jameshrobert_ancell: congratulations!  I haven't heard back about mine yet00:54
duflujamesh, sorry I wasn't aware of the pulseaudio merge proposal. No need for reviews there because I have no opinion and it will be reviewed in the sponsorship process, and tested in the "proposed" process01:53
jameshduflu: no problem.  I asked ken to sponsor it.01:53
jameshduflu: I didn't chase you for a review so it's on me.01:54
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didrocksgood morning06:15
dufluMorning didrocks06:15
didrockshey duflu06:16
tsimonq2Hey didrocks and duflu, how goes it?06:32
didrockstsimonq2: I'm ok, thanks, yourself?06:33
dufluGoes OK. You, tsimonq2?06:33
tsimonq2Pretty good.06:33
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:59
dufluHi oSoMoN07:04
oSoMoNhey duflu07:05
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didrockshey oSoMoN07:14
* didrocks reboots on cosmic (maybe)07:14
didrockssounds like it worked07:16
oSoMoNsalut didrocks07:25
seb128good morning desktopers07:31
seb128brb, connecting vpn07:32
didrockshey seb12807:34
seb128lut didrocks, how are you?07:34
didrocksI'm ok, yourself?07:35
dufluHey seb12807:36
seb128I'm fine07:36
seb128hey duflu, having a good day?07:36
dufluseb128, it's not bad but too early to tell if successful07:36
dufluYou seb128?07:37
seb128I slept well and was not woken up during the night, that's a good start :)07:37
dufluYes. Sleep is everything07:37
dufluand fixes everything07:37
dufluexcept mutter bugs07:38
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seb128I'm trying to get http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/desktop-packages.html in shape, not a lot of people doing merges/updates nowadays07:38
seb128(which I guess it's fine, it's not the main things we need to focus on and everyone is busy with useful things)07:39
oSoMoNsalut seb12807:39
seb128lut oSoMoN, en forme ?07:40
oSoMoNoui, et toi?07:40
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seb128oSoMoN, désolé j'avais pas vu ton commentaire, head down dans les merges :) ça va bien !08:26
seb128oSoMoN, libreoffice 6.1.1 is out it seems, that business never stops :)08:39
seb128RAOF, hey, another colord reminder :)08:39
RAOF> <@freenode_seb128:matrix.org> RAOF, hey, another colord reminder :)08:41
RAOFTa. I should get to that tomorrow, once my laptop has fully recovered from its second hard drive failure 😐08:41
seb128oh :(08:41
seb128good luck with the disk issue08:41
RAOFThe new ones have arrived, and the backup is mostly restored already. It'll be fine!08:43
seb128backup ftw!08:43
oSoMoNseb128, indeed, I'll update the snap now and will prepare the deb update for when 6.1.0 is in the archive (the FFe got granted)08:57
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seb128oSoMoN, yeah, I saw, nice :) technically you don't need to wait to push another update, but up to you, there is no hurry08:58
seb128didrocks, Trevinho, what's the right command to grab debian changes from this packaging branch? since pristine-tar and upstream/latest are supposed to do the same I do "git pull", but for the packaging since there is a diff what's the right way to bring debian changes in our branch? git merge? or git pull works there too?09:01
didrocksseb128: sorry, which branch are you talking about?09:04
seb128I'm updating gnome-initial-setup09:04
seb128we have 3.29.1-1ubuntu109:04
seb128I did the update to 3.29.92-1 to debian/experimental09:04
seb128I'm in ubuntu/master09:05
seb128I wonder if I "git merge salsa/debian/experimental"09:05
seb128or "git pull"09:05
didrocksok, so you need to first pull pristine-tar and upstream/latest from debian, correct?09:05
seb128that I did09:05
didrocksok ;)09:05
didrocksI would say git merge as you wrote09:05
seb128as I said "git pull salsa pristine-tar" seems to have worked09:05
didrocksbut the merge procedure wasn't written09:05
seb128Marco told me to "git pull", before I was doing "git merge" for those as well09:06
didrocksI was expecting debian contributors to define it, as it's the thing I'm unsure09:06
seb128for pristine-tar&upstream/latest09:06
didrocksyeah, git pull/merge is fine if we are in sync09:06
seb128I'm unsure what the difference is09:06
seb128I know pull works when there is no divergence09:06
seb128but since debian/experimental and ubuntu/master have diff I wanted to make sure ot use the right command09:07
seb128git merge doesn't seem it's wrong then :)09:07
seb128didrocks, thx09:07
didrocksyeah, if there are diff, git merge09:07
dufluMan that's devious. My builds have failed for a couple of weeks because of a gir bug that changes the build outcome if the install dir already exists09:33
* duflu -> cooking duty \o10:00
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Trevinhoseb128: hey https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/3389 should be ready to publish if you're fine. In that case let me know that I push the commit with changelog finalization to the vcs too12:30
didrocksjibel: probably a stupid question, but for looking at local disks only for telemetry data, is the assumption to look at "sd*" block devices sounds good to you?13:02
jibeldidrocks, no, it's vd* in vm for example13:07
didrocksso {s;v}d*?13:08
jibeldidrocks, let me check13:08
jibeldidrocks, what do you want to do?13:09
didrocksjibel: fixing the bug you opened to grab disk info ;)13:10
didrocksso scanning /sys/block/13:10
jibeldidrocks, I cannot find a good reference but it would be {h;s;v}d*13:24
didrocksjibel: makes sense, so, grabbing the size in block size, then, multiplying by the local block size and done13:25
didrocksforget about h*, too many years I didn't use a spinning disk :)13:25
seb128tjaalton, reminder of minor updates in the xorg stack that would be nice to be done :) libxinerama libxbkcommon libxss xbitmaps (also wayland and libinput as less minor)13:26
jibeldidrocks, there is mmc too for sd cards, but maybe we can skip those for the moment13:27
seb128Trevinho, hey, looks good, I clicked the publish button13:28
didrocksjibel: yeah, I don't count them as "local disk", at least, on desktop system13:29
Trevinhoseb128: good, vcs is updated then13:29
Trevinhoseb128: pulling from mine should be fine13:30
seb128Trevinho, you have commit access? or do you mean I should pull from your vcs and push to ~ubuntu-desktop?13:30
Trevinhowell, you've to do it in ubuntu/bionic branch though which is not yet on ~desktop13:30
Trevinhoseb128: my vcs...13:30
Trevinhoyou should add my remote, pull ubuntu/bionic from there while pristine-tar and upstream/2.56.x can be pulled from salsa13:31
Trevinho(but mine should be updated too)13:31
didrocksjibel: thanks for the hint! I'll try to get that into the release as well (alongside the dcd stuff)13:31
jibeldidrocks, thanks13:32
seb128Trevinho, k, let me know if I screw up something13:40
seb128Trevinho, git question of the day, is there a way to see the diff between the locale and remote tags to see if you forgot to push one?13:41
Trevinhoseb128: looks all good, thanks13:42
seb128Trevinho, oh, and second question of the day, how do I tell git that the default remote for ubuntu/bionic should be changed to origin/ubuntu/bionic?13:42
seb128it tells me it's uptodate with yours13:42
Trevinhogit ls-remote --tags13:43
seb128but that was a one time, I want it to point to ~ubuntu-desktop now13:43
seb128ls-remote --tags doesn't give you an easy "diff" though?13:43
Trevinhogit ls-remote --tags ubuntu-desktop (or whatever is ubuntu remote is) and you see what's there13:43
Trevinhomh, no, you can mix it with another command easily13:43
seb128I guess I can | awk to a file and do the same with the local tags and diff the lists13:44
seb128it's a bit tedious though13:44
Trevinhoseb128: diff -u <(git tag -l) <(git ls-remote --tags ubuntu-desktop)13:44
seb128those don't have the same format :p13:45
Trevinhoseb128: or something like diff -u <(git ls-remote --tags .) <(git ls-remote --tags ubuntu-desktop)13:46
Trevinhothat should work13:46
Trevinhoor similar output with diff -u <(git tag -l) <(git ls-remote --tags ubuntu-desktop | cut -f2) but might imply sorting13:48
seb128$ diff -u  <(git tag) <(git ls-remote --tags | awk {'print $2'} | sed 's#refs/tags/##' | grep -v '\^')13:48
seb128that works13:48
seb128Trevinho, thx :)13:48
seb128Trevinho, and for changing ubuntu/bionic to point to origin instead of marco?13:49
Trevinhoseb128: `git branch -u origin/ubuntu/bionic`13:50
seb128Trevinho, great, thx :)13:51
kenvandinejamesh, i'm working on sponsoring pulseaudio for cosmic right now13:51
Trevinhoor full command is --set-upstream-to=13:52
kenvandinei'll do bionic and xenial next week13:52
Trevinhoseb128: if ubuntu/bionic is the current, otherwise metnion that too13:52
jameshkenvandine: okay.  I was just checking in on my PPA test builds for the backports.  They both succeeded but testing will wait for tomorrow: https://launchpad.net/~jamesh/+archive/ubuntu/desktop-test/+packages13:52
seb128right, it was13:52
kenvandinejamesh, cool, plenty of time before i sponsor them :)13:53
kenvandinejamesh, i'll be out tomorrow and returning on tuesday13:53
kenvandinejamesh, uploaded to cosmic14:02
GunnarHjHello seb128!14:12
GunnarHjseb128: I'd like to call the team's attention to bug #1786344 (comment #10). It's probably important enough to prioritize.14:12
ubot5bug 1786344 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Default IBus input method ignored in live session" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178634414:12
seb128hey GunnarHj, thanks14:13
seb128GunnarHj, can you open a gnome-control-center report for the regression there and give me the number? Robert would probably be the right person to look to that14:16
GunnarHjseb128: Sure, I'll do that. Will you look at the installer thing?14:19
seb128GunnarHj, yes, but I wonder what component changed to create the issue :/14:19
seb128could be gnome-settings-daemon or gnome-shell14:21
GunnarHjseb128: I had a look at g-s-d. The IBus patch has not been changed.14:21
seb128I don't see anything weird in the upstream commits either14:22
GunnarHjseb128: Another thing: When i upgraded Cosmic yesterday, I lost the network connection completely. Does it sound familiar, or was it just me?14:22
seb128just you from what I know14:24
seb128did it come back after a reboot ?14:24
seb128or did you have to configure it back?14:24
GunnarHjseb128: Nope. I don't know how to configure it back... Will probably take the 'opportunity' to start it all over with a fresh install.14:25
seb128is that a wired or wifi connection?14:27
GunnarHjseb128: Wired. Mobile broadband isn't recognized either.14:28
seb128$ systemctl status NetworkManager14:28
GunnarHjseb128: It's on a separate partition. Will try that and get back to you later.14:29
jbichaGunnarHj: what's your opinion on https://salsa.debian.org/fonts-team/fonts-noto-cjk/commit/c3424492 for cosmic?14:54
jbichaoh never mind, it's already been synced :)14:55
GunnarHjjbicha: Thanks for mentioning it anyway. We currently handle that via config files shipped with l-s, and I don't think that the change will affect us at all. Possibly it means that we can drop some files, but that needs to be done in consultation with Chinese users, and I think we'd better leave it as is in 18.10.15:16
jbichajibel: do you have time & interest in verifying the Evolution SRUs for bionic?16:12
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jibeljbicha, I can have a look tomorrow18:14

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