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Wafficushey guys, question about installing a terminal emulator called terminator using a .pkg on Lubuntu02:25
Wafficusdo I just cd into it using LxTerminal, and use the "make" command?02:26
Wafficusnewbie linux user here02:26
xanguaSudo apt-get install lxterminal02:27
Wafficushey there02:29
Wafficusyeah I already have lxterminal02:29
Wafficusthe thing is02:29
WafficusI don't want the latest release at all02:29
Wafficuscause it doesn't allow for transparency02:29
Wafficusits a known bug, and I downloaded terminator-1.0-2 instead02:29
WafficusI unzipped the .pkg file into its own folder02:30
Wafficusthe issue I'm having is how to force lubuntu to install the contents of the directory02:30
WafficusI tried following this newbie guide but with no luck:02:30
ghostnik11hi i am having trouble installing lubuntu 18.04 onto asus t100ta. installation fails during grub2 installation. it suddenly hangs and crashes03:38
ghostnik11how can i fix this issue and then install properly lubuntu 18.0403:39
tsimonq2EFI or BIOS?03:39
ghostnik11eif tsimonq203:41
ghostnik11tsimonq2: its one of those 2 in 1 devices that came with windows 8. in the past i had ubuntu 16.04 on it and it installed with no problem so when i went to install lubuntu 18.04 i thought i would be a breeze but i have failed now 4 times to install it and it always freezes at the same point03:42
tsimonq2ghostnik11: Have you tried completely wiping the MBR with GParted prior to starting the installer?03:44
ghostnik11tsimonq2: no but i always choose to wipe entire disk so i don't know why the mbr actually has stayed03:47
tsimonq2ghostnik11: Give that a try; if that works then there's a bug on our side.03:47
ghostnik11tsimonq2: like i need to press esc to be able to see the options i have. then i can get into bios. but the bios only has an option to deactivate uefi. i don't get legacy option in boot03:48
ghostnik11tsimonq2: okay i will try to have gparted from live usb delete the mbr03:48
WafficusHi there, I need to install a font called Ahem on my Lubuntu laptop03:54
Wafficusis this possible?03:54
ghostnik11tsimonq2: okay i have deleted everything in the /dev/mmcblk1 hard drive and just have 29.12 gib unallocated space. should i try and run the installation now?04:00
tsimonq2ghostnik11: Try it.04:01
ghostnik11tsimonq2: okay its installing and this time in the installation window it said it didn't notice any OS detected on /dev/mmcblk1 so i am crossing my fingers04:18
ghostnik11tsimonq2: i don't know if this will help but it always seems to freeze around installing i386-efi platform04:28
ghostnik11tsimonq2: i don't understand why? is there a way i can tell it from live cd to skip grub installation?04:28
tsimonq2ghostnik11: Skipping GRUB will leave your system unbootable. :P04:29
ghostnik11it just froze again once it got to: lubuntu ubiquity: installing for i386-efi platform04:29
ghostnik11tsimonq2: yeah but could i then go back into live cd and tell it to build grub? or no04:29
ghostnik11tsimonq2: this makes no sense to me. for ubuntu 16.04 it installed with no problem. so i don't know why its freezing04:30
tsimonq2ghostnik11: Maybe try switching to legacy boot and retrying as a workaround.04:30
ghostnik11tsimonq2: i don't have an option for legacy boot, these were the 2 in 1 devices that they (oem) put a 32 bit uefi onto a 64bit processor. i don't know why uefi was ever invented, it just gives people a bigger headache04:32
tsimonq2These devices...04:32
tsimonq2ghostnik11: If Ubuntu 16.04 works, try installing Lubuntu 16.04 and upgrading.04:32
tsimonq2Bad Intel is bad...04:32
ghostnik11tsimonq2: but that would be worst no? why can't i just do a fresh install!! isn't fresh install always better than upgrading?04:33
tsimonq2ghostnik11: A fresh install upgraded to 18.04 would still be OK.04:34
ghostnik11tsimonq2: okay i will try it that way, but won't i lose hard disk space doing it that way?04:35
tsimonq2ghostnik11: Not really.04:36
lubuanyone have any guides to theme customisation?12:26
hehehehow I can find a particular key keycode?17:48
heheheI want to remap keyboard17:48
hehehe2 keys yet to work after water spill17:49
lyorianhehehe: what did you do?18:28
norttiI upgraded to 18.04.1 lts from 16.04 lts today (system started its life as 14.04 lts). ever since I installed it, there's been a graphical prompt that pops up when I use a passphrase-protected ss key, but it seems to be gone now. is this intended, and how can I configure it back?20:29
norttiadditionally, it would appear that whatever is used for the graphical sudo prompts doesn't work, since starting synaptic from the menu does nothing and starting it from the command line with the same command gives a terminal-based one20:30
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Hello folks23:44
lubot5<tsimonq2> Heya23:45
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> I have lubuntu latest version, any idea how change screen scale, i have a 24 smart tv and font not see23:45
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Yes23:46
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> All very small in 1920x108023:48
wxlone sec Dario23:51
wxlhave you tried Preferences > Monitor Settings?23:51
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Yes but no see any option for change dpi23:52
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Only resolution and refresh rate23:52
wxlok we might have to do this the hard way23:53
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Ok23:53
wxli.e. with xrandr23:53
wxllet me make sure i get the command right23:53
wxloh it's got a --dpi switch yay23:54
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> How?23:54
wxlso running xrandr alone will give you a list of all your screens23:54
wxlusually they'll be named something like VGA-1 or whatever23:55
wxlxrandr --output <NAME> --dpi <VALUE> should be what youw ant23:55
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Yyes23:55
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Ok a second23:55
wxlif for some reason that fails, try --scale yxz23:56
wxlwhere y and z are some values like 0.75x0.7523:56
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Command for monitor list?23:57
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> I need insert 92 dpi23:57
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Ok23:58
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> VGA-023:58

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