Eickmeyerkrytarik, OvenWerks, eylul: Just looking for an opinion. We have a person on the facebook page that posts every day at the same time of day posts which are links to linux-related articles but usually aren't Studio related in scope or otherwise. 23:12
EickmeyerAll of the articles appear to be to his own website, which means he's simply just driving traffic, and the fact that it is the same time of day means its automated. In my book, that's spam. Should I remove him?23:12
krytarikI'd agree, yes.23:14
Eickmeyerkrytarik: Thanks. Was mostly looking for your opinion. :)23:15
EickmeyerOkay, removed and blocked, and posted a friendly warning.23:24
EickmeyerI had muted him before for 7 days, but after the mute was over he persisted.23:24
krytarikOh, it would appear the Google+ situation never got resolved yet?23:38

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