_intel,r8169   to grub11:38
tomreynjeremy31: i guess dutchuss2016 is going to need an internet connection.11:39
dutchuss2016what you mean tom11:39
jeremy31tomreyn, they could skip using r8169 on the command11:40
tomreyndutchuss2016: r8169 is a driver for your ethernet11:40
tomreynbut actually you might get away with an offline installation.11:41
tomreynbut i think those two modules failing are still a result of the cdrom not working well on this drive11:41
dutchuss2016im not even trying to install im trying to get into the live desktop11:41
tomreynor dvd rather11:41
jeremy31tomreyn, I think dutchuss2016 said that the DVD worked in a different computer11:42
tomreyndutchuss2016: you mentioned earlier that you were initially trying to boot off a usb storage, but you said you were using the "usb-fdd" option for this. fdd stands for floppy disk drive, so a usb connected floppy drive.11:42
dutchuss2016aye that it did11:42
dutchuss2016worked flawlessly in a seprate machine11:42
R13oseI never used apt-fast, how is that faster than apt-get?11:43
tomreynjeremy31: optical media will often work well on the drive they were burnt on but not on other drives.11:43
taylanI'm on the LTS release and the dovecot package seems somewhat broken.  it won't create the dovecot group and the dovenul user automatically, aboring the apt-get install process11:43
taylanis this a known problem?11:43
dutchuss2016didnt have to do any acip off shit didnt have to do anything just popped it in and told the computer to boot from it and 2 mins later i was looking at a shiny ubunty disktop11:43
tomreynjeremy31: so is there no other usb boot option than usb-fdd on this computer?11:43
jeremy31tomreyn, I don't know11:44
tomreynjeremy31: sorry, didnt mean to ask you ;)11:44
dutchuss2016its the exact opposite in my case the disc is failing in the drive it was burned with but working flawlessly with a drive it wasnt burned with11:44
tomreyndutchuss2016: so is there no other usb boot option than usb-fdd on this computer?11:45
ZexaronHi, is there a one-big command in linux do make myself root, I'm doing SSD/Sata device/port/Controller troubleshooting, im tired of text file persmissions and having to type passwoerd in11:45
dutchuss2016usb fdd usb cd usb hdd none worked11:45
Zexaroneverything I do, open, type, run, would be super-root11:45
taylanZexaron: "su -"11:45
Zexaronthanks a lot11:45
blscoeholy cow11:45
taylanZexaron: that will log you in as root11:45
Zexarontylan: su what? what to do with that11:45
dutchuss2016and rufus borked my usb drive (theres a 2 mb fat partition that i cant delet right in the middle of it)11:45
tomreyndutchuss2016: hmm, that's weird indeed. but in my exoperience optical media is just unreliable, i try to prevent them whenever possible.11:45
taylanZexaron: I assumed you're in a shell.  that's a command you would execute in a shell to re-login as root.11:46
Zexarontaylan: oh I have to relogin11:46
ZexaronI'll try11:46
taylanZexaron: or did you want your whole desktop environment to be root?11:46
taylanZexaron: no, that command would do that, in the shell, but only in the shell11:47
dutchuss2016rufus borked my usb drive anyways11:47
tomreyndutchuss2016: so your other computer which still works runs which OS? (do you have another linux system?)11:47
dutchuss2016the other computer that booted the cd fine is a windows 10 machine11:47
tomreyndutchuss2016: you should be able to delete the fat partition using windows disk management11:48
dutchuss2016and needs to stay that way11:48
dutchuss2016i tried that11:48
dutchuss2016right clicking the fat partition all options are greyed out11:48
dutchuss2016and if i try to format it into exfat or ntfs (fat32 isnt even an option ) windows just fails to format it11:49
tomreyndutchuss2016: hmm, well, i'm not good at helping with windows, especially not on #ubuntu ;) so i'm afraid i can't help there unless you'll boot the windows computer from the optical ubuntu image.11:49
dutchuss2016thats the problem im currently on the machine thats failing to do just that11:50
Zexarontaylan: I want every single thing as full-root no questions asked kernel level access11:50
tomreyndutchuss2016: we can try focussing on getting a better idea why the system you're trying to install ubuntu on isnt booting properly, if you prefer11:50
Zexarontaylan: like if I'm the kernel11:50
dutchuss2016thats what im trying to do11:50
BluesKajdutchuss2016, try gparted live media, it'll run as an OS off usb or cd, and you'll be able to format your partition with it11:51
dutchuss2016i posted some imijur links to some post acpi =off images above i can repost if needed11:51
dutchuss2016i dont want to format my hdd untill i know that ununtu will work11:52
tomreyndutchuss2016: i'Ve seen the three images you posted to imgur.com. if you press escape by the time the screen which says "Ubuntu 18.04" (with those dots) appears, you can get to see more output11:52
dutchuss2016if i format my hdd prior to knowing that ubuntu works how am i supposed to get back into winodows to keep troubleshooting11:53
tomreyndutchuss2016: i dont think anyone suggested formatting your hdd?11:53
Zexarontaylan: I want everything, shell and desktop, when I open dolphin, I want it to run as root, when I open CAJA, root, root, I need to OPEN ALL FILES without the stupid permissions11:53
* BluesKaj shrugs ,you can lead a horse to water .........11:54
taylanZexaron: see if the login screen lets you log in as root.  if not, I don't know.11:54
dutchuss2016do you guys want me to make a ficeo of the entire boot process11:55
Zexaronareas like this is where one would expect linux to differ from other OS, my assumptions were wrong meh11:55
BluesKaj!gparted | dutchuss201611:55
ubottudutchuss2016: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php11:55
Zexaronhow hard is to make a command "sudo give-me-full-root now"11:55
ZexaronI don't know, i've been beating it for hours and im dealing with kindergarden basic stuff like finding a PID to a process, I maybe should take a break or another distro11:56
BluesKajZexaron, sudo su11:56
Zexaronwill that run dolphin as root ?11:57
Zexaronsudo dolphin doesn't work11:57
ZexaronOh I forgot to mention this is Linx Mint mate11:57
tomreyndutchuss2016: i think the more promising approach is to try to make the usb drive you have work again, which is why i think BluesKaj is suggesting to boot your computer off a gparted-live iso (written to optical media).11:57
BluesKajyou don't run dolphin as root you run root from dolphin11:58
kostkon!mint | Zexaron11:58
ubottuZexaron: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)11:58
ZexaronBut it's not that different in this regard is it11:58
jeremy31Zexaron Linux Mint support is on Spot Chat IRC11:58
dutchuss2016wait a sec11:58
R13oseAny thoughts on my question?11:58
tomreyndutchuss2016: but if you prefer trying to debug the ubuntu installer boot you could press escape as the "Ubuntu 18.04" screen appears, then take another photo.11:59
dutchuss2016usb 3 is the blue ports correct11:59
jeremy31dutchuss2016 yes11:59
dutchuss2016i get usb 3 and usb 2 mixed up these days11:59
dutchuss2016will a ubuntu live usb boot on a usb 3 port?11:59
jeremy31dutchuss2016 I think it should12:00
ducassedutchuss2016: yes12:00
R13osedutchuss2016: why not?12:00
dutchuss2016well thats what ive been attempting with is usb 3 and my bos completly ignore it12:00
tomreyndutchuss2016: yes, usb3 is blue, and yes, ubuntu can boot fine off it. the question is rather whether your bios can do so, too.12:00
dutchuss2016so do i really need to worry about the usb drive being split into 3 partitions inorder for a live cd to wotk on it?12:01
R13osedutchuss2016: is your boot list able to see the USB key?12:01
dutchuss2016that 2 mb partition is right in the middle12:01
tomreyndutchuss2016: not strictly, you can just overwrite it.12:01
tomreyndutchuss2016: try using etcher.io (this is a website, too) to write the image to the usb. it's usually the least painful and most reliable tool in my expierence.12:02
dutchuss2016what im saying is if i try a live usb on say partition 3 of my usb stick (12 gb available out of the full 16) will usb 2 see the partition with the boot instructions and boot from it12:02
dutchuss2016if this mobo cant boot from usb 2 then i need to throw my computer out a window12:03
tomreyndutchuss2016: this partition is just a record in your partition table. there are software which will write isos to usb storages and will just ignore the partition table on the usb storage, creating a new one.12:04
R13osedutchuss2016: what is your ultimate goal?12:04
mousestomreyn: ++++ re etcher.io, it's really the only boot image creation tool i've used that 'just always works'12:05
tomreynR13ose: installing ubuntu 18.04 on a computer which has trouble booting off an 18.04 optical media (ethernet and audio drivers fail to initialize). the same optical media seems to work ok on another computer.12:06
dutchuss2016rufus didnt like me plugging my usb stick in while it was running....12:06
tomreyndutchuss2016: then dont use rufu12:06
BluesKajp[lug it in before you run rufus12:07
dutchuss2016no it wasnt rugfus it was indows complaing that a 2 mb partition is too small to even be accessed12:07
dutchuss2016but therettically i shouldnt have to worry about that12:08
dutchuss2016jesus fucking christ rurfus i knwo what formatting does im not a fucking retard12:09
tomreyn!language | dutchuss201612:10
ubottudutchuss2016: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:10
dutchuss2016oh wonderful12:11
dutchuss2016windows is stoopid12:11
dutchuss2016it assigned my dvd drives drive letter to my usb sticks 3 partitions when it got plugged in12:12
dutchuss2016ok so rufus fixed my usb drive that it broke12:14
dutchuss2016i have the full 16 gb in a contiguous partition again12:14
dutchuss2016now im gonna try to make the usb media for the 17th time12:14
dutchuss2016copying iso files12:15
dutchuss2016will usb also potentally fix the aspi issues?12:16
ledenidutchuss2016: no12:16
dutchuss2016so if im even able to boot i still havce to do acpi off?12:16
ledenidutchuss2016: frist boot normally12:17
tomreyndutchuss2016: do you mean aspi (advanced scsi programming interface) or acpi (advanced configuration and power interface)?12:18
dutchuss2016the origional issue was an ACPI error upon live cd load12:19
dutchuss2016ACPI EXCEPTION12:19
dutchuss2016i have a picture of it plastered on my screen if you want it12:19
qwebirc66236EricC^^: OK. I'm booted up on the 16.04 usb. Fully updated now. I've inserted the other usb which doesn't boot properly. I think I've been able to unlock that volume. It says doesn't recognize file system. I've opened GParted. /dev/sdc5 shows crypt-luks.12:20
ledenidutchuss2016: by the way how old system is that you try to install ubuntu 18.04 and configuration ?12:21
dutchuss20162 years custom build12:22
ledenidutchuss2016: ok12:22
dutchuss2016i can give you an image of my exact specs if you wish12:25
ledenidutchuss2016: thanks no12:25
dutchuss2016well knowing my specs my find the root of the probelm12:26
ledenidutchuss2016: if you mean list of hardware then ok but if you want just pic of hardware then no12:28
dutchuss2016lol no a ss of hwmonitor12:29
tomreynbug 1779817 discusses issues with rtl8168/8169 on 18.04, also mentioning the erro message we've seen on dutchuss2016 's screen shot of the installer dvd booting (or failing to do so) https://i.imgur.com/eG2oEXW.jpg12:30
ubottubug 1779817 in linux (Ubuntu) "r8169 no internet after suspending" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177981712:30
tomreynthe bug is specifically about return from suspend, though, but this suggests acpi is involved.12:30
dutchuss2016https://imgur.com/tu9yn8J heres my specs ss12:31
dutchuss2016oh the only thing hwmonitor doesent show in that ss is 24 gb of ram in a 2x4 and 2x8 array12:32
tomreyn24 gb ram with a 2012 cpu? :-/12:33
tomreyndutchuss2016: i suggest you make sure you have the latest bios installed before you try to install ubuntu, replacing windows.12:35
tomreynthis may overcome those acpi issues, if any (i haven't seen any screenshot indicating acpi issues specifically)12:37
tomreynsince it's an nvidia graphics card, !nomodeset may also be needed.12:38
petro18.04 always crashes and freezes12:41
tomreynpetro: no, it doesn't.12:41
petroreceived a crash report as update manager crashed....the gui graphic is just spinning repeatedly...ubuntu 18.04 is a joke12:42
petrotomreyn, YES, IT DOES!12:42
Logicono, it doesns't :)12:42
tomreynpetro: maybe it does on your computer and its current installation of it.12:42
tomreynbut not in the general way you put it initially12:42
ledenidutchuss2016: make sure you have the latest bios installed before you try to install ubuntu like tomreyn said12:42
petro'the software updater has closed unexpectedly' etc.12:43
ryzokukenhey all!12:44
petrodutchuss2016, Ubuntu 18.04? prepared for countless crashes and freezes12:44
petroryzokuken, hey... has ubuntu 18.04 froze on you, yet? :)12:45
petroI have firefox feezes every day :)12:45
ryzokukenpetro: hopefully not :P12:45
ryzokukenI was planning to install Ubuntu back after so many days.12:46
ryzokukenI remember using 16.04 and it was pretty straightforward to get optimus running.12:46
petroOh?  If I was starting fresh, I'd probably give Debian or Fedora a try12:46
petrodevs for Ubuntu don't care any more....12:46
ryzokukenI tried ubuntu 18.04 "a little", and it didn't work well.12:46
ryzokukenpredmijat: right now, all I want is for optimus to either work out of the box or an easy way to make it work12:47
petroand fascists on the Ubuntu forums will delete your account ...I guess they are told to12:47
ryzokukenI used to be `ubuntu-drivers devices` and done.12:47
jeremy31petro That is not true, I am a forums moderator12:47
Hamilton I sudo apt autoremove ed and it uninstalled ~300MB os-files12:48
HamiltonIs it normal?12:48
sgibbsI use 18.04.1 and it works great for me. Not a single freeze or crash12:48
dutchuss2016just an fyi this is a gaming rig im switching to linux because steam now finally is supporting wine nativly in their linux client as of 4 days ago12:48
ryzokukenI loved Ubuntu back in the day, want to know if it is still the best for optimus.12:48
tomreynHamilton: what are "os-files"?12:48
dutchuss2016and i cant stand how much of a resource hog windows is12:48
ryzokukendutchuss2016: proton?12:49
LogicoI never had a single crash while using any version of Ubuntu12:49
Hamiltontomreyn, They seemed important. I don't remember.12:49
ryzokukendutchuss2016: that's what they call it12:49
ryzokukenanyway, people, please.12:49
ryzokukenhow hard is it now to make optimus work?12:50
ryzokukenwhy isn't it working OOTB?12:50
petrodutchuss2016, do you game in ubuntu?12:50
ryzokukenis it something specific to Xubuntu and will get fixed when I try, say, GNOME3?12:50
petroubuntu crashes too often for me to game :(12:50
petroI'd have to switch to windows12:50
dutchuss2016not untill now too difficult with all of my games being steam windows games (minus a few notible titles like factorio)12:51
tomreynHamilton: well, it could be normal. but without details it's hard to tell.12:51
petroryzokuken, laptop?12:51
petromaybe that's why it doesnt' crash for you...you're using a laptop12:51
tomreynHamilton: if you want to examine this more closely, logs are at /var/log/apt/term.log12:51
Hamiltonok thanks. It happened two times. I aksed becuase I don't remember installing them as they sounded weird12:52
petroI think it works better with an nvidia card?12:53
dutchuss2016@Bios says i have the latest bios version F212:53
tomreynpetro: ubuntu doesn't always work well out of the box with every combination of hardware and firmware. i.e. there are a couple such combinations, one of which you seem to have there, where it doesn't work well. especially those where only proprietary drivers and NDA restricted documentation are made available by the chipset producing companies.12:54
dutchuss2016can we like get back to my ubuntu problem and not be assuming that i dont know how to build and update a computer (which i do know how to do i do it for a living)12:54
tomreyndutchuss2016: since we dont know which mianboard you have there, this bios version string doesn't help us.12:54
=== amirpro_ is now known as amirpro
tomreyndutchuss2016: looks like version F2 is the latest for this board https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-78LMT-USB3-rev-60#support-dl-bios12:58
dutchuss2016yea which i have12:59
tomreynyes, looks like it.13:01
dutchuss2016so since my bios checks out and ubunto still seems to hate me any other ideas13:02
tomreynyou could still do what i suggested an hour ago, get a screenshot of the boot screen after pressing escape.13:03
dutchuss2016doesent come up with text pressing any key as soon as m screen turns puke purple brings up the ubuntu installers language selection13:04
tomreynyou could also try booting with acpi=off and nomodeset13:04
dutchuss2016i obviously slect engrish13:04
tomreynthat's after language selection13:04
tomreynpress escape after language selection13:05
dutchuss2016then it asks me what i want to do and shows options on the f2 f3 f4 f5 and f6 keys13:05
dutchuss2016pressing f6 gives me the option to enable ACPI=off13:05
tomreynselect acpi=off from, i think f6, menu13:05
dutchuss2016then i tell it after enabling that to try ubuntu before installing (because i dont wanna brick my only working os)13:06
dutchuss2016then you get the 3 sses i sent about an hour and a half ago13:06
dutchuss2016then black screen and halt13:06
tomreynthen you need nomodeset, too13:07
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:07
tomreynand i dont like your passive aggressiveness, so i'll stop here13:07
dutchuss2016could my nvidia card be causing that13:07
dutchuss2016i dont think my bord has onboard but i could try it13:08
taylanhow can I make slapd only listen on localhost?13:10
akirahello. okay i have stupid problem.13:12
akirats@hikaru:~/ts$ ./ts3server13:12
akira-su: ./ts3server: No such file or directory13:12
akirats@hikaru:~/ts$ ls ./ts3*13:12
akira./ts3server  ./ts3server_minimal_runscript.sh  ./ts3server.sqlitedb  ./ts3server_startscript.sh13:12
tomreyn!pastebin | akira13:14
ubottuakira: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:14
tomreyntaylan: SLAPD_SERVICES option in /etc/default/slapd13:21
taylantomreyn: thanks!13:21
guivercakira, is it executable?  (`stat ts3server` then maybe chmod +x ts3..`) and what type file is it?  (`file ts3server`)...13:22
=== seprob_ is now known as seprob
Ridley5hi all13:28
Ridley5 hello blackflow13:28
Ridley5blackflow:  sorry for yesterday, i have done the manipulation : ip addr show this is the pastbin: https://pastebin.com/g89JG2rg13:31
ElliriaHey there, if I want to back up Getting Things GNOME! would I just back up the ~/.local/share/gtg/ directory or should I also back up the ~/.config/gtg/ directory?13:32
Ridley5im connected to the first Wifi adapter (Zydas) ans the second one i want to use it like a hotspot13:32
Ridley5i see the hotspot with my phone but no internet13:32
blackflowRidley5: look into this, especially decide whether you want to bridge or NAT:  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/software_access_point#Network_configuration13:33
blackflowRidley5: unfortunately I don't know if NetworkManager does all that by itself, if it's configurable through the UI, or if you have to dig into config files and set up hostapd.13:34
blackflowat any rate, hostapd for wifi hotspot (your device _must_ support AP, not all do), network config (bridge or NAT).13:34
Ridley5i wanna read that, thak you blackflow :)13:34
jeremy31Ridley5 Some phones may not see ad-hoc wifi networks13:35
Ridley5i see it with my S7 jeremy31 but i cant access internet13:36
jeremy31Ridley5 Ubuntu set for IPv4 shared?13:36
Ridley5yes that is13:36
ledeniRidley5: if you using ubuntu 18.04 use 'nm-connecton-editor'13:37
jeremy31It looks like only one network device connected to the internet in your pastebin13:38
Ridley5yes the second adapter is used like as hotspot, but not getting internet from the first one13:39
jeremy31Ridley5 Might need something like https://github.com/oblique/create_ap13:40
Ridley5i read that.. thank you13:41
jeremy31Ridley5 I used it before with a single wifi adapter to act similar to a hotspot and I could connect with my Android phone, it would be even faster using 2 wifi cards13:42
Ridley5it look nice interesting jeremy31 :) im installig it13:43
taylancan someone help me troubleshoot my mail server?  I tried to configure postfix and courier with ldap, but thunderbird can't connect to a user I defined in ldap...  no idea what debugging tools are available to pinpoint the problem.  they are listening on 465 and 993 on all interfaces and I can open a TCP connection to these ports from the computer with thunderbird on it.13:46
taylannvm going to #ubuntu-server13:55
TobbiIs there a good github gui for beginners in Ubuntu?14:17
ppfwhat's a github gui14:17
Tobbippf: An easy interface for beginners so that they can commit files, similar to https://desktop.github.com/14:22
ppfelectron *shudders*14:23
ppfbut sorry, i don't know of such a thin14:23
RonaldsMazitisSven_vB: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zCvgj8FbHj/14:24
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RonaldsMazitisSven_vB: took like a day for my mouse to not work again14:24
ioriaTobbi, you mean  git-gui ?14:25
ioria!info git-gui14:25
ubottugit-gui (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.17.1-1ubuntu0.1 (bionic), package size 210 kB, installed size 2221 kB14:25
TobbiHm, maybe.14:25
TobbiIf that allows to commit and push and all that :P14:26
ppfTobbi: https://git-scm.com/download/gui/linux14:26
Tobbi!info supertux14:26
ubottusupertux (source: supertux): Classic 2D jump 'n run sidescroller with Tux. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1build1 (bionic), package size 1223 kB, installed size 4300 kB14:26
Tobbiyay, cool.14:26
Sven_vBRonaldsMazitis, do you know at which time in the log the mouse failed? btw you can add wall time by inserting the "ts" program from package moreutils.14:27
the-noobhi, after upgrading to 18.04 I've lost my GUI (kde)14:27
the-noobtrying to install it again  (apt-get install kubuntu-desktop) and getting14:28
RonaldsMazitisSven_vB: no I don't.14:28
the-nooba lot of unmet dependencies14:28
Sven_vBRonaldsMazitis, do you know the wall time of when your mouse stopped?14:28
Sven_vBand convert it to UTC or a unix timestamp if possible :)14:29
RonaldsMazitisI gave You the log14:29
Sven_vByeah, I can see the mouse being added 86583 seconds after last boot14:29
Sven_vBit wasn't removed since then14:30
Sven_vBdoes it still show up in xinput --list?14:30
Sven_vByou can check the (unix) time of when your computer last booted with: grep btime /proc/stat14:30
RonaldsMazitisxinput --list shows mouse14:31
RonaldsMazitisbtime 153520274614:31
Sven_vBnice! what's your mouse's ID in xinput --list?14:32
Sven_vBtry whether you can see any mouse activity with (ID instead of 0): xinput --test 014:34
Sven_vBit should report motion as well as buttons14:34
RonaldsMazitisno activity14:35
Sven_vBeven though you moved it, I assume. =)14:35
RonaldsMazitisthe light is on (on mouse)14:35
Sven_vBthat probably only means it has power. doesn't say anything about whether the data cabels are ok.14:36
RonaldsMazitiswhen I restart, it works14:37
Sven_vBdoes your syslog say anything relevant about input/input44?14:37
Sven_vByeah right a cable problem shouldn't reliably be fixed by reboot.14:38
Sven_vBI translated the timestamps: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hkbr2wgNmC/14:46
Sven_vBso at 13:15:29 the mouse was added, about 2 min later the power supply had some kind of change. might that be related?14:47
RonaldsMazitisI woke up at atleast 1514:49
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)14:49
Sven_vBoh ok then you're at UTC+314:50
Sven_vBit's 14:50 UTC now14:51
Sven_vBI'll translate the times to that :)14:51
Sven_vBso the mouse appeared at 16:15:29, power supply changed at 16:17:57. I've no idea though, how that would relate as long as the mouse is still visible in xinput.14:56
Sven_vBcan you see any anomalous syslog messages around these times?14:58
RonaldsMazitisI don't have systlog15:04
RonaldsMazitisfor some reason I don't have syslog.log only syslog1 etc15:04
Sven_vBthere should be no .log on syslog. it's full name is /var/log/syslog15:06
Sven_vBthe ones with .(number) are the older ones15:06
Sven_vBmaybe you should try and fix the syslog issue first. the syslog is quite central for any other debugging.15:07
jamie1hey, I'm curious if anyone has any solution for running ubuntu on a ryzen 2000 series with a b350 board15:09
jamie1from what I've found on Google no one is having much luck even booting15:10
wadHey folks. Upgrading my web server from 16.04 to 18.04. I've got several issues so far, but the first one is: "This version of the GNU libc requires kernel version 3.2 or later.  Please upgrade your kernel before installing glibc."15:10
RonaldsMazitisSven_vB: thats about it, I filtered some stuff out15:10
wadI tried googling it, but didn't see much useful stuff. Should I just google "upgrade ubuntu kernel" and do that stuff? Seems like the kernel should have upgraded itself while I did the release upgrade....15:11
wadCurrently it's "Linux 2.6.32-042stab127.2"15:12
gogetadid i rear that correctly15:13
wadIs this an ancient kernel?15:14
gogetathat cant be correct15:15
=== wodencafe is now known as wodencafayyy
wadThis is a virtual machine, running in the cloud. Does that make a difference? I've had it for a long time.15:15
gogetaa relly long time15:15
jeremy31wad in terminal, the command uname -a15:15
gogetait has to be running 10 serise ubuntu15:16
jamie1or even as old as 200315:16
wadLinux vps2 2.6.32-042stab127.2 #1 SMP Thu Jan 4 16:41:44 MSK 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:16
gogetai means 4 serise15:16
ducassewad: you're probably running on openvz, talk to your provider about upgrading15:16
Sven_vBRonaldsMazitis, ok, that looks perfectly normal. no idea why your mouse would stop working. does it happen with other USB pointer devices as well?15:16
wadAh, okay....15:17
gogetathats insanly out of date15:17
jeremy31wad that isn't an Ubuntu kernel15:17
ducassewad: you can't change the kernel15:17
wadOh, okay.15:17
gogetaeven wad15:17
jamie1that was dropped in 2016, so it's not too horrible15:17
RonaldsMazitisSven_vB: I can connect phone to pc15:18
wadOkay, I was starting to feel ashamed. But hey, at least I'm working on upgrading right now!15:18
gogetaRonaldsMazitis, shouldent be a problem15:18
RonaldsMazitisbut the mouse still would not work15:18
gogetamouse not working15:19
gogetathats a rareone15:19
jamie1was you can get the main line Kernal at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/15:20
jamie1wad ^15:20
* wad reads up15:21
ducassejamie1: wad: no, he can't upgrade the kernel15:21
jamie1why not?15:21
wadMaybe because it's a VM?15:21
ducassejamie1: openvz uses a kernel provided by the host15:22
wadI'm logging into my cloud provider now, maybe they have a thingy to upgrade?15:22
jamie1you have to ask your cloud provider at that point15:22
jamie1some will allow you to do it yourself but unless you pay for the whole server space they usually don't15:23
ducassewad: or switch to a provider where you control the kernel yourself15:23
wadI might just move it over to AWS.15:23
jamie1paperspace is what I use15:23
Sven_vBRonaldsMazitis, no idea then. let's hope someone else can help.15:25
adamretterI just ran a dist-upgrade on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (4.15.0-23-generic) and now when it tries to boot 4.15.0-33-generic, I get the error - VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0). I can still manually choose the 4.15.0-23-generic option from the Grub menu and boot that OK. Any ideas why the latest kernel doesn't boot the fs, I remember seeing something about chain-loading Grub2. Maybe that broke it?15:50
ioriaadamretter, run df -h and see if root is full15:53
ioriaadamretter, or /boot15:54
adamretterioria: I have 78GB free on /. I don't have a seperate /boot partition15:55
ioriaadamretter,  dpkg -l | grep linux-image | pastebinit15:56
adamretterioria: https://pastebin.com/D8WYi0S915:57
ioriaadamretter,  can you run sudo update-grub without errors ?15:59
adamretterioria: I am a bit nervous to try, as it seems that that was what caused this issue - when it wanted to chainloan grub v2 from grub v1 for the new kernel15:59
ioriaadamretter,  i see16:00
adamretterioria: is there a way I can examine the Grub entries to see what is different with the latest kernel version?16:01
EriC^^adamretter: cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg16:02
adamretterEriC^^: thanks16:06
adamretterioria: is there a way to safely do this, so that if update-grub causes an error I don't hose my system?16:06
ioriaadamretter,  sy, was afk,  i don't think you can simulate nupdate-grub , but not sure16:08
ioriaadamretter,  check the vmlinuz link in /16:10
adamretterlrwxrwxrwx   1 root  root     30 Aug 26 16:31 vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-33-generic16:11
adamretterlrwxrwxrwx   1 root  root     30 Aug 26 16:31 vmlinuz.old -> boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-23-generic16:11
adamretterioria: I feel it has to be something to do with the grub1 to grub2 chainloading that was installed16:11
ioriaadamretter, why did you use both ?16:12
Menzador(if update-grub causes an error, your system doesn't get hosed unless it maliciously writes data someplace it shouldn't, and you can use any GRUB-laden environment to launch it with a few extra commands)16:13
ioriaadamretter, dpkg -l | grep grub | pastebinit16:13
adamretterioria: I didn't. apt-get dist-upgrade told me it was upgrading to Grub2 and that it was best to do it as two parts, so it would chainload Grub2 from Grub1 and after rebooting, if that worked, that I should run `sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy` to remove Grub 1. This is standard Ubuntu 18 stuff - nothing special I have done16:13
ioriaadamretter, dpkg -l | grep grub | pastebinit    and are you on bionic or xenial ?16:14
EriC^^adamretter: you could copy grub.cfg and then copy it back if you need to16:14
adamretterioria: https://pastebin.com/M2m0041b16:14
EriC^^sudo cp /boot/grub/grub.cfg{,.backup}16:14
ioriaEriC^^, are you in ?16:15
adamretterioria: I am on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS16:15
EriC^^ioria: yeah following16:15
adamretterEriC^^: okay I made backup of grub.cfg16:16
ioriaadamretter, [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS16:16
adamretterioria: BIOS16:16
EriC^^adamretter: can you upload the grub.cfg maybe we can spot something in the newer kernel entry16:16
adamretterEriC^^: sure one sec16:17
hethkarany good guides for automating installation of ubuntu vms in KVM using preseed configs ?16:17
adamretterEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/twh47YkjrR/16:17
adamretter@hethkar not quite sure how pre-seeded they are - but I have had good success with uvt-kvm16:18
EriC^^adamretter: looks fine, i think it must be a kernel specific issue or something16:18
adamretterhethkar: the cloud-init stuff lets me configure packages, network settings etc etc16:19
EriC^^adamretter: maybe try "sudo update-initramfs -u -k all && sudo update-grub" and see if it helps at all16:19
EriC^^!info linux-generic16:19
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 15 kB16:19
adamretterEriC^^: Okay. Is there anyway that might make this worse?16:19
EriC^^adamretter: nah16:19
ioriaadamretter, that ^16:19
hethkaradamretter: basically i am just trying to make automated installation setups of ubuntu vms using KVM16:20
adamretterhethkar: okay so that is what I did with uvt-kvm and the coud-init config stuff16:20
ioriaadamretter, you probably upgraded from xenial ...16:21
hethkaradamretter: oh okay16:21
ioriaadamretter, 'cause the grub pkg is no longer present in bionic16:22
adamretterhethkar: not all applies to you, but see - https://github.com/adamretter/soyoustart/blob/master/INSTALL-vm.md and that script I use is here: https://github.com/adamretter/soyoustart/blob/master/create-uvt-kvm.sh16:22
adamretterioria: I upgraded from Xenial, but sometime ago. I have been on Bioninc happily for a while until today's update attempt16:22
ioriai see16:22
adamretterEriC^^: so it is like 100% safe for me to run - sudo update-initramfs -u -k all && sudo update-grub16:23
EriC^^adamretter: yeah no worries16:24
EriC^^adamretter: you could run update-initramfs -u -k 4.......0-33-generic instead of all16:25
EriC^^so it doesnt touch the 23 one at all16:25
hethkaradamretter: cloud images are just same as the regular iso's ?16:25
adamretterEriC^^: okay sounds good16:25
ioriaadamretter, does your mainboard support uefi ?16:26
adamretterioria: no. this is a KVM vm16:27
adamretterEriC^^: update-initramfs -u -k
adamretterupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-
adamretterWARNING: missing /lib/modules/
adamretterEnsure all necessary drivers are built into the linux image!16:27
adamretterdepmod: ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/ No such file or directory16:27
EriC^^adamretter: interesting, seems some packages are missing for the new kernel16:28
ioriaadamretter, sudo apt install -reinstall linux-generic16:28
compdoceasy to add uefi to kvm16:28
ioriaadamretter, sudo apt install --reinstall linux-generic16:28
leftisti have a lenovo usb monitor that i am using with a gigabyte brix pro and it's a usb powered touchscreen. works with windows 10 (after finding the correct drivers), they provided ubuntu drivers but i have a problem compiling. here is a pastebin16:28
EriC^^!info linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-3316:29
ubottulinux-modules-extra-4.15.0-33-generic (source: linux): Linux kernel extra modules for version 4.15.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP. In component main, is optional. Version 4.15.0-33.36 (bionic), package size 30772 kB, installed size 116044 kB16:29
EriC^^adamretter: install the above package16:29
adamretterEriC^^: after running the reinstall. If I run update-initramfs I still get the error - missing /lib/modules/
EriC^^not sure if you're also supposed to have the linux-modules-4.15.0-33 package as well16:30
adamretterEriC^^: should I try ignoring the messages about the modules, and continue by running  sudo update-grub?16:31
EriC^^adamretter: no16:31
adamretterEriC^^: okay16:31
ioriaadamretter, dpkg -l | grep linux-modules | pastebinit16:31
EriC^^did you try installing the modules package?16:31
adamretterioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hFWbbFtfh7/16:32
ioriaadamretter, yep, installed16:32
EriC^^adamretter: type "dpkg -S /lib/modules/"16:33
adamretterEriC^^: dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /lib/modules/
ioriathere is a dash not a point : 4.15.0-3316:34
EriC^^ioria: that's what update-initramfs was complaining about16:35
EriC^^adamretter: "dpkg -L linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-33-generic | pastebinit"16:35
adamretterEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RYZvx988bz/plain/16:38
EriC^^adamretter: i wonder why it's saying 0.33.35-generic is missing16:41
EriC^^looks like it's looking for the wrong file naming16:41
adamretterEriC^^: It also seemed like the available modules were 0.33.36 whilst the kernel was 0.33.3516:42
EriC^^adamretter: the actual kernel package is 0.33.3616:42
EriC^^adamretter: i wonder where update-initramfs gets that info from16:43
Angelblackcan i make ubuntu battery efficient...battery goes down quick compared to windows16:44
EriC^^adamretter: are you sure you gave it the right version number when you used the -k option?16:44
lotuspsychje!info laptop-mode-tools | Angelblack16:44
ubottuAngelblack: laptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.71-2ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 83 kB, installed size 378 kB16:44
Angelblackok ubotto16:44
Angelblacki have to install it16:46
Angelblack^ ubotto16:47
lotuspsychjeAngelblack: yes, thats the idea16:47
Angelblackk thanks lotuspsychje16:47
Angelblackwasnt found in ubuntu software store...is it 3 rd party16:49
adamretterEriC^^: as pasted - I used the command `update-initramfs -u -k`16:49
adamretterEriC^^: perhaps that is not correct?16:49
ioriaadamretter, ls -l /var/lib/initramfs-tools16:49
lotuspsychjeAngelblack: read the link from ubottu, its in universe16:50
ntdupdate-initramfs -u -k
EriC^^adamretter: yeah that's incorrect16:50
EriC^^adamretter: sudo update-initramfs -u -k 4.15.0-33-generic16:50
ntdupdate-initramfs -u -k 4.15.0-3316:50
adamretterEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3jg8XnszjM/16:50
ioriaadamretter, 4.......0-33-generic ???16:51
ioriaadamretter, also this :
Angelblacki have latest ubuntu16:51
adamretterioria: that was what EriC^^asked me to run above somewhere - I suspect now maybe I was menat to substitute the "...."16:52
transhumanisthi how do I override the gcc version for a bash session?16:52
ioriaadamretter, i thik those two are not right16:52
adamretterEriC^^: okay that time update-initramfs ran without errors16:52
EriC^^adamretter: great, sudo update-grub16:52
adamretterioria: do I need to cleanup the bad entries in /var/lib/initramfs-tools ?16:53
ioriaadamretter, i think so.... later16:53
adamretterioria: okay on with the grub stuff then...16:53
ioriaadamretter, did you run the update-grub ?16:54
adamretterEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YpC8XDThnH/16:55
adamretterioria: yes ^^16:55
ioriaadamretter, i'd say reboot ? EriC^^ ?16:55
Angelblackis tlp installed in ubuntu 18.04.116:55
adamretterEriC^^: so I should now pray to the gods and reboot?16:55
EriC^^adamretter: ioria yeah give it a shot16:56
Angelblackgoogle says tlp has to be removed16:56
Lady_Alyhi there I need some help with ubuntu 18.04.  The OS keeps freezing at random requiring me to do a hard boot to reset it16:58
Lady_AlyIt usually occurs when I'm trying to watch a movie (mp4) or streaming off youtube.16:58
transhumanistnever mind I am better off doing it on the make command line level according to an article I found16:58
Lady_AlyCan anyone help?16:58
lotuspsychjeLady_Aly: system up to date to latest?16:58
Lady_Aly<lotuspsychje>: yes it is, but I can run an update and upgrade now16:59
adamretterEriC^^: ioria: okay no change. Still can't boot 4.15.0-33. So I have booted back into 4.15.0-2317:00
ioriaadamretter,  ls /boot | pastebinit17:00
EriC^^adamretter: ah, must be some kernel issue, i'd wait for the next kernel release see how it goes17:00
EriC^^set grub to boot 23 for now17:00
adamretterioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DxBWnRF3j3/17:01
markpieHello, I wonder how do I display UTF8 ANSI characters on Linux console? All I get is diamonds.17:02
ioriaadamretter,  may i ask you about these ? initrd.img-4.......0-33-generic   and initrd.img-
Lady_Alylotuspsychje: I just re-ran the update from terminal17:02
Angelblacklotuspsychje its telling 18.4 mb of downloads ....http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/install-laptop-mode-tools-164-with.html....pls help17:02
Lady_Alythere were no error msgs17:03
adamretterioria: they were created by me using wrong arguments to update-initramfs. Any idea how I remove them?17:03
Angelblackand do i have to remove tlp or associated pakcages17:03
ioriaadamretter,  ah17:04
adamretterEriC^^: Hmm. Is that common? It strikes me as odd that Ubuntu would release a kernel to an LTS version which doesn't work on their KVM?17:04
ioriaadamretter,  so they cannot be the issue17:04
ioriaadamretter,  try to install --reinstall linux-image-virtual17:07
EriC^^adamretter: maybe some hdd issue? it's complaining about the drive not being found17:07
tomreynLady_Aly: do you have any graphics or other serious looking error messages in "dmesg | tail -n200" ?17:08
tomreynLady_Aly: you could post all of the kernel log (dmesg) using: dmesg | pastebinit17:09
adamretterioria: that didn't clean anything up unfortunately17:09
ioriaadamretter,  it wasn't about the cleaning :þ17:09
adamretterioria: oh? you want me to reboot and try the newer kernel?17:10
ioriaadamretter,  i don't want to waste your time17:11
adamretterioria: not at all, I appreciate the help17:11
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adamretterioria: nope, didn't help I am afraid17:18
Lady_Alytomreyn:  ok here is the pastebin  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hTwtkKYrcn/17:19
transhumanistso, it is still a little early to be sure but I think I managed to get a GeForce 9800 nvidia card to run on ubuntu 15.04 with CUDA support!17:23
transhumanistCUDA 6.5 that is17:24
ioriaadamretter,  you might try on #kvm ?17:24
adamretterioria: okay thanks. Any idea how to clean up those invalid entries?17:25
transhumanistit only took like 6 weeks and about 3000 tries to get it running. Seems I am on new territory getting it running, everything I read noone has had any luck17:25
ioriaadamretter,  sudo rm /pat   should be enough17:25
ioriaadamretter,  both in /boot and in /var/lib/initramfs-tools17:26
compdocadamretter, I run 14.04, 16.04, and 18.04 in kvm. running 24/7 in business environs. its not a kvm issue. if you arent using virt-manager, then its likely your error17:28
tomreynLady_Aly: there's this, which is about your intel graphics processing unit (gpu), i915 driver: [drm:intel_pipe_update_end [i915]] *ERROR* Atomic update failure on pipe A (start=77880 end=77881) time 10 us, min 763, max 767, scanline start 756, end 76817:29
littlejohnnyHi, if i have an entry in fstab for a drive like this: UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX /media/Drive ntfs defaults,nls=utf8,umask=077,uid=1000,gid=1000,windows_names 0 0,    but i remove the drive. Will the PC not boot anymore?17:30
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ducasselittlejohnny: add 'nofail' to the options, or boot will hang17:34
Lady_Alytomreyn:  Would that be causing the freezing?   And how would I go about fixing?17:34
littlejohnnyducasse, so have to press 'e' at the grub options and add 'nofail' ?17:35
tomreynLady_Aly: i'm still searching. on a side note, there is a newer bios available for this system which apparently fixes an intel bug (it refers to an undisclosed intel technical advisory): https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/FLEX-SERIES/FLEX-2-15-NOTEBOOK-LENOVO/downloads/DS10119317:37
compdocLady_Aly, when streaming youre using power and having the video card do work. Its very common for power supplies to begin failing and they cause that problem, or the vid card could be overheating, and causing it17:40
tomreynLady_Aly: the firmware bug fix is actually a security fix discussed here https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/97613217:40
littlejohnnyducasse, where exactly would the 'nofail' go ?17:41
rander2hello I'm here again, registred17:42
lotuspsychjerander2: welcome, this is the ubuntu support channel17:42
rander2how disable the lock screen after any time ?17:43
Lady_Alytomreyn:  the link you provided is for windows...  I had to switch this pc to linux17:43
rander2I must relog too much time while I study17:43
rander2I study programming on book, and after I go to the laptop, but the screen is locked17:43
lotuspsychjerander2: disable lock screen?17:43
ducasselittlejohnny: add ',nofail' right after windows_names, for example17:44
adamrettercompdoc: I dont' use virtmanager17:44
rander2lotuspsychje, yes , the screensaver lock the screen to login17:44
adamretterioria: so you suggest just using `rm` to clean up those files?17:44
tomreynLady_Aly: do you use suspend, does this only happen after you used suspend?17:44
Lady_Alycompdoc:  ok I can understand that, but sometimes it happens when I'm not streaming.  Just doing something like playing a simple game like mahjongg (the one that comes with 18.04)17:45
lotuspsychjerander2: system settings/energy/set black screen on 'never'17:45
Lady_Alybut most often it happens when I'm trying to do a couple of things at once17:46
rander2ok I found, the default time was 5min, I changed it to 30min17:46
rander2thx all17:46
Lady_AlyI don't usually use suspend, unless it's been activated to run in the background17:46
tomreynLady_Aly: by suspend, i mean putting the laptop to sleep, such as by closing the lid.17:47
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX17:47
lotuspsychjeAngelblack: i gave you the package from the repos, why are you searching for tlp on webupd8?17:48
lotuspsychjerander2: be carefull with vnc, consider a more safer protocol for remote manage17:49
littlejohnnyducasse, do you mean inside fstab?  because its too late for that, pc wont boot, so im asking for what to put in grub to bypass it. would 'nofail' work if i put it inside grub?17:49
littlejohnnyducasse, when i press 'e' in grub on the 'Ubuntu' i dont see the entry there17:49
ioriaadamretter,  i don't think there's another way17:49
ducasselittlejohnny: no, it needs to be in fstab17:50
rander2lotuspsychje, for example ? I have another pc more powerfull running debian, and I want have the desktop other ssh17:50
ducasselittlejohnny: boot in recovery mode, add it from there17:50
rander2it's in the same private lan17:51
lotuspsychjerander2: you want to ssh, or ssh X?17:51
ioriaadamretter,  you can run  sudo dpkg --configure -a after, to check if it's all good17:51
littlejohnnyducasse, is there no other way i can bypass this failure without entering passwords in recovery ?17:51
rander2lotuspsychje, I have ssh , I want the graphic too17:51
rander2lotuspsychje, with ssh X is possible view the x server on my laptop ?17:52
lotuspsychjecheck the #openssh channel for more info on ssh mate17:53
rander2I have debian9 with xfce17:53
lotuspsychjerander2: we support ubuntu here, we also try to focus on issues related on the working of ubuntu17:54
rander2and I want have the desktop here17:54
rander2ok, excuse me17:54
rander2thx to all17:54
lotuspsychjerander2: or do you have trouble installing ssh on ubuntu?17:54
tomreynLady_Aly: this upstream bug report (since closed as invalid, probably because there were too many cooks involved) seems to discuss this error message on your intel haswell platform in detail https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=91883   - but i can't seem to find a workaround or fix there.17:57
ubottuFreedesktop bug 91883 in DRM/Intel "[HSW, BDW, SKL,CFL] [drm:intel_pipe_update_end [i915]] *ERROR* Atomic update failure on pipe A" [Major,Reopened]17:57
Lady_Alytomreyn:  Sometimes...  but most times Ive been shutting the pc down properly17:58
ducasselittlejohnny: you can boot a live usb, mount the root fs and edit it from there17:59
Lady_Alyunfortunately I've got to go for a little bit...  a friend needs help17:59
littlejohnnyducasse, after entering recovery and mounting root as rw, then editing fstab, it doesnt seem like it asks for root password.17:59
tomreynLady_Aly: when you got more time, try if you can reproduce it after a full power cycle (i.e. without having put the system to sleep)17:59
ducasselittlejohnny: booting in recovery mode shouldn't ask for passwd18:01
littlejohnnyok perfect thanks18:02
fengshaunhow can I completely prevent ubuntu from bothering me with update notifications?18:03
fengshaunI have disabled automatic updates, but it still shows all sorts of red flags about repos being out of date and such18:04
lotuspsychjefengshaun: software&updates disable the settings how you want it18:04
fengshaunand if I update the repos, it pokes with update notification18:04
lotuspsychjefengshaun: did you add external ppa's to your system?18:04
fengshaunI have already set the settings18:05
fengshaunto not automatically check for updates18:05
troozersHi all, I've just installed Ubuntu 18.04 on a small generic laptop and all works fine apart from the touchpad is EXTREMELY jumpy.  xinput list shows the touchpad as "TIX5288:00 0911:5288 Touchpad".  Can anyone help?18:05
fengshaundoesn't seem to do anything at all18:05
lotuspsychjefengshaun: hastebin us sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade please18:05
tomreynfengshaun: not installing security patches is a bad idea, unless this system isn't connected to a network. but apparently it has internet access. can you discuss why you need to disable installing security patches?18:06
fengshaunlotuspsychje, there are no third party repos or packages18:06
fengshauntomreyn, I know what to do with updates, I need the notifications gone18:06
lotuspsychjefengshaun: the warning are there for a reason18:07
fengshaunsomeone else's reason18:07
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
boleroHow to know if a package of ubuntu APT is in Universe or in Multiverse? (for example $ "apt-cache show mysql-server" gives in Section: database but not Universe/database)18:07
lotuspsychjetroozers: is it touchpad speed sensitivity you want, or tap sensitivity?18:07
tomreynfengshaun: the point is, personally i wont support you in setting this up unless you can explain whyx you need to do so, becuase doing otherwise would feel irresponsible.18:08
troozersit doesn't "seem" to be a sensitivity issue - it jumps all over the place and seems to click and highlight stuff all over the place.  I could be wrong and will be guided by your greater knowledge18:08
lotuspsychje!info mysql-server | bolero18:08
ubottubolero: mysql-server (source: mysql-5.7): MySQL database server (metapackage depending on the latest version). In component main, is optional. Version 5.7.23-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (bionic), package size 9 kB, installed size 107 kB18:08
fengshaunanybody know how to disable ubuntu's update notifications and automatic updates? the UI doesn't have a switch18:09
bolerolotuspsychje, If it's in component main then it's libre software?18:10
lotuspsychjefengshaun: we already suggested a few things, no need for repeating18:10
fengshaunlotuspsychje, there were no suggestions, just that I shouldn't do what I want to do18:10
tomreynbolero: my understanding is that the component apackage is in only states its support level, doesn't say whether or not it's free software.18:11
lotuspsychjefengshaun: to get you to the next step, more info is needed from you18:11
fengshaunI like to be in charge of my own system18:11
fengshaunanyway, I just need to know how, not why, I'd appreciate a response from someone who knows the *how*. thanks for your help18:12
lotuspsychjefengshaun: we never said you could not, but then explain why and hastebin the output?18:12
phpIs there a channel specifically for bind9 (named) or can I ask here?18:12
adamretterEriC^^: okay I can't explain this. But updating the Host machine, and restarting it, now means that the KVM vm boots fine with 4.15.0-3318:13
lotuspsychjephp: bind dns on 18.04?18:13
adamretterEriC^^: perhaps some microcode updates for the CPU inlight of all this Intel security vulns were needed?18:13
phpLemme double check the exact version18:13
adamretterioria: thanks for all your help18:13
adamretterEriC^^: thanks also for all your help18:13
ioriaadamretter,  you solved ... good18:14
tomreynbolero: there is, however, a licensing related statement on the 'main' component at https://www.ubuntu.com/licensing18:14
ioriaadamretter,  out of curiosity... the host is ?18:14
adamretterioria: sure. It surprised me though, I guess KVM does not provide as much isolation from the host as I expected18:14
tomreynbolero: it does, however, not state the facts correctly IMO.18:14
ioriaadamretter,  and  the host is ?18:14
phpArgh, I forgot I switched to CentOS with my dns server. I shall venture to that channel!18:14
adamretterioria: the host is also Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS on x86_6418:14
ioriaadamretter,  ha,ok18:15
lotuspsychjephp: good luck!18:15
ioriaadamretter,  i took from granted that was Win18:16
bolerotomreyn, Where does it come the info given by the info command above?18:16
fengshaunfound it, /etc/cron.daily/update-notifier-daemon18:16
madLyfeanyone fluent in samba lol? i have a share setup so i can access it on windows where ive mapped it as a drive and can access the share folder, but im not sure about the user settings? i figured i would need username/pass to open it. i cant write to it though.18:17
lotuspsychjefengshaun: thats not gonna solve an apt error..18:17
fengshaunthere is no apt error18:18
fengshaunthe problem is the notification18:18
Ben64you can turn off the notification in the update-manager settings....18:18
adamretterioria: EriC^^: okay forget that. The KVM vm still won't boot 4.15.0-33. Sorry for the confusion - I logged into the wrong machine18:18
lotuspsychjefengshaun: you said there were red flags warnings?18:18
fengshaunBen64, I tried, it still shows warnings on the top right :S18:19
Ben64what warnings18:19
fengshaunBen64, that repos are outdated18:20
Ben64that's a different thing18:20
lotuspsychje!samba | madLyfe visit18:21
ubottumadLyfe visit: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html18:21
lotuspsychjemadLyfe: #samba18:21
fengshaunwell, there is too much stuff running by default, I'll just go through cron and systemd timers until I get the right thing18:22
lotuspsychjefengshaun: why are you ignoring the root of the problem, trying to disable warning that are there for a reason?18:23
Ben64yeah, much easier to fix the problem18:24
oryoisin my machine i want to find a file but i dont know the name of file or location of it , how can i search by a word inside of this file ?18:29
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Ben64would take forever to search inside of every file18:30
=== Tobi[m]2 is now known as Tobi[m4
troozersSorry, I got disconnected.  Anyone help with 18.04 and a very erratic touchpad.  It's not a sensitivity issue.  Seems to randomly click and moving around is very choppy18:32
tomreynbolero: an IRC bot (ubottu) which retrieves this information from, i think, packages.ubuntu.com18:36
lotuspsychjetroozers: are you sure its the touchpad and not a system lagging the mouse or so?18:36
tomreyn!ubottu | bolero18:37
ubottubolero: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone18:37
lotuspsychjetroozers: could you test with another mouse perhaps?18:39
troozersa usb mouse plugged is fine, it's just with the trackpad18:40
bolerothanks tomreyn !18:40
lotuspsychjetroozers: ok, did you try system settings disable touchpad and enable again?18:40
troozersYep, a fair few times18:41
lotuspsychjetroozers: just for test, try unplug power adapter18:43
troozersok, give me a few seconds...18:44
troozersunfortunately doesn't seem to make any difference18:45
lotuspsychjetroozers: wich values does your: Synaptics Noise Cancellation (310):28, 2818:45
lotuspsychje give?18:45
troozersIt doesn't seem to be a Synaptics, "xinput list" shows it as a "HTIX5288:00 0911:5288 Touchpad"18:46
lotuspsychjetroozers: xinput --watch-props idnumberhere18:47
lotuspsychjetroozers: hmm, not sure wich value scrambled there18:52
wadHey, quick question: What are people using for web servers these days? I set up a bunch using Apache years and years ago, but when I upgraded my Ubuntu webserver last night, PHP was all kinds of broken with apache2.  So I'm redoing stuff. Should I stick with apache2? Or use nginx or something else?18:53
troozerslol, i don't know what that screen is showing me either18:53
lotuspsychjewad: have a look at the #httpd channel mate18:53
wadOkay, thanks!18:54
lotuspsychjetroozers: that would be all your touchpads settings, but no clue wich value is non-default18:54
troozersI've not come across this touchpad before18:55
=== Guest9940 is now known as levifig
lotuspsychjetroozers: try this mate: sudo apt install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-all19:04
Reinyhello i need a bit of support, im on win10 build 180810 i try to use wsl and ubuntu 18.04, if i try to start it i only receive a blank terminal19:04
lotuspsychje!wsl | Reiny19:05
ubottuReiny: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide19:05
troozersunfortunately not helped much.  movement is still "choppy" and it seems to randomly click on stuff19:12
Reinylotuspsychje: there is noone avaible.19:14
ter6Hello, you can use   ssh user@host "command-here"19:20
ter6to execute a command on the remote server, but what if the command you are using has a Y/N prompt, and requires user input (no flags)19:21
githushi guys19:21
ter6hhow would you go about executing the above command, and sending a Y to the console19:21
ter6is this possible?19:21
githusguys i need some help, someone19:21
kk4ewtter6,  you actually connect via ssh and run the commmand19:22
ter6kk4ewt, This should be automating in a bash script.19:22
kk4ewtso no it will not work that way19:22
kk4ewttoo many things that can go wrong19:22
SLegionHey guys, does anyone know the best way to redirect users in apache based on their hostname?19:22
Reinyi <3 it im getting 0 support today.19:22
kk4ewtand you shouldnt but your creds in that bash script19:22
githusi have some error in terminal, would someone help me?19:23
githushttp://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu bionic Release19:24
githus  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:24
githusCzytanie list pakietów... Gotowe19:24
githusE: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu bionic Release' does not have a Release file.19:24
ioriagithus, because bionic is not supported19:25
githushow can i delete this error, or fix it?19:25
ioriagithus, the last supported is xenial for that ppa19:25
githusi cant install wine?19:26
ioria!info wine6419:27
ubottuPackage wine64 does not exist in bionic19:27
ter6@kk4ewt, using a cert file, not a password, the cert not require a password, there is limited risk for this specific case givin the type of ssh server, and the restrictions imposed19:27
ter6@kk4ewt, I dug around a bit, this seems to work ssh user@socket command < "Y"19:28
githusso i need to instal packages for 32?19:28
ioria !info wine3219:28
ubottuwine32 (source: wine): Windows API implementation - 32-bit binary loader. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 190 kB, installed size 613 kB19:28
IarlaHow do I get 16.04 Network Manager to list my BCM4313 wireless device? I tried installing bcmwl-kernel-source (as per askubuntu.com) but it still doesn't appear.19:31
PLLunlockI'm liking this workspaces thing.  makes me think i have more monitors19:31
githusdamn i dont know how to fix it haha19:33
the-noob'smee again19:33
the-noobI've upgraded to 18.04 and nothing works... so I've started from the bottom19:34
the-noobevery apt/sources.list.d is disabled19:34
the-noobI've created a clean /etc/apt/sources.list19:34
the-noob(context... : trying to install kubuntu-desktop package)19:35
the-noobgetting a lot of unmet dependency19:35
the-noobso I've drilled into the first one ...dependency after dependency19:35
the-noobended up with libegl-mesa0 : Depends: libgbm1 (= 18.0.5-0ubuntu0~18.04.1) but 1:18.0.1-0~x~padoka0 is to be installed19:35
the-noobwhy '..padoka is to be installed' ??19:36
ledeniIarla: did you install b43-fwcutter package19:38
Iarlaledeni: I don't think so, I'll try it now.19:39
Iarlaledeni: okay, it's install. do I need to do some modprobing now or just reboot?19:41
ledeniIarla: try reboot19:42
Iarlaokay, thanks :) brb19:43
the-noobis there a way to force what will be installed ?19:43
Iarlaledeni: no luck.19:47
ledeniIarla 'sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer'19:48
littlejohnnyin recovery mode when clicking on 'root' and trying to type commands, i get sudden writing all over the screen of services starting.. etc.   why does this happen? and it doesnt take my command inputs properly19:48
littlejohnnyseems like a graphics issue but then when i click enter or type ctrl-L it clears the screen, but it doesnt allow me to type commands fully.19:49
littlejohnnylike WALL m19:50
Iarlaledeni: Done. No change, but I see /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.conf. It blacklists b43, bcm43xx and others.19:50
ledeni1)sudo modprobe -r b43;2)sudo modprobe b43 3)sudo rfkill unblock all19:51
Iarlaledeni: Thanks. Done, but no change (at least no according to Network Manager).19:52
ledeniIarla lspci | grep Wireless19:53
Iarla03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)19:54
Iarlarfkill list all doesn't return a list of soft/hard blocks like I'm seeing in the docs.19:57
ledeniIarla:  cd /etc/modprobe.d/ and then sudo gedit blacklist.conf put a # in front of the line: blacklist bcm43xx19:58
Iarlaledeni: done. reboot?19:59
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
Iarlaledeni: no change after reboot.20:01
ledeniIarla: 'dmesg | grep b43 | nc termbin.com 9999'20:05
rhysersI'm looking for help setting up port forwarding from my Ubuntu Server host to my KVM Guests.20:06
Iarlaledeni: nc?20:06
Iarlaledeni: ^20:10
ledeni1)sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl & 2)sudo modprobe wl20:11
Iarlaledeni: 1) modprobe: FATAL: Module wl not found20:14
IarlaFrom this command: $ sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl20:17
ledeniIarla try sudo apt-get install --reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source20:18
ledeniIarla after that echo "blacklist brcmsmac" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf20:19
ledeniIarla and echo "blacklist bcma" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf20:20
Iarlaledeni: blacklist brcmscmac20:22
IarlaThat's the output20:23
WiseMonkhello i need help20:25
WiseMonkmy Ubuntu insteller crashed. i tried to install it on SSD where windows was installed before, now windows gone, but ubuntu is not instralled20:26
tomreynWiseMonk: crashed how?20:27
WiseMonki put the iso on a external hard drive with dd and when i try to install it tells me that it crashed because there might be something wrong with the CD20:27
WiseMonkafter setting up everything and selecting disk it crashes while chosing the username20:28
WiseMonkis it even possible to install on SSD? or is there a problem with my external medium?20:29
tomreynwhich ubuntu flavor, variant (server/desktop, live/classic/alternatvie), architecture (amd64, i686, amr64,...) and version did you try to install?20:29
WiseMonkthe newest version of standart ubuntu20:29
WiseMonkhow can I verify if dd copied everything correctly?20:30
tomreynso you can still boot the computer from the external installer disk?20:30
WiseMonki can also use Ubuntu life20:30
tomreynwhen you boot the installer, there is a "media test" option on the grub menu20:31
WiseMonkok, let me try20:31
tomreynit should help you verify that the image was written properly and can be used safely.20:31
WiseMonkyou mean the "check disk for defects"?20:32
tomreynsorry, i forgot the exact title there20:32
WiseMonkok it says "check finish, errors found in 1 file20:33
WiseMonkso I should dd again right?20:33
tomreyneither dd, then sync, then syanc again, then eject it, or use some other utility which uses a different approach for creating the bootable storage. such as https://etcher.io20:34
Iarlaledeni: Thanks for your help. Still no sign of it in Network Manager. Should I try a reboot?20:35
tomreyneither way, be sure to 'dmesg -w'  while preparing the bootable storage to ensure there are no errors.20:35
IarlaI could also try a live CD to make sure it works and then if so, do a fresh install.20:35
WiseMonkok , thanks so far, how exactly do I sync after dd is done?20:38
tomreynWiseMonk: you run 'sync' on a terminal20:39
WiseMonksame syntax as dd?20:39
tomreynyou just run dd as before, then run the separate 'sync' command without any options20:40
tomreynthere's is also an option to dd which triggers the sync, but i'd need to look it up.20:40
Skyboto/ all.20:41
ledeniIarla: try sudo apt-get install linux-libc-dev libc6-dev linux-headers-generic linux-headers20:41
tomreynWiseMonk: i need to leave it there, got to go for a while. others will help here if you'll repeat the situation and ask a question.20:41
WiseMonkok, thank you very much :)20:42
ledeniIarla: and reboot20:42
Iarlaledeni: E: Package 'linux-headers' has no installation candidate20:43
Iarla"You should explicitly select one to install"20:43
Iarlado I just match my current kernel version?20:43
ledeniIarla: yes20:44
imican you please recommend a graphical text file (source code and/or xml) diffing tool? thank you in advance?20:44
the-noobimi: beyond compare (free for 30 days only)20:48
imiI would be much more happy with free (as in free speech) software20:48
the-noobthe suggestion fits well20:50
the-noobbecause that free speech thing is just bullshit20:51
the-noobtry posting some non gender-neutral opinion on twitter if you don't believe me20:51
Tin_manimi might check here, cause I didn't >>https://alternativeto.net/software/beyond-compare/20:51
hggdhthe-noob: (1) please keep on topic; (2) mind your language20:53
Iarlaledeni: success! Thanks to your hard work :)20:53
the-noobso much for your free speech imi20:53
ledeniIarla YES20:53
hggdhthe-noob: this channel has rules. Just follow them20:54
the-noobon topic then... I've used tasksel to uninstall ubuntu-desktop as I was having some problems20:54
the-noobwith the intent of reinstalling them20:54
the-noobnow I don't have even network (desktop)20:54
ledeniIarla great✌🏼20:55
the-noobifconfig -a doesn't list eth020:55
the-noobbut I do have one20:55
SimonNLenabled in bios the-noob ?20:56
Iarlaledeni: :D There are a lot of delicate configurations on this machine so you've saved me a serious headache. Thank you again.20:57
SimonNLfirst thing that came up ^20:57
the-noobSimonNL: afaik yes, nothing changed.. all I did was use tasksel to uninstall ubuntu-desktop and that removed a lot... I rebooted and now no eth020:57
the-noobifconfig -a lists enp4s0 and lo20:58
ledeniIarla you are welcome20:58
SimonNL^ there is your ethernet20:58
SimonNLI think systemd does that for ya20:59
the-noobnow I hate this systemd dude20:59
the-noobok, how do I get my network back ?20:59
Ben64reinstall ubuntu21:00
the-noobwhile I've considered that ... that's so welcome to windows 9821:00
Ben64well you borked it pretty good by removing everything21:00
Tin_manif i may ask, why did you remove the desktop? in a gui OS normally you kinda want the desktop.21:02
hggdhthe-noob: you want KDE or standard Ubuntu (Gnome, on 18.04)?21:02
rfmthe-noob, you can just configure the enp4so.  trouble is it's hard to guess how much you have left after uninstallting the desktop.  if NetworkManager is still there, nmcli is probably your best bet...21:02
the-noobrfm: nmcli: command not found :(21:03
the-noobTin_man: oh boi. so I've upgraded from 16.04 today and ended up in console, no gui21:04
the-noobhggdh: at this point I'm happy with either (I was on KDE)21:04
the-noobI've tried installing `kubuntu-desktop` but hit a lot of dependency issues21:05
hggdhthe-noob: first, sudo apt update; then sudo apt install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop21:05
the-noobwon't work, no network21:05
the-noobin trying to fix the dependency  issues I thought 'gee... I'll remove the GUI parts, leave it as a server and install after'21:06
Tin_manhow since you basically only have your core OS, it might be better to go with a new install, and use your up-to-date backup.21:06
the-noobso that's why I used `tasksel -r ubuntu-desktop` but looks like it did more...21:07
the-noobyeah, that up to date backup... any minute now21:07
SimonNLifconfig - configure a network interface       might be an option21:07
SimonNLman ifconfig21:07
the-noobwill a recovery cd solve anything?21:11
SimonNLis it worth it21:11
Tin_manI never had a recovery CD on linux. I just keep my personal files backed up, and re-install, it is the reconfiguring all the personal settings,and programs that's a pain.21:13
the-noobTin_man: indeed, I am able to do a clean install but reconfiguring and all that...21:14
Tin_manbut still easier than windows, especially MySql.21:14
Tin_mandepends on your time already invested in recovery, and how much time it will take to get back up and running.21:15
the-noobI'll probably timebox it21:16
the-nooblike give it another hour of try this and that21:16
the-noobafter just reinstall21:16
rfmthe-noob, I'd read about "Temporary IP address assigment" in https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html.en21:17
Tin_manprobably good thinking21:17
rfmthe-noob, you should be able to get the new net interface up temporarily, then you can re-install a desktop and get network-manager back, then config the net permanently with the nm gui..21:19
the-noobrfm: there goes a quarter of my timebox :))21:19
the-noobbut looks like a good read, ty21:19
Skybothi - I have this scenario where I use this new install of Ubuntu where I use it very irregularly... I see with this new install there's an option for live patch service.  I'm just a standard users learning linux... how crucial is it that I need this live patch enabled?21:33
Ben64not very21:33
Skybotthanks in advance.21:33
Skybotok, ty.21:34
Skybotanyone else?21:34
Ben64it's more for people who don't want to reboot, like there are services that might be critical or whatever21:34
Skybotahh, clear as a bell, thx.21:34
the-noobok, got the network working21:49
the-noobnot very helpful, if you ask me, but it's working21:49
the-noobany idea how I can debug a 'but it is not going to be installed'?21:51
the-noobstill having those dependency issues21:52
hggdhthe-noob: did you apt update?21:52
the-noobyes, no errors21:53
hggdhthe-noob: the "... but it is not going to be installed" usually points to a discrepancy between a package and its dependencies. Should not happen if all you are installing is from the official repos21:54
hggdhthis could be because you do not have an up-to-date list of packages (what sudo apt update would give you), or because you are mixing official and non-official repos21:55
the-noobI've disabled everything in sources.list.d21:56
hggdhand what do you have in /etc/apt/source.list? Use pastebin, please21:56
the-noobI knew you're going to ask so was just looking now21:58
the-noobthe last chunk in the answer, that's what I have21:58
the-noobcopy pasted from there21:58
the-noobone sec.. progress has been made!21:58
energizerim getting started with kde and i have a bunch of questions:21:59
the-noobapt-get install -f did lots of stuff21:59
energizerwhen i switch windows from terminator, the text dims. how can i prevent that, so i can read it when its not in focus?21:59
hggdhthe-noob: ah, could well be. Yes, let it run21:59
energizerhow can i set a custom keyboard shortcut? all the buttons in Keyboard Shortcuts seem to be for changing the keys for already-existing commands22:00
the-noobtasksel is now working and doing stuff22:00
energizeri set a theme called Arc Dark and the context menu on all my windows is white text on light gray background and completely impossible to read22:00
the-noobenergizer: you will need to add a new shortcut yourself22:02
the-noobas for the other bits.. I had .. Breeze? installed and looked good22:03
energizerthe-noob: how do i add a new shortcut myself22:04
energizerdo i have to write a script and save it, and select it?22:04
the-noobno, you can use the GUI22:05
energizerthe-noob: i dont see a button for that22:05
energizerthe-noob: for example if i want to run `notify-send "Hello, World!"` by pressing Ctrl+F9, what do I do?22:07
genericthere are serious problems here. ok first it was only firefox crashing that made me suspcious. now chromium and netsurf crashes too22:07
genericim running from ram22:07
generici had one tab open22:07
the-noobso, alt + space, will trigger the top-center 'run ..'22:07
generici blocked out all traffic other than the connection to dns and the page I was watching22:07
the-noobin that box type `shortcuts` and select global shortcuts22:08
generichowever sysrq keys still work after the crash *wtf*22:08
the-noobyou'll see a + sign in bottom left, you can add fro there22:08
energizerthe-noob: no plus sign22:09
energizerthe-noob: there is a button "..." with hover-text "add a new shortcut to an application". if i click that it gives me a list of applications.22:10
the-noobwhat version are you running ?22:11
the-noobcommand menu (alt+space) -> about system22:14
energizerthe-noob: how do i find out22:14
the-noobsee above22:15
energizercould you repost, i got dced22:16
the-noobcommand menu (alt+space) -> about system22:16
energizerkubuntu 18.04 kde plasma 5.12.622:16
the-noobok, and if you run 'global shortcuts' from the command menu22:17
energizeri have a window open called Global Keyboard Shortcuts22:19
the-nooband there's no big + button on bottom left ?22:20
the-noobabove help ?22:20
energizerno there are two buttons called "..." and "..."22:20
energizerwith hover text "add a shortcut to an application" "remove the selected component"22:21
the-noobhm, must be something with the locale then22:21
the-noobbut yeah, use the first one on left22:21
the-noobthe one with 'add a shortcut to an application"22:22
energizerok it gives a list of applications22:22
energizerin a tree of categorie22:22
the-noobok, backtracking a bit... what do you want the shortcut to do ?22:23
energizerrun emacsclient with a certain list of arguments22:25
the-noobok, then mah bad22:26
the-noobyou need the custom shortcuts menu22:26
the-noobcommand menu-> custom->custom shortcuts22:26
the-noobright click on left side22:26
energizerah now we're talking22:26
the-noobnew-> global shortcut ->command/ url22:27
the-noobthen you'll have 3 tabs on right22:27
the-noobtrigger is the key sequence and action is your command22:27
energizerok i set up a shortcut but it doesnt seem to do anything22:33
the-noobhave you set the trigger?22:36
the-noobjust replace your action with a quick test22:38
the-nooblike 'notify-send test'22:38
the-noobif that works then your command is wrong22:38
the-noobif not, then the key binding is :)22:38
energizerok did it again, worked this time22:41
waterxxguys i have some questions about power management on laptop running lubuntu. it seems alot better on windows at the moment. is there any way to get the same or similar features.22:47
waterxxlike for example, I cant lower display brightness, and it wont go to sleep after inactivity. only the screen will shut down no proper sleep mode22:48
granttrecwhat happens when you make a .desktop file, the program loads up, then the icon become a question mark23:10
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