ironhoofI seem to have 2 network icons? Ones gold and shows up after restart and the other is the native XFCE one. Can I eliminate the gold one?02:35
Spassironhoof, duplicated panel notification icons is a known bug in Xubuntu, do you have it all time time?02:40
Spasstemporarily as a workaround you can hide the second icon in the applet settings02:40
ironhoofIf i reset the panel it dissapears, alright. I'll do that then. THanks02:41
Spassironhoof, to be more specific, you can hide it in the Notification Area plugin settings02:42
Spassit can also happen to Redshift panel icon, if you use that program02:43
ironhoofI found it besides this seems to work great. Just a minor eyesore.02:43
Spassyeah, minor bug, but I hope it will be squashed soon02:45
ironhoofNo it just showed up after installing libz-mingw-w64-dev02:45
ironhoofand.. I think thats... all/02:45
ironhoofYep thats all I installed since last reboot.02:46
ironhoofok, reboot check02:52
Babloyithere a way to set panels so that if I open an app that is shown on the panel, the icon for that app won't still show?05:57
Babloyilike, for example, I have a Hexchat icon on my panel. I click the icon, now I have the Hexchat app showing, the icon is still there, and also on the right side the hexchat icon is visible to show that I'm connected to X networks and channels05:58
diogenes_Babloyi, still confusing, take a screenshot06:03
Babloyiyeah I figured, I am doing that :D06:04
SpassBabloyi, I can't think of any way to achieved06:04
Spassthere had to be an specific option in HexChat to show tray icon only when main window is not shown06:04
Babloyiso I have the main window thing, the tray icon, and a little icon I had placed myself to have it easier to open06:05
Babloyithe same with slack, honestly :D06:06
SpassBabloyi, no way to easily change that, you've created Launchers on panel, and they will stay there06:06
Babloyiand the tray icons?06:06
Babloyinot seeing anything in Hexchat's preferences06:07
Spasssame thing, at least with HexChat, no option to hide tray icon when main window is opened, maybe there's an addon for that, I don't know06:07
diogenes_Babloyi, so you wanna get rid of hexchat tray or what?06:08
Babloyinonono, just not have duplicate unnecessary info06:08
Babloyiits there 3 times :D06:08
Spassif you want "windows 10 alike" panel launchers, that becomes a "window button" after clicked, you may be interested in DockbarX panel plugin06:08
Babloyiguess I was just looking at it through the eyes of a windows user :D. Icons you place on the taskbar "expand" to become the window when you open the application, and I think the Hexchat tray icon only appears if you close/minimise/hide Hexchat06:09
Spassbut not sure that it works fine with new Xubuntu versions, but it works in Zorin Lite, so it should in Xubuntu too06:09
Babloyiwill look that up06:09
diogenes_Babloyi, there used to be tricks to tell applications to skip showing up on the panel06:10
Babloyiblargh....DockbarX hasn't been updated for xfce since 2013, and the alternate suggestion (Vala something) uses unity-gtk06:14
Babloyiguess I'll remove those icons from the panel and put them on the desktop, so at least they'll be one less06:14
diogenes_cairo-dock is good alternative06:15
Babloyidoesn't that use kde?06:16
Spasswhy not to Whisker Menu Favorite section? that way they will be easily accessible even when you have many windows opened06:17
Babloyiwhat is that?06:18
Babloyioh, its there already06:18
Babloyibut that whisker menu is so small, I constantly misclick and open the first window06:18
Babloyihahaha...just saying that, I checked the properties, and set it to "Show Icon and Text", so it is bigger now06:19
Spassyes you can add a label :) and even make the text bold using <b>text</b>06:21
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Babloyiwhat could be the cause of suddenly starting audio crackling?07:07
Babloyieverything was going fine, then suddenly crackling started. I paused the video, it stopped, I restarted, it restarted...I waited a few minutes, restarted again, and now the crackling is gone07:08
BabloyiI even tried the music player in the mean time, that was crackling too07:08
Babloyihappened with different earphones as well, so that's probably not the cause...didn't try it with the speakers, though07:10
SpassBabloyi, I can hear audio issues when I open Discord in my Firefox for example07:13
Spassnot sure what really causes it though07:14
Babloyithat's what started it07:14
qwebirc52679Hello chat! Introduced ubuntu into the windows domain via pbis. how do I change the default user when I sign in? now the standard user is displayed and you have to choose "other" and there manually enter the username and password09:30
Spasshello qwebirc52679, ubuntu or xubuntu? which version?09:36
SpassI'm asking because new ubuntu uses GSM, and xubuntu uses LightDM09:36
qwebirc52679xubuntu 18.0409:37
qwebirc52679I think I found the solution: sudo /opt/pbis/bin/config HomeDirTemplate %H/%D/%U09:38
pmjdebruijnqwebirc52679: that's super specific to pbis09:38
pmjdebruijnqwebirc52679: it's not even part of xubuntu, really :)09:38
qwebirc52679sorry and thanks!09:39
pmjdebruijnnp :)09:39
pmjdebruijni'm just pointing out that there's little chance anybody would know about it here09:39
pmjdebruijnqwebirc52679: feel free to stick around, you never know09:39
Spassoh, yeah, I have no idea about 'pbis' :)09:41
Babloyioh, that reminds me, is there some way that I can switch the PgUp/PgDn with Home/End?10:03
Babloyimy laptop is one of those rubbish ones where you have to use Fn keys to do Home and End, which I use much more often than PgUp and PgDn10:03
Babloyiso I was hoping to swap that around, and having Home/End come from being tapped directly, and PgUp/PgDn needing the Fn key10:04
Babloyiwindows just had it as a scancode remapping in the regedit, is there something similar for xubuntu?10:05
Babloyithe keyboard preferences don't have that10:05
knomeBabloyi, bios option?10:06
Babloyibios enables/disables Fn stuff, but doesn't allow it to be swapped around10:06
knomeyou'll want to use xmodmap most likely10:08
BabloyiI thought xubuntu uses xkb?10:09
BabloyiI adjust the symbols there?10:09
knomexmodmap is xkb10:14
Babloyioh, ok10:18
BabloyiI've made the changes in the files, how to I have them work? Simply restarting?10:18
knomei assume so10:18
knomeif you mean systemwide files10:19
BabloyiI just made changes to /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc10:20
Babloyilemme restart and see10:20
Babloyiworks :D10:32
* Babloyi gives knome a thankscuddle10:32
sylarioHi, I am trying to share folder on my fresh install but it seems to be complicated13:19
sylarioI installed samba, and now I need gksu13:19
sylario Package gksu is not available, but is referred to by another package.13:20
sylarioDid I miss something, what is the recommanded way to share folders on xubuntu 18.04 ?13:20
Spasshello sylario, gksu is no longer available in the official repos, do you really need it? can you see an option to share a folder when you open its properties window?13:23
sylarioI installed a 1.3 GB iso13:23
sylarioI had to install samba13:25
sylarioseems weird Xubuntu has no share by default13:25
Spasssylario, and you probably tried rebooting?13:29
sylario@Spass yes I tryed13:30
Spasssylario, I don't use Samba so you have to wait for someone else to help with this one13:33
sylarioI can use something else if it's not the default13:33
leosemiliehello how change language of onboard13:50
GridCubeit depends on your locale setting is it not?13:51
GridCubei think there's also an indicator that lets you change your keyboard locale directly13:52
leosemilieyeah I've used the indicator but don't recall why it is now not showing.13:53
leosemilieHow does the language selection relate to the unicode charmap?13:53
leosemiliei.e. charmap13:54
leosemilielooking over the charmap it is unicode, likely UTF-813:54
GridCubeI don't know13:54
leosemilieGridCube: what are you using?13:54
GridCuberight now at work im using windows 7 :P13:55
leosemilieenabled support for east asian language?13:55
leosemiliedoes windows 7 use UTF-8?13:55
leosemilieXP used ANSI13:55
leosemiliesomething like that13:56
leosemilieGridCube: can you buy for me a 64bit laptop with cdburner for payments13:56
leosemiliehelp man out13:57
leosemiliehelp me help you I can explain to you how sovereign defense works13:58
leosemilieexample an attacker on the frontline was a police officer13:58
leosemilieStephan King's Needful Things13:58
leosemilieeliminate the threat13:58
leosemilienow there is an extrapolation of what force rises up in the absents of police13:59
leosemiliethis is hypertheory based on collapsing realities14:00
leosemiliethink like the GOD14:00
leosemiliefor GOD has allways given to those who did not give up so easily14:00
leosemiliethe worthy crumb14:00
leosemiliethere is the blessing of Melchiesedek but there is the blessing of My Father14:01
leosemiliecome ye blessed of My Father14:01
leosemiliewho have abide in the protocol of New Jerusalem14:02
leosemiliewhat is a rich man when we can see that the CIA has eliminated multi thousand dollar payments and more likely lethal elimination of Arab assets14:03
leosemiliewhat can money really buy14:03
leosemilienot everything14:03
leosemiliebut if you show you are willing to support I you shall be blessed14:04
leosemilieif I say a cursing aloud it is because the curse has fallen it serves only as warning to the watchers14:04
leosemiliewho oare the watchers but the "others" of genesis14:05
leosemiliethese mysterious beings14:05
leosemiliefrom where do they come?14:05
leosemiliefor the watchers would be as baalam to have killed Cain14:06
leosemilieI have not said it was a blessing to cain, but that if Man kill Man by Man must he be killed14:06
leosemilienot for we to judge14:06
leosemilienot for the police14:06
leosemiliewhy not any Man14:07
leosemiliefor did ADAM go to sacrifice Isaac14:07
leosemilieit were Abraham to have sacrificed his only begotten Son14:07
Spasswhat's most important - why there's no mod in this channel14:08
leosemiliethe Holy name of GOD was shown to Us14:08
leosemiliehow can you know what means when another cries out "ben David have mercy"14:09
leosemilienow how switch language with onboard?14:10
leosemilieI teach language, simple give me the foremost professors and I can point where they can improve.14:10
leosemilieFor English has been bond by Shakespear14:10
leosemilieand perverted by america14:11
leosemilieWhat then bonds latin?14:11
leosemilieWhat bonds greek?14:11
leosemilieWhat bonds hebrew.14:11
Axzercionleosemilie, maybe stay off drugs for a while?14:11
leosemiliethe word for God has been called Deum as if the Deity of Deities14:12
leosemiliethis is a latin of sumerian14:12
leosemiliebut My hebrew is a superpositive language14:12
leosemiliemeaning it is without negation14:12
leosemiliethough latin can be seen to be a language of categorical summation14:13
leosemilieand greek, who knows but my own computer14:13
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bazhang, elky, Flannel, genii, ikonia, knome, krytarik, mneptok, Myrtti, Pici, pleia2, Unit193.14:14
leosemiliewe aren't putting down the lion at he zoo14:17
leosemiliethe good shep. must do with evil what the good shep. will14:17
leosemiliedon't put me on trial14:17
leosemilielook it is a lion in a cage at the zoo, why do you want put it down?14:19
Spasslion? more like a monkey...14:24
leosemilieSpass: is that what you think?14:27
leosemiliedo you need to meet Stephan King?14:27
leosemilieinstalled hebrew and no change in the onboard status icon14:32
leosemilieis it system locale settings which "choose keyboard" ?14:32
leosemilieand to be sure they correspond to the unicode on the charmap14:32
leosemilieand terminal14:33
leosemiliefor checking against remote node screenshots14:33
leosemilieon UNIX tty14:33
leosemilienanotube: long time no screen14:49
leosemilie[jolly rodger]14:50
sim642What exactly are "Symbolic icons" in status notifier panel item settings? I see it changes how the wifi icon looks but that's all15:40
leosemiliewhat does it look like?15:44
leosemiliesim642 if you open up charmap I can go over and show you the languages15:44
leosemiliethese are bourne in hyperspace15:45
leosemiliesim642: what does it look like16:00
leosemilieyou seen ghostbusters16:01
leosemiliewhere the two were possessed by spirits16:02
leosemiliethat is the otherside of the glass symbolicly16:02
leosemiliethough wifi radiation is not glass16:02
leosemiliewhat is a body but the same as glass16:02
leosemiliebehind the body is a mind16:02
leosemiliesim642: you leave it on and if the symbols change later it works16:03
leosemiliethe kernel symbols from the battle at sola mira16:03
leosemilieyou seen that movie postal16:04
leosemiliewhere the guy starts praying as the plane goes down16:04
leosemiliesomebody makes fun of him for praying16:04
leosemiliebut at second thought what has he to lose16:04
leosemilieif you find death looking you in the eyes you pray16:05
leosemilieif you pray with a sincere heart16:05
leosemilieonly have you opened the door for gain16:05
leosemiliein the book of Job we find a literary explanation of the relationship between Satan and GOD16:08
leosemiliethe good shep will do with evil what the good shep will16:08
leosemiliemaybe only afrikans want assist in unicode calibration16:10
leosemiliewhere is the co-operation16:10
leosemilieAd1Tech: the barishoners16:26
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bazhang, elky, Flannel, genii, ikonia, knome, krytarik, mneptok, Myrtti, Pici, pleia2, Unit193.16:37
hggdhflocculant: done17:06
flocculanthggdh: thanks :)17:07
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rootkeaHello! I jut upgraded to Xubuntu 18.04.1 from Xubuntu 17.10 But now my wifi doesn't work at all. There is no 'Enable wifi' menu item in Network Manager dialog. Seems like a kernel module issue, maybe? Any help will be really appreciated.19:53
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fishiewhy can't I copy text from the error menu? it's really annoying that it tells me I have errors and need to update certain packages and I have to transcribe those instead of copying them.22:27
fishieseems like the 3rd or so time attempting to update the OS but not being able to has finally causes some stability problems and now I can't watch streaming video in Chromium. fun.22:28
fishieobsolete package, upgrade the following: libpam-systemd, libsystemd0, libudev1, systemd, udev22:28
fishiealso while trying to update the OS, it says it can't because I have 3rd party or unsupported packages or something? I'm guessing it's my video card drivers I use to run Wine, but I'm not sure. Do I have to disable them to update the OS?22:29
fishiehow do I update my OS? do I need to pick a different option for my NVIDIA card under "additional drivers"? or do I need to uninstall it?22:32
fishieIt's currently using a proprietary one instead of an open source one.22:33
Spassfishie, I always change to Nouveau drivers before the upgrade, and I manually disable all my PPAs22:52
Spass(I reboot after changing the driver)22:52
fishieI don't have any Nouveau drivers.22:53
Spassso what do you have on the list under "Additional drivers"?22:54
fishieNVIDIA has.... X.Org X ser... oh... there's the word "Nouveau". I expected it at the end. sorry.22:55
Spassyeah, that silly name is just an open source driver22:55
fishiethanks. I'll try that. I wonder what's the longest this could take to fix if it messes up. I used to get nervous about updating Wine because sometimes it would break and it would take me hours to fix.22:58
fishiebut lately Wine updates have been really smooth.22:58
Spassfrom the official repo? I use 'devel' version and yes, no problems lately22:59
Spassfishie, and after the upgrade you'll need to manually edit the PPAs (changing to "bionic") and enable them23:01

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