ghostnik11nacc: it seems like by putting that work around into the kernel actually increases the amount of memmory being used. well this is still just using lubuntu 18.04 from live usb, because before when i was first using it and didn't add the change the memory was only around 200mb being used but now it seems to be 300mb being used. i have 2gb ram but we will see after its done installing00:05
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ghostnik11nacc: okay maybe it is installation. it freezes at installing the grub2 package00:12
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karthyk my laptop takes a very long time to boot and trying to open any gui program ends up with a bus error what is wrong?01:26
=== Tin__man is now known as Tin_man
neildugankarthyk, probably your hdd is on the way out01:34
torebroI ran the Ubuntu 18.04.1 installer and chose to install it onto a USB disk. On an old desktop, I could then boot Ubuntu off the disk. However, when trying to boot it on a new Windows 10 / UEFI laptop, it just dumps me at a Grub prompt. What do I do here? I'm not advanced enough to do this.01:38
karthykneildugan i tried booting using a usb stick its the same problem01:38
torebrokarthyk: same problem as me?01:39
karthykwhen i run systemd-analyze blame it showing that my computer booted up in a minuite but actually it took like 15mins01:39
guiverckarthyk, you can quickly look at hdd health via gnome-disks (use your live system) or `smartctl` (a lot more info but harder to read) - just a thought01:40
karthyki tried booting up with a usb stick forget about hdd01:40
karthyksame problem01:40
karthyknot the hard disk01:40
neildugankarthyk, did you remove the hdd when booting from the usbstick01:42
karthykno i choosed usb in boot menu01:42
karthyki didnt physically remvoe it tho01:42
neildugankarthyk, try physically removing it (unpluging the sata data cable is enough) then boot off the usdstick and see how that goes01:43
karthykok i will try now01:43
karthykits the same problem nothing changed01:45
karthykit just stuck at welcome to grub message for like 10 minutes01:47
guiverctorebro, where did you install grub to?  if it was the hdd on your old desktop; it will fail on any machine that doesn't have that hdd installed.  you need grub to point to the usb device  (stage 1 is first sector/mbr; later stages are /boot which can be a different drive - your old desktop drive maybe?)01:48
neildugankarthyk, does the bus error give any indication as to what device?01:48
karthykwtf why did so many people leave01:49
karthyknet split?01:49
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meadnet split is when the one or more individual servers get disconnected from the one you are connected to,  suddenly those people connected to the other side disconnect01:50
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torebroguiverc: I did not install GRUB anywhere. My intent was to make a portable Ubuntu installation. I just ran the Ubuntu installer, and chose the USB drive as the target.01:56
torebroI then unplugged the drive and put it in another computer, hoping to boot it01:56
karthykcan someone look at the logs and tell me what is wrong01:58
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guiverckarthyk, that's an Arch log, not a Ubuntu one thus off-topic here.02:04
leftyfbkarthyk: you have a bad hard drive ... and you're not running ubuntu02:07
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guiverctorebro, the grub prompt you describe sounds like grub stage 1 not finding the later stage; so you may not have intended to install grub, but I bet you did. I would have installed grub to the usb device, it'd have included menu to whatever else was on the old-desktop, which you can remove later (or make it match where you will mostly use it).   you can boot from grub rescue, this may help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/02:08
torebroguiverc: the Ubuntu installer never asked me where to install GRUB.02:19
torebroI just chose the target drive and clicked Continue02:19
torebroI can't troubleshoot GRUB, the tiny font on my 15" 4k screen gave me a headache and I had to give up02:21
torebroI think I'm gonna give up02:21
torebrothe Ubuntu installer has another huge issue from a usability POV: the screen where you select the target drive is AFTER the one where you select "Normal installation" and click the "Install now" button (where you're warned all data will be lost). So to the average user (i.e. me), they have no idea what's gonna happen when you click Install Now. I felt it was a 50/50 chance if I get asked to02:24
torebropick a drive on the next screen, or if Ubuntu will auto-select my single HDD and wipe my data.02:24
torebroIt should be a Continue button, then after you select the target drive, THEN show Install Now button02:24
guiverctorebro, that opinion is more a 'bug' that would need to be reported on launchpad (user experience on installer) as it's mainly users here. i usually setup my partitions outside installer, always use 'something else' & use what I wrote down on my recycled-envelope before hand.  you could fix your 'usb-thumb-drive' on a different system (as long as not the old-desktop); as you want it to work via usb only anyway...02:37
odroidhello silly monkey's02:40
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ryuoreal clever.02:41
* ryuo rolls their eyes.02:41
FUsoon you will know nothing02:41
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craigbass76Can anyone in here help with hplip? I've gone through and removed it, installed an older one (3.16.11 was the last one I heard worked right) and still can't scan. `unable to load library libm.so`02:50
craigbass76Can anyone in here help with hplip? I've gone through and removed it, installed an older one (3.16.11 was the last one I heard worked right) and still can't scan. `unable to load library libm.so`02:54
craigbass76^^ wasn't sure if that registered. My freenode "identify" command hadn't worked yet02:54
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guiverccraigbass76, what version of Ubuntu, and if you type `whereis libm` do you get anything?03:04
craigbass76guiverc, libm: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.a  <-- I'm on 18.0403:05
guivercwhere did you get the hplip from?  I see no version of that in ubuntu repos?03:08
guivercmine has libm.so & libm.a; a dpkg -S shows it's from `libc6-dev` package - you could try installing that package...03:09
craigbass76I grabbed an older one from sourceforge.03:12
craigbass76libc6-dev was already at the newest version03:12
craigbass76I've got a Mint 18 box downstairs -- I'll see what versions of stuff it's running tomorrow I guess and go from there.03:13
craigbass76Prints fine, I just was hoping to scan some receipts in...03:13
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LiHow to find list of user installed packages? 'not the ones installed by default on the system'03:26
guivercLi try `apt-mark showmanual`03:29
guiverc(it may show more than actually; I now see python I didn't install in my test)03:31
BL34234234234234Anyone doing any ubuntu blogs03:33
BL34234234234234You should take a look at this project03:33
guivercLi, `comm -23 <(aptitude search '~i !~M' -F '%p' | sed "s/ *$//" | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)`  (from https://askubuntu.com/questions/2389/generating-list-of-manually-installed-packages-and-querying-individual-packages  & gets fewer results))03:33
lotuspsychjeBL34234234234234: stop please, only ubuntu issues here03:34
BL34234234234234Why is it ubuntu 18 acts funky with MySQL03:34
Liworks like magic! thanks ... do you know how to stop apt from 'The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:'03:36
lotuspsychje!details | BL3423423423423403:37
ubottuBL34234234234234: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.03:37
guivercLi, I don't know how to stop message; but you can remove them with `sudo apt autoremove`03:38
lotuspsychjeLi: apt should also have suggested this command at bottom, can you see it?03:38
qwebirc3653Hello, I was wondering if someone may be able to assist me with a query regarding the installation of ubuntu on a HDD. I am currently on a laptop running Windows 10, which has a 128 GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. The Windows OS is currently stored on the SSD and I use the HDD as a storage device. There is about 700GB of freespace on the HDD and so I would like to partition about 250GB of it to be used for Ubuntu. 1) Is this possible? 2) W03:40
qwebirc36532) Will it affect the data currently stored on my Hdd?03:40
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: yes its possible, but before proceed read these closely:03:41
lotuspsychje!dualboot | qwebirc365303:41
ubottuqwebirc3653: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:41
lotuspsychje!uefi | qwebirc365303:41
ubottuqwebirc3653: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:41
qwebirc3653thank you very much03:41
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: remember, always have a good backup before installing, and when prepare the right way, setup will guide you to install ubuntu along windows03:42
qwebirc3653lotuspyschje, so just to confirm once again, my 1TB HDD has 765 GB freespace. I would like to partition this 765 into 250GB + 415 GB, then install Ubuntu from a live USB on the 250 GB partition. This will not affect the currently occupied ~230 GB of data right? Thanks again03:45
qwebirc3653250 + 515 GB*03:46
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: its no problem to make a new partition in free space of a hd03:52
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: a sane way to do it, we see alot of users creating this new partition from windows for an easy ubuntu setup03:52
qwebirc3653So windows will see the HDD as ~750 GB instead of ~1TB after the partition yes?03:54
qwebirc3653and I can continue using that 750 normally on windows for storage03:54
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: yes03:54
qwebirc3653thank you very much, I will make a backup and try it out :)03:55
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: if its free space right03:55
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: how much data is occupied on that 1TB?03:55
qwebirc3653148 GB right now03:55
qwebirc3653765 is free03:55
lotuspsychjeqwebirc3653: ok plenty free left then!03:55
lotuspsychjeyou are good to go03:55
sudormrfhi everyone. having an issue when I try to have a script run via a cron job (as in the job is executing a local script on a remote host). It says "sh ./scriptname.sh: not found". script is listed as executable and has #!/bin/sh at the top of the script. any idea what may be happening here? never seen this before. most of my google searches are people saying "put #!/bin/sh at the top"04:01
sudormrfalready did chmod +x on the script04:01
sudormrfand even stranger, one of the scripts in that directory executes, the other doesn't04:02
leftyfbsudormrf: set the full path to the script04:02
sudormrfleftyfb, tried that04:03
sudormrfsame issue04:03
leftyfbsudormrf: please pastebin your crontab and ls -l <full path to script>04:04
sudormrfleftyfb, one sec04:05
sudormrfright now I am just trying this manaully04:05
sudormrfhaven't moved it to cron04:05
sudormrfso crontab is presently empty. but I will ls -l the path to script04:05
sudormrfthere is the output of the ls04:06
sudormrfif I manually run the ssh with the lights_out.sh script it works fine04:06
sudormrflights_on.sh is having the issue04:06
sudormrfhappy to dump those so you can see them04:07
sudormrfhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qQ9FPvktpK/ <- out. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fwcpHWp3sF/ <- on04:07
aruncHello, I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit. When I try to apt install npm it says ` npm : Depends: node-gyp (>= 0.10.9) but it is not going to be installed`04:12
aruncHas anyone face the same error before?04:12
lotuspsychjearunc: have you added external ppa's to your system?04:12
arunclotuspsychje: No, I haven't. I didn't know that I have to. Thanks, let me try that. I'm trying to configure Kallithea https://kallithea.readthedocs.io/en/default/setup.html#setup04:13
lotuspsychjearunc: hastebin the output of sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade please04:14
sudormrfleftyfb, thoughts?04:15
lotuspsychje!patience | sudormrf04:16
ubottusudormrf: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/04:16
arunclotuspsychje: here you go https://hastebin.com/honifopavu.sql04:16
lotuspsychjearunc: thats not the command that i asked04:16
aruncoh damn.. I missed it sorry04:17
arunclotuspsychje: https://hastebin.com/mogegufuja.sql04:18
lotuspsychjearunc: you added external ppa's to your system, that make these dependencies scrambled04:20
arunclotuspsychje: Ah!! Should I get rid of vscode?04:22
lotuspsychjearunc: i would advice to ppapurge your sources.list back to vanilla ubuntu and install npm from the ubuntu repos04:22
aruncMay be npm that comes with vscode interfere with this?04:23
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | arunc04:23
ubottuarunc: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html04:23
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arunclotuspsychje: how do i get the list of ppa's to purge?04:27
lotuspsychje!sources | arunc04:27
ubottuarunc: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.04:27
lotuspsychjearunc: you can also check in software&sources04:28
aruncI see, thanks.. I'm on i3.. need to switch to a UI that can allow writeable access to software and source.04:29
arunclotuspsychje: still same error. apt update && apt full-upgrade -> https://hastebin.com/axibidihan.sql04:47
aruncShould I try installing it from source?04:50
lotuspsychjearunc: sudo apt install npm04:51
arunclotuspsychje:  `npm : Depends: node-gyp (>= 0.10.9) but it is not going to be installed`04:52
lotuspsychjearunc: can you hastebin your sources.list too please?04:52
arunclotuspsychje: https://hastebin.com/onigemoyiv.shell04:54
lotuspsychjearunc: lsb_release -a ?04:55
arunclotuspsychje: 18.04 LTS04:56
arunclotuspsychje: https://hastebin.com/cuyarisuzi.makefile04:56
lotuspsychjearunc: something weird going on man...system is not up to date to 18.04.1 and your sources mention artful?04:57
lotuspsychjearunc: and deb cdrom trusty04:57
arunclotuspsychje: lol.. no idea buddy.. i just do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade everyday I login04:58
lotuspsychjearunc: wich was your previous ubuntu version04:58
aruncsorry, I don't remember, I have been using it since a _long time_ and I kept upgrading it for every release04:58
lotuspsychjearunc: i think you should doublecheck your sources, add the bionic ones and sudo apt update04:59
lotuspsychjearunc: cause looks like things got scrambled05:00
arunclotuspsychje: sure.. can you send me your sources? I can add that and do a update && full-upgrade05:00
lotuspsychjearunc: mine are from belgium..05:00
aruncah, OK05:00
lotuspsychjearunc: https://hastebin.com/digozuyuba.shell looks like this05:01
lotuspsychjearunc: would be best finding them for your country05:01
arunclotuspsychje: sure, will do.. thanks.. let me try this05:01
lotuspsychjearunc: but read the !sources trigger, it should mention05:01
arunclotuspsychje: thanks, it's upgrading all the packages _now_!05:05
aruncI was wondering why my other dev box runs kernel 4.15 and not this one.. this explains..05:06
liquid-silenceMorning all, has anyone here tried using battle.net with Lutris?05:17
Thanoswhere can I check motherboard compatibility?05:19
raddyHello Everybody05:20
raddyIs it possible to enable live patching in ubuntu 18 with command line ?05:21
arunclotuspsychje: that did the trick, thanks! I am able to install npm05:25
slyjesterIf anyone is around, I'm trying to figure out audio input on 18.04 running kernel 4.18.505:25
slyjesterIt's literally just horrible crackle / static noises, although it does respond to me saying something through the microphone05:26
slyjesterI've tried killing pulse, and playing around with the gain etc but thats not working05:26
ashishhi i want to update my libreoffice but ppa is not updated to 6.1 yet. can anyone suggest how to update existing libreoffice05:31
ashishi have downloaded libreoffice.deb, but there are so many deb files after extracting folder, i want to installing only packages which comes by default in ubuntu i.e. writer, calc, impress and draw05:32
BlackDalekHi. Is there anyway to make Ubuntu play all commercial DVDs? I've installed all the recommended packages, Ubuntu-Restricted-Extras, libdvdpkg, VLC... but I still have trouble playing roughly 50% of discs in my collection. Problems with menu navigation is the major issue encountered. Sometimes a DVD main menu won't load at all or skips straight to a sub menu or video content. My DVDs are all commercially produced and comprise of05:33
BlackDalekall different regions. All regions play. DVDs from any region can have issues playing on Ubuntu. Is there a guaranteed way of making Ubuntu play all commercial DVDs or should I just stick with a dedicated DVD plyer?05:33
K0SHDCan anyone help w/ openvpn via terminal. I have a config file but it gives an error. Works on windows machine, ipad, and iphone05:33
raddyHello Everybody05:35
K0SHDhi raddy05:36
raddyCan we enable live patch in ubuntu 18 from the terminal?05:39
raddyWould livepatching be enabled by default for upgrades ?05:45
jlsarhi o/05:47
lotuspsychje!latest | ashish05:52
ubottuashish: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:52
raddyWould livepatching be enabled by default for upgrades ?05:53
lotuspsychjeraddy: no, livepatch is now offered in the welcome screen on 18.04 to enable/disable05:53
lotuspsychjeraddy: it needs an account to enable05:54
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lotuspsychje!dvd | BlackDalek05:55
ubottuBlackDalek: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:55
lotuspsychjeashish: see also the libreoffice snap, if you want newer05:56
raddylotuspsychje: How I can enable it in terminal if I did not install GUI?05:56
lotuspsychjeraddy: do you have GUI or not?05:59
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, I've been through installing all the recommended packages to enable playing of commercial DVDs and that doe allow a large portion to be playable, yet I still encounter problems with certain DVDs which would otherwise play faultlessly on a regular DVD player or Windows machine. Is it just a accepted fact that a properly configured Ubuntu simply can't play all commercial DVDs?05:59
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: try also ubuntu-restricted-extras and smplayer/vlc06:00
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: try launching your player from a terminal, to see what kind of errors you getting06:00
lotuspsychjeraddy: are you on server or desktop?06:01
raddylotuspsychje: Server06:01
lotuspsychjeraddy: ubuntu server already had this feature, join #ubuntu-server for more details06:02
raddyjoin #ubuntu-server06:03
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lotuspsychje!vpn | K0SHD06:10
ubottuK0SHD: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN06:10
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, I have about 50 different DVDs from varying regions that exhibit problems with menus. I my question is more, should I expect all these DVDs these play without problems or is it a known and accepted fact that not all DVDs can be played? Rather than a question "how do I make unplayable DVDs playable?". What I really want to know is, would I be wasting my time trying to get DVDs to play if it's "normal" to encounter06:13
BlackDalekDVDs that can't be played.06:13
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: before we generalize things, let's investigate first?06:14
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: try opening an unplayable dvd with a player, launched from a terminal, see errors? open a tail -f /var/log/syslog aswell06:15
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, I am starting the investigation as we speak... I have a stack of DVD and am testing them one by one.06:15
Thanosdvds. eww.06:16
jlesrhello, I'm getting random and frequent freezes on ubuntu 16.04, it started 2 days ago after updates, during freezes there are no unusual activity in logs and everything looks fine in system monitor, tried downgrading kernel to 4.8 and 4.4 but no luck06:17
lotuspsychjejlesr: you could try as test move to the hwe kernel perhaps06:17
lotuspsychje!hwe | jlesr06:17
ubottujlesr: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack06:17
wisewolfi used to get random freezes06:20
wisewolfturned out to be failing hardware06:20
jlesrit is also possible, this is my work computer which came with windows06:22
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BlackDaleklotuspsychje, this particular DVD is giving "core input error: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called" a lot in VLC whatever that means06:22
jlesrafter using few weeks windows completely crahsed so I switched to ubuntu06:22
macopythonI am using "s/#$UDPServerRun (\d)*/$UDPServerRun 2000 /g" /etc/rsyslog.conf to enable UDP server in rsyslog.conf. It is not working. Is there anything wrong here in regex ?06:23
lotuspsychje!info regionset | BlackDalek try this06:30
ubottuBlackDalek try this: regionset (source: regionset): view and modify the region code of DVD drives. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1-3.1 (bionic), package size 10 kB, installed size 36 kB06:30
lotuspsychjejlesr: at wich point exactly your computer freeze?06:34
jlesrno specific time or action, but usually after 20-30 mins after reboot06:35
lotuspsychjejlesr: leave a tail -f /var/log/syslog open and notice at wich point it freezes ok, write down the last errors06:36
lotuspsychje!info libdvdread4 | BlackDalek doublecheck if you got this?06:37
ubottuBlackDalek doublecheck if you got this?: libdvdread4 (source: libdvdread): library for reading DVDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.0.0-1 (bionic), package size 52 kB, installed size 164 kB06:37
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, another DVD I currently have in the drive is giving a continuous stream of "libdvdread: Get key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_36_1.VOB at 0x001f2baf  libdvdread: Elapsed time 0", the name of the VOB file increments with each successive error message. No menu for this DVD ever appears at all. Drive just keeps reading until it runs out of VOB files.06:39
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek_: this looks usefull aswell: http://www.videolan.org/developers/libdvdnav.html06:42
BlackDalek_lotuspsychje, This DVD actually just made my laptop shut down without warning. I just restarted it... it's never done that before so don't know if the shutdown was related.06:42
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek_: are this official dvd's or copyed/backupped ones?06:43
BlackDalek_lotus, official commercial store bought06:43
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek_: oh wait, repos got it too06:43
lotuspsychje!info libdvdnav406:44
ubottulibdvdnav4 (source: libdvdnav): DVD navigation library. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.0.0-1 (bionic), package size 41 kB, installed size 125 kB06:44
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ducasseBlackDalek_: did you obtain and install libdvdcss?06:45
BlackDalek_lotuspsychje, my computer informs me I already have the latest versions of libdvdread libdvdnav and libdvdcss installed06:45
BlackDalek_lotuspsychje, I know this because many commercial DVDs that require these play without issues. The problem is certain DVD still exhibit problems but it seems it is impossible to discern which DVDs are unplayable in linux until after you buy them.06:47
K0SHDubottu I have a .ovpn file w/ config info, and that doesn't seem to work, except for apple and windows products06:47
ubottuK0SHD: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:47
Thanosdvds are torture anyway.06:48
Thanoswhat horrible video quality.06:48
=== BlackDalek_ is now known as BlackDalek
K0SHDlotuspyychje do you know how to utilize the .ovpn files on ubuntu?06:48
K0SHDdisregard, figured it out :)06:50
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: did you try to set that region thing06:50
jlesrchromium might be the culprit o_o06:55
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, sorry no, didn't look are regionset... was distracted by watching DVDs06:56
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, regionset reports that no region has been set on the drive.06:58
widonWhat is the gnu bc config file, I want to set scale=xxx06:58
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, "Current Region Code settings:06:59
BlackDalekRPC Phase: II06:59
BlackDalektype: NONE06:59
BlackDalekvendor resets available: 406:59
BlackDalekuser controlled changes resets available: 506:59
BlackDalekdrive plays discs from region(s):, mask=0xFF06:59
=== Guest61266 is now known as Mr_Pan
BlackDalekoops. sorry for flood :)07:00
widonWhich file is the gnu bc's config file?07:02
SpookanBlackDalek: Maybe a longshot but, is it a special company dvds that aren't working, like "Walt Disney" "Sony" and so on?07:05
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, Spookan - another DVD I just put in - this time no DVD menu ever launches and after a few seconds VLC displays an error. This particular disc is TRON Legacy region 1 put out by Disney. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9WnBPYtnNM/07:06
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: try to set the right region to your dvdplayer, for the right dvd/region you are trying to play07:08
robotwizardProblem: git log,man command, git commit and other commands where the terminal becomes interactive and the user can type or navigate around is not working. I type the command and the next prompt appears instead of executing the command.07:09
robotwizardWhat I did: I don't remember doing anything specific, but I installed a terminal emulator called alacritty https://github.com/jwilm/alacritty. This problem did not crop up immediately though. I also messed around changing /etc/alternatives/x-terminal-emulator to the new emulator but later changed it back.07:09
robotwizardExceptions:the same commands when output to a file are working fine. eg:"git log > log.txt works" ! 'info' and 'less' commands seem to work even though they are the interactive type.07:09
BlackDaleklotuspsychje, I am very wary of setting the drive to a particular region as I own DVDs from multiple regions and don't want the drive to lock up after 4 region changes.07:09
SpookanBlackDalek: Why not rip them and make them region free?07:10
BlackDalekSpookan, I could, but why should I need to make duplicate files of content I already have when they should just play from the discs anyway?07:13
BlackDalekSpookan, plus that takes a lot of extra time I don't want to spend ripping discs.07:13
BlackDalekSpookan, also. Ripping them won't always fix the problem if the menus still don't function properly on the ripped copies.07:15
Thanosdont rip the menus.07:15
Thanosjust rip the movie.07:15
Thanosdvds suck anyway dude.07:15
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: doublecheck the troubleshooting at bottom: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs07:15
SpookanBlackDalek: Well if it's a diffrent region, then you can change it or rip it, otherwise you can't watch it. Or maybe you can make your dvd player/burner region free, but that's another story. ;)07:15
BlackDalekThanos, I like the menus sometimes ;)07:15
lotuspsychjemuflihin_: can we help you?07:16
Txlinux1any good ripping programs for 18.0407:22
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lotuspsychje!info handbrake | Txlinux107:26
ubottuTxlinux1: handbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0+ds1-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 3009 kB, installed size 9901 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; any-powerpc)07:26
jlesrokay another freeze, nothing in logs07:27
Txlinux1thanks  just wondering07:28
Txlinux1reading earlier post and i was wondering...i dont even have dvds07:29
Thanosripping SD anything is a damn tragedy.07:29
Thanoswhy bother07:29
lotuspsychjeThanos: please mind your language here07:29
Thanosoh is this one of those baby channels where you can't say adult words?07:30
Txlinux1haha slap on the hand07:31
Txlinux1been having a problem using a graphical sudo in gnome on 18.04 amy ideas on a good app for that07:33
instantp10neerIs it necessary to install VBox Guest Extensions in Ubuntu from the "Insert G A CD" if the operating system is offering them already?  Does anyone know the difference between the regular GA and GA-HWE?07:33
Txlinux1been having a problem using a graphical sudo in gnome on 18.04 amy ideas on a good app for that or a workaround07:43
me-1hi..I have core 2 du , 3GB ram and Nvidia geforce 310 GPU . I am confused should I install Ubuntu 64 bit default or Ubuntu MATE 32 bit..Please help me decide07:44
BlackDalekAs it is apparently imposible to set region 0 with regionset, I think the solution to the DVD menus problem is to just accept that linux is going to have issue with some (not all) DVDs and just stick with using a dedicated region free play DVD player.07:44
SpookanBlackDalek: Or you make your dvd player region free with a new firmware in it.07:45
tomreynme-1: core 2 duo is a 64-bit cpu07:48
tomreynso you can use ubuntu amd6407:48
me-1tomreyn,  3GB DDR2 ram is enough..? and what advantage(s) 64-bit has over 32-bit07:49
tomreynme-1: the default ubuntu no longer comes with 32-bit installers (other flavors still do), but this should tell you something about how much longer 32-bit will be supported in general.07:49
tomreynme-1: since 64-bit is the 'default' nowadays, this is the primary target for anything, which can result in (and has resulted in) getting faster security patches and bug fixes. 64-bit intel also allows for addressing more memory than 32-bit could, but this wont be relevant in your case. you should try to install more memory, or to replace this no longer supported hardware soon.07:52
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me-1tomreyn,  Thank you for the info . I really appriciate your help . Have a nice time07:54
tomreyn"no longer supported" as in https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/04/05/intel-stop-meltdown-spectre-updates-for-old-cpus/07:54
tomreynme-1: you, too07:54
Fish-Gutshy. my ssh server times out after I killed apt-get. Ping is okay but no ssh connection possible. is there anything i can remotely do about this?08:01
tomreynFish-Guts: not really, unless you have some means of out of band access, or another ssh session still open.08:03
Fish-Gutstomreyn, i have a second machine that allows SSH connections, but I don't think I can connect directly to that one, can I? I have no subdomain mapped to it directly08:04
Fish-Gutsthat second is actually the one I eventually want to connect to08:04
tomreynFish-Guts: i 'm afraid i do not know your network, router and firewall configuration.08:05
tomreyndomains do not matter, addressing (IPv4/6), routing and firewalls do.08:05
tomreynwhat is between you and the two ssh servers?08:07
Fish-Gutsi'm a litle stunned, because of this: i connected to machine A using SSH. through that machine i connected to a PC (machine B) in my remote network. Then I performed some package installation which were hanging so I killed the terminal. But now I cannot connect to machine A even though i did nothing there except use it a proxy to connect08:07
tomreynmaybe ssh was being upgraded when you killed the terminal. be sure to run remote package updates from within a terminal multiplexter such as tmux, screen, byobu.08:08
tomreynwere you running apt on machine A or B?08:09
Fish-Gutsmachine B08:09
tomreynok, then this part is unrelated08:09
Fish-Gutsmachine A is my raspberry pi which I use to connect to my network remotely08:09
tomreynthat's unless machine B provides internet connectivity to machine A08:10
Fish-Gutsit doesn't08:10
tomreynare these systems remote to you?08:11
tomreynif they are, and if their availability is important to you, too, you should setup out of band management for them.08:13
Fish-Gutswell it's more a convenience thing08:13
Fish-Gutsi was just a littled startled beause I actually didn't do anything on my raspberry pi except use it as a gateway to connect to my PC08:13
tomreynSOC computers are great, but they don't always use the greatest parts and are not always reliable.08:15
Fish-Gutstell me about it08:16
tomreynFish-Guts: something like https://pcengines.ch/apu2.htm is a better platform to build remote access systems (also a lot more expensive, though).08:19
jimbolakGood day I wish to install full screen digital clock in linuxmint cinammon 17, anyone can help me?08:33
jimbolakGood day I wish to install full screen digital clock in linuxmint cinammon 17, anyone can help me?08:34
jimbolakGood day I wish to install full screen digital clock in linuxmint cinammon 17, anyone can help me?08:35
jimbolakGood day I wish to install full screen digital clock in linuxmint cinammon 17, anyone can help me?08:36
jimbolakGood day I wish to install full screen digital clock in linuxmint cinammon 17, anyone can help me?08:37
tomreynjimbolak: there's no use in repeating your message at this frequency08:37
tomreyn!mint | jimbolak08:37
ubottujimbolak: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)08:37
instantp10neerIf Ubuntu Desktop is installed via mini.iso, aside no UEFI, what is different from the regular Ubuntu dvd iso?08:38
Txlinux1been having a problem using a graphical sudo in gnome on 18.04 amy ideas on a good app for that or a workaround. i have also used pkexec gedit and the it ask for the password and then errors out or does nothing in the Exec= line of my desktop icon file.08:38
tomreynTxlinux1: errors out how?08:39
Txlinux1(gedit:31288): Gtk-WARNING **: 03:14:42.727: cannot open display:08:40
Txlinux1Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused08:40
tomreynuse: gedit admin:///path/to/filetoedit08:41
Txlinux1ok that is what i have done but if i am editing multiple files i have to keep closing the program and typing that line for the next file. it does not seem to give me right on mulyiple files when used that way,08:44
zetheroowhen a host IP changes on the network my laptop still looks for it at the old IP address ... is there a way to force it to refresh it's DNS?08:46
tomreynTxlinux1: works here08:46
tomreyngedit admin:///path/to/file1toedit admin:///path/to/file2toedit08:46
zetherooI already tried with sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean start and sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches08:46
Txlinux1thanks ok08:47
Squall5668zetheroo: are you trying to resolve names to that IP, or just IP changes? You are probably confusing DNS with ARP08:47
Txlinux1need to finish editing08:48
zetherooSquall5668: yeah, probably. I am trying to ping the hostname08:48
mutesheepHi. Can anyone help me understand this (from glances) -- Is the load on the box (using all cpus) just 2.9%? and how does load affect this08:51
tomreynmutesheep: are you asking how load affects load?08:55
tomreynmutesheep: the system load average, as indicated by /proc/loadavg (as well as several commands, such as 'uptime', 'w', 'top', 'htop' etc.), will match the output of this command when all cpu threads are in use: lscpu -p | grep -cv '^#'08:59
jiqireni signed up for the Livepatch stuff for a personal VM running on DigitalOcean. i'm running 18.04.1 LTS but kernel is 4.1509:05
jiqirenthe docs said it needs to be 4.4, is that just an old pdf on their website?09:05
sveinseOn my 18.04 desktop, ubuntu is contantly notifying about available software update, yet apt report everything updated. So I enter the ubuntu software and it sais I have an update on "ThinkPad P51". If I press "update", it comes back again after a few seconds. How can I inspect why it doesn't update, and how can I do that from command line? Apparently its not apt based.09:12
BlackDalekQuestion:  Can the region code set on a store bought commercial DVD be responsible for DVD menu systems not working properly? Or are problems with the DVD's menu system not connected with region coding?09:17
BlackDaleklet me rephrase to make the question on-topic... Question:  Can the region code set on a store bought commercial DVD be responsible for DVD menu systems not working properly in Ubunutu linux? Or are problems with the DVD's menu system in linux software players not connected with region coding?09:19
BlackDalekI would have thought that if the problem was connected with region code set on drive vs. region cde set on disc, then the disc would not play at all... but what I am seeing is discs whose content plays fine but the menus don't work properly or as expected.09:22
na_Hi All, is there any command to download the source code of the kernel for Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS?09:33
limbo_apt source linux-generic09:35
limbo_If that's what OS you're on.09:35
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maharshivpatelhi when i install anything i get this error: locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory09:39
maharshivpatellocale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory09:39
maharshivpatelubuntu 18.0409:39
maharshivpatelon google cloud platform09:39
limbo_your locales are not generated.09:41
maharshivpatelhow i can generate09:42
limbo_Most virtual server providers don't do that, because nobody uses those servers everyday.09:42
limbo_1 sec.09:42
limbo_sudo locale-gen09:42
limbo_if you're missing a language pack, install that.09:43
maharshivpateland is there a way to get current info about locales09:43
maharshivpateland thanx for help limbo_09:44
limbo_run aptitude, and look for packages with the appropiate tags.09:46
limbo_or search for the ones you want.09:46
tomreynmaharshivpatel: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales09:47
maharshivpateli am sry i am newbie how to set locale for let’s say LC_ALL09:48
tomreynUTF-8 is a character encoding, not a locale. use the command i provided above, and it should solve all of these issues.09:48
limbo_do what tomreyn said, rather than what I did. maharshivpatel: those things are environment variables.09:50
maharshivpateli tried your as well limbo_09:50
tomreynmaharshivpatel: once you ran 'my' command and enabled all needed laces, those perl warnings will be gone.09:52
tomreynbe sure to also enable the one you use on your desktop / controlling / ssh client computer09:53
maharshivpateli ran your command and that is output of your command09:53
maharshivpateli have macos09:53
maharshivpatelwill same cmd work09:53
tomreynif this is an ubuntu server, yes09:54
tomreynyou also need to actively select the system's default locale09:54
tomreyni recommend setting that to en_US.UTF-809:55
maharshivpateli set that to default09:55
maharshivpateli know that is strange09:55
tomreyndefault being 'None', i think, which would result in what you're seeing09:56
tomreynmaharshivpatel: does you mac have a 'local' command, and what does it output?09:57
tomreynmaharshivpatel: does your mac have a 'locale' command, and what does it output?09:58
tomreyn^ ignore the first line09:58
tomreynmaharshivpatel: so, just to make sure i'm getting this right: the computer you are controlling the ubuntu server from is a mac, and that's where you generated this output, right?09:59
maharshivpatellast one is from macos09:59
tomreynmaharshivpatel: then run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales" on the server again and select the following:10:00
tomreynLocales to be generated: en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 (optionally add your preferred locale, i assume this can be something like indian or pakistani?)10:01
tomreynDefault locale for the system environment: en_US.UTF-810:02
tomreynthen reconfigure you SSH client (on OS X) to use the "en_US.UTF-8" locale when connecting.10:02
tomreynand reconnect10:02
tomreyn(alternatively, make the ssh client connect with the indian locale you selected on the server)10:04
maharshivpatelstill same10:06
tomreynuse the utf-8 variant of your en_IN locale when connecting10:11
TxLiunxwhrn i use this command "gedit admin:///path/to/filetoedit" the file has a owner of me. I want the files I create to have root owner...is there a way to create an icon that will allow me to use gedit as root.10:18
hateball!gksudo | TxLiunx10:19
ubottuTxLiunx: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:19
TxLiunxin 18.0410:19
mousesTxLiunx: Sure, however... why do you want files you create to be owned by root?10:19
tomreynhateball: thanks for pointing out that this factoid is outdated.10:20
mousesTxLiunx: A more 'normal and secure' way would be to create your files and then change their perms by hand, there's really no good reason (that I can think of) for what you are trying to do, but I might be missing something10:22
mousesTxLiunx: Why do you want files you create to be owned by root?10:22
TxLiunxcreating policy files10:24
TxLiunxdont ;ikr chowning each file10:25
TxLiunxdont like chown each file10:26
hateballtomreyn: oh, I assumed it was OK. I use Plasma myself so...10:28
TxLiunxi used this https://sites.google.com/site/installationubuntu/home/ubuntu-17-10/alternatives-for-gksu-and-gksudo but it does not work for icon files10:29
mousesTxLiunx: Right, but what I am curious about - why do the text files you are creating need to be chowned to root in the first place?10:30
mousesTxLiunx: A much better solution might me to create a custom group and add your user to that group10:31
tomreynhateball: gksu(do) should no longer be used in 18.0410:31
mousesmight be*10:31
TxLiunxnot the solution i was looking for to my problem10:33
TxLiunxthanks though10:33
tomreynTxLiunx: yes, pkexec is the right way to do it10:34
hateballtomreyn: good to know, for when I try being helpful the next time :|10:35
tomreynTxLiunx: how does pkexec 'not work for icon files'? (and what are 'icon files'?)10:36
TxLiunxbut i cab not use in a icon10:36
tomreynhateball: we just need to update the factoid10:36
TxLiunxworks in shell10:36
tomreynTxLiunx: dont you get a graphical password prompt there?10:38
TxLiunxExec=pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY gedit .... it does nothing10:38
tomreynTxLiunx: add -u root10:39
TxLiunxno  prompt10:39
ChattyManI have a laptop and monitor connected but when i xrandr --listmonitors I only see details for the VGA monitor.  Is this correct?10:40
TxLiunxin icon file10:42
jlesrdoes anyone have any idea about what these messages mean https://hastebin.com/okisatumev.css10:44
sylarioI am incredibly stuck with a gitlab ssh keys problem : https://serverfault.com/questions/928490/unable-to-retrieve-a-git-project-in-gitlab10:45
tomreynTxLiunx: sorry, i haven't been able to test this myself, yet, since i'm still trying to understand how to edit the panel, just started to read up on it.10:45
sylarioIf I wasn't using gitlab for PR and wiki, I would have downloaded the code and i'd go back to a simple git10:46
tomreynTxLiunx: how do yuo do it?10:47
TxLiunxhang on10:49
TxLiunxthe icon files info10:53
TxLiunxyou need to run "chmod +x *.desktop" on ctrated files10:55
tomreynoh that's still the old approach, ok10:56
tomreynyou can also place those in ~/.local/share/applications/ if you dont need them system wide10:56
TxLiunxmost of mine need to be system and network wide10:57
tomreyn-u root is an option to pkexec, not to gedit10:58
TxLiunxstill nothing11:00
TxLiunxtrying to setup one machine then i can copy to all other machines the policies and not this icon11:01
TxLiunxscratching my head all night long11:03
geirha.desktop files should not be executable11:03
TxLiunxi make them executable all the time11:05
TxLiunxsince 17.1011:05
geirhawell, it was pointless then and it's pointless now11:07
TxLiunxi need few hours of sleep...any ideas tomreyn i will be back tomorrow11:09
TxLiunxthanks again11:09
tomreynTxLiunx: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5xqdpDzfv3/11:10
tomreynTxLiunx: i used the original gedit.desktop file to get me started11:10
tomreyn(thus all those comments)11:11
kikeroHi there! I have a laptop and I used to connect it through HDMI to a second display.11:11
kikeroIt stopped working now, if I go to the Display app (Xubuntu), the second display doesn't show anymore.11:12
kikeroI tried changing displays and cables, with no success though.11:12
kikero`xrandr --verbose` only returns one display, i.e. the laptop's display11:12
BluesKajHowdy all11:17
TxLiunxspins the hour glass but nothing....will try later thanks again11:20
TxLiunxneed sleep11:21
transhumanisthi! I have copied a library to /usr/local/lib/ and have assigned it rwx-rwx-rx with owner of root:root when I try and do an ls -al on the file it shows up in red, does this mean I have a bad spot on my hard drive?11:23
mousestranshumanist: red = file archive.11:25
mousestranshumanist: and no, it does not mean you have a bad spot on your hard drive.  Just means that file is an archive.11:25
transhumanistmouses, why would a library show up as an archive file? any idea?11:25
mousesNo clue :(11:25
transhumanistits a libopencv_cudev.so.3.3.011:26
mousesmanually copying libs into places scares me :P11:26
tomreynrun 'file' against it11:26
transhumanistthen it the symlink doesnt work thats why I copied it11:26
geirhado you have an LC_COLORS variable?   echo "$LS_COLORS"   if so, does it have an *.so entry?11:26
tomreynyou should explain why you're placing a library there manually.11:27
transhumanistI just did11:27
geirhaoh nevermind, it doesn't end in .so anyway, so nevermind11:27
mousestranshumanist: a dircolors -p will show your current color config11:28
transhumanistwhen I run cmake .. against the code that uses that library, it can't find the library, thats why I tried to copy it to the /usr/local/lib directory as an experiment to see if it would find it. It does infact not seem to be able to find the file11:28
GoluHello , I m using ubuntu 18 , When I am using screen recorder , I am getting noise , I did " module-echo-cancel" in "/etc/pulse/default.pa"  Now, I m getting this " Can't cancel echo between a sink and its monitor"11:29
tomreynGolu: there is no 'ubuntu 18'. run "lsb_release -ds" to determine your ubuntu version11:30
transhumanistgeirha, what am I looking for here because it doesnt end in an extension http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qhjrqjQr9s/ ?11:30
geirhatranshumanist: yeah, nevermind that. But you did make sure it's an actual file and not a dangling symlink, right?11:31
mousespretty sure it's a dangling symlink11:31
mousesthough the colors are confusing11:31
GoluUbuntu 18.04 LTS11:31
CheezGolu: to avoid confusion, ubuntu versions are dates, not version numbers. 18.04 is april 2018. rather than "Ubuntu 18"11:33
transhumanistnow that is strange when I do a ls -al /usr/local/lib | grep -i libopencv_cudev* it shows up in red when I do a ls -al /usr/local/lib/libopencv_cudev.so.3.3.011:33
transhumanistit shows up in black11:33
transhumanistdo you still think its a symlink geirha can I tell by the file size?11:34
geirhawhat does the first letter of the ls -l line say? - or l ?11:34
geirhaso the red just comes from grep highlighting it, not from ls11:35
GoluEcho / Noise cancellation, E: [pulseaudio] module-echo-cancel.c: Can't cancel echo between a sink and its monitor11:36
geirhanext, you need to update the cache by running sudo ldconfig11:36
geirhaafter that, confirm that   ldconfig -p   lists the lib11:36
aroraHey, acm icpc supplies an iso to try out the programming environment, I want to install it but do not want to retain any file that I made, is there a way to delete all extra files after reboot?11:36
transhumanistgeirha nope it doesnt show for some strange reason, its almost as if its not a library file, you think its a dangling symlink11:37
geirhano the starting - in -rwxrwxr-x means it's a regular file11:38
qCorvinehi alls!.11:38
EriC^^hi qCorvine11:38
transhumanistthats what I thought, so I guess I am down to a bad spot on the hard drive?11:38
GoluHere is details : https://pastebin.com/XUVFKt5S11:39
qCorvineEriC^^, thanks :)11:39
EriC^^qCorvine: :)11:39
transhumanistthe sudo ldconfig -p | grep -i libopencv_cudev.so.3.3.0 kinda confirms its not a cmake bug?11:39
striveHello qCorvine11:40
geirhaare you sure it's the right arch?11:40
aroraCan somebody help?11:41
qCorvinearora, thanks :)11:41
geirha"an iso" is too vague11:42
geirhaI assume it's a file with a .iso extension, but what did you do with it? burn it on a dvd? dd it to a usb drive, use unetbootin or similar to make a persistant bootable usb drive?11:43
transhumanistgeirha, I just compiled it11:44
aroraI am just running it in virtualbox for now geirha11:44
transhumanistoh geirha your not talking to me11:45
transhumanistI am talking about a library, sorry for the confusion11:45
geirhaarora: and you provided this iso to the VM as a virtual cd drive? then anything you write will be gone when you shut down the VM11:46
arorayeah true, but soon I am going to install it, and I want that "write will be gone after shutting down" after installing as well.11:47
arorageirha: ^^11:48
geirhawhat does installing mean? is it a full complete OS?11:48
lotuspsychje!es | Libradex11:48
ubottuLibradex: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:48
arorageirha: Yes, a complete 16.04 install with a very limited set of default software.11:49
Cheezarora: you can create a differencing disk (or undo disk) with most virtualisation tech11:49
HelenahWhat does it mean when ping reports "socket: Operation not permitted"?11:50
geirhawell, grub should be able to boot from an iso stored on the disk somewhere. That should give you the same effect as running it in the VM11:51
ubotturoberto_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:51
aroraCheez: does virtualbox support it?11:51
arorageirha: Yeah but I was hoping to install it.11:51
Cheezyeah, it does. vbox calls it snapshots11:51
tomreynarora: virtualbox supports snapshots, yes11:51
Cheezyou install the software, take a snapshot, then you can restore to that snapshot any time you want11:51
geirhaif you install it you really need the fs to be persistent11:51
geirhabut you could figure out which directories the app stores things in and make those readonly. Might work11:52
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aroraI want them to be stored and everything to be done as usual, but after reboot, it should become exactly same as day 1, sort of like a resetter.11:54
tomreynHelenah: that the user you run it as does not have authority to run the command you were trying to run, because it would have required creating a raw socket.11:54
arorageirha: ^^11:54
Helenahtomreyn: I take that lightly. This is happening on an Hypervisor system which doesn't get touched. This problem has only just started. So unless a system is capable of removing authority from users, then I fail to understand.11:55
Cheezarora: yeah vbox snapshots will do that. you take a snapshot and all your changes once the snapshot is taken go to a different vhd, you can then discard the vhd to reset back to the original state, or apply the vhd to the original base vhd. when you have a snapshot one of the optinos is shut down and return to snapshot11:55
lotuspsychjeHelenah: your ping command you entered?11:56
Helenahand I tried several other addresses on the net11:56
tomreynHelenah: The 'ping' usually has the suid bit set to enable restricted users to run it. that is, "stat -c%A $(which ping)" which uusally return "-rwsr-xr-x", where the 's' indicated it is suid.11:57
tomreynsuid = super user ID.11:58
HelenahYes, ofc11:58
HelenahLemme have a dig further11:58
tomreynHelenah: so what does the above 'stat' command return for yours?11:59
Helenahtomreyn: It appears you are right. root has permission.11:59
HelenahHow come my system is set like this?11:59
* Helenah types 'stat'11:59
tomreynHelenah: what does "stat -c%A $(which ping)" return?12:00
aroraCheez: sounds cool, I will try in an hour and report back, thanks12:00
HelenahI see now12:00
tomreynHelenah: so ping does not have the suid bit set on your system, which is unusual. are you actually running ubuntu there?12:01
Helenahtomreyn: Yeah12:01
tomreynHelenah: what does "lsb_release -ds" return and how did you install?12:01
Helenahand it's a clean hypervisor which originally users could use ping, and now can't, nothing has been changed.12:01
HelenahNot by a user anyway12:02
Helenah-bash: lsb_release: command not found12:02
HelenahDamn... I forgot...12:02
HelenahSorry guys, it's a Debian system... ugh, my apologies.12:02
HelenahAppears I'm banned from #debian. Nevermind. Hey guys, thank you very much for your support anyway.12:03
HelenahMy apologies once again12:03
aroraWhat's "uname -a" output Helenah12:03
transhumanistgeirha, sorry one more question does ldconfig (when updated) show symlinks as well as library files?12:03
transhumanistas an experiement I symlinked a slightly older version of the libarry12:04
tomreynHelenah: okay, you seem to already be aware that you should not ask debian questions here, so i'll spare you that lecture. ;)12:04
Helenaharora: Linux ip2 4.15.17-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 4.15.17-9 (Wed, 9 May 2018 13:31:43 +0200) x86_64 GNU/Linux12:04
Helenahtomreyn: Yeah, agreed.12:04
HelenahThanks, I didn't want a lecture for something I'm aware of anything.12:04
tomreynbe sure to also mention that you run a non standard kernel in case you'll regain access to #debian12:05
Helenaharora: I don't really want support with it in here.12:05
HelenahBut for your reference, that's my uname -a output.12:05
geirhatranshumanist: it typically shows the shorter name, which is usually symlinked to the longer name, but I'm not sure what the actual algorithm is for which name it decides to use12:05
tomreynproxmox installs its own kernel.12:05
aroraOh okay then Helenah12:06
transhumanistthis is totally messed up , I have never had this problem before, I don't understand it, thats why I thought it was a make bug12:06
transhumanisterr... cmake12:06
aroraHelenah: It doesn't seem that you are banned in #debian, can you check again?12:07
HelenahThat's a question: How do you guys know I'm banned in #debian? Sorry for being offtopic, but both arora and tomreyn raised that concern.12:08
lotuspsychje_Helenah: ask the #debian staff12:08
aroracommand "/mode #debian +b" didnt show your nick, also "/bans" in some channels shows the banned people similar to previous command.12:09
aroraHelenah: ^^12:09
herlimenezesHi, I got this error: ubuntu [drm :intel_cpu_fifo_underrrun_irq_handler[i915] *ERROR* CPU_pipe12:09
herlimenezeswhat can I do to solve. Scree shows only [initramfs]12:10
BluesKajit's not difficult to be banned from #debian, that chat is full pedantic jerks with no social skills or tolerance for new and inexperienced users12:11
herlimenezesbetter: the obove error message and [initramfs]12:11
arorahaha, did you have a similar experience BluesKaj ?12:11
uboai have bluetooth headphones and can only hear system sounds and rhythmbox music... nothing in browser tho12:11
BluesKajarora, in a word yes12:11
tomreynBluesKaj, arora, Helenah: please discuss ubuntu in #ubuntu-discuss, off-topic things in #buntu-offtopic12:12
sveinseOn my 18.04 desktop, ubuntu is contantly notifying about available software update, yet apt report everything updated. So I enter the ubuntu software and it sais I have an update on "ThinkPad P51". If I press "update", it comes back again after a few seconds. How can I inspect why it doesn't update, and how can I do that from command line? Apparently its not apt based.12:12
lotuspsychje_herlimenezes: start from the beginning please, ubuntu version? kernel version?12:12
BluesKajtomreyn, merely a comment ..don't intend to discuss12:12
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
lotuspsychjesveinse: screenshot?12:14
lotuspsychjeuboa: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras?12:15
uboalotuspsychje, i think so but how can i check? sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras??12:15
herlimenezeslotuspsychje: well, it is an old netbook, running mint. Its ubuntu 16.1, I guess, don't know how to discover kernel version12:15
sveinselotuspsychje: where can I paste images?12:15
lotuspsychjeuboa: correct12:15
uboaoh was not installed12:15
lotuspsychjesveinse: imgur.com12:15
lotuspsychjeherlimenezes: we only support ubuntu vanilla & its flavors here mate12:16
uboaoops no12:16
herlimenezesok, ty lotuspsychje!12:16
lotuspsychjeherlimenezes: do you know where to find the mint channel?12:16
sveinselotuspsychje: https://imgur.com/a/Vsq35JX12:16
uboalotuspsychje, thanks12:17
herlimenezesI think /join mint...12:17
lotuspsychje!mint | herlimenezes12:17
ubottuherlimenezes: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)12:17
herlimenezesOk, ty ubottu!12:18
lotuspsychjesveinse: not sure wich package that is, but have you tryed from terminal: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade ?12:18
sveinselotuspsychje: yeah, as I said that this isn't coming from apt12:19
lotuspsychjesveinse: can you recall installing something containing thinkpad?12:19
sveinselotuspsychje: no, but I am running on a P51 thou, so the installer might have12:20
JimBuntusveinse, Did you buy this P51 with Ubuntu pre-installed?12:21
nbg_I tried to copy all my GnuPG keys from one Ubtuntu installation to another. I copied ~/.gnupg but the keys don’t show up on the new installation in the Enigmail listing for keys. What have I done wrong?12:21
sveinseJimBuntu: no12:21
lotuspsychjesveinse: can you find out wich package name that is?12:22
lotuspsychjenbg_: can this help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto12:24
sveinselotuspsychje: This is actually my question here, since the ubutu software wants to update something that apt doesn't. Thus I cannot find any apt packages installed on my system that bears resemblance with thinkpad and p5112:24
sveinseSo what other upgrade/packages systems are there on a 18.04 ubuntu system these days?12:25
lotuspsychjesveinse: you sure you tryed a full-upgrade right?12:25
sveinselotuspsychje: yes12:25
lotuspsychjesveinse: as it showsup in gnome software, try to search thinkpad, see whats that package is about?12:26
BluesKajsveinse, ubuntu softwareand apt are part of the same package manegement system. dpkg12:26
sveinseThe software updater sais "ThinkPad P51 0.1.44 > 0.1.45". So I grepped from any packages with version 0.1.44. The only match I find is "ii  libbabl-0.1-0:amd64  0.1.44-1  amd64  Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library". <-- I doubt this is the package at hand12:28
nbg_lotuspsychje: I thought there was an easier way than re-importing all of my keys. I thought I had already copied the folder where they are stored an the reappeared.12:28
lotuspsychjesveinse: found it: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/08/lvfs-lenovo-firmware-updates-linux12:28
sveinselotuspsychje: but the updater doesn't work. I.e. press "update" and it comes back a few seconds later proposing to update it again. So where could the logs for this be?12:30
DorfenHi, I have a clean install of ubuntu 18.04 live server, and trying to install redis-server via apt it can't locate the package - googling told me it should be in the default ubuntu repo. So I guess im doing something wrong?12:30
lotuspsychjesveinse: not sure, its the first time i see it12:31
guivercDorfen, https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=redis-server - it's in universe; so did you enable universe repo (by default only main is enabled)12:33
lotuspsychje!info fwupd | sveinse12:33
ubottusveinse: fwupd (source: fwupd): Firmware update daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.6-2 (bionic), package size 1428 kB, installed size 3296 kB12:33
sveinseoh, intersting. the journal reports that every time I move a window in my desktop, I get flooded with a stack trace from gnome shell. :(12:34
guivercDorfen, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu if interested in more info on repositories..  main=5 year support for LTS, universe you need to check for each package for support life, most are 3 year only there; which is one reason universe isn't enabled by default.12:35
Dorfenguiverc: how would I go about enabling universe from cli?12:35
Dorfendoes this command do the trick: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) universe"12:36
sveinselotuspsychje: great, I think I will try a reboot. One of the listed items with fwupdate -l shows "Update status: Preparing" so perhaps a reboot it required. That the Ubuntu software GUI doesn't support or show properly the updating state. So let me try that first. brb12:37
lotuspsychjesveinse: ok great12:37
ioriaDorfen,   sudo add-apt-repository universe && sudo apt update   should be enough12:38
jk^hi all pls, which is the command "SMART" to control hd?12:39
jk^and fsck?12:39
guivercDorfen, I add the ' universe ' to my sources manually as I use it as a chance to 'audit' what's in there - refer to what ioria gave12:39
BluesKajDorfen, yes it should, unless you already have thaqt deb line in the /etc/apt/sources.list and just needs to be uncommented (removing the # in front of the line)12:39
jk^i forgot the syntax of smartctl12:43
jk^and fsck12:43
lotuspsychjejk^: you can do a smart test from disktools if you like12:44
jk^i'm in recovery mode12:44
Dorfenim setting up the server via ansible, so I think the command should work fine! :) at least it does for now, thank you12:48
jk^i pressed enter to open recovery mode. It shows me a prompt with (initramfs)12:49
lotuspsychje!fsck | jk^12:49
ubottujk^: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot12:49
jk^i try to enter sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda12:50
jk^but it doesn't work12:50
compdocwhat happens?12:51
compdocdo you have a desktop installed? you can use gnome disk utility to read SMART12:52
jk^i try to reboot system, but the OS doesn't open12:53
jk^so i try recovery mode12:53
compdocsounds like sda is the wrong dev12:53
jk^it shows me a prompt "(initramfs)12:53
jk^sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda12:53
jk^i give this command, but it doesn't accept it12:53
compdocwhat does it say? command not found?12:54
tomreynyou're in initramfs, you only have access to a small subset of shell commands there12:54
jk^it says: "sudo not found"=12:54
tomreynthis is not recovery12:54
jk^i typed "help"12:54
jk^there are many commands, but i don't know which use12:55
jk^to control hd12:55
jk^i just know smartctl and fsck12:55
compdocjk^, you should boot ubuntu from a usb stick or dvd. the commands are available there12:55
jk^ok compdoc12:55
compdocjust dont select 'install'12:55
RefractiveIndexHi Guys, I'm trying to hibernate my Ubuntu machine with dual boot windows12:56
RefractiveIndexusing sudo systemctl hibernate12:56
RefractiveIndexSometimes it hibernates just fine12:56
RefractiveIndexwhile the other time i get this: Failed to hibernate system via logind: Sleep verb not supported12:57
RefractiveIndexI checked the swap. Seems active cause this is what i get with swapon12:57
jk^compdoc: i selected "Control disk errors" in the menu which appears12:57
jk^no need any command to type... but i guess is the same... which is it? fsck or smartctl?12:58
theooHi, I have an X220 laptop and I was wondering how I can go about keeping the trackpoint scroll but disabling the middl emouse click12:58
compdocsmartctl is important to know if your drive is dying12:59
RefractiveIndexThis is the swapon output12:59
lotuspsychjeRefractiveIndex: your system up to date please?12:59
RefractiveIndexlotuspsychje: Yes12:59
lotuspsychjeRefractiveIndex: wich ubuntu version/kernel?12:59
lotuspsychjetheoo: take a look in gnome-tweak-tool mouse settings13:00
Oolseems to be 18.04, swap is into a file13:00
RefractiveIndexLinux Jarvis 4.15.0-33-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 15 16:00:05 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:00
jk^compdoc: i just wanna know if by the menu item i run "fsck" or "smarctl" because, i didn't type anything, i just selected the third item in the menu of live usb13:00
theooIt will allow me to disable middle click while maintaning the scroll feature?13:00
lotuspsychjeRefractiveIndex: seems there are known bugs for that: https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/252813:01
compdocjk^, I dont know what the 3rd item is. you want to boot to the desktop on the live usb/dvd13:02
jk^compdoc: the third item is "Control disk's errors"13:02
compdocIve never seen that13:02
jk^i translate it from my language13:02
HelenahOkay, this is definately an Ubuntu question, the launchpad PPA keeps timing out on me and I'm not sure how to solve the issue.13:02
compdocboot to the desktop13:03
HelenahWrong channel tho13:03
jk^control disk for defects :)13:03
jk^i optimized translations13:03
lotuspsychjeHelenah: you are on debian, please dont ask support issues here13:03
jk^from my language13:03
jk^compdoc: it doesn't let me open till the desktop13:04
jk^the os doesn't start13:04
Helenahlotuspsychje: "14:02:51          Helenah | Okay, this is definately an Ubuntu question, the launchpad PPA keeps timing out on me and I'm not sure how to solve the"13:05
compdocyou boot the ubuntu usb/dvd to the desktop. to 'Try' ubuntu13:05
jk^"Check finished: no errors found" then I don't understand why the os doesn't start :(13:05
Helenahceibal: No necessarily, there is a button in the installer itself too for that.13:05
HelenahWait, I misread, sorry13:05
HelenahSorry, I'm not feeling righ.13:06
jk^boot from primary disk13:08
Helenahlotuspsychje: I use several distros, it can confuse me at times.13:08
jk^boot error :(13:08
HelenahI do apologies for breaking rules, but it really isn't intentional.13:08
lotuspsychjeHelenah: stop typing here, if you dont have an actual ubuntu question please13:09
lotuspsychjefor chat use #ubuntu-offtopic Helenah13:09
Helenahlotuspsychje: Again, you didn't read what I said. I asked an "Ubuntu" question.13:09
lotuspsychjeHelenah: you did not, launchpad question isnt ubuntu related specificly13:09
HelenahBecause I believe it's an Ubuntu networking issue with my distro. But I'm on Ubuntu Server, so I'm waiting for my response in there instead.13:10
* Helenah is confused13:12
jk^compdoc: after i selected "Check disk for defects" it says "No errors found", after i selected "Boot from firts hard disk" but the os doesn't start13:13
jk^ho to open terminal? just to try smartctl or fsck command?13:13
jk^maybe have i to select "Try lubuntu"?13:14
compdocjk^, smartctl reads information from the drive. you need to run that command and post the output on pastebin.com13:14
jk^ok but where to run that command? os doesn't start13:17
compdocyou boot the ubuntu installer from a usb/dvd13:17
compdocif the usb installer doesnt boot, your computer is bad13:18
jk^yes but i don't wanna reinstall13:19
jk^i guess i have to select "try lubuntu"13:19
hello_therecan i get my queries solved in here about --> kubuntu's plasma kde13:25
hateballhello_there: you can, but there is also #kubuntu13:26
jk^compdoc i guess i have to select "try lubuntu"13:26
BluesKajhello_there, just ask your quesion perhaps I can help with kde/plasma13:26
compdocjk^, yes!13:27
hello_thereyeah thanks for that @blue ; i was sharing files from an windows system via lan and suddenly the recent switcher crashed13:28
hello_therei was using the flip switch effect but after it crashed i was not able to restore it , tried resetting it and applying the default , restarting the system ,13:30
hello_therei haven't tried chmod 777 -R yet  though , so could you help me with it13:32
blackflowhello_there: what do you want to chmod like that and what help you need?13:33
BluesKajhello_there, flip switch effect?13:34
hello_therewindow switcher crashed in kubuntu 18.04 while copying via lan from an windows system @blackflow13:35
jk^may anyone tell me the correct syntax of fsck command?13:41
leftyfbjk^: man fsck13:42
leftyfbjk^: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilesystemTroubleshooting # second result on google for "ubuntu fsck"13:42
jk^leftyfb: at the momemnt i'm on live usb, i selected "Try lubuntu"13:43
leftyfbjk^: what does that have to do with fsck?13:44
jk^i wanna say that i'll enter that command not from os, but from live usb terminal13:45
raubdefining prompt: .bashrc or .bash_profile?13:48
jk^Ext2, Ext3  Ext4 or ms-dos .... but i don't know what kind of fylesystem is mine :|13:49
leftyfbjk^: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?13:50
jk^a check of the disk13:51
jk^i read that i have to use a different command for different types of filesystem13:51
jk^i don't know which to use because i don't know which is the file system13:51
leftyfbjk^: why are you running a check of the disk?13:52
jk^leftyfb: the guides tell me to use e2fsck if filesystem is ext2-3-4, for MS-DOS (FAT16 and FAT32) dosfsck, for NTFS ntfsfix13:53
leftyfbjk^: why are you running a check of the disk?13:53
jk^because the os doesn't start13:53
leftyfbjk^: what errors are you getting?13:53
jk^it lead me to a line which starts with (initramfs)13:54
jk^but os doesn't start13:54
leftyfbjk^: that doesn't immediately mean the drive/filesystem is bad13:55
leftyfbjk^: what version of ubuntu are you running and what did you do before this happened?13:55
jk^lubuntu 16.04.4, i just was using regularly13:56
compdocjk^, you want to run smartctl, not fsck13:59
leftyfbcompdoc: there's no indication so far that the drive has any issues13:59
compdocno, because he hasnt run smartctl13:59
compdocwhen he finally runs smartctl, we'll know if the drive has issues14:00
leftyfbcompdoc: why are we even doing this? There is no indication so far that the drive is having any issues. How about just reinstalling grub?14:01
jk^but smartctl just check or even try to repair the hd if issues are detected?14:02
jk^leftyfb compdoc14:02
jk^i just don't remember the correct syntax of fsck command14:03
jk^i read the manual, but it's so complicated14:03
striveCurrently have 18.04 + i3wm. What default application do I use to manage power settings?14:04
jk^may u tell me just the correct syntax of command fsck and smartctl?14:05
compdocsudo smartctl -a /dev/sda14:06
compdocif sda is the proper drive14:06
striveWorth mentioning, "gnome-control-center" loads the app, but no settings are displayed: https://ibb.co/e5Uzxp14:07
r15Hello, facing issues with the canonical-livepatch. "ubuntu kernel: [   14.432754] kpatch_livepatch_Ubuntu_4_4_0_116_140_generic_37: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel"14:09
r15canonical-livepatch refresh doesn't do anything, though enabling worked as expected.14:10
r15also tried after apt-get update however same, is this the correct channel for livepatch issues?14:11
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
ledenistrive: did you try that < option near device to go to power setings14:17
striveledeni: It flickers and returns back to that original screen :/14:17
ledenistrive: ops14:18
striveledeni: I'm guessing the options weren't loaded at boot since I boot into i3wm and not into GNOME.14:18
jk^compdoc: excuse, i fall down, connections14:20
jk^do u know event the syntax of fsck?14:20
lotuspsychje!livepatch | r1514:20
ubottur15: Canonical Livepatch is a service offered by Canonical for 64 bit 16.04 installs that modifies the currently running kernel for updates without the need to restart. More information can be found at https://ubottu.com/y/livepatch and https://www.ubuntu.com/server/livepatch14:20
jk^!info fsck14:20
ubottuPackage fsck does not exist in bionic14:20
ledenistrive: how you open 'gnome-control-center' do you run from terminal14:20
r15ubottu:already tried however still the same.14:20
ubottur15: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:20
compdocjk^, do not run fsck. run smartctl14:21
whislockfsck and smartctl don't do the same thing. What's the issue?14:21
dsaravananWhen I use the wifi usb I get the following error "ieee80211 phy0: rt2x00usb_vendor_request: Error-Vendor Request 0x07 failed for offset 0x1004 with erro -110". How to rectify it in Ubuntu 16.04.5?14:23
ledenistrive:  can you try 'gnome-control-center power' in terminal14:27
striveledeni: ** (gnome-control-center:5480): WARNING **: 09:27:59.136: Could not find settings panel "power"14:28
=== m0e is now known as Ayyad
ledenistrive: install 'xfce4-power-manager' & run it 'xfce4-power-manager' and see what is hepening14:37
jk^[16:21] <compdoc> jk^, do not run fsck. run smartctl14:39
jk^i run smartctl14:39
jk^but it just check disk, it doesn't try to fix anything14:39
compdocdont paste it here14:40
widonWhich company support gnome now ?14:40
compdocshare the output on pastebin.com14:40
=== CChaplin1 is now known as CChaplin
jk^i can't, it's on the computer which have the problem14:42
compdocif you ran try ubuntu, you can us a browser14:42
striveledeni: Thanks for your time :)14:43
ledenistrive: you're welcome14:44
hateballjk^: assuming the computer has a network connection, run: "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 9999" and give the resulting url here14:44
hateballcompdoc: for reference ^14:45
jk^yes but i can't open a browser chat there14:47
whislockYou don't need to. termbin URLs are quite short.14:48
=== alexandre9099_ is now known as alexandre9099
=== neelabh is now known as deadspider
jk^ok, i try, but i have to rewrite all visually, reading from this, writing on that, i hope i won't wrong type14:51
deadspiderhow to install and run Netbeans 8.214:52
deadspiderPlease help14:53
JimBuntudeadspider, if you don't want the version of netbeans that comes from the Ubuntu official repos, then netbeans offers an install script for linux that you can run. This channel doesn't generally support packages not found in the official repos14:58
=== james is now known as Guest17273
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netametaWhat does "echo "deb http://repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu xenial/mongodb-org/3.2 multiverse" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-3.2.list" do ?15:09
JimBuntuadds a repo to your sources list15:10
netametaIs there a way to remove it ?15:11
tomreynsudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-3.2.list15:12
netametaso it added a file  basically ?15:12
JimBuntumodified a file so that you could apt-get install mongodb15:13
netametaOr a line to a file15:13
tomreynnetameta: it created a file, correct15:13
tomreynto be able to install packages from there you'd also had to install their apt signing (gpg) key15:14
netametaI am trying to install mongodb, 3.6.5, but having an issue with it15:15
tomreynthis is going to remain this way until you can overcome this issue yourself or discuss the issue here so we can (try to)  help you.15:16
Be-pHow is the desktop rendered in ubuntu? Where is such as a bitmap of the rendered desktop stored?15:19
Be-pI want to record desktop frames, where should I start? Apis ecc15:20
leftyfbBe-p: I'd tell you to look at tools like kazam for grabbing screenshots but apparently you can't wait more than a minute for an answer15:23
chronodongs ♥︎️15:30
leftyfbchrono: trolling is off topic. Try #freenode15:32
leftyfbchrono: This is a support channel. Please take trolling/spamming/useless banter elsewhere15:33
chronoare you on about?15:33
leftyfbchrono: Can we help you with something?15:33
chronowhat's ubuntu15:33
chronoand why are you such a little cunt15:34
leftyfb!op | chrono15:34
ubottuchrono: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax15:34
chronoCALL THE IRCOPS15:34
chrono                                                                 15:34
chrono                                                                 15:34
chrono                                                                 15:34
chrono                                                                 15:34
chrono                                                                 15:34
chronoany more?15:34
chronodo you feel good about your life today15:36
leftyfbI do now :)15:36
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sonicwindI'm new to UEFI and confused by my Thinkpad Boot Menu options. I assume "Linux Boot Manager" is the ESP partition that looks for grub? What is "ubuntu" for then? Is that just the ubuntu system partition? "ubuntu" is set 1st, "Linux Boot Manager" 2nd15:56
ice9does apparmor use cgroups to limit process resources?16:22
naccice9: does apparmor limit process resources? it's a MAC, i thought.16:24
naccice9: i imagine there is also an AA channel16:24
cousteauhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/artful/labyrinth  Any reason this is not available for Bionic?16:26
nacccousteau: LP: #175650516:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1756505 in labyrinth (Ubuntu) "labyrinth unmaintainted, remove from archive" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/175650516:27
cousteauaww :(16:27
nacccousteau: go to the srcpkg page -> publishing history -> first entry (which is the deletion from bionic)16:28
cousteausorry, go to what?16:29
cousteauhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/source/artful/labyrinth ?16:29
nacccousteau: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/labyrinth16:30
cousteauoh I see16:30
nacccousteau: i don't use p.u.c for anyting, but the link to the launchpad page is via the bug reports16:30
naccit'll put you on the bugs 'tab', just click 'overview' from there16:30
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cousteauso now the next question would be what mind mapping tool to use... but I don't quite like XMind.  In fact I liked labyrinth :'(16:31
cousteau...huh, and XMind costs money?  I thought it was free16:33
madLyfewhat am i missing for installing zmodem?16:36
madLyfemissing destination file operand after lrzsz?16:36
naccmadLyfe: not an ubuntu package? seems like you'd need to ask wherever you got it from16:37
madLyfei just need to get the samaba config file i setup to my local puter so i can edit it easily and then put it back.16:39
madLyfenano would suck for all the edits.16:39
madLyfei cant believe this is so difficult.16:39
cousteauok smurf it, I'll use a pen and paper for this mind map I wanted to make16:40
cousteauor Paint16:40
* cousteau likes to program in Paint (or similar)16:41
cousteau(I have tried downloading labyrinth from git and it said it was missing gconf python module so I gave up)16:41
nacccousteau: yes, it's abandoned upstream16:42
cousteauthat's one thing, but being unable to use it at all is something else16:42
naccmadLyfe: what are the OS of the two computers? why can't you just scp?16:42
nacccousteau: s/use/build/16:42
cousteauI was expecting github clone to be enough16:42
nacccousteau: and that's what abandoned means.16:43
nacccousteau: at this point, offtopic, anyways :)16:43
cousteaunacc, wait, we're talking about labyrinth or gconf?16:43
nacccousteau: labyrinth16:43
cousteaubecause labyrinth is a python program that needs no building16:43
madLyfenix to nix server16:43
nacccousteau: then you didn't install some dependency16:43
naccmadLyfe: ... scp ?16:43
cousteauyeah well, probably16:43
madLyfeis that built into terminal or is there something else special i need?16:43
naccmadLyfe: i have no idea why you need zmodem to copy a file between two servers.16:44
nacc*why you would think you need16:44
naccmadLyfe: it's secure copy over ssh16:44
cousteauhell, I wouldn't even bother with scp; I'd open a file manager and use an sftp:// address16:44
nacccousteau: if they are two servers, may not have a file manager on either16:44
nacccousteau: and i have no idea why you'd think using a GUI is better than scp16:45
madLyfei was told zmodem or scp16:45
naccmadLyfe: i've never heard of zmodem16:45
madLyfethe file is a sudo file16:45
naccmadLyfe: use scp, you don't need to install anything if you already can ssh16:45
naccmadLyfe: you mean it's owned by root?16:45
naccmadLyfe: can a regular user not read it?16:45
naccmadLyfe: (not write it, read it)16:45
cousteaunacc, because I'm usually unable to memorize the whole path16:45
cousteaualso the scp options16:45
madLyfei can nano /etc/samba/smb.conf just file and save it.16:46
madLyfejust fine*16:46
naccmadLyfe: i feel like you're making this way too complicated16:46
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cousteaualthough recently I needed to use scp because sftp:// was messing with the timestamps16:46
naccmadLyfe: are you doing that nano as your user or as root?16:46
madLyfeit sucks to work in nano and its a large amount of edits i need to make. i dont want to use nano to edit the whole thing.16:46
naccmadLyfe: what do you want to use? are you just moving it between systems to edit it?16:46
naccmadLyfe: that's not sensible either16:47
naccmadLyfe: what do you want to edit with?16:47
madLyfejust a regular note pad app on my pc desktop16:47
naccmadLyfe: your desktop is running ubuntu?16:47
ppfsince bionic, chrome can't use my mic anymore16:48
naccor some other *nix, madLyfe ?16:48
naccmadLyfe: so you are just trying to copy the file from the remote system to your local so you can use notepad?16:48
naccmadLyfe: just scp it locally16:48
ppfhow do i troubleshoot?16:48
madLyfeyes thats what im trying to do16:48
* cousteau keeps thinking sftp:// for all this GUI-mode stuff16:48
naccthen scp it back to your user, ssh to your server and then as sudo cp it in place16:48
madLyfedo you scp through terminal?16:49
naccmadLyfe: scp <host>:/path/to/file /target/path/16:49
naccmadLyfe: yes.16:49
ppfother applications can (e.g. mumble works)16:49
ppfi can see the volume bar moving in pavucontrol16:49
cousteauor even, ssh -XC into the other PC and run its graphic editor from your local computer16:49
nacccousteau: presuming it has one. i believe the other system is a server without x16:50
nacc(based upon other irc discussions)16:50
cousteauthen never mind16:50
naccmadLyfe: also, learn to use a non-GUI editor :)16:50
cousteau...but do you need an X server at all to run an X application remotely?16:50
cousteau(not a rhetoric question; I actually don't know)16:50
madLyfe'scp kinghat-server:/etc/samba/smb.conf /home/documents' like that?16:51
nacccousteau: yes, I think so. One or the other needs to actually run the application.16:51
naccmadLyfe: `scp kinghat-server:/etc/samba/smb.conf /home/documents/` is probably preferred but i think is the same if /home/documents already exists16:51
strivemadLyfe: rsync is an awesome tool for transfer and backups :)16:51
cousteauwouldn't it be kinghat-server.local or something like that?16:51
naccand that assumes kinghat-server resolves16:51
naccstrive: good point16:51
madLyfeor is it /home/kinghat/documents?16:52
naccmadLyfe: i don't know where you want to put it locally16:52
naccmadLyfe: you shouold, at a minimum, know thjis16:52
madLyfethe server resolves w/o the .local16:52
cousteauthen nvm16:52
madLyfebeen through that already16:52
madLyfeis the kinghat in the user path a given or do you have to include it?16:53
naccmadLyfe: it's not 'given'16:53
naccmadLyfe: that doesn't even amke sense :) you just gave it a literal path16:53
naccmadLyfe: if you want your user's home, use $HOME or ~16:53
naccmadLyfe: the shell isn't magic, it just does what you tell it to do16:54
naccmadLyfe: would put it in the user who is running the command's home directory's documents sub-directory16:54
naccmadLyfe: you may or may not want to read `man bash`16:55
madLyfedoes it need to be /~/documents?16:55
naccmadLyfe: technically that makes no difference, but it's not normal16:55
strive~/ is equal to /home/user/documents16:55
naccmadLyfe: again, read the manpage16:55
naccmadLyfe: /~ is /$HOME is //home/user16:55
strivemadLyfe: What are you trying to accomplish?16:56
naccstrive: this all appears to be an aside from the actual goal16:56
naccmadLyfe: have you tried just running the command?16:56
madLyfeya it says completed 100% but there is no file16:58
cousteauif my username is cousteau, then ~/blah = "$HOME"/blah = /home/cousteau/blah16:58
strivemadLyfe: What did you run?16:58
cousteaunacc, in fact /~ is /~ (unless we're talking something specially handled by scp and not the bash shell)16:59
madLyfelol it looks like it just made a file in home called documents17:00
cousteaumadLyfe, isn't it Documents, not documents?17:00
cousteaulook for a file named documents in your home17:00
madLyfeya thats what happened17:00
striveI guess trailing / makes a difference..17:00
cousteaustrive, not exactly... well, kinda17:01
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striveI know it does in rsync, not too sure with scp.17:01
AndroUsergfhD ♥︎17:01
naccmadLyfe: which is waht I just said.17:01
striveGiving a destination of "~/documents" will rename the file to "documents" that's placed with in the home directory.17:02
nacccousteau: "/~ is /~" ? yes. Because those are the same string literals. I think you meant "/~ is ~" which is what I alrady said.17:02
strivemadLyfe: Next time, destination should be ~/Documents/smb.conf17:02
cousteauit's just, if it ends with / it just tells it it's a directory (so if it doesn't exist then you're in trouble), and if it doesn't then it tries to figure out based on whether that dir exists or not17:02
naccstrive: yes, I made the point that it depended on if ~/documents already existed or not. If it already exists, I believe scp will put the file in the directory.17:03
strivecousteau: You nailed it.17:03
striveAh, ok.17:03
cousteaunacc, no, I meant that the ~ in /~ is not substituted by "$HOME"17:03
nacccousteau: i meant as in equivalent to.17:03
HelenahI am struggling to find a guide on how to set up fat clients from scratch...17:04
HelenahI am really having problems with LTSP...17:04
HelenahI am now just wanting my clients up and running.17:04
cousteaunacc, oh so it was pseudo-code, my bad17:06
madLyfehow did you make the command highlight here in irc nacc?17:08
naccmadLyfe: i don't know what you mean? that's something about your client17:09
naccmadLyfe: i am guessing you mean becuase i put it between ` ?17:09
madLyfek needs to be closed17:09
naccmadLyfe: preferable not to test in this channel17:10
madLyfeso if i want to do the reverse and send the file back, overwriting what is there, its `sudo scp ~/Documents/smb.conf kinghat-server:/etc/samba/smb.conf` ?17:11
naccmadLyfe: not sudo.17:11
naccmadLyfe: sudo is a local command17:11
naccmadLyfe: you would scp to your user on the remote system, then on the remote system, sudo cp it in place.17:11
madLyfeah yes. didnt know if since its a root file over there17:11
naccmadLyfe: who owns the file remotely isn't relevant17:12
naccmadLyfe: if you have root permitted over ssh (I hope you do not), you can prepend root@ to the target server to login as root.17:12
naccmadLyfe: but presuming you don't, and you shouldn't, you'll need to scp to a regular user and then move the file on the server17:12
cousteauI found a bug on the whiteglass cursor theme :(17:13
cousteauthe right-pointing arrow does not point correctly17:13
nacc!bug | cousteau17:14
ubottucousteau: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:14
cousteauyeah first of all I need to figure out the <package>17:14
madLyfenacc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R2GS8BQpn9/17:14
madLyfewould `sudo cp ~/Documents/smb.conf /etc/smaba/` be next?17:19
madLyfeor do i have to still name the file in the destination as well?17:20
cousteauah it was xcursor-themes17:20
cousteaumadLyfe, if the dest name is smb.conf then it's not necessary17:20
cousteaubut it's samba17:20
cousteaunot smaba :)17:20
madLyfeah yes. tyvm17:21
cousteauin any case, append the / like you did just in case17:21
madLyfehmm i dont think it worked17:23
madLyfelet me check it out17:23
madLyfehmm ive gained a whole different file for some reason17:25
madLyfebut ya. didnt work.17:25
madLyfeodd. adding the file name on the end didnt help either.17:27
craigbass76I'm on 18.04, and I can't connect to it from another machine. iptables shows wide-open, firewalld isn't running anyway, and I can ssh into it from other machines.17:30
craigbass76And the machine that won't connect is able to connect to other machines fine17:31
m_i_k_emadLyfe: did you restart services after copying the file over?17:31
craigbass76Other machine is Windows 10...17:31
madLyfesorry, i went into nano to see if the changes were made to the file i sent over17:32
madLyfeand it doesnt show that its completed or anything like that: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yybHvDyRdJ/17:33
m_i_k_ethe scp you are copying is a directory, do you want the whole directory?17:37
ducassemadLyfe: that scp didn't work, you need to provide both source and destination17:37
ZexaronHey guys, anyone with hexchat on linux, try opening ##hardware channel, it's crashing the whole app on Win7 and other people saying happens too, trying to get more info if it's windows specific or not17:38
m_i_k_eZexaron: mine fails, i don't have a registered account.17:39
madLyfem_i_k_e, no not the whole dir. i thought i was just doing the file i specified?17:40
lotuspsychjeZexaron: works here17:40
madLyfeducasse: i thought thats what i did.17:40
Zexaronm_i_k_e: I do have registered, well does the program crahses too, or just fails to join? join works fine as it's on autojoin, I can see people typing (the thing blinks, and I can see messages and weclome text in app crash dump)17:41
ducassemadLyfe: there's only one parameter in the paste you provided above, so it threw a usage message17:42
ZexaronI'll try not autojoining and manually join, weird, some people saying op on hardware banned hexchat clients lol17:42
m_i_k_emadLyfe: ok, the smb file path should be /etc/samba/smb.conf for the configuration file.  use format: scp source-name:/path/to/file /local/directory (or . for the current directory you are in)17:42
m_i_k_eZexaron: just fails to join... sorry i wasn't clear.17:43
madLyfeso the remote dir is still first?17:45
m_i_k_eZaxaron: could be since i can't get in.  ;o)17:45
m_i_k_emadLyfe: correct17:45
ducassemadLyfe: source first, destination second17:46
madLyfethats what i thought17:46
madLyfewhat am i missing then?17:46
m_i_k_emadLyfe: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Z3FMGgsVhg/17:47
m_i_k_emadLyfe: if this doesn't work, it may be a permission issue. you could try moving the file locally on the other computer to you home directory, then set permissions and finally copying it via scp to the other computer.17:49
madLyfem_i_k_e: im trying to go the other way though. send local file to remote server17:49
m_i_k_emadLyfe: ah.. sorry.  reverse the paths (local to destination). you probably can't go directly to the path due to permissions.  copy it to the destination computer's home path, then ssh and copy the file to the destination directory using sudo.17:51
Zexaronthanks mike but it may be your not registered, I did found some issues on settings/configs/session, BSODs have happened while hexchat was open here because I was troubleshooting the recurring BSODs, I know more what causes them so I'll just avoid doing that at the same time, while cleaning out hexchat settings/session should fix it17:53
ghostnik11hi i am trying to get grub install to be fixed. i am trying to chroot this but it says it doesn't see target. so i want to know what is the target i have to set mount /dev/mmcblk2p1 /target/boot/efi17:53
m_i_k_emadLyfe: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Cdy6rT3GJD/17:54
EriC^^ghostnik11: can you pastebin "sudo parted -ls" ?17:55
madLyfem_i_k_e: that cant all be done in one swoop with scp cp?17:56
ghostnik11EriC https://pastebin.com/QPeQmrk517:58
EriC^ghostnik11: sorry i got dc17:58
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naccmadLyfe: i feel like, based upon the pastebin you provided me a bit ago, you don't understand basic shell usage?18:00
naccmadLyfe: did you read `man scp`, e.g.?18:01
EriC^^_i got d/c again18:01
naccmadLyfe: you are attempting to scp as the kinghat user (since no user was provided for the remote server). That user does *not* have permissi0on to write to /etc/samba. As I said before, you need to scp to the remote user's writeable space (typically home or /tmp) and then on the remote server, use sudo to cp the file to the right place.18:02
naccmadLyfe: this is all very *basic* server administration18:02
m_i_k_emadLyfe: there is a way, but it's been a while for me.18:02
madLyfei am basic18:03
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strivenacc: He's new to the Linux world.18:03
=== EriC^^_ is now known as EriC^^
ghostnik11EriC^^ https://pastebin.com/QPeQmrk518:03
EriC^^ghostnik11: what's the actual problem? why are you reinstalling grub?18:04
madLyfenacc: i was just trying to scp with privs18:04
m_i_k_emadLyfe: you will need a bash script on the destination computer that will need to copy the file for you.  if you're basic, i'd learn the basics first.18:05
ghostnik11eric^^ because it failed installation during a fresh install of lubuntu 18.04 it crashed during i386-efi platform18:05
EriC^^ghostnik11: i see, if you want you can let the installer not install grub at all by starting it using "ubiquity -b"18:05
EriC^^cause i think it cleans up and stuff after installing grub so it probably missed that18:06
ghostnik11eric^^ are you serious? the answer was that simple!!! but i have already installed the system and i had to basically use live cd to copy efi/i386 folder with the normal.mod then in grub i booted OS18:07
ghostnik11eric^^ so now my question is how can i fix grub so i don't have to always boot from grub command line manually18:07
EriC^^ghostnik11: ok, type "sudo mount /dev/mmcblk1p2 /mnt"18:07
ghostnik11eric^^ okay i did that what next?18:08
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done"18:08
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay did that also18:09
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "sudo chroot /mnt"18:10
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay18:10
madLyfem_i_k_e/nacc its copied over successfully now.18:11
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "grep efi /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999" and share the link it gives you18:11
madLyfe2 hours later and ive edited and moved a file between machines! muwahaha18:12
ghostnik11EriC^^: http://termbin.com/14bl18:13
m_i_k_emadLyfe: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bDFvHY8CYF/18:13
m_i_k_eah... ok18:13
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "mount -a"18:13
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay did that18:14
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 9999"18:14
ghostnik11EriC^^: http://termbin.com/xmzp18:15
madLyfem_i_k_e: yep, thats the route i took. tyvm18:15
outernationalgetting "We are currently unable to retrieve the requested key. Please try again later." when I try to register a livepatch token. my email address is verified...18:15
EriC^^ghostnik11: what a mess18:16
m_i_k_emadLyfe: ok, great!  welcome!18:16
ghostnik11EriC^^: yeah it basically i believe its a massive error that occurs for devices that have this stupid uefi limited bios. this is a 2 in 1 device. a asus t100taf18:17
lotuspsychjeouternational: server or desktop?18:17
lotuspsychjeouternational: join #ubuntu-server plz they might have a look for you18:17
outernationallotuspsychje but this is happening at the site, i haven't even identified where i will use the token18:17
ghostnik11EriC^^: basically the minute it goes to installing i386-efi platform during installation it crashes the system. thats what kept happening yesterday when i kept trying to boot it18:17
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "apt-get purge grub-pc" then "apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-signed grub-efi-amd64"18:18
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EriC^^ghostnik11: hmmmm18:18
EriC^^did you say i386-efi?18:18
EriC^^ghostnik11: i dont think ubuntu's installer even has 32bit efi support..18:18
EriC^^ghostnik11: did you have to manually copy it over to the live usb?18:19
EriC^^ghostnik11: i think you need to install the grub-efi-ia32 package, that's 32bit efi18:19
ghostnik11EriC^^: yeah i had to copy the boot/grub/efi folder to that on the filesystem from live boot which allowed me to get to grub without the live cd. the folder i copied had all of the modules in it18:20
ghostnik11EriC^^: so don't install apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-signed grub-efi-amd6418:20
EriC^^ghostnik11: no i mean when you made the live usb, usually if the efi is 32bit like for tablets and such the person has to copy a 32bit version of grubx64.efi so it boots it18:21
EriC^^im trying to understand if you have a 32bit efi or 64bit efi18:21
EriC^^seems on google it says 32bit efi18:21
ghostnik11EriC^^: yeah i used isorespin.sh to make it have that. so i can boot the live cd. the problem is for some reason it crashes when it trys to install grub218:21
EriC^^ghostnik11: aha18:22
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "apt-get purge grub-pc" then "apt-get install grub-efi-ia32"18:22
ghostnik11EriC^^: i get an error dpkg: error processing package shim-signed (--configure18:24
ghostnik11EriC^^: when i try to purge grub18:24
ghostnik11EriC^^: should i carry on with the second command to install grub-efi-ia32?18:24
EriC^^yes ghostnik1118:25
EriC^^ghostnik11: ah wait18:25
EriC^^first, purge both18:25
EriC^^apt-get purge grub-pc grub-efi-amd64-signed grub-efi-amd6418:25
EriC^^then please run "dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 9999" again18:25
ghostnik11EriC^^: http://termbin.com/46fy18:27
ghostnik11EriC^^: should i continue now with the apt-get install grub-efi-ia32?18:29
EriC^^ghostnik11: no, run "apt-get purge grub-efi-amd64-bin"18:29
EriC^^then install grub-efi-ia3218:29
outernationalgetting "We are currently unable to retrieve the requested key. Please try again later." on https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com/. email  is verified. I have not indicated that I will install this on server so I don't think #ubuntu-server is the channel to ask for help18:30
ducasseouternational: the livepatch is a canonical service, so not really something we are able to help you with at all. you really need to contact them.18:32
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay i messed up and did the install and this is what i got as an error https://pastebin.com/hSkDxQaE18:32
EriC^^ghostnik11: is the system in uefi mode?18:33
EriC^^try "ls /sys/firmware/efi" ghostnik1118:33
ghostnik11EriC^^: i didn't mess up, meant to say according to terminal there is an error, i just don't understand why its so difficult i had ubuntu 16.04 with no problems18:33
outernationalducasse: is there a canonical IRC channel?18:33
lotuspsychjeouternational: stand by im asking around18:34
ducasseouternational: you can try #canonical-webteam18:34
outernationallotuspsychje: thanks!18:34
ghostnik11EriC^^: secure boot is disabled. thats the only way i can get a chance to get into ubuntu18:34
outernationalI guess there is a delay between verifying your email and token creation enablement18:35
EriC^^ghostnik11: no i mean is uefi mode on18:35
outernationalbye for now. thx again!18:35
lotuspsychjeouternational: join with me at #canonical-sysadmin18:35
EriC^^ghostnik11: what does the above ls command give?18:35
ghostnik11EriC^^: no its been disabled. in bios it shows secure boot uefi disabled18:35
l0llip0pnishant_: hi18:35
ghostnik11EriC^^: above command only shows me a list of whats inside the folder18:35
naccmadLyfe: ok18:36
nishant_my some keyboard keys not working18:36
nishant_I wanna update the drivers18:36
ghostnik11EriC^^: here is paste bin https://pastebin.com/1pLzkfDD18:37
nishant_someone there18:37
EriC^^ghostnik11: good that means uefi mode is enabled18:37
ghostnik11EriC^^: isn't that bad18:38
EriC^^ghostnik11: well sort of18:38
nishant_my some keyboard keys not working . I wanna update the drivers18:38
ghostnik11EriC^^: here is a guide i was trying to follow to trouble shoot problem https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VTzciobFlp7nO2A_M7RNoqYajN8c9AgR/view18:38
=== amirpro_ is now known as amirpro
EriC^^ghostnik11: from the error and since uefi mode is on, it seems like it isnt able to write to the uefi list18:38
EriC^^ghostnik11: i have no idea why, but no worries, there are default path's you can use and it'll boot them18:39
EriC^^ghostnik11: did it install the files in /boot/efi/efi/?18:39
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "ls -lR /boot | nc termbin.com 9999"18:39
ghostnik11EriC^^: well can i turn uefi mode off completely? because my bios doesn't have a legacy mode18:39
EriC^^ghostnik11: not sure18:39
ghostnik11EriC^^: http://termbin.com/q2n118:40
ghostnik11EriC^^: from what i see its installed18:41
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "update-grub"18:42
EriC^^ghostnik11: it looks like it uses the file grubia32.efi to boot18:43
EriC^^ghostnik11: once it's done, type "efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999"18:44
tsgloveOn a fresh Ubuntu18.04 machine, if I run  pip3    it tells me to insall    apt install python3-pip             if I run that installation command, it tells me "Unable to locate package python3-pip"18:45
tsglovewhat gives?18:45
ghostnik11EriC^^: http://termbin.com/mvo218:45
EriC^^!info python3-pip18:45
ubottupython3-pip (source: python-pip): Python package installer. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.0.1-2.3~ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 111 kB, installed size 585 kB18:45
EriC^^tsglove: type "sudo apt-add-repository universe && sudo apt-get update"18:45
tsgloveOh wow.  So many changes in 18.0418:45
tsgloveThank you EriC^^18:46
EriC^^tsglove: no problem18:46
sere_i have 6mb left on /boot.. why are the old kernels not being removed18:46
tsglovesere_, what did you try?18:47
EriC^^ghostnik11: type "mkdir -p /boot/efi/efi/microsoft/boot && cp /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu/grubia32.efi /boot/efi/efi/microsoft/boot/bootmgfw.efi"18:48
sere_tsglove, sudo apt autoremove and autoclean18:48
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay i did that18:48
EriC^^ghostnik11: ok, type "exit" in the chroot18:48
EriC^^then try rebooting see how it goes18:48
EriC^^you ran update-grub right?18:48
sere_E: initramfs-tools: installed initramfs-tools package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 118:49
EriC^^ghostnik11: we might need to clean up some dpkg stuff after you boot in cause the package never fully installed18:49
ghostnik11EriC^^: yeah i ran it earlier. should i do it before i reboot18:49
EriC^^no, no need18:49
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay wish me luck.18:49
MMad3897i have recently joined the Linux community after using windows all my life18:50
MMad3897i gotta say im very impressed18:51
lotuspsychjeMMad3897: welcome to the ubuntu community18:51
MMad3897thank you lotuspsychje18:51
Sven_vBcan I modify xmessage's "top-level application resources" via some command line tool?18:51
lotuspsychjeMMad3897: for ubuntu issues, you can ask here, to discuss ubuntu #ubuntu-discuss18:51
Sven_vBI tried xprop -name … but that can't even find them18:51
MMad3897noted. lotuspsychje18:51
l0llip0psere_: have you tried sudo apt-get -f install ?18:52
MMad3897i literally bought a used ultrabook just to start using linux18:52
MMad3897and i am very pleased with how reliable Ubuntu is18:52
sere_l0llip0p, same error18:52
sere_im wondering if i can just remove a older kernel version manually18:53
striveMMad3897: Get to learning! It's fun :)18:54
EriC^^sere_: yeah you can rm it then delete the package18:54
EriC^^sere_: rm the initramfs as its the most chunky in size18:54
l0llip0psere_: well you could use dpkg but that might freak the apt18:54
EriC^^ghostnik11: any luck?18:54
ghostnik11EriC^^: yeah it gives me the regular boot now and i have finally successfully booted. i also before you helped me out actually got to install kernel 4.16.9 so now i have brightness controls by default with fn keys. what do i need to clean up now18:54
MMad3897yea fun it really is. i enjoy downloading programs using Sudo apt-get commands18:54
MMad3897forgot to tag18:55
EriC^^ghostnik11: great18:55
EriC^^ghostnik11: what does "dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii" give?18:55
striveMMad3897: Do you require any assistance on Ubuntu?18:55
striveMMad3897: You could ask in here :)18:55
ghostnik11EriC^^: even though first time it didn't show me the window for grub it was just a blank screen then it booted. but then i restarted it at login window and kept pressing esc and then i seen the grub option with ubuntu and ubuntu advanced18:55
EriC^^ghostnik11: "dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | nc termbin.com 9999"18:55
MMad3897well i do have a question about compatibility strive18:55
MMad3897i used to play age of empires 2 alot on windows18:56
EriC^^ghostnik11: yeah by default it doesnt show grub unless you have 2 os installed18:56
MMad3897and its not compatible on linux18:56
MMad3897is there a way to run it:18:56
teward!wine | MMad389718:56
ubottuMMad3897: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:56
ghostnik11EriC^^: http://termbin.com/d5kc18:56
* Sven_vB found appres18:56
tewardMMad3897: maybe, but you'd have to check the AppDB for results as to whether it will work properly or not18:57
MMad3897i will check that out thanks. teward18:57
ghostnik11EriC^^: oh okay, now i know that18:57
EriC^^ghostnik11: clean as a whistle18:57
EriC^^you're all set ;)18:58
ghostnik11EriC^^: i thought by default grub always came up. but yeah the system is good now in your opinon?18:58
EriC^^ghostnik11: yeah it's good, no by default it doesn't18:58
EriC^^you can set it to come up if you want, with a custom timeout and stuff18:58
MMad3897guys is there any website like thepiratebay.org for torrents i use itunes to buy music but id like to have mp3 copies as well and thepiratebay.org seems to be offline at the moment18:59
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay thank you so much. i will go and install the programs i need. thanks again. do i need to do an sudo update? for any of the packages?18:59
lotuspsychjeMMad3897: no warez talk here mate18:59
EriC^^ghostnik11: no problem, run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" and it should bring everything up to date19:00
lotuspsychje!info qbittorrent | MMad3897 try this19:00
ubottuMMad3897 try this: qbittorrent (source: qbittorrent): bittorrent client based on libtorrent-rasterbar with a Qt5 GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.3-1 (bionic), package size 4948 kB, installed size 7898 kB19:00
Sven_vBappres and listres seem to list yet another thing though.19:00
MMad3897sorry and thanks. lotuspsychje19:00
ghostnik11EriC^^: okay great will do that. thanks again19:00
sere_ok a manually remove an old initrd.img-4.15.0-30-generic .. not sure why autoremove is not removing these i still have 2 more old ones19:01
lotuspsychjesere_: unattended upgrades have now auto kernel cleanup19:02
sere_lotuspsychje, what does that mean?19:02
lotuspsychjesere_: we are now at .33 it will keep last 3 i think19:02
ace_mehi all19:03
sere_lotuspsychje, yea i had 3 but that only left me with 6mb of space on /boot19:03
ace_meI do have a simple sh file to run some docker commands but I get ./up.sh: line 4: $'pwd\r': command not found19:04
lotuspsychje!kernelcleanup | sere_19:04
ubottusere_: For information about removing old kernels to free up space on /boot, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RemoveOldKernels19:04
sere_lotuspsychje, thank you19:04
ace_meI do edit the file with vscode inside ubuntu 1819:04
EriC^^ace_me: it looks like it's been written in windows and has /r (carriage return) characters19:04
EriC^^ace_me: try using "tr" to remove it       tr -d '\r' < script.sh > scriptlinux.sh19:06
ace_meEriC^^: are you sure is not an ubuntu wide setting ?19:07
EriC^^ace_me: can you show part of the script?19:08
EriC^^ace_me: if every line ends with \r then yeah it's been saved with carriage returns, ubuntu only uses line feeds19:08
ace_meI see thios EriC^^ ./up.sh: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators19:09
ace_meediting in nano should fix it ?19:09
EriC^^yeah, it says carriage return line feed19:09
EriC^^yeah that should do it19:09
mitixohello, i have a question: can i use Recordbox dj to export on usb my music ?19:09
EriC^^ace_me: or "sed -e 's/\r$//' script.sh"19:10
EriC^^it will modify it in place19:10
ace_meEriC^^: I did edited in nano and removed all line endings then pressed enter again where needed but after save and run got same error19:11
EriC^^can you paste the script and error?19:11
EriC^^or the relevant line and error?19:11
SimAloohas anyone experienced usb mouse stutter, started on 16.04 after using the same mouse for years, upgraded in place to 18 still same issue19:14
ace_meEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vmrfpBnb93/19:14
ace_mein fact is ok but now it said too many arguments19:14
SimAloomouse works, then lags or stops moving then moves again, i have search and search cant seem to find any answers19:14
ace_me./up.sh: line 2: cd: too many arguments EriC^^19:15
EriC^^ace_me: try putting them on separate lines a little just to test19:16
ace_meEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4hy6bgmMDq/19:18
EriC^^ace_me: give it a run19:19
ace_meEriC^^: after run it output https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7bHdWTQZbX/19:20
ace_me_EriC^^: I run one by one by copy each line from sh and paste it in terminal and I get what I want19:24
ace_me_but running ./up.sh fails19:24
EriC^^try "set -x" then run it19:24
ace_me_./up.sh -x EriC^^  ?19:25
EriC^^ace_me_: try "set -x" in the terminal then run it, it gives more info19:25
donpeteHey, what is going on in the chat room today?19:25
lotuspsychje!chat | donpete19:25
ubottudonpete: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:25
ace_me_EriC^^: same error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7bHdWTQZbX/19:26
ace_me_ cd: too many arguments19:26
Sven_vBdoes anyone know a command-line alternative to editres? (/usr/bin/editres from x11-utils)19:27
EriC^^ace_me_: i think something else is wrong19:27
EriC^^ace_me_: can you type "hexdump -C up.sh | nc termbin.com 9999" ?19:28
ace_me_EriC^^: what do you think at to ?19:28
EriC^^it's like there's something before the newline that it's taking like an argument19:29
john38hello can someone help me19:30
lotuspsychjeask your issue john3819:31
EriC^^give details john38 and wait a little, if somebody knows they'll help you19:31
john38i have an inspiron 660 computer with a pci express x16 slot19:31
john38what is max video card i can put on it??19:32
john38max memory at least?19:33
lotuspsychjejohn38: sounds more a question for ##hardware19:33
EriC^^john38: type "/join ##hardware" and ask them19:34
memo1Hi, i want to write an script that have a custom shebang, than change depending of the machine is running.  How i do that?19:37
naccmemo1: sounds like you want the channel of whatever shell you are using.19:38
EriC^^memo1: make some line  that checks what you want then runs the script with the shell you want, what nacc said19:38
memo1nacc: bash19:38
EriC^^join #bash and ask them memo119:39
memo1EriC^^: ok19:39
energizerhello using 18.04 trying to do alomst anything in chrome freezes the browser. is there any solution to this?19:51
xps-zorinhi everyone19:52
xar-energizer: probably19:53
energizerxar-: any useful tips?19:54
xar-none at this time, you've provided very little information19:55
blackflowenergizer: if you start it from the command line, there could be a useful error message20:00
craigbass76I had a question earlier about ssh-ing into a machine. I can't even ping it. Is Windows just being a complete imbecile?20:04
sadmohi u all20:07
craigbass76Bah! Forget it folks. I forget about needing all this security software in Windows. AVG was blocking me ssh-ing to a linux box...20:09
rootkeaHello! I jut upgraded to Xubuntu 18.04.1 from Xubuntu 17.10 But now my wifi doesn't work at all. There is no 'Enable wifi' menu item in Network Manager dialog. Seems like a kernel module issue, maybe? Any help will be really appreciated.20:13
energizerblackflow: good idea, thanks20:14
energizer"Not implemented reached in virtual bool views::Textfield::ShouldDoLearning()" no idea what that means, but whatever, firefox here we come20:15
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nythalcrow2wuddup fellas20:32
blackflowenergizer: sounds like programming error. but yeah, FF FTW :)20:33
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BerenHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 using the minimal iso (on i386). I'm on the install GRUB step but it keeps failing20:47
Berenmy disk is GPT and I created a BIOS boot partition. since it's old laptop, it's non-EFI. But installing to /dev/sda1 fails20:47
compdocdoes ubuntu support i386 anymore?20:47
Berencompdoc: yes, afaik20:47
Berenbut no more server iso, only the net installer20:48
Aph3x-WLyou need to install grub to the disk, not a partition20:53
Aph3x-WLso /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda120:54
Aph3x-WLand i don't even know what you mean by a "bios boot partition"20:54
BerenAph3x-WL: I tried that first, but it failed20:54
Aph3x-WLyou may also need to use mbr instead of gpt20:54
BerenBios boot partition is what you use for GPT and non-UEFI. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing20:55
BerenI am wondering if I can resume the grub install later on, since my base system is already installed20:56
Berenthere's no gdisk on this net installer20:56
BerenI'm thinking installer may be installing in UEFI mode? not sure how to change this20:56
Aph3x-WLif your system doesn't support uefi then it's not in uefi mode20:57
Aph3x-WLit wouldn't be able to boot20:57
=== rpg is now known as Guest73516
Aph3x-WLyou should be able to manually install grub later if you need to20:58
Aph3x-WLdid you set the "bios_grub" flag on the boot partition?20:58
BerenI know my system doesn't support UEFI, but the grub installer is showing "It seems that this computer is configured to boot via EFI, but ..."20:58
BerenI just did a standard install, with nothing fancy. I used the installer partitioner20:59
BerenYes, the parititon type is showing up as biosgrub in the "Partition disks" screen.20:59
Aph3x-WLif it's saying that it's using efi than it seems like your system does support it otherwise it just wouldn't boot at all if it is indeed booting via uefi21:00
BerenAph3x-WL: I know my system doesn't support UEFI. I installed older versions of Ubuntu before21:01
Berenalso no options in BIOS. it's just that this time, I can't get GRUB to install using the net installer21:01
Berenso wondering if there's a way to force it to be legacy grub21:01
Berenor how to check from the net installer?21:02
Aph3x-WLyeah, i don't know, that's just a weird situation21:03
BerenAph3x-WL: yea.. if it did install UEFI, I'm sure that GRUB would have installed on disk normally. it must be that computer doesn't support UEFI (also from my memory) and installer is in EFI mode21:03
BerenI think I'll try the 16.04 desktop iso and install grub from there21:04
BerenI did only make the bios boot parition after the grub install failed, so maybe making it earlier on would change the grub install mode. I don't know21:05
BerenWill set up later and see, thanks Aph3x-WL21:10
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madLyfeany of you guys mounting cifs shares with fstab?21:17
madLyfeused credentials to mount it but if i right click in the share to create new it wont let me21:19
skinuxI installed Qt Creator and since then, I cannot get LibreOffice to work.  Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40807) with this library (version 0x40805)21:19
madLyfei dont want to have to give everything permission. every time.21:19
_KaszpiR_madLyfe trey autofs21:22
madLyfei feel like thats going to have the same issue but i will try it.21:23
madLyfealso i dont want the auto mount to disconnect.21:23
madLyfe_KaszpiR_: could it be because i mounted it locally to /media/server?21:29
_KaszpiR_not realy, it depends on what credentiuals you gave  - especialy if tit allows editing21:31
_KaszpiR_so maybe look into the server which provdes those shares21:31
=== gms is now known as Guest78766
madLyfehmm tried this but didnt fix: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238232621:43
itshermanHey guys, I just put a new router in and for what ever reason my computer running ubuntu 18.04 won't connect. I tried moving the cord to my other computer running archlinux and it worked perfect. The ubuntu computer was using wifi before installing this new one, but ip link does recognize my ethernet. I tried running nmtui to connect, but it said "Could not activate connection. 'ethernet connection 1' is not21:43
itshermanavailable on the device 'enp4s0' at this time". What do I do about this?21:43
tomreynitsherman: hmm, good question, maybe a driver issue?21:47
tomreynitsherman: how did you configure it?21:50
tomreynand how did you install ubuntu?21:50
itshermanHmm, well now it won't even detect wifi, so I'm restarting the computer, maybe that will do something crazy. and I used the mini.iso21:50
itshermanFor configuring net I just connected when using the mini.iso21:50
tomreyncheck dmesg before you reboot21:51
itshermanIt's all too late now, it's been rebooting for a minute now21:51
tomreynnp ;)21:51
tomreynmini.iso might mean that yu're lacking some packages, whch would surely matter for wireless, but shouldn't normally matter for ethernet21:52
tomreynthough it may mean that it defaults to systemd-networkd and not network-manager for managing network interfaces21:53
itshermanhere's my dmesg output http://sprunge.us/VlIAxx21:55
tomreynis this going to be a server type system, or rather a graphical desktop?21:56
=== jemadux_ is now known as jemadux
itshermanI'm using gnome for now, but it's just for running servers21:56
itshermanProbably switch from gnome to i3. As of now some of my software requires gui, though that may change soon.21:57
tomreyndo you have a preference on network-manager (18.04 default for desktops) vs systemd-networkd (18.04 default for servers)?21:57
itshermanI've never worked with networkd21:58
itshermanSo network-manager is my preference, because I atleast know how to open that tui menu21:58
itshermanBut really it doesn't matter once the ethernet is working21:58
tomreynare you into https://netplan.io, yet, or do you want to use it? it's an abstraction to ease network interface configuration management22:00
itshermanI'm not familiar with it at all22:00
tomreynit can work with both network manager and systemd-networkd (allowing you to switch between the two)22:01
tomreyn[    0.945198] r8169 Gigabit Ethernet driver 2.3LK-NAPI loaded22:01
tomreyn[    0.945956] r8169 0000:04:00.0 eth0: RTL8168evl/8111evl at 0x        (ptrval), 2c:44:fd:26:42:ad, XID 0c900800 IRQ 2922:01
tomreyn[    0.945959] r8169 0000:04:00.0 eth0: jumbo features [frames: 9200 bytes, tx checksumming: ko]22:01
tomreynis what you got there22:02
itshermanIt doesn't seem to be having issues? Even offers jumbo features!22:02
tomreynyou have some acpi issues, but they seem to be about usb rather22:03
skinuxI have both Qt4 and Qt5 installed, but libreoffice won't launch because of version incompatibility22:03
tomreyns/USB/your video card/22:04
itshermanHmm, well I only have intel graphics22:05
tomreynPCI bus slot 0, i should have said. this is where a dedicated graphics card would uusally be located, if you had one.22:06
itshermanI'm faily certain it's empty22:07
itshermanActually, I'm sure its empty22:07
tomreynprobably unrelated, too22:07
tomreynitsherman: so there's no errors or warnings about the r8169 ethernet driver nor the enp4s0 interface. so i guess it *should* work. my guess is that the system is currently configured to use systemd-networkd and not NM.22:09
tomreyni'm not sure how to switch betrween them (other than using netplan), so i'll try to find out.22:09
itshermanI just ran systemctl stop systemd-networkd then systemctl start network-manager. After that tried to use nmtui again22:09
itshermanSame error as before22:09
tomreynokay, according to http://xmodulo.com/switch-from-networkmanager-to-systemd-networkd.html this should have been the correct way.22:10
skinuxApparently I have QT versions 4.8.7 and 4.8.5 both installed. How do I remedy this?22:11
tomreynitsherman: hmm, i can't find anything on your error message, i'm searching for: "is not available on the device" "at this time"22:12
tomreynitsherman:can you double check it's spelled correctly?22:12
tmm88skinux, have you tried it with qt 5, straight with the IDE/Editor, without using command line tools like qmake, and so22:18
itshermantomreyn: I just coppied the tui for you. Also included output of systemctl status systemd-networkd http://sprunge.us/ItpDyr22:18
tomreynitsherman: most likely also irrelevant for *this* issue, but there's a newer bios available for this system at https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-pavilion-500-100-desktop-pc-series/5395585/model/5399353/swItemId/cp-125108-122:19
itshermanenp4s0: Link is not managed by us22:19
tomreynitsherman: so if it's not managed by systemd-networkd, is it managed by network-manager?22:20
tomreynand manye use nmcli to try to bring it up, it may provide a better error message22:20
tomreyni.e. run: systemctl status network-manager22:21
skinuxI'm not trying to use qtcreator...I'm trying to use LibreOffice22:22
tomreynitsherman: and "nmcli conn"22:22
skinuxLibreOffice fails with this error: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40807) with this library (version 0x40805)22:22
tomreynitsherman: actuall yjust run "nmcli"22:22
itshermantomreyn: http://sprunge.us/cEJmkl22:25
itshermanIm going to see if I have net on the mini iso real quick22:26
skinuxWhen I do qtchooser -list-versions it shows all of this https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/de5512adb4ec5695597297db3398591422:28
tomreynitsherman: so you have a connection profile in NM but it's not configured for the ethernet interface you have there.22:28
tomreynenp4s0 is bneither managed by NM nor by SN22:29
itshermantomreyn: Well how do I make one of them manage it?22:30
tomreynnmcli device set enp4s0 managed yes22:31
tomreynnmcli device set enp4s0 autoconnect yes22:31
tomreyn(i just needed to look this up as well)22:31
tomreynnmcli device connect enp4s022:32
tomreyn^ may be needed the first time22:32
tomreyni suspect it will then creater a new connection profile which is then bound to the actual interface.22:33
fishieHow do I update my version 16 copy of Xubuntu? I think I typed too much in the slow channel of #Xubuntu and I'm not getting any response.22:34
itshermantomreyn: Not available on this device at this time22:35
fishieEvery time I try to update it says I have something like... unsupported 3rd party or something ... packages? I'm not sure if it's my proprietary NVIDIA drivers or what.22:35
tomreynitsherman: meh. i'm not sure what else to try, maybe ask in #ubuntu-server, after !register -ing with nickserv22:36
tomreynoh you're identified already22:37
itshermanI'm not using ubuntu server22:38
manoshi all22:42
skinuxI'm at a loss. libreoffice won't launch with ANY version I specify...claiming the same version mismatch22:43
Bashing-omfishie: Explain what you mean by "update" - as in a release upgrade to 18.04 ?22:44
fishieBashing-om, correct.22:44
fishieI'm on version 1622:45
Bashing-omfishie: The upgrade manager will "try" to disable PPAs ,, sometimes It can not . show us what the haps be ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' in a pastebin site. See where we go from there .22:46
itshermantomreyn: Thanks for the help. I guess I'm just going to unistall ubuntu or something22:49
jbdmanOkay guys, I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle with Ubuntu 18.04 Server. https://imgur.com/2ZBsGiZ I'm not sure what this means, and I'm not sure what to google.22:54
jbdmanCould this be an issue with SDB?22:54
Ben64picture of text?22:54
jbdmanIt is, I don't have the ability to copy anything22:55
jbdmanIt seems to have come up, but that took forever22:55
tomreynitsherman: maybe just try a full installation, such as a desktop or server installation, should be much easier.22:59
pwbuttI'm using ubuntu in a virtual machine but dock keeps hiding23:14
Yezigumaybe you can google first23:44
ducasse!google | Yezigu23:47
ubottuYezigu: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.23:47

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